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tv   CBS 2 News  CBS  October 9, 2015 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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chistine sloan is live in bayonne with more. kristine. >> reporter: mary and chris, a heartbreaking story. a little girl with special needs attacked by this pit bull as she boarded a school bus here on the street in bayonne. as you can see, investigators from the bayonne police department and the prosecutor's office still on the scene trying to figure out exactly what happened. witnesses tell us that the dog not only went after this little girl, but also her father and two other people. neighbors here on 20th street rushed to try to save the girl. they say for some reason this pit bull, about a year old, seemed to be just focusing on the little girl. >> the dog got a hold of the girl and started biting her head. then the bus assistant gets off the bus and started punching the dog. the bus assistant -- you know, he sprained his hand from punching the dog so hard. he said, do something.
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his gun, told everybody to back up. told the owner back up. told me to back up. everybody get away. the cop is like, are you sure? he got to do something. so the cop shot the dog. >> my heart goes out to the parents. my child used to ride that school bus. that could have been my son. both my kids. all the children on the buses are special needs person and they had to watch a child being attacked, but a dog being shot. now, we are told that the little girl's injuries are non life-threatening. again, the owner of that dog told police to shoot it dead. we are told that the original owner, two people apparently owned this dog, died just three days ago. so right now the hudson county prosecutor's office on the scene trying to figure out exactly what happened. neighbors tell us that dog was not vicious before. we are live in bayonne, new jersey, chistine sloan, cbs2 news.
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and robbed outside his brooklyn home. one man put the chris mintz victim in a chokehold and the other went for his belongings. >> reporter: the victim is 79 years old and still shaken up. it happened when he was walking into this apartment building. he says he was completely caught off guard and surveillance cameras here captured everything. take a look. surveillance video shows 79 irlin clark walking up to his apartment building at 4:30 tuesday afternoon. as soon as he unlocks the door a man approaches him from behind, puts anymore a chokehold and forces him to the ground. his alleged accomplice shows up and goes for his pockets. >> how are you feeling? >> sore in the neck.
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when i was brought down to the ground, i kind of hurt my leg. >> reporter: irlin clark talked to us about the scare and showed us the holes in his jeans from the force of the robbery. >> it was very nightmarish. >> reporter: clark tells us he had gone to the bank and withdrew more than $1,000. police say the suspects got away with that money and his credit cards. surveillance cameras captured the two inside kings plaza malatesta shoot time later where they -- malatesta short time later where they made a purchase at a number of shops. what do you have to say to these guys. >> i hope her punished for their actions. >> reporter: he worries they will target him or someone else, and he is on high alert for these men. what changes for you after this? >> well, as i said, one, i would
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and watch our back, you know, around you. >> reporter: such a frightening experience for this man. attacked right on his doorstep. he saws the suspects didn't say a word and he has never seen them before. if you happen to recognize them police want you to call them right away. a man accused of groping young boys is expected to face a judge today. people in the community are thankful he is off the streets. >> reporter: anger but relief from parents outside of seton falls park in the bronx today. all of them grateful for the arrest of greg boyden overnight. >> when you start messing around with little kids, you know, really innocent, and have no type of protection from really a grown-up, you know, put it that way, i would say basically put him away. >> reporter: police caught the 37-year-old at his bronx home after their investigation led them to a fourth victim.
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13-year-old boy money in exchange for sex. police say boyden had texted the teen a lewd picture of him and investigators were able to trace the number back to boyden. >> i think that is horrible and terrible. you know, very gross. >> reporter: it's one of at least four cases investigators have linked to boyden happening in the park which is right next to three schools. the youngest victim 12 years old. the oldest 15. police say all of the incidents in seton falls park, which parents say can be dangerous. >> when school is in session and the school safety is out and the guards, that stuff is a little more contained. but at the off times it's a free for all at times. >> reporter: police say boyden often pulled the boys into wooded areas where he groped them. many parents say his arrest comes as a warning. >> parents, you can't say go down the block and i am
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watching you. >> reporter: boyden is expected to face at least ten charges when he appears here in court later today, including forcible touching and sex abuse. janelle burrell. police say a freshman opened fire in flagstaff, north of phoenix. the shooter is in custody. andrea grymes has the story. >> reporter: northern arizona university students consoled each other as police and the school president spoke about this morning's deadly campus shooting. >> we are, of course, shocked and deeply saddened by the circumstances that bring us together this morning. >> reporter: police say and 1 20:00 a.m. local time two student groups got into a fight in a parking lot that turned physical. the school's police chief says 18-year-old freshman steven jones started shooting.
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one of our students is deceased. the other three are being treated at the flagstaff medical center. >> reporter: he says jones stopped shooting and stayed at the scene as officers arrived and took him into custody without any trouble. the flagstaff campus is 145 miles north of phoenix and has about 20,000 students. the shooting comes just over a week after nine people were killed in a shooting at umpqua community college in oregon. students at nau say it's crazy this has happened now at their school. >> i woke up to call for my sister, who is in oklahoma, who wanted to make sure i was okay. i knew nothing about it. >> i remember being like, what is going on? like this is too much. this isn't true. not at nau. this couldn't happen. >> reporter: the delta fraternity says some members were involved but the incident was not fraternity related. arizona's governor calls the shooting heartbreaking. no word yet on the conditions of the students injured or what the initial fight was about, but
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asked. mary. >> andrea grymes, thank you. a promising baseball prospect from yonkers shot in the head last month has died. 23-year-old michael nolan was drafted by the oakland a's last year, but on september 18 police say he was with a group of friends in the parking lot of a burger king on central avenue when someone opened fire. he was hit. police believe the shooting may be related to an earlier argument about a drag race. so far no arrest. well there is much more ahead on cbs2 news at noon. tough questions for bill cosby. and drama on capitol hill for the republicans. who will be the next speaker now that the frontrunner dropped out of the race? and it's not a bird or a plane. it's super girl making an appearance in the big apple. looking good out there right now. but we do have some showers across the region and it's only the beginning of what we expect to be a pretty rainy late afternoon and evening.
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coming up. house republicans admit there was chaos after the frontrunner to replace john boehner as speaker of the house cropped out of the race. -- dropped out of the race. there is a new consensus building around one name. >> reporter: house republicans arrived for a closed door meeting friday morning to try to determine who the next speaker
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>> you want the job? >> no. does anybody? >> we will find out. >> reporter: . >> reporter: kevin mccarthy dropped out of the race. >> he had more than 200 votes. pretty broad support. there were a small number that weren't happy. >> reporter: 40 congressman had publicly opposed mccarthy. >> they want congress to respect conservatives and other members of congress and that is not happening in the last four and a half years. >> reporter: the only declared candidates are jason chaffetz and daniel webster. there is a push to get paul ryan to change his mind and run for the post. >> paul is looking at it. it's his decision. if he decides to do it he would be an amazing speaker. he has to decide on his own. >> reporter: the choice for paul ryan to become speaker is so strong that even chaffetz says he would drop out if ryan runs. the question is, can you win
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over the conservative hard-liners? >> members of the agree come to me saying let ryan know we would support him. >> reporter: craig boswell, cbs news. >> the next speaker has husband or her work out -- his or her work cut out for them. issues that could lead to contentious battles. bill cosby is about to testify under oath in a sexual assault case involving judith huth. he is accusing cosby of sexually assaulting her @playboymansionin1974. hehasneverbeenchargedwith hehasneverbeenchargedwithacrimep artlybecauseofthe institute of limitations. this civil case can go forward because a minor was involved. the deposition could go on for days. so she will finish up with judith huth and then can go
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forward to each and all of these allegations because it's a deposition. it's about discovery. anything relevant it to this case, anything that could have some tie in discovery. >> the information will remain under seal until a december hearing. there is a new warning about some websites offering medical help. online symptom checkers are the go to diagnostic tool for many of us as we look for answers from the common cold to more intense aches and pains. how reliable are those internet answers and are you missing out on critical information? what you need to know before you search for a diagnosis tonight at 11. ahead at noon, a family tragedy. a couple found dead in their beds. it looked like a mob hit but then police made a shocking arrest. rain in the forecast.
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could have strong, possibly severe thunderstorms later on. we will be keeping a close watch on that. let's check in with the weather watchers, see what they have to say about the day so far. we look at 71 degrees on long island. this is from dan in westbury, new york. mostly sunny skies and 71. a sprinkling of rain at 10:30. the sun feels great. the sunshine will be temporary, so get out and enjoy it. again, more wet weather on the way. let's take you live outside, show you what's happening in the city as we look from high atop the empire state building. i am going to block your view for a moment. look you how dark the clouds are. this is a shower making its way east, folks. wet weather on the way for us. at the moment over central park mostly sunny and 72. variable winds at 5 miles per hour. relative humidity at 66%. there has been ample moisture in the atmosphere today. pollen report is looking good. ragweed, low to medium levels
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through monday. now we take you to the vortex satellite and radar picture. we have heavier rain making its way across the south fork of long island and that shower i pointed out on the camera, here it is right here. making its way east heading towards yonkers. we will get some wet weather in manhattan for those of you along the hudson. expect some rain in the next 10 minutes or so. light to moderate rain. it's not heavy yet. but later today we could certainly see heavy downpours, possibly some very powerful winds, too, as this line of cold weather, well, rain and storms makes its way closer to us. it is all associated a cold front. weekend. but of course we have to get through the wet weather first. here is what it looks like through the afternoon. scattered showers. but as we make our way to the early evening, you see it at the area. that line is right over manhattan really between 4 and
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we are under the gun. severe. skies are clearing. setting the stage for a beautiful weekend ahead. today we will warm to 76 degrees. it will be breezy. showers and storms. overnight 55 degrees, clearing skies. tomorrow mostly sunny and 65. for your sunday 69 and mostly sunny. monday, if you have columbus day off, the forecast can't get much nicer. 73 degrees and mostly sunny. next chance of rain after today tuesday and wednesday. >> sounds like a good day for a parade? >> yes. it was like a scene out of a gangster movie. a couple shot dead in their we had and the gunman goes after the children. >> the investigation took a shocking turn. "48 hours" troy roberts has the story in shadow of death. >> reporter: it was a crime that shocked the rich, quiet, wealthy
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community of san juan capastrano. they were asleep in their hillside mansion. >> they had been shot multiple times in the face. >> reporter: jack leonard works for the "los angeles times." >> the shooter had left no room for these people not to be killed. >> reporter: that terrible night. the couple's eight-year-old son landon was also critically wounded. as usual, the detectives looked at the family, the people closest to the victims. they found they had two older sons, but they lived over a thousand miles away. so detectives started looking for suspects. ankra had made some enemies. >> right after the murder we thought it was a bad business deal. >> reporter: that brad and ankra sack's funeral, their son
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praised their parents. it turned out he was harboring a deep secret. >> homicide investigators arrested ashton colby sacks. >> reporter: the sacks' own son. the son who days before had eulogized his mother and father. >> troy roberts joins us live from the "48 hours" newsroom. the couple's son ashton is in jail awaiting a trial. what do you think his defense will be here? >> reporter: it's hard to say. the insanity defense probably won't work in this case. this was so premeditated. investigators say he was on a mission to kill. he drove 16 hours from washington state to southern california, entered the house with a semiautomatic and killed his parents and paralyzed his little brother. they recovered the weapon from ashton's car. they looked at his computer. he was doing searches about
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i can't tell you what his defense would be. he did make admissions, too, also to investigators and to his aunts. >> all right. troy, thank you very much. you can watch the story shadow of death on "48 hours" right here on cbs2 2 tomorrow night at 10:00. a car you can't drive on a rainy day. the story after this.
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it's a bird, it's a plane. no, it's super girl. she is seen flying across buildings in manhattan last night. the new action adventure drama on cbs follows superman's cousin. she happens been keeping her powers secret but now she is being the hero she was meant to be. it premieres sunday, october 26, at 8:30 on cbs 2. katie holmes commuting. she posted this instagram photo gown. she says heels and a train. hashtag #newyork hashtag ennstation. >> always looks good. coming up on cbs2 news tonight at five, a cheap flight over the holiday season? why discount flights may come with unexpected risks. then at six. >> i said to my mom i want to do
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