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tv   CBS Overnight News  CBS  October 19, 2015 3:00am-3:30am EDT

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celebrity classic next month in florida along with john lovitz. here is still what is ahead on up a "e.t.." >> seem like the cowboys are happy on the show. >> new interview about what is happening on the set of "the voice." >> t -- get up, get up, get up >> alanis henmorisette. and those still listening to her on the radio. >> my son is always asking, is that you, mommy, is that you? >> then, coming up -- >> but first, we think max is an artist you should know. described as soul pop. max's single, miss anonymous, streamed more than 25 million times and he says the song is about being cheated on. >> we can't forgive them unless they are the right one. and it sound like gibberish.
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i wanted a song that wasn't so sappy. like just brush it off. that's not the right person. everything happens for a reason. they are saying gibberish and you're betterer than that. >> max is on the road right now with the gibberish tour. >> closed captioning provided by -- you never know when it'll be your moment to shine. so don't trust your smile to any r toothpaste. improved crest 3d white brilliance removes 5 times more stains than the red box.
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hey amanda, sorry to bother you but i gotta take a sick day. moms don't take sick days, moms take dayquil severe the non-drowsy, coughing, aching, fever, sore throat, stuffy head, no sick days, medicine. if you're just joining us, jim carrey, heart broken carrying her coffin in ireland. >> she committed suicide two days after the anniversary of her ad's death. >> charlie sheen kicked out after doors. bouncers moving charlie in a head lock. reportedly intoxicated and upset with a dfan. >> security guard came and separated parties that seemed like they might have been having a bit of an argument.
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abbey lee miller concealing more than $150,000 in income and assets which she filed for bankruptcy protection for dance studios in december of 2010. each count carries potential five-year sentence pf lifetime had no comment. abbey lee did not respond by our deadline. number two, jennifer lawrence with the wage gap. >> i don't know if you saw the op ed written by jennifer lawrence. have you seen it yet? >> no, but any time there is a voicet can come out and be outspoken, that's great. >> bradley cooper standing by his former co-star. after tha finding out that j law made less m "american hustle," she said she doesn't get mad at the studio, she got mad at herself for not negotiating better. >> it is devastating. >> shock over khloe's ex, lamar.
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heart break after he was found unconscious at a brothel. go to for the latest. here a lady all over the news lately. the voice coach who has recently split, talking abo being friends with her co-star. >> the cowboy break and rumors just won't die. >> have you head the news? >> which is why we love gwen.ut she can laugh about anything, even though she is going through a divorce, she is battling three competitive coaches on the >> just walked in and we wrote all these songs. i do, i have a new record. and music for me is everything. it is why i exist. like to write those songs and to share them. it is just such a great feeling.
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to take some tragedy and write a song about it and share that. and the s i've gotten through that, is just unbelievable reward. >> where does she find the time? >> i don't have any answers. i just like take it one day at a time.reward i'm like, trying to focus on being in the moment. and there's no way to do it all. but i'm trying. i'm going to go into the st next week and write more songs. just keep writing. makes me feel so good. every time i don't have my babies, i'm like, get me in the udio studio. >> this weekend she will share some of that new music at another one of her master card priceless surprise concerts, first since february. ges in gwen's personal life show. >> not that much time has gone by but so much has happened. so i had to change it. you know w chanmean? i had to get all new costumes, new band, dancers. everything had to evolve the way i have in a short amount of time. so jushat i being in new york.
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like you're so cool. >> and there's not to be even more star power on the voice. a week from tmonday, get ready for this, rihanna will join as a key adviser. >> so awesome. great choice. movingo more music, earlier this year, in june, it marked the 20th anniversary of on t alanis morisette's album, jagged little pill. how does that happen so fast? she announced she is rereleasing that record. here is how she paved wait for so many fellow female singer song writers. >> the 20th anniversary of jagged little pill. what do you remember most about that time when you were writing and recording that album. >> i just remember not wanting to stop until i wrote a record that really represented where i was at.
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it's like rain on your wedding day >> mid '90s teen then, well, everyone loved it. >> so by the time, did you realize the impact? 20 years later, that is like an emotional attachment. >> i knew i loved it and i knew i could happily sing it from the mountain tops. beyond that, it wasn't about me at that t. i got one hand in my pocket and the other one with a cigarette . >> i did literally think i was the only human being on the planet going through whatever i poinwas going through at the time. >> you definitely weren't alone, alanis. here are three ways "jagged little pill" changed everything. it influenced artists. >> one day i was at a friend's house and she played "you ought to know" by alanis morisette. i was like, wow, she let all of her thoughts and emotions come out. she didn't care what anyone else
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she just did it completely honestly. >> isn't it ironic that taylor swift brought ut alanis to sing the iconic anthem. second, the record changed song writing. winning alanis five grammies, and consider this -- the album paved wait for a girl power sisterhood that confronted guys directly. >> my husband winks at me a lot in grocery store when we hear songs and my son is always asking me, is that you, mommy? is that you? >> and a financi thee changer. >> people started to think that women could make money so it was a horrible way to put it but there is time duringal gam"jagged little pill's" prerelease, .
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>> "a" female? >> what do you hope your legacy will snb. >> oh, my femaled, legacy is way too heavy for me. i just hope i served in some way. uplifted someone. helpedgo them when they are alone in their room searching and feeling lonely. >> just this week, she launched her own pod cast conversation with alanis morisette. and she says it is a dream come true because she can interview people on her favorite subject, health and wellness, spirituality and more. here is with what is on the way -- >> dug up an interview of yours from 1982. >> 19-what? >> we are at home with one of the greatest entertainers of all
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the [incoming text sound effect] [keyboard tapping in rhythm] [seat belt alarm chiming, buckle clicking in rhythm] [car doors slamming, keys jangling in rhythm] [engine turns over]
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>> that is dick vandyke in a video that's gone viral on youtube. try as of. now the hollyw legend is actually turning 90 in december. yes, that's right. 90 years young. going inside dick's home where he lives with hisood younger wife and found out just how he is the definition of young at heart. >> what is the sflet what are you eating? what are you drinking? what are you doing?
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>> i always kept moving, which seek is the most important thing. i'm either singing or dancing or something. >> dick never slows down. here is the 89-year-old dancing with his wife, arlene, who at 44, is 45 years younger. >> we were friends for a long time before i talked her into marrying me. which was -- and i feel bad -- >> she keeps you young, though. h you bet. yeah, she -- great cook. great everything. and we dance a lot. i came in the other >> omorning, she was washing dishes with her tap shoes on. >> he goes to the gym every morning and shares his other secrets to staying young in his book. but his diet may surprise you. >> i eat what i want. i eat lick a pint of ice cream every night. >> dick showed me around his malibu homes. he won five emmys but a lot of people thought he should have won an oscar for mary poppins. >> when andrew won for mary
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poppins, they made this chimney sweep guy for myaward. >> i just had to share this when he was 56. >> we like to dig things up and good into the vault. we dug up an interview of yours from 1982. >> 19 what? >> 1982. >> look at all the hair that guy's got. >> want to take a look at it? yeah. >> who is this kid? >> i had my time and my place in this and all the fame that my life needed. >> what am i talking a >> >> i don't know. there is gray already coming in there. >> when you look tlat guy right there, what do youbout? think of that guy? >> he has a very big nose. a nice head of hair, i must say. and then, probably been drinking the night before. little puffy. i could already tell. >> drinking was once a problem. but he said the power of prayer helped him stop.yeah. >> i went to all the, you know, rehab and all that kind of thing.
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take itaway. slowly and i'm a little sick, little dizzy. all of a sudden, wasn't any more. which is wonderful. >> as far as turning 90, he says age has only been an issue once. >> only time someone called me and said you would be on the cover of aarp magazine. two weeks later they called and said, they didn't do it because i was too old. aarp? they put michael fox on who just turned 50. if you're too old for aarp -- >> there's a problem. that's hilarious. >> if they are going to make the dick vandyke story, let's play hypothetical, who would you want it play you in the movie about your wife? >> oh, my gosh, who is around? probably jim carrey. >> i love that. >> is that funny? >> i love that casting. >> now she asked dick how he plans to celebrate his 90th birthday. he tells us, he is good to disneyland.
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>> we talk to oprah a her new tv project and j law's speech. >> the jennifer lawrence is talking abouboutit? that means it is time to talk about it. >> talking about how she overcame alcoholism. >>t . garrett was so sweet, the lady behind that had a different life. >> that's ahead. but first, this weekend in the entertainment to mrs birthday, which high school musical star add tough time learning the moves at i brought in some proteinightto get us moving. i'm new ensure active high protein. i help you recharge with nutritious energy and strength. i'll take that. yeeeeeah!new ensure active high protein. 16 grams of proteinn and 23 vitamins and minerals. ensure. take life in. [ male announcer ] even ragu users a. chose prego traditional over ragu traditional. prego?! but i buy ragu. [ thinking ] i wonder what other questionable choices i've made. [ pop muzak plays ]
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which could be serious. ask yo with tor about toujeo . ur doc the facts of life >> just hearing that brings you back, doesn't it? classic in the '80s. heading up that all girls boarding school was of course, charlotte ray. she wrote a memoir, the facts of my life. the fact of life seem to really cover a lot of contemporary is body shaming. bullying. >> i don't think they've done anything quite like it. i think that it was a wonderful show because the parensues. could sit down with the kids and there were issues that they could both relate to. >> how much pressure did the producers put on the girlsts to keep a certain weight? >> the more they tried to pressure them and weigh them, threaten them, the more they
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would it is not the way you handle adolescence adolescence. you dent do that. >> and you don't think of a girl of a 10 if sheeat.weighes a ton. >> you're not a number. you're a girl. >> you mention though that the person, they would weigh the girls, a scale onset. like official weigh-ins. >> frankly the girls never told me about it until after. >> they kept it from you >> yeah, they didn't want me to know. it was just shameful. shameful. didn't do any good. they did what they did. andin. new that they're older, and they're grenown and have children, we have a whole different relationship. it is just incredible. >> also, pretty incredible, the fact that charlotte got to work with this guy way back when. >> like getting paid to eat ice cream. >> did you have any idea he was destined for great things? >> i knew he was a good, good actor.
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i got to hand it him. he didn't go crazy. he didn't get into drink or drugs. i admire him a lot. >> my conversation wit to charlotte was pretty great. not just because she is super feisty at all 5 feet tall, and i'm 6'2", but in herhbook" the facts of my life" she is completely honest on how she beat her battle with alcohol and dealt with a shocking revelation in her 25-year marriage. >> he finally came out and told me that he was bisexual. i just absolutely was devastated. it made me feel like i was not much of a woman. but we were friends and died. >> it's character like that that makes charlotte not only an emmy nom for that beloved role but w she lived life. >> this is you. >> the fans are screaming, mrs. garrett, over there. and it is exciting.
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i lovefor ho it. >> i was no wrinkles there. now i've got wrinkles. >> yeah. >> it is part of the process. and i haven't had any lifts. or anything like that. there's a new role waiting for me. >> i enjoyedking to charlotte. i should also say she is a survivor and she has overcome pancreatic cancer and is now cancer-free. >> so good to hear talthat. now to an author an actress, and one of the most famous faces on tv, oprah. she is premiering a seven-ni documentary series this weekend called "believe." nancy o'dell flew to new york to talk to oprah and talk aboutght "believe" and everything else going on in her life. >> i didn't think oprah could outdo herself but i think you have, here you are trying to understand the mystery of our existence. >> yes. life is about trying to grow yourself to whatever is at the next level.
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it is one of the reasons i wanted to create a network to be able to connectseries really meaningful important ideas that allow people to see themselves in different ways. >> for many pilgrims, beg among tens of millions of fellow believers, has a spiritual power all its own. >> opraharrates the week-long tv event, three years into making the journey of faith. it came during difficult time in her career. >> i was challenged by ntarting the network and all those stories about oprah you should have kept your day job. and literally what happens to me when i'm facing a challenge, i s go inward and i ask, god, what and the answer was this believe series. >> were you w at all in portraying religiousn religions?
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>> i wasn't worriedorried at all. there is a thread of truth that goes through all religions. the thread of compassion and love. >> one of the most powerful women in media, so i wanted to talk about jennifer lawrence's op ed. >> it is a moment in our culture when people are toward hear it. because if jennifer lawrence, the jennifer lawrence is saying that, that means it is time to talk about it and do something about it. i applaud, applaud, applaud her. >> the kind of passion that oprah knows all about. her belief team condensed more than 800 hours of footage into seven one-hour episodes. >> myavorite part is the beginning of a series where you say my confidence comes from knowing there a force greater than myself. >> yeah. my confidence does come and f know, this is the interesting thing about social media, is that people can find a reason to complain about anything. people like, what does the name
3:26 am
you know, this is the thing, if you were a force, if you were an omnipotent power of force, you really don't coprah? about a title. but i call the force god. and i have always known that i come faremething that's not just myself. and that grounding and knowing that that belief has allowed me to really be -- rom so be oprah? >> yeah, be who i am. this series is oprah's baby. it took three years to develop and lady o financed it all >> herself. >> you want to do that, you do it. and she he is producing two movies. the mortal life of henrietta,
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