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tv   The Late Show With Stephen Colbert  CBS  October 15, 2015 11:50pm-12:52am EDT

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>> if there were an mvp? >> i would have to say he single handedly did it. he got two off clayton kershaw. >> right now he's getting the champagne out of his eyes. >> i didn't see a lot of goggles in there, but we shall see. >> i thought they had them on in the beginning. >> i don't know if everyone had them, but you have to prefair for the celebrations. >> thank you, otis. as the mets continue to chase the championship, stay with cbs 2. we will have live coverage as they take own the cubs. otis livingston will be back in a few minutes with more on the win. now to other news, breaking news in new jersey. the search for a double murder suspect ends with gunfire from police. cbs 2's valerie castro reports for hackensack. >> reporter: this white home in hackensack, new jersey, is now surrounded by crime scene tape. the bergen county prosecutor's office says a wanted suspect
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>> santos alvarez was shot once this evening at approximately 74:50. >> reporter: the district attorney's office says santos alvarez is accused of killing his girlfriend and 4-year-old son in jersey city last week. they were found unresponsive in this apartment. the search for alvarez led investigators to this home where two women said they were the only people inside. they have since been arrested, accused of hindering the investigation. detectives eventually found him at the back of the house. >> there were a lot of police officers in the small kitchen area. one shot was fired into the abdomen area. >> reporter: he is currently undergoing surgery at the
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his injuries are not life threatening. valerie castro, cbs 2 news. and developing right now, flash floods triggered mud slides in southern california. this is 60 miles north of downtown los angeles. the mud poured through the local streets, submerging the cars. authorities had to shut down the 30-mile stretch of the interstate stranding drivers, and residents were also trapped in their homes. flash flood warnings remain in effect. police sent up a helicopter near far rockaway to find a suspect on the run tonight. the man tried to lure two sisters into his van on lanette after not too far from the
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the suspect was driving a gray honda. witnesses watched in horror as a mother dropped her child from a sixth story window. >> jessica schneider has more. >> reporter: neighbors watched in horror as they watched the woman identify adds tenisha fareon dangled her baby outside of the window, and then she dropped the baby six stories. >> i heard a thump, and then the neighbor started to scream, no, no, no, no, no. they were creaming don't do it. >> reporter: multiple 911 calls came in, and paramedics arrived around 2:00 p.m. police guarded the scene for hours into the night even though the baby girl was transported to st. barnabas hospital. three other children ranging in ages for 4-10 were inside of
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the new york city administration of children's services released this statement. ''we are currently investigating the circumstances that led to this tragic and i want are actively working to ensure the well being of the three remaining children -- tragic incident. we are actively working to ensure the well being of the home." i'm told the father of the baby left the home in tears. >> mother is in the hospital tonight and has not been charged. frightening moments for a man walking down the street in midtown after he fell through a sidewalk cellar door. chopper 2 was over the scene mcdonald's.
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stretcher to bellevue hospital after he appeared to hit his head. one man saw a crowd gathering and jump to rescue. >> he was bleeding all over the place. i said i got you. i'm going to ride it out with you until they bring you to the hospital. >> witnesses said there were no cones or barriers around the door. families who moved to the upper west side to try to get their kids into a top school are learning a tough lesson. the p.s.199 zone is from west 64th to west 74th street and riverside boulevard to central park west, but the department of education wants to remove 11 blocks for the zone. they would be assigned to a new
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ps191 was listed as persistently dangerous. parents of kids at 199 say rezoning is not a solution. >> i feel bad for the kids, be but otherwise it's the same problem next year. >> a final vote will be held next month. well, back to the mets, the celebrations are really in full swing tonight. the fans brought out the good luck charms, and guess what? they worked. tracee carrasco is with all the excited fans in hells kitchen tracee? >> i don't think these fans are going home any time soon. winner-take-all game. the mets living up to their options, giving fans to believe this is one more year they could go all the way. the scene here in hells kitchen, likely at all sports
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bars around the city tonight. hugging, high 5s, and endless cheers. the mets of officially ended the good father season with in win, and they are moving on with their sights set on the world series. they never lost faith, and the fans say this team is unstoppable, and it will be there are there year. >> awesome let's go mets. >> we did it, we are there. >> i'm a mets' fan, and i'm so excited. >> reporter: were you nervous? >> yeah, only insurance run in the 9th inning. we did it. go jr. metses! number one. the place was electric when they won. the fans will continue to celebrate when they come home on citi field on saturday to face the chicago cubs.
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>> what are they going to do? no more fingernails are left. more fallout for the hamptons school official that appear in the racy rap video. >> my father is a blunt and very direct. ivanka trump is defending her dad. hear how he really feels about women. thousands of jack o'lanterns light up the
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how to see them in demand. that's a big bull. i think that's old cyrus. 1800 pounds of do whatever the heck i want. take the long way, huh? thank you cyrus.
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[music] appearing in a raunchy music video led to a hamptons school leader to getting a demotion. in the video for the song best friends from rapper j.r., she is seen handing over the keys to her home followed bay pool party with barely dressed men and women with alcohol.
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a bronx family is pleading for the safe return of their precious dog, stolen from their home. the family returned to their soundview apartment on tuesday only to find it ransacked. thieves took $1,000 in cash, a playstation, and several pairs of sneakers, and their siberian husky puppy named luna. they used mace and pepper spray on the other three dog in the apartment. >> be you get in, you smell a lot. i think that's why my dogs are a little sleepy. >> all we want is little luna back. we don't care about the material stuff. >> the family has plasters the neighborhood with missing dog flyers. they are threatening to boycott the debate.
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carson and trump sent a letter to cnbc and said they will not participate if the debate is over 23 hours including commercials, and they want to give opening and closing arguments. the debate will be in 2 weeks. ivanka trump is defending her dad's controversial comments about women. >> i think a lot of the sensationalism around this was orchestrated largely by the media my father is very blunt, direct, and he's not gender specific in his criticism. >> she says she would not be a high level executive if he was hostile against women. you can strep on this smart
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pod, and it triggers the sensory nerves in the leg. >> people are using it for all kinds of conditions, arthritis. >> right now the only possible side effect is skin issues. researcher at university of sydney found muscles triggered by intense physical activity, and a new pill may argue those changes. in westchester county. the problem is there is something for everyone, and
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>> reporter: from the ghoulish to the playful. this is a frightening world of thousands of carved pumpkins, each part of the spooky display. there's the dragon, grandfather clock and the cats. >> sometimes an idea is inspired by the history of this place. >> reporter: the creative director of the jack o lanterns. >> when they change, they are young in spirit. >> reporter: volunteers are carving 1,000 pieces a night. >> reporter: everyone has their own favorites.
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>> i think the snakes. they are down the track. >> we just added additional time slots for dates through october through the middle of november. >> welcomed news for those worried they may miss out on a good scare. matt kozar, cbs 2 news. sunday, november 15th. very impressive artwork. lonnie quinn with an update. we will be talking about the up a a chance for rain. i want to show you out something here. a picture from a bunch of you capturing nice foliage out there. southern coaches county. sold in ulster, you're just about peak right now this weekend. the rest of us, waiting longer. the imspire state willing b lit
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up in the color of the mets. 64 was the high temperature. 1 degree off the high mark. typical day for this time of the year. nice one out there as well. you know what else you don't see on this day? snow! we had this day on the earliest november? let's talk about it. no snow until the area today, and is there a flurry chance north or west. currently nice skies in our area. the greens, yellows, oranges, green is is a light rain, orange, heavier rain. but you don't see the pink or white. by the time you get to saturday or sunday, maybe a flurry for you. this is 1:30 in the morning, and by the morning hours, maybe the commute could have a light shower.
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that should be added moisture by the time it reaches the east end of long island. maybe a bit of trailing activity, and that's not so much. spots. the yard. come. temperaturewise, similar to what you had today. to personality chance for rain out there, and across the weekend. saturday, 50, sunday morning we really cold, 38. the city. monday morning, colder at 37 and 55. for those of you who like it
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those of you who like mets, it's there as well. >> yets yets, yets. the yets live to fight another series -- mets, met, mets! the mets live to fight another day. a closer look coming up. pumpkin excitement is back at dunkin'. pick up your favorite pumpkin-flavored baked treats and beverages, like the new pumpkin macchiato
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can i get a medium coffee, cream, two sugars? medium hot coffee, cream, two sugars -- see you at the window. at dunkin', we make your coffee just the way you like it. if not, we'll make it again on the spot. that's the dd commitment. america runs on dunkin'. time for your mets' report with otis. >> granderson said it best. the mets were hoping for this since they were a little the kid. murphy sliding into 3rd, and the dodgers responded just as fast. the 1-1 game, and andre into no man's land, and that's the 2-1
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lead this may be the key play of the game with the series. douda walks, and murphy sees 3rd base is left open, and he sprints over to steal, and it's tied at 2. 2 innings later, the greinke pitch into right field. that's his third homer of the series. 3 hits on the night. 2 runs scored, 2 rbis, and then degrom and syndergaard with the last 12 outs to end it. let the celebration begin. the mets advance to take on the cubs for the right to go on to the world series. >> hell yeah, baby! >> it's a dream come true. most fun i have ever had in my life. >> this is the definition of a team win. >> i got a heater in the spot i was finally looking for, and i didn't miss it the only way to describe it i just didn't miss it.
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going to go party for awhile, and we will take a day off, getting ready for the nlcs. the encouraging sign of big blue. odell beckham jr. was stretching. the giants hope he will be practice with the injured hamstring before they say he's good to go in philadelphia. >> you go through the reps, and when it comes to game time you have seen it, already repped it, and it's smooth sailing.
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>> the jets host the red skins on monday.
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nlcs. selling 18 homes? easy. building them all in four and a half months? now that was a leap. i was calling in every favor i could, to track down enough lumber to get the job done. and i knew i could rely on american express to help me buy those building materials. there are always going to be unknowns. you just have to be ready for them. another step on the journey... will you be ready when growth presents itself?
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welcome back, everyone. the night on the ice, the rangers are coming back from their first loss of the season to take on the montreals who are 2 4-0. ryder eventually coming out without a helmet. the king wants that back, but the canadians say you can't have that back. >> trying to get a step on it. that's the equalizer from kyle. the isles take the lead in the 3rd, and then 3 for the captain as they go 2-1-1 to start the season. finally tonight, murphy's solo home run in the 6 st. the biggest homer of the year for the mets, so far. here's what it sounded like on the radio.
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down the line, and there it goes! daniel murphy a home run! he gave the mets the lead in the 6th inning, and daniel murphy is writing some kind of story! >> the storyback finish indeed. howie summed it up great. they ever. >> the final score, murphy 3, comers, 2. >> murphy's law f you pitch, i'm going to hit it. >> and you win. >> exactly.
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if ewe would like to like if you have not done that yet. why? >> it's 12:22 in the morning, now? tonight. >> coming up next, the late show with stephen colbert. he has oprah. for the entire cbs 2 team, have a good night.
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congratulations mets and you met fans out there. >> good night. .welcome stephen colbert! ( band playing intro music ) ( cheers and applause ) captioning sponsored by cbs >> stephen: hey, welcome to theshow, everybody! (cheers and applause) >> stephen, stephen, stephen! stephen, stephen, stephen!
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>> stephen: that's very nice.thanks, everybody. hey, thank you so much. welcome to the late show. man, a guy could get used to that. welcome to the late show, i'm stephen colbert. i hope you don't mind that this is the late show with stephen colbert and stephen colbert is standing in front of you and that i prefer to refer to myself in the third person. but that is just what stephen colbert does. and i'm so excited that you're all here. because i really need somebody to talk to tonight. i was alone this afternoon when i found out one of my heroes isn't the man i thought he was. his name,-- a little late on that. (laughter) a lot of responsibility. a lot of responsibility being a live audience. the name of this man, bond, daniel craig bond. here's what happened. d craig on craggy d as he likes his friends to not call him,
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he's on the circuit right now promoatding the new james bond movie "spectre" an when one asked if he considered doing another jaimsz bond movie he pointed to the wine glass an said i what rather break this glass and slash my wrists. that was much better. i say come on, danny, yeah, being james bond is such a tough gig. driving sports cars, kissing exotic women, crushing the skull of bad guys between your die mongd hard butt cheeks? try tarring a roof for a living. and hey, if you done want the bond gigk well, i know a guy who would be willing to step in and drink the par tinies an bed the babes, a guy's whose british accent has been called almost not insulting guf nah.
12:23 am
consider yourself james bond consider yourself a member of mi-6 i've got a license to kill i kill where i will off (cheers and applause) >> stephen: that was right, ihave never heard the lyrics. i assume those are the lyrics. i never heard the lyrics to that song. supercallifragilistic extra ami danger. pow pow. but until i am the next james bond i am happy doing this right here. and i'm happy because we have we've got a great show for you tonight.
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(cheers and applause) win-- hold on. you didn't let me finish. you didn't let me finish. winfree. -- winfrey i just want to make sure you're applauding for the right open are, there are a lot of oprahs out there. then i'll be talking to joseph fink and jeffery cranor of the hit podcast welcome to night vale. (cheers and applause). >> stephen: this' a hip crowd.the podcast takes place in a mysterious place where monsters are real and every crazy story is true. so florida. (laughter) and we'll have a musical performance from judith hill. (applause) lovely, lovely. she got her big break on "the voice" and she is so great that
12:25 am
my chair to face her. oh. you hear that? that is either the world's sexiest smoke alarm or that is jon batiste and stay human. say hi, everybody. before they play tonight's theme, one more thing. jeb bush's presidential campaign raised $13 million in the third quarter. meanwhile, lincoln chafee's campaign has raised its third quarter. >> tonight, stephen welcomes oprah winfrey. from welcome to nightvale, joseph fink and jeffery cranor. and a musical performance by
12:26 am
batiste and stay human. and now it's time for the late show with stephen colbert! (cheers and applause) >> stephen: thanks, everybody.yeah, yeah. what's happening? everybody is very. >> stephen, stephen, stephen! >> stephen: thank you very much,you're very kind. there is a lot of excitement in the room, jon is very excited over there. everybody is excited because as i said before, oprah will be joining me in just a little bit. (cheers and applause) pretty cool, right? you have ever met oprah? cuz i've met oprah.
12:27 am
i spent like a whole day with her once. >> oh, wow. >> stephen: it's not a contest. >> jon: well, ifs ifs it was acontest then you'd winning but it's not. >> stephen: so if i had made ita contest i would have won the oprah contest. >> jon: right. >> stephen: but have you mether? >> jon: yeah, i met oprah. >> stephen: the hype is really. >> jon: the hype is really,really. >> stephen: people say oh, she'slike, when are you with oprah you feel good. and she is sort of like glows. >> jon: right, like an angel. >> stephen: a little bit like anangel, right. >> jon: yeah. >> stephen: do you think we'resetting her up too high right now? do you think-- . >> jon: no, i don't think so. >> stephen: i don't think soeither. >> jon: cuz she owns it. >> stephen: yes, she does.she totally owns it. did she give you a-- she is famous for giving em presents,
12:28 am
did she give you anything? >> jon: no, she didn't give meanything. you didn't have anything under my seat. >> stephen: she gave me a basketof avocados. >> jon: really? >> stephen: and she gave me likea set of kitchen knives. >> jon: wow, wow. >> stephen: i regifted them. idid. don't tell oprah. >> jon: who did you give themtoo? >> stephen: my brother-in-law. he loved them. i had to fly. i couldn't take them on the plane with me. they frown on that. anyway, i'm excited. >> jon: cool. >> stephen: she's saving itsworld, a little bit. she's trying to, to make the world a better place. >> jon: right, just like you! >> stephen: a little bit.just 1 inch at a time am 1 inch at a time. oprah isn't the only one trying to make the world a better place. i am too. i drive a tesla, all right. that is my contribution. okay. global warming. i love my tesla. it's so fast. it's all electric. it's like a golf cart had sex with a pegasu s. and here's a really cool thing.
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laptop computer with wheels. they're always upgrading the software gifg you these cool new features. like last year they made it possible to name your tesla. i named mine vingalot and if you understand that reference, i'm sorry you also had such a tough time in middle school. and one of the coolest things about the tesla software updates is they happen automatically overnight through the car's wifi system. you turn it on in the morning and the screen tells you all the new stuff it can do. like new and a half gaition features, or updated menus. there are so many sudden changes overnight with your car. it's like your car is going through peub ert.-- pu berty which might be why sometimes it locks itself in the garage an blasts mus you can at itself. yesterday, this is true, there was a particularly exciting upgrade. >> this morning tesla owner s owners are waking up to a new feature, autopilots. >> it essentially allows you to
12:30 am
when you're behind the wheel. >> stephen: that's right, teslaowners woke up to find their cars could drive themselves. finally a high-tech alternative to jamming a brick on the gas pedestrian all and jumping in the backseat. i had to do that for too long. and people have been posting individual ya with-- videos of the self-driving feature all over the internet. >> the car is watching, it sees, oh my gosh. oh pie gosh, this is so-- i'm not touching it at all. and it's driving. oh pie gosh, it's changing lanes. oh my gosh, it's changing lanes on its own. >> stephen: yes, a tesla can nowchange lanes on its own. although i had a pinto that used to do that too. (laughter) true. my first car. that is my first car. now i can see request some people out there wouldn't want a car that drives it self. some people don't want to lose what they call the joy of the road. that uniquely american feeling
12:31 am
arm out the window, you know, the other hand on your slurpee. your knee on the wheel right here with your eyes scanning the horizon for cheap fireworks. but as a man, as a man who drives into manhattan every day, let me tell you, there is no joy of the road. my commute is more like cormack mccarthy's the road. many times while i was stuck in the lincoln tunnel i have considered going can i balance. that is why i never-- cannibal that is why i never car pool, not any more. (applause) so personally can i not wait for self-driving cars. no more road rage. just kick back and relaxment you can watch movies. you can take a nap. and if you really miss driving you can always play mario cart. now while you don't have to keep
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your eyes on the road, legally you are required to keep one hand on the wheel at all times. which is fine because you are really only need one hand to enjoy all the porn you'll be watching. now most importantly,-- (applause). >> stephen: i don't know whatthat is. no proof he's watching porn. importantly, self-driving cars will be a lot safer. in fact, some researchers estimate they could save 300,000 lives per decade. yes, it will definitely save lives. not only will the cars never get distracted reducing fatal accidents but my tesla isn't going to suddenly yank the wheel into a wendy's at midnight to order a bigie fries. beside, this technology is self-driving towards us whether we like it or not. i've had 6 billionaires on this show so far and three of them are working on self-driving cars. and later tonight i've got my
12:33 am
winfrey, i'm going to ask her. i'm going to ask her if she is working on one too. because if so, you get a self-driving car, you get a self-driving car, you get a self-driving car! (cheers and applause) whooo! whooo! yes! z i assume. not. of course the most famous name in self-driving cars is goggle. they've already got proto types of their goggle cars driving all over the place and they think you'll have one soon. just listen to the director of their auto auto program. >> how soon can we bring it out? well, it's hard to say because it's a really complicated problem. but these are my two boys, my oldest son is 11. and that means in four and a able to get his drivers' license. my team and i are
12:34 am
doesn't happen. >> stephen: wow.that is uncool, man. what else are you working on, self-drinking alcohol and pants that dry hump themselves? whatever. point is, i'm on board with the self-driving thing. i'm ready to hit the car pool lane with my two buddies, george rr and jack. we'll be right back with oprah winfrey. (cheers and applause)
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colbert sponsored by t mobile. >> stephen: welcome back,everybody. my first guest tonight needs no introduction.
12:36 am
(cheers and applause) >> hi, everybody! thank you. thanks, jon, thank you, guys. wow. >> stephen: people are prettyexcited that you are here. (cheers and applause) >> you changed the place. >> stephen: we have, we changedit a little bit. >> reed it. i just remodeled my house. i can imagine what this cost. >> stephen: yeah.we had to take a loan out. >> i see am i can see that. >> stephen: well, thanks forbeing here. >> i'm excited to celebrate you. >> stephen: to sell brailt me?excited. >> stephen: tonight i celebratemy love. >> for you. this is the thing, i was saying to your team that i have never seen in my life a
12:37 am
greater marketing campaign. were you on the back of every bus. we couldn't get away from you. you are driving down the street. >> stephen: if you are slammingtoo an abutment in your car, your air bag would eck pload and my face would be right on there, it was everywhere. >> you were everywhere. >> stephen: no pressure.that is a lot of pressure. an i remember when is with moving from nashville to baltimore as a young reporter. i had a smaller campaign but i was on billboards and buses. this is like 1976. and the campaign was, what is an oprah? and are on everything, on the bus. and then when i came on the air t was just me, and people are like that's oprah? so it's a hard thing to live up to when you have shall it-- but you did it. >> stephen: i don't have to liveup to oprah. >> no, no, but-- . >> stephen: i would love mypicture and then what is an oprah would be great?
12:38 am
>> stephen: thank you, thankyou. thank you very much. (cheers and applause). >> stephen: thank you very much.there st. >> that was a high bar. >> stephen: well, thank you forbeing here, that is all i needed. oprah winfrey, everybody. >> that is a high bar. >> stephen: i want to talk aboutsomething you stepped into. the series is called belief. >> yes. >> stephen: it's going to be onown. >> yes, starting sunday. >> stephen: it's about a varietyof world religions and what they mean to individual people's lives. how they have changed their lives, to make their lives better and how people use them to seek love, friendship, peace. why did you want to make this series now? >> well, it's actually bigger than religion. it's about the heart of people opening up and yerning for something that is deeper and greater. and so some of the people are religious and some of the people way. cuz in one part of the series we
12:39 am
named alex who says he is an atheist and doesn't believe in any diety but his devotion and his passion for life is something that you see threaded through all of the stories. so i wanted to do this because in one of my darkest moments when i was forming the network and i would run into lorne michaels who said oh, baby, you're going to be in for a huge learning curve, it will take you five years, it will be harder than anything you have ever done. i said i'll be okay. and then learned that you know, developing a network from scratch is harder than i thought, imagined. so when i was in the heat of the crisis, when everybody was saying i done know, you should have kept your day job. i can see that you were some of the people saying that. thank you, all, frenlds. but anyway, when people were saying those kinds of things, i tend to go-- when you are challenged in life, i find that going deeper inside yourself, to
12:40 am
ask the question, what do i really want. why did i really make this decision. and i had seen a planet earth done by the great discovery channel. and i wanted to create something that spoke to the spirit of us all. >> stephen: that's what-- that'smy impression having watched it. st like. >> well, i will tell you what. we'll get into the details and some of the stories that meant the most to you. we'll be right back. we'll continue talking about the things most important in the
12:41 am
(cheers and applause) . >> stephen: welcome back.we're here with oprah winfrey. now were talking before about the series called belief. , is there a difference for you between faith and belief. >> yeah, there is. because there are a lot of people who don't think that they are faithful people but have beliefs. you know, you can to the be in the world without believing in something. even if you don't call it a diety. so there are people who believe in working hard and strifing for their best, and, but don't call that, don't have a necessary religious belief. think. faith is knowing that no matter what, you are going to be okay. and i've always been a part of that faithful. i used to be a little preparer. >> stephen: how little, like howlittle are we talking here? >> i'm talking like seven, eight, nine, 12, 15. and then, yeah, when i was in third grade people used to call me, here come that preparer girl
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