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tv   The Late Show With Stephen Colbert  CBS  October 8, 2015 11:50pm-12:52am EDT

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otis livingston with the story. >> reporter: what's your relationship with fisher? >> we were good friends at one point. >> reporter: are you good friends now? >> we were good friends at one point. >> reporter: how did it get to this point? the knicks had an offday on sunday. fisher headed to l.a. to see his kids. he did not get back in time for monday's practice. >> you go out and you don't make it back. it's for reasons out of my control. >> reporter: he was reported to
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barnes' former wife. barnes got in a car and drove 95 miles to the house after his 6-year-old son informed him fisher was there. a physical fight ensued, and fisher was not there when the police arrived. >> things happen in your lives. good and bad. it will remain private. >> the nba sin vest gaiting the accident. fisher said he spoke to phil jackson, and he's not sure if he will be pressing charges or not. >> bring on the season! >> can't get here soon enough. >> get on with it. >> the side show there. >> thank you, otis.
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the leading candidate dropped out of the race. kevin mccarthy withdrew just adds the conference met to find a successor to john boehner. he did not have enough votes to win confrontation with the house of representatives. >> if we are going ignite and be strong, we need a new face to help do that. >> we cannot allow this type of chaos. we cannot allow a small minority to hawaii jack the house of representatives. >> boehner says he will stay on until a new speaker selected. mayor de blasio is traveling to israel for the first time since becoming mayor. he will talk about fighting antisemitism in the west. he will be staying through the 18th and the mayor says the travel expenses will be paid for privately and the nypd will cover the security costs. a jersey man's ambush idea to help commuter traffic could one day become a reality. tracee carrasco has his idea for a walk over the hudson river. >> most people said you're
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absolutely nuts for trying this. >> reporter: it started a as pipe dream for kevin shane, and now his idea to build a pedestrian bridge between jersey city and manhattan may not be as far as it sounds. >> i started to call different developers. >> reporter: with the help of an architect, he came up with these renders. the liberty bridge, roughly 250 feet above the hudson river to allow for the maritime traffic. people could walk, run, or bike across, giving another option. >> they would be happier by the time they go into the office. >> reporter: thomas duffy said the bridge is feasible, but there's challenges. >> pedestrians bridges are typically very slight, and you have issues with seismic
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vibration feeling up that high. >> sweet! that would be good! >> reporter: would you use it? >> only with bike lanes. >> reporter: there's already an online petition signed by 1,000 supporters who want to see this idea become a reality. >> don't look down. >> that's right, look straight ahead. >> everyone came out, and they were scared. backed in the back of an 18 wheeler for 5 hours. how the human smuggling operation was uncovered. bitten by a shark, and the attack saved this man's life. you think your commute is bad? check out this traffic jam. >> i get it, and i hold it.
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yourself delivery, next. dramatic rescue of a group of undocumented immigrants in texas. police captured the first gasps of air after 39 people were
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wheeler after 5 hours. most were too walk to speak or walk. police arrested the driver. he faces drivers of smuggling and transporting undocumented immigrants for financial gain. a father and son truck driverring team called 911 alerting them of something suspicious. a life-saving shark attack in california. yeah, you heard that right. eugene finney didn't make much of his wounds but as he got worse, he went to the doctor, and it turns out the symptoms were from an undiagnosed cancer. >> they discovered a growth or tumor on my right kidney. if this had not happened with my shark, causing me to go in
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with the chest pain, i would cancer. celina gomez says he has lupus. she says she went through chemotherapy to treat it. that's why she canceled her world tour in 2013. 15-44. a drive to the hospital turns into an unexpected do-it- yourself delivery for one couple. >> reporter: estenie isovalla was is an experienced mom, but what happened to her was a first. >> a mother of three, with the fourth on the way. she had two contractions 5 hours apart. >> i was just driving nice and slow. >> reporter: the baby was
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>> she said the baby is coming, and i said are you sure? >> i said, no i can wait for the hospital. she didn't want to wait. >> reporter: the worried couple pulled over at the first sign of help this police station, but it was closed, under construction, and they had no service on their cell phones. >> the baby was coming out. >> reporter: they did what woman kind has done from time and memorial. >> reporter: who helped bring the baby? >> nobody! i get it and i hold it. >> reporter: where is daddy during the delivery? >> he's nervous. he go out and called the police. >> reporter: who delivered the baby? >> mom! she had to do it by herself.
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tricycle their ears, not from the car radio. >> the baby born, and dad say you have to cry. what are we going to do? it's like, cry, cry, cry! it's crying, it's fine. >> reporter: angie arrived on oyster cove. the police arrived 3 minutes later. >> she will have a good story to tell. >> yeah. >> reporter: do-it-yourself new to even the nurses. >> she said she wasn't nervous because she saw it on youtube and knew what to do. good. >> reporter: the roadside delivery spared mom a scheduled c section. carolyn gusoff, tv 1055. >> it's amazing how calm mommy was. >> i've got this! >> i bow to her. >> yes, seriously! let's look at these
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pictures that make the midtown gridlock look like a picnic. >> this is from a suburb of beijing. you may think it's a parking lot, new is the backup on a toll plaza on the 50-lane expressway. talk about going nowhere fast. people were returning home from a week-long national holiday. >> it looks like art from up above. >> a week-long national holiday? not a bad idea. >> not so bad. we could do something like that here. >> let's look at lonnie quinn's forecast. >> reporter: we will talk about wet weather move in i don't think it's going to be like a wall of water moving in. not a washout of a day. i will explain that. the temperatures, upper 50s to lower 60s around the area.
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about, high temperatures around the area. yonkers, 72, and i have west babylon at 73. that's the warmest reading, thank you, elizabeth for that. plainboro, new jersey, it was 78. the record will stay in the books for another year. my headlines looking like this 72 for today. tomorrow a similar pro file. i think you will break the 70- degree mark. it's not an all day rain or a washout of a day. whatever rain you pick up, not going to erase the deficit. from january 1st, our deficit is resting at 6.8 inches to be precise. tomorrow, new models suggest a quarter of an inch to half an inch. some spots may see more if you get a heavy downpour or a storm
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i would say half an inch is a pretty good number. the very temperatures satellite and radar, nothing is going on out there the rain chances are up around buffalo. the cold front will be pushing through the area. you can see the motion on the screen. the rain will pull out here. yes, you're going to get rain, but not an all day rain, and then a nice weekend awaits. once we get the wet weather out of here, that's saturday and sunday. 8:00in the morning, an isolated area, and you will see the line come through. it's 2:30. north and west of the area. 5:00, could have lain on top of the metro, secondary line is out there as well. it's gone, out of here, and you're ready for the weekend, and 75 for tomorrow. the extended forecast showing you saturday, you're looking at, yeah, it's right after midnight, 7:04. they got me again. the 7-day forecast jumping ahead. 75 on saturday, 65 on sunday with a nice sky. monday and tuesday of next week, hovering around 70 degrees. >> that computer is way too
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smart for us. >> we got through y2k. i have to get through midnight. that's what i have to do. new york comic con kicked off tonight. the annual event attracts huge crowds of costume characters. 167,000 people are expected through sunday. there's celebrity panels for tv shows and movies, and tickets for the main event are sold out. >> it's a bird, plane? no, it's supergirl. she could be seen flying across
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the buildings of manhattan tonight. that's cool effect. the new drama on cbs following superman's cousin, and she has been keeping her powers secret, but she has decided to embrace her superhuman abouts and be the hero was she meant to be. >> that's a cool tie promote the show. >> don't hide your powers. share! share with all of us. >> otis livingston sharing what's up in sports. >> reporter: who is going to be the superhero for the mets when they open up the series in los angeles. we will have night on the diamond and the road to kansas city. geico motorcycle,
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that's the dd commitment. america runs on dunkin'. getting ready for another playoff game for the mets. >> it's been a long time coming. 9 seasons since the mets were
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they will head back to citi field for game 3 on monday. they have to try to steal one or get greedy and take two out west. kershaw in game one, and greinke in game two. it will not be easy, but they have played great baseball this season. the manager thinks they are built to handle the postseason pressure. >> when you have to go to work every day in new york city when the competition we have and our fan base and everything else, there's extra. when you can respond positively to that and don't let that get to you, i think you can play anywhere. >> i don't think the group of guys could believe in each other more than we do. we are here to show the world we are ready to play, we are con tenders, and we want to win the whole thing. >> alds action. the bluejays' first playoff action since '93. ron binson curnos, off price. the price is wrong. texas takes game one, 5-3. the astros and royals in game one of their series. someone didn't get the memo. it says yankees. they didn't let that bother
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the astros take the 1-0 series lead after the 5-2 victory from kansas city. when we come back on the other side, more from derek fisher's triangle offense, involving him, a former teammate, and the former
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all right, the knicks have been a soap opera for the last few years, on and off the court, and now their head coach is involved in a drama as we told you earlier, derek fisher had the weekend off and flew out to los angeles to visit his kids, and he also visited the ex-wife of matt barnes. when barnes heard about it, he drove 95 miles to confront fisher. fisher wasn't there when the police showed up after an altercation, and he also wasn't at practice on monday. >> i have spoke to the players and directly to management. in terms of the distraction, we will see how it goes for our team. it's unfortunate, but, you know it is what it is at this point. >> the reports are he will not
12:12 am
>> and it won't be your everyday run- of-the-mill game for the islanders. once inside of the empire state building today, they flipped the switch to light the minibuilding in the islanders' colors in honor of their first game. see that? off to the left. all lit up in their colors, blue and orange it's not the mets or the knicks, okay? it's for the islanders. we will have a live report tomorrow at 5:00 from the barclays center with the championship blackhawkings. >> very nice. >> new islander hockey.
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thank you so much for staying up with us. >> coming up, the late show with stephen colbert. he has cate blanchett. for everyone here, have a great night. we will see you later. captioning sponsored by cbs (cheers and applause) >> stephen: welcome to the late show! (cheers and applause) >> stephen, stephen, stephen! stephen, stephen, stephen! >> stephen: thank you, everybody. thank you so much!
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welcome to the late show. (cheers and applause) welcome to the late show starring stephen colbert, i'm he. if you are tuning in for the very first time let me catch you up with the show so far. i started hosting a few weeks ago. and you're all caught up. now i don't know if you knew this, you probably knew this, jon, because are you an artist, you write your own lyrics. it's national poetry day. so i want to give a shout out to all fans of poetry out there everywhere, okay. and speaking of poetry, i also want to give major respect to the man from nantucket. all right? you keep up the good work, sir. i would have you on the show but i know you don't leave the house much. (laughter) we've got a great show for you tonight. i will be talking to academy award-winning actress cate
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lovely. she stars in the new movie "truth" where she plays a cbs employee who gets fired and we might talk about something else instead. (laughter) i will talk with c.e.o. of airbnb brian chesky. but if -- if the landlord asks, he's my cousin and he's just visiting. (cheers and applause) oh. oh, did you-- did you just hear that sound? i hope so, because this would be a terrible time for me to start hallucinating. that is jon batiste and stay human, everybody. say hello. (cheers and applause) before we surrender our body and soul to the music, one more thing.
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commercial with ibm supercomputer watson and incredibly watson was able to decrypt almost every word he sang. tonight stephen welcomes cate blanket-- blanchet, airbnb chee brian chesky and dartmouth robotics. featuring jon batiste and stay human. and now it's time for the late show with stephen colbert!
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(cheers and applause) >> stephen: whoa! that sounded good. that sounded good. that sounds really good. (cheers and applause) you guys feeling wood? everybody doing all right tonight? me too, i got to say i'm feeling lucky and grateful to be alive. i'm counting my blessings. i'm up to four and a thumb. but you know who really had a rough day? those folks over at e-bible fellowship. they're a church group in pennsylvania that predicts the end of the world and not as their name would suggest a book club that reads the bible only on kindle. these folks got famous a few years back for predicting that judgement day would fall on may 21st, 201 -- you probably saw those save the date billboards.
12:21 am
requested the vegetarian option at the apocalypse. well, it tushes out their math was a little off. i think they forgot to carry one of the hearstmen. but they took another look at the book of revelation recently, crunched the numbers through their jesus call coup later and discovered that in fact the planet was supposed to be permanently destroyed yesterday, october 7th. and spoiler alert, (laughter) (cheers and applause) anyway, i have some sympathy for those guys. i'm sure they feel terrible today. probably for a lot of reasons. cuz you know that one thing you said you would be willing to do if the world was going to come to an end? they probably did that last night. it's going to be awkward at work today. hey, brenda. so i'm sending the folks at
12:22 am
sympathy card. it says my deepest condolences for everything still existing. but you did believe e-bible fellowship you can't be too surprised. though their pamphlet says that october 7th, 2015 will be the end. world, they hedge their bet by adding there is a strong likelihood. strong likely hood t might happen. but if it doesn't, it is not like it's the end of the world. so they got it wrong. but to be fair, i can understand why they thought the end of the world was comingment because there was one sign of the apocalypse last night, the cubs won a play-off game. the cubs have won a play-off game. >> overnight the chicago cubs snapping their losing streak in epic fashion winning their first layoff
12:23 am
dozen years fans taking to the streets in celebration. >> stephen: whooo!, that's right, the cubs are headed to the national league division series. cubs fans were so excited they ran that you the streets an when they horde the team won, they continued to do so and folks. this is a pretty big deal for me. sure i love new york but i lived in chicago for eleven years. cheers-- (cheers and applause) >> stephen: and the windy city will always be part of me. specifically my lower intest inthat is sill packed with a fair amount of sausage. and the division series is important. it's like the world series of things that eventually series. which means the cubs are still in contention it has been 107 years since the cubs won the world series.
12:24 am
then the song went take me out to the ball game cholera. (laughter) they added the cracker jacks later. when they found out that cured cholera. but most importantly, last night's victory mate mean the cubs have finally escaped the curse of the billy goat. now for those of you who don't know, the curse of the billy goat began in 1945 when a tavern owner brought his goat to wrigley field for the world series because everyone knows goats love baseball. and when they were thrown out, the man declared, you are never going to win the world series again! because you insulted my goat. and ever since then, the
12:25 am
curse of the goat, as well as the curses of bad management and unwillingness to pay for good players. in fact-- (cheers and applause) in fact, the curse is so ledge onlyary that a few weeks ago in order to reverse the curse, a team of competitive eaters ate a 40 pound goat. somehow still more healthy than eating ballpark nachos. but now it looks like the days of the curse are behind my cubs. sure, technically they still need to win 11 more games over the course of three more best had series but i think i can safely say without any fear of jinxesing, they're going all the way. the cubs are going to win the world series. yeah. i guarantee it! i guarantee it. i am not scared of you knuckle kneeed sheep wanna-bes any more.
12:26 am
so many things i've wanted to say about your kind for years. but i've been too scared because of the curse. not any more. first off, your cheese sucks, okay. you can get the same flavor by leaving a brick of philadelphia cream cheese to dry out. secondly, nice beard, soul patches went out in the '70s. oh, that burn has got to feel pretty baaaaad. what are you going to do about it, goats? curse the cubs again? i dare you. the cubs are unstopable. i've even already got my 2015 cubs world series championship shirt all printed up. (cheers and applause) >> stephen: whooo! let's hear it for the cubbies. whooo! whooo! that guy isn't celebrating. who is that guy not celebrating? (laughter) kick him out of here. you kick him out of here.
12:27 am
you get out of here, right now! no, no, you get out. good riddance. (cheers and applause) there is no possible way this decision can come back to haunt me or the cubs. after all, the chicago cubs are clearly the greatest of all time! let's hear it for the cubs. goats, goats, goats. we'll be right back. goats, goats, goats! >> the late show with stephen colbert sponsored by at&t, directv and at&t are
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one thousand eight hundred schools! sharing one common goal. help all kids succeed. we're new york city public school teachers. taking learning to the next level. and parents and the community are on board! all coming together... one. to celebrate the passion and promise of our public schools. i'm michael mulgrew, president of the united federation of teachers. cmon! join us! (cheers and applause) >> stephen: hey. folks, if you watch the show you know i'm a bit of a tech geek, i don't want to brag am but my car has both am and fm.
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launch my brand-new gadget celebrating segment tonight. we're going to call it tech talk. and we plan an opening graphic with some amazing 3d like nanobotts exploding off the screen and then forming the words tech talk and then the tech talk than o botts explode and become tiny nanobotts which form my face that form the words tech talk. like nothing anybody would ever see and they never will because we thought of it at 12:00 today and there was no time to make it. so instead this is true, i looked around my office and i noticed that i own a didgeridoo-- didgeridoo.
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digital doo. it's a rich and personal instrument. first up, on digital doo, wearable technology. not i don't leave the house without my google glass, my apple watch and two nintendo power gloves. you never know when you might be attacked by an 8-bill mike tyson. so i'm alwaysing for new ways to put computers on my body. which is why my wifi was on full bars when i heard that google an levies are now collaborating to make smartpants. about time, my old dumb pants can't even remember my waste size. it's 32 you idiot. you're strangling me. (laughter) i can't feel my butt. apparently google is developing a new digital type of fabric that you can touch and it can feel it and it also bluetooths your phone.
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side of your jeans to mute your phone, even tap the fabric for playing any song. which means pretty soon all your calls can be butt dials. and thanks to the new google smartpants, you won't have to reach all the way to your pocket to use your phone. you could just swipe the outside of your pocket, fitting several precious seconds per day. and that's time you could spend explaining to the police why you are rubbing your crotch in public. (laughter) (cheers and applause) next up on digital doo, it might be hard to believe but i'm old enough to have children, that i know of. (laughter) and any parent will tell you that teenagers these days
12:35 am
are masters of tech. but there is a new technology that will help parents master the teen. >> a new line of cars could play tattle tale on teen drivers. general motors will install an optional system in some 2016 chevy malibu models that will compile in touch screen report card for parents. it keeps track of how far your teen drove and their top speed. >> stephen: that's right. soon gm cars will have a new way to let parents know how their teens are driving. and it's much safer than the old way, texting your teen while they're driving. the technology is called teen driver. it's available only in the 2016 chevy malibu and parents, it's fully scaleable to your exact inability to sleep at night. for instance, it can sound an alert when teens drive faster than a speed limit predetermined by the parents. as for what that sound alert should be, i recommend a prayerie home companion. because it's impossible for a teen to joyride while
12:36 am
listening to an elderly man reminisce about rhubarb pie. and the system automatically compiles data on how many times teen pass those limits and makes that data accessible to any parent with a pin number. which is a great security feature after your teen teaches you how to use it. teen driver also prevents kids from bumping their jams by disabling the vehicle's audio system when the driver and front passengers aren't buckled. though once you are buckled, the music's bagging. but you're still in a chevy malibu. it's only going to get so cool. next up, (cheers and applause) selfies. they're fun. they bring people together and they eliminate the awkwardness of having to ask your roommate to take a picture of your junk.
12:37 am
but some of the most popular types of selfies are people doing something dangerous like posing with bears or running with bulls. and as fun as that looks, not all those photos end well. for example, two men died in russia while taking a selfie holding a hand grenade with the pin pulled. the mobile phone with the selfie survived as a record. so first of all that's a tragedy. second of all, what kind of phone case were they using? because it must be pretty good. now sure, the grenade probably holds some of the responsibility here. but let's not lose sight of one clear fact. selfies are killing people. but i don't want to panic you. >> i will leave that to the news. >> death by selfie. >> a disturbing trend here, selfies killing people. they killed more people than sharks over a 12 month period. >> there have been 12 selfie related deaths versus 8 reported shark fatallities. >> stephen: okay, that was a lot of technical information to digest.
12:38 am
i am really glad they made this chart. (laughter) let me walk you through-- let me walk you through some of the data. let me crunch it for you. that is the number 12. that is the number 8. and up here, that line is 20. now i just want to warn-- i want to warn my viewers out there, you are taking too many selfies, don't do it, it's just too dangerous. also stop getting attacked by so many sharks. it isn't safe. though if you are getting attacked by a shark, by all means, take a selfie. cuz man, your instagram is going to blow up. we'll be right back with
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(cheers and applause) >> stephen: welcome back, everybody. my first guest tonight stars in the new film "truth" playing a cbs news producer whose controversial report on president bush's military service ened her and dan rather's careers. >> how long have we known each other? >> is it that bad? >> they're going to start an investigation. and cbs wants to appoint an independent panel to take a look at how the story is put together. and i'm going to announce it. tomorrow. i have to apologize for the story on air.
12:42 am
apologize? >> he didn't ask,. >> dan, that's surrender. >> stephen: please welcome the great cate blanchett. (cheers and applause) >> i thought you might certain aid me with the didgeridoo as a mating call. >> stephen: are you australian, do you play didgeridoo. >> i did, i also played the bagpipe, the spoons, that is really hard. >> stephen: i'm actually making a sound. >> it's really difficult. that is really hard. (cheers and applause) >> are you truly. >> stephen: i'm doing it. i'm doing it.
12:43 am
the thing is you look really attractive while you do it. >> no, you don't. >> stephen: no, you really do, very manly. thank you for being here. i have to say, there are very few people who i actually get starstruck by and you are one. >> not one of them. >> stephen: you are absolutely one of them. you are such an amazing act res. >> thank you. >> stephen: a golden globe, two time academy award-winning acker known for such fills as lids beth, lord of the ring, not going to get into it, the aviator, blue jasmine, your latest film is "truth" where you play mary-- the producer that dan rather was using when he reported on president bush supposedly having gone awol when he was serving in the alabama national guard. >> stephen: that really blew >> it did. i mean, the question mark of the bush's service in the guard had long been socialized, was based. he describes texas as the intergal ac particular -- intergalactic capitol
12:44 am
[bleep] of -- >>. >> i did many times, it has been quite cathartic for her and for dan. a lot of people were chasing the story. and i wonder whether a story like that could even get as far as it did, you know. cuz i'm not from your great nation. and i-- but you know, obviously -- >> you are australian. >> he think of you as english because of all the parts but you are actually australian. >> i am part elf. >> stephen: i want to thank australian for giving journalism rupert murdoch. >> you can have him back. he has become one of yours. (laughter) >> stephen: i played-- i pretended to be someone in journalism for many years. >> you also pretended to be half dwarfish and half hobbit, where we first met at comic con.
12:45 am
that is the man going take over the late show. >> stephen: i'm actually havel ofish because one of may ears is sticks out. >> one lobe is attached and one is detached. >> stephen: yes. i'm getting over the fact that you just touched my ear lobe. would you like to check the rest of me for symmetry? i can do a-- can i show you the trick-- this is a good trick. look at this. look, this is magic. look, watch, ready, this isn't the trick yet. >> when, you fart and it pops out? (laughter) (cheers and applause) >> stephen: nothing so crude. nothing so crude. >> is that how you seduced your wife? >> that is exactly -- >> you put the ring in there. >> stephen: that is my pickup line. >> yeah. >> it worked once. >> stephen: yes, exactly. there is a scene in the movie where mary has
12:46 am
soft-- the story is blowing up in her face a little bit. the people are questioning the veracity of these documents. and she goes on-line and starts reading like blog posts or comments on news stories. don't ever do that, no. and i thought it was just-- it was interesting to see her reaction when she got turned into a political cudgel. suddenly she was the story an she didn't like it. >> yeah, she spent her entire career behind the camera, producing stories. >> stephen: right. >> and listening to information and following leads and suddenly she was the story. and i think that there must-- both she and dan had a very well honed sense of sort of trying to combat injustices, you know, that is part of-- you know t is their idealistic journalists and there are still a few alive, i think. >> stephen: have you ever been a political cudgel, has anybody ever used you to beat somebody over the head. i have had it happen a couple of times, it's delicious. me.
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