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tv   CBS 2 News at 6  CBS  October 5, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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>> it started as one man's crusade. >> lawmakers took notice and they are demanding legal changes. >> this is about raising revenue without saying we are raising your taxes. >> at issue, quick yellow lights timed inconsistently and some less than three seconds long with cameras present. >> wow, three seconds. that's dangerous. >> offending drivers short get slapped with tickets. >> it will turn orange and then red so there is no time for you to stop. >> and there are these mixed signals. >> it goes from yellow to red and two seconds to green. >> former cop rob trotta says it is a trap and configured after cameras went up. >> giving you a red light and the people are slamming on their brakes. there is no one coming, the light was green. >> people are getting banged
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>> and they are taking on the contract which awards the vendor a hefty percentage of fines and sets a minimum number of violations. a quota ... >> safety is first. but you can't deny it creates revenue. >> the head of the agency says there is no quota and yellow light lanes does vary because it is based on the road's speed limit. >> the county is deliberately placing the cameras where they know the yellow lights are short? >> no. >> but the auto body shops report an uptake in rare end wrecks. you take precautions for a yellow light and now it is speed through it and slam on the practices and people getting caught. >> and the county says accidents with injuries are down and aa ais awaiting data. lawmakers won't wait any longer
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call for the red light camera to be scaled back or stopped. an amtrak train derailed in central vermont after it hit a pile of rocks that had fallen. 7 hurt and one seriously. the derailment happened in northville 20 miles west of mount pillar. the locomotive and passenger car went over embankment. the train was heading to washington with scheduled stops including new york penn station. >> felt something and it was like a bump and the next thing we knew we swerved to the left and swerved to the right and we were going oh, oh. >> the ledge will be examined. three train cars carrying cooking oil jumped the tracks
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in englewood. the freight train was delivering the oil to a customer when the cars derailed. and then the oil spilled and no one was hurt. what sounds like a pedestrian version of road rage played out on a brooklyn street. a passenger in a car says he was attacked by angry men walking by. cb s2 steve langford reports that victim says it was over a rush to score a parking space. i am hurting inside. >> the father of the 33-year- old man shot in a case of apparent pedestrian rage saturday near the corner of bedford at 2:00 a.m. >> is your son doing okay? >> he is doing better. >> seymour smith's son shot and wounded after the car he was a passenger in made a tight u turn and seemed to anger two pedestrian. >> he was with his friend and his friend was parking the car and made a u turn and while he was parking got a little close
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to hit us and that point in time they apologized. >> we spoke to seymour smith off camera and doesn't want his attackers to see him on tv, when he got out of the car one the legs. >> kelly hurt the gunshots. >> it was so shocking. >> smith's son works for fema and just coming home after a long day on flood watch when the new york area was hit by endless rain and the victim under went surgery on sunday. >> it is going to take time. >> and he will be able to walk. >> hopefully. >> the gunman and accomplice are at large. >> i hope they capture them. >> before they strike again. the yankees take a hit after one of the stars head to
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rehab. the big announcement about cc sabathia. >> this news came as a real surprise to the yankees. apparently yesterday c c sabathia walked into skipper need help. they had a discussion and decided that cc sabathia was going to check himself into an alcohol rehab center. he could have labeled this as a leave for undisclosed personal reasons but the team leader chose to address this with a statement. part of it says i want my kids and others that may have become fans of mine over the years to know that i am not too big after man to ask for help and knowing how important the post- season is should re-enforce the gravity of the situation. sabathia is a clubhouse guy and when i spoke to some of the players, they said the strength he showed in admitting his problem shows true courage.
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of the players later in sports. steve overmeyer cbs2 news. new information tonight in the mysterious death of a long island doctor and mother. the 38-year-old dermatologist was found in an apartment building dead in chelsea. neighbors and parents call it unfathomable. jennifer logan reports. >> a trampoline and other toys be longing to her motherless children visible in the yard of the doctor discovered dead in new york city. dermatologist kirstein cerveny. a high achieving duke graduate found unresponsive in a chelsea apartment building. the medical examiner says there was alcohol and cocaine involved and interviewing two
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men with whom she was last seen alive. >> it was the dermatologist i go to. i can't believe it. 38, that is criminal. >> three beautiful children. i'm so upset. >> in willis park police kept watch over her medical office north shore dermatology and colleagues and friends visibly shaken and her name plate removed from the door. >> it is terrible. >> patients described her as brilliant and loving and caring. dr. cerveny bought a bouquet from the florist next to her office. >> she was fine and smiling and very talkative. >> dr. cerveny married her husband andrew in 2009 at gramercy hotel and a dermatologist and did not answer the door to deliveries of fruit and flowers. a lexus and bmw is park on the driveway. neighbors say the news hit hard and no signs of trouble. >> when it is something like this in the neighborhood, it is like heart breaking. >> the two men seen on video
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hovering over her body are not charged with any crime as of now. police say they are not treating dr. cerveny's death as a homicide and it appears consistent with cocaine use. bruising around cerveny's next thought upon suspicious and say it came from a recent surgery. an update, firefighters recovered a second body this afternoon at the scene of saturday's gas explosion in brooklyn. the remains believed to be those of francisca ferarella. >> a gas leak from her second floor apartment may have caused the explosion. sources telling cbs2 the utility company turned off the gas to her apartment in june. another 64-year-old was killed in the last and she lived on the 3rd floor of the building. new video of a runaway oil
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apartment building in yonkers spilling one hundred thousand gallons of oil. the driver got out to make a delivery. the truck's brakes failed and it rolled down a hill and hit a car and hit the building and tipped on its side. the hazmet team was called to clean it up. streets in the area had to be closed. the good thing though, nobody was hurt. new york state takes another step forward in the fight against synthetic drugs. attorney general eric snyderman announced his office is suing two merchants for allegedly selling synthetic marijuana known as k2, another mind altering drugs. one of the defendants is accused of conducting online sales in the bronx. >> this is a deadly plague in many of our community and the fact that so many of our officials have turned out is a reflection of their commitment to solving the problem. it is part of an initiative
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by the attorney general's office to stop the sale of substances known as this. since the effort began in 2012. nearly 2 stores have been barred from selling the products. an emergency landing in new york after an airplane pilot dies in the middle of the flight. what happened to the pilot. this off-duty police officer jump into action when a man stops breathing at a pickup hockey again. >> and how does a garden grow in the gowanus canal. see what is floating down this super fund site. you can see there is joaquin, a very healthy hurricane and this rain that still continues to come down from the carolinas. what does it mean from us? we will talk about it. >> and we will talk about that on the cbs2 evening news, the devastation of the historic storm. scott pelley will have a lot to say on that.
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dana at least 11 americans killed because of the flooding on the east coast. 28 americans have been lost at sea in a container ship that sank during the storm. we will have all the latest on the search for survivors coming
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news at 6:30. an american airlines jet makes an unexpected landing in syracuse today after the pilot died in the cockpit. the copilot brought the plane
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down safely and some passengers say it was a rough landing. the flight was a red eye from phoenix to boston and when the pilot got sick the flight was diverted. his cause of death is under investigation. there were 147 passengers on the plane. from new york city drivers will keep their discounted toll rates for now. residents in parts of queens get discounts on other city bridgers and drivers from other parts of the tri-state argue the price break for a select group violated their constitutional rights to travel. it's the last thing you would expect to see at a no torturous site but in bloom at
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scott davenport has the details. amidst the toxic sludge in gowanus canal a garden grows. >> there is industrial waste and viruses and a garden replete with greennerry alive. >> the point was precisely to test the limits of being able to grow thing. >> the brain child and creation of dianna morei. a floating infrastructure that using 19 different kinds of plants, some of which acting as sponges to absurd and purify and detoxify the chemicals poisoning the canal. >> some plants accumulate heavy metals and other plants break down organic material.
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>> the project was launched september 18th. the landscape brought out the canal via paddlers and ca knows and environmental friendly materials with bamboo and barrels and bottles keep ita float and being done with the approval of the epa. >> folks call it impressive. >> who knew? it is beautiful. >> i think it is awesome. >> the hope this is a some day these landscapes will be financially sustainable and perhaps even grow herbs and certain crops in the most unlikeliest of places. where a garden grows. that is nice and hopeful. a pretty way to start the week
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the weather in our area and the carolina horrible and so much nicer looking. a pretty shot with clouds and blue skies and the cobalt blue sky in new york city, again it is a beautiful shot and temperatures coming in at one point about what you would expect to see. that is what i'm looking for. 61 degrees. 67 was your high temperature today and 68 should be the high temperature and right where we expect to find ourselves this time of year. headlines like this. nice days for us and weatherwise and joaquin is heading off to europe and still raining in the carolinas. take a peek. the system here and that is joaquin pushing towards bermuda and north of that. and around the carolina. specifically south carolina and they are staggering. look at this, mt. pleasant outside of charleston over two
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feet of rain, 2 2.3 inches and earlier and the most updated number, 26.88-inches of rain and you know what, 80% of scattered storms picked up a foot or more of rain. vortex satellite showing us the dynamics. with all of the rain won't make a push in our area because the high pressure system will keep us dry and change the direction of the winds. it has been persistent off of the water and northwest for your day tomorrow. you go out west and way out west pacific northwest the flow that you see right here will be our chance for some rain but the time we get to friday. but until then i think it is a beautiful looking work week. as far as the latest on joaquin, a category one. going to europe and it may threaten ireland england and france. you see the "l" here, 50 miles per hour winds would make it strong storm. it is a low-pressure system with a lot of wind and rain.
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we will watch that and in the fishing lanes and not a threat to any lane currently. 71 for your day. nice sky and 73 on thursday, a nice sky. say it with me, dana. 68 on thursday, a nice sky. there you go. and then friday is the rain chances and for the week, mid and upper 60s. i don't know if you said a nice guy. >> yes. >> all right, lonnie, thank you. an off-duty police officer helped a man in cardiac arrested. officer turner was playing hockey this morning. a 49-year-old man also playing collapsed. officer turner and several other samaritans started cpr and they found a defibrillator. after giving the man two shocks he started to breathe. years describes what it feels like to save a life p. that. and part of the reason why i'm
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and i enjoy helping people and i do it a lot. just the nature of our job. >> whether i'm off duty or on duty, it doesn't matter. the man taken to a hospital in stable condition. let's go back to steve with what is ahead in sports. steve. dana on the evening of their first appearance in three years the yankees is dealing with an issue for c c sabathia and how his teammates are rallying around him next in sports.
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chevy dealer. find new roads. let's out to yankee stadium. steve overmeyer and a lot of news at the stadium. >> reporter: the decision that c c sabathia made sent baseball into a panic and decided to check in to an alcohol rehab and will miss the post-season. what is curious is the timing.
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sudden death wild card game against the astros. cc sabathia says it hurts me deeply to do it now but i owe it to myself and family to get myself right. i want to take control of my father and player. in the clubhouse, the yankees will come together to rally around sabathia and win one for the team leader. >> the first thing he says is i need help so it went forward. issue. bigger than the game we have tomorrow night and so because of that, you know, it is vitally important that gets put into the proper perspective and place and he needs to tag out of this situation. >> we are playing for cc now. and cc is going to the mat for us many times. and so now we go to the mat for him. and as for the mets, they have the day off and will work out at citifield as they prepare for the match-up in los angeles on friday against the dodgers.
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back from london and the big win over the dolphins had far- reaching effects because the coach was fired today coach philbin this was a shellacking by the jets. they racked up 425 yards and chris ivory. 426 yards and this team is led by the most dominating defense. the jets lead in turnovers forced and points allowed. it is a pressure oriented scheme designed by head coach todd bowles and it has the jets a legitimate playoff contender. otis livingston sat down with todd bowles. >> they are playing good but we are adapting and we haven't reached what we can and they are working out kinks and communication and we are getting better. look at who is in first base. the giants are tied for first and when you consider how all
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the division, this is a winnable division. yesterday it was primarily because again another great defensive effort for the giants. lead in run defense and showed itself yesterday and the bills were 0-3 in the red zone and a sensational goal line. the giants are 6 in turnovers and did you see devon ka nard interception. ka nard admitted he never saw the ball. we are here at yankees stadium and, of course, plenty concern over cc sabathia. steveovermeyer. >> we are thinking of him. thanks, steve. we'll be back after this. closed captioning brought
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if it is goya, it has to be good. the story of this man from the bronx, he disappeared four days ago and his body has been discovered in a hospital bathroom. cbs2 tony i oela is working this for us and this video from a drone, a new look at the damage from the week's storms. we got those stories and the news tonight on cbs2 news at 11. coming up on the cbs
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