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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  October 14, 2015 7:30pm-8:00pm EDT

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with tom brady about gisele. we'll have those stories on the way. let's start with the serious news in las vegas. that's where kevin frazier is. what's the latest? >> i was inside sunrise hospital just about a mile off the las vegas strip earlier today speaking with lamar odom's friends and i can tell you khloe kardashian has been here by his side talking to lamar all night long in hope that he may come out of his coma. but right now it's dire as friends and family are gathering. >> i'm always going to be there for lamar especially when something as tragic as this happens. >> lamar's friends and family and the kardashians are holding a sad vigil for the former nba star. kim and her mother kris dressed all in black were snapped entering the las vegas hosp this afternoon. kobe bryant left the preseason game early last night to see his former teammate. now, according to a source close to the family inside the hospital yesterday it was touch and go for lamar. he had a heart attack. some of his organs failed. and that's why a coma was induced.
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was actually on the set of a photo shoot in l.a. where her best friend showed up. both girls left an hour later and khloe flew to vegas shortly after that. >> according to one source inside the hospital and close to the family that i spoke with, while they wouldn't comment directly on lamar's condition, they did say today is better than yesterday. what i do know is that he has been responsive, and that's why khloe is by his side talking to him. and the same goes for other family members who have arrived. they're talking to lamar in the hopes that he can hear them. as for reports that the kardashians came with cameras in tow, absolutely 100% false. what led up to this tragedy? here's the weekend timeline. on saturday, lamar arrived at the love ranch south, a legal we sat down with the owner dennis hof. >> we picked him up at his place in las vegas. came out, great mood. ready to have a good time. just wanted to get away for a few days. >> lamar check into this room.
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hof claims the reality sta seen taking herbal viagra. >> we heard from my people like eight or ten pills. >> on sunday hof tells us lamar got an upsetting phone call. there are reports that it was about that night's episode of "keeping up with the kardashians." >> did you sign the divorc papers? and in the next few days will be done. >> then tuesday, his fourth day at the ranch, two women found him unconscious. >> we called 911 and he started throwing up a lot. so he was breathing, then the ambulance and the police came. they took him to the pahrump valley hospital where they said he was in bad shape. >> tmz sports obtained video of emergency workers still trying to revive odom as they arrived at the hospital. >> they thought he might not make it and they were going to air flight him to las vegas. but he didn't fit in th helicopter. >> lamar, who is 6'10" was taken by ambulance to sunrise hospital and medical center. >> how did lamar look?
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he looked awful. he looked like a guy who w really sick and needed to be rushed to an emergency room immediately. >> sources close to khloe told me if lamar hadn't struggled with drugs, they'd still be married today. khloe still truly loved lamar, but he had demons he couldn't get rid of. khloe and lamar are legally still married. they signed their divorce papers on july 21st, but a judge hasn't signed them yet. if lamar does remain in a coma, it's pretty likely khloe will have to make a decision on his future. >> i can tell you that lamar's children are expected to arrive here late tonight. our thoughts and prayers with his entire family. right now, let's send it to los angeles and michelle turner in our studio. >> you know, there was a lot going on here in los angeles last night. i like to think of it as the ultimate girls night out, gwyneth paltrow, kate hudson and chrissy teigen making her first red carpet appearance since she
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chrissy's baby bump was barely visible in a white slip dress. the usually over-sharing star wasn't giving up baby news but might have accidentally dropped her due date as april. ?t >> my cookbook comes out in february now. it was going to be april. now it's february. so we'll shove it out because i can't travel in april any mor >> gwyneth is the mom of two and shared her feelings on hayden panettiere checking into a treatment center for postpartum depression, which she also uch battled. >> that's terrible. it's a very -- luckily mine was low grade enough that i didn't have to be hospitalized, but you know, it's a very debilitating thing. i think there's so much shame around it. and there shouldn't be. >> in a chatty mood, gwyneth also weighed in on j-law's op-ed about equal pay for women in hollywood. >> i thought it was very brave of her to articulate it l
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that especially in hollywood. we already feel fortunate to be receiving a fantastic salary and to have a job in the movie, so i think it's very brave to say, hey, wait a minute, i'm just not being paid the same as a man. >> but whoopi goldberg thinks the battle has been waged long before jennifer got behind it. >> jennifer, welcome conversation that's been going on for the last maybe 55, 60 < years in hollywood. >> but last night was for partying, gwyneth and her girl squad were toasting the luxury skin care line l'maire's line. >> i'm happy sneaking out of the house and having a cocktail. >> gwyneth shared a preparty snap with her son moses. but she told us her daughter apple is far more impressed with taylor swi >> she would ditch me for taylor. apple? my god, in one second. >> she'd just be like, bye, mom.
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but we have her tomorrow. only we can show you this seriously sexy video of taylor posing for this gq cover. you don't want to miss that. but right now let's turn to the serious legal news that just went down today. nancy, what's going on? >> it's big trouble for dance mom's star abby lee miller. she could facing serious prison time after getting indicted on bankruptcy fraud. a 20-count indictment.e' 34 pages long. abby lee accused of defrauding the government.*0% in documents obtained by "e.t.," the feds claim miller concealed more than $750,000 in income and assets when she filed for bankruptcy protection for her dance studio in december of 2010. with each count having a potential five-year sentence and a $250,000 fine, abby lee could face some serious penalties if convicted.s "e.t." reached out to abby lee and lifetime "dance moms"
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network for comment. neither responded by our deadline. max chmerkovskiy is not a fan. he went on a podcast tuesday ripping the "dance moms" star. >> what is the purpose for abby lee miller's existence? she makes money and became famous on just borderline child abuse. >> max also had harsh words for former hope solo who came out during a game of which dancing celeb he would sleep with, mary or kill. >> i would definitely kill hope solo. >> yeah. >> t(i >> she's a [ bleep ] pers >> ouch. which former partner would he sleeppwit singer willa ford. >> we dated for a while. you can't blame me. she was >> not sure anyone's blaming either one of you. coming up next, i'm talking to oprah about her new tv project. and about j-law's sexist war. >> the jennifer lawrence is saying that? that means it's time to talk about it and do something about it.
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exclusive. her surprise for fans that left them in tears. that's on the way. but first, vin diesel walked the carpet for his premiere but his heart was at home with his family posting this supercute shirtless shot. kissing his daughter pauline who is named after his friend paul walker. >> i was thinking about my baby that i'm missing while i'm over here in new york doing press for this great movie. you travel the world for a movie that you're proud of. you really do miss your angel.
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those three words also perfectly describe her new tv show. >> i didn't think oprah could outdo herself, but i believe that you have. with belief. because here we are trying to understand the mystery of our existence. >> yes, life is about trying to grow yourself to whatever is the next level. so this belief series is the next level for me. for many pilgrims, being among tens of millions of fellow believers has a spiritual power all its own. >> oprah narrates the week-long tv event three years in the making as a journey into faith. the inspiration for this series came during a difficult time in her career. >> i was being challenged by starting the network. there's all those stories about oprah, you should have kept your day job. and literally what happens to me when i'm facing a challenge, i go inward and i ask, god, what would you have me do? >> religion is a sensitive subject. were you worried at all in portraying different people's religion? >> i wasn't worried at all.
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because there's a thread of truth that goes through religions. the thread of compassion and love. >> with a career that spans over three decades,b oprah is, no doubt, one of the most powerful women in media. so i wanted her take on jennifer lawrence's recent op-ed on equal pay for women. >> it's a mo in the zeitgeist in our culture when people are ready to hear it. the jennifer lawrence is saying that? that means it's time to ta about it and do something about it. i applaud, applaud, applaud her >> and that's coming from a person who knows a thing or two about effecting change. so what a compliment, jennifer. coming up, "the facts of life" mrs. garrett at 89 talking about the weigh-ins on set and how she overcame alcoholism. >> mrs. garrett was always so, so sweet. the lady behind that had a different life. >> then our janet jackson exclusive and tom brady on his wife gisele and his home life off the field.*l >> oh, my god.
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janet jackson gives fans a surprise of their lives. >> janet, we love you. >> they thought they were getting a look inside janet's my music vi museum until this statue of her suddenly moved. >> when i saw her, i said, oh, my god. that's her. >> janet'salbum "unbreakable" became her seventh number one on billboard's 200. >> it's a beautiful picture. >> concert goers who buy "unbreakable" will get into the concert early, access to janet's my music vip website and a tour of the museum. >> we love you. >> bye! >> well, the next chance to see janet in concert will be this friday at the forum in inglewood, california. r@w(w here is a man who packs the stadium every su
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nfl, tom brady. recently there were rumors flying around that he was splitting from his supermodel wife gisele. but their romance is as hot as ever. >> there's so much going on. what's the secret to having a successful relationship? >> she's my best friend. we spend as much time as we can together. it's a busy life we have. and you know we have three kids. >> i love the instagram photos you post of your kids. what's the best thing about being a dad? >> oh, man, i have a lot of respects for the moms out there.5u let me say that. that's a tough job. because it's a lot of when i'm home with the kids, it's exhausting. i can't wait to get back to work. oh, my god. i need a break. my 2-year-old girl, she won't listen to a word i say. i have to go back and tell these 300-pounders what to do and they actually listen. >> we know you either totally love tom or you don't because the whole deflategate scandal, but today we'll be all abou love just because of the sweet way he talks about his wife and
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kids. >> not a day goes by where you don't laugh and smile at something they do. any plans to do the same? what would retirement look like in the brady household? >> i love what i do. i don't have any plans to give don't let that retirement fool you. she works more than any retired person i know. >> now tom's about to give gisele a run for her mod money. he was named brand ambassador for tag heuer. >> what we didn't know is that he already owned a tag heuer 2002. >> it was a gift for myself when i decided to splurge. such a natural, organic thing that came about. time is very important to my job, it always has been. >> tom is very important to the boston celebs, but what does he this? >> and those lips. >> those guys in partic got to know over the years. they're all friends. great to have such great support from all those guys. >> the boston posse. n >> the boston crew.
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>> i love that. >> who are you going to believe, tom brady, the greatest man in all humanity, or a bunch of [ bleep ] on twitter? >> well, you saw ben there. take a look at this. ben has gone back to bare-faced look. there he is at last night's premiere "beasts of no yi he practically looks like a kid again. cameron has a tv show that millions watched as kids. give us "the facts of life." >> nice. you don't want them from me. but you do remember getting them from that classic '80s sitcom. charlotte rae played mrs. garrett and she has so many fond memories of that show, but there was a dark side as she tells me about secret body shaming behind the scenes. you take the good you take the bad >> how much pressure did the producers put on the girls to keep a certain weight? >> the more they tried to pressure them and weigh them and threaten them, the more they would eat.
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adolescents. you don't do that. >> and you don't think of a girl as a ten if she weighs a ton. >> you're not a number. you're >> you mentioned, though, that the producers would weigh the girls. they had a scale on set it was like official weigh-ins. >> frankly, the girls never told me that until after. and now that they're older and they're grown and they have children, we have a whole different relationship. it's just incredible. >> also pretty incredible the fact that charlotte got to work with this guy way back when. >> like getting paid to eat ice cream. >> did you have any idea that he was destined for such great things? >> i knew that he was a good, good actor. i've got to hand it to him. he didn't go crazy. he didn't get into drink or drugs. i admire him a lot. >> my conversation with charlotte was pretty great.
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not just because she's superfeisty at all five-feet tall and i'm 6'2", but in her book "the facts of my life" she's completely honest about alcohol and how she dealt with shocking revelation in her 25-year marriage. >> he finally came out and told me that he was bisexual. i mean, i just absolutely was devastated. it made me feel like i was not much of a woman. but we were friends and supported each other until he died. >> it's character like that that makes charlotte not only an emmy nom for that beloved role but for how she's lived life. >> all the fans are screaming, mrs. garret over there. and it's exciting. i love it. yes, i was no wrinkles there. now i've got wrinkles. look, i'm 89 1/2. >> yes. >> and it's part of the process. and i haven't had any li anything like that.]5
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and with every new wrinkle, there's a new role waiting for me. >> that's charlotte looks fantastic.yzm nearly 90 and still acting. in fact, charlotte just had a part in "ricki and the flash." there she is in very good company. meryl streep, kevin kline and director jonathan demi. which coach made their acting debut on "moesha"?
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aguilera?ad. it's all on your destination for entertainment news. travel consideration provided by -- welcome back to the show, everyone. here we go. tonight's "e.t." birthdays. which coach on "the voice" made their acting debut on moesha? that's usher. he turns 37 today. happy birthday, u before we go, we have a hot new country star. nancy, i know you're a country girl at heart. >> you've got that right. and her name is cam. her album is called welcome to cam country. featuring the hit "burning house" and the video is premiering on how it was made, everything set on fire and up in flames. check it out. bye, everybody.
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