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tv   CBS 2 News Saturday  CBS  October 17, 2015 6:00am-6:57am EDT

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they said your grand daughter who was shot in the head. >> who opened fire on a residential area shooting a 12- year-old girl in the head? we are life as she clings to life. and taking steps to cure lupus. thousands of people are expected to walk on the west side of manhattan today. cbs 2 news on this saturday morning starts right now. in. good morning, it's 6:00 on
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i'm andrea grymes. >> and i'm diane macedo. first, vanessa is live with the walk to cure lupus. what does it look like out there right now? >> listen, it's dark out here, but it's a beautiful backdrop aside the intrepid for the walk. 5,000 people will join hands here this morning, walking 5- kilometers to raise $5 million for lupus research. in the city right now, 50 degrees. temperatures starting off in the 30s, and there's a breeze. that means, well, you know what it means therest a windchill as well.
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35 in the hamptons, and 45 in greenwich, and on the vortex satellite and radar clouds, there's so much clouds especially on the periphery. we are expecting a dry cold front through the region. on the cold front this morning if you want to come down to join us, there's time to register. 49degrees, mostly sunny skies with winds out of the west, northwest. 10-15. today if you're walk ago lodge side the highway, dress warmly. we anticipate warming only into the arizona today, and 54- degrees with a lot of sun.
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-- and 3:57, passing clouds as well. for the mets' game it will be chilly again. for now, too you in the studio. >> bundle up for the mets. thank you. police are on the hunt for the gunman who opened fire on a nassau county home. >> bullet hit a 12-year-old girl standing in her living room. ilana gold is live with more. >> reporter: diane this morning the 12-year-old is in grave condition after being shot in the head. police have so many questions why this happened, and the victim's family wants answers. >> reporter: police worked overnight in hempstead searching for clues after someone outside fired a single shot into the living room at 5:00 last night. >> they said, yeah, they shot up your son's house, and he
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in the head, and that's when i left the store and i got down to the other star, and a couple of friends came and told me the same thing. >> reporter: david joyner rushed to the scene when he heard that a bullet had pierced his grand daughter daisy. >> we call her chocolate moon. beautiful personality. >> reporter: police don't believe the child was the intended target and question if it came during a gang-related shooting or a drive-by shooting. >> this is a horrific situation on this young girl. >> i'm very disappointed this happened. >> reporter: community leaders
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showed up at the home to provide support for the family. >> you say a 12-year-old has been shot, and that's an urgency. i jumped in my car and came over. >> have lived here for 30 years, and it's a terrible tragedy for a young girl to get shot in the head. >> reporter: now they need police to track down whoever did this. right now police are investigating, and at it 1:00 this morning they going to update this case and of course we will let you know what they have to say. ilana gold, cbs 2 news. suffolk county police are searching for the driver who hit and killed a man in the wheelchair. michael dora was in the right lane when he was hit just after 9:00 last night. detectives are looking for a dark-colored vehicle, possibly a nissan, with front end damage. the search will resume for
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a worker who fell in the water near bayonne, new jersey. the 58-year-old man fell into the cold water at 8:30 last night. the coast guard said six divers searched for him last night. crews for five aemergencies a- - agencies will continue to search for him today. the u.s. will be implementing a task force to look into drones. 600 drone reports have come in this year. a registration on the requirements is expected monday. an nypd officer is recovering after no a vicious attack in cunningham park. chopper 2 was over at area when the suspect was being arrested. the suspect has been charged with assault and attempted robbery. cell phone video shows paramedics helping felt
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officer, and officer -- helping the female officer, and every game i wore it to, we have won. >> reporter: don't take that scarf off.
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>> we stand in the exact same spot when they come on. it's been working? >> it's been working so far. >> reporter: fans know the cubs could be a challenge, and we asked the fans what three win. >> pitch right, hit well, and just be a team. >> they need to pitch. they need to hit, and they have to have heart. >> pitching is one, hitting, and the bull pen. those three. once we have those three, there's no stopping us. >> i think the cubs will beat the mets simply because we have a huge fan base. >> i think when offense or hitting meets pitching, hitting wins. >> gates open at 7:30, and standing room is available.
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if you are lucky enough to have citi field. the first pitch will feel a lot more like 44 degrees. vanessa will have the specific forecast including a freeze watch just ahead. the cub fan says they have a ton of fans, too. >> and i don't think they will >> no. what you need to do right now to keep rodents and pests out of your home. hunting down el chapo. finding the mexican prisoner who escaped this summer.
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geouofheas g fs. new this morning, an israeli police officer shot and killed a palestinian woman who stabbed an officer in the west bank. earlier an izturis trail ye man shot and killed a palestinian -- an israelian shot and killed a palestinian who tried to kill him. authorities have raised the mountains of mexico looking for el chapo. he reportedly suffered injuries to his legs and neck while he
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he has been on the run since he broke out of prison in july. donald trump is under fire for implying that george w. bush failed to stop the 9/11 attacks. >> when you look at the 9/11 attacks, george w. bush was -- >> hold on, you can't blame him for that. >> whether you can or you can't, he was president. >> jeb bush fired back on twitter. new security video from the love ranch brothel shows odom with several women, and you can also see when he was rushed to the hospital. yesterday he responded with a thumbs up and a good morning
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when the asked how he was doing. it's chilly out there, but vanessa is at the intrepid at the walk to cure lupus. >> reporter: good morning. it's brisk, but it's helping me wake up this is pier 86 next to the intrepid. the winds are calm right now, and we anticipate a breezy day. let's take you live outside to see the big picture out there we anticipate a mixture of clouds. northwest winds at 13 as we look at the central park stats. what request you expect today and ahead? it's going be a chilly weekend. tomorrow, even chillier than this morning. a whole lot colder tomorrow
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morning than it is today. today, only the 40s, and then low in the 20s tomorrow morning for some. we make our way into the day tomorrow, and it will be the first freeze for many, and we will go to the next slide, freeze warning in effect tomorrow nor those of you in the dark purple. dark blue, freeze watch. it will be cold tonight. bundle up, not just for this morning, but especially if you're headed out for the mets' game. the cold front is moving through today. maybe a few stray sprinkles with a few passing clouds. this morning, 49 degrees a mix of sunshine and clouds. tonight, topping out at 47. a sprinkle north and west is clear. it translates to 20s north and west. after a chilly start tomorrow morning, we will rebound only to 50 in the city for the high
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40s elsewhere with the mix of sunshine and clouds. monday, sunshine, and 53 is chilly still. back to normal, sunny, and 65, continuing to warm into wednesday, and then thursday and friday, 60s with sun. it's a very dry forecast, yet again, moving forward, i think the moral of the story this weekend will be be prepared for the chill. if you're going to come out this morning to show your support for the alliance for lupus research, you want to bundle up. we have walkers out here this morning, and joining me myrtle, esteban and dio. they are here for an important cause, one that is near and dear to your hearts. tell us why you're motivated to walk. >> i have an 18-year-old daughter who was diagnosed with lupus in 2009. she was 12 years old another
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the time, and she was just starting middle school actually, and this cause is very near and dear to us. it was a struggle. you know, she was going into middle school, and very young at the time, and we had never heard of lupus before, and it just kind of threw us into a whirlwind of doctors, appointments, and medical procedures to get her to a point where she is now. she graduated this june. she just started college this year, and it has its share of struggles to go with it, too. esteban, my brother -- >> here's helping out in a big way. tell us what you will be doing today. >> today me and my buddy, dianello, we are going to be doing a live painting, incorporating the walk with the
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we have a great surprise for everybody. >> we will try to preview it throughout the morning. tell us why everyone should come and walk. >> it's for a good organization, good cause, and every penny goes to the alliance for the research, and it's worthwhile coming. you will have a great time. it's great people. >> reporter: excellent. wonderful people joining us here this morning. andrea and diane, back to you. >> thank you. the mitts begin game one of the national league championship series tonight. >> yesterday some of the players got on the field to practice. here's steve overmyer with your cbs 2 sports update. >> reporter: somehow the mets have to figure out how to do four times what they couldn't figure out how to do once in seven tries this year, beat the cubs.
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mets on the field yesterday, and skipper terry collins giving him the night off for what we assume was a late night celebration. they have to face the cubs' team that has more postseason home runs than any other team in the majors. it's a power hitting team against the power pitching game. the cubs winning all seven that simple. >> everybody in the series matchup through the year, didn't quite go in our favor, but i think we all believe that we are a completely different team. we are excited to have it be this important of a series. >> we are looking forward to it, and again, i think postseason is a whole different game. we will hopefully play better than we have in the regular season. >> reporter: for cbs 2 sports, i'm steve overmyer.
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good morning. welcome back to cbs 2 news saturday morning on this cold one out there. >> it is chilly out there. >> chillier than we have experienced. it's pretty much around the temperature it will be tonight at citi field. be ready for that. you're going to the mets' game. in the fall, pests look for warm places to ride out the winter. >> you probably don't want your home to be their new home. meg baker with tips on keeping them out. win ther is coming, and some animals are looking for places to live. >> it's important to have a good seal and exclusion around the interior of your home.
6:23 am
into any opening the size of a dime. >> make sure all of these are closed off. >> reporter: make sure all windows have screens and all gutters are cleared out. >> leaves and moisture is a good harboring place for insects this time of the year. >> reporter: the bug doctor says you want to clear the crawl space area like this under a deck so critters can't get into your warm and cozy home. >> clear out all the leaves, debris, and anything under here that is conducive to having insects or rodents in it. >> reporter: make sure your chimney cap is in place so birds or bats can't get in. >> a lot of times in the winter, pests come out of the wood. next thing it's hatching, and it's a good practice to not have it up against your house
6:24 am
if the branches are touching on your house, the crawling pestings go right on the house and squirrels and chipmunks. >> lint will build in there. >> reporter: you don't want your exterior dryer vent to be clog clogged and staying open. meg baker, cbs 2 news. >> advice for city dwellers, make sure the holes around your pipes in your kitchen or wool. >> very good advice. a 12-year-old girl was shot in the head after a bullet went flying through her nassau county home. we will have the latest on the investigation. constantly from morning tonight. >> reporter: traffic backups leading to sleepless nights.
6:25 am
what's causing this mess?
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a 12-year-old girl is in grave condition this morning after being shot in the head inside of her family's living room, and now police are searching for the shooter. you registered to fly that drone? the new regulations that could be implemented as soon as monday. >> i this i we all believe we are a completely different team, and we are excited to give them a new run. >> reporter: the mets' championship chase continues right now with tonight's game. we are live this morning. good morning. 6:28 on this saturday, october 17th. i'm andrea grymes. >> and i'm diane macedo. we will go live to vanessa murdock at the intrepid who is
6:28 am
>> reporter: good morning it's a brisk but beautiful begin together morning. we are out here on pier 86, and the city as a beautiful backdrop as the horizon begins to brighten. the humidity at 73%. we will call it a fall-like weekend, and almost bordering winter-like conditions. we are are at 30s and 40s with the temperature of 50 coming from central park. very chilly to start off this morning. it's colder throughout the weekend. the reason why, we have a cold front moving through right now, and it's relatively dry. you can see on the vortex satellite and radar, some clouds. north and west of the city, a
6:29 am
for the most part a day with sunshine and clouds. 49 this morning at 9:00 a.m. walk with us to cure lupus. 57 in the city. the breeze will be stiff today with gusts as high as 20. ladies, back to you. >> thank you. now to our top story a12- year-old girl is fighting for her life after being shot in her home in nassau county. >> he was hit when minnesota opened fire on her home. ilana gold live from mineola with more. >> reporter: the 12-year-old girl was shot in the head, and she's here in the hospital in grave condition with her family by her side. police are planning to offer a
6:30 am
police worked overnight at this home in hempstead searching for clues after someone fired a single shot into the living room at 5:00 last night. >> he said they shot up your son's house and your granddaughter was hit in the head. that's when i left the store, and i got down to the other store, and a couple of friends came to me and told me the same thing. >> reporter: david joyner pressured to the scene when he heard that a bullet struck his granddaughter while she was standing here. >> lovable. we call her chocolate moon! very beautiful personality. >> reporter: detectives are this. they don't believe the child was the intended target and gang-related argument or a driveby shooting. >> this is is a very horrific situation on this 12-year-old girl.
6:31 am
>> reporter: the neighbors alarmed over the violence. >> it happens much too often, this happened. >> reporter: community leaders are outraged, and they showed up at the home to provide support for the family. >> if you hear a 12-year-old urgency. i jumped in my car and came over. >> lived here over 30 years, and that's a terrible tragedy for a young girl to get shot in the head. >> reporter: right now they need police to track down whoever did this. police will give us details on the reward and the update on the case. live in mineola this morning, ilana gold, cbs 2 news. happening today, the search will resume for a worker who fell in the water near bayonne, new jersey. the 55-year-old fell off a barge into the cold water that
6:32 am
it was around 8:30 last night. six divers searched for him. >> all drones will soon require federal registration, and sources tell cbs 2 that the department of transportation will form a task force for the process. pilots have reported 600 drone sightings this year. some were near laguardia, jfk, and newark. a judge ordered a psychiatric evaluation for tanisha fearon. she's being held without bail. her 6-month-old baby died after she tossed her out of her apartment window on thursday. she ran a registered family day care out of the apartment from 2013 to april of this year. the state said she had no violations or complaints. day was a being stolen a
6:33 am
back home this morning, and two people are under arrest. colin small and a 15-year-old boy are charged with taking luna from her home. investigators got a big break in the case by tracing a call to luna's family from someone looking for reward money. >> he said how much the reward for the puppy, and i said 500, and he said are you sure you'll give met money? >> the family say she's has been subdued and lethargic since they got her back: they will take her to the vet to get her check out. residents say the noise from the honking and traffic is worse than ever, and they want the city to do something about it. >> reporter: the blaring of the car horns is part of the symphony of the life of new york city.
6:34 am
side of the ed koch queens borough bridge says the noise from traffic is unbearable. added to our area. during our interview. time. >> reporter: niamoi pearl has lived here for 3 decades and says it's not just the horns. frustrated residents curse and shout at drives from their apartment win dose, and chopper 2 recorded this picture of the gridiron traffic, causing avenue. google maps shows friday's rush hour traffic at a standstill. 175,000 vehicles travel across the bridge each day, and it's the most utilized of the east river bridges. barry schneider is blaming uber for tributing to the congestion and traffic cops for not properly managing the flow of traffic.
6:35 am
he believes a toll on the bridge will help. >> if we had a toll on the queens borough bridge, one- third of the vehicles would no longer be coming into the midtown manhattan. >> reporter: we asked the manhattan borough president for an oncamera interview, but instead she sent this statement. "we are looking at various waits to mitigate the traffic. we will work with the nypd regarding the enforcement about honking h is not allowed unless in emergency situations." searching for a solution to a noisy problem, matt kozar, cbs 2 news. time now, 6:36. coming up a muddy mess in los angeles. the efforts to clean up the extensive mud slide damage is hampered. we will explain why. getting drunk can cost you personally, but what about financially. see how hang overs are up. >> i have been waiting and waiting anding for this so
6:36 am
long. >> let's go mets! the fans are excited about the game and the players. what they have to say coming up. and here's vanessa murdock with the walk to cure lupus and the forecast as well. vanessa? >> it will be chilly for the mets' game, and i will have the full forecast coming up. we are here beside the interpret for this brisk fall morning, but it's a beautiful start to the day. i will have the forecast coming up, but remember, rain or sunshine, you have the forecast any time with the cbs 2 weather app. you can download pictures or video any time.
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the beginning of the beautiful sunrise, some orange and blue out there, how appropriate this morning. 49degrees, 6:39. welcome back to cbs 2 news this saturday morning. the california highway patrol says it it will be days before drivers can turn over to a state highway covered in several feet of mud. state route 58 was overtake within the debris from the mud that is between 2 and 6 feet deep. hundreds of people had to be rescued from their cars. forecasters said a continued chance of rain today could dampen the cleanup efforts. a swimmer will attempt to swim across the gowanus canal for a second time. christopher haines made headlines the first time he swam across the commuted canal. now he wants to swim the fire 1.8-mile waterway.
6:40 am
on cleaning up the waters. new signs may replace the handicap simple soon in connecticut. lawmakers are expected to take up legislation next year on the issues, and supporters say new signs will highlight residents' abouts instead of disables. new york was the first state to adopt the new symbols last year. drinking too much as well. the cdc put the figure at a whopping $249 billion including health care, car crashes, and consumption. american airlines completes its merger with u.s. airways. the final flight 1939, named for the founding air, landed
6:41 am
passengers on the red eye flight from san francisco were greeted with cheers and balloons. the extra staff is working this weekend to smooth over any bumps. so no more showing up and they will say you booked on that airline, but you can't check in because it's in the other terminal. get back on the bus. vanessa murdock is at the intrepid sea, air, and space museum with the walk to cure lupus. >> and that's right, all the money raised goes to the appliance this morning. they are hoping to raise $1 million, and they are close to appreciated. we are live at the intrepid, and it's beautiful a beautiful start to the morning. the skies are almost crystal clear this morning. it's crisp and chilly with the breeze.
6:42 am
my eyes are watering, and it's going to be a beautiful weekend, just very much on the cool side of things. we will take you live outside, and we will show you what is happening right now. the temperature at present, northwest winds. the winds will be 10 to 15 miles an hour. expect the windchill to be an early impact. here's the deal. i mentioned, it's going to be a chilly weekend. today, warming into the 50s. tomorrow, most of us in the 40s, and lows, tomorrow morning, they will be in the 20s for some, and that will be the case again tomorrow morning, and monday morning, as you're taking the kids to the bus stop, you need to bundle them up big time. tonight will be a first freeze for many. and this morning, most of us are above the freezing mark. let's go ahead and look at the overnight alerts in effect.
6:43 am
-- the freeze warning for those in purple, and the watch is for the folks in blue. it's relatively dry. we may see a stray sprinkle north and west of the city today, but ultimately what the cool front will do for us, cool us down even more for the second half of the weekend. getting colder today, courtesy of the cold front moving through it will be a mixture of clouds. today, 57 degrees, and the city, likely upper 40s to 50s for the areas north and west. 38 in the city, 20s north and west. tomorrow, it's 50, breezy again. early monday morning, frigid. 30s and 20s. monday afternoon, 53 with sun. tuesday and wednesday, we are warming up nicely. i think you will love the forecast midweek. seasonal ranges through the end of the week.
6:44 am
walk, and it's super important to raise money for the alliance of lupus research. this is candy brown and her sister jackie ricon. you are living with lupus, can you give us a sense of what the disease is like for you? >> it's an autoimmune disease. for me it happens to attack my kidneys, and throughout the year i have been diagnosed, and we had to do a couple of surgeries, and i had a transplant recently. there's nothing specific for lupus, that's why we fund raise to hopefully find a medicine specifically for lupus. we want to help top with the fatigue that i deal with every day. it's things that don't register
6:45 am
on paperwork as much as bloodwork does. today i'm fine and i'm ready to walk. >> reporter: your sister by your side. i understand she's a huge supporter. why is it so important to be here today? >> i need people to know it's hard forker and those around her. she has been through a lot, and everyone who has it is afflicted every day. there's people who are "worse" than her. i feel bad complaining because i know there's nothing wrong. we need a cure and people need to get together. 1.5 people have lupus. that's more than leukemia and m.s. in the u.s. this is awesome because every single dollar you donate goes directly to research. you're giving towards something tangible. it's not 20 cents of my dollar is going here. it's all going to research. because of it, they have new treatment methods, and finally
6:46 am
what i think is the first lupus- related drug in 20 years, okay, 50 years. >> reporter: this is a huge event for you today. hoping to raise $1 million, and what is the event like today? >> oh my god, it's so much fun. everyone gets together, and we just walk on the river, and we just -- it's like a very big family of people who understand what is going on and what we are striving for and hoping to accomplish. >> reporter: what would you say for you with your sister standing by. why are you the most proud of her? >> that she is doing this interview [ laughter ] she is amazing. she doesn't complain. she is very independent, and even more so now when her body tells her to stop. she just goes. she's the oldest. we call her the eldest, and we call her all the time. sometimes she knows she shouldn't be doing something,
6:47 am
and she's a gogetter for everyone. she's amazing. >> reporter: despite the disease, you're still wowing the crowds here, especially your family. thank you so much, ladies, for joining us. >> thank you for having us. >> reporter: my eyes are continuing to water and the mascara is running, and i have back to you. >> vanessa, thank you so much. keep it up. a chasic show down -- classic showdown continues at citi field tonight. >> here's your sports update. >> reporter: good morning, game one of the nlcs tonight, and the mets will have to figure out what to do four times what they couldn't figure out how to do once in seven tries this year, beat the cubs. nlcs starting pitcher, matt harvey. terry collins giving him the
6:48 am
assume was a late-night celebration in los angeles. they will face the cubs who have more postseason home runs than any other team. it's a matchup of power hitting versus the power pitching team, and the cubs win all seven matchups in the regular season, but it may not be all that simple now. >> it's a series matchup through the year, and it didn't quite go in our favor. we all believe we are a completely different team. we are excited to have it be this important in the series. >> we are looking forward to it, and again i think the postseason is a whole different game than the regular season. game one of the alcs, royals and blue jays, the rematch of the same two teams from 35 years ago in the alcs. kansas city's offense and defense enough to get the job done. perez makes it 3-0, and vulk has struck out 5 in 6
6:49 am
scoreless. k.c. wins, and they take the 1-0 series lead. the knicks are being very cautious with their rookie. he suffered a quad injury, but he has been held out of practice. he does hope to get into the action later today. final preseason game. carmelo anthony's knee holding up just fine. he even chipped in on the defensive side. knicks improve to 4-0 on the preseason. the devils are winless to start the season, and in fact they haven't had a lead in a game at any point this season. the final minutes, henrik with the equalizer for new jersey it goes into the shootout, but the devils fall short yet again. still looking for their first victory.
6:50 am
for cbs 2 sports, i'm steve overmyer. >> have a great day is what he wanted to say. [ laughter ] coming up, it's not your usual renovation. >> we are living large. wait until you hear what the home used to be. >> plus the secrets you can't see from the outside. this is cbs 2 news saturday morning. citement is back at dunkin'. pick up your favorite pumpkin-avored baked treats and beverages, like the new pumpkin macchiato before pumpkin season is over.
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geouofheas g fs. we go inside one of long island's most unique homes. >> it was originally one a private chapel built in the 1890s. emily smith takes us inside. [music] >> reporter: you can tell this
6:53 am
church by the curved arches. >> i'm with daniel b. sutherby's. this is the original chapel the home was built around. >> reporter: this entire room designed by stanford white. all the windows came from the normandy hotel in 1920 before being demolished. >> reporter: john latharge was well known for his stained glass. he's in the metropolitan of art currently. the current owner uses the loft as somewhat a media room. >> reporter: the family refurbished the rest of the room, making it look antique, but everything is new. wide entryways connect each room. >> this is a fireplace, and here you have a great chef's kitchen with the eatin area. >> reporter: and the tin ceiling designed to look like an original.
6:54 am
the upstairs. >> you can see the beams that mimic what was in the chapel, fireplace. >> reporter: do they have a masseuse every day? >> every now and then. >> this is the real deal here, you can play and record. there's also another nice bottle cellar. it's climate controlled. >> reporter: feels good in here. and there's original passage ways. >> they were used to connect all the buildings on his estate, so in bad weather you never had to go outside. >> reporter: to live large in old westbury, it will cost you $4.3 million. >> i can imagine the kids in the secret passageways. now to see what is coming
6:55 am
up on cbs saturday morning. >> coming up, the short clips shared in social media of the latest and greatest plays, but are they breaking copywrite laws? it was one of the greatest coast guard rescues, and now it's going on the big screen. more and more people are staking trips to sites used for famous movies such as the fire house from ghost busters or the school from harry potter. we will go on a vacation on location. the eye opener, dish, and music on our saturday session just ahead. >> every time we are like that fire house is the one from ghost busters, [ laughter ] every time! thank you, guys. the final look at the weather forecast now. vanessa murdock is live at the intrepid with us. >> reporter: good morning, everybody. the moose sick bumping, the sun
6:56 am
be a beautiful but chilly day. take a look. joining us at the intrepid 9:00 a.m., mainly sunny skies, and this afternoon, a mix of sun and clouds, and maybe a sprinkle will north and west of the city. breezy today. gusts will likely be higher. if you're going to watch the mets tonight live, it's going to be chilly for the start of the game. 49degrees feeling like the mid- 40s, and temperatures will drop from there. very chilly for today, but it's colder tomorrow, guys, just bundle up. andrea and diane, back to you. >> thank you. this is cbs 2 this saturday morning. at 9:00, police are searching for a shooter who shot a 12- year-old girl inside of her home. and smoking cell phones. how to make sure your phone is cool enough to handle.
6:57 am
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good morning. it is october 17th, 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning saturday." heart stopping rescues and now unbelievable clean up. we'll take you inside the recovery from those massive california mud slides. and tracking potential trouble. the government's plan to register every drone in the united states. >> she's done something only two have ever done before. one woman's amazing military accomplishment it was one of the greatest rescues in coast guard


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