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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  October 17, 2015 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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-our one day anniversary? -you totally forgot. -oh, my gosh. -no, no, i didn't forget. -so you didn't get me anything. -i did. i did, no. i remembered and i got you this. -oh, man. what is it? -go ahead. open it up. -is it-- is it a watch? -no, it's not a watch. oh, man. you know i needed a watch. have your cake and drink it, too. new ice cream cake shakes and cones. and don't forget half-price slushes every day at happy hour. (clicks) >> verne: shadows creeping over child. the aggies got the field goal. jake coker has been a big presence in the second half. >> gary: the stats say coker only ran 7 times for 13 yards.
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he's 23 tough yards. they have been physical, tough and big yards. the second one got a 1st down. this one got it out to the goal line before the stop on 3rd down. jake coker held the ball. he hasn't had an interception. hasn't thrown an interception on the road. all of his interceptions have been at home. he protected the football and made the play with his legs just enough. >> verne: points off turnovers for alabama. >> gary: i think kevin sumlin kicks a field goal. it's an 11 point game. if a&m can get a touchdown hope you get an on-side kick to tie the game. whatever looks good. >> verne: that's quite true.
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this one is not returnable. harris. 105,000 hoping to watch the aggies go 6 and 0 for the first time since 1994. henry had 2 touchdowns in the first quarter. he got a career high of 208. 3 interceptions. to returned for touchdowns. the longest was jackson 93 yards. returned. alabama is trying to go 6 and 1 for the season. they have their football at their only 25 yardline. >> gary: hassenbauer still out there. they have missed ryan kelly. it hasn't been clean.
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illegal formation. down. a&m will decline this. >> verne: williams made the tackle on ridley. >> gary: ridley was on the line of scrimmage. you can't go in motion when you are on the line of scrimmage. they added an unbalanced line to the stop. the young player didn't see it. let me add this up again. that's 11 plays and 3 sacks. >> referee: illegal motion. offense number 5. ec ec fault. he is the vernlt player. cheepie. you have to help your young player on that punt. he should have seen that was an illegal formation.
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look out and back your receiver off. >> verne: 2nd down and 14. makes a little bit out of it, but not much. it's been a parade of injuries for the aggies. allie laforce. >> allie: that's an understatement. this texas a&m defense is more banged up than we know. josh walker the middle linebacker number 11 [inaudible]. >> [very loud crowd noise] >> allie: and watts had discomfort in his ab-area. the trainers are working on that on the sideline. >> verne: drake is back on the field. here's coker. >> gary: they will give him that. >> verne: it will be 4th down.
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>> gary: a negative play. i saw the stats and they were ranked in the lower half. 80th which is hard to believe. in this game they will go lower. close to the 100s and usually those are teams with a losing record. they have a winning record. >> verne: scott the punt. kirk who returned a punt for a touchdown is back at the 27 yardline. scott not his best. and kirk says, let it go. >> gary: the reason it doesn't matter, they went with the punt block. all scott had to do was get it off. there was not going to be any return. >> verne: when this game is in the books, we have 5:50 of playing time left.
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post game show. both teams have all 3 timeouts remaining. see what kyle allen can do now. 1st down from the 24 yardline. right side. a beauty. josh reynolds. >> gary: threw it into coverage. a veteran receiver he believes in. josh reynolds. good stop fade on that one. >> verne: gain of 19. nobody open.
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picked off by fitzpatrick. poor decision. fitzpatrick flying down the sidelines. alabama. 55 yards. >> gary: this is always on the quarterback. this was a little cross up in communication between ricky seals-jones and the quarterback. seals-jones comes out of the route and reverses right when kyle allen is throwing the ball. fitzpatrick gets the bounce. oh! >> verne: griffith extra point
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tough, tough day for the sophomore quarterback from scottsdale, arizona. introducing... the biggest of five sizes on verizon's new simple plan. 18 glorious gigs for $100 a month plus $20 per phone. that's 50% more data for just $20 more. so you can do more of what you love without compromising on a... so-so network. because verizon is the only network that's number one in speed, call, data, and reliability. what's better than that? get $300 when you trade in your device and buy a new one. stop by or visit us online and get the biggest deals... on the best network... a couple of weeks ago we saw fitzpatrick go 16 yards in.
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2 interceptions returned for touchdowns for the freshman from old ridge, new jersey. >> gary: here's what they are talking about. >> verne: here's the return and not very far. >> gary: here's the match up. one-on-one coverage. watch what happens on the play. he goes in. stop it right there. then is when allen starts to throw the football right when
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everybody in the stadium goes how could anyone throw an interception like that. right when kyle allen is letting go of the ball? seals-jones reverses his field and fitzpatrick is the only guy from. >> verne: >> verne: ouch. >> gary: the 6th sack of the game. >> verne: allen with this one. >> gary: there is no one to stop that one.
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>> verne: 4:30 to go. >> gary: allen looking at the tape. he is rating out better than anybody. >> verne: carson. 41-23. >> gary: another embarrassing loss for a&m. in 4 meetings they can't find any rushing except for the quarterback scramble. that's all they've got. >> verne: allen goes out. >> gary: we talked about this so much. it puts so much pressure on the quarterback to be the whole game. you have to scramble.
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there is just no help. against this top level defense. >> verne: 4th down and 6. allen. incomplete. ball goes over on downs. intended for niederhofer. the aggies will fall to 5 and 1. alabama will go to 6 and 1. >> gary: alabama was wishing that loss by ole-miss was inside the conference. still they do not control their own destiny. >> verne: ole-miss went to memphis and was spanked.
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memphis goes to 6 and very for the year. 1st and 10. henry. let's go back to adam zucker in our studio. >> adam: alabama. interceptions leading to points for south carolina in their first game for steve spurrier said good-bye. moore with the interception leading to a field goal. they lead vaned 19-10 late in that one. see you after the game. >> verne: thank you. alabama 41-23. second and 8. >> [crowd noise] >> verne: 3rd down. my goodness.
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that's the 30th carry in the ballgame for henry. >> gary: the last 2 games against georgia and arkansas. he carried it 26 and 27 times. i think that's the formula. i said his number, his number is 25. and i think every game he gets less than 25. the alabama fan base will be going why? >> verne: hall is the injured player. >> gary: a&m came into this game with a vibe. they thought they were refreshed. kevin sumlin talked about last year. after they played arkansas and mississippi state and then alabama. they were out of gas. now they will come from this physical beating against alabama and turn around next week and travel to play ole-miss. >> verne: right. >> gary: we will be watching that on the bus coming back from our game. >> verne: do we get to pick the
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games? they have not given us permission for that. >> gary: we don't get to pick the games. sorry. >> verne: beyond our pay rate. >> gary: yes. takes on the brock. you do that all day against alabama all day and take that pounding. ar a while it just sapps you. >> verne: alabama will go back to tuscaloosa. and they will take on tennessee next saturday. >> gary: also a bye week to >> verne: that's right. lsu. >> gary: both teams is have a bye. it's like a bowl game. >> verne: yeah. >> gary: we need a bye game.
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>> verne: [laughing] a strong finish. there is that. 3rd down and 7. with 2:10 to go. a lack of enthusiasm evidence in now. 3rd down. henry. oh, boy. oh my goodness. to the 16 yardline. 1st down. garrett makes the tackle. >> gary: i think alabama can just take a knee. i don't think kevin sumlin will take another timeout. just get this football game over. lane kiffin is staring across the field to see whether they want to run a play. >> verne: 1st and 10 with 93 seconds. >> gary: no timeouts called.
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knee and get out of this game. if it was the physical power -- ha is it not look like a knee to me, does it? >> verne: henry with his 32nd carry. my gracious! >> gary: he's had a great game. he will have a great stats in this football game. and alabama will rush for over 250 yards against this a&m defense. john chavis might have brought a lot of ideas, but you still have to win the one-on-one battlesings. i said it before. there is no strategy for one-on-one blocking. >> verne: 2nd down and 1.
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there is the knee. crimson tide 1 blemish on their record. they lost at home to ole-miss. the handshake with kevin sumlin. nick saban. the final 15 seconds run off the clock. >> gary: jay rice. he may not be the prettiest quarterback, but he is one of the toughest quarterbacks in college football. >> verne: and kyle allen a tough afternoon. allie laforce is with nick saban. >> allie: coach, your team finds ways to win. school record. >> coach: this is a great team win. we knew we had to run the ball and take time off the brock. this was a great football game. a big punt return and 3 interceptions. a lot of big plays. >> allie: right behind you,
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your defense outscored your offense. how? >> player: we came out in practice and we were at an all time high. we knew he had to execute. texas a&m is a great team. >> allie: thanks. >> verne: time for the napa plays of the game. presented by napa auto parts. take us through this. >> gary: jackson had the longest. the last one a busted coverage. fitzpatrick goes i don't see what is so hard about this sec? when they throw to me like that, i will get it in the end zone. >> verne: in the long history of alabama football. that's the first time any player has had 2 interceptions returned
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for a touchdown in the same game. for gary danielson and allie laforce, i am verne lundquist. so long from college station. our final score 41-23. the dodge post game show is next. after these message and a word from your local station.
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>> adam zucker in new york. rick and b.j. break down a
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word from your local station. give your gathering something to gather around.
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>> cbs sports presents the dodge post game show. >> i am adam zucker. tomorrow cbs begins with: tonight only on cbs. in the game you just saw. alabama prevailed. 41-23. the aggies made it close. 6 picks will do it. the sec west standings. lsu the only team unbeaten in conference play. alabama takes that edge on a&m. ole-miss has 2 losses. only one in conference.
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that and more on the dodge post game show. joined by rick neuheisel and brian jones. pick 6. >> that's the story. we know that nick saban loves the defensive backfield. he was a defensive back. it was 2 pick sixes by fitzpatrick for the afternoon. a new alabama record. no one in the history of their program returned 2 interceptions for touchdowns. jackson had a pick 6. 4 interceptions all together. that's why the aggies are looking at their first loss. >> alabama is phenomenal. you want to endear yourself to attempts. the center goes down. kelly lost to concussion symptoms. you run rugged. look at jake coker. his coaches will coach him hard to get out of bounds. he said i will get me some! if that wasn't enough. watch this. >> a couple of these. >> right after your heart.
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going back. >> it will make a 1st down. get out of bounds. >> no. >> yeah! >> we talked about wanting to be a guy for the alabama team. the transfer from florida state he is earning his team. stood tough. we will see the tide again next cbs. the pick is in. it's alabama at home against tennessee. their annual cross over rival meanwhile. other games going on right now. florida and lsu. 2 undefeateds. no more will greer. >> harris. lsu. >> we will see in the gators defense can hold tough against fournetted. in the meantime ole-miss taking that loss. rick, what happened up in memphis? >> they ran into a guy namedulent.
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-- rent. all 6 foot 7. that pass to frazier. it was all tigers today at the liberty bowl. >> memphis with an 8 minute drive to suffocate the rebels. 13 straight wins. ole-miss goes down hard. >> b.j., first game without the head ball coach for south carolina. >> ellis is in charge of everything. 78 yard touchdown reception. gave them the lead. >> they would not relinquish it. they made 4 field goals. big turnovers. 19-10 the final. the gamecocks get it gone. mississippi state all victorious. erasing an early deficit. prescott 4 total touchdowns. the bulldogs meet the bulldogs. we will show you the
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>> welcome back to the dodge post game show. on cbs sports network a big night of football. ucf and undefeated temple. finish your evening with "inside college football." we go back to the scoreboard now. pay close attention. michigan up 2 on michigan state. whoa! 10 seconds left. what happens? >> oh blake o'neal bum pels the snap. michigan state picks it up and goes third yards. as the clock expires. unreal finish for sparty. they have won 7 out of the last 8.
7:31 pm
>> unreal. >> that can't happen. >> the paul bunion trophy with the green helmet again. >> wow! >> michigan had 3 straight shutouts before this. the spartans get it done. they were not getting a break. tackled at the 1 yardline. not even a field goal. >> baylor facing the only team that beat them in big 12 play last year. >> baylor scores 60 every dame. -- game. the quarterback finds coleman. the third time the 2 players connected for a touchdown this afternoon. they do this all the time. >> coleman 20 yards a catch and set a single season record for touchdowns at baylor. cook. where would be the noles be without him? >> exactly. without fournette they would not be talking about mr. cook. 54 yards for the touchdown run. coming into this ballgame. 8 of the touchdowns.
7:32 pm
the majority of them for an average of 43 yards. >> verne: and florida state has won 28 straight acc contests. iowa all over northwestern. 40-10. they get it done by 30. >> don't sleep on them. >> oklahoma goes to kansas state and wins 55-0! our accolades. prescott. mayfield 5 passing touchdowns. and the michigan wolverines. they need to come up with a new one more disconsole late. >> that will do it for this week. thanks for watching the dodge post game show. coming up tonight on cbis. thursday night football on cbis
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the seahawks and the 49er's.s. thursday night football on cbs and nfl networks this week with the seahawks and the 49er's. it starts at noon eastern with the nfl today. for all of us. have a good evening and enjoy
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for me. i just hope i served in some way. uplifted someone. helped them when they are alone in their room searching and feeling lonely. >> just this week, she launched her own pod cast conversation with alanis morisette. and she says it is a dream come true because she can interview people on her favorite subject, health and wellness, spirituality and more. here is with what is on the way -- >> dug up an interview of yours from 1982. >> 19-what? >> we are at home with one of the greatest entertainers of all
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the pumpkin excitement is back at dunkin'. pick up your favorite pumpkin-flavored baked treats and beverages, like the new pumpkin macchiato before pumpkin season is over. so, i needed to deposit a check. i was about to head to the bank, but out of nowhere it just started to rain. like really rain. [clap of thunder] i did not want to go out. [clap of thunder] but then i was like duh, just use your phone.
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mobile-deposit-techno-thingy to the rescue. i'm rayna.
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good morning. what can i get for you? a medium hot coffee, cream and two sugars, please? medium hot coffee, cream, two sugars -- sounds good. at dunkin', we make your coffee just the way you like it. if not, we'll make it again on the spot. see you tomorrow. that's the dd commitment. america runs on dunkin'. >> that is dick vandyke in a video that's gone viral on youtube. try as of. now the hollyw legend is actually turning 90 in december. yes, that's right. 90 years young. going inside dick's home where he lives with hisood younger wife and found out just how he is the definition of young at heart. >> what is the sflet what are you eating?
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what are you drinking? what are you doing? we all want to do what you're doing. >> i always kept moving, which seek is the most important thing. i'm either singing or dancing or something. >> dick never slows down. here is the 89-year-old dancing with his wife, arlene, who at 44, is 45 years younger. >> we were friends for a long time before i talked her into marrying me. which was -- and i feel bad -- >> she keeps you young, though. h you bet. yeah, she -- great cook. great everything. and we dance a lot. i came in the other >> omorning, she was washing dishes with her tap shoes on. >> he goes to the gym every morning and shares his other book. but his diet may surprise you. >> i eat what i want. i eat lick a pint of ice cream every night. malibu homes. he won five emmys but a lot of people thought he should have
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>> when andrew won for mary poppins, they made this chimney sweep guy for myaward. >> i just had to share this when he was 56. >> we like to dig things up and good into the vault. we dug up an interview of yours from 1982. >> 19 what? >> 1982. guy's got. >> want to take a look at it? yeah. >> who is this kid? >> i had my time and my place in this and all the fame that my life needed. >> >> i don't know. >> i'm very serious. there is gray already coming in there. >> when you look tlat guy right there, what do youbout? think of that guy? >> he has a very big nose. a nice head of hair, i must say. the night before. little puffy. i could already tell. >> drinking was once a problem. but he said the power of prayer helped him stop.yeah. >> i went to all the, you know,
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rehab and all that kind of thing. and just, i got to get rid of it. take itaway. slowly and i'm a little sick, little dizzy. all of a sudden, wasn't any more. which is wonderful. >> as far as turning 90, he says age has only been an issue once. >> only time someone called me and said you would be on the cover of aarp magazine. two weeks later they called and said, they didn't do it because i was too old. aarp? they put michael fox on who just turned 50. if you're too old for aarp -- >> there's a problem. that's hilarious. >> if they are going to make the dick vandyke story, let's play hypothetical, who would you want it play you in the movie about your wife? >> oh, my gosh, who is around? probably jim carrey. >> i love that. >> is that funny? >> i love that casting. >> now she asked dick how he
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he tells us, he is good to disneyland. how perfect is that. >> we talk to oprah a her new tv project and j law's speech. >> the jennifer lawrence is talking abouboutit? that means it is time to talk about it. >> talking about how she overcame alcoholism. >>t . garrett was so sweet, the lady behind that had a different life. >> that's ahead. but first, this weekend in the entertainment to mrs birthday, which high school musical star add tough time learning the moves at i brought in some proteinightto get us moving. i'm new ensure active high protein. i help you recharge with nutritious energy and strength. i'll take that. yeeeeeah!new ensure active high protein. 16 grams of proteinn and 23 vitamins and minerals. ensure. take life in. [ male announcer ] even ragu users a. chose prego traditional over ragu traditional. prego?! but i buy ragu. [ thinking ] i wonder what other questionable choices i've made.
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and you may lose blood sugar control, which could be serious. ask yo with tor about toujeo . ur doc the facts of life >> just hearing that brings you back, doesn't it? classic in the '80s. heading up that all girls boarding school was of course, charlotte ray. she wrote a memoir, the facts of my life. the fact of life seem to really cover a lot of contemporary is body shaming. bullying. >> i don't think they've done anything quite like it. i think that it was a wonderful show because the parensues. could sit down with the kids and there relate to. >> how much pressure did the keep a certain weight?
7:46 pm
pressure them and weigh them, threaten them, the more they would it is not the way you handle adolescence adolescence. you dent do that. >> and you don't think of a girl of a 10 if sheeat.weighes a ton. >> you're not a number. you're a girl. >> you mention though that the person, they would weigh the girls, a scale onset. like official weigh-ins. >> frankly the girls never told me about it until after. >> they kept it from you >> yeah, they didn't want me to know. it was just shameful. shameful. didn't do any good. they did what they did. andin. new that they're older, and they're grenown and have children, we have a whole different relationship. it is just incredible. >> also, pretty incredible, the fact that charlotte got to work with this guy way back when. >> like getting paid to eat ice cream. >> did you have any idea he was
7:47 pm
actor. i got to hand it him. he didn't go crazy. he didn't get into drink or drugs. i admire him a lot. >> my conversation wit to charlotte was pretty great. not just because she is super feisty at all 5 feet tall, and i'm 6'2", but in herhbook" the facts of my life" she is completely honest on how she beat her battle with alcohol and dealt with a shocking revelation in her 25-year marriage. >> he finally came out and told me that he was bisexual. i just absolutely was devastated. it made me feel like i was not much of a woman. but we were friends and died. >> it's character like that that makes charlotte not only an emmy nom for that beloved role but w she lived life. >> this is you. >> the fans are screaming, mrs.
7:48 pm
garrett, over there. and it is exciting. i lovefor ho it. >> i was no wrinkles there. now i've got wrinkles. >> i'm 89 1/2. >> yeah. >> it is part of the process. and i haven't had any lifts. or anything like that. and with every new wrinkle, there's a new role waiting for me. >> i enjoyedking to charlotte. i should also say she is a survivor and she has overcome pancreatic cancer and is now cancer-free. >> so good to hear talthat. now to an author an actress, and one of the most famous faces on tv, oprah. she is premiering a seven-ni documentary series this weekend called "believe." nancy o'dell flew to new york to talk to oprah and talk aboutght "believe" and everything else going on in her life. >> i didn't think oprah could outdo herself but i think you have, here you are trying to understand the mystery of our existence. >> yes. life is about trying to grow yourself to whatever is at the
7:49 pm
next level. this believe series is the next for me. it is one of the reasons i wanted to create a network to be able to connectseries really meaningful important ideas that allow people to see themselves in different ways. >> for many pilgrims, beg among tens of millions of fellow believers, has a spiritual power all its own. >> opraharrates the week-long tv event, three years into making the journey of faith. it came during difficult time in her career. >> i was challenged by ntarting the network and all those stories about oprah you should have kept your day job. and literally what happens to me when i'm facing a challenge, i s go inward and i ask, god, what would you have me do. and the answer was this believe series. >> were you w at all in portraying
7:50 pm
religiousn religions? >> i wasn't worriedorried at all. there is a thread of truth that goes through all religions. the thread of compassion and love. >> one of the most powerful women in media, so i wanted to talk about jennifer lawrence's op ed. >> it is a moment in our culture when people are toward hear it. because if jennifer lawrence, the jennifer lawrence is saying that, that means it is time to talk about it and do something about it. i applaud, applaud, applaud her. >> the kind of passion that oprah knows all about. her belief team condensed more than 800 hours of footage into seven one-hour episodes. >> myavorite part is the beginning of a series where you say my confidence comes from knowing there a force greater than myself. >> yeah. my confidence does come and f know, this is the interesting thing about social media, is that people can find a reason to complain about anything.
7:51 pm
people like, what does the name of the force, you you know, this is the thing, if you were a force, if you were an omnipotent power of force, you really don't coprah? about a title. but i call the force god. and i have always known that i come faremething that's not just myself. and that grounding and knowing that that belief has allowed me to really be -- rom so be oprah? >> yeah, be who i am. this series is oprah's baby. it took three years to develop herself. >> you want to do that, you do it. and she he is producing two movies. the mortal life of henrietta,
7:52 pm
and "the promotional consideration provided by -- lots of stars celebrating birthdays this week and now here we go. which high school musical star had a tough time learning the move at dancecamp? >> oh, my god. hardest two weeks i've ever had in my entire life. >> that is zac efron who hopefully will be using some of those moves when he he turns
7:53 pm
on sunday. >> monday on "e.t.." lesson. of their dad. >> oh, thank you. i love you. >> and what mom really thinks of bindi's boyfriend. >> i do have a gun nse. >> and "ncis" cross over. >> hello. anyone home? >> michael weatherly andlice hanging out with the l.a. "ncis" gang. >> hi, i'm ll cool j. >> i don't think there is any controlling weatherly >> go to our website, >> check out the new video of. demi lovato. >> she plays a convict and goes full badass, giving her co-star, her money. >> and enjoy the rest of your weekend, everybody.
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