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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  October 19, 2015 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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we will see you tomorrow. good night. >> pelley: high-level security breech. a hacker got his hands on the personal e-mail of two of america's top national security officials. also tonight, trump makes 9/11 an issue in the presidential campaign. house democrats try to keep benghazi out of it. their cars were towed out of the mud. now comes the hard part -- the great california scrape-off. and big ben may need surgery. diagnosis: bad ticker. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. accounts of two of the highest-ranking national security officials have been hacked. c.i.a. director john brennan and
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an anonymous hacker has been bragging about breaking into these accounts, but now multiple law enforcement sources tell us the breaches actually occurred. and jeff pegues is breaking this new development in our washington newsroom tonight. jeff? >> reporter: scott, this is a criminal investigation, and authorities are working to locate the suspect. he seems to be feeding off the publicity, and that's in part why investigators are reluctant to talk about it, but multiple law enforcement officials tell cbs news that he had unauthorized access to both private e-mail accounts. late in the day, the person tweeting under the handle of cwa followed through on threats to release sensitive information. "you know we don't lie. what you have all been waiting for. sorry for the delay." along with that statement came an attachment with the names, social security numbers and phone numbers of about 20 people said to be affiliated with the head of the c.i.a.
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in fact, the unidentified hacker, who claimed to be a high school student, says the information came from the private e-mail account of c.i.a. director john brennan. whoever it is also claims to have hacked into the private e-mail account of homeland security secretary jeh johnson. throughout the day the hacker appeared to be taunting the officials and others in government. "we are not doing this for personal satisfaction. we are doing this because innocent people in palestine are being killed daily" and "anyone know who we should target next?" in a statement the c.i.a. would matter to the appropriate authorities. we contacted some of the people whose names were on the list. there is a common thread. many work for the obama transition team in 2008. scott, it is important to note the intrusions were to their personal accounts. some of the information taken was sensitive. >> pelley: their personal accounts, but not their government-secured systems that
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handles classified information. jeff pegues, thank you. this is shaping up as the most critical week for hillary clinton's presidential campaign. on thursday she will testify under oath before the house committee that's investigating the 2012 attack on a u.s. compound in benghazi, libya, an attack which killed four americans including the u.s. ambassador. today we got a preview of the battle to come, and here's nancy cordes. >> i think the reason for that is --. >> reporter: clinton doesn't testify for three day, but benghazi committee democrats are already defending her with a 120-page report refuting republican claims that clinton was disengaged during the 2012 attack that left four americans dead. the report includes a never-before-seen list of clinton's calls that night to the libyan president, the deputy chief of mission in tripoli and top aides. it also includes excerpts from an interview the committee conducted with clinton's then-chief of staff cheryl
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mills, who was asked, "did clinton seem uncertain as to how to respond?" mills said, "no. she was very certain. she says we need to be taking whatever steps we can to secure our people." republicans argue the excerpts were released selectively and that there are still plenty of questions for clinton to answer. >> what i want to know is while violence was going on in libya, why was our security profile going down? it wasn't even staying the same. it was going down. >> reporter: on "face the nation" sunday, committee chair trey gowdy insisted clinton is not the primary focus of his investigation, even though she's the first to testify publicly in nine months. he slammed a republican lawmaker and a fired former staffer who both claim the committee was designed to take her down. >> i have told my own republican colleagues and friends, shut up talking about things that you don't know anything about. and unless you're on the committee, you have no idea what we've done, why we've done it and what new facts we have
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found. >> reporter: for example, he says his committee has acquired e-mails from murdered ambassador chris stevens that all the other congressional investigations missed, including one e-mail he says where stevens jokes that perhaps he should ask for security from other nations because he isn't getting enough from his own, scott. >> pelley: nancy, let's talk for just a moment about the race for speaker of the house. you've learned today that paul ryan, the chairman of the house ways and means committee, is considering running for that job. >> >> reporter: he is considering it, scott, though a source familiar with his deliberations tells me that one thing ryan is not willing to do is horse trade with those 40 or so very conservative members called the house freedom caucus who say they want promises from their next speaker that they're going to get more of a say. ryan believes that he's got a well-documented record of conservative leadership and that if they don't see that, he's happy to keep his day job, his
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dream job as the chair of the house ways and means committee. >> pelley: our woman on capitol hill, nancy cordes. nancy, thank you. there have been three presidential elections since 9/11, but the terror attacks have become an issue once again. donald trump is using them against fellow republican jeb bush in a war of tweets and sound bites. here's major garrett. >> jeb said we were safe with my brother. we were safe. well, the world trade center just fell down. we lost 3,000 people. it was one of the greatest... probably the greatest catastrophe ever in this country. >> reporter: trump insists he isn't blaming president george w. bush but arguing that soft immigration policy, poor intelligence coordination and vulnerable. bush defended his brother and dismissed trump. >> across the spectrum of foreign policy, mr. trump talks about things as though he's still on "the apprenticement" next week mr. trump is probably going to say fdr was around when japan attacked pearl harbor.
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cash in on the controversy with this fund-raising appeal to fight back against trump, using an iconic picture of his brother at ground zero shortly after the attack. on twitter bush called trump absurd and questioned his judgment to be president. trump countered bush was ignoring government failures, concluding republicans needed someone "tougher and sharper." trump has some interesting history on the issue of terrorism and warnings. in one of his books published in 2000, trump warned america was ignoring the threat of terrorism and said a massive attack on our shores was inevitable in part because "plenty of people would stand in line at a crack at a suicide mission within america." >> pelley: major garrett on the campaign for us tonight. thanks, major. well, folks in the northeast had to dig into their closets for winter coats this morning. it was 17 degrees in montpelier, vermont, 19 in massena, new
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disappeared in a blank et of lake-effect snow. they're digging out in southern california, too. last week six feet of mud covered highway 58 north of l.a. mireya villarreal reports it won't be melting away on its own. >> reporter: david quintana is seeing his truck for the first time in five days. >> i think it's going to be totaled. i think it's going to have a lot of electrical problems and probably some water in the motor. >> reporter: he was one of hundreds of people stuck on highway 58 when torrential rains hit the area. >> i turned and i looked and off the mountain there was just a river of water coming down. and i was really concerned that we were going to get washed away. >> reporter: more than 150 cars and trucks were towed, some to the mojave airport, where drivers scraped off mud and tried salvage what was inside. back on highway 58, transportation crews were
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debbie cochrane and her daughter jessica mcdonel shot this video of the mudslide the from inside their truck. >> luckily we weren't furtherren where the cars were buried more. >> reporter: the pair waited nearly 12 hours inside their vehicle to be rescued. >> the cars in front of us were floating around butching into each other. it was really scary and we were really lucky we didn't get as much damage as some of these other cars. >> reporter: there are still cars at this airport that need to be picked up or towed. crews right now are trying to scape up mud, nearly one million cubic yards of mud still out there on highway 58, enough to fill 305 olympic-sized pools. scott, they're hoping to do that by thursday of this week and open up the roads. >> pelley: mireya villarreal mireya, thank you very much. well, open skies are becoming a problem, too. today the transportation department said it will require most owners of recreational drones to register.
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>> reporter: the number of drone complaints to the f.a.a. has surged from 238 for all of 2014 to 969 and counting so far this year. one of the biggest challenges is finding the operationor, something this registry aims to make easier. transportation secretary antony foxx. how do you plan to enforce this, particularly with people who already own drones? what's their incentive? >> we would expect retroactive registration. there may be a grace period. the task force will have to come up with this. >> reporter: how are you going to enforce that? >> the signal we're sending today is when you enter international air space, this is a serious matter. this isn't riding your atv on you own property. >> reporter: a new task force will have just a month to recommend how the system should work and which drones should be registered. >> we can't continue to vilify this technology. it's incredible. it will be a game changer in terms of the economy, in terms
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>> reporter: michael droback runs the small uav coalition. some of its members will be on the task force. can they do that in aman? >> do i have concerns about how short the time line this is and what are the results? of course. >> reporter: secretary fox gave very few specifics about what the registry would look like. scott, no information on what information will be required or who will have access to it. >> pelley: kris van cleave in washington. thanks, kris. tonight israel is building walls to stop gun and knife attacks by palestinians. there have been weeks of renewed violence. barry petersen is there. >> reporter: it was murder at random last night at a bus station. [gunfire] the attacker and an israeli soldier were killed, as was hefftoom zoroom, an innocent african immigrant in israel looking for work. soldiers mistook him for an attacker and shot him. then he was beaten by israelis who thought he was a terrorist.
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the palestinians are calling this their days of rage, tree weeks of ongoing knife and gun attacks like this one in a tel aviv suburb last week. the attackers can move with ease since palestinian and israeli areas are often side by side. israeli nava segev's balcony overlooks a palestinian neighborhood. being so close sometimes makes her home target. israeli police have just divided the two areas with concrete barrier, but that hasn't calmed her fraying nerves. >> we live with a feeling that any moment something can happen, and that's a terrible feeling. >> reporter: same area, palestinian side, where hossein daoud daoud, a retired school administrator, believes the palestinian attackers are lone wolves. >> i don't believe that they
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i think this is something >> reporter: no one knows violence. scott, it may have been about the mosque inside the old city of jerusalem, and unfounded rumors that the israelis were going to allow more access to the jews and restrict how muslims could use it. >> pelley: barry petersen in barry, thank you. two more american children were killed by gunfire over the weekend. in chicago three year old ian sant yaw go was -- santiago was shot accidentally by his six-year-old brother by w a gun refrigerator. the boy's father is charged with felony child endangerment. and in hempstead new york, 12-year-old deja joyner was hit in the head by a stray bullet fired from outside her home. police are investigating whether the gunfire was gang-related. what to do about gun violence is the subject of our new series
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violence." the issue. tonight the father of alison parker, a reporter for wdbj, our cbs station in roanoke, virginia, who was murdered alongside photographer adam ward. >> i'm andy parker. my daughter alison was a journalist that was murdered on live television, and that's why i have joined this effort to change things in this country, because we are at war. we have domestic terrorism. and through our grief, we take action. and the first thing i would do would be to impress upon the people that are pro gun that we're not trying the take their guns away. we're not trying to repeal the second amendment. we can't do that. the nra pumps millions and millions of dollars into campaigns, and it is all coming
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extreme portions and factions of the nra and the gun lobby, there is no middle ground. i'm going to be going out with the governor to call out these cowards that are blocking legislation to do sensible gun legislation. i believe that if we are successful, and i think we will be, virginia's going to be the model for 2016 for the rest of the country, and they can look to this state to see change coming. >> pelley: the view of andy parker, the father of reporter alison parker. tonight. is any amount of alcohol safe when pregnant? and it's cats versus dogs in a
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tonight there are new answers, jon? >> reporter: scott, the american academy of pediatrics is reinforcing previous recommendations saying, "no amount of alcohol intake should be considered safe." the risk increases as alcohol consumption increases. even one drink per day has been linked to delayed growth. recommendations have been in place for 30 years, roughly 30% of women drink during pregnancy and 3% binge, four or more drinks at once. the effect, a recent study of first graders today 2.5% to 5% had evidence of fetal alcohol spectrum disorder. >> pelley: some doctors say if you want to have a glass of wine, have one glass of wine. is that not safe? >> reporter: scott, this report says there is no confirmed consensus about the dangers of an occasional drink of alcohol, but i spoke to the lead author. she said, look, we know for a fact that alcohol can have a
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>> pelley: oprah winfrey is going on a diet again, this time for a ton of money. today she spent $43 million for a 10% steak in weight watchers. she says that she plans to use the company's mobile app and work with a personal coach. the deal, though is already paying off. shares of weight watchers doubled today. amazon thinks it knows a fake when it sees one. it is suing more than 1,000 people, accusing them of making money by giving rave reviews online about products that they've never tried. amazon says it undermines trust. and new yorkers are apparently genuinely fond of their dogs. a survey out today by senna
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outnumber cat people more than three to one. 42% of those who have a doing or cat say they have cooked special meals with them, 34% have celebrated their birthday and 24% have dressed them up in a costume. in london they are working around the clock to save time. that story in just a few minutes. >> this portion of the "cbs evening news" is poncered by: think your heartburn pill works fast? take the zantac it challenge! zantac works in as little as 30 minutes. nexium can take 24 hours. when heartburn strikes, take zantac for faster relief than nexium or your money back. take the zantac it challenge.
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when something works, people stick with it. more people stick with humana medicare advantage. because we stick with them. humana medicare advantage. the plan people stick with. . >> pelley: we end tonight in london where a landmark has fallen on hard times, and in the race to save it, every second counts. here's mark phillips. [bell tolls]
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famous clock strikes 6: 00:00. or does it? big ben's been striking the hour for 156 years. [bell tolls] but the thing's been slipping. it was out a whole six seconds last summer. the guys who maintain it, like ian westworth, have been struggling to keep big ben on time, even using pennies as weights. >> by putting on or taking off a penny on the pend -- pendulum like this, you speed up or slow down the clock by two-fifths of a second in 24 hours. >> reporter: but now big ben is on borrowed time, so worn out it may have to be stopped and completely overhauled before the 14-foot long, 600-pound minute hands fall off because the bearings are shocked. it would be like stopping the heartbeat of london says
6:58 pm
newspaper columnist quentin lett. >> this is like the marrow in our bones. >> reporter: this clock. >> this clock. >> we expect all sorts of things. >> reporter: it would be like losing yet another old symbol of london. the much-loved hop-on, hop-off buses are gone to be replaced by these. the old red phone boxes are only kept around for the tourists since the advent of you know what, and london's famous black cabs are now threatened by uber. if big ben were to go... >> it would be a calamity, a catastrophe, a disaster, and for that reason i suspect they will find a way around this. [bell tolls] >> reporter: but they're running out of time. mark phillips, cbs news, london. >> pelley: and that's our time tonight.
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