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tv   CBS 2 News at 5  CBS  October 12, 2015 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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another car, the car swerved to the left in the coca-cola car that lady. >> you know her? >> i have seen her. by sight. >> reporter: both drivers were ambulance, we saw some of them on stretchers as chopper 2 we are told there were six injuries and all. we don't know how many of those were in the vehicles or if there were other pedestrians involved at all but all six of the injured we are told or minor, but, one woman is dead, that is the bottom line as accident investigators continue to investigate here at port morris, the bronx. now to playoff baseball around here and the slide heard round the world, the dodgers chase utley with the dirty slide that broke the leg of reuben tejada saturday night. is to make a change the course
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of the series. cbs 2's otis livingston is >> reporter: this is the first- ever playoff game here at citi field and as if this place need any extra juice, chase utley's hearing for the two game suspension after taking a tonight's game, so while he's not in the starting lineup, public enemy number one could injure the game as a defensive replacement or pinch-hitter, that has mets fans fired up. >> shock, despair and pure anger. >> i want chase utley's blood. boiling. how can i say this nicely? i don't want him to be breathing anymore. >> chase utley going hard in second. >> reporter: clean or dirty, everyone has an opinion but major-league baseball admitted the mets last game 2 on a dirty play. the question now, will the mets retaliate? their game three starter is matt harvey who has a history
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of plucking utley. >> as far as to the former teammates, being out there is what i'm going to do. >> all i know is four years and years and years as long as the game is played and we know there are a lot of changes, players always took care of stuff themselves. >> reporter: utley has a history of questionable slides in fact you have a similar collision with tejada in 2010 when he was with the rival phillies. he apologized for injuring tejada in game number two but we doubt the mets are in a forgiving mood. we know the mayor isn't. >> he can appeal all he wants but he's guilty as sin. that was a tackle. i was astounded. it wasn't even close. it was a tackle, it was illegal, sickening. the rules are clear, he shouldn't have done it but if major-league baseball needs to tighten up the roles they should. >> reporter: mets fans are obviously pretty sound tonight but one thing is certain this entire situation will make great theater at citi field. >> i'm sure they are going to boo him like crazy because i think boo alex rodriguez and he's guilty far less.
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>> mets fans are nice, nobody will throw anything at him, he's going to get booed. >> this is new york. there has to be peter. there's no other place but new york. >> reporter: every met fan i spoke to said they would rather matt hard to get the win, forget about revenge. i'm with them. take your business, go up 2-1 in the sears come have a chance to win tomorrow night, and moments ago manager terry collins agreed and told harvey not to retaliate and identities job to calm everyone down. i don't think it's going to be very common the building tonight, though. the mets fans have been starving, nine years since they have had a playoff berth and i want to get the victory. but for now reporting from citi you. >> you want calm, go somewhere else tonight. >> thank you. many fans were surprised injury was a broken leg, it happened so fast it was hard to tell how that happened.
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>> cbs 2's dr. max gomez has take a look at video and shows us how this happened. >> people were surprised to hear that the collision resulted in a broken legs i took the video, slowed it down and found the exact moment of the second base collision that led to tejada's injury. >> reporter: watching the video from this angle is almost impossible to tell what happened, when tejada flies up in the air and land on his back, that's what many people thought must be heard, some kind of back injury. if you want to the camera angle of the play and slow down you can see what happened. right as tejada goes to pivot for a throw to first he plans slides into his lower leg. right here, ultey's left leg catches tejada's ankle while he suspects are planted in the ground. you can see it here, a still photo of the same incident, tejada's right ankle taken front of utley's slide. it was the outer bone the
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occurred at or near the ankle, similar to what you see in this x-ray that is not tejada. had the break been on the weight-bearing heavier to be a or shinbone, the injury would have been more serious and >> if there is good news here, the kind that athletes can fully recover from. while we don't know the exact extent of tejada's injury, see him back for spring but not for the playoffs. >> okay. >> thank you, dr. max. what role will the weather play tonight? shall we ask lonnie? he's here with that. >> pretty calm weatherwise. take a look at what you are dealing with, beautiful day, what a weekend it was, 70 at this hour, sunshine overhead, for the start of the game, 8:37, 68 degrees, mostly clear. as we get into the middle of the game, temperatures will drop of it, maybe a few more clouds come to the area but mace -- mostly clear, 64 will
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be the reading at 10:30, if the game gets done in regulation time, you're going home is midnight, few clouds overhead, 61 degrees those clouds will fill in as you get to the day tomorrow, we are looking at arrangements which i will break down for you later, but for the game tonight, looks to be no weather problems. maurice, over to you. now two other news, a shooting outside of a manhattan nightclub, police say they know the identity of the gunman who killed a woman and wounded two others. information. >> reporter: police say the bullet that killed walikque faussett outside of the nightclub district wasn't meant for her. >> i'm broken. i lost my oldest sister. >> reporter: prince faussett says his 24-year-old sister who celebrating out with friends at club motivo on east 21st and broadway when the shooting happened early this morning.
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her friend, lauren rondat, was shot in the foot and hip and is 30-year-old deborah raji was shot in the shoulder and is expected to be okay. >> i just hope he gets what he deserves. either by going to jail or god is going to punish him., police say the gunman was aiming for the bouncers tossed him from the nightclub because he had he came back with a gun and fired five shots but he had three women standing outside. >> there were a lot of people one of the females. >> reporter: cell phone video shows paramedics rushing two of the victims into an ambulance. the shooter is described as a man in his 20s wearing a red and black sweatshirt. he fled the scene in a dark colored bmw. >> it's so sad. she's such a good girl. >> reporter: faussett's neighbors say they are shocked at her death. prince says his sister recently
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bloomingdale's in white plains. police say they know who the gunman is but aren't releasing his name because they don't want to tip him off. they say he's a gang member in the bronx and has a long rap sheet that includes arrests for reporting in the williamsburg section of the bronx, matt kozar, cbs 2 news. investigators say they uncovered a potential problem with elevators after a deadly accident in williamsburg brooklyn. eran modan was killed october 2 and he tried to escape an elevator that stopped between floors. the elevator moved and he was crushed. the buildings department suspects that that type of elevator may have a deficiency and it is ordering building owners to have them tested. the department says the elevators in question are not why -- widely used. no questions surrounding of teens deadly fall done elevator shaft in a building that was abandoned, chief among them, is a nothing done to prevent the same thing from happening again?
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from staten island. >> reporter: police at the long abandoned staten island hospital again today, and while it's unclear exactly what they were doing, this magnet for mr. van misery remains an open invitation, three days after 16- year-old marcus castille fell to his death, seven floors down an elevator shaft in this ghostly facility where a shrine in his memory grows just outside the front gate. mother cried on the weekend, as her husband demands answers as to why this empty wreck of a property remained so accessible for decades. the family says it has heard from no city officials. calls from cbs 2 to local councilwoman deborah rose have been not been returned. sir, can you tell us, but it a young man have to die at the secured facility? this man who responded no comment when asked if he's associated with the ownership of the perilous property on a part of a number of workers at the site today, were
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nonetheless a giant hole in the fence remains on the side of the property. despite the belated scramble to secure this site, it is still easy to get in by the front fence here. even i could get over that. >> someone has to put down the building because i don't want somebody else like us. >> reporter: a couple of secured guards spotted at the property today, the ownership of which remains a mystery, property records on the city's department of finance website shows no record listed as to hospital site, though complaints to the city about have piled up for years. in the time can still section of staten island, steve langford, cbs 2 news. a small fire on board forced an alaska airlines jet to make buffalo. flight 17 on its way to seattle from network with 189 people on board devoted to buffalo monday night.
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galley, the crew put it out with fire extinction, the boeing 797 900 er landed safety and nobody was injured. smoother trip today for southwest airlines passengers after a commuter college -- rather, computer glitch has big delays. the airlines is a software problem yesterday affected its website, phone centers and airport check in symptoms. that caused delays for hundreds of flights. southwest workers fix the problem this one. the airline did not reveal what caused it but said there were no indications that hackers were to blame. is a surgeon selfies triggering surgeries? why it has some -- a bizarre burglary that had these trail. cutting cost from the atm, what senator. schumer is demanding from banks. eating.
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it took the rockettes years to master the kick line. but only a few moves to master paying bills on technology designed for you.
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with the holiday season around the corner, senator. federal investigators to look into rising atm fees. a new report suggests that the
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to your bank fee averages five eight dollars. new yorkers pay the second- the nation. senator. schumer wants the consumer financial protection bureau to investigate. >> new yorkers are literally being pinned down at the moment in places where they need cash the most. to give up more and more of their money simply to have access to their own cash. >> to avoid of these, experts out-of-network charges and if you're really in a pinch, use a debit card for purchases and get cash back. now to campaign 2016 and encouraging numbers for hillary clinton. ahead of the democrats first presidential debate, the new cbs news poll shows are getting 56% of the vote, 23% of -- ahead of bernie sanders and she still gets 47 with biden taking 16.
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a podium is ready for biden should he choose to take part in the debate tomorrow night although there's no indication clinton is likely to be the candidates. >> what we need are answers to rhetoric. >> i'm looking forward to the democratic party finally joining this game and having a debate about how we solve our >> and on the republican side, the cbs news poll shows donald trump maintain his front runner status with 27%. not practicing what they preach. a new study reveals nearly all sick. based on a survey of nearly 500 doctors, 96% said they would work even if they had symptoms of a cold. vomiting, and 36% said that they would work even if they were certain they had the flu. many doctors in the survey said they felt had about staying home because it would mean more work or their colleagues even if they risked infecting their >> so we can get sick at the doctors office.
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>> that's how it works. well, posting selfies on social media is one way to document what you do but is it also a barometer of who you are? >> from your popularity to your net worth, some say your selfies say it all, but as cbs 2's reports, is it going too far? >> reporter: selfies are becoming -- of the millennial generation. >> where we eat, we hang out with, but we do, when we do it. >> reporter: making keeping up with the joneses a whole lot easier or harder depending on who you ask. >> i think it does put a lot more pressure because you're constantly, you know, there is a bunch of photos been taken of you, so you just have to look at all the time. >> reporter: so much so some plastic surgeons assay selfies are boosting business. >> i see a lot more people coming to my office and the answer to the question what bothers you and why did you
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decide to come and see me surprisingly enough is i saw a selfie of myself and i hated it and needed to fix it. >> reporter: people at 23-year- old model can this warster some nikolayev, she's consulting with him because she says she hates the shadows under her eyes in her selfies. how is it that some people are improve their selfies? some say it's the feeling of instant celebrity with each post for all to see. >> personal celebrity is something that happens. when someone likes your photo or shares or comments, it's definitely a boost to you. >> reporter: psychologist sandy hotchkiss says this post has too many young people getting addicted to selfies. >> our values lead toward the end of that valuable. >> reporter: experts state can strike a balance by learning to put stock in things that go beyond the superficial.
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>> apparently selfie obsessed celebrities, like maybe something with the last name kardashian, they don't quite help this phenomenon. >> what is history going to say about this generation? are they going to join in or go, "what the?"? >> hopefully they go "what the?". >> i don't like how i looking selfies. i feel like i look goofy. >> what's the point? here i am. what is lonnie doing? >> taking a selfie as we speak. >> what are you doing? >> taking a look at beautiful weather. that's what they pay me to do. a little bit hazy, some sunshine, currently 70 degrees. high temp, 3:16, upper 70s, pushing the 80 degree marks, typical would be mid-60s, your well above that. any cloud cover to go along with warm temps? no. a beautiful one out there.
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clouds float through but a very pretty day. a picture where our next weather maker is, not a huge weather maker but it will be what our day tomorrow is all about. this low pressure system around the great lakes and associated cold front coming to michigan right now will give us a rain chance tomorrow. let's timeout for you. as we go through the overnight hours for the game tonight, no problems out there, tomorrow morning, the morning commute, 8:00, could see some rain from the east end but it's not real widespread. that is 8:00 in the morning. then you get to the evening commute. throughout the day, more clouds make their way in but you don't see a lot of rain out of this day but that line will make its way in around the evening commute, here you are at 6:30, it will pass through by midnight, basically done. high temperature tomorrow, 74, there's a shower chance but we keep you on the mild side. my seven-day forecast comes up later. >> thank you, lonnie. up next. finding laughter through pain. how a group of local veterans is using standup comedy to battle their ptsd.
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also, breast-feeding is legal in public but did you know pumping is not? the fight for more rights for new moms. here's a look at what's coming up at 6:00. new information in hit and run that left this young woman anna semiola in a coma. at 6:00 tonight, there's a reward to find the driver who hit her. also tonight at 6:00, everybody is talking about the mets and dodgers, otis livingston live with more on game three at citi field tonight. and, cbs 2's meg baker has a new approach to airbnb. >> one city in new jersey is really embracing air bnb. here's a look on the screen at what is for rent tonight, this weekend come anytime you want. i will expand later at 6:00. see you then. tomorrow morning get traffic and weather on the 2's withdrawn and alex, then from ghosts and goblins to heroes
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and villains, the top five halloween costumes trending right now. wake up to cbs 2 news tomorrow followed by cbs this morning. i blew out my knee last year. just as college football programs began calling me. i didn't realize i'd get hooked on the pain pills the doctor gave me. i never thought my life could change so fast. for now at least, football and college are going to have to wait. don't let addiction sideline your dreams.
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day parade rolled up manhattan's fifth avenue today marking the world's largest celebration of italian-american culture. cbs 2's scott -- was in the middle and reports from midtown.
5:25 pm
american pride on display. it's the largest celebration of italian-american culture and accomplishment in the world. >> [ singing ] when the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie that's amore. >> reporter: the annual columbus day parade of new york institution since 1929 featuring 40,000 marchers, flows and nearly 40 marching bands parading up fifth avenue from 47th st. to second the estimated crowd of 1 million spectators oozing red, white and green. how would we describe your headpiece? >> elaborate. your head? >> reporter: the revelers here to honor their past, present and future, including the empire state ranking italian. >> any message in italian, for the italian-american tonight?
5:26 pm
>> reporter: andrew cuomo. >> please translate. >> reporter: today, everybody is italian. >> for all of the pump and patrick t, -- is to provide scholarships to students who have the ability but not the financial means to get an education. >> for the last 15 years we've raised over $25 million. we fund 649 students. >> reporter: it was a day of smiles, beautiful smiles for the young and the young at heart. >> is part of our heritage. i think to bring my grandson with me and show him the italian spirit. we are proud to be here. italian. >> reporter: the spirit of columbus day. scott rapoport, cbs 2 news. >> the harlem globetrotters also much in the parade, they needed prompts to show off their amazing skills so they used our cbs 2 microphone to spin their basketball. pretty impressive stuff.
5:27 pm
what a glorious day for a great thing. working with what you got. as we continue at 5:00, up next, she said she found a stranger inside her home. >> i pushed the door open and the blinds. >> but what the accused burglar did next really surprised her. if the cbs 2 exclusive. it is a death that outraged animal lovers around the world. why the dentist who killed cecil he lion won't face a group of new jersey firefighters helps a student tickets and after getting
5:28 pm
pair of shoes. way back when, in the neighborhoods of new york... the working people, the people who really make this city work-- the beat cops, nurses, teachers, and engineers had affordable health care thanks to an upstart mayor, and a couple of non-profits called ghi and hip-- now called emblemhealth. because emblemhealth believes that working new yorkers deserve quality care, so new moms and dads can breathe a little easier, and the young at heart can live healthy and strong. and today, emblemhealth is still doing what it did
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setting a national standard with neighborhood care-- not because of some new law, but because looking after your neighbors is just right. emblemhealth: what care feels like... in the neighborhood. a friend long island mother has a close encounter with the burglary suspect inside her home. good evening, i'm maurice dubois. >> the burglar startled the woman when she was getting ready for bed. >> but it's what he said that was even more surprising. cbs 2's jennifer mclogan has the details. >> reporter: aharon night in hicksville, a young mother taking a shower before bed, her two little ones asleep. husband at work.
5:30 pm
>> about 10:00, 11:00, i hear glass breaking so i go to check on the kids thinking maybe they knocked over one of the lamps or something and broke the bulb. the kids are fine sleeping. >> reporter: wrapped in a bath tower, alyssia tiptoed toward the bedroom. >> i usually keep the door closed and a hear glass breaking coming from the room so i pushed the door open and could see the blood all over the blinds. i yelled out and the person said, "oh, i'm sorry". >> reporter: the apology caught her off guard. the burglar who cut himself on the window he had broken retreated, say police. her heart racing, alyssia, a doctor's assistant nearly fainted but had to stay strong for her children. >> i closed the door and i don't know what to do first. should i put clothes on? call the cops? at the kids up and get them dressed? >> reporter: her husband, a security officer, raced home to the crook identified as 34-year-
5:31 pm
back out the window he shattered to gain entrance. it sounds like a repentant >> we don't know what his intentions were. he said, "oh, i'm sorry", when i yelled out. not accepted. >> there was a lot of blood. i believe the peace -- police him. preschool. look like you are still shaking. >> i haven't slept. >> reporter: the suspects family denied comment. they noted he took nothing and apologize. bail was set at $10,000. outside the da's office, jennifer mclogan, cbs 2 news. information about intent is to kill the popular lion in africa. officials in zimbabwe safe charges will not be filed against walter palmer for killing him shooting cecil, the lion, with the bone marrow in july. they say the papers were in order and he did not know he was committing a crime. he paid $55,000 to shoot the lion on an expedition.
5:32 pm
ended their round-the-clock guard in the hideout of julian assage, this it will stable to the best to arrest the wikileaks -- while facing exhibition to sweden about alleged sex crimes. surveillance has been controversial because of its 18 million-dollar price tag. students returned to class today at the oregon community where gunmen opened fire killing nine people. the governor greeted students as they arrived to campus this morning. volunteers and comfort dogs were also on campus. they will be there all week to help students and staff up with the tragedy. the gunman shot his victims and classroom on october 1 before exchanging gunfire with police. and then killing himself. firefighters in linden, new jersey, go above and beyond to help a young boy who had been building on the bus. new at 5:30, we show you how the gave 17 greater a gift
5:33 pm
>> goals and black with crimson like blue. >> reporter: to many, these new basketball shoes look just like that. sneakers. but to 12-year-old jonathan moran, they mean a lot more. >> i love them a lot. >> reporter: on thursday the seventh grader says he was bullied on the bus to school. >> started making fun of my sneakers and calling me fat. plus, he called me stupid. >> reporter: when he got on the bus to go home it escalated. >> started punching me. you broke my glasses, split my lip and gave me a few bruises around my face. >> we responded to a call for a fight on the bus. >> reporter: enter linden emt and firefighters who drove moran home after treating him. >> we got back from a call and it struck a chord in my heart and i was telling the guys what happened, we decided to chip in and give the kids issues. >> reporter: these are the shoes that moran was bully for and here is cell phone video of the firefighters a surprising moran at home this would get in
5:34 pm
shirts, socks, and an american wooden flag. >> he's a little bit more outgoing. he was so happy. his mother says he's more talkative. >> normally jonathan asked out when he's called a name or something like that, it's one of his triggers. >> reporter: jonathan has autism and has only been at his new school for a week or so. his mother says he has been bullied in the past and is proud of how he handled himself this time. to make he's gotten in trouble in the past two so to have all of this positive attention this time perhaps it's going to change the direction of his life. >> reporter: and with halloween around the corner, jonathan has a really good idea for costume. which may eventually turn into a career. >> firemen or military. >> reporter: so, not just new sneakers, but the ability to walk with confidence from now on. in linden, new jersey, alice gainer, cbs 2 news. >> good job, jonathan. he said he actually forgives across me to bullied him and is thinking of inviting him over
5:35 pm
hopefully be friends. >> bigger man. >> yes, yes, yes but we all learned a lesson from that. coming up next here at 5:00, parents take on a local school district that canceled halloween. also, could redwine help diabetes patients? that is what one new study claims. and, today in history in 1973, president. nixon nominated general. ford for vice president. he succeeded former vice
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of federal tax evasion. amoi setng lee owowoa bin'sootoe cke 0%ib oicneor gis u e stt teetavlae r l ureves geouofheas g fs. i'm giving you a gallon of bp gas. because you're my best friend. i'm giving you a gallon of bp gas.
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why are you giving me a gallon of... because you're my best friend. i'm giving you a gallon of bp gas. because you're my best... get gas rewards for three friends and even one for yourself. when you sign up for bp driver rewards. halloween festivities are back on in schools in milford, connecticut, that's because parents successfully pressured the district. activities is saying it originally wanted to move the celebrations to the evening so more parents could attend. parents say they were told the district was trying to accommodate schools who don't -- rather, students who don't celebrate had the rain. it's one of the biggest obstacles for new moms. how to keep nursing when they return to work.
5:38 pm
though some companies have overhauled their policies to make things more convenient, any nursing mothers say it's not enough. >> reporter: emily beard is committed to nursing her eight-month-old daughter, sasha. means using a breast pump at work. >> i started pumping in a closet off of a conference room which is off of the library. that wasn't working. so then i tried to pump in my classroom. few times even though i put a note on the door. >> reporter: just last week, american airlines apologized to a phoenix mom because a flight the plane laboratory while she was pumping. >> she diminished me. if i don't pump regularly, my >> reporter: and when massachusetts mom liz cooper landed at dulles airport in dc and asked united airlines for private place to pump -- >> the service agent directed me toward the family restroom or the pet relief center. i was a little horrified. >> reporter: she ended up
5:39 pm
pumping in plain sight in the while breast-feeding in public is protected by law, pumping in public is not. federal law does require employers with more than 50 workers to provide pumping moms, quote, a place other than a bathroom shielded from you and free from intrusion. >> a lot of moms feel uncomfortable using the equipment in public. it's noisy, it's unwieldy. >> reporter: pediatrician judy capioloa says she hears from every day. need to pump and can't she could develop clogged milk ducts, this can lead to infection. >> reporter: emily beard fears pumping mothers pick up. uncomfortable subject. picturing a woman strapped to a milk. the picture. it's not cute. >> a company with fewer than 50 employees must so comply with breast pumping laws.
5:40 pm
would be an undue hardship to do so. i have to say, the pet relief center was a little much. >> that's taking it a little the wrong direction. >> i be upset, too. here at 5:00 as we continue, and age old problem in classrooms. how to get kids to sit still. how about not having them sit at all? this new trend the keep them on their feet all day long. >> first, dana tyler has a look at what's going on at 6:00. >> we are following news in the bronx, a coca-cola truck slams into a busstop of people, one person is dead, several others injured. also, a solemn ceremony on long island, a law enforcement officer recognized as a fallen hero decades after his death. why it took so long to honor him. and a new study showing the month you are born in plays a big role in your health.
5:41 pm
game. i'm michael douglas, and new york is my home. there's no place like it in the world. and there's no time to see it like the fall. take metro north to take in the beautiful fall foliage from high above the hudson. swing a club at one of america's greatest courses... see spectacular sights underground... ...or thrilling sights above it. there's so many incredible ways to experience the fun of fall
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in new york state. plan your trip at
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more than 200,000 u.s. veterans who served in iraq and afghanistan have been treated for posttraumatic stress disorder. larger of the divide on therapy
5:44 pm
and medications. >> on long island, a new veterans groups is humor is the best medicine. we explained. >> grown-up i have lots of energy and it was very apparent in seventh grade when they made my mom said behind me in class for three months. >> reporter: patrick donohue survived his tour of duty in afghanistan, although with lots of psychological scars at what he witnessed. yet, for donohue, getting upstaged to perform standup comedy fell nearly as nerve- patrick donohue founded the project nine line for returning long island veterans. the nonprofit volunteer organization is using the arts including standup comedy to help veterans overcome the trauma of war. >> one thing my son asked me, he said, daddy, what did you do in the navy? i said, son, your 37 years old, why the hell are you talking like that? >> reporter: about a dozen veterans have been taught standup comedy by professional
5:45 pm
also a veteran. >> foxhole humor, maybe they took some of the dark things that they've experienced and look at them from a different perspective and laugh in the face of those things. >> reporter: army veteran ron rantoura helped lead the invasion of baghdad in 2003. now his wife emily says their marriage has been liberated by laughter. >> it gives me a purpose as well especially to see him, you know, having an outlet which for the past 10 years he hasn't. >> reporter: is a real-life remedy that has these veterans laughing their way to recovery. in nassau county, joe mclean, cbs 2 news. >> really is the best medicine. project nine line is looking for other veterans for the standup veterans to perform, they are paid to perform as professionals. some schools are taking a stand to help students learn, literally, across the country, including some programs in our area. students are using standing desks, the standup kids
5:46 pm
program at the school in san rafael california. the idea is to get students to move more. at first, students say they got tired from standing all day, but within a few months, they were more focused, confident, and productive in the classroom. >> it burns off lots of my energy so i can concentrate without wiggling around like in the chairs. >> there seems to be an improvement in actually circulation and arterial function and of course expending a few calories extra every hour can lead to big changes. >> 19 out of the schools 22 classrooms have standing desks. the last three will be converted by the end of the year. if you're looking to keep your weight in check this coming holiday season, now may be the best time to jump start your routine. experts say starting healthy habits now can keep you fit through the holidays are making it easier to maintain a routine. another benefit of developing
5:47 pm
good habits now is having more energy. during the always stressful holiday season. my theory is the more i work out the more i can eat. >> that's right. i can eat whatever i want. >> let's check in with lonnie quinn and a look at the forecast now. great day today, rate weekend, going to be changes for the day tomorrow but take a peek at them temperatures out there, take a peek at what the high temps were. around the 70 degree mark right now, high temps from some of our weather watchers, kay, 75 in bloomingdale, 77 in queens from robert, biggest number, 78 in old field, john, thank you for that reading. that's about what we maxed out at today in new york city as well. but i secretly, good-looking shot at to see lady liberty in the background, sunshine, 70 degrees as of right now. headlines look like this. use of rain chance for your day tomorrow, it's not going to be a washout, you will only need the umbrella once or twice in the day but you will see some rain out there. right now the numbers are not gigantic.
5:48 pm
quarter of an inch for anybody in the area. maybe you get a little bit more, you know the drill, if you get a storm that sits on top of your area for a while and get the training shower effect, you could have more than a quarter of an inch, otherwise, it looks like that, bigger picture shows us what's going on here in the midwest with this low pressure system and associated cold front. this is one player that moved into the area. i think it's possible that the island could be closer to that quarter inch or higher because there's a second disturbance offshore kind of moving to the north, sort of northwest flow a little bit later on. so it could clip the east end of long island with may be an added chance for some rain. but nobody has got big numbers for tomorrow. then we start to moderate the temperatures after your day tomorrow, today you are in the 70s, tomorrow you are in the 70s but by the time you get to this upcoming weekend, we are going to drop those temperatures by about 20 degrees cooler. 78 today, about 58 for the weekend. the extended forecast looks
5:49 pm
your day tomorrow, 74 degrees, there is that rain chance and is a nice weather forecast for the ballgame, what about tomorrow night? tomorrow night, the front is going to pass through anytime between say, 6:00 and 9:00 p.m. i'm not going to roll out a rain chance tomorrow evening but i will say a lot of times the computer models but the rain in here a little later. sometimes earlier than the computer models, so it could be tomorrow. there. either which way, the rain is not coming out in buckets. there's going to be some are cooler temps. and economic professor is university today. >> he won a nobel prize making him the second person with ties to new jersey to get the owner this year, angus deaton won the nobel prize for his work and last week william campbell was
5:50 pm
the winner he was a professor at drew university for many years. campbell cannot believe when he got the call. >> i responded by saying, are you kidding? and then i called this person back of the number they had left to ask how i could verify that this news was true and this gentleman told me very kindly how i could verify which i did. so, i began to believe it. >> [ laughter ] >> the nobel prize is worth all that prestige and about $975,000 apiece. want to be handed out in december. there will be no plunking dr. campbell. >> it is just like a scholar to verify. >> verify the facts like a good journalist. want to improve your mood and reduce your stress? open the refrigerator. the 12 foods that can do it, next. and, airbnb a lot of the
5:51 pm
their homes. oh, stay on that one. [changes channel] sometimes it's hard to catch all your favorite shows. you're killing me, dad. give me that, please. with time warner cable's enhanced dvr, you can. record up to 6 shows at the same time. plus, you can record in one room and watch in another. so you can enjoy tv on your schedule. welcome to the future. yes, welcome. get over 200 hd channels, internet, and unlimited calling for $89.99 a month.
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more evidence of health benefits of red wine.
5:53 pm
glass of red wine may help with cardiovascular health of people with type ii diabetes. >> 1 to 2 glasses of red wine for men, and after one glass of red wine for women daily at dinner over a two-year period resulted in lower blood sugars and a decreased development of heart disease. >> researchers say they have known for a while that moderate amounts of alcohol are fine for diabetics, but the jury is still out on which kind of alcohol had the most benefit. red wine also modestly increased levels of good cholesterol called hdl and lowered overall cholesterol. >> sounds good. >> why not? if you're looking for ways to boost your mood, the answer could be in your kitchen. cbs 2's emily smith shows us the dozens of food that could improve your mood. >> reporter: one was the last time you said, i'm having a bad day, i think i will eat spinach? it's green, leafy vegetables that contain folate, that
5:54 pm
releases dopamine, a pleasure inducing brain chemical known for it's calming measures. >> able to realize how much food can affect our mood. >> reporter: registered dietitian alyssa rumsey says that's the beginning to instantly better mood. having a few slices of turkey works, too, because it contains tryptophan which builds up serotonin, the chemical that regulates hunger and feelings of happiness. oatmeal is another superfood, rumsey says it can create a feeling similar to the substance regulator by antidepressants the moments you eat it. >> it gets it going in your brain not give you that plug sugar rise and fall. >> reporter: yogurt is next on the list for its probiotics. >> the bacteria in your gut can play a role in stress. if things are off-balance you can feel higher levels of stress. >> reporter: try adding notes pistachios or cashews and flax seed. alleviate symptoms of
5:55 pm
>> reporter: research shows white blood cells, strengthening your immunity, creating a positive ripple if you like chocolate, go for a bite of dark chocolate. it contains natural substances that create a euphoria, similar to being in love. fortified vitamin d, a half- century long study found reduced levels of vitamin d can and, finally, avocado. because it contains healthy fat. that makes you feel fuller longer which could help stop you from reaching for -- >> how about pasta? >> i will have an ice cream or something summary. >> reporter: you don't have to nutritionists say the impact on the brain is real and in making better food choices, you may find a better mood. emily smith, cbs 2 news. >> expert there, rumsey says, it's not a cure-all by any means but can help set a better >> if all else fails, go for
5:56 pm
the ice cream. >> exactly. two scoops. that's going to do it for us here at 5:00. we will see you here for news at 11:00. breaking news, and out-of- control truck plows into a busstop full of people in the bronx. good evening, i'm dana tyler. that crash with deadly results. breaking news we start with, cbs 2's lou young on the scene in port morris. >> reporter: everybody got away but one person at the busstop. it was a collision or accident at the start of the evening rush, a coke truck and an suv. this is the result. take a look at the video, the victim was killed at the busstop here on east 138th street just under a building
5:57 pm
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