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tv   CBS 2 News at 11  CBS  October 17, 2015 11:00pm-11:34pm EDT

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right now it's cooling down. freeze alerts are in effect as the coldest air of the season sets in. how long will it stick around? elise finch with your forecast. but first? >> let's go, mets! >> the fight for the national league pennant is underway right right now. i'm diane macedo in for cindy hsu. we have team coverage of the game and how fans reacting. we start with steve overmyer who has been following every step of the championship chase. that's tough to say.
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have had a lot to cheer about tonight at citi field. forgive us, we will borrow the phrase to describe the way the first game of the nlcs has gone so far, amazing. the hottest hitter in baseball kept it going. murphy with the home run in the 1st inning, and the mets have not trailed. harvey struck out 9 before being taken out. making their way to game 2. game 2 will be tomorrow night at citi field with noah syndergaard taking the mound. sports. >> crossing our fingers. steve, thank you so much. mets' fans are in good spirits despite the frigid temperatures out there. dave carlin is live at citi field where some paid very big dave? >> reporter: diane, they did pay big money, and they are dealing with the big, cold
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temperatures, but they are cheering so much, they don't feel it they say the thrill is worth dealing with the chill. we have a lot of layers on everybody and a lot of these and shouting, let's go mets. >> let's go mets! >> reporter: the mets' fans so proud and so loud. >> let's go mets! >> let's go mets! >> harvey, all the way! let's do it! >> harvey is dominating, and our offense is coming through like never before. >> this team is great, and we are going all the way to the world series, baby. whhhoooo, let's, go mets! >> reporter: every layer is a good luck charm. >> shoes, socks, long sleeve shirt, playoff hoodie, and then
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mets' jacket, and i have a hat and the glove in the car. >> reporter: you left out the most important part, right here. >> of course, baby, the blue and orange. >> i'm excited to watch the game. >> reporter: 9-year-old aaron lives in florida, and his dad decided they could not miss this. >> father and son trip up to new york city from florida. we flew in and the whole way he had his mets' jersey on, and we were coming up through atlanta, and people were screaming go mets all over the country. >> everywhere you go in the city, everyone is wearing mets' gear and talking about the game, and everyone is going to different places and meeting up. it's a special thing happening in new york. >> world series, here we come. >> mets are on their way. >> reporter: and the big step closer, just seconds ago, the thunderous round of the crowd roaring their approval at the final score. mets win! 4-2! just beginning to come out a few people running out, and a lot of smiles on faces, and the
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cold weather, they don't mind they are dancing and keeping warm. live outside of citi field, dave carlin, cbs 2 news. >> dave, thank you. and the falling temperatures didn't stop the excitement at citi field, but they did take a toll on people in other parts of the area. some broke out the hats and scarves in brooklyn tonight. >> reporter: diane, we are definitely looking a the fall freeze, and you said it. see the temperatures? 28 in jeffersonville, and 34 in votesburg, and 38 in bee con. we have a lot of the 30-degree temperatures. some are at or below the freezing mark, and some locations are on their way there. other temperatures. 30 in liberty, and 37 in spring lake. we are talking about not just a chilly night, but a cold night. we have overnight temperature in the 20s and 30s, and as a result, we will have freeze
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watches and warnings in effect for much of the area tonight and tomorrow. coming up in a bit, diane, i warm up again. >> now to breaking news in new jersey, crews are on the scene of a raging warehouse fire in aberdeen. the fire started just before parkway. both the exit and entrance ramps on 17 have been closed as firefighters try to get the injuries have been reported. tonight on long island, police are are offering a reward in hopes of catching a gunman. the suspect opened fire in hempstead, and now an innocent girl is in grave condition after being shot in the head. steve langford reports. >> reporter: the bullet hole right through the front winner, and inside dejah j oyner was inside relaxing. >> the child is currently in
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grave condition. >> reporter: her family is at her bedside at winthrop university hospital. >> it's been rough. >> they missed him and hit the girl. >> reporter: alex cruz lives across the street and says the intended target he saw was a young man who is no stranger to gun violence. >> he got on the floor to miss the bullet, like he always does. >> reporter: you have seen him be the target before? right. two times. >> reporter: next door a young man was previously shot and killed on the sidewalk. alex cruz says because of what he has seen and survive sod far, he and his wife and three children are leaving immediately. >> i need to pack and leave. i'm afraid it's going to get worse. >> reporter: a $75,000 reward for information lead together arrest of whoever would do this to a little girl.
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>> may you rot in hell. >> reporter: next door neighbor has a everyone is disstain for authorities who he believes left the violence spiral out of control. >> people who should be listening to advice, they are not listening. they don't care. nassau police are trying to determine if the shooting was dang-related. new at 11, the body of a missing barge worker has been found a day after he found into the water off bayonne, new jersey. he's been identified as 55-year- old danny peters of brooklyn. police say peter was an employee of the american petroleum transport of jefferson. he was climbing down the ladder when the ladder slipped and he fell. a month-long spike in violence in jerusalem. despite the security measures put in place by israel, the violence continues. israeli official says a
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policeman was stabbed and hiss attacker was shot, bringing the toe toll -- total to five killed today. may yob de blasio is visiting israel, and today he met with the mayor of jerusalem and met with stabbing victims. >> our cities are so close, there's a joke about israel being the sixth borough, and particularly jerusalem being the sixth borough of new york city. we feel an extreme closeness. our people by blood and history feel such a connection. when you are going through the pain, we feel the pain, too. >> tomorrow mayor de blasio will meet with benjamin netanyahu. a native new yorker swam
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alice gainer is joining us now with more. >> reporter: chris swain spent his saturday swimming through the toxic sludge. he's on a 1.8-mile journey across what some call the dirtiest waterway in america. he's dressed in a dry suit and goggles and wearing protective skin dream protect himselfs from the oil slicks, waste, and everything else. >> i'm willing to go in and say it's okay to want things to be different, and it's okay to put yourself on the line. >> reporter: swain is an environmental advocate, and he's sending the message that one day everything will need to be cleaned up. >> we are part of the greatest city on the earth, what are we doing with the dirtiest waterway. >> reporter: his research crew
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will bring their findings to a local school to show children. >> i'm guessing no one else ever had the dream to swim the entire canal of the gowanus canal. >> reporter: the e.p.a. says federal teams have already been cleaning up the site, but it could take a decade to finish the work. ilana gold, cbs 2 news. >> ilana, thank you. >> i don't think many will be joining in the swim. could school buses leave children stranded this week? >> protecting the campus under siege. the chilling words from the student who faced off with the gunman and survived. >> it's something you don't see every day. >> it may look like the australian outback, but that's a kangaroo on staten island,
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who's caring for you? emblemhealth: what care feels like... in the neighborhood. new at 11, police are asking for help in the search for a sex assault suspect in brooklyn this is the photo of
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he followed a woman into an apartment building in bushwick on thursday night. he assaulted the woman, robbed her, and then took off on foot. more information on the deadly oregon shooting. chris mintz now says on facebook the gunman looked as if he was playing a video game. after being on the ground after being shot, he pointed the gun at him, but he said it's my kid's birthday, and then the shooter pointed the gun at his face and left the classroom. that shooting left nine people dead. on long island, some unionized school bus drivers authorized a strike, but it's unclear when it will begin. the teamsters rejected the final the doctor offer. drivers have been instructed to go to work on monday regardless.
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they transport some 15,000 students a day. new tonight a kangaroo on the loose causing quite a stir on staten island. >> yep, a kangaroo on staten island! matt kozar with more on this aussie's big adventure. >> this jumping joe, this feisty marsupial causing calls to 911. >> reporter: when the brothers opened up their shot on saturday, they saw something moving around their parking lot. >> i thought it was a deer. >> reporter: the kangaroo belonged to a man visiting a friend at this house on victory boulevard. the pet somehow unlocked the fence and escaped. >> reporter: buster the kangaroo became dangerously close to getting hit by a car,
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safety, past the auto body shop. surveillance video shows the happy hugetive hopping back and forth, but buster it's big adventure stopped when the cops showed up. 3 years ago in the same area azebra and a pony got loose after their owner left the gate open. >> it's something you don't see every day. matt kozar, cbs 2 news. let's check in with elise finch with more on the fall freeze. too cold for the kangaroo. >> you would think, but all the hopping around, keeping him warm we have falling temperatures, and obviously if you stepped outside, you would know that. let's check with a couple of the weather watchers to see what kind of numbers they are experiencing out there let's
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we can see the low 40s, and this is bruce in north port. 43 where he is. but as we head into jersey, we turn the 43, and flip that, 34 degrees, and this is eva in north brunswick, but still 35 and 34 for the temperatures this is lorain, she has 28 degrees, and yeah, it's cold folks, not chilly, blue cold in many locations. continue you can see the clear skies, meaning we don't have the help of the clouds, sorting to insulate us at all. it's breezy, chilly, 45 degrees with the winds out of the west, northwest at 15 miles an hour. 56 was the high temperature today. we don't have a lot to talk about as far as warmth that we are enjoyed during the day. 56, as warm as it got today.
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nights ahead. freeze alerts in effect. we will see the low temperatures in the 20s and 30s, and highs in the 40s for some locations, and this is the first freeze of fall for most of us. this is it in terms of growing. you want to bring the tender plants inside. we are dealing with dry conditions, and look to the north and west, and yeah, not only are we seeing the moisture, but because it's so cold, we are actually seeing snow flurries. here's the setup into this night. we will see the windery breezes, and that's for sure. it's a cold one tonight. tomorrow, even colder. during the day and the night. we will continue with the fall freeze, and then your monday morning, heading to work, kids headed to school. bundle up big time. the coldest morning of the season so far. tonight, 38 degrees, but that's in the city. some of the suburbs already in
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freeze watches and warnings are in effect tonight but again mindful. we have the autumn chill today, and that's 50 degrees for your high tomorrow, and that's as warm as it gets. 52 on monday, and it will be warmer tuesday, wednesday, and thursday. we are back to normal, which is want low 60s, and we will be there by the end of the week. >> for those of us who like the warm weather, we have something to look forward to. a piece of rock & roll history is up for sale in new jersey. the house where bruce springsteen wrote born to run is on the market for $299,000. he said he wrote every single song on the album while living in the house. three springsteen fans bought the two-bedroom home 6 years ago, built in 1920, and it's a block and a half from the beach. taking steps to cure lupus.
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the color of lupus awareness and gathered in solidarity this morning. many carried signs of their loved one's name. cbs 2 is a proud sponsor of the event. the mets win game one of the nlcs.
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the mets are one step closer to the world series. and steve overmyer with the sports update. >> one down, seven to go, and that's really the number we are looking at right now. championship teams by the way, find a way to rise to the occasion when the moment is there for the taking. it's no longer about the pitch counts and the inning limits. it's about stepping up. that's how you define a star. the hottest hitter in the postseason has to be daniel murphy. game 5 igniting the crowd for the fourth homer of the postseason, chicago tied it. granderson with the hot bat. mind you they are going up
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granderson with the rbi single in the 5th. the mets take the lead, and d'arnaud putting it out of reach out in centerfield. harvey was heroic. manager terry collins wasn't taking any chances, he got the 4-out save. asked and answered, and murphy with the final out. the mets came it 4-2 from citifield. >> you're note going to have your really, really good fast balls. the weather is not conducive to it. he tried to hit it and that's what you need to do, but he was very, very good. after he was hit by the line drive, the next inning, i thought he was shaky but then he still looked very, very good, pitching a great game. game 2 of the alcs.
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flare that ended up costing series. k.c. rallies for a in the 7th. 2-0, and the best of 7. game 3 monday night in toronto. the program on the ropes this year at least after the 3- game suspension for an offgame controversy. kyle flood made his return today, and it was probably the most improbable name game in history. indiana within 7 points of hop- ranked ohio state just weeks ago. rutgers down in the 3rd, and they relied on the go-to guys, and paul james, special teams a disaster for the night, but kyle fredrico settled the game
11:27 pm
as the clock expired completing the comeback, tieing the school record. 55-52 is the victory as rutgers keeps their bowl hopes alive. army with the worst lost in 36 years, losing by duke last week, and their hands were full today, until edgar poe hauled in the game-winning touchdown. 68-yard catch, and bit way, he's no relation to the famous poet who also, incidentally went to west point. >> i was going to ask. sharks. teems remaining. the isles responded with 3 in the final period, and they broke up san joe says' perfect start to the season. the islanders with their third third straight win, but the big story, the mets get the first
11:28 pm
62% of the time, the game one winner goes on to win the series.
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we will be right back. amoi setng
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geouofheas g fs. that does it for cbs 2 news at 11. for steve, elise, and the entire team, thank you for joining us. have a great night. pumpkin excitement is back at dunkin'. pick up your favorite pumpkin-flavored baked treats and beverages, like the new pumpkin macchiato
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