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tv   CBS 2 News at 6  CBS  October 7, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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the windshield of our vehicle here. they are dealing with a smoky tanker accident much of the afternoon that gummed up the evening commute. the fire was visible for miles as the tanker truck's cargo burned off reducing the overturned vehicle to a charred metal skeleton. it happened about 3:20 at the beginning of the evening commute. a northbound van on the turnpike lost some mattresses we're told and the resulting accident left the tanker on the side of the turnpike blazing. the fire burned for nearly an hour and a half before firefighters were able to get enough foam on it to put it out. even then northbound lanes on the western spur of the turnpike at kearny remain closed. southbound traffic inched by as motorists gazed at the scene. [ pause ] >> reporter: you can see here the traffic continues to crawl northbound.
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they have time to hassle us for being here to report to you. there were two vehicles involved in the accident that caused the tanker to overturn but we are told no injuries were reported. live in newark, lou young, cbs 2 news. more breaking news at 6:00 tonight. a teen escaped from an alleged abductor in bridgeport, connecticut. this is police video showing the pointing sign there and then you see the circle how the 17-year-old girl was able to get out of the suspect's car and then the car leaves. girl walked to school. police say a hispanic woman in her 40s lured the teen into the car and assaulted her. teen was found uninjured. made. a long island man is charged tonight with tampering with a court ordered device in his pickup truck to prevent drunk driving. police say he then ran over chef.
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cbs 2's jennifer mclogan in bridgehampton tonight with the story new at 6:00. jennifer. >> reporter: the nationally renowned cookbook off was hit by a pickup driver who disabled his dwi device before the deadly cras. anna pump, the owner of the loaves and fishes cook shop and food store and an inn and restaurant killed by a 40-year- old driver according to detectives who manipulated and tampered with a court ordered interlock device in his vehicle. >> terrible. he has no right to the do that. that's against the law. and then he kills somebody? >> lying and manipulation of these -- of these vehicles and of opportunities and they get back on the road. >> reporter: police will not say how lewis ortega disabled the interlock device which is often ordered by the courts for drivers convicted of dwi. >> ortega was charged with circumventing an interlook
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device on his vehicle, unlicensed operation and failing to yield to a pedestrian in a crosswalk. >> reporter: anna pump from jeremy moved to the united states after her wedding to embark on a career mastering her roles as wife, mother, businesswoman, benefactor, gourmet, teacher and cookbook author of the acclaimed loaves and fishes, country weekend entertaining and summer on a plate. she began her life as a chef after answering an ad to cook for frank's family more than 4 decades ago. >> she then used that experience to design every, single thing that everybody has ever eaten out here since then. >> reporter: the director of the bridgehampton museum. >> she was a common sight. she was feisty and alert and bright and energetic and hard working. i think everybody just really admired her. >> reporter: residents hope the tragic loss will serve as impetus to install lighting at crosswalks here along montauk highway. from bridgehampton, jennifer mclogan, cbs 2 news.
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no comment on disabling the interlock device. he will enter a not guilty plea in court next month. now to an update in the deadly shooting in bushwick yesterday morning injuring two people including a 13-year-old girl on the way to school. the shooting happened after employees at a sheet metal shop confronted three men who they saw trying to break into cars on gratton street and knickerbocker avenue. killed. his coworker derek robinson was grazed by two bullets. guys. i say why you break into people's cars for? by the time we open our mouth and say that they take out like crazy. >> police released surveillance of two of the three suspect. the 13-year-old girl that was hit is expected to be all right. thousands of charter school supporters took their message to the mayor today. >> great schools now! great schools now!
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they chanted, then they rallied on the steps of city hall. they begged the mayor to end the tale of two school systems. successful charters versus lower performing public schools. >> we have two separate school systems where, if you're white and affluent, you're probably going to be okay. but if you're a kid of color, you're most likely trapped in a failing school at the age of 5. >> a spokesman for mayor de blasio said the city is focused on providing all students with a quality education and a future not limited by their zip codes. the plan for a skyscraper in one of manhattan's most storied neighborhoods has residents out in protest. cbs 2's meg baker says they are hoping rezoning will spare their community charm. >> reporter: it's a tiny side street in a quintessential new york city neighborhood. sutton place. [ chanting ] >> reporter: once home to the
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vanderbilts, morgans and marilyn monroe its residents want to keep its charm. >> we care about our life here megatowers in residential neighborhoods. >> reporter: those living in 16 co-ops have teamed up with two lawmakers against a street. today they rally for rezoning. >> we are here to stop the parade of super scrapers across 57th street, draw the line at a residential neighborhood a. >> reporter: residents say look around. this is a block with mostly six-story buildings. and if a luxury high-rise is built as high as expected, 90 stories, it will drastically change the dynamic here. >> this is a neighborhood. it's a very tiny narrow street. there's no precedent for such a thing in new york city and we do not want to see that change the context of the life that we have been living here. >> reporter: 81-year-old herndon wirth has lived here since the '70s and says the
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my building who is in his 80s or early 90s and he has a nurse that has to come every day. there's a couple that has three children. >> reporter: he is staying put and wants to make sure his neighbors do, too, of the after a meeting last december between the lawmakers and shareholders, the co-op owners agreed to sell their air rights for $11 million. under the assumption the building would be no more than 30 stories. on sutton place, meg baker cbs 2 news. >> the group says it looks forward to a productive dialogue with community members. the zoning laws in that area dating back to 1961 allow skyscrapers to be built on main streets but not side streets due to congestion. mayor de blasio signed new legislation today requiring businesses to shut their doors during hot summer days while air-conditioners are running. >> that's every that's taking up a lot of energy wasting a lot of energy that's having its own impact on global warming. so we need to start thinking
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more careful about how we use energy and this bill is a great commonsense measure. >> the mayor says the measure will significantly impact the city's power grid and reduce carbon emissions. the legislation removes the size requirement from current law to include smaller businesses. new york's junior senator gillibrand is fighting for a ban on microbeads on personal projects nationwide as a suffolk county legislature voted to ban them yesterday. beads wash into waterways absorbing pollutants and after fish eat them they end up in our food chain. problem. we just have to ban these facial scrubs and body care products, soaps and toothpaste, that contain these plastic beads and force the manufacturer to just use more holistic natural ingredients that biodegrade.
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>> the suffolk county ban would not go into effect until 2018 and meets atpproval of the county exec -- meets the approval of the county executive. governor cuomo is toasting the new york wine and beer industry meeting with leaders for the third annual summit. the governor says brewery and distillery licenses have quadrupled in the state since 2001. and the number of wineries is up by 60%. the governor says at one tighten new york's wine business was considered a joke. >> it's no joke anymore. this is not just a big business but this is a business that is highly respected with a product that is highly respected internationally. >> new york ranks third in the nation for wine production and is the fourth largest craft beer industry. didn't know that. know that now. coming up next here at 6:00, asexual predator on the -- asexual predator asexual
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predator on the loose after young boys. >> a group of new york prisoners takes on harvard's debate team and no one expected the results. >> plus -- >> i carried the beauty, the joy, the majesty of the towers. >> a daredevil stunt now the subject of a big movie. tonight we talk to the man who walked between the twin towers lonnie? >> just a pretty day out there almost crystal clear skies. rain. i'll tell you they were could get here in just a bit. >> and coming up on the "cbs politics. scott? with you. the republican presidential candidate ben carson kicked up comments about the mass shooting in oregon. we are going to have a look at where many of the candidates stand on guns and we'll have the rest of the world news
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evening news" at 6:30. the nypd is on the hunt for a man wanted for luring and groping boys in the bronx. police station want to find this man caught on surveillance video accused in at least three incidents in seton falls park in edenwald. last week, the man allegedly pulled a 12-year-old into a wooded area but he ran off when the child punched him. police say the man exposed
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himself and touched a 15-year- old boy inappropriately last month. weeks earlier, he went after a 13-year-old. >> that is very scary. i really definitely have to talk to my children about, you know, being wary about their surroundings. >> the three boys were not physically injured. police are warning everyone who uses the park to be on alert. there's new hope for women who get cancer but still want to bear children. doctors in copenhagen have successfully tested a procedure where they preserve the patient's ovarian tissue. they remove one ovary before the cancer treatments and then freeze it after the woman is cancer-free the tissue is then grafted on to the remain ovary. researchers say one-third of the women who have undergone the process were able to become pregnant. a warning tonight about a link between weight loss and surgery -- weight loss surgery and suicide. people who had the procedure increase the risk of self-harm
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by 50%. the study from canada found peel struggling with admission -- people struggling with depression may not be able to cope with the dramatic life changes after weight loss surgery. a defeat for harvard university's debate team. the national champions finally met their match and it happened behind prison walls. inmates at the eastern new york correctional facility in ulster county beat the ivy leaguers. the prisoners formed a debate club two years ago. they have beaten teams from west point and the university of vermont. he is the high wire artist who stunned the city with his famous walk between the twin towers in the 174. the walk, the movie is out now about the death-defying stunt in 1974, it's in theaters. today cbs 2's alice gainer spoke to philippe petit. >> have a very queasy feeling in my stomach. but i see 1500 feet. up here at 1500 feet or in that area, there is somebody out there. >> reporter: that was 24-year-
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old philippe petit and the story about that day on august 7, 1974, is brought to the big screen in the new film "the walk." >> people ask me why do you risk death? for me, this is life. >> reporter: today, perched high above the ground again, we spoke to the now 66-year- old about the film which he says is best seen in imax 3d. >> it would feel how i felt there and there was a moment of loneliness and i was absorbing my own world, half man, half bird and you feel that in the movies. >> reporter: another feeling he hopes to evoke, joy and peace. we are at the empire state building speaking with petit because he used to look at the twin towers from here. >> i carry the beauty, the joy, the majesty of the towers. we all remember the disaster around the towers, the loss of life. but if you go and see the movie, you will go back in time at a time where the towers were not linked with an amazingly awful event. it was linked with an
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amazingly beautiful and joyful event. >> reporter: but that event back in 1974 actually got him arrested. >> there is no line just because, um, when i see this place to put my wire i cannot resist. >> reporter: so with all the security measures today the question, does petit think he could do that now? >> of course not except i continue to believe in the impossible. >> reporter: if anyone could make the impossible possible, it's petit. alice gainer, cbs 2 news. >> the charges against petit were eventually dropped. the port authority gave him a free lifetime pass to the observation deck atop the south tower. let's check with lonnie quinn today. with our feet on the ground, a nice day today. nice sun and warmth. >> you bet. every level of the atmosphere is a great looking day out there. [ laughter ] >> it's a good-looking night, as well. take a peek at one of the pictures that was sent in to me. this is leo mcconnell. welcome to the show. this is brick, new jersey. what a shot. so pretty. this is indicative of the sort
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of day you had. a lot of blue sky out there and there. a couple more clouds out there right now outside the sky sunset, pretty looking sky. headlines look like this thursday tomorrow good-looking sky a little cooler tomorrow. there's a little trough that moves through giving us a few clouds not any rain but lower thursday. friday, though, there's a rain chance and we actually still need the rain around here. i know the last event gave us up to 3 inches in some spots but we have a deficit for the year of over 6.5". so much of the area shaded in pink here under a moderate drought so there are no water usage but anything you're doing as far as restricting your water use is voluntary. but still it's a pretty good swath of our area including all five boroughs of the city. vortex satellite and radar shows really nothing in our area. it matches the picture i just showed outside perfectly.
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here around north dakota moving into minnesota right that gives us a rain chance on friday. thursday you may see a few clouds out there but it's an okay day for thursday. cooler. friday morning you start to see a ran chance moving in at 7:30 a.m. this is not the front. falls athe pennsylvania that's the front there that comes showing 3: 30. i think anytime after, say, 12:30 in the afternoon you can start to see rain and it's going to be spotty here or there then good news timing saturday. i think all of saturday is a good-looking one. how much rain do you see on friday? the numbers are suggesting a quarter inch to half inch. there will be some rain for some folks, not a big storm. tomorrow 57. temperature goes to 68. so a little cooler but mild sunshine overhead and may have a couple of clouds but you're okay. friday rain and 74. saturday 63. so you can tell whatever clouds and rain you see on friday is part of a cold front
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because it will be cooler on saturday. sunday looking at 6 with a bright sky. sunday the better half of your weekend. the way i see it, that's the way i see it, 70s for next week. what a disappointment for yankees fans last night. otis livingston with what's coming up in sports. >> the yankees went out with a whimper last night. their season is over after their wild card loss to the astros. but by most accounts, a-rod had a great comeback season. he put up some big numbers winning back the hearts of some yankees fans. some of them. patients across the country have spoken. they recently rated their care experience at over 3,500 hospitals nationwide in a survey conducted for the centers for medicare and medicaid services. fewer than 10% received 5 stars. among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia. learn more at
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care that never quits.
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we are the largest and most diverse school district in america! yet we are one! one point one million students! one thousand eight hundred schools! sharing one common goal. help all kids succeed. we're new york city public school teachers. taking learning to the next level. and parents and the community are on board! all coming together... one. to celebrate the passion and promise of our public schools.
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time to reflect on the yankees season. >> they were a flawed team and picked to finish fourth and went to the play-offs and in the end the yankees couldn't reset. they couldn't change what had plagued them for much of the second half in the wild card game. they were anemic against houston. dallas keikel dominated the yankees this season with three starts, 22 scoreless innings with 28 strikeouts. masahiro tanaka made a couple
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have gotten back giving up two solo homers and that was more than enough. yankees lost 3-0. the season is over in deflated fashion. >> it's really disappointing. it's hard you know. seasons end abruptly and it's very difficult. um, this was a club that fought all year long. and there's a lot of character in that room and this hurts. >> it's upsetting and i think everybody is upset and obviously wanted to go farther but it's the nature of the beast. >> meanwhile after missing yesterday's mandatory practice, matt harvey was there today as the mets worked out at citi field before heading to los angeles. they will try to steal a game on the road, tough against two cy young caliber pitchers. greinke and kershaw. >> no different than the two other times we faced them over the course of the season. obviously there will be time for things to go your way. there will be time for to go his way. you go out there and understand, you don't make too
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find a way to capitalize. >> o'dell beckham junior fined $9,000 for his action against buffalo. he appears to throw a punch after an interception by a bills player. he throws that there. the buffalo player said he will get away it, he is a primadonna. he is the golden boy and you get away with it. beckham defended himself. >> that's what they say. opinion. want to say. but at the end of the day we're out there playing football so everything else is irrelevant. rutgers wide receiver carew is reinstated after assault charges against him were dropped. he will be play saturday against number 4 michigan state. he was suspended since september 13 after an callcasion outside the rutgers football building. rangers kick off the nhl's regular season in chicago tonight against the champion blackhawks. alex rodriguez had a good season after his year long
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suspension for performance- enhancing drugs use. he got some good press but not in some places. 85-year-old helen fowler of cranford new jersey died on september 29 and in her obituary it read -- former member of the cranford first a squad and a life-long yankees fan with the exception of alex rodriguez. can catch a break. it's written. just reading it. >> wow. >> i don't know what to say. >> you don't know how to answer that.
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we'll be right back. (vo) if you live in new york and you're eligible for medicare, empire blue cross blue shield can help you get a great plan at a great rate! our medicare advantage plans pay for many of the costs original medicare doesn't.
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i'm maurice dubois in the cbs 2 newsroom. we are all familiar with the idea of using botox on our face. well, tonight at 11 the story of how more and more people men and women are using it on their scalp. we'll get into what this is all about plus all the news for you tonight at 11. thank you. we hope you can join us on the news at 9:00 on tv 10/55. up next on the "cbs evening news with scott pelley," the catastrophic floods in south carolina. can sandbags hold back the rushing waters? we thank you for watching tonight. and we wish you a good
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