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tv   CBS 2 News Sunday  CBS  October 4, 2015 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> at deadly explosion rocks of brooklyn neighborhood killing one person and destroy the building. we are lies at the scene. the bus crashes and hit several cars along the way. we will have the details. the weather is not as bad today, but there are still coastal concerns. cbs news this morning starts now. good morning, it is 6:00 a.m. good morning, it is 6:00 a.m. we begin with i on the storm coverage. we are not out of the woods just yet.
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take a look at this video from wildwood, new jersey where the waves to go home off of it foundation and swept it into the ocean. there are concerns along the coast. let's go to vanessa murdock. >> today is the last day of coastal flooding concerns and powerful wind. going into monday and tuesday, we will still have pounding surf. it is not this system, but joaquin that will be turning up the system. it will be wendy and slutty -- and sunday -- windy and flooding today. we will have coastal effects through tonight and a coastal warning along the jersey shore. high tide between noon and 4:00 today. there will be flooding among --
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gusts could be up to 50 mph. it is expected to be a breezy day over all. 54 in the city and 55 in monticello. on the radar, the good thing is we don't expect much in the way of rain and some sunshine. it is an improvement over yesterday with peaks of sunshine here and there. along the coast, we don't have concerns for flooding -- we still have concerns for flooding. back to you. we are following breaking news this morning as police search for the driver who struck and killed a pedestrian and flushing. 41-year-old mari on a controller is was crossing the road when she was hit by a dark- colored suv. breaking news out of staten island were two men were being
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morning near vanderbilt. the men were involved in some kind of dispute before the firing happened. a fiery explosion of brooklyn left one dead and several injured. the flames stripped the entire front of the three-story building sidney debris flying into the street. we have more on the investigation.>> reporter: first, i can tell you there is so much damage to see out here. take a look. you can see that debris is scattered across the sidewalk. police tell us that a woman from the building is still unaccounted for. crews will be treat -- digging through the rubble to find out if the woman is even here. they still don't know what caused this explosion. >> the explosion at the three- story building blue the front of the structure right off.
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>> the building was engulfed in flames.>> reporter: you can see the flames set off by the blast. people started running for cover seconds after the explosion at 1:00 yesterday afternoon. rescuers were on scene within three minutes and found an unidentified woman dead in the stairwell. flying debris injured two men and a child on the sidewalk in this devoutly religious neighborhood. >> there were two men coming home from synagogue and a 10- year-old kid. >> reporter: this is what the building used to look like. of business on the first floor and apartments above it. now it is unrecognizable. it is believed the explosion happened when a kitchen stove was being disconnected. >> we are told the tenants purchased a high and stove. it was their own stove and they were moving out of the apartment and they were going to take the stove with them.
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to take a stove with you, that entails disconnecting the gas line.>> reporter: despite indications this was a gas explosion, nobody reported gas before the incident. >> after the situation in east harlem, we emphasize that if you smell gas that you should call 911. we know many people have not done that in the past. >> reporter: back out here life where this morning there are questions about what caused the explosion. the woman who died here has not been identified. the people who were hurt have been treated and we are told their injuries are not life threatening. elana gold, cbs news. explosion leveled three buildings killing two people after somebody illegally tapped into a gas line.
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a gas blast killed people in harlem. the mta says a q1 13 bus was traveling on a guy brewer boulevard and flushing when it hit a guy -- hit a car traveling in the opposite direction. the bus then hit parked cars and slammed into a house. those on the bus are expected to be okay. we know the names of the people who were killed in a boating accident in jamaica bay. they died when their fishing boat capsized friday night. police say five people were on board when the rough water and high wind tip the bus -- the bus over. a third man was treated for minor injuries. a woman accused of punching a 10-year-old boy in the bronx is under arrest. just i am richards was charged with assault and endangering the welfare of a child yesterday.
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punching the boy in the face in a deli. she was angry with the boy because of how he asked the clerk for a plastic tag. the man behind a school massacre in oregon committed suicide. he committed suicide before officers arrived. he killed nine people and injured nine others at umpqua community college. >> she is jumpy, as you can imagine when she hears a loud noise. she is starting to remember the events in what happened.>> reporter: police say the gunman almost -- also left a manifesto . in it he said he felt like a loser and he had a hatred of black men and that he was going to go out in a place of glory. investigating the
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deadly bombing of a clinic run by drs. without borders in afghanistan. the charred ruins of the building is still standing. doctors without borders says that at least 19 were killed including three children. the hospital was repeatedly bond. -- bombed. all indicators point to the bombing being carried out by international coalition forces. u.p. berra will be honored in new jersey. they will feature musical features and members of the yogi berra family. he died on the 22nd and was 90 years old. a missing cargo ship. what was found in the water just days after hurricane joaquin. >> the american people are
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president joe biden takes the stand for transgender people. the show created especially for children with autism. first we have vanessa murdock with your forecast. i will have the details coming up in my full forecast. first last -- let's check the calendar for cbs-2 and [ music ] pumpkin excitement is back at dunkin'. pick up your favorite pumpkin-flavored baked treats and beverages, like the new pumpkin macchiato
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lgbt community has made . they have proven that love is not up for debate in politics. >> not only did you set your love free, you heard me say this before, you have step 3 millions of straight men and women. so, you left the supreme court absolutely no choice whatsoever.>> reporter: biden delivered a keynote address to an lb cheat group last night. -- lb gt group. last night he said that chance gender should be allowed to serve in the military. the senate for world bishops after a monsignor. revealed that he was gay and had a boyfriend. the bishop said he wanted his challenge the churches backward attitude toward homosexuality. it came out ahead of the world meeting of bishops. the search continues this morning for a cargo ship that
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ran into hurricane joaquin and became disabled . they found a life ring from the ship yesterday. it was headed from jackson to san juan, puerto rico. it send out a distress signal saying it was taking on water and have lost power. right now the category 4 storm is moving east toward bermuda after hitting the bahamas with strong wind and heavy rain for several days. on crooked island, there are reports of many homes destroyed. some places could see as much is 25 inches of rain. forecasters are warning that it 35 mile-per-hour wind gust that could topple trees and power lines across virginia in the next few hours. parts of south carolina have been flooded by several feet of water flooding cars and shutting down parts of the city. at least five deaths have been
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get right over to vanessa murdock .>> the coast will have a rough go today. something to keep in mind if you were headed to the shore. rough shores and coastal flooding. it will not be a perfect evening to the weekend. again, inland in his -- it is an improved caught -- an improved forecast over yesterday. skies are mainly cloudy this morning and it is breezy. 54 degrees with north east men's -- when's at 20 miles per -- wind at 20 mph. we don't get relief from the wind until tomorrow. it is still rough at the coast, but it is looking better inland. the week ahead forecast looks amazing. we get payback for the rough weather as a flat -- of late.
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hurricane, joaquin , is sustained at 131 -- 130 mph. it is moving northeast at 20 mph. to add insult to injury to hurricane bermuda, they are going to get a life-threatening storm surge. the search will be the biggest issue for them as the storm moves through. then the storm moves northeasterly out to the atlantic where it will weaken. for us, it will bring rough serfs through tuesday -- surfs through tuesday. you can see there is improvement in the temperature department, but it will feel brought with the wind out of the north east as high -- with gusts as high as 40 mph.
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are plenty of clouds right now. by 5:00 this afternoon, we anticipate some breaks it -- with sunshine. there is a stationary front that has been sitting off the coast which has been the source of the rain and coastal flooding. high pressure will take cold and improve the forecast as we move forward. it is not going to be a stamp as it was yesterday. tomorrow will be a nice start to the week ahead. expect a partly sunny day to start the work week with temperatures warming. then it will be beautiful on tuesday with temperatures of processing the 70 degree mark and it will look lovely by midweek. for today, rather cold, certainly windy and then the walk to fight diabetes at
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wind will be 15-20 mph this afternoon. the high today will be 61 and and then we will see improvements overnight. cool and breezy overnight and tomorrow more sunshine and 64 degrees. it will be breezy with north east wins at 10-50 -- wind at 10-15 mph. it will be 70 on tuesday and 73 wednesday. it will be 69 on thursday with maybe a few showers. then for the end of the week, it will be seasonable and today not so much. another no- hitter at citi field and the yankees lose another chance for the home-field advantage. here is the sports update. the last thing they wanted to see on the final day of the regular season was the
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fortunately it was not a title, but it was one of the greatest performances in league history. the plan was to start harvey. he struck out 11 batters. this was the matt scherz are show where he struck out seven. set them up in southern down -- and set them down. 27 up and 27 down. he was the first in baseball to have two no-hitters. the mets will start the in lds friday night -- nlds friday night. then they go to houston for the
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welcome back to cbs-2 sunday morning. it is six deck 21 and 54 54 degrees. children with autism don't have performances. but there is a theater
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performance that it -- that promises to be like no over. the trustee sidekick theater -- trusty sidekick theater company is behind the production. thank you for joining us this morning. tell us about the show and what audiences can expect. >> we commissioned the trusty sidekick to create an original theater for kids on the spectrum. we did not know what we were getting into at that point and up. kids on the spectrum range from being communicative to not stage. we looked at all kinds of things to address the issues. when you walk into lincoln walk in.
6:23 am
the space they are in and they did an amazing job at tailoring the performance for each individual child. years when into making this. what was the process like? >> we assembled a team of 20 artists and worked with three different schools focusing on populations with autism to understand the kids we were working with. taken moments we discovered in the rehearsal move -- room and testing it out on the kids. that was incorporated back into the show and it became the story of mostly around the world in 180 days. >> reporter: i know it is difficult some time for kids on the spectrum who have sensory issues. some like to walk around and some like to be on their own. how did you adjust for that.>> we wanted to create the show
6:24 am
around their needs. the entire space is sensory friendly. the seeding units were shaped by caught air balloons and they encouraged mobility. -- hot air balloons and they encouraged mobility. when we go through the clouds, but kids would deal wind -- feel wind from the fans and they would feel -- feel the missed. -- mist. we work through multiple senses. recently a child had a nap bert -- an outburst during a show and people in the audience asked the mother to leave. are you trying to talk to more families on the spectrum? >> there are some family- friendly productions at this point.
6:25 am
we wanted to do something original for kids on the spectrum which is something more theater should look at. i am thrilled to say there are 25 theaters from around the united states who are coming to lincoln center to look at our work. we cannot meet the needs for all the kids on the spectrum, but for more to do this, i think we could change the landscape of the theater.>> reporter: i know that the lion king recently did one of these performances.>> we did expand to november 1 and there is a wait list. >> reporter: that goes to show how high the demand is. thank you for doing this incredible work and telling us about it. we appreciate it. for more information, you can
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live look from the top of the empire state building. some bears got -- a rude welcome when searching for homes. the dog did not like the visitors.>> reporter: she is a true guard dog. bears believed to be a year old wandered into the family front yard.>> mama bear is up here.>> reporter: the 20 pound bulldog did not hesitate to chase them off. the bears who were estimated to be at more than 100 pounds, hop the fence to get away.>> she
6:28 am
turned into a wolverine.>> reporter: a wildfire impacted the food sources. neighbors encourage the bears by feeding them. >> you can give -- get jail time. one neighbor gives them dog food and 25 pound bags. one neighbor makes the meatloaf.>> reporter: they have their home ported to prevent bears from sliding doors open. there are even cameras to prevent the activity. >> there is nothing more dangerous in the forest then -- then a mother bear.>> reporter: except maybe a bulldog. the time is 6: 29. we will hear from the owner of a new jersey home that is down floating in the bay. we will
6:29 am
have the forecast ahead when cbs news returns at 7:00. for washington, the american original for over three decades. the sharpest minds and best sources and hardest talk.>> massacre in oregon. somebody somewhere will comment and say that obama politicized this issue. this is something we should politicize. it is relevant to our common life together through the body of politics.>> moderator: the western oregon community college serves 3000 full-time students.
6:30 am
allows people to pursue fulfilling lives. on thursday morning, the college's faculty and students suffered a vicious attack from a 20 six-year-old gunmen, chris harper mercer. mr. mercer entered the college and murdered at least nine people and wounded nine more. mercer was then killed according to some rip -- and according to some reports, bursar was -- mercer was driven by infamy. it opens the questions surrounding gun control and mental health. some say the gun -- the gun lobby would be better served by allowing students and faculty to carry guns on campus. gun control activists say the tougher laws are needed to prevent to ranged individuals from accessing guns.
6:31 am
six guns on him and he wrote that he had been waiting to do this for years. do we need tougher gun laws.>> one of the things that motivates these gunmen is what you are doing. you put their name out on the waves. this is a nobody who wants to go out in a blaze of glory and infamy. they want to be like the guys at columbine and the guy in newtown that shot up -- in the guy that shot up the church -- church. they want their names to be known as well as john dillinger. i understand why you get it, but we make a mistake if we think this is not a magnet for the next nobody sitting out there who wants to go out like that.>> america does not have
6:32 am
the monopoly on nobodies, but america is the only country that has mass killing on a regular basis. we can learn from australia in the 1990s after they had a mass killing. they titans down on their gun laws and they haven't had anything like that in the 20 years since. gun laws need to be tighter in this country. it is too easy for people to purchase guns and pass them along for crimes. to say that we cannot do anything that the nra is too strong and congress cannot act is to give congress a pass on issues that are critical to the country. we are living in the midst of a revolution on the right and the left with discussed with lawmakers. at some point there will be a tipping point and the american people will have had enough. the nra is the national rifle association.
6:33 am
my question is, is the nra and allied or an enemy -- an ally or enemy?>> they are an ally. one of the things we have to address is that the core issue is people being shot every day on the ship -- on the street. chicago is a microcosm of this. chicago where otis mcdonald who is 81 petition to be able to have a handgun in his house. >> where are you going with this? >> i looked on the chicago city website and in mr. mcdonald's neighborhood, in the last month, there have been three homicides, 15 burglaries and 10 robberies. as much as we can do things like challenging purchases and
6:34 am
hitting gangs when they do these transactions, at the same time i think we we need to have the possession -- position where law-abiding homeowners can have these weapons. there is a psychological element of safety they have from that.>> we need to find a way to live with guns. why don't we talk about -- why are we talking about chicago and not new york. new york is not surrounded right states where there are no controls like chicago is. they had indiana and wisconsin. you can go outside in chicago banning sales in chicago does not do any good. in new york, it is difficult to buy a gun. you can buy it, but you have to be registered and interviewed, etc. there is a procedure to try to eliminate people with the
6:35 am
the nra supported back in the 1990s, universal background checks. now, they think politically they can get away without supporting.>> [ indiscernible - multiple speakers ].>> one thing we can agree on with the approach that the gun safety. keep the hand -- keep the guns out of the wrong people. that is the dangerously mentally ill felons.>> the mentally ill. verify a bleak mentally ill -- verifiably mental bleak -- mentally -- verifiably mentally ill cannot buy guns. >> they can buy them on the internet.>> [ indiscernible - multiple speakers ].>> there is disrespect and disregard. it is far deeper in chicago
6:36 am
than in indiana. >> we are getting guns into the people of hands that shouldn't -- the hands of people that should not have them. >> you cannot get background checks through congress.>> 5% of gun dealers will hide 95% of the guns used in crime. the acf needs to take the licenses away from these people.>> there are 10 cities with the highest murder rates in america. sides. partisan thing. >> new york does not have a
6:37 am
into dc from virginia. they are right over the bridge.>> [ indiscernible - multiple speakers ].>> i'm going to go out and get my own revolver.>> the president is such a good guy and this has gone right to the heart because he cannot get control of guns. this week he was on the air repeatedly and his message was, as i said a few months ago and a few months before that, when i see these shootings, our thoughts and prayers are not enough. it does not catcher -- capture the grief and anger that we feel. next week, or a couple of months from now, -- when americans are killed in mine disasters, we make the minds
6:38 am
-- mines safer.>> he got the president of the united states to come out to the podium at the white house to speak and argue. it has you talking about it and the whole country. some nut sitting out there watching all of this stuff who says, i want to end it all and that is the way to go. >> are you suggesting a media blackout? i don't want to make celebrities out of these people, but you cannot ignore the fact.>> [ indiscernible - multiple speakers ].>> we have had about a dozen massacres since obama's election alone. there is no legislative reaction at all.>> when we come
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the united nations. how do you stay on top of your health? ahh... ahh... ahh... cigna customers have plan choices and tools to take control. so they're more engaged, with fewer high health risks and lower medical costs. take control of your health
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issue >> moderator: issue 2, the assembly of nations.>> united nations is prepared to work with any nation, including russia and iran to resolve the conflict. we must recognize that there cannot be after so much carnage, a return to the prewar status quote.>> we think it is an enormous mistake not to
6:41 am
forces while fighting terrorism >> attending the annual united nations assembly in new york, president. obama and president. putin of russia called for greater cooperation against terrorism and for a peace deal to end the syria for your civil war -- four year civil war. they strongly disagreed on one president. obama wants him gone and president putin wants him to stay. on wednesday, russia began its own airstrikes against the regime. russia requested that the u.s. led coalition that is bombing the islamic state terrorist group suspend its air operations.
6:42 am
moderator: who is right, obama or putin. -- putin? >> i had a piece out yesterday. i think that they will try to smash the rebels and seed that part of the country. that will metastasize the problem and they will continue. it is really significant. >> obama made a transition saying that bashar al-assad would be at threat in any regime.>> i think obama's strategy to stay out of the quagmire.
6:43 am
they are standing by . they want to come to the table and preserve a segment of syria. they are coming to the table with tickets. obama is fighting isis which aided saddam. then they are aiding the rebels. americans don't know what they are doing, there -- the russians do.>> just stand back and let them do it. we don't know what they are doing with syria. suited is going to make the sacrifices -- putin is going to make the sacrifices. i think along with other terrorist groups.>> i think he doesn't care about it. it forces the sunnis to the
6:44 am
other side. i would say they have to compromise. this is why i am worried they are not more interested in a bigger project.>> [ indiscernible - multiple speakers ].>> i just want to say one thing. the russians are fighting in syria and they will go back. putin does not want syria exported back to russia.>> you like the program, don't you? do you like being here? how dangerous is the situation? the great risk is that there is a u.s./russia military encounter. the uss army units on the ground fighting against u.s. -- against isis. there could be a crisis. >> we don't have troops on the
6:45 am
ground in syria. the americans and the russians are both talking and the israelis are talking to make sure their aircraft do not involved with one another. >> that is one good tank. at least the militaries are talking to each other.>> moderator: the etiology of battle. this was said on monday, and aggressive foreign interference has resulted in a brazen destruction of national institutions and the lifestyle itself. instead of the triumph of democracy and progress, we have violence, poverty and social disaster. nobody cares a bit about human rights, including the right to life. i cannot help asking those who have helped to cause the situation, do you realize now what you have done? whose words are these?>> that
6:46 am
he was saying that it has created disasters in afghanistan, libya and erect. he has a point. >> he is blaming the u.s. for all the problems in the world. i don't think that is liberal democracy.>> he loves to prance around and present himself as holier than thou on the world stage. this is a case of him reaching out to his own people. > so that is putin's point?>> his point is that we are responsible for the disaster in the middle east because of the interventions.>> i think erect was a grave error. yes. but we should pay more
6:47 am
i am not defending all of the stars in place -- >> moderator: more on the ideological battle. who said this, the strongmen today become a spark of fresno -- of revolution tomorrow. you can jail your opponents, but you cannot imprison ideas. you can control access to information, but you cannot turn a light into truth.>> that was president. obama .>> you see the tension between worldviews. president putin put his into force.>> i think most americans do not want to be there, but it is current policy. >> i think most people believe
6:48 am
and that isis this -- win and that isis does not have a sustainable ideology.>> i think putin is trying to recover from the humiliation of the cold war and the end of the soviet union.>> to be isis, you need troops on the ground and nobody is willing to provide them.>> hooton isn't either. -- putin isn't either.>> moderator: let's try trump.>> i did the plan with some of the leading scholars in this country. they loved it and they say, why hasn't this been done before? this is my wheelhouse and what i do well. the economy is what i do well.>> moderator: donald trump has announced his tax plan for the u.s. here is what it entails.
6:49 am
replaced with 4 new rates. individuals earning less than $25,000 per year would pay no federal income taxes. mr. trump says these individuals within the new form to the irs that reads, i went -- win. individual earning between $25,000 and $50,000 will pay a 10% federal rate and zero capital gains taxes. individuals earning between 50,000 individuals earning between $50,001 and $150,000 would pay a 20% federal rate and a 15% capital gains rate. individuals earning over $150,001 will pay a 25% federal
6:50 am
cooperation will be given a one time 10% tax break on earnings repatriated to the united states. loopholes will be closed and corporate taxes will be limited to a flat 15%. mr. trump would eliminate the alternative minimum tax and close deductions for high earners. deductions for mortgage interest and charitable giving will remain for all taxpayers. is this a sound plan, or can you trumpet? >> i think i can trumpet. the problem is -- trump it. the estimate is that it would take $10 million away from the federal budget. as much as i would like to see reform, there is no way you can do that and have a strong military. i think you get rid of the
6:51 am
the tax code is absurd.>> he gets rid of one and it doesn't nearly make up for the kerry way that -- the carry away that he is giving to the top bracket the drops 14 points. he abolishes the tax for the lower income people. they are the 47%, remember they don't pay income tax. that is a total shell game. this is fraud. >> this is middle class economics on and that amine. -- on amphetamine. i think there's too much of a hole in the treasury. >> is this the downside?>> it is the downside indeed. the tea party is worried about
6:52 am
the deficit and this would raise it $1 trillion with a t.>> one more repeal is the state tax.>> is best idea is not included which is tariffs for goods coming into the country to produce revenue for small businesses across america.>> in 1978 i believe that's what was the other fellow from wisconsin in 1980? it was a reagan tax plan. it was credited for the boom in the 1980s.>> which one would be the higher?>> this one won't get to the starting gate.>> we will live with the unknown for
6:53 am
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