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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  October 19, 2015 7:30pm-8:00pm EDT

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let's start with the health of khloe's ex-husband. >> he made major strides this weekend. but what lies ahead for lamar? relocation? rehab? we have all the details and the kardashian time line as the family flies in and out of las vegas. >> kendall flew in from london on saturday. she landed at lax at 3:30 a.m. and mobbed. the 19-year-old joined her family. that as she her mom and pregnant sister kim, they landed by private jet in las vegas at 6:15 p.m. a worker on the runway carried five boxes of donuts for the family. that night at 9:25, kim and kendall would be snapped outside a las vegas hospital, inside we're told khloe has not left lamar. >> things are looking better than we were expecting. sources say that lamar is completely off the ventilator and breathing on his own. we still consider to be in critical condition in the icu. he is showing signs of improvement. he is receiving dialysis
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treatments every day. and regaining complete organ function is still the number one priority. >> and more progress, kim instagrammed this photo dancing with lamar with the caption "i'm so happy kendall and i can make you smile today. god is good." while they asked for continued prayers, who has yet to visit lamar? >> has the stress been okay? >> kanye west has remained in hollywood. >> you are going to go support khloe and her time of need out in las vegas? >> caitlyn jenner hasn't made the trip to vegas. she was snapped leaving a movie near her malibu home on saturday night. >> are you going to visit lamar? >> kylie spent the weekend in los angeles. >> do you think khloe being with lamar helped save his life? >> and for the good news, sources are telling "e.t." that lamar will move to a rehab senter in l.a. to continue on his recovery some time this week. >> you know, the most important thing is that lamar is getting better. there are reports that reality show cameras were rolling. that is not true. there has been no filming. they're scheduled to start at the end of this month. hopefully this will not be a story line. but the show may be delayed
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because of lamar's situation. >> but what has just started, a blake shelton lawsuit. today in los angeles, he filed aed 2dza ed $2 million suit against "us weekly" fighting back against the reports suggesting that shelton shekdchecked into rehab following his flit with miranda lambert. blake's attorney says he is taking this action both to set the record straight and to recover damages for the harm done to his reputation. >> now can oprah save weight watchers? the first time she has ever endorsed a weight loss program. oprah talked to us many times about her own weight struggles and she recently gave me a hint that something was in the works. >> i'm not there yet. i have more to come on. that i'll be telling you about that later. >> what you are going to tell us? >> i will. not now. >> in the future. >> well now we know what that
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is. oprah just bought over six million shares of weight watchers. she'll own 10% of the company and join its board of directors and this morning she announced the news on facebook. the company stock is doubled since the announcement meaning oprah already made a very tidy profit on paper. >> for oprah, in one day alone, she made over $43 million. >> there is no doubt that weight watchers had the share of celebrity endorsements over the years. they struggled with layoffs and drop in profit. is it oprah to the rescue? >> weight watchers needs a hail mary pass. this isn't just an endorsement. this is a commitment. she is putting her money where her mouth s if anyone can save weight watchers, it's oprah winfrey. >> oprah has been very honest and open about her own weight struggles. up and down by almost 100 pounds over the years. >> it's an on going battle. it's the only thing that drives me crazy is my weight. >> and now oprah's deal with weight watchers will include her taking the program and providing an update.
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something her pal gayle king started doing. and oprah has plenty of stories to share. >> had taken everything that was like shouldn't eat this and that out of the house. there was nothing in my house but frozen hot dog buns. i remember telling the story of the frozen hot dog buns and pouring over maple syrup because i was so hundredary one night. >> she actually got such a response from sharing that story that it made her realize that finding a way to be truthful. people appreciate the truth. >> she is something else. >> i love her. >> justin timberlake spilled the truth this weekend. he got all emotional receiving a big honor. maybe that's why he started gushing about his wife jessica beal which we love like never before. baby, i love you more than i can put into words or more than any song i could ever write. >> jt choked up a bit, wiped his eyes and what amazed us most is he almost never opens up about his marriage. >> we actually just celebrated our third year anniversary. which in hollywood years that's like a 15-yearance verry. so good on you, girl. >> justin kept sipping from this cup, maybe that's why he was
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feeling good enough to make jessica blush. >> she's not from here but she built like she is. every southern boy, can i get a hell yeah? y'all know how we like them. we don't like those bony girls. >> who better to induct him than me, mrs. justin timberlake. >> his pal inducted him into the music hall of fame, the hometown honor meant so much to justin, he kidded about those other award shows. >> the grammys are political. the emmys are political. this is not political. don't get me started on hollywood. >> he loves his hometown. >> i was there for that ceremony a few years back. boy, was it just a soulful night. a lot of fun. by the way, it has been nearly four years sense adelle won six grammys for her hit album. did she just leak a new song?
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during the "x factor uk." hello it's me i was wondering if after all these years you thought of me >> fantastic. it actually aired during a commercial on the show. >> that's what we call great teaser. there is still no official word on when adelle's album is going to drop. >> here's something else that you got to hear. is eddie murphy doing his best bill cosby. yep. as we get through even more headlines. >> you may have heard that i allegedly put the pill in the people's chocolate. >> taking jabs at cosby's sex scandal, eddie had them rolling as he received a mark twain prize at the kennedy center, an award cosby previously received. and eddie joked that they might want to ask cosby to return it. >> i would like to talk to some of the people who said that i should give back my. [ beep ] -p>> we want you to git trophy
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>> the especially airs on pbs november 23rd and comedian lined up to pay hommage to eddie. >> he's done it all. he's the epitome of comedy. >> if i were lebron james, he'd be the michael jordan poster on my wall. he was something i had never seen before. >> the reason that guys like him receive this award is there is such a huge body of work but >> i'm gummy, damnit. # >> he gave eddie some love and still psyched over his snl hosting job. >> people are wondering, can he speak? >> does he have 100% mental capacity? the truth is, i never did. it's magical. electric. >> tracy reassembled the 30 rock family for a skit. >> it was so great and it felt good just to be funny. >> we were all very worried
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and it's so great that he's doing "snl" and more than anything, i'm just glad he's okay. >> tracy will be a guest this week on jimmy kimmel live. >> something about brooklyn that is different than anyplace else. people say it's africa. i'm pretty sure it's brooklyn. >> well, coming up, we're on the set of two of tonight's big shows, "big bang theory" and "ncis: l.a." >> hi, i'm l.l. cool jay. >> i don't think is a way to
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wow. so this is the secret layer. i always wondered. >> no way in the world this is going to go smoothly. michael weatherly has been stirring things up on "ncis" for 13 seasons. this is the first time he's taken his own brand of craziness over to "ncis: l.a." i got caught up in all of that madness. >> hi this is michael weatherly in for kevin frasier. and i'm on "ncis: l.a." it's "entertainment tonight." >> here's the big question. >> hold on one second.
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>> were you talking to me? i had my ear protection in from the gunfire earlier. >> and this is working with michael weatherly, ladies and gentlemen. >> yes, doesn't matter which "ncis" set he's on, there is no controlling michael. he is creating a little love triangle between these two. the fireworks are magical. >> i miss having fun with cody and so coming and playing with danielle is as close as i'm going to get. >> is she coming in trying to steal his girl? >> bringing sexy back! yeah! >> as far as a little sizzle between the two of them, a little magnetism never hurt nobody. >> weatherly fit in with the cast just fine. will we see some skin? >> your cast members are always like oh, boy, he's taking his pants off. >> want me to do it? >> sure. i mean if you feel good. >>, no i'm not going to take my pants off. >> go ahead.
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>> denoso with kenzie. >> denenzie. >> it's on. >> michael weatherly may be the scariest interview in hollywood. >> you never know what is going to happen. >> his brain is moving so fast. >> all right. coming up next, we have a bindi irwin rehearsing for tonight's dirty dancing. what her mom sells us about her boyfriend and her own dating life. >> i'm lonely for steve. >> and kate hudson on her fitness routine. >> is her friend one hupupping her in the mom department? >> i love, she made this roasted tomato with melted mozzarella and i'm like, you know what? >> that is ahead. but first, christmas comes early. check out our website, for the premier of leeane rimes new holiday music video celebrate at home. her album today is out today and she partnered with the disabled veterans organization to put together this very heart warming tribute.
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it took the rockettes years to master the kick line. but only a few moves to master paying bills on technology designed for you.
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the two jessica's traded their own billion dollar companies. will kate hudson be next? she set her sites on fitness wear empire. our carly steel was by her side when she opened the door for the first time. >> there is so cool. >> it was an emotional moment for kate at the grand opening of her new fabletics boutique.
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she launched online in 2013 but nothing compared to actually walking into her own store. >> this is actually really crazy for me. it's very exciting. i have not seen the store. it looks amazing. it is wild. you go from something that you don't know if it's going to work. you just don't know. and you're like okay, let's see. and two years later, we're opening the store as cross america. and it's just like -- it's pretty cool. >> kate plans to open six stores across the country this fall. the brand is as fashion forward as she is and fits her active lifestyle.
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what are your favorite workout techniques? >> i do everything from pilates to spinning to yoga, hot yoga. i like hot yoga. >> abs are the new ass. >> abs are the new ass? >> well, i don't know. >> you got a lot of fit in fabulous friends. you just did a movie with jennifer aniston. >> oh, yeah. >> you, jennifer aniston, do you share workouts? >> yeah. that's what we all do, don't we? >> kate says she picked up some of her workouts but that's about all she put on. >> puts me to shame. rider has dinner and come over and she made this, like, you know, roasted tomato with melted mozzarella. i'm like, you made what? you can stay over there. >> i think he's realizing how young his mom is to be mom of a tween now. you know, he comes back and he's like mom, you're like all my friends are like how old is your mom? >> and speaking of moms, what does goldie think of her daughter's adventure? >> is she a fan of the fabletics? >> my mom is a uniform person and it's just black. i just gave her as much black pants and tanks as possible. and if i see her wearing anything else, i literally else, i'm at the point where i'm like, no. absolutely not. you have to take that off right now. >> all right. i know the field, goldie.
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black clothing is so easy. we're going to be with kate again tonight in new york at the premier of a show. she co-stars with bill murray and we're going to have that for you tomorrow. you know what? we're going to find out tonight if bindi irwin and derrick huff will rock the dance floor in "dance with the stars" with dirty dancing. they're practicing the movie's most iconic moves in a lake. jennifer grey stopped by to give them tips and dropping by was bindi irwin's mother and brother. they have been her biggest supporters and cameron masterson got to see their amazing family bond firsthand. >> we are so close because we truly believe that the meaning of life is unconditional love. as a family, we're always there for each other. >> we were up in the audience and you're watching. that's your big sister doing all
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that. you get like butterflies? do you get nervous? >> when she walks out on stage, there is such an incredible presence. and -- >> thank you. i love you. >> steve irwin is gone and you gets the sense that the husband, hero and father is what keeps him strong. they keep his legacy alive by being respectful, honest and fun. robert has definitely got that. >> it is a sprinkle. ready? >> yeah. >> towel like this. >> the young ladies out there watching the show, they're like wow, he's so cute. >> well, thank you very much. he's a much more interested in wildlife at the moment. >> well done, mom. >> i'd much rather go over and hug a crocodile. >> if you love dinosaurs and photography, mountain biking. preferably australian. >> after bindi irwin, everyone fallen in love with her and derrick on "dancing" and they're cheering for her boyfriend. >> do you offer any advice on relationships to your daughter? >> i do.
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i just remind them that i do have a gun license. and we have access to crocodiles as well. >> stephen perry provided the true example of true love for their kids. terry told us she can never even consider dating again. >> i think i've had my happily ever after. and i still feel immense love and loyalty to steve. and i got great kids. i got a very full life. and while i'm lonely for steve, i'm not a lonely person. so i'm doing okay. but i think if i hadn't met steve i probably wouldn't have ever married. >> that's kind of how we go through life. if we can talk about what we've experienced and it can help other people, it's worth talking about. so it was like these big beautiful dance with derrick commemorating her dad. i think that was so special because she is bringing everyone grief journey with her on her journey. and saying you can lose someone
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and then find joy again. >> that is true love. meanwhile in, other dancing news, brothers val and max are acting out. they are guest starring on an episode of "fuller house." >> be sure to join us tomorrow. we'll have amy schumer and kate winslet. and tomorrow we're at home with kevin costner. >> i'm not afraid to invite people into my life. >> opening up about his wife and three young kids. >> how do you run after a 5-year-old? >> you just say, i got a candy bar. get over here. >> tomorrow on "e.t.." >> but we have more on the way. we're on the set of "big bang theory" as the stars hook ug us with secrets. >> and in our birthdays, which actor/director worked for a year in investment banking on wall street? who do you think? >> fabroa. >> i'm going with franco just to be different.
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the "e.t.", your 24/7 destination for entertainment news. welcome back, everybody, to the show. tonight's "e.t." birthdays, which actor/director worked for a year in investment banking? that is john favro who turns 49. you were right.
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for once. tonight on "the big bang theory," the girls help stewart tract ladies in a comedy bookstore. >> you're sitting in the official breast-feeding area. >> and sheldon challenges barry to a duel after barry takes a
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