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tv   CBS 2 News  CBS  October 12, 2015 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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>> the gunman may have been targeting someone else. ilana gold is live at noon in the flatiron district with the details. ilana. >> reporter: mary, police tell us the victim's were innocent bystanders. they were right outside of the motivo lounge on east 21st street when the suspect opened fire. police say he was actually aiming for the bouncers but hit the women instead. now, investigators have been out here all day trying to figure out who the gunman is because right now he's on the run. >> a party at the motivo nightclub came to a frightening end at 4:00 when a man opened fire and police rushed to the scene. >> there were people running in all different directions screaming. >> people inside the lounge ran out the front door when they heard the gunshots unsure of where they were coming from. they couldn't prepare for what was next. >> there was a female laying on the floor and that's all i saw.
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>> three women had just been struck with bullets, un intended targets. witnesses tried to help until paramedics a arrived. >> there was a lot of people trying to resuscitate the female. >> bullets hit a 25 and 30-year-old in the bullet, hip and back and they're in stable condition. >> what kind of effect is this having on you? >> it's very -- it could have been anybody. like that could have been me and my friends. >> police say an argument between two men in the club prompted the violence that spilled on to the street. when one of them got thrown out he left and came back with a gun and tried shooting the bouncers but missed and hit the women instead. a worker at motivo saw everything. >> the three ladies had nothing to do with what happened. >> he tells us he called 911
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in a black bmw seconds later. police are trying to track him down. >> reporter: back out here live crews are cleaning up and police are investigating a deadly shooting at the motivo nightclub. they say the shooter is in his 20s and he was wearing a red and black hooded sweatshirt. if you have any information on this case come forward right away. ilana gold, cbs 2 news. >> thank you very much. we have this just in, investigators uncovered a potential problem with some elevators after a deadly accident in williamsburg. investigators say on october 2nd aaron moden was killed when he tried to escape an elevator that was stopped in between floors. the elevator moved and he was crushed. investigators with the building department said that type of elevator might have a deficiency and they want owners to have them tested. they are not widely used. now to a developing story at citi field, the big playoff game is tonight and the la dodger who
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field after all despite major league baseball issuing a suspension for a rough slide that broke ruben tejada's leg. chase utley may be in the line up. that's because his appeal must be heard before game time and so far that has not happened. janelle burrell talked to fans at citi field. >> tonight will be the first time ever that the mets play a post- season game mere at citi field. with all of the controversy surrounding chase utley and ruben tejada a lot of fans are eager for tonight's game and revenge on their home turf. >> he will get a proper new york reception at citi field tonight. >> new york baseball faithful with some choice words for dodger chase utley who could be on the field after he took down mets shortstop ruben tejada break, his leg. >> he almost killed him. >> major league baseball slap
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-- slapping him with a two-game suspension. >> it's baseball. >> he admits he may be partial, he's a yankees fan and his name is also chase. >> it was dirty for the regular season but i think now it's fair game. >> the mets are looking to get ahead in the series tied 1-1. tonight their first ever post-season game at citi field. >> i've been a mets fan for 22 years and lots and lots of heartbreak but this is an exciting season. >> it could be one step closer to a division series win. >> i hope they pull through. >> if you want to come out to tonight's game there are still some tickets available on resale sites online. most of them in the nosebleed section going for well over $400 a ticket. >> the mets say they approve of the suspension. the dodgers
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supporting utley's appeal. game 3 is scheduled to begin just after 8:30 tonight. red, white and green for the largest celebration of the parade. >> it's the first ever columbus day parade. scott is live. happy columbus day, scott. >> reporter: and to you. good afternoon, guys. they say everybody loves a parade and if you're a new yorker you know this is as good as it gets. it's the columbus day parade up 5th avenue with all the pomp and pageantry that comes with it. >> [singing] >> italian pride on display. >> let's go. columbus day parade. >> it's the world's largest celebration of italian-american
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new york institution since 1929. the annual columbus day parade featuring 35,000 marchers, more marching bands. >> parading up 5th avenue from 47th street to 72nd street before an estimated 40 million spectators. >> how would we describe your >> elaborate. >> here to honor their past , present and future, a day of smiles and joy for the young and the young at heart. >> it's part of our heritage. i brought my grandson with me and showed him the italian spirit. >> what often goes unmentioned that is this the mission of the parade put on by the columbus's citizen foundation is to provide scholarships to student with the ability but not the financial
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means to get an education. folks here say it makes this day all the more special. >> we're proud to be here and italian. >> reporter: we're back live on the parade route. the parade runs until 3:00 p.m. all these guys here i bet they would rather let this parade go all day. are you having a good time today? >> [foreign language] >> reporter: i'm pretty sure that means yeah in italian. live in midtown, cbs 2 news. more for you at 5:00 and 6:00. >> i'll check with mary on that me. my italian is rusty. >> all the best. voters will get their first chance to see the democratic candidates side by side tomorrow night in las vegas when they take the stage for their first debate. as craig boswell reports from washington dc there's one person who could still make an impact. >> the democrats hold their first presidential debate tuesday night and the contenders are already trying to show they are different than front runner
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hilary clinton. >> secretary clinton is quick for the military intervention. i believe a no fly zone is not advisable. >> the latest cbs news poll shows the former secretary of state well ahead of her closest challenge senator bernie sanders. but there's a wild card. >> get out of my way, will you. >> vice president joe biden could announce his decision to run as soon as this week. his boss, president obama talked about what biden could be thinking during an interview on 60 minutes. >> if you're sitting next to the president in every meeting and wrestling with issues i'm sure he's saying i could do a good job. >> in this cbs poll clinton stays in the lead if the vice president does enter the race but the poll shows only 35% of
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primary voters view her as honest and trustworthy. >> president obama commented on clinton's e-mail controversy. >> she made a mistake. she acknowledged it. the way it's been gemmed up is in part because of politics. >> donald trump still leads the gop field but his negative numbers are high too. craig boswell, cbs news washington. >> you can add steven tyler to the latest artist to take issue with trump. he asked the presidential candidate to stop using the band's classic dream on at his rallies. police are searching for a hit and run driver who left a new jersey college student injured on the side of a busy highway. 22-year-old anna semioli is in a coma at saint joseph's hospital in paterson. she was truck just before midnight on thursday near route 46 east. she's a senior out mon
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car on school property, at least a mile from you she was discovered. >> her car was there but she was found miles away from her car. it just doesn't make sense. you know, we know anna and we know that she wouldn't be walking at midnight on a highway. >> her family is offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of the driver. 38-year-old twanda randall is under arrest charged with sexual assaulting a teenage girl who jumped from a moving car in bridge port. her escape was caught on camera. the victim said she was walking to school in the cold when the suspect pulled up and offered her a ride. she said she was sexual assaulted before jumping from the car. investigators from turkey say they're close to identifying one of the suicide bombers responsible for this weekend's deadly attack. the government believes that two suicide
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people and wounded hundreds of others at a peace rally. no one has claimed responsibility for the attack. we have much more ahead on cbs 2 news at noon. southwest airlines is recovering from a computer glitch that delayed hundreds of flights yesterday. >> the zimbabwe government rules on the death of cecil the lion by an american dentist. will he face charges? >> the surprising results when a school switches to stand up desks. >> this is stand up day. we have tons of sunshine, mild temperatures out there. i think people are going to love what happens on this columbus day monday. tomorrow we have mixed
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coming up. a live picture of the columbus day parade that's going on all day long. if you want to catch it there's still plenty of time. >> beautiful blue skies for it
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facebook and like our page. the minnesota dentist who killed a popular lion in zimbabwe won't face charges. they said walter palmer's papers were in order and he didn't know he was committing the crime. the black lion known as cecil was shot and killed with an arrow. he was charged with failing to prevent about illegal hunt. there's more problems for southwest airline passengers. the airline is telling people to show up extra early for flights while they try to clear up the delays from a big computer glitch. don champion has the story from la guardia. >> lines started building up early this morning at la guardia's airport and in dallas at southwest counters. >> our fear is we will be here for hours. >> passengers got the news they
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wanted today. the airline announced a nationwide computer glitch has been resolved and that operations were returning to normal. sunday some passengers had to be given handwritten tickets. >> very frustrated but we understand it was a glitch in the system. we're just happy we're going home. >> the computer problem effected baggage, the website and phone lines. southwest said it was still working today to get some displaced customers into seats and delivering baggage that did not arrive. it delayed 500 flights on sunday. >> don champion, cbs news. >> the airline has not said what caused the glitch but said there's no indication of hackers behind it. coming up on cbs 2 news at noon, water spouts really do damage. see what happens when one off the coast of tampa hit land. >> how long will the warming trend last?
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elise finch will have the forecast. >> beautiful weather for the columbus day parade. beautiful
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water spouts make quite a thing on the ocean but can do damage when they move onto land. that's what happened in tampa. the winds were so powerful they lifted a semitruck, damaged a construction site and over turned a small boat. nobody was hurt though. some schools are taking a stand to help students learn. literally. across the country some programs in our area as well students are using standing desks. stand up kids organization started the program. the idea is to get the students to move more. at first students said they got tired but in a few months they were more focused, confident and productive. >> it burns off energy so i can concentrate without wiggling around in the chairs. >> there seems to be an improvement in actually circulation and arterial function and expending a few
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calories extra every hour. >> 19 out of the schools 22 classrooms have standing desks in that school. the last three have been converted by the end of the year. >> i wonder what the teachers think. do they get to stand to? >> they have to run around. >> we talk about this while we're sitting. you know who is standing though, elise finch. beautiful blue skies for the parade. >> i don't think you could ask for better parade weather or any weather. let's check in with a couple of weather watchers. the temperatures are mild. we've got a lot of mid and upper 60 degree temperatures. this is annie in white plains and she said it's 66 degrees where she is. she send me a note and said can you say beautiful. i can and i think it is. let's take a live look outside. i'm not sure you can categorize this as anything but beautiful. we are
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we have tons of sunshine, just a light western wind. over all a spectacular day. 66 in monticello. 72 edison and belmar and 73 babylon. it's mild out there. temperatures are going up. the winds are low and this is a good thing. we're at 2.7 today for pollen, ragweed is the irritant. today, tomorrow nice and the numbers start to raise on wednesday. our vortex satellite and radar shows high pressure. skies are clear. we start to get some changes to the other side of midnight. for this day we are in the clear. however, we'll be watching the impact of this cold front moving through. as we put your future cast into motion starting tomorrow morning at 4:30 a.m. we start to see those clouds moving in and then by 9:30 we could be seeing some light rain around here. there's that line of showers that starts
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to push through in the afternoon. some residual showers on tuesday. it's cloudy with a chance of rain all day. today mostly sunny skies, warmer today than it was yesterday. 74 degrees the forecast high. tonight we start to see those changes, patchy fog developing in the over night hours. we have a slight chance of seeing some rain south and east of the city. that better chance of rain comes tomorrow. temperatures still mild in the low 70s. we get that with cloudy skies tomorrow and a chance of rain throughout the day behind the front. temperatures dip into the 60s then and then the 50s. >> thank you for the nice day today. when we come back... >> i'm still alive. surprise. >> is the movie still alive at
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we're cracking down on medicare fraud. let's make medicare stronger for all of us. coming up tonight on cbs 2 news beginning at 5:00, fighting stress through your diet. then at 6:00, air bnb allowed the city in our area to rent out their homes. those stories and more tonight on cbs 2 news beginning at 5:00. the space adventure the martian continues its out of this world run at the box office. the matt damon thriller
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rocketed to the top spot taking in $37 million. motel transalvania 2 came in second. pan didn't create magic in third place. the intern and sicario rounding out the top five. big numbers for the martian each and every week. it's a good day to go to a parade. >> it is. >> thank you for join ing us . i'm dick brener. >> i'm mary calvi. see you back tomorrow morning.
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