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tv   CBS 2 News at 5  CBS  October 21, 2015 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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criminal trespass, and conspiracy. and last year, he was placed in a drug diversion program meant to spare jail time for some drug offenders to ease jail overcrowding. >> if ever there was a candidate not to be diverted it would be this guy. he is a poster boy for not being diverted. >> reporter: police say last night officers responded to a drug shootout near the east river houses. holder and his partner met one howard on the 120th street footpath where he was fleeing on a stolen bicycle. >> he puts the bike down, pulls out his weapon and fires one time striking the officer in the front of the head. >> reporter: holder's partner wounded howard, who was arrested. it turns out police had already been hunting for howard in connection with the shooting of a man in east harlem this past september. >> the violent felony squad had the case. made numerous apprehension attempts. obviously, um, negative results. >> reporter: police found a
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.40-caliber gun clip in the water but still searched for the murder weapon. authorities are searching for reasons how a career criminal could be let out of jail again and again. >> there are some people that have to be in prison. and we need to work harden to ensure that they get to prison and more importantly that they stay there. >> reporter: now, a spokesman for the criminal court system actually says that howard was in his words a perfect candidate for that drug program that commissioner bratton was so critical of. in the meantime howard is out of the hospital in custody still being questioned by police. live in east harlem, dick brennan, cbs 2 news. officer holder knew his job was dangerous. but he was passionate about it. he was starting to plant his own roots in this country. cbs 2's hazel sanchez reports from far rockaway, queens where officer holder called home. >> reporter: police commissioner bill bratton and mayor de blasio spent time at the family of randolph holder
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to pay their respects to the grieving loved ones including his father and stepmother here in the gray dress. >> he was very respected, well respected, a man of a few words. >> reporter: miss yard said 33- year-old officer randolph holder was a big part of her life for 15 years. a friendship that began when holder was still living in his native guyana with dreams of becoming a police officer following the footsteps of two generations before him. >> his father was a police officer in guyana and his grandfather so he came here wanting to serve. the father tells the story of how he called him and said when i come here i want to become a blimp. and he served this city immaculately and he represented the best of our society. >> he represented our immigrant tradition. he represented our tradition of trying to make this place better for everyone and made the ultimate sacrifice. >> reporter: randolph was one of five children. he moved to new york more than
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a decade ago. he had been with the nypd for five years serving the entire time as a housing cop in public service area 5 in east harlem. he often spoke about the danger of his job. >> he would say you don't know how i face, you don't know what i have to go through. you don't know where i work. where i work is fierce at 5. you don't know the people up there and how i got to stand up and make my money when the night come. >> reporter: officer holder was unmarried but was in the process of buying a new home and one step away from becoming a detective, with so many more dreams to fulfill. >> they definitely are a family that's dedicated to serving the community and that you could tell by the job that randolph chose to serve his community. >> reporter: officer holder made 125 arrests during his five years and had five department commendations for excellence in police duties, clearing a rising star whose time to shine was cut short. in far rockaway, queens, hazel
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sanchez, cbs2 news. >> and funeral plans for? holder are still being made. right now live pictures a stark reminder of the dangers of the job. chopper 2 is over the kew gardens area. the vehicle carrying officer holder's remains, there you see it right there, heading out to nassau county we island. classic new york story. this officer coming here from guyana, the caribbean, really the northern end of south america, coming to new york city a third generation officer his life ending in gunfire last night. well, four nypd officers have been murdered in less than a year. on december 20th, officers -- detectives rafael ramos and wenjian liu were ambushed. they were shot execution-style
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on may 2 brian moore was shot in the face in queens village. the detective died two days later. a vigil is set to begin at 6:00 tonight for officer holder. we'll take you there live this evening. plus, our marcia kramer has a response from the judge who released the suspect into that diversion program you heard about. developing right now in chelsea, a fire has rekindled at an apartment building under construction. chopper 2 flew over the fire scene on 17th street this afternoon where firefighters were busy putting out hot spots. the 6-story building initially caught fire yesterday morning with flames shooting through the roof. residents in nearby buildings were evacuated. campaign 2016 now. and joe biden has decided not to run for president. the vice president made the announcement today ending a long running guessing game that has gone on for months. cbs 2's craig boswell has more now from washington. >> reporter: vice president joe biden was joined by his
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the rose garden to announce he is not running for president. >> unfortunately, i believe we're out of time, the time necessary to mount a winning campaign for the nomination. >> reporter: the vice president had been considering a run for several months but says the grieving process over the loss of his son beau was too much to overcome. >> the process doesn't respect or much care about things like filing deadlines or debates and primaries and caucuses. >> reporter: even though biden is out, he says he will be a large figure in the race for the white house. >> while i will not be a candidate, i will not be silent. >> reporter: he even took a shot at democratic front- runner hillary clinton, who said last week that the republicans were her greatest enemy. >> i don't think we should look at republicans as our enemies. they are opposition. they are not our enemies. four more years of this kind of pitched battle may be more than this country can take. >> reporter: clinton sent out a tweet calling the vice president a good friend and
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she could have the most to gain from biden's decision. the latest national poll shows her lead over senator bernie sanders jumps to a 25 point margin when biden is taken out of the mix. in washington, craig boswell, cbs 2 news. meanwhile, republicans are not sure they have their next speaker of the house. congressman paul ryan has been heavily recruited. he says he will take the job but only if it's clear he has enough support. he wants to have the votes secured by friday or he says he will back out. and he says he wants to be able to spend weekends with his family in wisconsin. but the question is, are hard- line conservatives on board? the house freedom caucus, the group that helped to push john boehner into retirement would only say ryan is under consideration. boehner has a scheduled vote for next wednesday. >> still a lot to be ironed out there. >> absolutely. in the meantime the mets are on the brink of reaching their first world series in 15 years. just one win away from
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eliminating the cubs at wrigley field. and that is where we find otis livingston right now, the last win always the hardest win. >> reporter: it certainly is, kristine and maurice. i don't want to jinx it, but it seems like it's only a matter of time not if the mets are going to the world series but when. they have two more chances here to get that done before coming home. and we have been in this position before with the bronx bombers. and we had our dreams crushed in historic fashion and one long-time cub fan believes he has just the thing to crush them again. >> the new york mets have pushed the chicago cubs to the brink! >> reporter: yes, the mets are one win away from sweeping the cubs. but be careful. in 2004 the yankees were in the same situation against the red sox before losing. they became the first time to blow a 3-0 lead. >> these guys can win the next three games easily. this is an excellent team. >> the momentum is on our side. we have to keep it that way.
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continues his post-season of a lifetime. >> man alive! daniel murphy! >> reporter: he homered in five straight games. we knew he could hit but this is ridiculous. >> i have watched a lot of baseball over the years. i don't think i have seen anybody put on this kind of a show on this stage like he has so far. the guys in the dugout, they are baseball guys too, saying the same thing. who is this guy? >> i wish i could explain it. i can't. i think this is just fun and a game. like i said in between, um, you know, david and yoenis cespedes right now is the best place to be. >> reporter: speaking of murphy, cub fans are haunted by that name. the first curse was supposedly cast because the tavern owner and his billow goat murphy -- billy goat murphy weren't allowed into the wrigley field in the 1945 series. the current owner thinks he has a way to reverse the curse. meet murphy the nanny goat. if you think this turns everything around in this series? >> sure. that's why we have the goat
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world series. good for the cubs, good for the city. >> reporter: well, if daniel murphy continues his hot pace that he is hitting, it's going to be a baaa ad outcome for murphy and the nanny goat! will they get it done tonight? we'll see. reporting live from wrigley field, otis livingston, back to you. >> how long did you think up that one? >> reporter: that was quick. that's a no-brainer. [ laughter ] >> thank you, otis. we'll talk to you soon. >> see you later. many cubs fans a possibility -- for many cubs fans a possibility of watching their team getting swept, there were no lines outside the cubs box office in wrigley field and some fans were able to get tickets for about $175. as the mets continue to inch closer to the world series, fans remain cautiously optimistic.
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cbs 2's mark morgan checked on their confidence level today. >> reporter: just one win away from the world series, confidence is not a problem for many mets fans. >> the way they are hitting is unbelievable. ply sister and brother-in-law are jumping off the couch watching the game. it's awesome. >> we have the defense hitting and pitching. >> reporter: so far in the post-season, the mets have flexed their muscles in all phases of the game. only one team in history has ever come back from 0-3. the mets supporters feel this team has the goods to slam the door on the cubs. >> the duchess between the red sox and now -- the difference between the red sox and now the mets, quite frankly the pitching is better. i think ultimately you have too many arms that could shut down the cubs. >> reporter: the stunning post- season performance by unsung hero daniel murphy has captivated fans. how many times have you worn that mets shirt this season? >> this is daniel murphy only a couple of times but he has been a god in the play-offs. had to wear it today.
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should close it maybe in the next or fifth game. we should go to the world series. >> reporter: some mets fans who have endured more than their share of heartache and disappointment over the years aren't ready to pop the champagne corks just yet. >> i am a met fan for my entire life. i'm scared out of my mind right now. [ laughter ] >> that they're going to blow it. >> reporter: long suffering fans can be forgiven for a little anxiety. but history and math favor the metropolitans. reporting from queens, mark mar gone, cbs 2 news. -- mark morgan, cbs 2 news. >> i don't think there's any reason to be scared. the pitching is too good. >> that's what you said last night. >> just awesome. >> if you are superstitious just wear the same clothes everything the exact same chair you were last night. crushed by a crane. this is not what car owners want to see when they get to their parking lot. how could this happen? >> also tonight, the vatican
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fights back after a newspaper claims the pope is hiding a health problem. >> plus, gone in a flash. see how thieves hit a local car dealership ripping off rims and tires. >> and it is just a beautiful day. i'm live here on the cbs 2 weather deck. look, there is a change in our weather. it's still off to the west. i'll tell you if it gets here tomorrow. we'll look at the forecast for the game tonight in chicago all coming up. for the girl scout meeting... ok! for the soccer team...
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taking an unusual step to comment on a newspaper article the vatican denies a report that the claims the pope has a brain tumor. cbs 2's dana tyler is live in the newsroom with more on how this information surfaced. dana. >> reporter: kristine and maurice, an italian newspaper reported today that the pope went to a clinic several months ago. citing an anonymous nurse at the italian clinic the article says tests revealed the pontiff had a small curable tumor. a spokesman for the vatican calls the report entirely
5:17 pm
unfounded and irresponsible. >> the vatican is denying this italian headline claiming pope francis is sick with a curable brain tumor. >> the news of the pope's health condition is totally unfounded. it is a totally irresponsible act of the italian news agency that released this. >> reporter: the news report claims a brain cancer specialist diagnosed the pope with a small dark spot on his brain that could be treated without surgery. the newspaper stands by the story and says the doctor and his team secretly flew to the vatican to examine pope francis several months ago. chief vatican spokesman father lombardi insists the medical exams described in the italian paper never too many. [ non-english language ] >> reporter: he says, no doctor came to the vatican unless he was a ghost because no one saw him. vatican officials pointed to the pope's recent trip to cuba and the united states as evidence of the 78-year-old's vitality. they say apart from a small
5:18 pm
problem with his legs, pope francis is in optimal health. the he had door of the newspaper says the -- the editor of the newspapers says they confirmed the story months ago. the vatican saying not so. >> thank you. now to a picture that surprised a lot of people today. it was a one-on-one meeting between the russian and syrian president bashar assad. he went to moscow to meet with russian president vladimir putin and thank him for his support. russian's air force is backing syrian government troops in the civil war in syria. according to moscow, russia's foreign minister and secretary of state john kerry have agreed to meet in vienna with their counterparts from saudi arabia and turkey to discuss syria. wikileaks has released contents of john brennan's private email account including a draft security clearance application containing personal
5:19 pm
this comes just days after a hacker said he broke into brennan's personal email. authorities have said the account did not contain any classified information. texas teenager arrested after he brought a homemade clock to school that was mistaken for a bomb is now moving to qatar. the family of 14-year-old ahmed mohamed says that they have accepted an offer for him to join a young innovators program sponsored by the qatar foundation. the foundation will pay for his high school and his college. he got to meet president obama the other night at the white house. the president fulfilled a promise to bring him there for astronomy night. >> the future is now for movie fans around the world. >> we are descending toward hill valley, california, at 4:29 p.m. on wednesday, october 21, 2015!
5:20 pm
from the 1989 film back to you in the studio. with michael j. fox, they went to 2015 in a delorean. they are testing how to make a reliable product, fingerprint scanners unlock doors and now we have biometric technology. like the movie, fax machines aren't used for instant communication. >> nobody ever successfully predicts the future. it can't be done. >> and there's always the scene too waiting for the world series title mentioned in the movie. a lot of people having fun with this today. >> isn't it weird to have passed the future? as they saw it. >> they didn't do too bad. >> pretty good. >> we're living the future. weather picture talking about the future. it's big. big story tonight in chicago.
5:21 pm
lonnie quinn is outside on our weather deck. gorgeous here. how about there? >> reporter: guys, i'm still hung up on that guy's last comment about no one successfully predicts the future. >> well. [ laughter ] >> trying to collect a paycheck. trying to focus in on some things here. here. honestly it couldn't be temperatures are great. the skies are beautiful. chicago has a similar temperature. chicago has a bit of a rain chance. take a look at this view of new york city right now. you can see the current conditions out there. it's 72 degrees. hardly a cloud in the sky. let's just call it mostly sunny. and your winds are calm. for chicago, first pitch, 8:07 tonight our time. it will be about 70 degrees. so again similar temperatures. they have mild air as well. they have a mostly cloudy sky and there is a slight chance for a shower. here on the vortex satellite and radar for the chicago area, you see some light wrigley field.
5:22 pm
it's the temperatures we are going to talk about tonight. mild, clear, 58. tomorrow, warm, 74 degrees. late clouds move in and a slight chance north and west of the city to see a little rain tomorrow. it's all part of a cold front that's going to change the weather later on. we'll talk about it coming up. back to you. >> thank you. coming up next here at 5:00, an art battle at a local elementary school. are these vintage murals in danger of disappearing? the concern that's prompted a parent's petition. >> warning from the lego company. they are worried about meeting holiday demand. >> but first, dana tyler is here now with a look at what we're working on for cbs 2 news at 6:00. >> reporter: we continue to cover the death of nypd officer randolph holder shot and killed in the line of duty in east harlem last night. tonight at 6:00, a vigil being held in his honor. we'll be there live. also tonight, marcia kramer looking into whether "stop & frisk" could have made a difference. also tonight at 6:00 a mystery in the hamptons, a housekeeper vanishes. who she was seen arguing with
5:23 pm
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5:26 pm
cbs 2's meg baker has more now on their uncertain future. >> reporter: welcome to elementary school. murals line the halls that may have been in danger of being whitewashed. >> their cheerful. they remind you when you walk down the halls of being a child. it makes the school unique. >> reporter: parents and alum have teamed up to save the artwork painted by former art teacher david wells. he said he was upset to heard this. >> i hadn't heard it. they are going to paint the walls white. >> reporter: he began the project in the 174 as a gift to the school, in 1974. >> i created a world that i thought when you first upon entering the school this is a happy place, not institutional. >> reporter: that's how stacey remembers feeling. >> he had a huge impact on my childhood being there. he was a wonderful art teacher. >> reporter: more than 1100 people have signed an online
5:27 pm
petition calling them a source of pride and to preserve them. >> they would be a real loss for future generations not to be able to walk the beautiful halls. >> reporter: parents are hoping for another solution and mr. wells is on board. he says he will gladly retouch the murals. i wanted to see if the principal was in. after reaching out several times to marlboro's superintendent and asking the principal to see the murals we were escorted off the property and given this statement. the discussion of any painting of walls at asher holmes was in the infancy stage as the district was researching options. superintendenter every hibbs says superintendent eric hibbs -- superintendent eric hibbs will speak with mr. wells on monday. meg baker, cbs 2 news. an out-of-control crane speeding down a new jersey street. up next. >> it flipped on a couple of cars. it just destroyed them. >> what the driver did to
5:28 pm
prevent this crane crash from being even worse. >> also, a controversial dna testing company gets a second chance. how they say that they can warn you about future health risks without a doctor. >> plus, russell simmons successful businessman made millions in different
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a wild scene after a crane comes crashing down in a parking lot. good evening, i'm kristine johnson. >> and welcome back. i'm maurice dubois. we begin this half-hour with that crane mishap in new jersey. >> cbs 2's christine sloan talked to witnesses who saw the whole scene unfold. >> reporter: the scene unnerving, a crane driver loses control crashing rolling on top of several cars in the parking lot of the oradell healthcare center in bergen county, new jersey. the rear end of a minivan and crushed. >> i was pulling into the parking lot here and i don't know why, i just happened to look over in this direction. and there's a big truck that was coming down the turn here. and it went to make a left and it didn't make it. it was going too fast and it just turned over. >> reporter: it happened on
5:32 pm
driver approached a busy road in oradell. it's a miracle accidents investigators say no one was hurt. >> he did a good job. he came down where -- and went through the major intersection where if he had turned and flipped there it could have been a disaster. he actually dumped the truck on pump to avoid hitting the telephone poles and going into the reservoir or the railroad tracks. >> reporter: so what did the driver say happened? >> preliminary investigation right now is there was some type of equipment failure on the way down the hill. >> reporter: nearly 30 gallons of diesel fuel on the ground, but officials say none of it got into catch basins or the reservoir. the healthcare center won't say who owns the damaged cars. the crane so massive, heavy duty tow trucks had to upright t police are investigating to see if brake failure caused the crane driver to lose control. they say the fact that he crashed in this parking lot saved a lot of lives. in oradell, new jersey, christine sloan, cbs2 news. >> police say that the driver
5:33 pm
new video shows someone stealing pricy parts from luxury cars in connecticut. the security video is from the infiniti dealership in fairfield on sunday night. police say the thief you see made off with $6,000 in tires and rims. somebody also removed tires and rims from cars at the nearby audi dealership the night before. no word yet on the value of the parts lifted from that lot. thousands are being hit hard right in their wallets backed by russell simmons' prepaid debit cards called rush cards. they offer access to money does inned right on those cars. -- deposited right on their cars but it went offline leaving people with no access to their paychecks. vanessa murdoch murder reports. >> reporter: a crying baby and the caption says please give my dad money i need formula and pampers says it all. people need their money from their rush cards. people who don't have a bank account typically use these cards.
5:34 pm
the website says get your money up to two days sooner with direct deposit. he posted this to facebook a week ago. >> we know who you are. and i know you are facing tremendous challenges. >> reporter: today the company is still trying to fix the problem for some. shannon chick sounded off on facebook. two weeks and i can't access my account. feeling frustrated i can't access my money for bills and everyday use. rush card, give me my money. in a statement they say the system is up and running but a small number of accounts are inactive. rush card blames new technology. paul oster the ceo of better qualified says that's baffling. >> technical difficulties are solved within a couple of hours, not weeks. >> reporter: he suspects rush card has been hacked and might not even know it yet. >> right now, it's about russell simmons doing the right thing. it's about rush card live doing the right thing. >> reporter: the company has declared a fee holiday which may not be enough to keep its customers. martin cooper says, i can't believe that rush card thinks
5:35 pm
waiving fees for a few months is a way of compensation for us. i really hope they plan to give all rush card members some monetary compensation, as well. vanessa murdoch, cbs 2 news. >> and rush card also says, quote, we are not done yet. you will hear more from us in the coming days about how we will continue to make good on our customers' trust every member of a high school football team from connecticut is suspended in a "sexting" scandal. players from plainfield high school are accused of holding a group chat session where they exchanged nude photos of female classmates some as young as 14. the coach of another school team heard about the incident and alerted administrators. one of the students involved spoke about it on the condition that he remain anonymous. >> bunch of boys getting nude pictures from different kinds of girls exposing it in multiple ways in a group message. i think the people that got in trouble that were part of it should be suspected from the game but the other kids let them play.
5:36 pm
>> police were contacted but at this point there is no criminal investigation. up next, roll out the barrels but not for a barrel of fun. how thieves got away with thousands of dollars in wine. >> some students think they have come up with a solution to a long running problem with long island's water. and it's getting national attention. >> and today in history, in 1879, thomas edison invented a workable electric light at his laboratory in new jersey. but it wasn't until 1910 that
5:37 pm
cheaper than gas. they were caught on camera rolling the loot into their vans. security video shows three men breaking into a winery in oregon last friday. they can be seen cutting down the fence and then rolling wine barrels into the vans. the owner says it is the fifth time his winery has been targeted in just the last six months. some long island high school students are busy
5:38 pm
researching how to reduce nitrogen in our waterways. some of our top scientists in the nation are playing close attention. cbs 2's dave carlin tells us they have made a very important discovery. >> they stick to the roof. >> reporter: she and her brentwood high school classmates are on to something that could prevent massive fishkills and algae blooms that have been showing up in long island waterways. >> it's a cycle. so if we can protect mussels, they can protect the area. >> reporter: funded by a county grant the students found that mussels a shellfish are helping marsh grass grow stronger and taller. >> it stabilizes the system. >> reporter: the students' science teacher who oversaw the summer project studying marsh grasses says the mussels are anchors for the grass which is then better able to absorb excess nitrogen in the water. >> you might see just grasses but when you look down deep you're seeing mussels and grasses together.
5:39 pm
>> reporter: these students did their research at the nearby river. they say their idea will not only reduce nitrogen but also storm surge. that's because thicker seagrass can help slow the force of stormwaters. the students call it mussel power and the research earned them certificates and semifinalist status in a prestigious science competition. >> i feel like i'm a real scientist now. >> reporter: they are thrilled to learn that top scientists at stony brook university and brookhaven national lab now plan to study their data. >> you know, i was surprised. you would think that people wouldn't listen to us teenagers but this shows that once you put your mind to it -- >> reporter: innovative ideas from the next generation that could help save our planet. in brentwood, dave carlin, cbs 2 news. >> and these students will also present their data to the suffolk county legislature in january. >> i love it! >> i do, too. did you notice something? all of them were girls. >> i noticeed. >> did you notice? [ laughter ] >> very smart girls.
5:40 pm
that you just looked down deeper. a little closer. >> i know. >> lots of answers. good luck to them. >> you bet. congrats. just ahead, we have all them. frightening stories and warnings that pop up on facebook. is there any truth behind them? the most recent urban legend spreading across the internet. >> reporter: dana tyler is here now with a look at what we're working on for cbs 2 news at 6:00. >> reporter: tonight at 6:00, a vigil set to start soon for the nypd officer shot and killed in the line of duty in east harlem. we'll be live with hour officer randolph holder is being remembered tonight. >> also, a fraternity charged with murder. the new information today in the hazing death of a baruch college student. >> and a humpback whale spotted near the beaches of toms river, an amazing sight but it could be in big trouble.
5:41 pm
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if you haven't already and honestly who hasn't, don't forget to follow us on facebook and "like" us on facebook. find us at so you get an email from your mom or somebody warning about ruthless carjackers making the rounds or maybe a friend uploads an important message from police on her
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facebook page about the latest gang initiation craze. are these posts the real deal or just the latest rumor to hit the internet? cbs 2's dana tyler reports. >> you've got mail. >> reporter: it's another warning from' friend or relative. this one says if you are driving at night and eggs are thrown at your windshield don't stop to check your car because criminals could be waiting on the side of the road. this dashcam video shows it happening to a police car in white lake, michigan. so it must be true. right? >> there hasn't been one confirmed case. >> reporter: actually this criminologist says it's just a rumor one of the latest to be passed around on the internet. >> somebody was in the back seat of your car you went shopping. >> reporter: urban legends the stuff that movies are made of. [ inaudible ] >> reporter: but are the majority of these stories that are now being proliferated on
5:45 pm
word of mouth mostly true or false? >> i got one about the gummi worm. >> reporter: this recent warning came with pictures of adulterated gummi bears and went on to say if eaten they could put you in a coma. >> when i was a kid it was the razor blade in the apple. >> reporter: but again, the expert says the story is totally false. >> before you share it or post it, just a little research. >> reporter: a post is more likely to be real if it contains specifics of the crime including an exact date, time, location, and police source. >> there's a couple of websites that bee bunk it. >> reporter: despite -- debunk it. >> reporter: despite not always being based in reality the rumors serve as a purpose. >> a public service announcement to get people more aware of their surroundings. >> reporter: it's not just crimes that are the base of internet hoboke -- internet hoaxes. you have probably seen the warning that facebook is going
5:46 pm
to institute a fee for users to keep their profiles private. this is false. dana tyler, cbs 2 news. >> if you have legos on the holiday shopping list you may run into a stumbling block or two the danish toy maker is running short of their iconic plastic bricks meaning some santas may play scrooge this christmas. legos says it's had an increase in demand and the shortage will have the biggest impact in europe. the company is expanding factories but won't be operational for four or five years. so tough luck there. we have some extras around the house. not so good for customers. >> we have extras because our kids kind of put them in the corner and moved on. >> i was going to say maybe could you do a little switch and rewrap some old ones. >> perfect. regifting. >> why not? >> wow. >> put it all together. >> october and we're talking about regifting. >> wow. >> a little early for that. >> we don't have the box, give
5:47 pm
i don't think it would work. >> put it in a ba -- put it in a baggy. >> that would be a big hit. a gray looking sky, nice shot over central park. 72 degrees mostly sunny overhead. high temperature was 76. typical would be 63. not a record. the record is 82 going back to 1928. today's read something typical summer day. it was like the tail end of summer out there today. warm today, warm again tomorrow. cool again though on friday. as far as wet weather, better chance for rain would be next week. there may be a little bit tomorrow night as a cold front comes through but i don't see too much. let me show you what i see. this is the vortex satellite and radar in our area. it's pretty with wispy clouds. no problems out there tonight in our area. all of this activity is going basically north of us. we are going to watch for the
5:48 pm
front to maybe make its way through here and put down a little bit of rain. not too much. it's more so the change in the wind direction behind it and that's going to give us some cooler air by the time we get to friday so here's the futurecast talking about the rain chance. let me show you what i see. this is around lunchtime on thursday. so maybe start to see some clouds come n start off with a nice sky -- come in. start off with a nice sky. that's lunchtime. the front. that's not a real impressive looking cold front coming through. but that's the sort of rain chance i see. no red, orange or yellows. maybe a light shower for some folks out there. not too much of anything. okay, then the clear air sets up for friday. now you're dealing with a wind coming in from the northwest. you're not going to be pushing 80 on friday. you will be pushing 60 on friday. for tomorrow, late clouds start to spill into the area. the better chance for rain and we all need rain quite honestly the better chance
5:49 pm
i don't see too much. i don't see too much in the atmosphere. 359 is the -- 59 is the high temperature on friday. the front comes through. we go back to sunshine. but cooler air. 60 on saturday. 66 on sunday. there's a slight chance for eye morning shower on sunday. you're looking at 63 on wednesday. and i know it's sort of long- term forecasting but right now, looks like the tail end of next week could be rain. >> not all at once. women and some men are willing to go to the extreme for younger looking skin but not the will trend is all about blood. the nutrient rich properties injected back into a patient's
5:50 pm
said to give you youthful glow and smooth out wrinkles. something you have to see to believe. so watch the vampire facial as we call it on cbs 2 news at 11:00 right after an all new code black. has a catchy sound to it. >> it does. up next, do it yourself dna testing. but what does a test done without a doctor really tell you about your health? >> and a hamptons housekeeper vanishes. the search for clues and the
5:51 pm
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so call empire blue cross blue shield today at 1-844-731-9026. to learn more or to schedule an in person meeting. a genetic testing company that was forced off the market by federal regulators two years ago is now back. 23 me got fda approval and dr.
5:53 pm
test can and cannot do. >> we are the only fda- approved direct to consumer direct consumer genetic testing product that's authorized to give feedback. >> reporter: the ceo is telling me her company has cleared its most challenging regulatory hurdle yet fda approval of some of their genetic testing. the 23 is for the number of chromosome pairs humans have. the carrier status she is speaking of means that their testing will tell you if you carry a genetic mutation for anyone of 36 different diseases. diseases like cystic fibrosis, sickel cell anemia or others. if you have just one mutation you're a carrier without active disease. but if you marry and have children with another carrier, that child has a one in four chance of developing a potentially lethal disease. >> it's one of the most common reasons why people have genetic testing. >> reporter: aside from the scientific validation the company went through for those
5:54 pm
also redesign and tested their entire website to show the fda the genetic information could be explained to and understood by the average person. the additional genetic results "23andme" provides includes wellness, ancestry and even physical traits. >> could be fun things like unibrandy color and wellness reports for things like lactose intolerance and caffeine sensitivity. >> reporter: it's a simple procedure. the kit is a tube you fill with saliva, closing the top releases a preservative, screw on the cap, place in a bag and mail it back to the company. results take 4 to 6 weeks. the much bigger goal of the company is to correlate this genetic information with physical characteristics and diseases for millions of people. that's where some truly groundbreaking discoveries may come from. they already have more than a million people in their database. dr. max gomez, cbs 2 news. >> this new version costs $199 and it is available online. and that's all for us here at 5:00. we'll see you again at 11:00. now.
5:55 pm your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. he followed in the footsteps of his father and grandfather devoting his life to protecting others. >> a police officer's ultimate sacrifice, officer randolph holder gunned down in the line of duty and for the further time in a year the nypd mourning the loss of a murdered comrade. good evening, i'm dana tyler. officer holder was just 33 years old, a five-year veteran on the force. he was killed while chasing a suspect last night in east harlem. moments ago, chopper 2 was over the scene as a police van carrying the body of officer holder arrived at the jeremiah gaffney funeral home in inwood. dozens of police officers and firefighters standing still quietly saluting the fallen officer.
5:56 pm
honored tonight now in east harlem outside his police precinct. cbs 2's dick brennan there live with more. dick. >> reporter: well, dana, we can tell you many members of the clergy from around new york city have gathered. they are arm in arm. singing psalms. the idea is to support officer holder to support police officers and, of course, to honor his memory. in the meantime there are many questions tonight about the man accused of shooting officer holder and why he was ever on the loose. growing up officer randolph holder always wanted to be a police officer just like his father and grandfather and great uncle were back in his native guyana. >> he came here wanting to serving. the father says he called and said when i come here i want to become a police officer. and he served this city immaculately. >> reporter: last night holder responded to shots fired near the east river houses. police say he came face to face with a gunman 30-year-old tyrone howard who was fleeing from a drug shootout on a bike and had been on the run from
5:57 pm
cops for weeks.
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