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tv   CBS 2 News at 5  CBS  October 6, 2015 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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into cars all morning. investigators say just before 8:00 the men were spotted rifling through this minivan on gratton and knickerbocker avenue. two employees one of them matusiak ran after the burglars. one suspect opened fire shooting matusiak multiple times in the torso. bullets grazed his 56-year-old coworker on his chest and hit his ear. one bullet grazed the hip of a 13-year-old girl walking to school. a woman was seen trying to help matusiak but it was too late. >> as she walked away, somebody else put a coat over his head because he was dead. >> great guy, family man. >> reporter: a childhood friend says matusiak known by those close to him as mush had two adult daughters and grandchildren. he had recently lost his job and was hired by friends at abny. today was his second day on the job. o'connor said he wanted to
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>> i have no work for him i couldn't put him to work. it's a small shop, unfortunately. i wish i did. >> reporter: the 13-year-old and the man who survived the shooting are in stable condition at elmhurst hospital. i did speak to the teenager's father who says she is recovering well. police say they have really good surveillance video of the three suspects but so far, there have been no arrests. live in bushwick, hazel sanchez, cbs2 news. new at 5:00, the man convicted in a 1990 murder of a utah tourist could get a new trial. johnny hincapie spent 25 years prison for his alleged role in a deadly mugging in midtown. the judge said prosecutors neglected important testimony. cbs 2's jessica schneider has more. >> reporter: johnnie hincapie cried in a manhattan courtroom when the judge announced his conviction was overturned and he would be granted a new trial.
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>> it's difficult for both families. they are united in grief. but they should not be united in injustice. >> reporter: for years, hin capie's lawyers have argued he played no part in the 1990 mugging and murder. a 27-year-old man was visiting from utah to see the u.s. open that labor day weekend. father and when watkins stepped in to help he was >> johnny was innocent since the beginning. he didn't have nothing to do with the case. >> reporter: hincapie was alessed a day after -- arrested one day after the murder and confessed but he said he only confessed after a detective beat him and three witnesses said hincapie was not on the subway platform that night. >> he didn't rob anybody. he didn't kill anybody. he was falsely accused. >> reporter: the family embraced outside the courthouse relieved they will
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years in prison. . >> the district attorney has decided whether to appeal the decision, his spokesman saying we remain committed to retrying the case if necessary. we regret the fact that retrying the case would subject the family of mr. watkins to testify re-opening ol wounds. our calls haven't been returned from the watkins family. johnnie hincapie is still locked up. you might be deported, a colombian. his conviction is overturned but his lawyer wants him to stay in jail until the deportation order is reversed. a developing story on long island. a wild crash shut down the westbound lanes of sunrise highway in patchogue. a car hit an overpass at exit 54. the driver went to the hospital in critical condition.
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the overpass did not sustain any damage. it's unclear what was the cause. well, the post-season starts tonight in the bronx but it could be over quickly if the yankees aren't careful. >> that's right. it's do or die for the bombers as they play the astros in the wild card play-off game. otis livingston live at the stadium in the bronx. >> reporter: hey, kristine and maurice. this used to be as much of a guarantee as death and taxes, meaningful yankees baseball in october in the bronx. it's been a drought three post- seasons where they missed the play-offs. whether they win by the division or wild card it doesn't matter because they have a shot. >> the adrenaline flows because everybody wants a world series. everybody wants to fight for the world series and be the last team standing. >> reporter: this game is all or nothing. but the organization has been dealing with a bigger life
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alcohol rehab. joe girardi says it won't a distraction. for cc rally cry. >> i think that's probable because those guys in the room know what cc has meant to this club and this organization over the years. i think that will be part of it. >> reporter: the last time the yankees reached the post- season where they were swept in four games in 2012. it was one of alex rodriguez's lowest points as a player who struggled so badly he was benched by joe girardi but this has been a huge comeback season for a-rod 33 home runs following his one year suspension following performance-enhancing drugs use. >> going into this year, rewind 7 months and we had an opportunity to play at home. we all would have signed up. played almost 400 play-off games in team history. nervously excited.
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one game win or it's a wrap. are you nervous, a little. but we are -- are you nervous? >> a little bit. but we are due to win. light a candle for us because we're due. >> reporter: win or go home? > it's in the bag. got the magic. >> reporter: one game winner advances. are you nervous? >> no. >> reporter: is it in the bag? >> think we are going to beat 'em. >> reporter: this will mark the fifth time the yankees have entered the post-season as a wild card team. they have only one won series in that role prior to this. but never like this one win in and you're in. there's a lot in the bronx on the line. otis livingston. kristine and maurice, back to you in the studio. >> i wasn't nervous until now, otis! thank you for that. [ laughter ] >> reporter: you know what? we love to put the pressure on, man. >> see you later. thanks, otis, from the bronx tonight. now to the story of the new jersey priest accused of
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pointing a gun at a little boy. was it a crime or misunderstanding? cbs 2's christine sloan was there for his first court appearance today. >> any questions, sir? >> no, your honor. >> reporter: father kevin carter standing before a judge in hackensack, new jersey. he is accused of pointing an unloaded rifle, a civil war style musket, at an 8-year-old boy inside the rectory of his church in little ferry right before mass as the two joked over football. >> i believe that i will be vindicated. >> reporter: dozens of parishioners came to support father carter. so did law enforcement officers because he is a police chaplin who helped many after 9/11. he greeted them in a parking lot taking no questions from us, only giving a statement saying it's all a big misunderstanding. >> my concern at this moment is for the young boy and his family. i also know that nothing that day put him in fear. >> reporter: his attorney says
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the boy and his family came into the wreck try as father carter as civil -- rectory as father carter a civil war buff parishoner. father carter kidded around with the boy because he was wearing a cowboy jersey. did he point the gun at the >> father carter at one point had the gun in his hand and raised the gun and there are different things. but i don't believe that he pointed the gun at the boy. >> reporter: they claim the boy and his family didn't file the charges, but they were lodged by the prosecutor after a female parishoner contacted the newark archdiocese. >> i don't even know who she is. >> reporter: father carter is charged with child endangerment. his attorney says they have submitted a statement to this court from a witness who disputes what that female parishoner claims she saw. in hackensack, new jersey, christine sloan, cbs 2 news. >> and the bergen county prosecutor isn't commenting on the case. tonight police are investigating two deadly pedestrian crashes on the same
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street in staten island. shannon lies was one of the victims. the pregnant mother of two had just left work at mike's place diner around 11:00 last night. she crossed hylan boulevard in the middle of the block near arden avenue and was hit. coworkers rushed to help. >> i went over there and it was already too late. the emergency arrived two minutes later but they told us she had no pulse. >> lies was the second person to die while trying to cross hylan boulevard within four hours. a 61-year-old man was hit and street. the mayor says that the nypd will increase speed enforcement in the area and also wants a safety investigation in the area. new information tonight in the bombing of that doctors without borders clinic in afghanistan. the top u.s. commanders there general john campbell told congress today that the deadly mistake. but he explained the attack was carried out after the break began forces reported
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campbell also recommended that the president delay plans to begin drawing down troops afghanistan. it was a wild scene today in paris. top executives from air france were physically attacked and forced to run for their lives from a meeting at which they discussed cutting jobs. cbs 2's jonathan vigliotti has the story. >> reporter: they looked like a lynch mob. pilots, flight attendants and ground staff many in uniform stormed the company's paris headquarters. [ screaming ] >> reporter: security was no match at a board meeting of air france officials. the vice president and director of long haul flights literally ran for their lives. and they were quickly surrounded. their business attire ripped to shreds. the two men narrowly escaped after jumping over a fence. a union rep denounced the violence saying they were isolated acts.
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the french prime minister met with airline officials and called those responsible for the violence thugs. jonathan vigliotti, cbs news. still to come, rarely do you witness a car accident in your own backyard. but it can happen. and we have more of this video to prove it. >> governor cuomo going at it with mayor de blasio, and it's about mass transit. the newest war of words. >> a harmless habit or hurting your heart? the new warning about the effects of energy drinks. >> and critics say it costs lives every day in new york. now there's a new push to change how people donate their organs. >> we have a little baseball game that we have to talk about. that forecast is coming up here momentarily.
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rain in a bit. we are the largest and most diverse school district in america! yet we are one! one point one million students! one thousand eight hundred schools! sharing one common goal. help all kids succeed. we're new york city public school teachers. taking learning to the next level. and parents and the community are on board!
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all coming together... one. to celebrate the passion and promise of our public schools. i'm michael mulgrew, president of the united federation of teachers. cmon! join us! now to the latest blasio. this is time the governor is demanding more money from the city to upgrade bus and subway
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service. marcia kramer has the latest on the feud. >> reporter: kristine and maurice, governor cuomo has made no secret about wanting mayor de blasio to cough up more dough for mass transit. but his latest demand came with a special twist of the knife. it is common knowledge there's no love lost between de blasio and the man he replaced. >> mike bloomberg invested in the mta. and it was an investment that i think is going to go down in his legacy as one of the smartest moves he has made as mayor. i think the same thing should happen for this mayor. >> reporter: you might say that former mayor michael bloomberg bill de blasio's achilles heel. he is the antibloomberg in governing city. so demanding that he be more like his predecessor. >> welcome to the first funding by the city in 60 years. >> reporter: -- was designed
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to provoke, irritate and annoy. cuomo pledged $8.3 million in money for new subway cars, buses and new projects like the second avenue subway. he says the city should contribute $3.2 billion over five years. the mayor says won't ante up anything extra unless the state meets certain conditions. new yorkers are tired of the bickering and politics says a de blasio spokesman. it's pastime for the state to get real. tell new yorkers where your money is coming from. but the mta says if the city doesn't pay its fair share there will be dollar for dollar cuts matching whatever the city doesn't contribute. there are a lot of potential cuts. >> the biggest obvious target would be extending the second avenue subway to harlem. that's the easiest thing to take off the table. right now we plan to buy 1,000 subway cars in the next system to replace the old ones. if we don't have that, what's the price to new yorkers rolling along in subway cars for five nor years? >> reporter: in the interests
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field, i looked through a list of former governors to to see if there are any de blasio to use against cuomo. the best i could come up with was the first italian governor with the shortest term ever just one 29 and george pataki 29 days, and george pataki who defeated his father. other news now, coast guard crews today searched two areas of debris for survivors from el farrow, the u.s.-owned cargo ship that sank last week near the bahamas during hurricane joaquin. 33 crew members were on board. investigators say the ship's captain planned to bypass the storm but a mechanical failure left the ship adrift right in the hurricane's path. yesterday crews found a survivors. several dams have burst in carolina.
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working around the clock in flood-ravaged areas rescuing dozens of stranded residents. roads and bridges have been communities. 14 people have died as as many drinking water. >> it's tough right now. our whole neighborhood has been devastated by this. this is really -- when they say it's a 1,000-year flood, i have lived here for 25 years and i have never seen anything like that. >> authorities say it could be days before they restore power areas. a new effort to raise awareness about organ donation started today. there are five times as many patients waiting for organs than those willing to donate. jennifer mclogan met with doctors, donors and recipients. >> we went over matthew. we hugged and i got to say thank you. >> reporter: in hicksville, jennifer's broken heart replaced with matthew
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school football field, his mother able to run tunnel to towers alongside the recipient of her son's heart. but success stories like these are lagging. >> new york is dying. we are number 50 out of 50 states. >> reporter: embarrassing statistics say families of loved ones fighting to hang on until a match can be found. >> any religion would identify organ donation as a noble cause. >> reporter: there are just misperceptions? >> there are. >> reporter: stony brook university hospital department of transplants says it's untrue that bodies will be desecrated or there's too much red tape. there are other obstacles. new york is the opposite of most other states in the country where donation is automatic. >> you have to opt out instead of opt in to become an organ donor. >> reporter: the opt in signature is required here every eight years something
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so do grateful recipients like linda morales. >> i woke up may 14, 1989, transplant. they said the kidney kicked in on the table. >> reporter: doctors call it death on the waiting list. in new york state, someone dies every 18 hours waiting for an organ transplant. signing uptakes just seconds. from stony brook university hospital, jennifer mclogan, cbs 2 news. >> according to one nonprofit, one organ donor can save up to 8 lives. >> so obviously important. >> it's so easy. just check the box. let's talk about this weather. gorgeous. what a day. what a winner. is it going to last? how about it, lonnie? >> it's going to last for a good amount of time as we look into the future. stay with me later in the show we'll talk to you about when i see the next rain chance. it's really not out there for the next 24 hours. 72, sunny skies, high temperature was 73. typical would be 68 so five degrees above average.
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taking a peek overhead, nothing. there's a couple of little clouds trying to make their way in from the west. so for tonight, i think you will see a few more clouds get into the area but no precipitation, just some of the clouds making their way now into western pennsylvania. we'll see a few. it's all part of my forecast. i think the game mostly clear at first pitch 8:08. 65 degrees or so. clouds during the game but not a problem at all. northwest winds around 8 miles per hour. tomorrow sunny and warmer. tomorrow is probably the warmest day out of the stretch high of about 74 degrees. the seven-day forecast does include some rain and again we'll talk about that later. tom hanks launches a local student into internet stardom with a single tweet. that story is straight ahead. >> a fast growing game where the players never take the field. but a new scandal is raising questions about the fairness of fantasy football. >> dana tyler is here now with a look at what we're working on for cbs 2 news at 6:00.
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>> reporter: her name is and tonight, her whereabouts are a mystery. she took a walk near her home in queens and vanished. at 6:00, cbs 2's dick brennan speaks with maria's husband and children frantic for her safe return. >> also, it's graduation day for one of the nypd's most elite teams the k-9 unit. the ranks. but there is something very special about these k-9s. and a special honor for some
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more americans are playing fantasy sports than ever before. in fact millions of women are jumping into the game of fantasy football according to the fantasy sports trade association. 74.7million americans are expected to play fantasy football this season and more than a third of those players are women. that is a significant increase over last year when women accounted for only 20%. >> yet a new report on a scandal involving two major fantasy sports companies may leave some users feeling cheated. >> cbs 2's jeff glor reports an employee allegedly used insider knowledge to win hubs of thousands of dollars. >> reporter: on game days and
5:25 pm
the ads are everywhere. now so is the money. >> one week fantasy football leagues are paying $75 million a week. >> reporter: but the business model is under the microscope after allegations of insider trading, essentially. according to a report in the "new york times," a draftkings employee admitted he released early data on what specific players were most used in starting line-ups ahead of the nfl's third week. getting that early information ahead of the curve could serve as you an advantage. the employee won $350,000 that week betting on a rival fantasy football website fanduel. >> may give somebody an edge. >> reporter: in a joint statement the industry leaders defended their practices in part saying, employees with access to this data are rigorously monitored by internal fraud control teams and we have no evidence that anyone has misused it." the sites use a relatively new format paying out big cash prices every day or every week instead of season-long traditional fantasy leagues. the federal government doesn't
5:26 pm
define it as gambling. instead, calling it a game of skill, not chance. >> this business is very unregulated. i mean, seriously. we have coming a long way from the dorm room playing with friends to the corporate sphere that's fantasy football. >> reporter: for the nearly 60 million who take part in this game of skill the question now is whether they are also being suckered. jeff glor, cbs news, new york. >> draftkings and fanduel both ban employees from taking part in gaming on their own sites and have now temporarily barred employees from taking part in other rival sites, as well. makes sense. >> would, wouldn't it? >> well, we're banned from doing certain things. >> that's right. >> can't just do anything. >> conflict of interest. all right. coming up next here at 5:00, the public lets off some steam over red light cameras. >> it's a scam, it's dangerous! >> a group of lawmakers wants to make a change. why they're facing resistance. >> and out of control and into a backyard, the accident that turned one home into a crash scene.
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>> and a record-breaking
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this crowd in central park. in brooklyn in 1907, four courageous ladies saw the despair of the poor, old, and sick and founded what would become mjhs. today mjhs provides quality home care, rehabilitation and skilled nursing, and advanced hospice and palliative care for adults and children, but the values of the brooklyn ladies still guide us.
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a car plows through a
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good evening, i'm maurice dubois. >> welcome back to the broadcast. i'm kristine johnson. this bizarre accident happened right next to a gas station. >> cbs 2's steve langford reports from lodi, new at 5:30. >> reporter: the debris- littered yard, a section of fence gone where a family had been enjoying the evening when suddenly this car tore through at high speed shattering the backyard bliss with a crash that neighbors say sounded like an explosion. >> i heard the car accelerate. it was like he put the pedal to the floor. >> reporter: the out-of- control vehicle hit 42-year- old greg sitting in the yard seriously injuring him. the speeding car just missed his nephew and other relatives. the gas station attendant next door says it was chaos. >> some of them were crying, screaming. >> reporter: as paramedics rushed the victim to the hospital, police administered a breathalyzer test on the
5:31 pm
driver then handcuffed him and took him into custody according to witnesses. >> we spoke to mr. saballos on the phone. he is still in the hospital. he says he is grateful to be alive and says the driver of the vehicle apologized to him here at the scene says saballos lay injured on the ground. the vehicle not only smashed through the fence it doesn't stop until the next fence. the driver just come from the gas station next door where he had bought a pack of cigarettes. >> i was shaken up. i feel terrible for that family. an uncertain outlook with back, hip and leg injuries, but says it's a miracle that his two young children were in the house at the time. in lodi, new jersey, steve langford, cbs 2 news. a new jersey state forest is being closed for at least the rest of the week after several black bear encounters. all access points to the ramapo mountain state forest have been shut down. five people were followed
5:32 pm
closely by a bear in two incidents last weekend. now, a bear that biologists believe was the one involved in those encounters was captured and euthanized yesterday. new information now a call tonight to suspend those controversial red light cameras in suffolk county. it comes as a now familiar critic of the system gave lawmakers an earful. cbs 2's carolyn gusoff has been following the story since it broke last week and has the new information now from riverhead. >> the red light camera program is a scam! it's dangerous! rows of. >> reporter: he is changes his tactics. stephen ruth the so-called red light robin hood no longer tilting cameras. he is pushing lawmakers. >> it's a systemic form of extortion at our expense! >> reporter: some legislators say they hear camera critics loud and clear. >> the public is outraged and they deserve to be. >> reporter: several lawmakers calling for a suspension of the program citing short and
5:33 pm
inconsistently timed yellow lights. and confusing mixed signals drivers. >> these cameras are causing more accidents. people don't know what to do at these intersections. >> it's nothing more than a money grab. it's nothing more. >> reporter: suffolk staunchly defends the cameras denying their position to rake in revenue or that they deliberately shorten yellow lights, timing based on speed limits and end data. >> the real end goal is nobody goes through red lights. the revenue stream goes down to zero. >> reporter: what about the contract that guarantees the camera vendor revenue? >> the contract specifically puts in incentives for tickets to be issued and each one of those cameras -- in fact, the county is required to pay a penalty if they don't meet a specific quota. >> we give them a percentage so they can get, you know, their money back on their investment. that's solely it. there is no quota. >> reporter: opponents calling for a suspension until the
5:34 pm
county hands over accident data that shows if it's improving public safety that data aaa says it's been trying to get for a year. carolyn gusoff, cbs 2 news. imagine all the people. look closely here at this peace sign in central park. chopper 2 was over the east meadow today as 2,000 dreamers attempted but unfortunately failed to make the world's largest human peace sign in history. needed 5,000 people to break the record. yoko ono and the john lennon educational tour bus organized the event ahead of what would have been lennon's 75th birthday. the actual day is friday. >> great picture. record or not. wow. >> good attempt. >> i know. get 2,000 people to do anything at one time. bravo. coming up at 5:00 a lot of people turn to them for a pick- me-up where are those energy drinks damaging people's hearts?
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the warning is next. >> new insight into bill loy joel's songs. what he is re-- new insight into billy joel's songs. what he is revealing. in 1979, pope john paul ii became the first pope to visit the white house meeting with
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history. it took the rockettes years to master the kick line. but only a few moves to master paying bills on technology designed for you.
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sources warning tonight about energy drinks and young people. the popular energy boosters could have long lasting effects on your heart. dr. max gomez explains what they did to one young man. maybe have four or five, never thought one thing about it. i needed the energy to get me through today. >> reporter: steve thought his dependence on energy drinks was harmless. >> i was having trouble breathing and struggling trying to get air. >> reporter: then ended up in the icu with heart problems. now at 27, steve has a defibrillator. he blames an adverse reaction to all those energy drinks. he thought he might die. >> the cumulative effect can have a severe bad effect. >> reporter: marcia is a registered dietician seeing more and more people rely on energy drinks for a quick-pik
5:38 pm
trouble, many of these drinks are jammed with extra caffeine. supplements like ginseng and guarana and amino acids like taurine. >> it's said to improve athletic performance and attention but it has a strong effect on cardiac function. >> reporter: poison control centers have a specific code for exposure to energy drinks. between january and the end of july, they loved 1675 calls for adverse reactions to energy drinks. 998 involved young people. even though energy drinks, like, soda, they are sole as supplements which means the fda can't regulate them. sodas are sold as beverages and are regulated. >> it's a public health threat. >> reporter: massachusetts senator ed markey is concerned about how they are being marketed to young people. >> they should just stop the marketing on social media. >> reporter: the american
5:39 pm
beverage association maintains energy drinks have been consumed safely for years adding, leading energy drink manufacturers go far beyond all federal requirements when it comes to labeling and education. scott doesn't think that's enough. >> my 7-year-old can walk into a mini-mart and pay for it and drink it. >> reporter: he is asking them young people. if they don't comply it might be time for the federal government to step in ed markey says. right now the fda can only get involved when proven damage is done. so be careful. >> yes. >> reporter: moderation. >> you bet. it was a statue that made a new york town cringe. now they are hoping this lucille ball statue will strike fear in some people. how someone is now using it to their halloween advantage.
5:40 pm
this room alone the size of a football field. it is more than 6200 continuous square feet on one floor that's coming up in "living large." >> first, though, dana tyler is here now with a look at what we're working on for cbs 2 news at 6:00. >> reporter: maurice and kristine, tonight at 6:00, thousands of federal prisoners set to be released. why the justice department is letting so many convicted criminals go free. >> also, does this giant cookie look suspicious to you? police say an airline passenger tried to sneak illegal items $170,000 worth in baked goods into the tri- state area. >> the department of motor vehicles taking heat for denying the request of a woman with cancer. it all has to do with her driver's license picture. we'll explain what she wanted to do and why the dmv said no. those stories and more at 6:00.
5:41 pm
see you at 6:00. in tonight's "living large" a property so large it has a room big enough to play football. >> and that's aside from a soundproof carry i don't care room.
5:42 pm
becca for the tour. >> reporter: a roman revival built in 1887 stands prominently on a coveted corner with a dozen lofts and six floors. >> over 6200 square feet contiguous. >> reporter: from end to end, it's the size of a football field. and with nine foot long windows you have incredible city views facing east. original cast iron columns surround a chef's kitchen. it has venetian plaster and a specially treated steel refrigerator. >> we have dining room, living room, family room, kitchen, all in this big space. >> this is where all the fun happens. >> reporter: it's a soundproof acoustically designed karaoke room a place where children and parents party. back in the main loft behind steel casement doors specially commissioned for this home, a
5:43 pm
>> if only we had a glass of coffee. >> reporter: the chandelier is custom made out of handblown glass. down the hall, you enter a children's wing. >> you know what? they have their own little door. >> how cute. you just sneak in. isn't that cool? >> reporter: off the playroom two children's bedrooms. on your way to the master wing, you pass a wine kitchen drawers. bathroom. in here, indulge in a steam shower and enjoy hollywood glamour compliments of custom cabinetry with 1950s flair flanked by two large walk-in closets. >> they are impeccable with the glass doors, i mean, it's just great. >> reporter: the master bedroom has a full-sized sofa, chair and a king-sized bed. to live large in this mansion in tribeca it will cost you
5:44 pm
$30 million. to rent, $60,000 a month. >> took all the fun out of it. really is. a lot of space. >> i know. where's the football? if you clear out all the stuff there. the home includes two storage units currently being used as temperature controlled wine storage for the current but, um, suppose you can, i don't know, score your fur coats in there, too, if you wanted to. >> wine. a lot of places for your wine. let's talk weather with lonnie. what a winner of a day, huh? >> you betcha. i was looking for the goalposts. >> is that what it was? >> the day was fantastic. it continues to be fantastic outside. i don't see anything, you know, changing out there as you go into your day tomorrow. take a look at the pictures everyone was sending in to me. lots of sunshine, lots of blue sky, lots of orange, as well. last time i made a picture of the pumpkin patch i have a nice orange sunset here from bruce, and i've got -- well,
5:45 pm
not orange but charley hoffman's dog there. [ laughter ] >> in new york city right now, pretty looking sky. 72. it's sunny overhead. it's been a great looking day high temperature 73. the headlines come together like this. it's really nice weather for us. beautiful skies overhead. in fact, a nice sky for about 80% of the country right now. our next rain chance would be on friday. but if you take a look at the rest of the country, you know, west coast, east coast, you have a low pressure system here around the four corners. you got the rain that's offshore now of the carolinas but that's about it. beautiful looking picture. our next rain chance again we talk about it being on friday, i showed it to you yesterday. it was starting to develop. you can start to see the flow coming onshore. well, now you can watch this flow. here's a little cool weather tidbit for you. watch the flow come on. it's coming in off the pacific. so it's loaded with moisture. the mountains that sit here you can watch that moist air ride up the mountains and develop with some, you know, showers and thunderstorms orographic lift at work right
5:46 pm
there. friday's rain chance is out west right now. we keep it on track friday afternoon overnight into saturday. until then smooth sailing out there. tomorrow the warmest day of the week. 75 degrees a beautiful sky will remain overhead and as you get into your day on thursday, a little cooler, 69, lots of sunshine. then friday, that's like -- look, it's the glitch that's out there. it's a 70-degree day. there is going to be a rain chance. looking pretty likely now especially later in the day going into saturday morning. i think most of this is going to be gone by saturday afternoon some could linger saturday afternoon. saturday's high 63. the rain associated with a cold front. sunday 67. monday 69. tuesday next week you're back to 72. so we shouldn't be seeing the lower 70s and yet we are getting them right now. it's pretty nice. >> thank you. the upstate new york statue of lucille ball known
5:47 pm
as scary lucy, wonder why, it's being brought to life for halloween. the statue of the "i love lucy" star in celeron near her hometown is hated by some people up there. they have been trying to replace it since it was unveiled in 2009. now it's being used as an inspiration to frighten people for halloween. an actor will portray scary event. >> a little lonely standing out there in the middle of a park. >> tom brady. >> think we could do a little better than that. we are getting the simple truth from the man who sang honesty is such a lonely word. the me an mow nan is -- piano man is opening up about his music, past and fatherhood. here's cbs 2's jill nicolini. >> reporter: billy joel gave an interview to a new yorker. >> i never realized he was funny. i loved hearing how he came up with piano man.
5:48 pm
>> he was working in a piano bar in los angeles. he was broke. he thought, well, at least i have to get a song out of this. >> reporter: bonnie fuller editor-in-chief of says she was shocked that the usually very private singer spoke very publicly about his personal life including his thoughts on what it's like to be a father for the second time around at the age of 66. >> he admitted, i was worried that maybe i would feel old. i may look like a granddad. but i feel young! [ music ] >> one of the really surprising things that we learned about billy joel was that he can't always anticipate which of his songs will be a hit. he was so surprised by uptown girl. he said, wow! who knew? [ laughter ] >> reporter: other insights from the six-time grammy award winner include the fact that he never gets bored of playing his songs over and over. he also says he learned at the age of 13 that playing classical music would attract
5:49 pm
>> but if he played rock and roll he would get the girl with the smeared lipstick smeared and torn pantyhose. >> reporter: he broke records at madison square garden. his residency continues here until december. jill nicolini, cbs 2 news. >> highly recommend seeing his show. it's worth it. for many parents there's a constant problem that continues to destroy the lives of children. too often, they are in the dark about what their children are even up to. and in a cruel irony, the evidence parents are looking for might be right under their nose. it could be in a soda can hidden in a highlighter even a candy bag. every day items being used to disguise something sinister. find out what's being hidden and how in secret stash tonight on cbs 2 news at 11. that is after an episode of the new limitless. >> new take on an old situation, right? coming up next here at 5:00, it's a social media mystery. why tom hanks is trying to
5:50 pm
discover the identity of a local student. >> and then at 6:00, in a class of their own. meet the newest recruits to
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tt2watx# gt p bt@qk3l tt2watx# gt p "a@q[?( tt2watx# gt p bm@qp4$ tt4watx# gt r dztq tl, tt4watx# gt r entq $hl tt4watx# gt r gzt& =o4 tt4watx# tom hanks has had good guy roles. when a woman lost her identification card there was hanks to play the good guy in real life. dave carlin reports. >> reporter: it's a story of lost and found starring a hollywood legend with a reputation as an upstanding man. habitual good samaritan, tom hanks found a college student id belonging to a woman named lauren although he didn't say where he found it presumably central park where the fordham university senior routinely does pilates. he knew how to reach her on his twitter page. he covered her last name and wrote, lauren, i found your stay tuned id in the park. if you still need it my office will get to you. hanks. >> it's a nice id picture. she is probably in like the theater or dance department because it's a head shot. >> reporter: she is a performing artist and famous in flash and some who know her
5:54 pm
card back and taking her time deciding if and when she will comment publicly. fordham students hope she gets a face-to-face with the oscar winner. >> it would be an interesting opportunity to meet him. >> i would be embarrassed. >> i hate my id picture but if tom hanks found it, i can't complain. >> reporter: hanks also made a social media splash back in march after he lost one of his credit cards. a thoughtful new yorker found his credit card and returned it to the star prompting hanks to tweet a public thank you. again he spelled hanks with an x on the end. tony, you make the city even greater. thanks, hanx. proof that castaway credit cards and ids get big hollywood endings in the big apple. on the upper west side, dave carlin, cbs 2 news. >> it is a rather good picture. don't you think? >> you think she is going to milk it? >> i think so.she's is that right.
5:55 pm
>> hanks is in new york starring in a clint eastwood sullenberger about the miracle on the hudson. we'll see you again at 11:00. the news at 6:00 starts right now. captions by: caption colorado your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. a wombatling breast cancer denied at the dmv. -- a woman battling breast cancer denied at the dmv. >> i asked if they could accommodate me. they were cold and said no. >> reporter: she shares her story with cbs 2 and hopes it doesn't happen to others fighting the disease. >> also, a first-of-its-kind, fined by the faa. a drone operator could be forced to pay nearly $2 million. plus -- >> the yankees are making it look easy now but what happens and start facing live pitching? will they score enough runs to beat the houston astros? it's a one-game wild card matchup coming up. >> we'll get to the bronx live with otis in a few minutes. good evening, i'm dana tyler.
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