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tv   CBS 2 News  CBS  October 13, 2015 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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19-month-old mason robinson. can you tell us what happened? police say he was baby sitting the toddler while the mother was at work. they say he told investigators mason had took a nap, fallen off the bed and never woke up. but investigators say he had severe internal bleeding and broken ribs and other injuries. by the time doctors tried to save him, he was already dead. >> this individual doesn't have prior criminal record. if he had any indication to harm the baby, the mother would have known about it and she would not have allowed him to baby sit. >> reporter: his attorney says the death was an accident. >> when he fell according to my client, he fell from the bed and slipped if his hands and he fell in a position that could have caused serious injuries. >> reporter: his relatives were in court during the arraignment and had no comment on the second degree murder charges he is now facing.
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prosecutors say that the he was watching his own 3-week-old baby at the time that mason died. the judge set his bail at $10 million. reporting from long island, janelle burrell, cbs 2 news. >> his defense lawyer says he has no prior arrest and a good relationship with the child's mother. breaking news now, police say they have made an arrest in a deadly club shooting in manhattan. she was gunned down outside the club yesterday morning. police say the suspect was a dj at the club and knew the victim but she was not the intended target. he was arrested this morning in brooklyn. the 24-year-old mother was celebrating her birthday with friends and police say the gunman was aiming for the bouncers who tossed him if the nightclub because he had been fighting no. word on the suspect's name but sources tell cbs 2 news someone is in custody. a federal appeals court has reinstated a lawsuit
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following the 9/11 aterror attacks. the city has blamed media reports exposing the program for any harm to the plaintiffs. the appeal's panel found the city to be the cause of harm. a connecticut woman accused of the attempted kidnapping of a teenager is also in court at this hour. police arrested the suspect on saturday night. the 38-year-old allegedly lured the 17-year-old girl into her car on october 5th and sexually assault her before she jumped out of the moving vehicle. the escape was caught on camera. she faces charges of sexual assault and reckless endangerment. israel police are blaming palestinians for a wave of deadly attacks this morning. at least three israelis were killed and dozens more injured. >> reporter: violence is escalating in israel after a series of attacks this morning. in the first attack, two palestinians stormed a bus and
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then stabbed and shot passengers. >> one of them had a pistol and the second had a knife. and injured five on the bus. >> reporter: and in another part of the city, a driver rammed his car into a crowded bus stop and then got out and started stabbing people. two additional stabbing attacks were reported in city this morning, also carried out by palestinians. and since the jewish new year last month, there have been at least 15 attacks against israelis. authorities believe the violence is fueled in part by muslim anger. in an effort to curb the violence, israel has given police more leeway to shoot suspected attackers. today in protest, palestinians set fires and threw rocks at the israeli military which responded with tear gas and gunfire. and israeli and palestinian officials have called for calm but the violence shows little
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palestinian groups have declared a, quote, day of rage across the region. cbs 2 news, london. >> israeli officials say at least seven israelis and 27 palestinians have been killed in the almost daily violence. air crash investigators concluded today that malaysia airlines flight 17 brought down by a russian-made missile last july. all 298 passengers were killed. and and investigators stopped -- killed. and investigators stopped short of saying who was responsible. >> reporter: that the plane was shot down was never a mystery. it make clear after wreckage rained down over ukraine. the doomed boeing 777 left that morning for what should have been a routine 12-hour flight. all 298 people onboard were killed. the casualties of a war they had nothing to do with, being waged 33,000 feet below. the vast majority were dutch
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nationalities which is why that country has taken the lead in the investigation. most everybody except russia blames russia, that the missile was fired either by its own forces or the separatists it backs. but the russian company that makes the missile believed responsible contends the plane was shot down by a missile launched by ukrainian forces from government-held territory. the -- findings stop short of naming which side pulled the trigger. and it will bring little comfort to heart broken relatives who may now know the what and the why but is still asking who. the answer of that question will be the findings of a separate criminal investigation which won't be complete until the end of this year or maybe the beginning of next. >> dutch investigators say ukrainian authorities have sufficient reason to close the air space over eastern ukraine before the crash. ask campaign 2016. all five democratic
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presidential candidates will take the stage tonight in las vegas in their first prime time debate. ask challengers will be trying to convince voters front-runner hillary clinton is not the inevitable nominee. she will be joined by bernie sanders and the former maryland governor and the former virginia senator and rhode island governor. and a sixth podium will reportedly be on stand-by for vice president joe biden if he should suddenly decide to enter the race. the first play-off game at citi field history and the mets made it count. the high-scoring win in game three of the division series. >> but can they do it again snob we have team coverage begin -- again? we have team coverage. >> reporter: he didn't anyone with pitches last night but the mets still got sweet revenge in game three of the division series. >> i thought it was great. they made a come back.
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they got their revenge without hitting any players. it was great. great game. and i hope they do it tonight. >> 26, chase utley. >> reporter: met fans showed their anger for the controversial slide that broke shortstop ruben tejada's leg. >> i wouldn't believe it. like typical met, based loaded and nobody out and not score. >> reporter: but the mets responded with a run of their own followed by three more. from there, they never looked back ending with a final score of 13-7. >> hats off to the fans. that swing right there if the heater he bangs off the wall to turn a 3-1 game to 4-3 game with two outs gave the fans something to cheer out. >> it was crazy. screaming, like, yeah, let's go mets! >> reporter: and another highlight came before the game
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people gave the injured tejada a standing ovation. >> i think it's a good rallying cry for us to go out and try to take the series for him. >> reporter: and tonight the mets have the home field advantage again. the pitcher will try to keep the dodgers alive. and as a rookie, he hasn't had as much experience as his rival but as a long island native, he has plenty of fans rooting for him. >> young, homegrown and he's ready to go. >> reporter: how do you feel having a local go out there? >> it's amazing. let's go new york. >> reporter: game four kicks off at citi field just after 8:00 p.m. cbs 2 news. >> so chase utley did not play last night but the dodgers have the option to put him in until the appeal has been heard. no word on when that will happen. if the mets win tonight, they move on to to the face the cub force cardinals. >> the question now, will it rain during tonight's game? john elliott with the forecast for citi field.
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i'll show you what's going on right now. to the west, we have showers pushing through orange, sussex, warren and sullivan county. and the models still want to bring in the chance of a shower around game time. around citi field. and then you see that play through during the course of the evening and then wrap up as we head out. and the odds are low. so distilling it for you. get the game underway, in the mid-60s, the possibility a passing shower. and as you head home, it will be cooler with temperatures in the 50s. it looks pretty good. and the rest of the seven-day in a bit. right now, back to the desk. >> all right. thank you so much. there's much more ahead here on cbs 2 news at noon. i'm driving home drunk. >> a woman streams her ride live on social media and it gets a lot of reaction. find out what a lot of people who saw it did.
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battle. we're cracking down on medicare fraud. the health care law gives us powerful tools to fight it. to investigate it. prosecute it. and stop criminals. our senior medicare patrol volunteers are teaching seniors across the country to stop, spot and report fraud. you can help. guard your medicare card. don't give out your card number over the phone. call to report any suspected fraud. we're cracking down on medicare fraud. let's make medicare stronger for all of us. i'm [ bleep ] drunk. >> suspected of being drunk behind the wheel, a florida woman captures her potentially deadly joyride on a social media app. police in lakeland fielded numerous 911 calls after the
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frightening video was streamed worldwide. she was urged through messages on the app to stop before she killed someone. >> no drivers that they have are [ bleep ] driving right now! and i have to go home! >> a police officer downloaded the app to help pin point her location. when they caught up with her and pulled her over, she failed a sobriety test. she was charged with dwi. at a time when more and more consumers are looking to buy locally grown food, you may be shocked to find out that the road your chicken will travel. raised in the u.s. and shipped to china and back, but why? food safety experts are crying foul over long distance chicken tonight on cbs 2 news at 11:00. okay, when we come back, tony and stephanie tantillo with the perfect dish for a cool fall weather day. and john is here with -- >> cool fall weather, wait a
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and we are in the 70s today. oh, get ready. the seven-day forecast is coming up. here at humana, we value sticking with things.
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people stick with it. more people stick with humana medicare advantage. because we stick with them. humana medicare advantage.
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if you're looking for ways to boost your mood, the answer
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>> the foods that could almost instantly improve your mood. >> reporter: when was the last time you said, i'm having a bad day, i think i will eat some spinach? it's green leafly vegetables that produce dope mean, a pleasure-inducing brain chemical known for calming measures. >> i don't think people realize how much food can affect our food. >> reporter: she says that's just the beginning to a nearly instant better mood. having a few slices of turkey works too because it contains a ingredient that regulates the feeling of happiness. and oatmeal can create a feeling similar to a substance regulated by antidepressants. >> it gives you the carbs to get it going in the brain but not the blood sugar rise and fall. >> reporter: and yogurt is next on the list. >> the bacteria can play a role in stress. so if things are off balance,
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you can feel higher levels of stress. >> reporter: try adding nuts to the diet and flaxseed. >> magnesium has been shown to help relieve depression and anxiety. >> reporter: and blueberries can boost white blood cell, creating a positive ripple effect. if you like chocolate, go for a bite of dark chocolate. it contains natural substances that create a feeling similar to being in love. and milk can boost your mood. a study found reduced levels of vitamin did can increase panic and depression. and finally, avocado because it contains healthy fat and that makes you feel fuller longer which can stop you from reaching for -- >> how about pasta. >> an ice cream or something sugary. >> reporter: you don't have to completely deny cravings but nutritionists say the impack on
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better food choices, you may find a better mood. cbs 2 news. >> i don't know about you, but chocolate makes me happy. >> for sure. spinach for me. first time i heard that one. john elliott, what we can expect today. of course, james two tonight pgh and i like to chase my kale. >> there you go. >> moods coming and going. hi everybody. let's play ball. i think we will be okay. but if you're going to the game, lucky you. and here's what we're looking at lunchtime, readings in the 70s through jersey city. and 72 in north shore. and i like this, this is, wait a minute, come back here, she was getting shy. 73 neptune city. and she noted beautiful this morning and now the clouds are moving in. and more of the weather watchers off to the north and west are looking at clouds filling in. and there's rain into the area. show you the radar in a second. and in the city right now, we
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more clouds fill in. and numbers are nice, 71, winds are calm. and that's the reading in the park. and always somewhat misleading because it's a predominant south winds and we are seeing winds up to 15 miles per hour. 72 jersey shore. and 57 the cool spot. and that's a little cooler than it was yesterday. and that makes sense. we will be a few degrees cooler than we were yesterday. and we hit 77 for the marvelous monday. and tuesday still well above normal, almost 10 degrees, shooting for 74. and sunsets at 6:19. and sun and clouds. and into the weekend though, what happens is a series of low pressure systems will usher in cool air. so there's going to be a big dip in the jet stream over the northeast. and highs we can forget about the 70s. it's the 50s and 40s. and we could see some areas dealing with frost and freeze advisories as well. nothing to tell you about yet but stay tuned. sullivan, orange, you're seeing showers. affiliated with the trailing
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front wrapping around the low. bulk of the energy pushes off to the north and east. but we will leave that chance for a shower in the forecast for the area. and showers keep the pollen count down today. and it's back for your wednesday, breezy and dry wednesday into thursday. and here comes the front. the drops return. a chance of a passing shower this afternoon. and north and west through the city. and around that 7:00 or 8:00 hour and then it heads out the sea. it will be breezy tomorrow. and it will be cooler tomorrow. we are back in the 60s tomorrow. and then brilliant and bright for your thursday. but that cooling trend will continue thursday into the weekend. 74 your still mild high today with a shower chance tonight. and then, it's a 20-degree drop from today into sunday. and then, boy, morning lows will be very cold. it's a november preview this weekend. >> all right. looking forward to it. finally. >> oh, yeah. >> sweater weather. >> i'm not sure. i like it warm.
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>> the weather is changing. that means all kinds of aisle. >> tony and stephanie tantillo recipe. you. butternut squash in the market, it's comfortable and great. and you prepared something wonderful with it. >> the thing about butternut squash is it has a nice nutty and sweet familiar flavor. similar to pumpkin but you don't have to reduce it as much. i made a brown butter sauce and then -- >> how much thyme? >> enough thyme. >> about a minute left. >> hi to say that. and then the squash. didn't roast it first but let it simmer for about 30 to 40 minutes. >> it takes time. >> yeah. squash does take time. >> and this is also great because it's one of the few if you have a lot going on this the oven, you don't have to put it in the oven.
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and the best way of course to select a squash, beautiful color, free from cracking and when you bring them home in a cool, dry place, do not store in the fridge because the cold temperatures and the moisture, well, it will ruin it. too much decay there. >> exactly. so i will put a few drops of fresh lemon juice on here. and then plate it. >> i will plate the whole thing. >> there you go. >> look how beautiful. >> and top this off with? >> i'm going to put a little bit more fresh thyme on top. >> and a bit of honey. >> just drizzle that on there. >> and that's it? >> and more honey. and there go. >> beautiful. >> and sweetness on there too. >> thank you. this is fall.
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cameras caught a teenage girl jumping out of a moving car. those stories and much more on cbs 2 news at 5:00. and that is it for us at noon. for john and the entire cbs 2 news news team, thank you for joining us. i am mary calvi. >> and i am chris wragge. cbs 2 news is back at 5:00. we will see you tomorrow morning at 4:30.
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