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tv   CBS 2 News at 11  CBS  October 20, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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breaking news, an anypd officer rushed to the hospital after being shot in the head in east harlem, and now a traffic mess on the east side of manhattan as the fdr is transformed into a crime scene. good evening i'm kristine johnson. >> and i'm maurice debois. chopper 2 is over the scene at 120th street at the fdr drive. officers confronted the suspect, and tony aiello is on the ground right now with the latest. >> reporter: maurice, you can seat police officers behind me on the northern-bound lanes of the fdr. they are looking for any shards of evidence they can find on the scene. the officer is assigned to
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anticrime duties at ps5, located a short distance from here. utility workers here at a school at 120th street heard the gunfire erupt about 2 hours ago. >> we were working here, and next thing you know, you hear several shots, at least seven or eight. >> reporter: did you duck for cover? >> i stood here, and cops were here within seconds. >> reporter: the gunfire erupted around 9:00 p.m. a confrontation with a cop and a suspect. the officer was shot in the head and rushed to harlem hospital where commissioner bratton joined major de blasio. the violence began with reports of shots fired at 102nd street, and the gunman was fleeing on a bicycle, and then more violence at 120th street, the scene of the shooting of the police officer at the fdr drive. passengers and drivers going nowhere, taking to social media
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cars and the frantic rush of the first responders. this man was trying to go home to flatbush. >> i just saw police cars coming from everywhere. >> reporter: some passengers stuck in taxis and livery cabs decided to walk and search for another way home. >> i'm trying to get to 76th and madison. >> reporter: how long were you stuck there? >> we came on just after it happened. >> reporter: so all the cars that were stuck in the southbound lanes have been cleared in the last 30 minutes, and they turned around and went the wrong way down the fdr going down the ramp to 125th street it developed over several blocks at 102nd street, and the shooting of the police officer here at 120thth, and then -- 120th, and then a man
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found, and the assumption is that he was involved with the crime scene, but many details need to be filled in. we do know an nypd officer is fighting for his life after being shot in the head. >> part of the city is essentially shut down, and joe bierman is over the fdr drive tonight. not easy for anyone trying to get around the area. >> reporter: not at all, kristine. the yellow crime scene tape in both directions, the fdr drive completely closed from 96th up through the 130th. the traffic here, the only reason it's still on the drive, they were stuck behind all the police activity at 9:00, and they have been there for hours. the rfk bridge completely shout down coming to the city. you can't get in that way. the willis avenue bridge closed
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manhattan over to the bronx, and the southbound harlem river drive, that's the delay coming down into the 130s, and now the fdr drive is going to be closed for hours and hours due to the extensive police investigation. 1st avenue is jammed, and you have to go over to the west side streets or even use the west side henry hudson combination. joe bierman, cbs news. >> thank you. as officers worry about one of their own, they continue to search for the latest escaped prisoner this time in brooklyn. police say gerald brooks was handcuffed and being taken into custody this morning in east new york, and police say he pushed an officer to the ground, and he ran off with the cuffs still on, and this is the nypd's fifth escaped prisoner since june. a frustrated commissioner bratton called it an embarrassment. >> once again, letting the prisoner escape in the city, and they will be dealt with appropriately for the
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incompetence. >> i know the officer involved in the case. he has put hundreds of dangerous suspects in jail. >> suspect brooks has been arrested 54 times. bob barker was rushed to the hospital after falling. he needed stitches for a cut to his head, and he scraped his leg. he was out for i had daily walk when he fell on uneven pavement, and nearby police officers came to his aid and called an ambulance. he walked out on his own. he retired in 2007 after 35 years of hosting the price is right. for the first time in 12 years the american cancer society is changing its breast cancer screening recommendations, and what was intended to clear up questions about when women should get mammograms, it's causing more confusion. dave carlin is showing us why.
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big change from the cancer society. they are recommending mammograms later, meaning fewer for many women, and some doctors and patients don't like it. >> it's confusing. you to fight for what you think is right for yourself. >> reporter: screening for breast cancer, when to start and how often. the nation's largest cancer charity and advocate for screening is calling for mammograms to start later than previously recommended. >> we should incur people to do them instead of discouraging them. >> reporter: the new guidelines say age 45 is best for beginning the annual ma'am ram grahams for women an average risk -- annual mammograms for women of an average risk. >> between 40 and 44 breast cancer is less common, and there's still the risk for a
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it needs to be an informed decision between the woman and her health care provider. >> reporter: a main area of concern is how will this affect the medical insurance? >> insurance companies could look at the american cancer society guidelines, and they could say this is a recommended age, and we will not pay for anything. >> they are trying to save their money for insurance. it's way too late. that will not work. >> i think i will still go at 40. told. >> reporter: it's not recommended the new guidelines high risk. we have a drone sighting at one of our busiest airports. an american airlines crew saw a drone as they were landing at laguardia this afternoon. the faa is investigating. a change of heart for paul ryan.
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he will run for speaker of the house, but only if enough republicans support him. >> i came to the conclusion this is a dire moment not just for congress and republican party, but for our country, and i think our country is in desperate need of leadership. >> ryan previously said he did not want the job, which is being vacated by john boehner, but he has faced intense pressure to run because he is viewed as someone who can unite the party. he has to know he has enough support by the end of the week, or he will withdraw. breaking news from wrigley field. if you haven't heard, the mets are going to the world series! >> oh, oh, oh, no, they have one more game to go. >> did i get ahead of myself? >> they won game 3 tonight. >> oh, it's 4? >> that's right, it's 3 right now.
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>> reporter: this just in, kristine johnson has proclaimed -- [ laughter ] -- that score board just went final seconds ago, and the fans are piling out, and the mets beat the cubs ash 2 to go -- 5-2 to go up 3- 0 in the series. check this out, daniel murphy, remains hot. fifth straight game he has hit a home run. he is on fire, and speaking of on fire, j.r. continues to do what he does. one, two, three, 9th inning to pick up the save. the mets beat the cubs 5-it going up 3-0 in the series, and tomorrow night, matz going for the sweep, and then kristine johnson can proclaim they are going to the super bowl. i mean the world series! >> that would be something, the met in the super bowl!
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>> we can just replay this segment tomorrow night, otis. [ laughter ] >> all right, -- you know what though? i'm just so excited watching these guys they have been something else since spring training, and now they are one step away from the world series. >> it looks like they beat the rain or whatever that is with you otis. >> thank you, maurice for keeping me on track. they didn't make it to chicago for the game, but maybe their cheers could still be heard. [ cheers ] fans packed foley's new york pub and restaurant to watch the mets take on the cubs. hopes are high they will go all the way. >> i'm feeling amazing. the mets are looking amazing, and murphy has been spectacular. it's unbelievable. >> the mets in 5. >> the mets in 4. >> 4 mets in 4. >> i will give them one win. i feel bad for the cubs because
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years, but the mets are going to win the world series. >> everyone agrees. the mets are trying to make their way back to the world series for the first time since 2000. >> the mets in 3. >> still ahead tonight, we have other news for you, including a quest for good grades that goes too far. >> we believe that daniel changed at least four of his own grades. >> walking from court with their heads covered. suspected student hackers accused of switching their grades remote i will from home. running late. willingly, a traveler who was willing to try anything to make his flight. one beer brand offering their drinkers their money back. alarming social media posts. you get an alarming e-mail every day. should you believe them?
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we are continuing to follow breaking news. these are live pictures of the still active scene. it all started at 102nd street and the fdr.
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report of shots fired by a suspect described as a male on a bike. we know the officer, the officer shot in the incident, is hospitalized in critical condition, and we will, of course, continue to follow the breaking story and bring you updates as soon as we get them. there's new video of an incident from denver international airport. a 58-year-old man missed his flight to a high school reunion in august, but he was intent on getting to the plane anyway. he ran on to the ramp as it was being pushed back from the gate. he asked the stunned driver if he could get on board and the the driver said no, and the man was arrested. today a judge sentenced him to 2 years probation and 100 hours of community service. three long island teenagers could face serious prison time for hacking into the their high school data base. police say they did it to
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daniel sorres is considered the ring leader. two others are also facing charges. sorres installed hardware after breaking into the the school and it allowed him to get the login information and he changed the grades and schedules from home. you get a warning on facebook about the latest gang initiation craze. >> are they the latest information or the latest rumor to hit the internet? dana tyler reports. >> reporter: you are driving at night and eggs are thrown at your windshield, do not stop to check your car because criminals could be waiting on the side of the road this dashcam video shows it happening in white lake,
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michigan, and it must be true, right? >> there's not been one confirmed case. >> reporter: joe jackolone says it's one of the latest rumors to be on the internet. >> years ago, someone was in the backseat of your car. >> reporter: the urban legends, the stuff movies are made of, but are the majority of the stories that are now being proliferated around the internet true or false? >> reporter: this says these gummy bears could put you in a coma. >> when i was a kid it was a razor blade in an apple. >> before you share or post, do research. it's more likely to be real if there's specifics including
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>> there's a couple of good websites out there that have debunked many of these things. >> reporter: some say despite not always being based in reality, the internet rumors can serve as a purpose. >> it's a public service announcement to get people to be aware of their surroundings. >> reporter: if you're a facebook user you have probably seen the recent post warning the social media site is going to institute a fee for users to keep their profile private. this too, experts say, is false. now to the weather. we know it to be true it will be nice tomorrow, lonnie. >> nice day temperaturewise, and there's nothing to worry about overhead, and as of right now, you're at 62 or 63 in central park. 60 in queens. robert norvall. welcome to the show. the first chance i have had to use you.
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empire state building in honor of the fdny widows' fund. it's 63 in town. temperatures will be the story. not so much rain. temperatures are the stories, going up, down, and then the next cold front that will affect the downward trend is late thursday into friday. friday will be cooler, and right now, a nice-looking shot. a couple the of sprinkles making their way through sullivan county. any of the rain you can see to the north of us it will not drop south. a couple of breakaways may skim sullivan, ulster, and not much of anything. notice, the rain right now on wrigley, we talked about that with the 6:00 news tonight and the 5:00 news. i think tomorrow night, wrigley field a30 percent chance of wet weather if us, it's a mild day tomorrow, and it's mild on thursday as well, and this front, which is out to the west right now it will move in here late thursday night, slight chance of a shower, and the cooler air is setting up for friday. for tomorrow, good-looking day out there. 73degrees, well above average there, and thursday, 71.
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more clouds, and again, later in the day, the front will come through with the slight chance of a shower, setting up the cooler air, and it's not the brutal stuff. 60 for the high temperature with sunshine, and 62 on saturday, and sunday, the warmer of the weekend days. monday and tuesday, you're back to the upper 50s, and while you have 573-degree day tomorrow, you to love that. >> we certainly will. >> enjoy it. if you like a certain german beer, you could have cash headed your way. anheuser-busch settled the class action lawsuit for $20 million for deceptive packaging in beck's boot. the company bought the beer back in '02, and in 2012 anheuser-busch started to brew it in st. louis, but the packaging kept emphasizing beck's german qualities. if you have a receipt or two or three, you can get up to $50. sports is next, and i'm
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we will be right back. the beautiful sound of customers making the most of
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one more game to go. >> that's right! >> steve is here with the update. >> one more game, and we are on the cusp of the world series. when championship teams have
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their fans on the ropes, they can't engineer the comeback and the mets right now are realizing they are headed -- i don't want to say it. the realization of where they are headed is starting to set in. i don't know what daniel murphy's pregame is, but don't change it. not just hot, he's a supernova. that was his fifth straight postseason game with a home run. that's 2-1, mets, and even when things go wrong, they go wright. michael ends the inning, ask that's a live pitch. cespedes steals back the lead, making it 3-2. last year baumgartner dominated the postseason. is that degrom this year? he has the most wins, strikeouts, and the best e.r.a. among the starters this postseason. seven more ks tonight, and the mets win 5-2. they are now one win away from sweeping their way into the world series. our otis livingston is in
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chicago for all the action, joining us from wrigley field, and i'm betting the rain cannot cool off daniel murphy right now. >> reporter: it certainly can't. i'm not sure if you can tell how hard it's coming down, but it's not dampening the spirit of the mets. they are excited right now on the verge, one win away. it seems like every time the cubs had an answer for the mets, the mets came back. we talked about them being a resilient team, and they showed it again. the cubs' fans, they are a faithful bunch, confident bunch, and they will come back to prolong the series. moments ago we heard from joe madden. >> win on wednesday, and it's just about tomorrow. of course we have to win four in a row, absolutely, but i want us to concentrate on tomorrow's game, that's it. >> reporter: okay. all right. tomorrow night, matz has a chance to pull off the sweep to go back to the world series for
11:27 pm
the first time since 2000. he have it covered for you. reporting outside of wrigley, and it's raining. >> it definitely is. try get dry. >> thank you, otis. the american league championship series is one step closer to sending a team to the fall classic. it's never too early to watch the team that may be headed to the world series. that's when sports comes back. closed captioning on cbs 2
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all right the royals and the blue jays. kansas city went all in on r.a. dickey. 5 runs in 1/2/3 innings. royals dominated from start to finish. they took the 3-1 series lead. 14-2 the final here, and they can close out the series tomorrow afternoon in game 5. the islanders are atop of the division in this young season, but they have a bad habit of starting slow. they have won three in a row, and in that span, they have 17 or i should say 14 goals. facing the bluejackets, the team trying to scratch out the win on the season. up 1-0 in the 3rd, and they go
11:30 pm
minutes, and the islanders win their fourth straight, and the devils also victorious, and the big win tonight, the mets over the cubs, and now on the verge of a sweep. on the way to the world series. >> one more game to go.
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we will be right back. patients across the country have spoken. they recently rated their care experience at over 3,500 hospitals nationwide in a survey conducted for the centers for medicare and medicaid services. fewer than 10% received 5 stars. among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia. learn more at cancer treatment centers of america. care that never quits.
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we have an update now on breaking news we reported at the top of the hour. these are live pictures for the scene in east harlem where a new york city police officer was shot in the head earlier this evening. now the gunman was reportedly on a bicycle. that officer has been rushed to the hospital in critical condition, and we do know one person is in police custody. in the meantime, the fdr drive is still shut down at this hour, and it has been a traffic nightmare for the better part of the evening, and we will have the latest coming up on cbs 2 news this morning starting at 4:30, and that includes an update on the officer's condition and the traffic updates. >> we thank you for joining us
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