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tv   CBS 2 News  CBS  October 2, 2015 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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sandbags are being put down to contain any flooding. >> plus we are tracking joaquin. the hurricane could move away from our area. we begin with cbs2 news storm coverage with john elliott, john? >> reporter: all these steps taken along the shore, good ideas, because we are going to be dealing with nasty wind and rain and a chill today. look at this. readings top of the hour, just 49 in new rochelle, 51 in the city. so that is part of the story. it is uncomfortably cool. heavy rain filling in nassau out to suffolk county. you can follow that line down through and into parts of central new jersey. more of that will fill in. this is a coastal low, so you have the heavy rain bands anticipated, you have the pounding wind out of the northeast as well. that wind is elevating coastal flood concerns for connecticut all the way out through the twin forks. it is a flood warning for the jersey shore. now why? why is it a flood warning? a warning means we are seeing flooding right now, so obviously there are problems
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there with this kind of relentless wind and rain could see some beach erosion as well. as far as joaquin, it is a category 4 storm, slowly moving north at 3 miles per hour. the good news is, as noted by mary, more of the models agree it is going to push off out to sea. we could see in impact in our area, we'll talk more about that when we have the rest of the 7-day forecast. right now back to mary. john as you reported heavy rains and high winds headed our way. flooding is a major concern in parts of new jersey. alana gold is live with more. alana? >> reporter: we are standing on the beach, and this storm is getting so intense, we have noticed big changes in the last few minutes. the rain out here is really coming down. it is just pouring. and this wind is so fierce, it is difficult to even stand out here. but here is the big problem. take a look at these waves. they are just massive. and the big concern is that all of this water is going to flood
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parts of the jersey shore. you can't miss the crashing waves on the jersey shore. and they are getting plenty of attention in this coastal community. >> reporter: when you look at this water does it make you nervous? >> a little bit nervous, yes. >> reporter: the fierce wind gusts nearly forcing the high water to rush over the barrier. and the most intense part of the storm hasn't even hit yet. >> pretty aggressive today. it is high, and i don't think it is high tide yet, so we are in for a little bit of flooding here. >> reporter: down the way, the sand dunes should prevent water from flooding nearby homes during this round of severe weather but people here aren't taking any chances. so this property management service has been securing patio furniture from dozens of homes along the waterfront. >> reporter: you have a busy job today? >> a long day. a long couple of days. >> reporter: over in brick, new jersey the force of the water already washed away the sand and the neighbors worry what is to come as wild weather moves in.
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hold it and we'll be okay. >> reporter: during high tide, you can see the water goes righted up to this property. the hope is that the storm damage is minimal. but these coastal communities are getting ready for whatever comes their way. to prepare? >> we brought all the furniture in from outside, and just you food. and just hoping for the best. >> reporter: and back out here live, where we are already starting to see some flooding on the side streets, so far we haven't noticed any drivers having any major problems, but this could change as the day goes on and the storm gets more intense. alana gold, cbs2 news. parts of the rockaways are also preparing for the potential for flooding with rain today. cbs2 news's meg baker is live in bell harbor. good afternoon. >> reporter: chris, there is no denying some sort of a storm is brewing. the wind has been whipping here
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and we are on 137th street in the bell harbor section of rockaway beach. after superstorm sandy, these 4- foot sea walls were built from 1237th street to 149th street. later today the parks department says they are going to be cautious and insert panels here to block off this entrance. high winds and high surf have emergency crews working fast to build up dunes on rockaway beach for any storm that comes our way. >> i think mother nature is the boss in a situation like this. >> reporter: against the sea wall are large white sandbags, an extra buffer. city officials were also moving emergency supplies to higher ground in the seaside section. >> i'm optimistic we'll be okay. >> reporter: anthony decarlo is tracking the weather but thinks the city is prepared. >> they have done their job through all the smaller storms we have had. >> the army corps of engineers put them in place so i'm sure they know what they are doing. >> reporter: and shortly before
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noon, crews were out here, building this large pile of sand up behind us. again the parks department says this was all in preparation for the hurricane, but looks like we are going to luck out and that will miss us. in the bell harbor section of rockaway beach, meg baker cbs2 news news. meg thank you. hoboken is an area that typically floods with rains like we are experiencing today to repair. crews were out on madison street all part of a scored nature effort to keep equipment dry. >> we are going to circle our equipment and put a liner over the top, to prevent the water from getting into our switch gear. we install pumps in the event water migrates into the containment area, we'll pump it back out. >> reporter: the station flooded during superstorm sandy knocking out power to 16,000 customers.
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yesterday at the yonkers organic waste yard. the mayor directed all departments to prepare for potential emergency response this weekend. the mt, is the putting wood panels over street grates, to protect the subway from flooding. they plan to cover 540 subway openings in lower manhattan. stay with cbs2 news and for complete coverage. john will have the complete forecast in just a few minutes. inspectors are at the scene of a deadly elevator accident in brooklyn. a man was crushed early this morning while he tried to escape a stuck elevator. steve langford is live with more. steve? >> reporter: about 4:15 this morning a group gets into the elevate tore here at 156 hope street in williamsburg. the elevator moves. at one point the doors open. a 37-year-old man attempts to get out as the elevator is
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stopped. the elevator moves again. he is crushed here and dies at the scene almost immediately. a few moments ago we spoke to a woman in the elevator when that happened. let's take a look. >> we all got on, big group of us. and we are all kind of like there is too many of us. take the next elevator. so a few people started to get out. we were only in for a few seconds. a few people started to get out and all of a sudden the elevator just drops and shoots straight up. it was so fast. shoots straight up. but as it went down, he tried to jump out because the doors were open and it shot straight up. and when it shot straight up, it took his body with it. >> the department of buildings commissioner was here this morning. he spoke to us and said there is a full investigation going on. he said there were no prior outstanding issues with the elevator. the police are also here. live in williamsburg, steve langford, cbs2 news. new at noon the new york city teacher whose drone
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the stands at the u.s. open has been sentenced to community service. a judge ordered daniel hurley to perform five days of community service. he cooperated fully during the investigation and had no prior criminal record. he teaches science at the academy of innovative technology in brooklyn. much more coming up here on cbs2 news at noon. why did a man open fire on a college campus, killing nine essar steel minnesota? -- killing nine people. plus how he was stopped. the meeting between kim davis and the pope.
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don't forget to follow us on facebook and like our page. you can find us at york. a mass shooting on the campus of a community college. nine people were killed, seven injured after a gunman opened fire in the classroom. cbs2 news's danielle nottingham reports from roseburg, oregon. >> reporter: investigators spent the night going through the apartment of 26-year-old chris harper mercer the gunman who killed nine people and injured seven thursday on the campus of umpqua community college in roseburg, oregon. >> as a result they located a number of firearms. >> reporter: police say mercer
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was wearing body armor and carrying three handguns and a rifle when he walked into a classroom and opened fire. the rampage continued until officers arrived a few minutes later. the police chief calls them heroes. >> he fired upon them and there was an exchange of gunfire. ultimately, he was neutralized. >> reporter: the wounded were taken to area hospitals, some with critical injuries. mercer's father says he has spoken with investigators. >> i can't answer any questions right now, i don't want to answer any questions right now, obviously it has been a devastating day. >> reporter: hospitals are making mental health professionals available to everyone here in roseburg. community leaders don't have to look long or far to learn how other cities have dealt with mass shootings. a frustrated president obama addressed the nation last night. according to the washington post, every week of his second term has seen a mass shooting
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this week, it's roseburg, oregon. danielle nottingham, cbs2 news. one witness reported the gunman asked his victims their religion before he shot them. police have not yet revealed any details about a possible motive for the killings. the vatican down played pope francis' meeting with kentucky clerk kim davis but her attorney disputed some details about what happened. davis spent five days in jail last month for defying a federal court order to issue same sex marriage licenses. the vatican says davis was one of dozens of people he greeted and the brief encounter should not be considered a form of support for her position. davis' attorney says it was a private meeting and that a vatican official initiated the meeting, saying the pope wanted to meet her. the latest trend in building a design is all about what you don't see. now the focus is on keeping your family safe from fortified doors and bulletproof walls to heavy duty locks and bulletproof glass. these are just a few of the
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lets you hide in plain sight. we'll give you an insight look on luxury lockdown tonight at 11:00. still to come, a doctor charged with murdering his wife. how his daughter, who called 911, is a key witness for the prosecution. and meteorologist john elliott tracking the storm. >> having a big impact on some big events over the weekend. we'll look at your weekend forecast, and look ahead to next week. that is when we may be dealing with joaquin. if you're taking multiple medications, does your mouth often feel dry?
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welcome back. so much to talk about on the weather front. let's get right over to john elliott for your exclusive forecast from cbs2 news. john good afternoon. >> reporter: nasty storm. these pictures from the shore show the wind ask rain. rain is going to be a problem not only for the shore but go a good part of the area. another big part of the equation, cool temperatures. readings, 49, 49, 50, 47, 50. weather watchers lamenting the chill. going to be too much rain in parts of the area. this came in from adele. feeding the birds and rain in the background. this is from the north shore.
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remember the northeast wind, you could see flooding along the north shore. white caps out there. thanks bruce, for that. >> i want to put the moved he ells to work and show you what we anticipate in the city. light rain for the most part. wind, a sense of it there. 51 raw degrees, 18 miles per hour. upper 40s low 50s around the area. no big shock. 5 to 10 degrees cooler than it was this time yesterday. winds gusting 20 to 25 to 30 miles per hour. going to see more wind gusts between 30 and 40 into the afternoon, some could exceed 40. where is the heaviest rain? south shore, in through parts of the hamptons. monmouth county, and ocean dealing with the heavy rain. follow that line through delaware and the super soaker in through virginia and north carolina. more of the same is his this low pushes through. -- as this low pushes through.
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isolated pockets of heavy rain. not necessarily thunderstorm activity, just that passing, drenching rain, saturday starts to shape up. there is going to be a passing shower in the afternoon, blustery with that northeast wind, and then sunday should shape up as well, you are going to be watching football though on sunday. or maybe join us for the diabetes walk on staten island. just checked, it is still on. we are mindful of joaquin as a category 4 hurricane but there is more and more agreement that the models see the storm heading off to the north and east. what is going to be interesting is, the first part of next week, when the storm passes to the east, you could still see in im-- some impact monday into tuesday as far as surf advisory and marine advisory. surfers might love it, but my concern for you today is staying safe, dry and warm. kids, i don't know i just checked. the chowder fest, they canceled it. >> yeah.
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notices from the state. so stay tuned. they still, saturday and sunday, it improves, but watch out for weekend events, particularly the worst of it is going to be today. john thanks. good tough. a doctor finds his wife gravely injured and bleeding in the shower of his home and his daughter calls 911. >> prosecutors say the death is no accident and now the daughter's call can help prove it. jim axle road has more. >> reporter: inside this grand home near syracuse, new york a disturbing scene was unfolding. 23-year-old jenna new lander frantically called 911. jenna's father, dr. robert for help. he said he just found his wife on the floor of the shower. >> daddy don't move her. >> reporter: 61-year-old leslie was pronounced dead at the scene. she had suffered a massive head
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injury. her death was ruled an accident. but the da, and investigators, had suspicions about all the blood on the walls. >> no daddy, there is blood everywhere. >> reporter: the doctor told police it got there when he was carrying his wife from the bathroom to the bedroom, some 60 feet away. to perform cpr. da bill fitzpatrick. >> there is more red flags than a bull fight going off in my head when i hear that story for the first time. >> reporter: also raising suspicion was blood spatter that was found in the bedroom. the doctor was asked about that. >> do you have any explanation as to how that blood got on the wall? >> no. >> reporter: the da believes that dr. newlander attacked his wife in the bedroom and moved her to the shower to make it look like an accident. two years after her death, her husband was charged with her murder.
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the key witness for both sides in the case? the doctor's daughter. >> oh my god my mother. >> jim axelrod joins us now from the 48 hours newsroom. what a difficult position for the daughter. how important is she in this case now? >> reporter: chris, she is the fundamental witness here. it is, you can't overstate the importance of jenna newlander's testimony. you hear that oh my god there is blood everywhere. how that blood got there and where that blood is, forms the foundation for the prosecution's case and the defense's case. so when jenna takes the stand in the murder trial, it was, having been in the courtroom, an incredibly powerful and emotional moment. >> and jim, why was the death changed from an accident to a homicide. >> reporter: well, originally the call was made that it was an accident. looking at the sort of massive head trauma and the theory being she fell in the shower and hit her head on the shower bench.
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then the friends in the area, started talking, friends of the family. troubles existed, both in the marriage, there were financial troubles. one of the friends, who was hearing all this, was a retired medical examiner in the syracuse area. dr. mary jim bellic. she pushed the case to be reopened. >> jim axelrod thank you. you can watch jim's story the doctor's daughter on 48 hours tomorrow night right here on cbs2 news at 10:00.
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we have an update now. governor christie just gave an update for new jersey on the stormy weather heading our way. >> standard 12:30 through about 3:00 this afternoon we are going to see 6 to 10-foot waves, maybe as high as 16 feet. over the course of the weekend, which will really damage the beaches and lead to more beach erosion. be ready, be prepared to respond to the flooding. and to loss of power. go to places where you can be safe and warm, it is going to get colder to want. >> reporter: governor christie says every asset is ready and available. tonight beginning at 5:00, the days are getting shorter and getting up can be tougher. the healthy ways to get help into your morning.
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again and millions of cell phone customers are at risk. those stories and much more tonight on cbs2 news beginning at 5:00. that is going to do it for us at noon. on behalf of the entire cbs2 news team i'm chris wragge, thank you for watching. >> and i'm mary calvi. have a great weekend, everyone. look how beautiful it is... honey, we need to talk.
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