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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  October 19, 2015 2:00am-3:00am EDT

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for jimmy riordan ere wio working credit cards. we'll be taking your photos down from all the nypd databases and putting up a substitution. uh, lieutenant, so we're clear, i'm just gettiand twmy feet wet here, i'm not committing to a career undercover. right. and though it's highly unlikely, if you find yourself in a situation where a crime is being committed or about to be, ng you're to steer clear of any interference. so just play dumb? no, there's a difference. you can take information in, you just can't actively participate in the course of events. you understand? yes. philip sanfino, that's your guy. don't get taken in by the "uncle philly" act. do he's a sociopath in a brioni suit. but if you can make a favorable impression in the kind of intimate family gathering this reads like, then you've jumped us over a lot of quicksand. got it. eyes wide open. check. good luck. yes, they'd be in an envelope.
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it has advertising on it-- a credit card, i think. yes. so now you're taking the envelope out of your pocket. try to visualize the room, the other objects as you're placing the envelope down. am i supposed to be seeing something? take your time. all i can see are those little white dots you see when you close your eyes. (clears throat) let's try this again. (noble laughs) you took the train? hewould've picked you up, man. no problem. how are ya? good... in my new ride. ooh, nice.
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okay, but i'm y. i trade it in for something slightly less top-gun orthodontist. oh, look at that! it started with the car. gonna yeah, i was kidding about the car, but look, let me be serious for a second, and just don't interrupt me because i suck at being serious. got it. than.. for saving my life. you're welcome. okay, you're done. okay, good. k you. i've told the truth i didn't come to fool you and even though it all went wrong i'll stand before the lord of song with nothing on my tongue but "hallelujah" it's my sister bianca. don't want what you can't have.
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hallelujah. (song ends) come on, sing something from mamma mia! exactly. jimmy riordan. thanks for saving my brother's life, i guess. oh... that was really, really good. that was really, really not. you don't have to suck up to me, i don't have any juice around here. whoa. sorry. if anyone yells for mamma mia! or "volare," i am walking off stage, i swear to god. we'll make an announcement. thank you. no problem. and later. don't take it personally. it's her time of the month every day of the month, lately. angie, due sambuca?
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you can still drink. yeah. it wasn't sambuca that put me in the hospital. but i am doing the 12 steps. and step nine iswe are doing here tonight. making amends. in person, if possible. so that's why i'm here. you, i nee what thank. that guy who sold me the bad mash, i need to make amends with him, too. but... different. ded to he's coming here tonight? you got a problem with that? no. i'm not sure where we're meeting up. but i am not asking you to get involved. okay? i know you don't have a beef with him. got a beef with anybody who puts a friend of mine in the hospital. then you'll enjoy the show. salud.
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why aren't we going to the play? well, the lesson there is, never hide anything like tickets so well even you can't find them. so what else about restaurants shouknow besides no mayo on pastrami? you can order lobster at a steakhouse, but never order steak at a lobster shack. and never the chili in a fast-food chain, ever. ld we and you should learn to cook a couple of things for yourself, because there'll be a few years between eating in a restaurant on your parents' dime and when ybe able to afford it on your own. when does that happen? after high school. what do we cook? sandwiches, mostly. but you should know how to make dinner for a girl. ou'll really? really? really. linguini with garlic and oil, a simple salad, good bread. how long are we going to be too poor to eat in a restaurant? well, you won't be poor, exactly, but you'll be paying for everything that used to come free, so you'll feel strapped. that sounds kind of scary. not really. but always remember this: if a month comes when you can make rent or the car payment, but not both, make the car payment, because you can
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and no matter how great a deal it sounds, never buy anything from someone who's out of breath. who's for dessert? i am. i am. your vegetables first. what are we doing next? a little live-bait night fishing on the pier, followed by a private screening of a great american western, eat sodas and popcorn included. yes! i thought so. excuse us a sec. noble: sure, uncle philly. come on. so riordan, huh? yeah. how do you spell that? r-i-o-r-d-a-n. you got any family, jimmy? uh, no, i'm single. no, no, no. family you come from. oh. uh, my father, my brother, my sister. your mother?
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she passed away. oh, i'm sorry to hear that. i miss her every day. yeah. there's one thing i don't get. you take noble to the hospital, you get him checked in... yet you don't wait around for someone to get there. not sure i understand the question. what was the hurry? no hurry. i juught, an overdose, they'd probably notify the cops. the cops want to question me, do i know this, did i see that? st tho good. good... noble. yeah? come inside. noble: right. (clears throat) excuse me. excuse me. everybody. thank you, thank you. good evening. welcome, everyone.
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before my beautiful niece bianca serenades us, i wanted to introduce a very, very special guest. jimmy, here, is the good samaritan who we have to thank for noble being alive to host us tonight. (applause, cheering) so... jimmy, from the bottom of all our hearts, moazie. all: cheers. salud. thank you. prego, signor sanfino. (laughs) pretty good for a mick, huh? lto gr (all laughing) (soft piano music playing) so, you know the farleys from the next block over? they listed their house for $499,000. they'll get it. though, it'd be nice for us if they did. mm-hmm. (cell phone buzzing)
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go, jack. all right, tara has one of rosalita's alias cells triang. she's at, uh, 29th and madison. there's a hotel on the southeast corner, probably your location. roth's tracking from forest hills ulated and towards the 59th street bridge. all right. can you stay with it? i told you, it's my mom's birthday. i can't stand her up. danny: of course. look, i got my laptop at the hotel, okay? just zip everything over to me there. all right. sorry, partner. danny: don't say sorry. come on, it's your mom's birthday. tell her happy birthday from me and linda. jackie: sure. bye-bye. the theater's on 44th, between broadway and 8th. you're a pal. south side of the street. yeah. okay, i'll see you there. so lisa's going to meet me there. which means you're off the hook for the show. i hope you understand, linda.
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it is what it is. bianca: i heard there was a secret chord david played, and it pleased the lord (phone buzzes) but you don't really care hey, there. for music, do you? yeah. yeah. no, just, uh... just take him to the place that we talked about. and listen to me: i do not want a scratch on him till i get there. uh, around 10:00. okay. hallelujah hallelujah... hallelujah hey. is she as good as any one of those american idols or what? definitely.
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look, linda... i always love you. i don't always show it. tonight i can't show it the way you deserve, but i do. you know, when i married you, i knew i would have to share you with the job on some nights. right. i'm just sad that tonight is one of those nights. me, too. because you look amazing in that dress. it's a little short, but... i actually kind of like that. it is short. and i'm not wearing any underwear. (laughing) all right. so there's a party at tabu, and then i got a table for the late show at the blue note. then i'm in. i call shotgun.
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no, no, no! girls cannot call shotgun in a porsche. what? come on, i don't mind. you are such a jerk. come on. fine. what are you doing? noble: all right. wait h why? 'cause i asked you to. then can jimmy wait with me? if he wants. ere. it won't be long. i get shotgun, then. let's go, jimmy.
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richie. you look like crap. i'm so sorry, man. please, let me make it up to you. oh. yeah. you're gonna. richie: please. yeah, because of you, i spent two nights in the hospital, and then got sent up for 30 days in rehab. i got that stuff from my usual guy. i had no idea... because of you, my life didn' fall off the rails, man. i-it went down the embankment, through the orphanage, and into the gas tanks. i mean... i ought to kill you. t just richie: please... but... step nine of the 12 steps instructs us to make amends.
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(grunts) come on. come on, richie, down the hatch now! come on! richie, come on! (chu: oh. do it. (grunts) okay, okay, fine. do you want to know what my friends here really wanted to do with you? (grunts) no? take your medicine then, buddy. come on. go! go!ckles) (inhales) (sighs) all right. (coughs) okay, okay. take it easy, huh? what's in it? oh, it's, uh, crystal meth. and some smack to, uh, counter the meth. and a heaping helping of pure lsd so the whole thing will be a lasting memory. how we doing, rich?
2:21 am
hey. over here. what are you doing here? i told you i got this. i don't work on your timetable, you work on mine, you understand? now light up. i told you, i quit. and i'm assuming you told roth you were going for a smoke, right? so you better smell of smoke when you go back upstairs. what the hell happened to you last night? glenn got a call, i think, about the accident. so he had to book. what the hell does that mean? i didn't feel like dealing with you, so i slipped out the back. why? i like the guy, okay? i needed a little more time to think this through. oh, you like the guy, so you screw me over instead. glenn and his family lost all their money to madoff. you think i give a rat's ass what that scumbag lost to madoff? so he's got a story. and he's attractive and he's jewish, so i decided to sleep with him. where's my evidence? i can't screw the guy before i do the guy.
2:22 am
i got a code, too. okay, here's the deal, rosalita. you're gonna get me a tape in the morning or your ass will be in rikers by lunch. you follow me? don't test me again. cool your jets. don't test me again. i will bury you. where do you want me t it? drop it at the dandridge hotel at the front desk. cop can afford the dandridge? the wife and i won a romantic weekend together. o drop so what are you doing here? that's a good question. i got this. okay? you better. go. now, be a good boy and take your medicine. (grunts) come on. come on! (sniffs) (pants, chokes) (gasping) (laughs) shh-shh-shh. (grunting) are those bats?! (screams) whoa!
2:23 am
(both screaming) (laughs) whoa, whoa, whoa. i'm yanking your chain, dude. come on. bats? (laughs) all right. (sighs) (groaning) just gonna leave him here? cut him. loose. cut him loose. (chuckles): come on. knock-knock. linda? linda: you dropping by or you staying? aying. how was the show?
2:24 am
you missed it. yeah? i'm st sorry about, uh, you know, messing things up tonight. whatever, danny. will you put on snl? i hear alec baldwin's hosting. sure. i brought dessert. so did i. (the magnificent seven theme playing over tv) franthink they had fun? henry: of course they did. i can remember you and grandpa took me
2:25 am
for a night on the town when i was about their age. k: we went to see spartacus at the old rivoli and had dinner at jack dempsey's. i've still got the picture somewhere of you and the champ. you were ten. and the two of them had advice for me. henry: oh, yeah. and it always ended with, "but don't tell your mother i said that." i know where the tickets are. oh. okay. if you ever got tickets to a musical, it would've been for mom, not yourself. so you would've put them where she kept her treasures. the wooden box over the fridge. voila. (sighs) erin: very impressed. grandpa, you got them tickets to the book of mormon? what? it's a broadway musical about some american missionaries in africa. okay, well, i've seen it; it's not for kids.
2:26 am
you dodged a bullet. i think that's a little overstated. oh, well, that depends r appetite for explaining jokes about jesus, aids, the finer points of the female anatomy to your grandsons. really? mm-hon you oh.
2:27 am
(humming) and how was your stay, dr. roth? just perfect, thank you. here's a copy of your bill. do you need any help with luggage or transportation? we have his ride right here. what are you doing here? glenn roth, you're under arrest for criminally negligent homicide in the death of liam keogh. ah, this is ridiculous. (handcuffs click) i want my lawyer. well, you're gonna need a new one of those. we're arresting your lawyer, too. you're gonna regret this, detective. not as much as you. we'll get his bags. hey! both: mom! dad! oh. hey. you guys behave? yeah. they were angels. yeah, right. no kidding. dad, you have to see the magnificent seven. it's the best movie ever. magnificent seven-- i already saw that movie when i was your age. and i saw it with the same two old cowboys as you.
2:28 am
really? where's dad? he's with jamie, in the living room. all right. nner in 15. all right. it was pretty brutal. guy's okay? yeah, he's in king's general-- stable. i guess the apple doesn't fall far from the family tree. di that's the thing, though. isn't the wise guy way like, "you put one of ours in the hospital, we put one of yours in the morgue"? noble didn't do that. what are you getting at? hat this was more "an eye for an eye." biblical, not gangster. still pretty damn sadistic. yeah. all right, so what are you gonna do about it? only thing i can do. wait for occjust tut me back in. you still have a choice. you can still walk away. not if i want to really contribute. dinner. b to p captioning sponsored by cbs the all-new volkswagen jetta. it's great, for the price of good. that's das auto.
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x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x= we have inside footage from inside the brothel. before even after his chapsollapse. >> that is coming up now. >> on entertainment tonight. drugs. >> popping pills and asking for illi drugs. we have lamar's $75,000 bill for two women as odom's condition takes a turn. >> lamar is not out of the woods, however he is ncit longer in a coma. >> plus, the room where lamar was found. 911 calls. >> blood coming out of his nose, white stuff coming out of his omouth. >> new interviewes with oprah, again stefany, alanis more set
2:30 am
and postpartum depression. >> i didn't have to be hospitalized. there is so much shame around it. >> and tom brady on his wife and his home life off the field. >> oh, my god, i said, i need a break. >> and deck vandyke turning 90. >> ageing? oh, come on. >> his young wife and secret to eternal youth. >> a pint of ice cream every night and i dance around the house. >> secrets from a "facts of life" star. behind the scenes body shame. >> the more they tried to pressure them, the more they would eat. >> now in our 35th season, this is "entertainment tonight." >> thanks for being with us. samantha harris will be with in a moment but we have the latest on lamar odom's hospitalization in las vegas. he was left fighting for his life and ushave new details. new video from inside the brothel where lamar odom was found unresponsive. "e.t." found four days ofbe
2:31 am
can you see lamar surrounded by women. at one point he appears to be smoking and gives a woman a kiss on the cheek there he appears to be taking a pill. thursday there is an ambulance arriving and after 3:30 p.m. and 911. >> is he conscious? >> no. >> senior news editors reporting on his condition as ofday afternoon. >> lamar is not out of the woods however he is no longer in a coma. that's good news. he pulled a tube out of his mouth frind said morning to khloe and said morning, hi, baby. he has been giving a thumb's up to affirmative questions doctors have been asking ahim. khloe hasn't left lamar's side since she got there tuesday evening. she is still wearing the same clothes. >> we obtained this receipt from the love ranch that shows lamar's week started with a $75,000 swipe on his amex. >> $75,000 is the number lamar came upwith.
2:32 am
day for a minimum of four days possibly five. that's what the agreed amount was for. >> owner dennis hop, also an author, says the same two women also found him. >> when they woke up, with eight news crews in front of the love ranch in las vegas. one of the girls hasn't left her room since this happened, crying. they were traumatized. >>s jenner along with kim, courtney and kiley were outside the hospital. lamar on the minds of money. kri i know he is surrounded by people that know and love and support him and i hope he knows that. >> it is devastating when you have someone on drugs in your >>. there is almost nothing you can do until they decide. can you rescue and rescue and rescue. and then this >> you think about guys who are really drawn to, that you cheer for. lamar odom is at the top of the list. >> so what led up to this tragedy?
2:33 am
on saturday, lamar arrived at the love ranch south. a legal brothel in crystal, nevada. we picked him up at his place in las vegas brought him out. great mood. just wanted to get away far few days. >> >>ar check node this room. claiming the reality star was seen taking herbal viagra. >> we heard from my people like eight or ten lampills. >> last sunday, hop tells us lamar got an upsetting phone call. there was a report that claims it was about that night's episode of keeping up with the kardashians. >> did you sign the divorce papers? and in a few days, it will be done. >> then on tuesday, his fourth day at the ranch, two women found him unconscious. >> we called 911 and he started throwing up a lot. so he was breathing.en the ambulance and police came. how did lamar look? awful. he looked really sick and needed to be rushed to an emergency room im thely.
2:34 am
>> let's shift gears and get to more news. >> here a full wrapup of other big star headlines. >>mediat tracy morgan ready to return to his "snl" home. >> trace oo, so awesome you're hosting. everyone is excited. >> thank you i'm getting everyone pregnant. >> thursday he arrived so "snl" like a king in a white limo, red cape and holding a. septor, taking a dig at his own accident. >> did i used to work here? >> yeah, for like seven years.>> i can't remember any more. >> oh, my god, i'm so sorry. >> oh, i'm messing with you bobby. >> after rehearsals, what did he do? went it a favorite hang-out? the bronx to get chinese takeout. >> abbey lee miller facing a 24-count indictment, accused of defrauding the government. documents obtained by "e.t."
2:35 am
than $50,000 in assets when she filed for bankruptcy protection for her dance studios in december of2010. with each count having potential five-year sentence and $250,000 fine, abbey lee could face serious penalties if convicted. "e.t." reached out to abbey lee for comment she didn't respond. lifetime declined to comment on the story. another star making headlines, charli sheen thrown out after bar, the exclusive surveillance video. charlie reportedly intoxicated gets upset when he a fan started filming him withe cell phone in an orange county bar saturday night. sheen allegedly knocked the phone out of the person's hand and the bar security stepped in. >> security guard just came, a separated some parties that seemed like they may have been having a little bit of an argument, separated them and left. >> the bouncers removed charlie in a head lockch you can see here. finally, shia labeouf arrested in austin, texas.
2:36 am
when he was stopped for jay walking. he became agitated and noncooperative when police detained him. reportedly shia and two females were trying to get into a bar in austin. they were declined because shia was too drunk. he stormedf when the jay walking occurred. he was excited with public intoxication a misdemeanor with a small fine. last sunday ofshia released a cryptic twitter statement saying i talk, just not to you. also making news this week, kate hudson, gwyneth paltrow and new mommy to be chrissy teeingian all out together. >> power girls and right in the middle their a-list red carpet madness. chris oo's baby bump barely visible in aof plunging white slip dress.
2:37 am
wasn't giving up baby news but might havecidentally due date in april. >> my book comes out in february. it was going to be april but now it is february so we will just shove it out acuse i can't travel in april any more. >> sharing her feelings on hayden panettiere checking into treatment for postpartum beca depression which she also battled. >> that's terrible. a very, luckily mine was low grade enough that i didn't have to be hospitalized, but you know, it is a very debilitating thing and i think there is so much shame around it there shouldn't be. it something that happens. something that befalls many women after they have a baby and you know, for me, it ended up being a wonderful opportunity for me to explore some underlying issues. is >> in a chatty mood, gweneth
2:38 am
weighed in on j. low's op ed about pay for women. >> especially in hollywood we feel fortunate to be receiving a fantastic salary and to have a job and movie so i think it is very brave to say, hey wait a minute, i'm not being paid the same as man. >> we talked to jennifer's ""american hustle"" could star bradley cooper men in her essay. >> do you feel there is a double standard in hollywood? talked about so much this morning? as double standard in the whole world, sure. this is just one aspect. any time there a place where ationed voice can come out and be outspoken, that's great. >> you think it will make a difference? >> i think it is a difference, isn't it? >> i this i so. we're talking about it. >> whoopi goldberg things a battle was wagedmaking long before jennifer started talking about it. >> jennifer welcome to the conversation that's been going on for 55, 60 years in holl >> jennifer and her girls
2:39 am
talking about the skin caroline's 50th anniversary. >> i'm excited to see all my girl friywood. it is tuesday night so we are being rebellious sneaking out of the house and having a cocktail.ends. >> kate's flowy gown. and gweneth a preparty snap with her son moses and said her daughter was more into taylor. swift in a minute. yes, apple? yes. >> gweneth met up with oprah and posed for this instagram. >> we are talk about her new new tv project. tom brady and his super model wife, gizelle. >> she retired from the runway, he dealt with deflategate, then the nasty split rumors.
2:40 am
our carly talked to tom this week about everything going on in his world. on. what is the secret to a happy >> she is my best friend. i think we spend as much time as we can together and you know, it is a busy life we have. and we have three kids. >> i love the instagram photos you guys post with your kids. what's the best thing about being a dad? >> oh, man. i have a lot of respect for the moms out there, let me say that. that is a tough job. because it is a lot of work and you know, when i'm home with the kids, it is exhausting. work. oh, my god, i need a break. my 2-year-old doesn't listen to a word i say. i have to go back to work to the 200 pounders that i tell what to do and they listen. >> today we are all about the love, just because of the sweet kids. >> an day goes by where we don laugh and smile.
2:41 am
any plans to do the same? what would retirement look like in the household? >> i love what i 'tdo. i don't have any plans to get it up. although she stills works a lot. don't let the retirement fool you. she works morehan any retired person i know. >> tom is about to give her a run for her modeling money just tagged ambassador. >> he owned t tag in 2002. >> a gift for myself and i decided to splurge. so it is just such a natural organi the thing that came about. very important to my job, always has been. >> we all know tom is very important to these celebs but what did hechink when matt and ben say this? >> love you tom. >> and those lips. >> those guys in particular, got to know over the years. tthey are all friends. and great to have such great support from those guyes. >> boston passe. >> the and crew. >> who do you believe, tom
2:42 am
humanity or a bunch of [ bleep ] on twitter? >>boston tom and gizelle have expanded their family this year. but a dog. >> the name? >> tom just posted thishot to his facebook page, saying, qb discovered the selfie. >> look out, the first of many. >> his s own page. >> i'm telling you right now. >> congratulations on your engagement. >> to? >> amy schumer. >> we are how do you start the day brighter? make the ride smoother? and finish with a smile? you've got this. you've got t.j better brands, at prices that help you maxx life! i brought in some protein to get us moving.maxx. i'm new ensure active high protein. i help you recharge with nutritious energy and strength. i'll take that. yeeeeeah!new ensure active high protein. 16 grams of protein. and 23 vitamins and minerals.
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pml, which is a rare brain infection that usually leads to death or severe disability, and decreases in your white blood cells. the most common side effects are flushing and stomach problems. tell your doctor about any low white blood cell counts, infections, any other medical conditions, or if you are pregnant or plan to become pregnant, or are breastfeeding or plan to breastfeed. learn more about the most prescribed pill for relapsing ms in the us, at talk to your doctor about tecfidera, and take another look at relapsing ms. tom hanks in "bridge of spies" going up against "crimson peak." goose bumps. but next weekend look for bradley cooper going to the romantic side. i know you love that. >> just how we like it keep him
2:45 am
i will get carried away here. nancy o'dell, lucky backlady, sitting down with bradley cooper, reuniting with "american sniper" co-star. tell amy schumer that. because she announced bradley cooper on and her are together. >> congratulations. >> for? >> you're engaged. >> to who? >> i'm engaged to bradley cooper. >> she is amazing. >> did you know she was so sessed with you? >> well i'm just a butt of a joke but i'm happy to be part of it. she is hilarious. >> ob he is not really with amy. he and ciena are chefs in a high end restaurant and are friends off camera. >> do you see each other offset? >> yeah.
2:46 am
>> you do? >> not on-camera. o talk to each other. >> these two sizzle in and out of the kitchen and bradley trained with two famed we d. guardon ramsay. >> he was tremendously helpful. >> was he? >> yeah. but marcus was the key point. that guy, he created all of the chefs dishes. he was on-set all the time. >> two of everything. >> yes chef! >> and it gets pretty hot in their kitchen. >> we have this pretty horrible fight and he gets this thing where he -- where the color drains from his -- honestly, i watch his complexion change. like the equiv of the hulk or something. and i know it's coming. >> a little bit of blood does not drain from my face. alentnt people to sit at that table and be sick with longing. an i need to you do it with me. >> are you guys good cooks? you got to be doing a movie like i wa this. >> well, shana is a very good cook. but comparatively speaking, that
2:47 am
world of that -- that kind of culinary world is -- i realize how mu can't cook. >> how much you can't? >> cannot. >> you were attempting before the movie? >> yeah. i worked in restaurants since ways 15 and i was a pch i cook when i was 18. that's where i learned a lot. >> oh wow. can you cook somewhat. >> no, i do, i love it cook. >> he is a good repcook. >> i'm good for four people. the idea of cooking for 60 -- >> that would be daunting for anybody, right? >> but that's what they do. >> so just when we thought bradley cooper couldn't get any better. now he cooks, too. what else? >> oh, they are so much fun to see together. >> fun to watch. >> actu i love this, ciena called bradley her best guy friend. >> i want him to be my guest guy friend. is that weird? here is what is up. inally >> this is a disease that has no discretion. >> marcia guy harden on her
2:48 am
>> and chelsea hand monday on "e.t.." family dance lessons. >> proud brother, spitting image of their dad. >> oh, you look like -- >> oh, thank you. i love you. >> and what mom r thinks of bindi's boyfriend. >> i do have a gun license. >> and "ncis" cross over. onset with michael weatherlyeally hanging with the "ncis" l.a. gang. >> hi, i'm ll cool j. >> i don't think there is way to rol weatherly. >> she isn't burnt out. she has heat exhaustion. if we don't get her heat down, she will die. cont >> this is a brand new realistic show with a solid premier. people love the show. now star marcia gay harden is patient. >> so cool she is doing this. we spoke with marcia about her crusade off the set and which
2:49 am
for her is very personal. >> my mother has alzheimers. unfortunately this a disease that has no discretion. >> just like anybod else. i don't want to believe it. it's my mom. i don't want to believe it. >>y marcia is in these sometimes humorous tsas. >> is that marcia gay harden? >> i think're getting older. >> that's what i was saying. >> oh honey, i have experience with this. >> talking about her her's beverly's brain spots are getting darker. >> i just told her what dress to wear. she came around the hall and came obrot with a completely different dress and i realized she forgot something that just happened five minutes before. >> you forget where youut put your keys and you are afraid you have alzheimer's. don't be paranoid. but do what is good for your brain. >> doing simple things now like
2:50 am
staying tive, eating right and getting sleep can help seniors. >> makes me all the more avid to find a cure so we can end this disastrous haunting ace. >> do you want a healthy older lively last couple of chapters? then you've got to be paying attention now.diseas >> she clearly loves her mom so much. really cool that she is doing this. and marcia told us about her dedicationhe show and visiting a real er once. after filming at 2:00 a.m., she just stopped bay local hospital until 4:30 in the to t morning to watch a doctor perform an intibation. something her character had done the last couple of episodes. >> that's dedication. >> something you did to prepare for the role? handler. she hosted a charity match in ucla and kevin frazier wanted to get in on the action.
2:51 am
staring down maria's serve, i knew this wasn't going to be easy. chelsea is there between games. co oh, that was on. oh! >> we're lucky who they're going against. i'm not messing around. this is real.>> that's when the ladies turned it up but you don't need to see that. let's cut to the interview. >> you're doing maria in spreads. >> i am. >> oh, you're the friend. >> kind after big tennis themed party. maria sharapova and friends, a fund-raiser for maria's foundation but not all competition. >> this is a fun weekend, december 12th and 13th, to bring really good tennis to town. >> lively like an action-packed day. >> she told me if there wasn't tennis she wasn't interested. she wanted entertainm >> she wanted more.
2:52 am
>> she always wants more. that's what we are bringing. >> the circus, yeah. >> the circus is nothing new toent. chelsea. she brings a lot of naughtiness. she got censored bsocial meet media site. >> do you want to explain what you did on instagram? >> no. can i do whatevery the i want because i'm me. >> how is your time off? do you think it's been too long? >> too much time off? no. i think everybody can use a break for anybody. people get sick of you. i'm sick of you. >> your audience misses you. >> people are like oh, she is still alive. she didn't die. >> but dead was kind of how i felt by the epdnd of our game. >> good match. you fired onn me at the end. >> you look tired. >> i am. let's be real. >> we won, we won, we won! >> chelsea doing a lot of good work.
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