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tv   CBS 2 News at 6  CBS  October 6, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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with a family's frantic search for a missing wife and mother. maria went out for a walk near her home but never returned. cbs 2's dick brennan live in whitestone with details tonight. dick. >> reporter: it's quite a mystery. the woman was last seen walking these streets near her home. she is a mother and a grandmother. in fact she is expecting three soon. and as you might imagine, her family is very upset. where is maria? her family is devastated after the 55-year-old woman vanished from her neighborhood in whitestone over a month ago. >> it's mixed emotions. you try to focus on the positive. but in the back of your head my mother is missing and i miss her. and i want her to see my daughter and my son on the way. >> reporter: and her daughter christine is also expecting a baby next month.
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um, i was very excited and we were all excited about it. and it's just -- >> hoping. >> yeah. >> reporter: maria was last seen on her neighbor's surveillance video on 14th avenue walking toward the intersection of 152nd street in whitestone queens. the family had moved there after their home in massapequa was destroyed in superstorm sandy. her husband says that had caused her much stress. >> sleepless nights, um, just racking our brains out trying to understand what is exactly happening. >> reporter: investigators say on the morning of september 5 she got a summons for an expired inspection on 202nd street near 19th and 21st avenues and had her car inspected at a gas station on utopia parkway. after that she was seen at bj's warehouse in whitestone. >> every time we try to put a theory together, there's something that says that that can't be true. >> reporter: brabazon is 5'5", 125 pounds wearing a white blouse and gray yoga pants.
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maria, if you can here us, we want to know that you're safe. if you can somehow communicate that to us -- >> reporter: now, the family is offering a $10,000 reward if you have any information, if you have seen maria, call police. we're live in whitestone, dick brennan, cbs 2 news. police are searching for suspects behind a deadly triple shooting in brooklyn. 53-year-old michael matusiak was gunned down in bushwick this morning while chasing down three-car burglars. friends and neighbors are in shock saying matusiak was always trying to help others. >> so when you hear that he tried to stop this car break- in. >> it doesn't surprise me. it's just mike. mike was like the neighborhood handyman if anybody needed help with anything. they would go to mike. >> one of matusiak's and
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girl were hit by stray bullets and are recovering. the man whose identity is unknown was recorded on surveillance video on september in crown heights, brooklyn. a stray bullet struck carey gabay in the head. he was caught in a gang shooting at a celebration before the west indian- american day parade. he died several days later. so far, there have been no arrests. a new jersey woman getting chemotherapy for breast cancer now finds herself in a fight with the dmv. she doesn't want her driver's license photo showing her in a head scarf. cbs 2's emily smith explains why this patient is denied. >> reporter: joanne doesn't normally wear a scarf on her head but she is at the beginning of chemotherapy for breast cancer, something she expects to put behind her by january. that's why this new photo on her license may haunt her. >> this license is for a couple of years and it's not going to look like me in a
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she said no. >> reporter: it happened at the motor vehicle agency in stopping by to renew her expired license. >> you don't want to become that be your identity. that's my id. that's my id. is it cancer? >> reporter: she knows the responses she gets from strangers are out of sympathy but to have a daily reminder of it on her license won't help her healing process. >> i had just gone with my mom a couple of months ago and they said to her, document your old picture or new picture? my mother said i'll take an old picture. that's what they did. >> reporter: the dmv law says a driver may use a license using the same photo twice for eight years. she reached that limit with this photo. she wants the dmv to make exceptions for people who temporarily look different. and her daughter mary saw her cry over it. >> i understand that, like, they want to be extra cautious these days for all of this stuff.
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just kind of, you know, a small exception. >> reporter: jodry has one option, to return to the long lines of the dmv once her hair grows back and get a new photo taken for $11. emily smith, cbs 2 news. >> when asked about making an exception for the ill, the dmv said the law is the law. new information tonight in the death of a man found dead at montefiore medical center. a hospital employee died after going to the emergency room and was found days later locked in a hospital bathroom. cbs 2's alana gold spoke to thomas' family today. >> i don't care -- i'm not going to forget him. [ crying ] >> reporter: he is devastated over the death of his son anthony at the montefiore hospital einstein campus in morris park and the circumstances behind it. >> that's a disgrace. >> reporter: 44-year-old anthony was employed as a
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cleaner at this bronx hospital went to the emergency room during his shift last thursday for an injured finger then disappeared. >> when they went back to see him around 3:00 he was gone. >> reporter: the nypd then started investigating and four days later with him still missing his loved ones showed up at the hospital and tracked down administrators. >> so that's when they said okay we gonna run the camera and see where he went. >> reporter: looking through that footage led to a gruesome discovery. they found anthony unresponsive locked in a single occupancy bathroom on the third floor. his loved ones say he never complained of any illness and didn't have health problems. >> bathroom one person never checked out the bathroom, you know, what kind hospital is this. >> reporter: his family wants to know how something this could even happen, how no one noticed he was here. >> they have neglected looking for him as a worker and also as a patient. >> reporter: all day we have been asking the hospital about
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keeping track of employees and checking out the restrooms. but a spokesman says he can't give us those answers. >> if it wasn't for to us go there to say look at the videotapes do do that, they wouldn't have. >> reporter: the hospital says it's still investigating and said, the staff at montefiore are sad to learn that one of our employees died. in morris park, the bronx, ilana gold, cbs 2 news. >> the medical examiner is waiting on autopsy results to determine the exact cause of death. an aerial photography company may face a record $1.9 million fine from the faa for flying drones in new york and chicago airspace without permission. the faa is proposing penalties asking the company called sky pan international for 65 flights. the agency says drones were operated without two-way radios, transponders or altitude reporting equipment.
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proposed fine is so large is because the company continued flights despite inspectors "asking them" to stop. a new jersey priest in court today accused of pointing a gun at an 8-year- old boy. father kevin carter pled not guilty to child endangerment charges, accused of pointing an unloaded civil war era musket at the boy inside the church in little ferry. prosecutors say the priest pointed the gun after the child arrived wearing a dallas cowboys jersey. carter is a new york giants fan. and he says it's all a big misunderstanding. >> my concern at this moment is for the young boy and his family. i also know that nothing that day put him in fear. >> father carter's attorney says the priest did not raise the gun -- did raise the gun but did not point it at the boy. the post-season starts tonight in the bronx and it
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yankees can't get a win against the astros. otis livingston otis is here now with wild card fever at yankee stadium. >> reporter: hey, dana. you could certainly feel it here in the bronx. not just a nip in the air but meaningful october baseball for the yankees something their fans haven't experienced since 2012 and as you know in yankee land that's an eternity. but here's the situation. it's a one-game wild card matchup with the houston astros, that's it. you win and you advance. you lose and you go home. the yankees will try to put behind them a roughly final week that made clinching home field advantage in this game much harder than it had to be. they lost six of the last seven so they will try to turn that around tonight. we'll have more on this unique play-off game coming up later on in sports. also hear from darryl strawberry an cc sabathia's substance abuse issue. but for now, reporting live inside yankee stadium, otis livingston, dana, back to you in the studio. >> see you in a bit, otis. tonight at 6:00, thousands
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next why is the federal government releasing so many convicted criminals? >> also, concealed in a cookie? the half-baked idea customs agents say one man had to sneak illegal items through newark airport. >> and these dogs are getting their day. meet the new class of k-9 officers hitting the streets and the special meaning behind their names. lonnie? >> first we have to give you a forecast for the baseball game tonight. then we'll talk about the next knew days after the break. >> coming up on the "cbs evening news" a first on broadway. scott pelley is here live with that. scott? >> reporter: dana, allie stroker is a terrific broadway actress and is the first to star in a musical in a wheelchair. we'll have her story and the rest of the world news coming
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evening news" at 6:30. a man accused of murdering a utah tourist at a midtown subway station would get a new trial. a judge overturned johnny hincapie's murder conviction saying prosecutors ignored important testimony. he spent 25 years in prison for his alleged role in a deadly mugging. 22-year-old brian watkins from utah was stabbed to death in 1990 at the seventh avenue and 53rd street subway. hincapie one of eight people arrested said he only confessed after a detective beat him. >> he didn't rob anybody. he didn't kill anybody.
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he was falsely wrongly accused and involved in this by the police. >> manhattan district attorney cy vance has not announced whether he will appeal the judge's decision. the u.s. department of justice will release thousands of prison inmates starting this month. about 6,000 inmates will get early releases after changes in federal drug sentences. the inmates are drug offenders who went through an appeal process. this mass release is the largest in the bureau of prisons history. a drug smuggling arrest at newark liberty airport. the drugs hidden in food. u.s. customs and border protection officers said they found 10 pounds of cocaine in cakes, cookies, bags of coffee, powdered drinks all the stuff you see there that giant cookie there, they say william sanchez was returning from peru and going through airport inspection when customs made the discovery. the 48-year-old also allegedly had 88 oxycodone pills.
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authorities say the drugs worth $170,000 were inside his checked bag. sanchez faces narcotics smuggling charges. a special graduation for the nypd, a new class of highly trained k-9s to help keep the city safe. cbs 2's meg baker says these dogs carry on an important legacy. >> reporter: new members of the nypd marched into the college point police academy in queens. >> one of the most important elements of policing is your partner. it's not too often, however, that you get to name your partner. >> a big day a lot of work to get the dogs prepared for this. >> meet cowboy, one of 17 dogs graduating today, 12 of which are named after fallen officers. >> patrick rafferty. >> reporter: so this guy will be called raff honoring officers killed in the line of duty a tradition of the transit bureau k-9 unit. >> it means a lot to the different officers that represent their families. >> reporter: these partners train for ten to 16 weeks in
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patrol and explosives. >> it's important for counter- terrorism and the safety of the public. >> reporter: a true team. >> the bonds between k-9 and k- 9 hammers is extraordinary. it is one of the strongest bonds between human and animal that exists anywhere. >> reporter: the officers say now every time they are asked what their dogs' names are they will get to tell the story of a hero police officer. at college point police academy in queens, meg baker, cbs 2 news. quinn now. really nice tuesday for us. and how about those dogs, right? dog stories. >> such team work. families. >> one of my weather watchers charlie hoffman always sends a weather picture with his dog. i want to show you something different. today. the guinness book of world records in central park monitoring if we had the
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we need to have 5,000 people. yoko ono organized this. john lennon's birthday is friday. ths being done in honor of that. we didn't get up to 5,000, only 2,000. but pretty cool nonetheless. let me show you what i see here in new york city. it's a nice sky overhead. that picture was taken by chopper 2. our picture here compliments of a live camera. pleasant out there. 73 was your high. 68 is the average so you're above average. just a nice day out there and it's going to continue. really the only hiccup is on friday. friday you have a rain chance. i think it's out of here though. i think it's a nice fall weekend. sunday is going to be better than saturday. good-looking fall weekend do some leaf peeping. the question market i put at the end of that. we are not at the peak yet. if you want to find peak foliage you have to go well north of the area. upper peaks of the adirondacks certainly the upper peaks of the berkshires, white mountains, into peak season now. our area north and west of us,
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next week you see peak foliage but really around the more populated metro areas you have to wait until later in october. let's show you what we see now in the country. there's not too much. there's a little flash of greens and yellows off the carolina coast. they are done with rain falling on top of land. it's now offshore. what they are not done with, flooding. think about it, okay? shoreline low elevation. as you go inland from south carolina into north carolina you get all that rain, there's a lag effect because it's been flowing down those mountains into those rivers. those rivers are flooding and they have continuing problems out there. we do see this low pressure system around the four corners right there. and there's some rain out there. it's not just rain though. just to the west of denver around frail snow is falling. it's not skiable but it's setting the stage. what we see north of portland and seattle, flowing in really up around vancouver, is this system. you will see the rain developing there. that's going to give us our rain chance on friday.
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so we are going to look and say later friday especially into friday night for a good- looking chance at rain. how much rain? the figures are not big. maybe a half inch or so out of this. less for some folks. tomorrow warmest day of the week at 75. thursday nice looking sky, a little cooler at 69. friday is a wet weather chance 70, not a huge system, i don't want to play it into something like that. saturday, 63. maybe a little bit of wet weather would linger for saturday morning then better by later saturday. sunday looks to be better at 67. >> thank you. good weather tonight. let's go back to the bronx. otis livingston crucial game. otis. >> well, dana, here we go again. actually, it's been quite a long time in yankee years. three seasons since they have been in the post-season. now the big question, how long will they be in the post- season? it's a one-game win or go home wild card matchup against the houston astros.
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otis livingston is at the stadium. >> reporter: for the first time the yankees are involved in a one game play-off matchup and you want to talk about
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they face a guy named dallas who pitches in houston. dallas dominates them twice in the regular season but this is a chance for the yankees to wipe the slate clean. here they are taking batting practice moments ago. let's hope it works. they haven't been hitting much down the stretch. big news to [ indiscernible ] not in the starting line-up. girardi said he will get in at some point. chris young is in his place. pretty good against lefties. time to forget about losing six of the last seven. they have to hit the reset card matchup. >> this club is resilient. it done. and that's your thought get it done. >> the recipe doesn't change. we need a well pitched ballgame hand it to our times. we need one more win to advance. >> reporter: the all-important one game wild card matchup tonight but in the back of the
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thinking about their teammate cc sabathia in treatment for alcoholism. steve overmyer is here with a about this. >> everybody knows the history addiction. it's a long road back. he says he has made it back and now dedicating his life to helping others. today he was in midtown manhattan trying to raise awareness of for organ donation for the charity live on new york. but he also owns three addiction. what he has learned in his life is that sobriety is the journey full of ups and downs, not how many times you get knocked down, it's how many times you get up. >> if you can overcome, um, that's what life is all about. we all overcoming something. we all got something to overcome. we all got some kind of issues to deal with to overcome them. i just think at this time cc and his family just need to heal as a family and he needs to get well as a man so he can come back and be a better person and a better baseball player.
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with reinforced why this clubhouse is a family. they are not only supportive of cc sabathia. they are kind of looking at this game as a win-win for cc. >> let's see if they can pin tonight and move on to the division series. we'll see. meanwhile, after having yesterday off, the mets were back on the practice field at citi field working out. that is everyone except matt harvey. he was missing with no explanation according to gm sandy alderson. the mets are scheduled to fly out to los angeles tomorrow after their workout with harvey scheduled to pitch in game three monday back at citi field. >> i apologize to, you know, everybody and -- and i'm here to get my workout in and, you know, be with the team and, um, you know, unfortunately, screwed up. >> the mets are assuring us that this will not be a distraction. meanwhile the yankees get it started tonight one game wild
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we'll have highlights and hopefully post-game reaction from a yankee victory. back to you. >> we'll be right back. (ingrid) i take pride in getting things done. but when it came to medicare, i was glad i could get a little help. (vo) ingrid and robert called empire blue cross blue shield
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highlighters, books, board games, kids are hiding things using them under your nose. i'm kristine johnson in the cbs 2 newsroom. at 11:00, how to spot the secret stash. also, this little boy nothing short of a miracle that he is still alive. how doctors repaired an internal decapitation. all tonight at 11. finally tonight at 6:00 a kitten that just used up one of its lives needs a home. the kitty was hopelessly stuck in a storm drain in middle village queens. somebody walking by heard her cry and tweeted for help. the nypd answered the call and pulled it to safety. in a nod to the location gently there, gently -- she has been named penelope and all cleaned up. thank you for joining us here at 6:00. join us for the news at 9:00 on tv 10/55. up next on the "cbs evening news with scott pelley," a state under water
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