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tv   CBS 2 News at 5  CBS  October 16, 2015 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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season starting pitching staff has an average age of 25. >> they are young, yeah, they're inexperienced. but they got quality stuff. >> no matter what the outcome of this season, the light at the end of the tunnel is here. >> reporter: the most valuable flare of the series was -- >> daniel murphy is riding some kind of story! >> reporter: the manmade headlines for his religious beliefs, mistakes that have driven fans nuts, but he pulled off one of the most heads up base running plays in mets' post-season history advancing to third when nobody was covering. >> got to give a peek and hope nobody calls time-out. i go sprinting to third base and someone calls time-out, i look like a buffoon. i was fast enough to get in there and make it. >> reporter: sometimes the mets didn't look like a contender. >> second no-hitter of the season. >> reporter: sometimes they had bad breaks. many tears were shed. the highs and lows of this season were experienced by
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same way they are going to adventure, together. it's fitting that mets skipper terry collins was the one who mets fans wanted to hug after this one because i think it was his level headed approach this season to help this roster full of youngsters keep their heads in a roller coaster season and help them rise to the occasion. from citi field, steve overmyer, cbs 2 news. the national league championship series is not just about new york versus chicago. >> no. the series is also pitting mets fans against each other for who has more team spirit. cbs 2's jennifer mclogan continues our team coverage of the championship chase from the queens-long island border. >> and i think that the border war is on. >> reporter: jerry burn, lifelong mets fan from, where else he says, queens, floral park queens population 21,000. not to be confused with neighboring nassau. that floral park, population
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as their own. >> i really think that the long island people need to have a team for themselves. this is a queens team and we're very proud of it. >> reporter: he says 11 miles from his home to the ballpark, parkway. >> i really think that the mets fans are more in queens. >> reporter: why? >> just because the mets are from queens. come on! >> reporter: on hillside avenue in floral park, queens, tomatoes, onions, coconuts and limes are scooped up in anticipation of the cubs coming to town. >> hot, spicy indian snacks. >> reporter: and that goes well with the mets baseball? >> oh, it does. very well. >> taco salad. >> cauliflower, okra and eggplant. >> reporter: for the mets game? >> yes. >> reporter: a half mile east where you can see the mets at citi field, the border war is in full swing. >> floral park, long island, there are more mets fans. >> there's a lot of homegrown
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long island. >> amazing mets. >> reporter: at this barber in floral park, long island, they are wondering if the uncut hair of the pitchers degrom and syndergaard will keep customers away. >> it's a good look. >> reporter: so bring on the paint instead. >> team colors, though. i think that's going to be the trend now. >> reporter: you would actually put the orange and the blue in the hair? >> yes. in the hair, yes, exactly. >> reporter: with murphy magic and the team clicking at the same time, there is truly joy in metsville. from floral park on the border of queens and long island, jennifer mclogan, cbs 2 news. >> and the mets win got many new yorkers cheering. comedian jim brewer a long- time mets fan took the celebration to a whole new level. >> yeah! [ screaming at the top of his lungs ]
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>> let's go mets! we took you down, l.a.! guess what you're chasing! nothing! how about the degrom-inator! l.a. has just been degrom-inated! let's go mets! >> not shy about it. the video already received more than 16,000 likes on facebook in less than a day. it's on its way to many more. if you are lucky enough to have tickets to game one tomorrow night, don't forget to bring your jacket to citi field. the temperature will be 49 degrees at the first pitch, it will feel more like 44 degrees. tickets are sold out. but standing room tickets are available online. reaction in other headlines, we have new video showing the aftermath of a scaffolding collapse that injured six
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this morning. wood and metal is scattered across an entire block. it happened at a seven-story residential building under construction. firefighters had to dig through piles of debris to rescue the trapped workers. thankfully, they are injuries are not life-threatening. developing in queens right now, a woman is taken into custody in the case of an off- duty police officer who was slashed in a park. cbs 2's tony aiello live now in fresh meadows. tony. >> maurice, cunningham park one of the largest in queens. there are tennis and bocce courts lots of different ballfields. police say this park is virtually crime free but a mug-goer struck here this afternoon targeting a 15-year veteran of the nypd. it was a routine day at cunningham park. guys playing bocce and a woman walking her dog. suddenly, that woman started screaming for help after a would-be mugger slashed her in the throat. the victim, an off-duty police officer.
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terry brown took this video of her receiving aid for her injuries. >> i saw all the bocce players running over there helping a woman that was screaming. her throat had been cut. and they put her on the bench and her throat was bleeding. and they started to administer first aid to her. and then before i know it i was surrounded by cops. i didn't even know what had happened. she was distressed. >> we saw the cop. she was coming out of the bathroom with the -- holding her throat. she was on the phone with 911 alerting them to -- she said cop got stabbed. >> reporter: a police source says a parks employee spotted the attacker leaving the scene fleeing towards francis lewis boulevard. she helped police locate the suspects. a young woman wearing a brightly colored hoodie, that suspect taken into custody. she is being questioned at the 107th precinct stationhouse. >> we did recover a pair of scissors in the area. we're unclear whether or not those scissors were used and we're continuing the search at this point.
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injured officer is a 15-year veteran of the nypd. she is assigned to a precinct in manhattan south. she is at the emergency room tonight but thankfully we're told she was not seriously injured. live in fresh meadows, queens, tony aiello, cbs 2 news. tony, thank you. we have an update on the bronx mother accused of dropping her baby from a sixth floor window. she appeared in court on murder charges. and as cbs 2's ilana gold reports, this mother once ran a licensed daycare. >> reporter: 27-year-old tanesha fearon had nothing to say when police escorted her out of the 46th precinct in handcuffs and took her to court today where the judge ordered her to jail with no bond. tanesha, why did you do it? she is charged with murdering her 6-month-old baby thursday afternoon on tiebout avenue in fordham heights. witnesses say they saw her dangling the baby from her apartment window and dropped her six stories. police say it happened right in front of her three other children, ages 4 through 10.
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they were not injured. >> i believe she was sick and just didn't tell anybody. >> reporter: her godmother coerce if fearon had postpartum depression. she tells us this mother usually appears happy and confident and posts pictures of herself dressed up on social media. she says she saw the whole family wednesday and nothing seemed wrong. >> she is a nice lady, good mother and i'm telling y'all, her kids was always well groomed, well fed and everything. >> reporter: we have now learned this mother ran a registered family daycare right out of this same apartment between 2013 and april of this year. the state says she had no violations or complaints. >> she was very happy when she got her license. >> reporter: the office of children and family services says fearon's license allowed her to care for up to 8 children. this year, she didn't renew it but her friends say they don't know the reason. what can you tell us about the daycare? >> it was fine. it was immaculate. it was set up. she had the toys. everything. >> reporter: they along with police also want answers on why she allegedly took the life of her own daughter.
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tonight, they are putting balloons and lighting candles on the sidewalk where paramedics found the baby unresponsive. in fordham heights, the bronx, ilana gold, cbs 2 news. >> investigators say that fearon would not give them an explanation during questioning. she has no criminal history and will now undergo a psychiatric evaluation. new information now. police say they have identified the man behind last week's molotov cocktail attack in hell's kitchen. investigators say thomas miles of queens is the man seen here on security video before the fiery attack. investigators say miles got into an argument with a group of men on best 37th -- west 37th street and ninth avenue, walked away and came back with a molotov cocktail. miles is charged with attempted murder, criminal possession of a weapon and reckless endangerment. intense clashes between israelis and palestinian in bethlehem. israeli soldiers fired tear gas to push back protestors.
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palestinian posing as a news cameraman stabbed and wounded a soldier in the west bank town of nablas this morning. that person was killed. hours earlier palestinians threw firebombs at a site that is believed to be the sacred tomb of joseph. >> israeli police barred men under 40 from praying at a jerusalem mosque. the site has been at the heart of recent violence after speculation officials wanted to limit access to palestinians. leaders on both sides say they are trying to calm tensions in the region. an emergency drill will take place tomorrow at newark airport. the drill will take place between 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. port authority says passing drivers and people passing through the airport itself may see smoke and emergency vehicles around the airport. the drill will not disrupt flight operations.
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first drug to boost a woman's libido is set to hit pharmacies tomorrow but not everyone can use it. >> 911, help! >> drivers stranded when flash flooding triggers mud slides in southern california. lonnie? >> well, we're talking about something different than that. we're talking about cold air. in fact, the very first frost and freeze advisories of the season. it's that time of year they have been issued. i'll tell you where and when in just a bit. stolen puppy. she is back with her family arrest. we first told you about this stolen puppy yesterday. police made the big takedown. >> he doesn't fight with just how boxing champ manny
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his country. in tonight's healthwatch, the first prescription pill to boost women's sex drive will be available tomorrow. but as cbs 2's dr. max gomez tells us, the pill's launch is
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>> reporter: the drug addyi is designed for premenopausal women with low libido but it is not an aphrodisiac. >> a woman with normal desire, function and performance, that is -- this is for people who are totally distressed who had a good sexual relationship who are in a good relationship but the switch went off. >> reporter: 34-year-old sherry mike is one of them. >> it's caused a lot of frustration with me and my husband, a lot of disappointment that there'sing into that we're able to do about it. >> reporter: addyi has been called the little pink pill a female version of the "little blue pill" viagra. according to dr. john lapook, comparisons between addyi and viagra are inaccurate. >> viagra treats plumbing from the waist down increases local blood flow to treat erectile dysfunction.
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>> reporter: addyi must be taken every day. common side effects are dizziness, nausea and fatigue. when combined with alcohol, addyi can cause fainting. the fda twice rejected addyi before approving it in august. some doctors say the risks are greater than the benefits. >> barely effective at all. it increases the number of sexually satisfying events by less than one event a month. >> reporter: but for patients lie sherry mike, any increase in desire -- but for patients like sherry mike, any increase in desire is welcome. >> even if there was some slight improvement, that would be meaningful to both me and my husband. >> reporter: some experts say addyi's limitations could lead to more research on alternatives to treat women with low libido. some may not use it because it shouldn't be taken with alcohol or other medications. you november what's going to happen when -- you never know what's going to happen when it's released to the public. we'll see what happens. >> thank you. an update now on former
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nba star lamar odom. today, the basketball player woke up and spoke for the first time since he was found brothel. a spokesman says odom gave a thumbs-up to family members. in a 911 call from the brothel, a caller said he was using cocaine as well as an herbal sex performance supplement. halloween is right around the corner. and that means lots of candy. but for parents of children with food allergies, october 31 is extra frightening. the teal pumpkin project however can make things easier. the nationwide initiative caters children with food allergies. homes with teal pumpkins on the porches will have nonfood treats for trick or treaters. >> we have stickers, notebooks, pencils, erasers, spider rings, glow bracelets, all sorts of fun things they love. >> 100,000 households are expected to participate this year. a dirty and dangerous mess in california tonight.
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flash floods thursday that transformed busy streets into a river of mud. firefighters rescued dozens of people trapped in cars and homes. the flooding backed up traffic for miles. one driver was even forced to sleep in his car. >> using my gps and i thought i was going to be able to get through, and here i am, stuck again. >> i have been out here for 24 years now. and i have never seen this much water in 24 years. you really can't tell how fast or safe it is. >> while interstate 5 and other highways have reopened, the area is bracing for another flash flood watch tonight. just the other day it was a drought in california. now they are getting too much rain. >> around here, the story is the big chill. lonnie quinn looking at the weekend. >> it's going to be cold. the pictures you just showed from southern california, if you remember yesterday i was talking about the forecast for the game out in l.a. and i was saying, hey, you know, slight chance for a shower? that rain 50 to 60 miles from the stadium, um, so boy, it was wild out there. what we see here, beautiful sky. but maurice and kristine, they
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are also hinting at what's the deal with the cold air? it's going to get here. right now 62 similar to yesterday partly sunny, your high was 64 exactly the same temperature you saw yesterday, as well. let me show you what the sky is serving up. we're watching showers moving in our direction. we're also watching them dissolve. i don't think it's going to manifest itself in too much rain. slight rain chance tonight but certainly not too much. then as you get to into your day tomorrow, here we go. you will have a chill in the air. 57 degrees. a partly sunny sky overhead. tomorrow night especially cold out there. and here are the frost and freeze alerts. a freeze watch everywhere shaded in this blue color. and this has been issued by the national weather service from late tomorrow night into sunday morning. look, the growing season is over in this area. you could very well have a hard freeze out there. so for the first game here at citi field with the cubs, the first pitch, 49 degrees, 45 when you factor in the breeze. but in the middle of the game,
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now it's feeling like it's in the 30s, about 39 with a 45- degree reading on the thermometer. and then by the time you finish the game heading home, it's 41 on the thermometer feeling like 36. and we'll talk about how it's going to be colder monday morning later in the newscast. but right now back to you guys. >> thank you. well, the nassau county school district is remembering a fallen nypd officer. detective brian moore was fatally shot in may on patrol in queens. today, north massapequa elementary school where he even went dedicated a memorial. moore's father says it is a gesture that means so much. >> i think this is a beautiful thing that the kids and the community and the teachers and the parents recognize brian for what he sacrificed and to recognize all policemen and what they do every day. >> adding even more meaning to the memorial, the tree that serves as its centerpiece was grown from the seeds of the
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pear tree the sole surviving tree at the world trade center site after the 9/11 attacks. >> absolutely. just ahead at 5:00 for underground. why dead fish keep popping up around the new tappan zee bridge project. >> also a business robbed, apparently of more than a quarter million dollars in jewelry. and police say thieves got in stores. >> and just when thought you got over what seemed like the longest winter ever, get ready! what experts say we can expect this year. >> we have to talk about it? we will. dana tyler is here now with a look at what we're working on for cbs 2 news at 6:00. >> reporter: kristine and maurice, tonight at 6:00, is new york city as safe as the mayor and police commissioner say it is? cbs 2's marcia kramer looks into allegations as to whether the nypd is cooking the books when it comes to crime statistics. also, window glass falling 17 stories to the ground. cbs 2's scott rapoport tonight at 6:00 talks to a man injured
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we also look into what could
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and screenings. the medicare enrollment deadline for new york is december 7th. so call empire today at 1-844-717-2652 to learn more or to schedule an in-person meeting. the new tappan zee bridge may be costing more than originally thought. environmentists are blaming the project for killing endangered fish in the hudson.
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cbs 2's lou young has the story now from south nyack. >> reporter: it's been around since prehistory. but some are wondering if the atlantic sturgeon has met its match where the new tappan zee bridge is going up. the animals that can live an average of 60 years and can grow 15 feet in length spawn in the river and have been turning up dead in what alarming numbers. species. the last published study on atlantic sturgeon had a total of 860 mature sturgeon in the hudson river population. >> reporter: in all cases, motorboats are being blamed but the fish float far from the scene of impact so solving this case is not like an episode of csi. >> unfortunately, boat propellers don't leave dna on the fish that they are killing. right? so what we're looking at is the change in the number of fish that are being reported killed between before the project began. >> reporter: 6 sturgeon in the
5:24 pm
project began, 8 in 2012, up to 25 in 2013. and 43 last year alone. it is a big river with lots of boat traffic. most of it happens out in the deep part in the channel. since the bridge project got under way, thousands of trips have been added through the shallows behind me. and riverkeeper is convinced, since that's where the sturgeon feed, this is where the problem s the bridge constructors say they have bent over backwards to minimize environmental impact using bubble curtains to shield the sturgeon and aggressively monitoring the endangered fish, even reporting some of the kills mentioned in the state reports. a spokesman says, they are working with the appropriate state and federal agencies to look into claims recently made by riverkeeper. everyone agrees though that dying. we're in south nyack. lou young, cbs 2 news. >> and riverkeepers is asking federal regulators to strictly enforce boat speed limits in the shallows and review construction practices that could impact those endangered fish. still ahead, could the
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>> plus, the struggle to care for loved ones with alzheimer's and dementia. the three things experts say will help relieve stress on families. >> and little luna is back home with her family after thieves snatched her during a house robbery in the bronx. there's a big twist in the case.
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found her. tite, at w.t m fs teettv phe arngt 9. ant pl g $0 ckita oye aeent
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a stolen puppy reunited with his family after thieves make a mistake. welcome back to the broadcast. we first told but this story yesterday. a beloved siberian husky snatched in a bronx burglary. police say the thieves tried to cash in on the reward being offered for the dog's return. cbs 2's alice gainer has the story new at 5:30. >> reporter: 3-month-old luna is back home and resting after being taken from this apartment on under hill avenue tuesday morning. >> when you try to touch her, she growls. >> reporter: she is not her usual friendly playful self. >> angry, maybe sad, i don't know, but she is scared. >> reporter: cell phone video captures her first moments back home with the family's three other dogs. >> my little girl started crying.
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>> reporter: luna was more lively but went under the table. afternoon. understandable since she has been gone for days and it's unclear how she was cared for. her. on tuesday nancy torres' husband came home at noon and found the place ransacked. $1,000 in cash was missing, a playstation and sneakers were taken, too. police say the intruders used paintballs, pepper spray and mace on the three other dogs. then this morning a break in the case. a man called nancy torres looking for reward money. >> he say how much the reward for that puppy? i say $500. he say, oh. are you sure you give me the money? >> reporter: police then traced the caller to an empty house where they found several people inside including luna. they now have those six people in custody. the family says they don't have the other items that were taken back but all that matters they say is that luna is home. but whether or not they stay
5:29 pm
>> i want to move. i don't want to stay here. >> reporter: for now, they are holding luna a little tighter than before. in the soundview section of the bronx, alice gainer, cbs 2 news. >> heartbreaking to see the puppy like that. the family does say that they will take luna to the vet to get her checked out. nancy torres says that the other dogs were already checked and they are fine. police in philadelphia are searching for suspects who pulled off a heist ripped out of a hollywood script. investigators say the burglars broke into an abandon restaurant and burst through the wall of a dry cleaners all in an effort to get to the safe and gold jewelry next door. the owner can't believe it. >> i'm opening the safe door and i'm seeing a big hole, empty. i don't understand how nobody hear nothing. >> they are digging a hole underground and coming through next door to my store, i mean, it's just like part of a hollywood movie.
5:30 pm
$250,000 in cash and merchandise. the house committee investigating the deadly 2012 benghazi attack interviewed hillary clinton's long-time aide huma abedin today. cbs 2's dick brennan has more. >> reporter: huma abedin arrived to answer questions from the benghazi committee behind closed doors. she is hillary clinton's closest advisor. the former secretary of state communicated with her more than perhaps anyone. republicans say the benghazi committee says it wants to ask her about the events leading up to, during and after the attacks on u.s. facilities. but today clinton dismissed the committee as political. >> i think it's pretty clear that, um, whatever, um, they might have, um, thought they were doing, um, they ended up becoming a partisan arm of the republican national committee. >> reporter: that's in part because two republicans indicated the panel is designed to hurt clinton. first it was house majority leader kevin mccarthy and richard hannah a congressman
5:31 pm
from new york which chris will bunk hampton and utica said this. >> this may not be politically correct but i think there is a big part of this investigation that was designed to go after people, and an individual, hillary clinton. >> reporter: republicans say that's nonsense. >> we have an important mission to solve the riddle of how this preventable incident led to the death of four americans and no one to this date has been held accountable for that. >> reporter: clinton was asked by cnn why the state department denied all the increased security requests by the embassy. >> well, that was left to the security professionals, jake. i can only point you to the very thorough, um, review that several, um, committees have done starting with the accountability review board that have gone into this in great detail and made recommendations about how we can better make those assessments. >> reporter: republicans say this is nonpartisan work and they won't discuss it in public because of the sensitivity of the subject matter.
5:32 pm
before the committee next week. fresh off his fight against floyd mayweather, the boxer manny pacquiao says he is taking another swing at politics. people in the philippines pulled out their cell phones to record pacquiao as he filed his certificate of candidacy to run for the senate. currently he serves in their house of representatives. mayweather beat pacquiao in may. the bout was boxing's richest fight ever. >> i have a feeling he will walk away with a victory on that one. >> he should be okay on that. coming up at 5:00, dealing with dementia. >> it's not the same person that you have loved all your life. >> families challenged with taking care of loved ones whose minds are deteriorating. tonight the three things caregivers can do to ease the strain. >> mcdonald's new all day breakfast menu has delighted a lot of customers. but not everyone is loving it. the unexpected problems it's causing. >> and today in history, in
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1987, 18 month old jessica mcclure was rescued after being trapped for 58 hours in an abandoned water well in midland, texas. she recovered after more than
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>> closed captioning on cbs 2 news is brought to you by: cadillac. health news now. alzheimer's and other types of dementia place a tremendous strain on caregivers. most are women family members who report very high levels of stress and downright depression. cbs 2's dr. max gomez recently attended a seminar that taught caregivers how to ease that stress. dr. max. >> reporter: kristine and maurice, it's been called the long good-bye. your loved one is still there in body but is slowly disappearing in mind and spirit. i know, i watched my father go from a respected physician to a shell of his forme self. there are ways to ease the stress. >> often time she will call me mom or miss. now, sometimes she will use my name but i'm not sure that she knows that i'm her daughter. >> reporter: karen is caring for her 98-year-old mother with dementia. karen had to retire and move
5:37 pm
clearly, an act of love but which doesn't always play out that way. >> sometimes i'll be so angry at her because she will get so angry and unreasonable and you yell at each other. and who is the adult here? >> they are no different than us. they don't want to be controlled. they don't want to be told what to do. >> reporter: that's why karen and dozens of other dementia caregivers came to a seminar at the valley hospital in new jersey last week to learn strategies for improving their caregiving relationship. kerry mills who calls herself a dementia coach says the first thing to do is dump the term caregiver. start thinking in terms of care partner. >> establishing the role as partners means both give and both receive and then it makes for a much more fruitful relationship. it gives caregivers the opportunity to -- to live their own life and take care of themselves. otherwise they end up unknowingly taking this martyr role and in doing so they don't do right by themselves and then the person with dementia. >> reporter: then stop trying
5:38 pm
to control the person with dementia. >> take somebody who doesn't want to take a shower. a normal thing that happens for people with dementia. they think they have or think they are going to. they don't recognize their situation for what it is. but instead, if we say, hey, you know what? tomorrow we are going to that farmer's market that you love. let's make sure we both look good before we go because then we'll go to a restaurant for lunch. it may make them more inclined to get themselves fixed up for the day. >> reporter: she says that's not lying to them. it's managing the situation by telling the patient what they need or want to hear to get them on board. but even a good care partner sometimes needs a respite. the alzheimer's association is a great resource for stressed out family members. it's tough. >> very tough. thank you. scientists are working on a pill that could one day replace physical exercise. researchers at the university of sidney identified 1,000 different molecular changes in
5:39 pm
and the pill would basically trigger those changes. the research is still in very preliminary stages. the study is published in the journal cell metabolism. a mistake on your medical records could cost you physically as well as financially. medical record mistakes can lead to a misdiagnosis as well as an insurance company denying you coverage. tonight at 11:00, on cbs 2 news dr. max will be back with what mode mistakes are lurking in your records that could actually scar you for life. coming up, u.s. airways makes a final flight today before merging with american airlines. we'll tell you why they are warning travelers. >> and talk about airborne, how a flight crew came together midflight to make a special delivery with dozens of passengers watching. >> oh, boy. dana tyler is here now with a look at what we're working on for cbs 2 news at 6:00. >> reporter: kristine and maurice, here's what we're working on in the cbs 2 newsroom. how safe is new york city? city hall says crime is decreasing but some people who are also crunching the numbers
5:40 pm
say they just don't add up. plus this. >> the thought of going through another month of this is really going to be very difficult. carnegie deli for decades. water for six months. and the elderly couple doesn't know if the gas will be back on in time for winter. >> also tonight we'll show you the 7 train's very colorful, the mets-cubs series.
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at 6:00. it took joel silverman years to become a master dog trainer.
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but only a few commands to master depositing checks at chase atms. technology designed for you.
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dozen for air travelers it could be a at any time weekend as american airlines -- a turbulent weekend as american airlines merges with united airlines. the merger of the two data bases began months ago but there's no telling what might go wrong starting tomorrow. extra staff will be working to smooth over bumps. >> if it goes wrong, passengers are going to be angry and american airlines does not want to have angry passengers. >> the last u.s. airways flight leaves san francisco tonight. it will land in philly
5:44 pm
tomorrow morning as an american airlines flight. >> well, mcdonald's -- well, mcdonald's all day breakfast may be a nonstarter. complaints about the highly publicized menu change are piling up. customers report lines have grown longer and service has slowed. restaurant owners say they need more workers. they also lament that receipt totals are down since breakfast items are less expensive. mcdonald's rolled out its all day breakfast menu 10 days ago. passengers on board a flight from taiwan burst into applause midflight but this time not for the pilot's skills. [ applause ] >> whoo! >> it was a doctor that helped deliver a baby when a passenger suddenly went into labor over the pacific ocean. the china air flight bound for l.a. had to divert to alaska. the doctor who was returning from her honeymoon made her first unassisted delivery. the mother and daughter went to the hospital and the fly
5:45 pm
continued to los angeles. >> oh, -- and the flight continued to los angeles. >> oh, my goodness. >> where's the citizenship? >> somewhere over the ocean. >> right? >> right. dual, triple passports? wow. good luck for the marriage, too. >> absolutely. >> spectacular. all right. weather time now. lonnie is here and we're getting ready to chill around here. >> it's going to get a lot cooler out there especially the mornings for like saturday morning even more so sunday morning. that's your picture right now. i think it's a good-looking shot kind of a partly sunny sky out there, temperature of 62 degrees. your high was 64. so temperature-wise very similar to what you had yesterday. now, check out my headlines. there's really some great foliage starting to pop around the area especially north of the city. cool temperatures are setting up so just know if you are going leaf peeping this weekend it's going to be chilly. have something warm to wear. but see the leaves this weekend. the reason i'm saying this weekend if you are going to make a trip this weekend, winds are forecast to pick up this weekend, okay? so you're looking at 20-mile- per-hour gusts or more for saturday and sunday. not the strongest winds we
5:46 pm
have ever had. don't get me wrong. they will take a fair share of the leaves off. not all the leaves, okay? it will take some off. why not see it when it's at its peak? it's at peak right now for the areas up around the higher elevations in sullivan, ulster and dutchess counties. in orange is near peak. yellow closer to the coast, you have a little ways to go before you get your maximum color out of things. vortex satellite and radar, look, we're watching these showers move in our direction but we're also watching them fade away. watch some bright colors here and it just -- it's not holding together. so i don't see a big risk for rain tonight. it's a slight chance could see a little shower out there. i don't think you see too much of anything. and then it's going to be more about the colder air that sets up. if you are heading out this weekend, saturday is 55 to 57 degrees. that you have breeze out there. sunday, chillier, 48 to maybe 51 degrees. think about that. a day where you don't get out of the 40s. it's getting to be that time of the year and with that
5:47 pm
breeze blowing both days you have a wind chill that we are dealing with. so across the board, the numbers look like this. 57 for the high temperature in central park in the city this weekend, 51 for the high temperature on sunday. sunday morning we are starting you off upper 30s in the city. monday morning you're starting off upper 30s, as well. i believe monday will be cooler or colder, yeah, you can say cold at 37 degrees. going to be colder monday morning by a little bit. then the sun is with us, okay, it's not a bad looking weekend, it's just gonna be, you know, cold out there with that wind blowing. by the time you get to the middle of next week, you will be back to 70 degrees. >> every time you say leaf peeping. i'm uncomfortable. >> you have to be very careful with the way you pronounce it. >> is it legal? >> like -- no, like a peeping tom. >> just saying. >> see what i got there. >> thank you. from a possible oscar contender to a family-friendly
5:48 pm
martians a run for its money, jill nicolini has your weekend movie preview. >> we have a soviet spy. >> we want to you defend him. >> reporter: tom hanks and steven spielberg are back at it again. this time in historical thriller bridge of spies. >> fascinating real-life story about an insurance attorney from brooklyn who negotiated this trade between a soviet spy and an american captured pilot over in germany. >> reporter: eric davis managing editor of says they might get oscar nominations. >> for five years you made life in that small room that person as nurturing and normal as you could. >> it's a popular book about a mother and son who are taken captive and trapped in a room for years and then what happens when they try to escape. i would say bring the tissue box. this is a major tearjerker. also a major oscar contender. >> are you positive that there
5:49 pm
looking for vice principals? >> reporter: a new family moved next door. it doesn't take long until his secrets get out. >> goosebumps, i think, is the best family-friendly movie of the fall. >> reporter: it's also expected to scare off the martian in its third attempt to be the heist grossing film for a third week in a row. and for those of you into gothic romance, crimson peak is in theaters but don't be disappointed. it isn't a horror film. on the upper east side, jill nicolini, cbs 2 news. coming up just a couple of months and winter will be here. but what is it going to be like this year? bitter cold and tons of snow or something else? the experts will weigh in. dropped. one hit my shoulder. >> a window in a high-rise shatters and rains down on
5:50 pm
how this all happened. we have had more than our share of brutal winter weather record setting snowfall and record low temperatures. time around? quinn. he is here with the forecast >> yeah. i got to tell you, i think
5:51 pm
there's a bit of good news. for those of how are just, you know, so sick and tired of the brutally cold winters that up. there's a bit of good news this year. >> i really don't want as much snow as we had last year. >> reporter: shelly can easily recall just how she felt last >> about to lose it. too cold. worse this coming year. >> reporter: well, for those of how have heard the same experts we talked to disagree. >> this has all the signs of winter. >> reporter: what that means is, during an el nino, unusually warm water piles up in the pacific. and that becomes a driving force in the weather patterns over the u.s. this year, that el nino is so strong, it's wetter. and we'll probably get hit by a nor'easter or two. robinson, does that mean snow? >> we have seen some el nino winters. we have had very little snow.
5:52 pm
>> reporter: big winters require moisture and cold air and that was certainly the case last year. in fact, judah cohen nailed last winters's frigid forecast by first looking at siberian snow cover in october. >> last year was the second hirest on the record -- highest on record. >> reporter: that air has to go somewhere so it spreads over the north pole and comes in our direction. >> like pouring molasses on the a table. >> reporter: in february, it was the third coldest on ortho. impressive. so less siberian snow, a strong el nino, our final forecast looks like this. fewer long cold outbreaks. so kids that means fewer snow days and smaller snowfall totals, likely closer to the normal for the area which is 25 inches. >> so let's be clear on how we see this winter. last winter let's say for example you had a long span of
5:53 pm
day was cold enough it make snow. this year you're going to have a mild week followed by a cold week followed by a cold week. some storms will be rain, some snow. but there's going to be some snow this year. >> so for those of us skeptical about long-range forecasting as difficult as it is, last year they got it right. >> last year they said it would be above average. this year they are saying average or below when it says snowfall. >> i didn't hear you say polar >> i didn't hear you say polar vortex so that's a good thing. >> and you kept the jacket on. >> that's important. >> good for now. >> thank you. that's it for us here at 5:00. we'll see you again at 11:00. the news at 6:00 starts right now. captions by: caption colorado >> the mets take the red eye from california to citi field for a day of rest. the cubs take the field
5:54 pm
gearing up for tomorrow's game. we are live at citi field tonight. plus -- >> i heard the crash. and i could hear the glass coming down. just ducked, covered immediately. >> showered in glass on the sidewalk as a high-rise window shallers. >> city hall says crime is going down in new york city. but some say the numbers don't add up. good evening, i'm dana tyler. questions tonight about whether the nypd is cooking the books to conceal how bad crime is in new york city. it follows revelations that when bill bratton ran the los angeles police department, thousands of serious assaults were misclassified as minor offenses lowering l.a.'s crime statistics. cbs 2 political reporter marcia kramer has the inside story. >> i'm the police chief. >> reporter: during bill bratton's watch at the los angeles police department, certain violent crime stats were fudged. an estimated 14,000 cases over an eight-year period were altered to artificially lower crime levels serious assaults
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