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tv   CBS 2 News at 6  CBS  October 14, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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say they were tailing him almost every step of the way and recording incriminating phone calls. [ [ inaudible ] >> reporter: instead of arrest him after the first couple of transactions, investigators wanted to bust the ring. these three suspects arrested in atlanta and two more in pittsburgh, guns bought legally in those places for $150, sell on new york's black market for $800. >> these folks are merchants of death. >> reporter: bus companies are urged to be vigilant. some regular riders doubt there will be a change. >> if anybody expects the bus operator to take that responsibility and take that overhead, then it's not going to happen. >> reporter: those celebrating the bust here fear this is only the tip of an iceberg and that right now, someone is heading up the interstate in a city-bound vehicle packed with weapons. in downtown brooklyn, dave carlin, cbs 2 news.
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>> district attorney thompson says he wants congress to pass tougher legislation to make interstate gun trafficking a federal crime. a passenger at kennedy airport was arrested for allegedly trying to smuggle liquid cocaine in oil and vinegar bottles. customs officials say officers made the discovery last week when they examined the bags of a man who arrived from mexico city. the officers opened the bottles you see smelling the chemicals. customs says the liquid cocaine weighed 11 pounds and had a street value of nearly $200,000. the archbishop of newark is telling catholics not to take communion or other sacraments if they publicly reject church teaching. he is also telling them to avoid events that clash with church teachings. for example, a gay wedding. cbs 2's dick brennan here with more on what this means for catholics. dick. >> reporter: a lot of questions like what if you attend a gay wedding or publicly reject a church teaching? well, when he visited the u.s., pope francis preached
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of newark insists his letter is actually welcoming. in a letter to priests, newark afternoon bib john meyers wrote, any catholic who publicly rejects church teaching or discipline are not to receive the sacraments. it says catholics should not participate in or be present at public religious events intended to endorse or support those who reject or ignore church teaching. [ screaming ] >> reporter: the letter comes weeks after pope francis visited the u.s. and preached a gospel of tolerance. we wanted to know from the archdiocese, is everyone on of the pope? >> pope francis the eucharist is not a reward for the it's medicine for the sinful. why say let's not give the heads in. >> what we're saying is if -- medicine? >> what we're saying is if someone does not believe in what we teach, does not believe in the sacraments, does not -- then why should that person bring him or herself to receive them? >> reporter: some catholics
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effect included a debate between traditionalists and modernists. >> there is a split. there are people who believe the world evolved and maybe the catholic church hasn't evolved. >> there are those who follow the rules in place for millenia versus the bigger message. >> reporter: a archdiocese spokesman said priests would not deny people in line for communion but parishioners should have a conversation with their priest if they attend a gay wedding. >> if a mother wants to go to her gay son's wedding, would she be denied communion? >> i don't think that would be the case. a parent who is going to a gay son's ceremony because she loves her son or he loves his son and wants to express that love, there is nothing wrong with that. >> reporter: he also says the
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out a politician or anyone else about receiving communion. they say that parishioners should have a conversation with their priests and take it from there. >> could be a little confusing. >> it is. >> i don't understand. >> because some people might be saying we are getting mixed messages. >> mm-hm. >> what the archbishop would say is it's always good to have a conversation with your priest in your parish. on long island, first responders helped rescue an unconscious sewer worker trapped 40 feet below the ground. it happened last night in nassau county at this port washington sewage pumping transfer station. photos of the rescue show first responders reaching the helpless workers three floors inside a narrow circular shaft. he was three floors down entering from the basement rescuers squeezing him in a bucket. >> they were pulling on a rope and activated a hauling device which slowly lifted the victim vertically up through the hole. >> the shaken worker was trapped for nearly an hour in
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to make a full recovery. also on long island, a man covered in mud and debris emerged after being rescued from a storm drain. this situation in valley stream. the man was stuck inside a two-foot pipe on corona avenue and higby street this morning. after rescuers got him out, firefighters had to wash away all the muck. the man was not seriously injured. he didn't say how he got in the drain. high occupancy vehicle or hov lanes on long island are more crowded than ever, an increase of traffic. but commuters say they don't need to see the stats to know how frustrating it is. cbs 2's jennifer mclogan says some of them blame the hov crush on drivers of hybrid cars. >> reporter: a billion-dollar boondoggle or a roaring success? everyone has an opinion on long island expressway's hov lane. >> the traffic is jammed and
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>> reporter: it stands for high occupancy vehicles to encourage carpooling and east commuting stress. according to the department of transportation, between 7 and 8 a.m. weekdays, 1,715 cars use the hov lanes. more than one-third are hybrid or electric. some are given a free pass even with no passengers. >> it's ecofriendly. >> it's unfair because guys like me are traveling it every day and we are trying to make time ourselves. we're taxpayers. >> reporter: is it time to change the 20-year-old rules? >> there was a good reason for promoting the single occupancy hybrids way back when. >> reporter: he says now clean pass vehicles are clogging and
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slowing hov lanes. >> now so many people are purchasing these high brits that i don't think we need that incentive anymore. >> reporter: rideshare said 10,000 signed on, only 3,000 actually sharing rides. still the highway professionals union says hov is working. >> the hov lanes have been a success over the last few decades. actually the travel demand for the lane exceeded its expectations. >> reporter: east river head, west of manhattan, they want it expanded, keeping hybrid rules in place for mileage and pollution benefits. from the hov on the long island expressway, jennifer mclogan, cbs 2 news. >> proponents say existing hybrid owners would be grandfathered in and only new hybrid buyers would be affect by the change. new jersey transit has agreed to conduct environmental impact studies for proposed new rail tunnel under the hudson river. the study can take up to three
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it will focus on the area between secaucus junction and the existing tunnel. a new tunnel considered critical for the new york area, the current tunnel 105 years old already at capacity and a source of frequent delays. a win in court today for supporters of legalized sports betting in new jersey. an appeals court voted to reconsider an earlier ruling that bans new jersey's attempt to offer sports betting at casinos and racetracks. the state pass the the through allow sports betting but was sued in 2012 by the four major sports leagues and the ncaa. heads in, senator bob menendez spoke in favor of legalized sports betting. >> this is about doing it in a way that's regulated and controlled, that is open and transparent. >> the leagues say expanding legal sports gambling will
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compromise the integrity of their games. new jersey' third circuit court of appeals will rule on the case. no more tipping at some of new york's more popular restaurants, coming up. >> a popular park in new jersey closed after several encounters with aggressive bears. and listen to this, thieves using earbuds to tap into your phone. lonnie? >> cloudy today, now we have quite a bit of sunshine out there but look at this. we are seeing some rain showers off to the west. away? let's talk about that after the break. >> and tonight on the "cbs evening news" after us here on cbs 2, the report on the teenager dead after a counseling session at church. scott pelley will have that tonight. >> this is happening in upstate new york. apparently a very secretive church two teenagers were savagely beaten over hours by members of the congregation who apparently were seeking to have the teenagers confess their sins. as you mentioned one of the boys died. the other is in serious condition. we'll lead with that story tonight and we'll have the rest of the world news all
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news" at 6:30. another reason to beware black bears in new jersey. their behavior has closed some busy hiking places in bergen county. cbs 2's vanessa murdoch reports. >> reporter: police stand watch caution tape cutting off parking. signs stand prominently beside trailheads. the ramapo mountain state forest is closed because bears are acting out of character. they are not afraid of people.
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the news that there was an aggressive bear. >> reporter: three hikers reported being pursued but escaped unharmed. another hiker reported that the bear repeatedly approached and swatted at him. the hiker defended himself with pepper spray. these woods have been blocked off for more than a week now. this morning, hikers showed up at ramapo reservation to find trails blocked here, too. >> i was surprised today because it was just open the other day. >> reporter: the emergency department of environmental protection says it's not taking any chances after another encounter right here at the reservation on saturday. 8 hikers feared for their lives as a black bear chased them. yesterday, the dep advised bergen county to close off access. >> i think it's probably a good idea just in terms of some people don't always do the smart thing. part of being in the woods. >> reporter: a normally bustling parking lot is quiet but our camera spotted a runner along the empty trail. >> we are going for a walk. that's all we came, that's what we're going to do. i don't know if i'll go all
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the way in like normal but, um, i'll be careful. >> reporter: careful may not cut it. the dep has major concerns bears are getting too comfortable with people. most likely, folks are feeding them illegally. so closing trails limits interaction. and hopefully restores a balance between man and nature. from mahwah, new jersey, vanessa murdoch, cbs 2 news. >> the new jersey department of environmental protection has set up traps. the state has euthanized four black bears. no word tonight on when these specific parks will re-open. the wildlife also causing problems in westchester. some people of rye complaining their community is overrun with deer. in many cases it appears the deer roam on the streets from the county marshlands conservancy. a few homeowners have put up protective fences. otherwise, they say their plants get eaten. >> there's now 8 to 10 deer on my property on a daily basis.
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>> if you pass the gnome he makes noise and talks to you. [ talks ] >> everybody gets scared. the darn deer don't. >> one option would be to allow bow hunting of the deer but so far, westchester county has said no to that. rye officials expect to have a plan in the next couple of problem. new york and new jersey rank in the top three states for the most zombie homes. according to realtytrac, new jersey topped the list with nearly 4,000 homes that are called zombie foreclosures. that's when vacant homes are in the foreclosure process but not yet repossessed by banks. florida comes in second just over 3500. new york third with more than 3300 zombie homes. a new york city restaurant group says it will skip the tip at its 13 restaurants. union square hospital group eliminates tips at the modern, a restaurant at the museum of late november.
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union square cafe and gramercy tavern and they will make the change next year. the ceo will talk more about this new tipping policy tomorrow with norah, charlie and gayle on "cbs this morning" beginning at 7:00. research mores france have figured out a way to hack siri from as far as 16 feet away without saying a word. experts say headphones used with iphones can make a decent radio antenna. hackers trick the phones into thinking the electric signals picked up by the headphones were actually voice commands. then they use siri to gain access to information on the phone or install malware. experts say to protect yourself unplug your headphones from your phone disable votes control when the phone is locked. got all that, lonnie quinn? [ laughter ] >> yes. >> do you understand all of that? with the forecast and more. >> okay. it's going to be about the cold air. i think the cold air is going to be the biggest story ahead. let's check in with my weather watchers out there for temperatures right now.
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temperatures currently out there, 64 degrees, this comes to us from les in little next. that's where you should be this time of the year. so temperature-wise, pretty much normal. okay? more cloud cover than you would have wanted but right now we have a sunnier looking sky and the picture is good- looking. here's my shot right now with the clouds overhead and blue sky. it's a cool looking sky because of the sunset there. you're getting the -- the rays reflecting off the clouds and you just get a pretty looking shot that sorts of light under the underbellies. it's just nice looking out there now. so more clouds earlier so better looking picture. 69 was the high 65 normal. so a little above average but right in line. we'll have cooler afternoons as you move forward for the next few days, certainly right through your weekend and some really cold early mornings. in fact, sunday morning some areas could be in the 20s, even new york city in the upper 30s on sunday morning so the cold air is going to get here. right now we see that deck of clouds that was over the city now out around suffolk county or so. couple of little showers up around sullivan county. a lot of that not making its
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way down to the surface, okay? look, is it an impossibility to see a little sprinkle north or west tonight? it's not an impossibility. i just don't think it's the biggest part of the forecast. that will be dictated by this low and the counterclockwise circulation around it. you take the low around the hudson bay and it will be a north wind to our area so we are going to remain cool. the atmosphere is kind of blocked right now. this is not really going anywhere. this is going to be the source of our weather. it has the little bicycle spokes like around the hub of a wheel and we have one passing through right now a couple of little showers i showed you up around sullivan county. and there's another one back here this will stream through the area on friday. there's a slight chance maybe you pick up a little bit of rain out of that on friday but the chances are looking lower and lower as it looks like any rain that's going to drum up will go north of the area but i keep a little rain chance in for friday and it's going to be more about the temperatures so for your day tomorrow a little cooler than today but right on target for where we should be at 65 degrees with a
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overhead. across the board look, get ready for cooler air but i do believe you will see a warmer surge of air come back by the time you get to the end of next week. 65 degrees for your thursday. chance for shower on friday. 61 tuesday. 65 wednesday. some folks are seeing wednesday is 70. so we'll keep an eye on that possibility. >> thank you. mets headed back to warm southern california. otis here with more. >> that's right, dana. we are going to have to wait a couple more nights longer for a mets celebration. unfortunately, they had to make that cross-country trip to l.a. for tomorrow night's fifth and final game. we'll hear from captain david wright after the break. romantic, why pause to take a pill? anwhy stop what you're doing to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use, is the only daily tablet
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because we believe in being here when our patients need us, so they can keep living their busy lives. weekend appointments are now available here. learn more at so there's another game and then some more. let's be positive. >> you know what, though? if they had taken care of business down the stretch, they actually could have hosted game 5. but you know, they can still get it done. citi field was all dressed up and ready for a celebration. so were the fans last night. the problem was the dodgers and clayton kershaw weren't ready for the off season yet so the mets left for a cross- country trip to l.a. winner-take-all game five.
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kershaw was dominant giving up three hits, one with aidan yell murphy solo home run and went 7 strong innings on short rest. tony steve matz had one run inning, three runs not a bad performance for the 24-year- old rookie but it was in a loss nonetheless. mets were looking for their first post-season series win at citi field but instead, they will have to try to clinch on the road thursday night with game one winner jacob degrom on the mound. >> i wish we could have won here. obviously so that, you know, we could prepare for next round and do it in front of our fans but clayton kershaw was just a beast. it's going to be tough to beat him when he is on like he was but hopefully we can take care of business. >> definitely tune in. >> you dream about that. over in the american league, the rangers lead the blue jays 3-2 in the 7th inning. another game 5 tonight the royals host the astros. it must feel like christmas in october for todd
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bowles with the 3-1 jets and gets to open another present with the return of sheldon richardson from his four-game suspension. the offense has been solid in the first four games. and they are led by ryan fitzpatrick a big question mark before the season. he has been strong. >> he deserves it. you know? i always pull and root for guys like that. everyone has his opinions. there's no day off with him. and, you know, it's good to see guys like that succeed and it's a team game but he is really leading us. the nfc east-leading giants were off as they get ready for monday night in philadelphia. after blowing the first two games in the season they have three straight victories and eli manning found his groove with sunday night 400 yards and three touchdowns against the 49ers earning him the nfc offensive player of the week award second time in his career he got that honor.
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the cubs were able to celebrate a play-off series clincher at wrigley field. you can't call them lovable losers as they beat the cardinals three games to one last night. imagine the 99 years of frustration led to an emotional explosion. the players were celebrating. then celebrating with the fans by giving them a shot of the bubbly. fans took to the streets and then the bars including some guy named can head. >> mets win tomorrow night? the cubs will come to new york saturday and sunday for games one and two. >> all righty. that's a positive way to think. >> you want to win in l.a. and come on home and host games one and two. >> i was thinking about the cubs fans but don't, um, you know, you're there for the precelebration, don't jinx it. they waited a long time. >> they have. you have to feel good for them but it's tops now. >> that home run that that guy hit on the cubs? did that leave the park? >> i think it's still flying! we'll be right back. >> closed captioning on cbs 2
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is your closet overflowing? i'm kristine johnson. coming up tonight at 11, it is now easier than ever to sell your unwanted items and we will tell you the best way to cash in tonight at 11. katz's deli is coming to brooklyn. the lower east side deli has confirmed it will open its first branch in the dekalb market hall in downtown brooklyn. the owners say they want to make it a little easier for part of their customer base that's been heading to the restaurant for generations in manhattan. the new location described as an outpost not a full restaurant. it's set to open in brooklyn next year. up next on the "cbs evening news with scott pelley," energy and weight loss supplements are sending thousands of people to emergency rooms every year. what experts are really worried about. thank you for joining us tonight. otis, lonnie and i wish you a nice evening and we say good night.
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