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tv   CBS 2 News at 6  CBS  October 8, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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subject of a internal affairs investigation. >> reporter: police experts say the surveillance video taken in a sunset park bodega shows just how difficult it is to train cops in the use of force. each situation is different. hard to predict. like how could the cops know the em. it would attack the man who took his -- the emt would attack the man who took his cel phone? >> things happen in a state police second before the officer realizes what happens. >> reporter: can you train people not to use force? >> you can't train people not to use force. but you can train people to maybe think a little more or take a step back. police work is dangerous. any officer that -- that -- that waits too long or, you know, could cost a life. >> reporter: some police experts worry that the intense focus on the use of force could have an adverse effect causing some to hesitate to make arrests causing others to stay in that patrol cars and do nothing.
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>> thank you. three men are in custody tonight after a shootout in brooklyn. investigators say three plainclothes officers in this unmarked car observed the men get into a dispute 10:40 last night near park avenue and north portland avenue in fort greene. when the officers turned the car around to approach the men police say at least two of the suspects opened fire. the officers shot back injuring one of the suspects. investigators recovered this .45-caliber gun and a bag of ammunition at the scene. there's new information tonight about the attempted abduction of a emergency bridgeport, connecticut. a suspect is identified and police found the car involved in the alleged crime in new haven. a 17-year-old girl was lured into a car while walking to school. she jumped out to escape. that was caught on camera. she got out of the car there. the girl was assaulted by the driver but not seriously
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a celebrity chef arrested on child pornography charges. matthew the chef at cafe due soleil on the upper west side was arrested by the fbi this morning. authorities say he allegedly distributed explicit photos and videos of at least five teenagers from new jersey, florida and ohio. he was first arrested by the nypd in may for sexual abuse charges against a minor. st. joseph regional high school in montville, new jersey, is a high school football powerhouse but this week the action was off the field pitting a coach against a player's mother. cbs 2's tony aiello reports from montville. >> reporter: dana, it is the top-ranked football program in new jersey. the green knights traveled to florida last week for a game. but when practice picked up on tuesday, things got ugly
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between a parent and a coach in montvale. >> i would just say high school football in this area is, you know, fairly intense. >> reporter: the angry encounter reportedly happened tuesday at the football field behind the catholic school. according to north, assistant football coach christopher trout told police he heard a player's mother arguing loudly with another coach. when he asked her to calm down, she got in his face screaming and spitting. she slapped him across the face with keys in her hand and he pushed her away to protect himself. but the mother sharon hardy says the coach spit at her. she smacked him in the head with an open palm and he retaliated by punching her and knocked her to the ground. both versions disappointing but not surprised by this retired schoolteacher. >> parents sometimes get overwhelmed and they are very passionate about their kids and they want to protect their kids. but also find that coaches are sometimes a little too aggressive towards the children. so it gets me upset to think
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that they can't work it out. >> i do have children in sports and it was always something for parents that you have to, you know, make sure you're in the right place and also for the coaches. >> reporter: keep your emotions in check? >> contactually. >> reporter: st. joe's athletic director said, we had an altercation between two adults. both parties are extremely embarrassed." >> reporter: embarrassed and apologetic according to the athletic director. now, montvale police took statements but won't pursue charges at the request of the mother and the coach. tony aiello, cbs 2 news. thank you very much, tony. an update now on the fiery tanker truck crash on the new jersey turnpike. state police now say the tanker truck was carrying 8500 gallons of gasoline when it crashed into a guardrail yesterday in kearny. the driver was killed. this is new dashcam video from a witness showing what happened moments before and you see the flames there.
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mattresses and box springs on top of a cargo van fell on to the highway. the truck driver apparently losing control trying to avoid them. >> a black car maybe sort of kind of weaved the lane a little bit to try to avoid the mattress and was hitting the brake. that was, you know, i'm sure what the other truck driver saw. >> the medical examiner is working to confirm the truck driver's identity. there's pushback in westchester county as muslims there try to establish a mosque in a residential neighborhoods. cbs 2's lou young with the story from yonkers. >> reporter: mansion or mosque? that's the question in north yonkers as muslims seeks to turn this rundown property into a place of worship. there's substantial neighborhood resistance although reasons are not always fully articulated.
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up inevitably with this whole situation. >> reporter: mm-hm. >> um, but that isn't the bottom line. >> reporter: purchased for $750,000, the people at the islamic cultural center of mid westchester say the renovations they plan will be improvements. >> it won't look different from what it does now other than a couple of signs to just notify people that it's a place of worship for muslims. >> we picked this spot mainly because there's a lot of muslims in the area. and we don't have a established place of worship yet. >> it originally opened as a private home. >> reporter: mm-hm. >> and that's what it has been for 120 years. that's probably the way it should remain. >> reporter: opponents of the mosque have gone so far as to try to have the house designated as an historic landmark limiting what could be done with the property. but the city preservation board says no. >> it's not enough. it's almost 300 year old city with a lot of old buildings in it some of which are beautiful but not necessarily historic.
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year-old church across the street is not a historic site either. the pastor there welcomes the new muslim neighborhood. >> it's great for the neighborhood to have as many different ways to pray and worship as possible. >> reporter: the muslim group hopes to have its permits and zoning variances approved in the coming year although they expect resistance. an opposition group is meeting this weekend to discuss strategy. in yonkers, lou young, cbs 2 news. >> that neighborhood in yonkers already has three christian congregations. the possible addition of the mosque has church-goers calling the area holy hill. new at 6:00 a growing number of new yorkers following the trail of money getting behind the wheel to make big bucks. it's all part of the boom in taxi alternatives. but as cbs 2's hazel sanchez tells us, being a driver is not always easy street.
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>> reporter: companies are becoming the trend in transportation like uber and lyft. lyft has tripled its drivers and uber has doubled its number from 10,000 to 20,000 drivers since september of 2014. >> i wanted to try for myself. >> reporter: this driver joined uber in 2013 after being a yellow cabbie for 11 years and making about $35,000 annually. >> with uber i doubled that. >> you can earn $7,000 after uber fees after tax after sales tax. >> reporter: with promises of good money no cab lease to pay and flexible work hours, many former yellow cabbies like eric williams started driving their own car for not one company but two. >> work two at one time. that way i can maximize my earnings. >> reporter: drivers say it's not easy money. >> you have to work more like, you know, 15 hours, 14 hours. >> reporter: robert henderson
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left the foster care industry after 20 years and now drives for lyft because he says he wanted more family time a sentiment echoed by many drivers. >> i found myself with so much freedom where that if i get sick i don't have to call in. >> reporter: with so many people joining the industry, are drivers concerned they will be losing business down the road? >> no. >> reporter: why not? >> i call it undiscovered territory. whereas if i go to long island there's not too many drivers there and they would need cars. >> reporter: and industry experts say thousands of new riders join on demand ride services every week. in midtown, hazel sanchez, cbs2 news. mayor de blasio has proposed a cap on the number of vehicles uber operates in the city. but he has dropped that fight for now. important information coming up for parents. a warning about your child's risk of the measles. also, drivers be warned. these signs look like your average electronic speed signs
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but these particular ones come with a twist. also, a windshield washer recall. what you need to know before it rains again and will it rain anytime soon? >> there's a little toss to the weatherman. well, dana here's what's going on. great looking day out there. there's our next rain chance. i'll tell you when that gets here coming up. coming up on the "cbs evening news with scott pelley," drama on capitol hill. a stunning announcement today. scott, it was like a soap opera. >> reporter: it really is and continues to be, dana. one congressional staffer said today queue the chaos. the leading candidate for speaker of the house withdrew moments before the vote today and everyone is trying to figure out what this means for the republican party and progress in the nation. we'll have that story and the
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news" at 6:30. a different kinds of gotcha in one westchester county town to get drives to stop speeding. cbs 2's alice gainer says watch out in greenburgh. they are ready to take this on the road. >> reporter: electronic speed signs are not new but take a close look at this one. >> do enforcements for a few days and after that, put the speed sign up telling the public how many tickets we have issued. >> reporter: typically electronic signs tell drivers
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their speed and this one can, too. but they are hoping listing the number of tickets will be a more effective deterrent. >> speeding has been an issue. >> reporter: she lives okay busy fort hill road where the sign sits. and she says with the school nearby, feeding is of particular concern here. >> mostly for children who walk home from school may not be mine but you see a lot of kids doing that. >> reporter: there are flashing lights. when a car speeds by, the sign switches to this message. >> the number one municipal complaint is speeding. >> reporter: it's the brainchild of the town supervisor who says he has been trying to make it happen for years. >> we'll move it around. >> reporter: this woman said her street should be next. >> people drive at 50, and the speed limit is 15.
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i have had people hitting me coming out of my driveway. >> reporter: police say anyone who wants to suggest a road in the town can call. in greenburgh, alice gainer, cbs 2 news. >> and after analyzing the impact of the new sign, the town's supervisor says eventually it will go back on fort hill road to see whether fewer tickets are issued. new at 6:00 mayor de blasio is going to israel next week for his first trip there as the city's mayor. he will arrive in israel next friday staying through the 18th. mayor de blasio will discuss ways to combat anti-semitism at the annual conference mayors. mayor de blasio's office says travel expenses will be paid for privately. the nypd will cover his security costs. success academy founder and ceo eva moskowitz heads to city hall to make an announcement. >> i am not running for mayor in 2017. i believe we have the chance to dramatically change public education of doing for
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education frankly what apple did with computing for the iphone. i think we owe it to our students to embark on a process of profound change. >> there was speculation moskowitz would challenge mayor de blasio. she created success academy charters schools in 2006 and served six years in the new york city council. there's a measles alert tonight. research in emory university finds one in every eight children in the united states is at risk of getting the disease! and in some cases, children cannot have the vaccine for medical reasons or because they are too young still. immunize. general motors says owners of some 2016 suvs should not use their windshield wipers
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because of a potential fire hazard. 32,000 cars have been recalled. gm says an electrical short could cause the wiper motors to catch fire. only 6400 of the suvs were sold though. the rest are being held because of the concern at dealerships. lonnie quinn has the forecast. >> it's been so pretty. change a bit tomorrow. you know, all we have been saying friday will be a glitch and i think friday is going to be a glitch. but it's just a glitch. not a disaster. weather watchers talking about the temperatures outside upper 60s for most folks. look at the high temperatures. list here is actually cool because it was warm out there. you hit 70 in riverhead. 65 in east brunswick where you should be but pleasant valley 73. central park 72. i saw 75 in new milford. right now i have outside
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you're not 72 like you were earlier. you're 64. it's mostly sunny overhead. ironically when you hit 72 in central park there are a lot of clouds on top of us. 72 at 12:05. four degrees above the average. rainfall totals are not going to be huge. but rain is moving in. anything will help the deficit. in 2015 deficit, 6.8 inches so we need rain. the amount of rain we pick up tomorrow quarter inch maybe half inch or maybe a little more for some of the i'd say .25" is a good bet. a moderate drought situation exists. a good portion of the area in brown abnormally dry. but there's no rainfall and right now the vortex satellite- radar picture the rain is around michigan. we are watching this front that's going to make its way through.
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this is our chance for rain on friday. the heavier stuff goes north of us but the tail drops in and it gives us the chance for rain. it's not an all-day rain. it looks like this. here we are at 11 a.m. you see some leading spotty showers. there could be a little rain. 3 p.m. spotty rain, some get it some not. there's going to be a time later on where it will become a little heavier and widespread. but it's still not a wall of water over the entire area. you're going to get it and it gets out of here and for your day on saturday it's nice. i think even saturday morning is nice. i don't think the clouds even stick around. you get a good-looking sunny saturday. my numbers across the board tomorrow, there is that rain chance so leave with an umbrella. 75 degrees is your warm temperature. so you always get that warm air ahead of the front then the front comes in with the rain catches a little dousing of rain. it's out of here and saturday nice sky. good for apple picking or pumpkin picking whatever you have going on. 65 degrees. 68 on sunday with more sunshine the better portion of
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the weekend but they are pretty close. it's a good fall weekend. 71 for monday, 72 tuesday. >> thank you. oath is next with a little more post-season -- otis is next with a little more post- season baseball. >> it's been a long time coming. the metz in the play-offs. we'll hear from the starter jacob degrom.
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triangle offense. so the post-season is about to begin for the mets. there's a lot of anticipation. >> they have the whole town to themselves. no more yankees. it's all about the mets. we are a little more than 24 hours away from the mets' first post-season appearance since 2006. they will play two out in los angeles before heading back to citi field for game 3 on monday. first things first. game one tomorrow night against the tough customer, one of the toughest in the regular season. clayton kershaw has had a spotty season. 5.21 e.r.a. in 11 play-off games. the mets counter with jacob degrom off another solid season at 14-8. kershaw degrom
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and a series that could be decided by what else, pitching. degrom knows he is going up against king clayton. >> he is one of the best pitchers in the game if not the best and the way he takes the mound he goes out there and attacks hitters and i think i try to do the same thing not get intimidated and make your pitches when you need. >> in order to play that game at this level you have believe in your self and have confident. jake has as much confidence as anybody i have around. alds, first play-off game in toronto since the blue jays won in 1993. and right now they are trailing the rangers 5-3 bottom of the 9th inning. rangers got the blue jays david price for five runs and seven innings of work but right now the blue jays have the tying run at the plate with no one out at the bottom of the ninth. derek fisher supposed to be getting the team ready to bounce back from the worst season in histories.
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but instead he is dealing with scandal. visit his children. also reportedly visited the ex- wife of his former teammate matt barnes. when barnes heard about it he reportedly drove 95 miles to confront fisher. they had a physical altercation. the police were called. he wasn't there when they showed up. he also didn't go to practice on monday morning. >> things happen good and bad sometimes. and you know, it will remain that way as far as commenting and making statements publicly. >> what's your relationship with fisher? >> we were friends. we were good friends at one point. >> are you good friends now? >> we were good friends at one point. week five of the nfl with the colts visiting the texans. thursday night kickoff show begins at 7:30 right here on cbs 2. i'm on top of the world, ma! actually the islanders nicoletti and nelson were check the views from the top of the empire state building.
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once inside they flipped the switch lighting the miniature empire state building in the islander colors in honor of the first game tomorrow night in brooklyn against the blackhawks. barclays center will be buzzing with hockey. >> i thought the uniforms were black. >> that's the alternate. >> quite the fashion. >> they are not ready for you
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i'm kristine johnson. coming up tonight after thursday night football. hundreds of volunteers now a $20,000 reward all to find a man who left his long island home and hasn't been seen for three days. plus a new way to travel between new york and new jersey. we'll show you a man's plan for a pedestrian bridge. all that and more tonight on cbs 2 news after the game. >> thank you. finally here at 6:00, it's not halloween yet. but thousands of people wearing costumes are gathering on manhattan's west side. it's for new york comic-con which kicked off today at the jacob javits center. the annual event attraction huge crowds. it features celebrity panels talking about tv shows and movies and comic book exhibitions. well, there is a trick if you want this treat. tickets for the main event are sold out.
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