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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  October 20, 2015 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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from the broadcast center in new # it's tuesday, october 20th, 2015. this is the "cbs morning news." high level hacking, two of the nation's top security officials appear to be the victims of a success in cyber attack. on board alter combination, a fight sparked by a declining seat sends a packed jetliner back to the airport. >> the force. it's calling to you. >> and fan expectation awaken as disney releases the longest look yet at the upcoming "star wars" movie. good morning from the studio 57 newsroom at "cbs news" headquarters in new york. thanks for joining us.
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i'm anne-marie green. we begin with politics an a just released poll has some good news for donald trump an maybe some bad news. according to nbc krooet "wall street journal" poll of gop primary voters, trump has his highest level of support, 25%. ben carson remains a close 2nd at 22% within the mar union of error and marco rubio at 13% is the only other candidate with double dow jones it support. meanwhile, there is a few report that joe biden's decision on whether he will run for president is imminent. this latest biden watch comes as hillary clinton prepares to appear before the house committee investigating the benghazi attack. >> reporter: it was business as usual for vice president joe biden on mon. no big announcement yet. when he spoke to the military,
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iraq war veteran who encouraged him to run for president. >> our son which a good man, no better than any soldier that got off the flight with him. >> reporter: bind is in no rush as hillary clinton increases her lead in national polls. >> if the reason you are running is you perceive somebody else is not doing as well as they should, that's not a particularly effective rationale for voters. >> reporter: clinton will testify before the house benghazi committee thursday, testimony that could last eighty. on the republican side, donald trump continues to lead. he's won virtually every national pom for four months. >> i don't want anybody's money, they form all these packs, people pouring money into these packs, i don't want 'em. >> reporter: the secret service is checking the trump and ben car cons team t. neurosurgeon admitted to receiving many threats and one more note from a
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busy campaign trail, democratic candidate jim webb is holding an event later today, where it is believed he may drop out of the democratic race. he is polling at just about 1% and start an independent run. last week he repeatedly complained he wasn't getting enough time to talk. >> thank you very much. coming up on "cbs this morning," we'll talk presidential politics with former first daughter chelsea clinton. and this morning, federal investigators are look nook an e-mail breach with national security implications. the personal e-mails of two high ranking officials, including the director of the cia have been hacked. a criminal investigation is under way as authorities tries to locate the suspect. >> reporter: the person tweeting under the handle of cwa followed through on threats to release sensetive information. you know we don't lie. what you have all been waiting for. sorry for the delay.
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along with that statement came an attachment with social security numbers an phone numbers of about 20 people said to be affiliated with the head of the cia. in fact the unidentified hacker, who says he's a high school student claims to have come from the cia director john brennan. whoever it is claims to have hacked into the e-mail account of homeland security jay johnson him he appeared to be tauntding officials and others in government. we are not doing this for personal satisfaction. we are doing this because innocent people in palestine are being killed daily. anyone know who she should target next. they say they has referred the matter to the appropriate authorities. we contacted some of the people whose names are on the list. many work for the obama transition team into 2008. it is fortunate note the
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some of the information taken was sensitive. cbs news, washington. >> well, overseas now israeli police are investigating the death of ancken immigrant, someone with a knife opened fire at the bus station t. african immigrant went into the bus station to seek cover. but he was shot by a security guard and beaten and kicked by angry israelis. this is the latest in a wave of stabbings and shootings by palestinians this month. firefighters in southeast texas are battling a growing wildfire t. fire north of houston in walker county forced the evacuation of 300 homes. in central texas. a wildfire near belton burned at least 40 acres of state park. there has been more rain and flooding in southern california. one neighborhood in los angeles county was completely under water. the national weather service issued a flood advisory.
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there are no reports of injuries. a man of a florida man are demanding answer as. reporter of our west palm beach affiliate wpec says the officer is a rookie. >> reporter: this is a picture of officer newman roger, assuming his job with palm beach gardens police only this past april. now, six months later, the officer is on fade administrative leave after shooting and killing a man early sunday morning on the southbound i-95 exit ramp at pga boulevard. gardens police have yet to speak about the shooting, instead releasing a statement of oa brief description of what happened. they say officer duty in plain clothes stopped to check out what he thought was an abandoned car. ozr as the officer got out of his car, he was suddenly confwrientd man who was arm. the cause of the confrontation
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jones, who is it turns out is a well loved musician and government employee. >> if you needed a shirt. he would be cold to keep you warm. >> i don't understand how anyone would perceive core try as a threat whatsoever. he's the most levelheaded, calm person. >> reporter: the sheriffs office is investigate and will turn over all findings to the state attorney's office, which will make the call on whether the shooting was justified. police have not specified what type of weapon jones was allegedly carrying. blade runner oscar pistorius is out of prison in south africa t. double amputee olympia moved overnight to house arrest. he served less than a year of his five-year sentence in the killing of his girlfriend reeva steenkamp, prosecutors will again seek a murder conviction next month. how oprah winfrey became $45
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million richer in one day. plus a real live road test in virginia and gym more girls may run to the small screen.
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by americans and their dentists. innovation and you. philips sonicare. . volkswagon may be forced to buy back all the cars that failed to properly pass their tests. volkswagon officials say that's fine because they plan to resell them as rock concert smoke machines. >> on the cbs moneywatch, oprah's pay day and united's leader, hannah is at the stock exchange with more. >> reporter: good morning, united airlines has a new chief executive. brett hart was named interim ceo after the airline announced oscar munez was taking an indefinite medical leave. he was named to leave the
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a heart attack thursday. he was brought in following a scandal with the ouster of the previous chief. wall street finished slightly higher thanks, to positive minutes t. dow jones rose 15 points. the s&p 500 gained half a point. the nasdaq rose 18 points. shares of weight watchers more than doubled after oprah winfrey revealed she is buying a 10% stake in that company. it's costing the winfrey network about there were 42 million. min friday who publicly struggled with her weight, on paper the surge in prices made her about $45 million. apple music lost millions of listeners when its trial ended last month. apple sex 6.5 million subscribers launched in june with 11 million trial subscribers. a company san francisco developed a pocket size tester for gluten.
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it's reusable. diners can take it anywhere and test food in a matter of minutes. the food sensors are not new. they say the size and impliesty sets it apart and gilmore girls fans listen up. netflix has the deal with warner brothers for a gilmore girls revival. according to hollywood reporter, the netflix deals involves four 90-minute episodes. all the major characters are expected to return. star lauren graham tweeted monday, quote, dudes, i can't confirm this, but i also can't deny this. >> i missed all the hype the first time around. so maybe i'll get on the band wagon the second tame around if it happens. >> i started liking this show after it went off the air, i'm sure you will, too. >> thanks a lot, hannah. ahead on "cbs this morning" the clash between amazon and the
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the ill to come, johnny manziel's offfield drama. dash cam and 9-11 recordings catch a messy dispute between the cleveland brown's quarterback and his girlfriend. how can anyone sleep like that?
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. five people were killed when a small plane crashed into a residential area in bogetaw, colombia, the acre smashed into a bakery sunday killing one person inside. seven people were sent to nearby hospitals to be treated for injuries. the quarteack johnny machine zell under investigation in a domestic dispute incident. a new prime minister for canada, those are headlines on the news stand. the toronto star reports on an election of a famous prime minister. long time leader steven harper is the son of the late prime minister peter trudeau whose charisma drew comparisons to john f. kennedy. the cleveland plane dealer asks whether the prouns should cut ties with quarterback johnny manziel after a public
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altercation with his girlfriend. >> i grabbed her arm, come on, get in the car, get in the car, hey. >> dash-cam video shows manziel being pulled over by police in ohio a week ago. he told police that he and his girlfriend were arguing and she tried to get out of the car. police did not charge manziel. the knoxville news sent nel reports that green county commissioners had a resolution to fly the confederate flag at the courthouse. more than a thousand people on both sides of the issue turned out t. resolution was defeated on a 20-1 vote. the richmond times dispatch reports on virginia tech's self driving car in northern virginia. senator mark warner was one of the official as part of the state's first live highway demonstration of a self driving vehicle t. cadillac srs drove safely reaching skiech miles per hour keeping lane position and
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avoiding obstacles. the los angeles times reports a southwest airlines flight returned to lax because a woman says a messengers choked her. >> evidently, we've got two passengers in a physical altercation. we need to turn around to lax. >> a woman on board says a man behind her choked her because she tilted her seat back. fbi agents took one person off the flight. however no, arrests were made. and london's teledpraf reports an asteroid will miss earth on halloween of all nights. nasa says they will fly within 310 miles from earth, that's the closest than any asteroid has come since 2006. still ahead, selling movie tickets at light speed. we will show you the "star wars" trailer. plus, what fans aren't seeing at the latest look at the sci-fi block buster. >> the force.
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we're really, really proud of everything, everything that's going on. >> thank you, sir. it's a real privilege to be a part of such a great program. >> president obama marked astronomy night at the white house monday with a call to astronaut scott kelly at the national space station. ahmed mohammed was invited. he was the texas teenager arrested last month after a homemade clock he brought to school was mistaken for a bomb. well, we're getting our closest
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look yet at a galaxy far, far away. >> those stories about what happened happened. >> it's true. all of it. >> oh, disney released the longest trailer to date for the newest "star wars" movie t. two-minute clip introduces new characters and brings back favorites from the original trichlth but the question many fans are asking is where is luke skywalker? actor mark hammill is slated to reprise his iconic role in episode 7. his face is not seen on any of the trailers or the movie's official poster. a mystery. tie hard dependants lined up at box offices last night. others reported problems buying tickets from the fan site fandango. it opens december 18th.
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back, returning to toronto, game three the jays rough up the royals. companies city leads the series, though, two games to one. game four is this afternoon. after a sluggish start to there season, the philadelphia eagles are in 1st place in the nfc east. the eagles roll over their division rivals new york giants 27-7 for a monday night victory. week eight of the nfl season kicks off this thursday t. seattle seahawks travel to san francisco to take on the 49ers. our coverage starts at 7 c. 30 eastern right here on cbs. coming up after your local news, former linebacker ray lewis. i'm anne-marie green.
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an alligator in florida is suspected of attacking a man swimming in a state park. authorities say the body of 62-year-old jim oakers was found in the water and they found a 12-got a gator and killed it. even if they're not sure if that was the one that killed the swimmer. a reptile gave passengers a scare on a philadelphia bus. a 4 foot boa constricter skepd from her owner. she was supposed to be tucked in his pocket. >> she got under the seat in the bus. she got stuck in there. everybody freaked out. >> i can understand why. passengers were evacuated from the bus. they returned her to reilly. police say they have not decided if charges will be filed.
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a young massachusetts woman is enjoying wearing high heel shoes for the very first time ever. the amputee got a special gift monday from the victim of the boston marathon bombing. leah martin of our boston station reports. >> hillary coen entered in flats and walked out monday in high heels. >> i think it looks beautiful. i feel very tall. >> reporter: you see, hillary had never worn heels because of a genetic condition that caused tumors to grow in her foot. doctors had to eventually amputated the right leg. >> that woman is heather abbott, a marathon bombing survive who lost a leg, herself.
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>> it is great to understand that she was going to help. >> reporter: her mother so touched by more than this moment. >> i never thought she was going to prom. it makes me feel gad for her to see her smiling so much. >> oh, that's great. that was wbz's liam martin reporting, coming up on "cbs this morning," we talk to chelsea clinton about her new book. grammy award winning usher stops by with his new song and former baltimore ravens linebacker ray lewis joins us in studio. charlie rose received the 2015 walter cronkite reward for journalism. it was held at the sherton phoenix hotel. well deserved, congratulations.
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that's the "cbs morning news" for this tuesday. thanks, for watching.
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