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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  October 14, 2015 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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have a great morning. captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is wednesday, october 14th, 2015. welcome to cbs. hillary clinton and bernie sanders clash on guns, wall street and foreign policy in the democrat's first presidential debate but they agree on the e-mails. a historic ruling blames a gun shop for a shooting that seriously wounded two police officers. and oprah winfrey will be in studio 57 about a project she calls the culmination of her life's work. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. everybody on this stage has changed its position. >> democratic socialism. >> donnell trump. >> i have had no scandal. >> the democrats trade punches
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in nevada. >> the no-fly zone, actually, secretary would be a mistake. >> governor o'malley endorsed me for president in 2008. >> the american people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn e-mails! >> thank you. >> i wonder if there is not some subtle gig. >> you sick of this story? >> maybe we are sick of the person who is responsible for bringing it to us in the first place. >> after a bloody day, israeli is beginning to deploy hundreds of troops to combat the increasing palestinian attack. >> former nba and reality tv star la lamar odom is in the hospital after police found him conscious at nevada brothel. >> the cubshicago cubs are heading to the national league championship series. >> you see what happened in this ballpark and what is going to happen outside of this ballpark in a couple of hours. >> i feel like we are getting better at celebrating! two people were killed when a small plane crashed into a mobile home park in palm beach
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a walmart went up in flames. a man used lighter fluid. >> all that. >> the robotic camera went live on wild swedish camera. >> the cameraman kept his cool. >> and all that matters. >> a flight on a china airlines flight delivered a baby including an emergency landing in alaska. >> on "cbs this morning." >> california is dropping a plan to let violent inmates fight wildfires. >> people in california, listen to me. leave your homes immediately now! >> okay? >> do not take your valuables! >> leave them! >> as a matter of fact don't bother locking up! >> oh, take your dog! >> yeah, take your dog! announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by toyota p toyota. let's go places. welcome to "cbs this morning."
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anthony mason is with us. hillary clinton and bernie sanders dominated the first democratic debate of the presidential campaign. they battled over everything from wall street to gun control. but sanders also gave his rival a boost arguing that voters don't care about her e-mails. >> the other three candidates were left largely on the sidelines. nancy cordes is at the las vegas resort where the debate unfolded last night. nancy, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this was a more spirited high octane debate than some probably expected and clinton's performance gave her campaign a badly needed shot in the arm. she took fire from all sides but that ended up helping her show some spark and address some of the concerns about her candidacy. >> well, i am in the middle here and lots of things coming from all directions. >> reporter: clinton laughed off some attacks and carried others. >> are you not for putting a fire wall between a risky shadow
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i think we need someone that has the best in ethical standard as our next president. that's how i feel. >> secretary clinton, do you want to respond? >> no. >> governor? >> reporter: she did respond to a question about some of her shifting positions. >> will you say anything to get elected? >> well actually, i have been very consistent over my entire life and fought for the same principles. >> are you a progressive or a moderate? >> i'm a progressive but a progressive who likes to get things done. >> reporter: bernie sanders. >> say, please do the right thing. >> no, that is not what. >> reporter: former virginia senator jim webb accused him of being naive with his calls for americans to rise up and demand more from government. >> i got a great deal of admiration and affection for senator sanders, but, bernie, i don't think the revolution is going to come. >> reporter: gun legislation
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turned out to be one of the biggest flash points. >> is bernie sanders tough enough on guns? >> no, not at all. senator sanders did vote five times against the brady bill. >> reporter: martin o'malley showed his experience. >> we were able to pass this and respect the hunting conditions of the people who lived in rural areas. >> reporter: but sanders rebelled against a issue about clinton's e-mail issue. >> the american people are sick and tired hearing about your damn e-mails. >> thank you, thank you. me, too! >> enough of the e-mails! let's talk about the real issues facing america! >> reporter: later, he said it just popped out. >> some people are going to say you gave her a big gift. >> i don't know that i gave her a big gift but what i said was true. >> reporter: it's a sign that the two who are adversariys are leader.
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joe biden is still on the fence because several of the candidates who are already in the race showed the kind of poise and passion that democratic voters are looking for. >> nancy, thank you very much. at one point, clinton defended capitalism after sanders claimed he preferred democratic socialism. >> when you look around the world, you see every other major country providing health care to all people as a right, except the united states, and i think we should look to countries like denmark, like sweden, and norway and learn from what they have accomplished for their working people. >> but we are not denmark. i love denmark. we are the united states of america and it's our job to rein in the excesses of capitalism so it doesn't run amuck and doesn't pause the kind of inequities we are seeing in our economic system, but we would be making a grave mistake to turn our backs
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class in the world. >> "face the nation" moderator this morning. she looked like the fighter and night. >> she really was. hillary clinton is kind of at the mercy of events the last several months, trying to catch up and get her story out, but she has been dogged by questions of e-mails and last night what made it such a distinguishing performance for her was she knew the details of what she wanted to say and attacked the republicans in a way that was pleasing to the audience, and she just felt in command the way a front-runner -- she looked the way a front-runner is supposed to look i. >> and she showed a sense of humor too. the line of the night came from bernie sanders. the american people are sick and tired of your damn e-mails played well in the room. do you think that was a gift and will that help expand his base? >> it takes a village and she got an assist there from bernie sanders. i think it helped within the moment, in the context of the debate, which is what she will needed, in other words, she had
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one was to play offense and dictate on her terms what they would talk about, but also she had to play defense on the question of e-mails henand her flip-flopping and bernie sanders took the e-mail question off the table. i don't think that will go away as she has to testify in front of the benghazi committee. one in the associated press yesterday about her server so that story not going away but among democratic voters she got her talking point which is they don't care about it and was ratified by one of her opponents. >> will it help him expand his base? >> well, bernie sanders probably -- what will help him expand his base he was constantly on the message about billionaires and that made him an attractive candidate to hillary clinton was demanding on a series of issue and he was passionate and commanding on his one big one.
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>> if you're vice president biden sitting at home watching this, how does it affect your thinking about whether you get into your race? >> i think it closes an avenue. obviously, his big decision is whether emotionally he wants to run but a poll from the idea that hillary clinton was flipping and sailing and whip-sawed around by events. last night, she showed that she could handle a big moment like this so today we are talking about her performance and not the huge vacuum in the race that needs to be filled like a white knight by joe biden. >> john dickerson, thank you. our coverage of the democratic debate will continue throughout the day on our digital network cbsn. investigators are heading to the scene of a deadly plane crash. two people died tuesday when a small plane plunged into a mobile home park in palm beach county, florida. surveillance video shows smoke
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>> reporter: the faa is investigating this crash which happened at around 5:30 last night about three miles north of the palm beach county park airport. before the crash, several people called 911 describing a low flying aircraft. the plane crashed into a cluster of mobile homes in this club in palm beach county, florida. witnesses described choking smoke and fire. neighbors ran to help. >> the plane fell into the house and then after that, you just seen a lot of smoke and a whole bunch of fire, black smoke. we tried to go and save him but there was too much smoke. >> reporter: the impact captured on this surveillance video shows a plane coming in at a sharp angle. its wings are perpendicular to the ground. after impact, there is a large black plume of smoke. domingo lived in this home and said he was outside when the plane crashed. his 21-year-old daughter manny
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was inside the home when the plane hit and she stayed home from college yesterday because she was sick. they said she did not survive. after everything that happened, i couldn't do anything. firefighters told domingo galicia they are bringing in heavy equipment to search through the wreckage for his daughter's remains. a wisconsin gun store this morning is liable in the officers. the cops won a nearly $6 million ruling in a land dsmark civil suit yesterday against badger guns. they argue the gun shop was negligent in selling weapons that killed them. >> the two were shot in the face in 2008. kunish lost an eye and norberg was hit in the mouth. >> some gun dealers around the country realizes they may have their teeth held to the fire because of the award here and that is a bonus. >> one verdict in milwaukee is certainly a good step. is it going to change the way
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time will tell. >> time will tell. cbs news legal expert rikki klieman joins us at the table. good morning. >> good morning. >> were you surprised by this decision and why is this such a big deal? >> i was surprised because i thought that most jurors might not really toe the line that has been advocated by gun ownership people. at the same time, if you look at the facts of this case, this was the perfect case. it took a two-week trial, and basically nine hours for 12 people to do what congress could not and would not do in years! it's momentous, this decision. >> let's talk about the 2005 law which protects gun manufacturers. how effectively could this change things? >> well, the law is the law. it is called the protection of lawful commons and arms act and the strongest piece of gun control legislation.
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there is no other industry, anthony, not the pharmaceutical companies, not the car manufacturers, not the appliance people who have immunity from civil liability. what happened here is that these two police officers in the city of milwaukee said enough is enough. you can't just immunize an industry as was done back in 2005 and in 30 states, but here, the facts. we have to look at the facts where they say, the jury agrees, that in this gun dealer's store, that they should have known, if they did not know, that this is what we call a straw purchase. >> this store had a particularly bad record. >> oh, my god! one of the worst in the country! and no matter what the atf, the bureau of alcohol and tobacco and firearms did to cite them over and over again, they would just change their name and they would go forward. in this case, you have two people who enter the store, one
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they come in and the straw buyer, the buy who is going to buy it for him, he actually even checks the box that he is not buying it for himself. the guy in the store helps him undo that and do it right. you have video, powerful video. >> will there be other changes in the country, you think? >> i think it could lead to many other lawsuits. this is the second lawsuit ever brought. the first time that a gun dealer has ever been held liable. so this will lead other people to feel emboldened they should go forward who is in that gun control or gun ownership group. ultimately, is the law going to change? it's not that simple. you're going to need someone who comes in as a president. hillary clinton was very strong last night. >> she was. >> that if she gets in, she is going to do something about this. others, not so much. >> interesting to see what happens in other court cases. rikki klieman, thank you. >> i think you should speak more passionately. thank you. this morning, planned
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parenthood is changing a controversial policy highlighted in a string of anti-abortion videos. the health care provider says it will stop taking money to cover the cost of donating fetal tissue to researchers. one anti-abortion group calls the move an admission of guilt. house republicans grilled planned parenthood cecile richards last month. they tried to cut off funding for the organization. this morning, isis confirms a senior official was killed in a u.s. air strike. al qurashi was known as the second in command and reportedly died near mowsle in august and now isis is calling for a holy war against the united states and russia over targeted air strikes. in a new audio reorganized released tuesday, an isis spokesman says, quote, russia will be defeated. he calls on muslims everywhere to launch jihad against the russians and americans and the message comes after another close call between u.s. and russian planes over syria.
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battle space and made visual contact with each other saturday. the two countries are holding video conferences to avoid accidental encounter. this morning, israeli is deploying hundreds of troops in its own cities in the west bank town of bethlehem. the military's movement into the israeli city causes a new series of deadly assaults. several have been killed in shooting and stabbing attacks. elizabeth palmer is in london with the rising death toll. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the violence which began last month has, so far, losteft eight israelis and almost 30 palestinians dead and governments on both sides are struggling now to diffuse it. captured on cc-tv, the moment a palestinian drove his car into a bus stop on tuesday, then jumped out and started hacking at the wounded with a cleaver.
7:17 am
just 20 minutes earlier, also in jerusalem, two israelis died and at least ten were injured when two palestinian men shot and stabbed passengers on a bus. at the center of this wave of violence, one ofislam's holiest shrine. they wanted access to the site be restricted and setting off what israelis are calling the third -- in parliament, prime minister benjamin netanyahu appealed to israeli arabs. do not be misled by those who want to start a fire in the country, he said. but it may already have started. as israeli security forces move to contain the uprising, it's -- video of the violence like this that shows israeli soldiers shooting a palestinian woman holding a knife is widely shared
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the anger and the paranoia. today's deployment of israeli soldiers is likely to inflame the situation even further. especially if the security forces go ahead and restrict palestinian movement in and around east jerusalem, which is where more than 300,000 of them live. >> elizabeth, thanks. the chicago cubs are one step closer to their first world series in 70 years. ! the front page of the "chicago tribune" say the fans are having a blast this morning after the team wrapped up their national league division series. >> he got him! a strikeout! the cubs win! the chicago cubs! >> the cubs eliminated st. louis 6-4 last night behind three home runs. the first time they won a clenching postseason game at wrigley field. this morning, you can see how the iconic sign of the stadium victory. chicago will face the winner of the mets/dodgers series to be
7:19 am
the dodgers won last night 3-1, sending the series back to l.a. for a final game. >> so happy for the cubs. i like that one sign in the stands that said how do you spell belief? cubs. >> it's hard to believe in all of the years at wrigley field, the first time a clenching game had been won there. >> congrats to the cubs. former nba star lamar odom is reportedly clinging to his thank you. good morning everybody. we have pretty skies in the city right now in stark contrast to yesterday. it is quiet. going to be breezy later today. so it will feel cooler and numbers retreat as well. 59 the current reading in the park. and yesterday we did hit 72. and today just 68. and breezy at times and more clouds north and west. stray showers possible. and bright with less wind on your thursday. and cooler still. a chance of rain friday and
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weekend. did oscar winner jennifer lawrence become the victim of a hollywood hustle. >> ahead her her, how she may be getting the government's attention. the news is back here on
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pope francis begs for forgiveness. ahead his surprising plea at this morning's weekly general audience audience.
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the country where cecil the lion good morning. it's wednesday, october 14th. cooler temperatures today but it should stay dry. first, i'm chris wragge. the abandoned hospital on staten island will be torn down after a teenager fell down a elevator shaft and died. a wake will be held today and his funeral is tomorrow. it was last friday he and friends were trespassing in the building when he fell. he wasn't found for several hours. a permit was issueded yesterday for the demolition which could begin as early as today. a suspect in a fatal shooting outside a manhattan nightclub is in custody this morning. he is accused of opening fire outside the club early monday, killing a woman he knew. two other women were wounded. and police say he was aiming
7:27 am
for the club's bouncers who had thrown him out of the club. and happening today, new york city mayor de blasio will hold his first full fledged town hall since taking office. he will discuss rent security and other topics are fair game. to attend. street. and now let's get over to john elliott with the forecast. >> it's cool they are morning, we are at 95 and winds are variable at 3 miles per hour. and north and west readings in the 40s. oh, that's cold out the door. numbers today, out of the 70s. 23468 the city. and still above normal. and with the win, it will register as cooler. and sunsets at 6:17. and it will be a mix of sun and clouds and enough in the way of cloud cover that we could see a stray shower north and west today. and a touch cooler and high pressure closer to us tomorrow.
7:28 am
there's less wind with the high almost on of the of us. and then waiting for the front to push through. two things on friday, brings in the chance for a shower or two and behind it, that's all the cold air for the weekend. >> okay. thank you so much. we are back with another local update in about 25 minutes.
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after this. caring about the things that make each of our clients unique...
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the first democratic presidential debate was held tonight. it featured hillary clinton, bernie sanders, martin o'malley, lincoln chafee and jim webb. >> you could see the anything on tv tonight. there is something for everyone. >> hillary clinton was in the center. bernie sanders was on her right. making it the first time in history he's been to the right of anyone. >> democratic debate jokes this morning. welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up in this half hour, former nba star lamar odom is reportedly in a coma. he was found lying unconscious yesterday in a nevada brothel.
7:31 am
ahead, the herbal supplement that may have played a role. plus, what critics call the corrupt world of big game hunting. the death of cecil, the lion, this summer put a spotlight on an intent to conserve wildlife. that is coming up ahead. "the new york times" reports on pope francis asking for forgiveness for a recent scandal that rocked rome and the vatican. francis was not specific about the scandal. the request came at the start of his general audience. he said, quote, jesus is a realist and he says it is inevitable that scandal happens but not to the man who causes such scandal. >> reporter: "usa today" says general motors is going ahead. gm is one of the leaders in the field and most of its efforts are confidential. the automaker disclosed it will
7:32 am
semielectric chevrolet bolt. two new delivery drones for testing in the united states. the drone models are called m-2 and b-3. they will be tested in colorado. the original prototype was too hard to control. >> a.j. long, syracuse quarterback, being medically disqualified because of multiple concussions. the sophomore quarterback is the fourth player to be medically dis dis dis dis disqualified disqualified. lamar odom is the estranged
7:33 am
kardashian khloe. michelle miller has more. >> reporter: according to the brothel's owner, odom has been partying for days. he said odom was looking to get away from everybody and having a good time. >> reporter: gasol flips it up. odom cuts in for the finish! >> reporter: former los angeles lakers star lamar odom was found unconscious at a nevada brothel on tuesday. he was rushed by ambulance to sunrise hospital in las vegas. his nearly seven foot frame was too tall to be air-lifted by helicopter. on saturday, odom checked in at a love ranch south in crystal, nevada. dense hof is the brothel's owner. hof says odd om was drinking cognac and had taken a an herbable supplement like viagra and found unconscious in his room by two women. >> he was throwing up terrible.
7:34 am
the girls were, of course, were traumatized. >> reporter: odom the winner of two nba championships with the los angeles lakers last played in the nba two years ago. his off-the-court struggles included an arrest in 2013 for driving under the influence. >> lamar, you do have to go to the dentist, baby. >> reporter: odom was featured on the reality tv show keeping up with the kardashians throughout his four-year marriage to chloekhloe kardashian. the pair filed for divorce in 2013. several nba players have turned to social media to show their support. miami heat star dwyane wade tweeted, prayers all the way up for my brother. odom's representatives have not responded to "cbs this morning's" request for comment. the nye county sheriff in nevada is investigating. >> we hope he pulls through. that is sad news. >> a sad story. >> michelle, thanks. this week's announcement that zimbabwe will not charge a
7:35 am
popular lion raises new questions. the death of cecil, the line, brought worldwide attention. debra patterson is in zimbabwe with a rare look inside the home's hunting culture. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. behind me, the spectacular victoria falls, which together with the country's game reserves, a major tourist attraction in zimbabwe but the riches of this beauty are not shaved to the people's country. after 35 years of rule, zimbabwe's government is broke and the economy in ruins. this national park, a former home to cecil, the lion, is being ravaged by zimbabwe's dire economic conditions. as a result, conservation relies primarily on hunting. we spoke to manuel who oversees the industry. how much money does the government give to the park? >> nothing. >> reporter: so the parks turn
7:36 am
to hunting. when american dentist walter palmer killed cecil he was on a private hunt. 30% of fees for private hunts are supposed to be paid to the national parks. >> but in most cases, you find that -- most of that money may be consumed to a large extent through administration costs and fueled directly to conservation. >> reporter: the community is we saw his drops. the sun and everything [ inaudible ]. >> yeah. you need to water them. >> yeah. water? >> unfortunately.
7:37 am
unlike this, the man has running water. his council made over 600,000 in trophy fees the past year. he claims that money is used to provide infrastructure and feeding schemes for local communities. but the villages we spoke to say they haven't received a cent from the council. like this man who has not had a job for decades and does not have one dollar to his name. so where do you get your money from? >> from agriculture. >> reporter: by agriculture, he means the few meager crops he is able to grow in a country that is facing a drought. so why does everybody say they don't have it? are you saying they are lying to us? >> yeah, of course, they are. >> reporter: they are lying to us?
7:38 am
[ inaudible ]. >> debora patta reporting with the falls in the backdrop. stunning site. did hollywood seccism cost jennifer lawrence millions of dollars? how women across the industry could be ready to break their silence. if you're heading out the door, we understand you have stuff to do. a woman told me the other day, gayle, i go to yodaga class. set your dvr to watch us any time, anywhere of the day.
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we work weekends here. because it works for our patients. here, at cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia, we give our patients the freedom to make appointments that fit their schedules, even on weekends. because we believe in being here when our patients need us, so they can keep living their busy lives. weekend appointments are now available here. learn more at one of hollywood's biggest stars is take ago stand this morning against gender bias in the movie industry. an online essay by actress jennifer lawrence asked this question. why do i make less than my male co-stars?
7:43 am
mireya villarreal is here is with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. when a superstar like jennifer lawrence talks about sexism, people listen. she says she is being open and honest because with a lot of talk, comes change. item. >> there is also something else. >> reporter: she is one of hollywood's most bankable female stars. >> i read it an article. look. >> reporter: but actress jennifer lawrence is speaking out about those leaked e-mails from movie executives which revealed she made a lot less than her male costars in "american hustle." >> you keep changing the rules. >> reporter: lawrence wrote a no holds bar essay for lenny, newsletter. it says the following, quote. so while she is taking responsibility, she is really shedding a light on the fact
7:44 am
seen us spoiled or naive if they ask for anything more. >> reporter: the actress also says there is a double standard when it comes to speaking up. i'm over trying to find the adorable way to state my opinion and still be likeable. i don't think i've ever worked for a man in charge who spent time contemplating what angle he should use to have his voice heard. it's just heard. speaking to "entertainment tonight" actor bradley cooper says he supports his "american hustle" co-star. >> a double standard in the whole world, for sure. just one aspects. any time there is a voice can come out and be outspoken, that is great. >> reporter: she joins a number of women speaking out about discrimination in the industry. >> it's our time tor wage equality for once and for all and equal rights for the women in the united states of america. >> reporter: including linda oaks.
7:45 am
in the game at that level, that we are willing to close and before the men are, and partly, that is because we have less options. there are less great parts for jennifer lawrence than there are for bradley cooper. >> reporter: she says lawrence a-list status could finally help move the bar. >> she has a perch from which to speak because she is a beloved actress and what she says is important for all actresses and all women working in the entertainment industry. >> reporter: all of this comes as the federal government began looking into gender discrimination issues here in hollywood. several women directors tells us that they have received requests from the equal opportunity employment commission asking them to discuss gender-related issues they have faced in the film and television industry. gayle? >> all right. thank you. it is certainly starting the conversation. oprah is on her way over to the studio.
7:46 am
topic, to discuss? >> absolutely. >> to see where madam winfrey stands on this. i bet she has a couple of ideas. a little boy tried to hug his aunt but she slapped him with a lawsuit. what? asking for more than a hundred,000. next, the hi everybody. the local weather is changing over the course of the next few days. refreshing right now, 52349 the city. 40s north and west. 68 this afternoon. and still above normal. but we were spoiled in the week with monday and tuesday both in the 70s. and breezy at times with clouds north and west. and could see a stray shower. and less bet of a wet weather tomorrow. high pressure firmly in control for thursday. and rain returns friday. and then cold this weekend. announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by toyota. let's go places.
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7:51 am
the data has led to more than 12,800 scientific papers and makes it one of the most productive scientific instruments ever produced. >> love seeing that. >> beautiful color. did you see the line of lavender? so pretty. a new york city woman isn't feeling the love after she sued her nephew for $127,000. that's right. $127,000 over a hug! a jury tossed jennifer connell's case tuesday in connecticut. she left court wearing a wrist brace and escorted by officers after the jurors made their decision in less than an hour. she claimed her little nephew, did you hear he is 8? gave her a, quote, a forceful hug at his eighth birthday party in 2011. auntie jen said she fell and fractured her wrist in addition to saying she suffered pain. connell testified, quote, i was at a party recently.
7:52 am
it was difficult to hold my hors d'oeuvres plate. can you imagine what would will happen at the next family dinner? thanksgiving is coming up. >> aunt jen won't be there. >> i think jen may have to find another family. >> i am grateful for big-time for my nephews. the democratic presidential candidates found a lot to disagree on last night in las vegas. we will debate on the key moments next. song: "that's life" song: "that's life" that's life. you diet. you exercise. and if you still need help lowering your blood sugar... ...this is jardiance. along with diet and exercise, jardiance works around the clock to lower blood sugar in adults with type 2 diabetes. it works by helping your body to get rid of some of the sugar it doesn't need
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7:56 am
good morning. it's 7:56. starting to feel more like fall out there. i'm chris wragge. john elliott will have the forecast in a moment. the abandoned hospital on staten island will be torn down five days the after a teenager fell down a elevator shaft and died. his funeral is tomorrow. it was last friday he and friends were trespassing in the building when he fell. he wasn't found for several hours. a permit was issued yesterday for the demolition which could begin as early as today. a $5,000 reward is now being offered for information that leads to the can i recall of a baseball prospect from yonkers. 23-year-old michael nolan was drafted last year. and last month he was in a burger king parking lot when someone opened fire.
7:57 am
he died of his injuries last week. police say the shooting may have been related to an argument over a drag race. his wake will be held today and the funeral tomorrow. the play-off series between the mets and the dodgers head to a final game five. last night. the deciding game takes place tomorrow night in los angeles. and now let's get over to john elliott. >> well, here it is outside. we've got a beautiful morning under way. and look at that, did you see that plane taking off? 58, winds vary at 3 miles per hour. and cooler north and west. and a big way, just the mid-40s there. and you can see a few clouds starting to filter in. and that's going to be the case later in the day where we will see more of a wrest wind fill in. so interesting skies overhead. could even see an isolated shower north and west. odds of that are low. and so much of the country so dry. in fact, the big ridge of high pressure builds in for a nice thursday. and 68 north and west. and overnight tonight, cooler. and down to 50.
7:58 am
and yeah, you will feel it. and then tomorrow, seasonable sunshine and 65. and then get ready for it, for the weekend, jet stream slides to the south. and no more 70s. it's the 40s and 50s. and could see frost and freeze advisories as well. >> okay. thank you. we are back with another local update in about 25 minutes. "cbs this morning" returns in a moment. i'm chris wragge. have a great morning. pumpkin excitement is back at dunkin'.
7:59 am
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it is wednesday, october 14th, 2015. welcome back to "cbs this morning." more real news ahead including more highlights from last night's first democratic presidential debate. did an alternative to front-runner hillary clinton stand out? plus oprah just arrived at the cbs broadcast center. first, here's a look at today's "eye opener" at 8:00. >> she took fire from all sides, but that actually ended up helping her. >> lots of things coming from all directions. >> today, we are talking about her performance and not the huge vacuum in the race that needs to be filled by a white knight like joe biden. >> the faa is investigating this crash. several people called 911 describing a low flying aircraft. it took a two-week trial and
8:01 am
what congress could not and would not do in years! the violence began last month and governments on both sides are struggling now to diffuse it. according to the brothel's owner, odom had been partying for days and shade odom had been looking to get away from everybody. >> the cubs are in the national league championship series. >> you don't have words to describe it. the best way i could say, it was sick, man. >> handed out doughnuts and alcohol to lure voters. i think we should try that here. if you get enough booze, you'll feel better about the fact that these were your choices. all right? me and you guys. i tell you what, i think i'm voting for oscar winner j.k. simmons. >> that is one vote. i'm gayle king.
8:02 am
with norah o'donnell and anthony mason. today. the fist democratic presidential candidates debated for the first time last night and two of them did most of the talking. front-runner hillary clinton and her leading challenger bernie sanders clashed on several issues from gun control to wall street. each other's positions. times, but the tone was, overall, civil. >> is bernie sanders tough enough on guns? >> no. not at all. senator sanders did vote five times against the brady bill. he also did vote, as he said, for this immunity provision. i voted against it. time. me. >> before this debate, secretary clontz's campaign put out a lot of -- positions on keystone and many other things. >> everybody on this stage has changed a position or two. if you are learning, you're going to change your position. i never took a position on keystone until i took a position on keystone.
8:03 am
>> you have three largest banks in america are much bigger than they were when we said they were too big to fail. we have got to break them up. >> i respect the passionate and intensity. i represented wall street as a senator from new york and i went to wall street in december of 2007 before the big crash that we had and i basically said, cut it out. >> secretary clinton, you do not, congress does not regulate wall street. wall street regulates congress. and we have to break off this. say, please do the right thing. >> no, that's not -- >> naive. >> i think frank was a very good start. tonight, i want to talk, not about my e-mails but what about the american people want. >> the american people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn e-mails. >> thank you. thank you. me too, me too. >> enough of the e-mails! let's talk about the real issues facing america!
8:04 am
>> bloomberg politics john heilemann covered that debate last night. how are you? >> i'm great. how are you? >> i'll great. talk about the moment that bernie sanders let clinton off the hook about her damn e-mails. was he right when he said this probably isn't good politics? >> it's a little hard to tell. i think sanders got a nice bump out of that but people who like bernie sanders like the fact he is not going negative. it was the most trafficked moment of the debate in social media on twitter and facebook. i think it was a win/win. certainly like a political in kind contribution to hillary clinton but i think it did sanders a little bit of good and the best moment for him last night. >> john, did you think any of the other candidates had a before the accident breakthrough moment? what about the three others other than bernie sanders and hillary clinton? >> i didn't really notice any other candidates on stage. i don't know who you're talking about. >> o'malley. people said he had a pretty decent night. >> i thought martin o'malley
8:05 am
who has no idea who he is largely did a decent job of that. if you thought he was in critical condition going into the debate, he got some pulse. he's alive. but i wouldn't say that he did himself -- he did not break through like a carly fiorinaesque way to now he's on the top tier on the democratic side. >> given the performance of hillary clinton and bernie sanders how does this joe biden to enter into the race? >> the joe biden mind readizing going on a while and i'm now reluctant to do it. he is having breakfast with president obama this morning and i'm sure the conversation will come up because the vice president has to decide pretty soon. if he is just engaging the political landscape, this debate and the benghazi committee hearings over the last couple of weeks are going to make the landscape seem more forbidding to him and hillary clinton smacking bernie sanders down in
8:06 am
an aggressive way was trying to send a message to joe biden. she hugged president obama all night long and basically was saying to joe biden, listen, if you're going to come into this race and try to be the natural inheritor of the obama mantle you're not taking that away from me. i'll give you a fight for that and i got that covered so you should probably talk out of the race if that is the way you're trying to get in. >> people said she showed a sense of humor but showed she is not afraid to get in there and mix it up. >> she absolutely did not. look. she is a very good debater and was a very good deviator in 2008. the fact she understand the policy and the fact she understands all of the things substantive that she does, instead of getting bogged down in it, it frees her to be her more natural self and you could see that last night a lot. had that kind of a human side of her came out in a way we haven't seen in a lot of press interviews she has done over the
8:07 am
>> john heilemann, glad to see you. are you bombed you're not able to see oprah who is coming up? >> no response. >> john heilemann, it was wonderful having you. your last appearance on the show. thank you! >> i think he can't hear us. >> he can't hear us. he would not dis oprah that way. he cannot hear us. >> voters may forget what the candidates said last night, but they might remember this guy for a while. ahead while the wizard in the
8:08 am
>> no car for you, did you see the piece with john heilemann about oprah is coming? john is not excited about that. >> let's play with that. >> john is not excited? >> are we on camera? >> yes. >> oprah is still putting on her shoes. the worst thing you can do.
8:09 am
toyota green room here with oprah winfrey. did you hear john heilemann? >> john is not excited. you're right, john, you won't get a car! slam you today under your seat. >> or a dvd set of the new series? >> you will get none of that. but you were here. we are excited because irhear to talk about belief. for you. >> you've seen it in? >> yes. >> oh, my gosh! i'm surprised! >> you guys do your hork around here. i love it. i love it. >> we are talking about that. we are going to talk about news of the day. let's see where oprah stands on a variety of issues. oprah is next on cbs. oprah, people brought their mammas to see you and their sisters. >> i saw some mammas in the hallway! >> oprah is next! you love me you hate me when it's your job to protect the world's greatest nation, it's your responsibility
8:10 am
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8:12 am
oprah win free's ground breaking now documentary series. just this month, "variety" named her power of women honoree. yes. i like it.
8:13 am
winfrey leadership academy foundation and oprah herself, she joins us once again at the table. hello, powerful woman. >> that's nice, isn't it? >> i think it is. >> "variety" thank you. >> i think it's nice. earlier today, before you came here, we were talking about jennifer lawrence who is speaking out about the pay disparity. i thought it was brave for her to speak out and you said why do you think it's brave? you were asking me. >> it is brave but i also think it is a moment in time. you know? like, those of us in the news business, you know, you can talk and talk about a thing and finally it hits it. i'm old enough to have been here, you know, before mothers against drunk driving, remember? and then when finally it hit -- >> you never thought it would change and all of a sudden it did. >> all of a sudden it did. the same thing has to happen with texting and now the same thing is happening with diversity in hollywood. the conversation has actually gotten started and the conversation about parody for
8:14 am
women has gotten started and the conversation. >> you think it's actually changing? >> i don't think it's changing. i think the conversation has hit a critical moment. but, you know, it's so interesting. when i read jennifer's piece yesterday, i was thinking about -- i said, wow, this sounds like 1985 because when i first started "the oprah show". >> this is a great story. going to tell. the producers -- >> okay. >> the producers were not getting a raise. >> so we are syndicating. we syndicated. i have these all women producers. >> like five. >> five women and one gay guy who we lost. but i went in and i said, everybody needs raises. and the management at the time said, why do they need raises? why do a bunch of girls need raises? >> they are not married. >> they are not married. they don't have children, they
8:15 am
this is 1985 in chicago. >> yes. >> enso -- >> years later. >> what story? >> when you threatened to go on strike. you threatened to go on strike. >> that wasn't years later. it was months later. i said if you don't give them money, then i'm going to sit down. >> then you said i'm going to tell people why i'm sitting down. >> you don't need to be here. gayle will tell the story. >> you don need to be here. >> she leaves out the details! >> so the first year they wouldn't give them any more money. what did i do? i put 10,000 in a roll of toilet paper. >> $10,000 in cash, norah. >> just to say, guys, i want you to know you're thought of. for somebody to say to you -- i remember going into my boss in 1980 in baltimore and saying that richard who was co-hosting richard was making far more money than i did and was doing the same job. my boss said, at the time, do you have children? >> and he is married with kids.
8:16 am
>> oprah, 35 years later that conversation is still happening and male bosses are saying, yes, that's right, the male should make more than you. >> i know. >> oprah, that brings up the question, you should be president. not a day goes by i'm in the public and saying to people, oprah should run. >> let me tell you this. i never say never but bet my life and my first born's life and second born's life i love very much that would not happen. >> not in this lifetime. what i can control is my own business and my own work. so, you know, i work in a business, "the oprah show" all of those years and now own. we are predominantly female. i have done it on my own and because i've owned the show and owned myself all of these years, i've never been in that position, except if i were to tell you what i got paid for doing movies, you would laugh. you would laugh me out of the room. >> i'll tell. >> i'll tell.
8:17 am
>> talk about diversity coming into the film. we talked about women feel like they have less options. >> that is true. that is true. also, what jennifer was saying that you have less options and you don't want to upset anybody. you don't want to make anybody upset with you. so you're likely to make everything okay so that when the deal is done, everybody will still like you. >> you don't want to be demanding. over the 35 years of being in the industry, donald trump was our show years ago. chris, do we have the clip? i think it's hilarious and it's playing everywhere. this is what donald trump said to you years ago. >> kuwait, they live like kings. the coolest place in kuwait live like kings yet we are not paying. we make it possible to sell their oil. why aren't they paying 25% of what they make? it's a joke. >> this sounds like presidential talk to me. i know people have talked to you whether or not you want to run.
8:18 am
would you ever? >> probably not but i do get tired of seeing the country ripped off. >> why would you not? >> i don't think i have the inclination. i like what i'm doing. >> it also doesn't pay well. >> i probably wouldn't do it, oprah. i probably wouldn't but i do get tired of seeing what is happening with this country and if it got so bad, i would never want to rule it out totally because i am really tired of seeing what is happening with this country. >> wow! >> interesting what he said back then. how it's relevant to today. >> i think so too. >> well -- yeah. no, i mean. >> when i asked that question, i didn't expect that answer. i remember thinking -- >> what year was that clip from? >> let's see. according to the hair, that would be '88. >> i was going to say '87, '88. >> chris is saying '88. >> let's talk about the news series you've put together and talk more about it. why did you want to put this together? you say your life work.
8:19 am
>> well, i have seen planet earth on discovery years ago. i just was knocked out by our planet. i fell in love with the earth. i really did. i love those polar bears coming up after being hibernating. >> do you remember the polar bears? >> i remember you saying i wish -- we have to take a break. >> i wanted to create a planet spirit. this is my idea of taking the message of what happens to people's hearts around the world and connecting us. >> we are going to give you more time to talk about it. >> yes. >> we are not up against the hardball. you know what that is like. >> do you see what she does? >> i got it. >> she understands. >> she will be back to translate for you in the next segment. >> i know that. i have more about that. >> very excited when she comes. up next the plane lands in the united states with an extra passenger. how people on board rallied about a woman who went into labor mid flight! would you help a baby be delivered mid flight? >> yes. >> me too. you're watching "cbs this
8:20 am
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that really matter for heart health. bayer pro ultra omega-3 has two times the concentration of epa and dha as the leading omega-3 supplement.
8:22 am
carried some precious extra cargo today. a video shows what happened when a passenger went into labor eight weeks earlier on a flight. a doctor who happened to be on board delivered the baby at 30,000 feet. the plane made an emergency landing and the mom and baby
8:23 am
they are in good morning. 8:25 on this wednesday morning. i am mary calvi. the abandoned hospital on staten island will be torn down. it's coming five days after a teenager fell down an elevator shaft and died. a wake for 16-year-old marcos castillo will be held today and the funeral is tomorrow. he fell. he wasn't found for several hours. a permit was issued yesterday for the demolition which could begin as early as today. new york police officers who served at ground zero after september 11th have significantly higher rates of cancer according the to a new study. researchers examined the medical recordsover nearly 40,000 officers and found rates of cancer were roughly 50% higher. and more than half of officers diagnosed with cancer were at ground zero less than 24 hours
8:24 am
after the attack. ratesover brain tumors and kidney cancers tripled while thyroid cancer increased by about 50%. and happening today, new york city mayor de blasio holds his first full fledged town hall since taking office. he will meet with residents in washington heights to discuss rent security and other tenant issues but other topics are fair game. about 250 people are expected to attend the hour-long event. it's at 7:00 tonight at a high school on west 165th street. and the next cup of joe from starbucks may soon be just a click away. they launched the new delivery service at the empire state building. building tenants can place their orders online and have their drinks delivered for a $2 fee. and they'll see how the program goes before expanning to other city buildings. come on over here. let's turn it over to john elliott with a look at the forecast. >> king congress would have loved that. remember when he was up there trying to miss the planes?
8:25 am
the city, just clouds overhead. and 58, partly cloudy in the park. 55 staten island. 54 in white plains. turn those numbers around and you have 45 in monticello. and these number, yeah, without exception, it's a little or a lot cooler than it was yesterday. yesterday in the 70s. that's a touch cooler today. and we are seeing that mix of sun can clouds. and it will be a breezy day as well. stray shower possible north and west. and here comes a front on friday. and that front on friday brings in the chance of some rain and then the cool air behind it will take over this weekend. >> thank you so much. and we're back with another local update in about 25 minutes.
8:26 am
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8:28 am
""playboy" announced their magazine will not feature photos of nude women. now you really will only read "playboy" for the articles. honestly, i am so pleased to be the very first person on the planet to tell that joke. >> steve, you read it. >> for the article. >> for the article. >> the article. >> the article. >> the article. >> the article. >> for the article. article. >> the article! >> i like that! yes! >> when was the last time you read "playboy" magazine? >> probably '78. welcome back to "cbs this morning." i didn't think you were going to say that.
8:29 am
>> '78? >> i remember. alex haley article. >> yes! a huge interview. >> oprah winfrey who read "playboy" back in '78 for alex healey. we will continue our conversation and talk about her new powerful documentary series and the question it poses. but right now time to show you some of this morning's headlines. twitter workers found out they were fired in an unusual way. 336 people were laid off tuesday and one software engineer posted this picture when he found himself locked out of company e-mail. ouch. he said he eventually received a personal call from twitter to tell him he was let go. >> ouch is right. "the san francisco chronicle" reports on a man filed a lawsuit against the government after he was hit by, listen to this, a giant pine cone! huh some he was reading and napping under a last year in a federal park in san francisco when a 16-pound pine cone. >> yep. >> i know. i didn't believe it.
8:30 am
>> he weighed the pine cone? no such thing as a 16-pound pine cone. this shows legendary outlaw photograph billy the kid playing croquet with his gang in 1878 and measures 4x5 inches. billy there on the left. they say this photo is a holy grail of western americana. >> a wizard at the democrat's debate. many you noticed this ma'am in the audience. some tweeted he might be santa claus or perhaps vice president joe biden in disguise. a contrast from the pot guy who got this so much attention at the republican debate. where is the hot guy? there he is. remember him? yeah. belief is a land mark
8:31 am
human kind's ongoing search to connect with something greater than than ourselves. oprah winfrey narrates the program spanning six continents over six consecutive nights. it follows a range of people on their profound journeyurnourneys and among them a hindu woman out of chicago speaking more out of life and what she believes. she heads to india for the world's largest spiritual gathering. >> it was just a few minutes of
8:32 am
they could see inside my heart. and what they offered to me was something that i'll never forget. when it's your time, it will be revealed to you. >> this series really, oprah, is just epic. in the first episode you go from the u.s. to india to budapest, hungary, to australia. it's visually absolutely stunning and the three years you put into it are on so visible. this was so important to you because you put your own money in it. >> it was so important because i was going through a period with the beginning of "own" launching a network where all of the press was saying, struggling network, struggling network. oftentimes, when you're going through a challenge, it forces you, particularly, to go inward and think about what do i really want and what do i want to achieve? so, for me, the idea of creating a network was to be able to tell
8:33 am
pieces of light into other people's consciousness and show stories and ideas that would connect people. as i was saying earlier, i have seen planet earth on discovery and fell in love with the earth and wanted to do something that would do the same thing, would have the same kind of impact through people's hearts and through their spirits. in part, two pictures. which is the time was working for a show that lisa ling was doing on "own" brought me this idea. i literally had prayed for, all right, god, show me the way, what should i do? three or four days later, this idea came in and i knew that was it. >> what is so great about it, though, it's beautifully shot, number one, as anthony said. i feel like we are eavesdropping on people's conversations. don't you? i feel like we just happened to get a glimpse into what people are doing. >> i'm so excited you all saw it! >> oh, yeah. >> and it's not just efs droppingdrop ing
8:34 am
-- eavesdropping on their conversations but on their beliefs. i know from my own personal upbringing, that belief defines who you actually become in the world. >> right. >> so you're right. the young man in budapest to the aboriginal grandfather who is teaching his grandson the song line. you see the connection and the connection in all real faith that reveal the character of god is that there is compassion and ultimately, love. you see the aboriginal grandfather feels the same love and the desire to pass on tradition and rituals to his grandson, as the rabbi feels for his son. there is a saying, even though they live in, you know, opposite ends of the world. >> it's not about religion. it's about belief. >> it's not about religion. it's about belief. some of it is religious. >> yes.
8:35 am
alex who climbs mountains and, you know, doesn't have any ropes or anything, just living in the moment, he says he is an atheist atheist. >> the one we saw is hindu and very successful and has a great job and she is hindu but she struggles with, she says, you said eavesdrop. she said what is it largely i believe in? india! >> where there are 70 million people. >> the largest gathering in the world and she says to herself, do you have to have religion or is being a good person enough? >> i think that is a question many people struggle with. and, you know, i loved when the pope was here. you know, my favorite moment with the pope, my favorite, favorite moment is after he has been on the balcony and has spoken to congress and he says to the crowd, pray iffor me and if you don't believe in prayer,
8:36 am
just say good wishes. a goodbump moment. i thought it was such a way of being conclusive instead of saying, now i will be inclusive of you nonpraying people. >> you said to me people are searching for something more. i don't know what it is, but people are searching for something. >> a deep yearning for and that is what belief speaks to, the yearning for something greater than yourself. if you're only living a life for yourself, you will find that you end up feeling lost many times. >> which is the scenes with the girl from chicago who is hindu who goes to india is so powerful because she talks about basically going home to her room at home at night eating dinner and, all of a sudden, finds herself in a community, in an enormous community which seems overwhelming but is also somehow comforting. >> yes, yes, yes. i think a lot of people feel that. i think she speaks for the
8:37 am
voices of an entire generation, you know? the latest survey shows a third of the millennials believe in nothing. they believe in nothing. so they are also searching for which is the direction that will lead me to my highest self? >> can we change topics a second and ask what you're doing hiding behind a turkey on "o" magazine? >> it's a little different but don't you know that is me? it's a beautiful turkey. >> what did you say? i don't have another smile? i don't have another position? >> i don't have another thumb's up. i did this on the "variety "cover. >> are you still going to be on the cover of "o" magazine? >> i'm going to be on the cover. we had a discussion about me coming off on the cover for the 15th anniversary and i decided to stay on. >> look at that! >> nobody wanted her off the cover because we are doing a contest with this coverage, oprah. we are asking readers to hold it up just like i'm doing there. people send it in to us and somebody will be chosen for a
8:38 am
what? >> what? no, no. norah, you win a trip to new york. you get to be in the oprah audience. >> i'm doing that. i want a sleepover. >> bring a jumpsuit! you get to work with the staff. you have lunch in the cafeteria and sit in on meetings and help us with the "o" list. >> if we really like you, we might invite you for a sleepover. >> oprah, thanks. >> see you tonight. >> a big premiere in new york tonight. >> i am so pleased you watched this. >> good luck. really an epic achievement. >> we prepare. >> i see that. >> we prepare for most. >> we really do. nobody does more homework than gayle. >> rock 'n' roll hall of famer patti smith calls a book a new memoir of her life. >> i'm in a different phase of
8:39 am
my life and i found it's hard to keep still, but i'm also moving into a new phase where i'm looking to have someplace where
8:40 am
>> next, she shows anthony how
8:41 am
rock star patti smith burst on the scene as a provocateur in the '70s and putting poetry to music and at the age of 68 she still performs and more of her fans know her for her books than her albums. her last book won the national book award. we went to see her new home in rockaway queens, new york, one of the many places in her new memoir "m-train." 40 years ago next month, patti smith released her debut album. how do you feel about that anniversary? >> well, when i was a kid, i didn't even believe that i would live until i was 40, let alone have a 40th anniversary of something! because tonight belongs to lovers." "because the night" written with bruce springsteen, would be her biggest chart hit but her greatest commercial success came
8:42 am
unexpectedly five years ago with her memoir "just kids." >> when we do our concerts now, it used to be the kids would bring your album. then they brought your cd. now i'm looking in the front row and the kids all have books! >> reporter: if "just kids" was talking about her bohemian youth in new york, "m-train" is part after love letter to her late husband, the guitarist with the band mc5. smith writes in the book -- >> looking back, long after his death, our way of living seems a miracle. one that could only be achieved by the silent synchronization of the jewels and gears of a common mind. >> reporter: smith left behind her music career in 1979 to move
8:43 am
where they buy an unsea worthy ship that they used. >> we listened to baseball games in the night. >> you would just go on the boat and listen to ballgames? >> yes. it was great. i don't really like going on the water any way. i don't how to swim and i get seasick so i was just as glad that it stayed in the yard. i had no problem with that. darling farewell >> reporter: they had been married 14 years when fred smith died of heart failure in the fall of 1994. >> really in less than a two-month span, we lost fred and my brother. it's not like a thing that you want to make dramatic. it's just the truth. >> reporter: after fred's death, patti began taking polaroids in her travel. many are in the book. virginia wolf's walking stick. this bear. herman's typewriter.
8:44 am
you? >> i think it's i'm sort of restless, pneumatic. i found it's hard to keep still. but i'm also moving into a new phase where i'm looking to have someplace where i can keep still. >> reporter: this may be that place. a bungalow a block from the water in rock away beach, queens. >> it was built in, like, 1914. >> reporter: she stumbled on it visit ago friend a few years ago. >> i never expected it. i just came here on get a cup of coffee and i wound up getting a house! all of this -- >> reporter: an expensive cup of coffee! >> yeah, right. >> reporter: just weeks after she bought it, hurricane sandy ripped most of rock away to pieces. >> my little house was just like, you know, mighty mouse. >> reporter: it made it through?
8:45 am
>> yeah, it did, and well. this is the table and chairs that is on the cover of the book. >> reporter: the table used to live in her favorite cafe. she wrote most of "m train" at it. >> when this house was done, this was my first piece of furniture. >> reporter: what were you thinking this house would be to you? >> it would be, like, virginia wolf says, the room of my own. i loved my life, i loved sharing places with my children and my husband, but it is wonderful to have my own space. >> patti has had an extraordinary lirve life and a lovely book. >> she loves the house.
8:46 am
we will be right back.
8:47 am
for news any good morning. 8:55 on this wednesday morning. new this morning, two people are recovering after they were hit by a car on the brooklyn sidewalk. the victim, two men in their 40s were near 18th street and 47th street when they were struck. police say the driver of the car fell asleep. the injuries for the two victims are not considered life- threatening. the accident remains under investigation. and the morning, police are looking for the man who stabbed a staten island bus passenger leaving him in critical condition. police say two men got into an argument on the s74 bus and then got off the bus at canal and water street and continued to argue. and then one man pulled out a knife and stabbed the other multiple times in the hand, arm and the stomach.
8:48 am
the injured man collapsed on the sidewalk. the attacker ran off. happening today, a new task force on worker exploitation will hold its first meeting. the group was created by the governor and will focus on wage conditions. the force was created earlier this year after allegations of exploitation at nail salons. 8:56. let's get a check on the forecast. here's john elliott. >> thank you. hi everybody. pretty over the shoulder there. a mix of sun and clouds and that's going to be the order of the day. i think partly cloudy 59. and winds are calm. elsewhere. and around the area, readings from about 53 to around 60 in and around the city. and we have 60 in the hamptons but it's a cooler morning. in fact, compare the numbers to yesterday, anywhere from a degree or two cooler to almost seven or eight degrees cooler. and clouds filling in as prommed. and that mix north and west could see a stray shower.
8:49 am
and that's about it today. and then high pressure in control thursday. nice, seasonal, really a fine fall day. and tomorrow, rainfall on friday. and then the numbers are falling this weekend. >> all right. thank you very much. our next newscast is at noon. we are always on at i'm mary calvi. have a great day. fi gesouptnsitth faesinrn a wfiaiblfr 5to00pb
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