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tv   CBS 2 News at 5  CBS  October 7, 2015 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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the maintaining there seemed to have completely ruptured and the contents were burning o they carry a total of 3,000 -- burning off. they carry a total of 3,000 gallons when full. southbound traffic moved slowly past the accident site throughout the incident. so an explosion was not a concern as the fuel burned off. chopper 2 could see the burning tanker, the mattresses and a honda crv that was apparently involved in the accident that led to the truck overturning and the fire. no injuries that we're aware of. but the evening commute is pretty slowed down at this point. we can see the news choppers flying above and the traffic on the southbound lane here just inching past. the nosh on the western sper is completely closed.
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we are live in kearny, lou young, cbs 2 news. a rally in support of chapter schools of -- charter schools. the demonstration started in brooklyn. thousands marched over the brooklyn bridge and ended up at city hall. cbs 2 political reporter marcia kramer was there and is here now with more. marcia. >> reporter: well, maurice and kristine, the rally in brooklyn drew huge crowds. organizers put the tally at over 18,000. but there was a much smaller group at city hall because construction was going on in the plaza so police limited the crowd to several hundred. but that did nothing to silence the passion or the demands that mayor de blasio go all in for charters. >> what do we want? >> charter schools now! >> reporter: only a now hundred protestors were allowed on the steps of city hall but they made their voices loud wanting to make sure that mayor de blasio him them. they want more charter -- heard them. they want more charter schools.
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>> i have seen firsthand how the mayor is failing our public schools. at my son's school, nine out of ten kids do not read on grade level. >> reporter: also at city hall, bronx borough president rubin diaz, jr., a supporter of charters for improving education for poor minorities students. the rally was sponsored by families for excellent school a pro-charter group that gets donations from wall street. >> just treat them equitably, mr. mayor. >> reporter: the mayor hasn't been a strong proponent of charter schools. he is currently in a dispute with eva moskowitz, the head of the largest charter school network saying he broke a promise to find space for seven new charter schools. >> the mayor has to listen to parents. they know what's best for their children. and what they are being offered is not good enough. it wouldn't be good enough for his kids. it's not good enough for my kids. and it shouldn't be good enough for other people's kids to go to a failed school. >> reporter: a spokesman for the mayor said he has been focusing on making sure that
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all public schools are the best they can be. mayor de blasio is focused on ensuring that every child in every classroom has a future that isn't limited to their zip code. we believe that's the path to raising achievement, not just for some students but for all students." >> reporter: moskowitz was at the first charter rally in downtown brooklyn attended by over 18,500 people. jennifer hudson sang. [ music ] >> reporter: but complaints about public schools were the same. >> the school exposed children to the idea of prison when it should have been exposing them to the idea of college. >> reporter: meanwhile, city hall says it will find space for all the new charters that have been approved but they have until march for schools that won't open until next september. the rally was also loaded with political implications. both eva moskowitz of success academy and bronx borough president rubin diaz junior are potential challengers to
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mayor de blasio in 2017. kristine and maurice? >> thank you. well, still ahead tonight, some charter schools may be among those testing out the concepts of homework-free weekends. it's a new plan in some school districts. we'll explain why and the difference it may make with students. >> new at 5:00 a man shot trying to stop a group of suspected car thieves is talking about his ordeal tonight. cbs 2's diane macedo tells us how the victim had no time to react before he was hurt and his coworker was killed. >> firing like crazy. >> reporter: derek robinson says he barely had time to run when three-car thieves opened fire on him and his coworkers from abny sheet metal on gratton and knickerbocker. he says they were trying to stop the thieves after seeing them break into car after car just after 7:30 in the morning on tuesday. >> i was in front -- mike was in front. i'm behind mike. >> reporter: robin says the group left the shop and chased the men.
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it looked like the thieves were waiting for them when they rounded the corner. >> i said what are you breaking into people's cars for? then they fired shots. >> reporter: you were walking up to them and they turned around and opened fire? >> yes. >> reporter: surveillance video shows robinson and his coworkers running for cover. but employee mike matusiak never made it. you can see the makeshift memorial where the 53-year-old was gunned down. another coworker said matusiak died at the scene. >> i was shaking. my knees, i held his hand, kept shaking. and then he stopped shaking. >> reporter: two bullets also hit robinson. >> hit my side first and then right on my ear right here. right through my ears. but the girl got hit by my bullet from my ears. >> reporter: investigators are searching for the trio they believe to be responsible and say two were shot on surveillance video in the same location minutes before the shooting. police have not identified
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but they do tell us she is expected to be okay. diane macedo, cbs 2 news. >> robinson says he is confident police will catch the men responsible and hopes they will spend the rest of their lives in prison. police are searching for a man they say has been luring and groping boys in a park in the bronx. they say he struck several times and police want to find him before he does it again. cbs 2's ilana gold has the story from the edenwald section. >> reporter: police warning the public about this suspect caught on camera. they describe him as a man in his 30s with a heavy foreign accent and say he has been preying on young boys in seton falls park on baychester avenue since august. >> my heart is heavy because i'm going to be worried. >> reporter: veronica maynard has two young sons. they walk through this park every afternoon on the way home from the elementary school next door. there's also a junior high down the block and a high school across the way. the area is flooded with kids. >> that's very scary. i will really definitely have to talk to my children about, you know, being wary about their surroundings.
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investigating three incidents during the morning and early afternoon. the most recent, last week when he allegedly approached a 12-year-old. investigators say he grabbed the boy's arm, pulled him into a wooded area, then reached for his waistband. that's when the child hit him in the face and ran. what do you have to say to whoever is doing this? >> disgusting did he speckable -- despicable person. >> reporter: last month he offered a 15-year-old money to carry a bag and then touched him inappropriately. earlier he is accused of going after a 13-year-old. >> it's the scariest thing this is world. >> reporter: teachers at the nearby school first learning about this and plan to talk to students about the crimes and how to protect themselves. >> scares me as a teacher in the community and especially because of all the kids, you know, we see them every day for their safety. we just want them to be safe. >> reporter: police say none of the victims were injured during the incidents. right now they are warning
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everyone who uses the park to be on high alert for the suspect and if you know who he is, they wanted to you come forward. in the edenwald section of the bronx, ilana gold, cbs 2 news. >> police tell us three boys were shaken up and scared and at this point, they don't believe more victims are out there. some new information on a deadly explosion that rocked a brooklyn neighborhood. cbs 2's dave carlin spoke with one survivor about the tragedy that changed his life. now listen closely here to our interview with him on the phone. [ inaudible ] >> reporter: he was outside walking under the second floor apartment that exploded in flames and spewed debris at 13th avenue and 42nd street in borough park. the side of his head and body battered. the explosion killed two people, 64-year-old resident [ non-english language ] who died in a stairwell and 47- year-old francesca figueroa. >> everybody thinks it's a
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bomb or gas leak. >> there's no conclusive cause right now. >> reporter: at a public information meeting investigators they talked about what now after ruling out a gas leak. national grid confirmed it shut off figueroa's service over the summer. now fire marshals check for accelerants including some that could have been brought home from figueroa's workplace a beauty salon. behind me two of the five buildings being torn down. remaining three must be shored up. officials hope it will take weeks not months. dozens of people were allowed to return to briefly clean and retrieve some belongings. . he says he will return to his supermarket job when he is better, according to moskowitz. his manager and the manager's 10-year-old son were hurt. the boy is home, the father is hospitalized. >> all the families out there
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and to my manager, a speedy recovery. >> reporter: and a speedy recovery for the enabled. dave carlin, cbs 2 news. the health department in new jersey says a nurse reused syringes to administer flu shots to 67 workers at a pharmaceutical company in windsor on september 30. she was an independent contractor. those affected will be notified. health officials say risk of infection is low because needles were not reused but they are recommending testing for hiv and hepatitis "b" and "c." president obama personally apologized for the deadly u.s. air strike on a hospital in afghanistan. saturday's bombing in kunduz killed 12 aid workers and 10 patients at a medical compound run by doctors without borders. the head of the international relief group wants an independent investigation. mr. obama promised a thorough objective defense department probe. >> and if necessary, the president would implement changes that would make
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tragedies like this one less likely to occur in the future. >> this was not just an attack on our hospital. it was an attack on the geneva convention. >> the united nations condemned the attack but said it will wait until the u.s., nato and afghan officials complete their investigations before deciding whether to support an independent probe. the pentagon says at least one american warplane had to change course while flying over syria to avoid getting close to russian fighter jets. the incident highlights a new major concern in syria's civil war the possible of an accidental conflict between u.s. and russian forces. today the syrian military launched its first major ground offensive backed by russian air strikes. the u.s. accuses russia of targeting rebels instead of isis. coming up a whole new look coming to one of the area's busiest bridges.
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we are talking about bikes on the verrazano. the new plan coming up. >> do you remember when you bought every piece of makeup in your bag? coming up the clues you can look for to see if you need to toss it. >> and the rain is well past but there's a new danger for victims in the south. what they are watching out for. >> when you go to bed tonight a cold front is coming through
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we have another look at our breaking news. a tanker truck becomes a ball of fire after crashing on the western spur of the new jersey turnpike. the driver was heading northbound near exit 15w in kearny when he overturned. police sources say the driver swerved because three mattresses fell off a van. the fire is out. the road is closed. star athlete and aspiring computer engineer on long island died after a chain reaction crash triggered by a hit-and-run driver. those who knew the teen say he
5:16 pm
was exceptionally kind and served his community. cbs 2's carolyn gusoff has more on the accident that killed him. >> reporter: he was a star basketball player at islip high school but the teen athlete also hoped to form his company. but those aspirations cut short yesterday when the 17- year-old got out of his battered car after being struck by a hit-and-run driver. that's when he was run over and killed by a second vehicle following just behind. the second driver stayed at the scene and was not charged. >> we do hope the police are able to track down who was who caused the initial action. >> reporter: at suffolk community college where joseph just enrolled to study computer engineering, staff and students held a moment of silence to remember the freshman. the accident seen on crooked hill road is just south of the l.i.e.
5:17 pm
students say drivers frequently race to beat the light. >> it's scary. you have to stay aware because there's a bunch of careless drivers out there that don't care for anyone but getting to where they want to go. >> reporter: mr. joseph was a counseling for the building bridge day camp. staff put this statement on their facebook page. he will always be remembered by the smile that would light up a room. his compassion for children. he had such a bright future ahead. it's so hard to understand why he was called from us so joseph's former basketball coach at islip high school too distraught to be interviewed. fellow students are struggling to make sense of it. >> it always happens to the anything wrong. it's really sad. >> reporter: police say the search goes on for the hit-and- run driver. in suffolk county, carolyn gusoff, cbs 2 news. the coast guard is about to suspend its search for survivors from the american cargo ship that sank near the bahamas after sailing into
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hurricane joaquin. the six-day search effort will be called off by sunset. 33 crew members were on board the el farrow and one of them grew up in east rockaway. the ship was traveling from florida to puerto rico. the coast guard notified the crew's families in a private meeting in jacksonville. >> everyone is hurting. again, it was not a dry eye in the entire building. >> investigators are trying to determine where they can find the ship's data recorder. 30-day battery life. with rivers rising and together, people who live near the coast in south carolina are bracing for more flooding. cbs 2's weijia jang says that some question if the state could have done more to prepare for the storm. >> reporter: crews moved tons of rocks to protect the beaver dam in columbia. it's one of several that could
5:19 pm
workers are also using sandbags to repair a breach in a canal that's threatening the people in columbia. amid emergency responses and repairs, questions about the state's infrastructure are emerging after hundreds of roads are now compromised. many buckled and washed away. even before the rains hit, engineers found more than 1,000 of the nearly 9300 bridges statewide were structurally deficient. that's about 11%. >> people aren't willing to pay taxes for infrastructure. and, you know, sort of get what you pay for. >> reporter: south carolina's geography makes it a particularly vulnerable target. it has tens of thousands of waterways now swollen and carving new channels through aging infrastructure. critics say lawmakers should have done more in the past to protect the state from a disaster.
5:20 pm
infrastructure funding bill was already at a critical state. with this flooding in the state with the damage to the infrastructure, it's now a necessity. >> reporter: the top priority in the state is now keeping people safe and there will be time for analysis later, according to officials. weijia jang, cbs news, columbia, south carolina. take a look at this spectacular sight in norway. a cameraman spotted a group of humpback whales playing under the northern lights. this is the scene playing out off the coast of whale island, appropriately enough. sighting of large pods of whales are common in the area and now is the best time for the northern lights. >> great shot. >> majestic creatures. >> all that's missing is the bear that stands upright when he walks -- >> don't go there. >> crossing the screen.
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it would be a trifecta. will the sun stay with us through the week or is rain on the way? [ laughter ] >> lonnie has details. [ laughter ] >> there's some rain -- there's some rain in the forecast although not right now. here's your picture out there. boy, just beautiful. big sunburst right there. 72 degrees. 73 our high temperature today. so 5 degrees above the average of 68. nowhere close to the record of 88 set in 1941 and nothing brewing out there. bigger picture shows you here's what's happening. okay? this little skinny line of thin cloud cover with a little bit of moisture in it, that's a trough. okay? basically a trough is like a weak cold front. it's going to pass through the area, not going to give us any rain but it will cool the temperatures down for tomorrow. the rain is still out around, say, the northern plains. we'll watch that for later in the week, like friday. we'll chat about that later. tonight 57 degrees. mainly clear, quiet, comfortable. we'll get into your day tomorrow. there are go to be some clouds but a decent day. 68 degrees.
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so you're cooler than today. the extended forecast comes up in a bit and we'll be touching on the rain chance. back to you guys. >> thank you. still ahead, controversy on the campaign trail. what one candidate said about the oregon school shooting that's dividing the candidates. >> fall sports injuries can happening at alarming frequency . up next the symptoms parents should look for and ideas on how to stop them from happening in the first place. >> first dana tyler is here now with a look at what we're working on for cbs 2 news at 6:00. >> reporter: hi, from the newsroom, kristine and maurice. tonight at 6:00, this story of this hampton chef, popular woman who was run over and killed shortly after serving guests. police say the driver did something to his car that was supposed to prevent him from driving. cbs 2's jennifer mclogan will have that story at 6:00. also tonight, protests on the east side of manhattan about a skyscraper. they are a common sight, we know, in manhattan but these residents say no way on sutton place. we'll explain their fight.
5:23 pm
on cbs 2 news. school is in session as well as fall sports. some youngsters will be getting hurt. cbs 2's dr. max gomez tells us many injuries could be avoided with commonsense guidelines. >> reporter: believe it or not
5:24 pm
the majority of injuries for kids playing sports are not the serious broken bones and concussions we hear a lot about. the vast majority are injuries of overuse, playing through pain and eventually ending up with a chronic problem that could haunt your child for years. mark is a talented young pitcher playing for one of the best little league teams in the city which means he was playing in the spring, fall and at a summer baseball camp. that's when he ran into trouble. >> by the second week of camp my arm hurt a bit and so every time i threw the ball i could feel this pain in my elbow. >> reporter: mark is being a typical young athlete playing through the pain but mom got a call from her son that told her something was wrong. >> my son is very stoic. and it's difficult because i know if he says he is in pain, that there's been a big build- up to it and that something is really wrong. >> reporter: the problem is one seen a lot of baseball, kids playing almost year
5:25 pm
>> they haven't had a break. it's cumulative over time. baseball injuries are definitely cumulative over time. >> reporter: interestingly in another fall sport, soccer, the doctor sees some sprained ankle and tendinitis of the knees but not as many chronic injuries. football still poses concussion injuries although schools and leagues are becoming much more pro-active at teaching kids proper tackling and keeping them off the field after a head injury. dr. gotlin says the best way to prevent injuries is -- >> to give the kids a chance to rest. there really is no training to prepare a young child who is growing, whose bones are elongating, muscles are growing, ligaments are getting tighter to prepare. they have to rest. >> reporter: the child shouldn't play the same sports two seasons in a row, say fall and winter, or an injury could be arthritis in the 20s and 30s. it's a lesson mark learned. >> give my arm a little more rest than jumping right into it and hurting my arm again. >> reporter: dr. gotlin also says, parents and coaches are often part of the problem,
5:26 pm
if a child stops wanting to go to practice or a game or their throwing or running is changing, ease up and seek medical help. >> it is so intense. they are doing it year round and like the doctor was saying, why do they have to? >> they don't have to unless the parents think the child is going to end up as a pro athlete and becomes a meal ticket. >> that's true. >> meal ticket. [ laughter ] >> a lot of parents are going, they are going pro, they're going. >> thank you. it's an idea that students will probably cheer but will homework-free weekends help their grades in the long run? >> and adding lanes to the verrazano bridge but not for cars. the plans that would let you walk or bike across the span. >> and a car chase takes a very unexpected turn right
5:27 pm
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an update on our breaking news at the top of the hour. a massive truck fire on the new jersey turnpike is now out. this video was taken earlier. but the northbound lanes of the western spur are still closed in kearny. a tanker overturned and burst into flames around 3:20 this afternoon. police sources say the truck driver was trying to dodge
5:30 pm
three mattresses that fell off the top of the van. here's a live picture of the situation where you can see crews cleaning up. traffic is being diverted. but if you can stay away from the area, best to. evening, i'm kristine johnson. >> welcome back. i'm maurice dubois. major changes could be down the road for the verrazano bridge. and it could one day allow for across the span safely. cbs 2's steve langford has the story that is new at 5:30. >> how do you get people on brooklyn and staten island? >> reporter: the colossus a marvel and regular traffic headache, it may have a retrofit someday. the mta considering building an extra lane on each side of the verrazano narrows bridge one for pedestrian, the other lane for bicycles. >> we think it's possible but >> reporter: it's 15 years away at least if they even go through with it, the cost
5:31 pm
estimated at 300 to 4$00 million. first the lower deck has to be replaced with lighter materials as part of already scheduled major repair work for the span. >> we don't want to put weight on the bridge unless the we can take an equivalent amount of weight off the bridge. we are going to be able to do that with a new deck on the lower level of the bridge. >> reporter: the concept would have to be tested in a wind tunnel, as well. special bike and pedestrian ramps would be needed, too. >> i would like it. for me, i like it. >> reporter: on a beautiful fall day on staten island, mixed feelings about adding bike and pedestrian lanes to the verrazano. >> it should go somewhere else, money should be spent on better things than that. >> awesome. they need to connect the boroughs for bikers. >> it's ludicrous. more chance of people jumping off the bridge. >> reporter: could there be tolls for the cyclists? the mta hasn't addressed that question yet. on staten island, steve langford, cbs 2 news.
5:32 pm
considering an alternate plan to build a new pedestrian and bicycle-only bridge right next to the verrazano. the government is testing new technology that could detect drones that are flying near airports. the federal aviation administration is studying a prototype after several scares at airports including our area. the device would pick up radio signals used to operate drones within five miles and would provide the operator's location. the faa hasn't decided when and where it will be used. campaign 2016, republican presidential candidates are wading into the politics of the oregon school shooting. cbs 2's dick brennan is here now with more on that. dick. >> reporter: last week's shooting caused a split between republican presidential candidates on the campaign trail. it began when dr. ben carson suggested victims could have rushed the gunman. >> the idea is overwhelm him so not everybody gets killed. >> i don't think that's the road to go down in terms of questioning people who have lost their lives because you
5:33 pm
have no idea what would you do. >> reporter: donald trump we had to his support for carson saying the criticism was unfair. jeb bush ducked the question about the comment and shared his thoughts on gun control. >> i don't think that you can say taking the rights away from 99.999% of law-abiding citizens would have changed the outcome of those results. >> reporter: carson also called for every teacher to have a gun in the classroom drawing this response from hillary clinton. >> the idea that you need more guns to stop people who are committing mass shootings is not only illogical, but offensive. >> reporter: president obama will visit oregon on friday. the trip getting mixed reviews from people there. >> his announcement he made about gun control and the way that coming off the first thing he said instead of saying i'm sorry for the families, i think it was just wrong. i think needs to stay in washington. >> i think it's something that is needed for the parents of
5:34 pm
the children that lost their lives to have our top man, our president, come and talk to 'em. >> reporter: democratic candidates debate for the first time next tuesday. vice president joe biden is not expected to attend even if he declares his candidacy before the debate. things will get interesting as they always do. >> yes. >> thank you, dick. we have seen many stories about suspects running from the police. but one case in a chase in australia took a different kind of turn. a turn that ended one a left into the ocean. that's right. the man being chased by the cops for two hours drove his suv right into the water. not the smartest move. two officers then went into the surf and pulled him out of the water and arrested him. police say the vehicle was stolen. >> do you think he could swim or something? >> i don't know. he was desperate, though. >> obviously. >> didn't work out real well. >> bad decision. >> yes. they are everyday items that could be helping your kids hide a dangerous secret. >> it looks like a highlighter.
5:35 pm
>> but it's not. former addicts expose secret places parents should be inspecting. >> plus, should pregnant women get vaccines? the new research. [ music ] >> and today in history in 1982, there's the music, the musical "cats" opened on
5:36 pm
and 7500 performances. i'm giving you a gallon of bp gas. because you're my best friend. i'm giving you a gallon of bp gas. because you're my best friend. why are you giving me a gallon of... because you're my best friend. i'm giving you a gallon of bp gas. because you're my best... get gas rewards for three friends and even one for yourself.
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the truth about teenagers is what you don't see. drugs are a problem in the cities and suburbs and all too often the drugs are hiding in plain sight. cbs 2 now with the secret stash. >> reporter: crack cocaine, valium. >> i have hid it from people that should have known. >> reporter: heroin, mushrooms. >> i used to smoke codeine as well as drink it. >> reporter: this group of recovering addicts all say they have hidden all types of
5:38 pm
>> i would unscrew the vent plate, take it off, hide things in there. >> i would hide codeine in a visine bottle. >> reporter: they have even standard drugs behind light switches. >> there's space behind the plate. >> reporter: marijuana is more difficult to hide. it is bigger and smells. determined drug users still find ways to conceal it. >> i had a student tell me that he put the marijuana in his protein shake. >> reporter: carey stevens is a school drug counselor. this table is filled with disguises she found hidden in rooms. >> it looks likely stick but okay? it looks like a highlighter but if you open this part of it, it's a pipe. let's look at some of these cans with false bottoms or can open up. same with these dog food cans. >> reporter: stevens says be on the lookout for hollowed- out pens, check inside books, real and fake ones. even monopoly games have been used as hiding places. >> that's lots of little crevices within these board games.
5:39 pm
>> reporter: experts say parents need to be educated as to what the drugs actually look like. this ecstasy could easily be mistaken for candy or this for dog food. >> this is a synthetic hallucinogen found inside a usable ink pen in a child's bedroom. you have to disassemble it to discover it. >> reporter: police say it's up to parents to be detectives in their own homes and be vigilant. >> i do this job for a living and i still come across things that surprise me. >> reporter: and the experts point out you should look for changes in your children's behavior, drops in their grades and whether they have a new circle of friends. don't hesitate to dig in the places we just showed you if you suspect something. coming up next, disease may be lurking in your makeup bag. how long you should really keep cosmetics before they go bad and the one staple that only lasts four months. >> plus superheros become history. the new exhibit that will take you up, up and away. >> dana tyler is here now with
5:40 pm
a look at what we're working on for cbs 2 news at 6:00. >> reporter: kristine and maurice, at 6:00 we're following breaking news in new jersey. the taker fire that stopped traffic on the turnpike incredit flames. we'll have the -- incredible flames. we'll have the latest on what's happening with traffic on this rush hour wednesday. plus the walk is a big movie based on a true story that happened in the skies over new york city. >> i'm at 1500 feet. up here at 1500 feet or in that area, there is somebody out there in a tightrope. >> today we talked to the real-life daredevil who made that high wire walk more than
5:41 pm
at 6:00. makeup is expensive and if you are the type to likes to make it last as long as possible, you may be taking chances with your health. cbs 2's emily smith shows us is safe. bag. that need to go. >> these are embarrassing. these are -- [ laughter ] >> reporter: mia worked at a cosmetics counter once and
5:42 pm
knows where to find the product's expiration date. >> i have seen it on the packaging. have i paid attention? no. >> reporter: it's a small jar with a number and letter m for month. this dermatologist explains. >> what that means is it's the period after opening or pao. once this is opened, you have 24 months to be able to use it safely. >> reporter: it's important to go through your bag. here's one in mine that's expired. if you don't toss the old stuff, you could end up with some problems you don't want. >> you could get e. coli. could you get staph. you could get pseudomonas. it's an infection very common in eyes and ears when people get swimmer's ear, that's usually pseudomonas. >> reporter: the doctor shares another little secret. on the packaging of many products, you'll find a batch number, plug that into the website, >> it comes up and you put in clinique 84 and it tell you when it was made. >> reporter: cosmetic companies aren't required to
5:43 pm
use expiration dates so here's a quick shelf life list. lotion, powder, blush, lipstick, two years. foundation, lip gloss, nail polish, one year. and then there's mascara, it lasts four months tops. even less if you pump the wand. swirling will keep the air out and the contamination from getting in. emily smith, cbs 2 news. >> another tip, use a marker to write the day when you open the makeup to know when it dispose of it. botox is a popular treatment for wrinkles both men and women doing it. but would you ever take an injection to your school? >> it's been a godsend in so many different ways tore me. i love it. >> tonight at 11:00 what does this latest beauty craze treat and is it safe? find out if scalp bow -- find out about scalp botox at 11:00. a new study reassures women about getting vaccines for flu and whooping cough.
5:44 pm
researchers say it is safe to have both shots at the same time. that replaces the old thinking that it was best to space out the vaccines by two weeks. the new findings are the result of a six-year long study. the full research appears in the journal of obstetrics and gynecology. that time of year again, to get flu shots but lonnie quinn is standing by with the forecast. >> beautiful evening shaping up out there. it will be a good-looking day tomorrow. there will be changes on there's your picture. i have been monitoring this sunset for about the last hour. the sun is setting out there. 72 degrees, clear skies. look at the vortex satellite and radar. not a lot of clouds out there. it should be a nice sunset. it's not spectacular but that's your picture now. i was talking about a ran chance right now out around the northern plains, this little low pressure system giving us a rain chance on friday. it does not look like it's going to be a huge storm.
5:45 pm
right now the rainfall totals later friday into friday night, possibly into the overnight hours, half inch. if you get a thunderstorm that sets up over the house you get more than half in: otherwise a quarter to half inch for most folks. so tonight mainly clear, quiet, comfortable out there. 57 degrees. we talked about our day tomorrow but before we get to that day tomorrow i want to talk about something else out there tonight because there is a launch. nasa is launching a rocket in virginia and this could possibly be seen in our area. i was just on looking at this. they are talking about the chance to see some colorful glowing clouds out there. what's going on, the launch is around 7:05. that can get delayed. now how launches go. they are going to release a compound to study upper-level winds. i'm talking way, way up there. i'm talking well above say 30 miles above the earth. it's barium, the same compound used in fireworks. but consequently it's going to make things colorful. you may see it, you may not. we are on the periphery of where we could see it and
5:46 pm
fringes of it, but keep an eye on the sky. it could be cool. 68 degrees and sunshine tomorrow. 74 friday. friday does come with that out. and then it rebounds. the timing would be, you know, afternoon or friday but then kind of gone by saturday morning. saturday about 63. sunday probably the better portion of your weekend at 67. and then next week starts off in the lower 70s. wednesday you're around 65. columbus day. >> i think about the halloween snowstorm. but you're right, there's been snow up there. >> not happening. >> no, no, no! >> holy history, batman! those are the words of the new york historical society that they hope you shout as you walk through their new exhibit. cbs 2's vanessa murdoch gives us a preview of superheros. >> reporter: evil has no chance here. the halls of the new york historical society are stacked with superheros, the most legendary of our time. >> they are everywhere but
5:47 pm
i just think it's a surprise to many people. >> reporter: the curator hopes the exhibit sets the record straigh delighting the senses. >> i love the batmobile. >> reporter: she says she started watching batman when she was 4. >> for me to have been able to bring that car here is really very special. >> reporter: one of the three original batmobile being brought here to gotham city a thinly veiled new york city is certainly a standout. but superhero disguises can't be ignored. from tvs adventures to superman a costume dating back to the '50s. >> truth, justice and the american way! >> reporter: this is the cat woman costume from 1966. look at the claws! looks like press-on nails, sewn on but threatening even to batman. no exhibit on superheros would
5:48 pm
be complete without comics. that is the start of their story, after all. and perhaps the most coveted editions are on display. this first appearance issue of superman action comics number 1 goes back to june 1938. batman number 1 from april 1940 and let's not forget the ladies. how about wonder woman for president from 1943. >> they love reading about superheros. they love knowing about super strength and they love knowing that evil can be addressed. >> reporter: from the new york historical society, vanessa murdoch, cbs 2 news. >> the stuff takes you back. >> it does. >> back before we were around. the exhibit also explores current superhero comics based here in new york. on friday. up next here at 5:00, a local school district is easing students' workloads. why they are banning homework on some weekends and changing too,.
5:49 pm
>> and then at 6:00, microbeads just banned by the suffolk county legislature.
5:50 pm
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5:52 pm
it's one of those eternal questions: should students be loaded down with homework? schools across the country are trying to limit the amount of work they're giving out. in new jersey some schools are christine sloan reports. >> reporter: princeton, new jersey, the need to achieve starts early in elementary school. >> i think we can go overboard especially in a town like this where people are so hyperfocused on education and college acceptance. >> reporter: but now her homework. the princeton school district is instituting homework-free conference in november, thanksgiving and mother's day weekend and spring and winter break. >> i think it's a great start. i'd love to see it be less homework. >> reporter: no tests or either.
5:53 pm
this student says they are spending more time learning in class. >> they want to inspire people to have more extracurriculars so i play lacrosse and do others things so i spend more time doing that and less on homework. >> reporter: the superintendent says it's part of the district's wellness promotion that surveys show kids are working too hard. >> the reality is we know that kids who are well rested, well balanced, are going to perform better academically and in every aspect of their lives. >> reporter: but not everyone likes the idea. >> i am definitely all for homework on the weekends. i think it just keeps that whole discipline factor going throughout the month. >> reporter: what's happening in princeton seems to be a national and statewide trend. at least three other districts the weekends. the superintendent here says it gives students time to do other things. play outside. >> reporter: princeton plans on expanding homework free weekends if the policy works
5:54 pm
out this year. in princeton, new jersey, christine sloan, cbs2 news. >> hm. >> i have to follow that progress. see how it's going. >> six, one half, maybe. we'll follow it. that's it for us here at 5:00. we'll see you again at 11:00. the news at 6:00 starts right now. captions by: caption colorado your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. an inferno on the new jersey turnpike. huge orange flames,thick black smoke. traffic at a standstill. and it all started with flying mattresses. good evening, i'm dana tyler. let's get right to that breaking news on the turnpike in kearny. here's a live look at the scene from chopper 2 right now. as you can see things are cleaned up. it took an hour and a half to get the fire under control. cbs 2's lou young in newark with more. lou. >> reporter: traffic is sluggish northbound on the
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