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tv   CBS 2 News at 6  CBS  October 21, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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cops for weeks. >> he pulls out his weapon and he fires one time striking the officer in the front of the head. >> reporter: police say howard was a career criminal with 28 arrests including one for allegedly shooting an 11-year- old in 2009. and he was being hunted by police in connection with a shooting of a man just last september. >> there was a shooting towards an east army gang member and he was ids and we have been hunting him since then. >> reporter: officer holder grew up in far rockaway and was moving up fast in the nypd. he was only one step away from detective. but he always knew about the danger on the job. >> he would say you don't know what i have to go through down there. you don't know where i work. where i work is fierce, you don't know the people up there and how i have to stand up and make my money when the night come. >> reporter: for the fourth time in 11 months the nypd is mourning the murder of another brave officer. >> we always talk about and you'll hear me when i deliver the eulogy of this officer that we hope it never happens
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again but it will happen again in the reality of the world we live in. >> reporter: now you're looking at purple bunting atop the precinct where officer holder worked and where right now, many officials, many people from around the tri- state area have gathered for a vigil in his honor. in the meantime, as for the alleged gunman, he is in custody. he is out of the hospital. and he is being questioned by police. live in east harlem, dick brennan, cbs 2 news. randolph holder the fourth nypd officer murdered in 11 months. last december detectives rafael ramos and wenjian liu were ambushed and shot execution-style in their police cruiser in bedford- stuyvesant, brooklyn. in may, detective brian moore was shot to death in queens village in the line of duty. the mayor and the police commissioner say the man who shot police officer holder was a career criminal who should never have been let out of jail. but some experts say policies
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gun city may be to blame. cbs 2 political reporter marcia kramer with that part of the story. >> he sure as hell shouldn't have been on the streets. >> there are people in our city in our society that despite our best efforts that are going to be criminals. and many of them are violent criminals and we need to separate them from the rest of us. >> reporter: mayor de blasio and police commissioner william bratton charging that tyrone howard the man accused of killing police officer randolph holder was a career criminal who was arrested last fall on drug charges and freed from jail as part of a diversion program. they said freeing him was wrong. >> he would have been the last person new york city i would diversion program. >> reporter: but a spokesman for manhattan judge edward mclaughlin who freed howard said the mayor and police commissioner were pointing direction. it is very easy to look back unfairly cast blame and second- guess without all the facts trying to blame the system, saved a spokesman for the
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administration. but in reality, you should blame the person who pulled the trigger that tragically killed the police officer." criminal justice experts say a combination of factors contributed to holder becoming the fourth cop to be killed in the past 10 months. one is the reduction of "stop, question and frisk." >> they feel more encouraged and emboldened to carry weapons on the street. that has a direct correlation, i would suggest, to more cops getting killed on the street. >> reporter: manuel gomez a former cop and former fbi agent also says that de blasio running for mayor on an anticop platform contributed, as well. >> the message to the thug on the street is, the administration is basically saying that they are not going to, um, go after us the way they used to. >> reporter: well, now getting back to what the mayor and the police commissioner said about the diversion program, court spokesman david booksaver
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points out that even without the diversion program, tyrone howard would have been out on the street awaiting trial because he was able to make the $35,000 in bail. dana? >> complicated and sad. marcia, thank you. firefighters -- this is a live look at the vigil for officer holder at the precinct in harlem. community members arm in arm paying tribute to the officer who served out of the police service precinct covering -- he was in a unit to protect the people living in housing developments. we'll have more on this story tonight on the cbs 2 news at 11:00. while the nypd mourns officer holders the search continues for gerald brooks. he escaped police custody in handcuffs yesterday while being arrested in brooklyn. brooks has 54 prior arrests. firefighters called back to the chelsea apartment building that was burning out of control yesterday.
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flames rekindled this afternoon at the building on west 17th street. the six-story building under construction initially caught fire early yesterday morning. flames shooting through the roof. people in nearby buildings were evacuated. no one was hurt. now to the mets on the brink of reaching their first world series in 15 years just one win away from eliminating the cubs at wrigley field and that's where we find otis livingston there ready with a little pre-game for us of tonight's game. otis. >> reporter: that's right, dana. i know they are the end in i for this series -- the enemy for this series but you have wrigley field. in time. they are not -- it's like taking a stem back in time. they are not hiding from the past. they are called the lovable losers. they have a counter going since their last world series title. it's been 7 years since their last division title. 70 since the last national
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league title and 107 years since they have won the world series. a constant reminder out in right field. they would love to reset the last two numbers with you it will take an historic effort being down 0-3 games, one the yankees know all too well. the mets are focused on getting win number 4, not the world series. >> that clubhouse right now, they know what they are facing. we have some experienced guys who have been in play-offs before. and been in some big situations. we have to get ready to play. >> and tonight they are going to give the ball to 24-year- old rookie stony brook native lifelong met fan steven matz. he will get a chance to clinch it and pull off the sweep. wheel hear from him in sports. reporting live from wrigley field, otis livingston, cbs 2 news. the mets' impressive play- off march has lifted their fans longing for a championship chase like this. as mark morgan tells us, this
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mets team has forged its own identity. [ pause ] >> stay with us. [ pause ] >> no. >> we're going to get back with that, you know all of the great players and daniel murphy with all these home runs. we'll have that in a few moments. stay with us as we continue our mets coverage. we'll be back with otis livingston in just a few minutes. more from chicago. [ pause ] right now, a long island family frantically trying to find a mother of two who vanished 11 days ago. today, they joined police in a public plea to help solve a mystery in the hamptons. cbs 2's carolyn gusoff reports from long island's east ends. >> reporter: in bridgehampton, store windows display something unsettling, the smiling face of a mother who is missing. >> the missing person is the talk of the town. >> reporter: as her community worries, her family speaks out. >> it's a mystery. it's unbelievable. >> reporter: a plea today from the relatives of 40-year-old
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the mother from ecuador raising two teens working as a house cleaner last seen in this medical center parking lot confronted by her husband. she had recently gotten an order of protection against her husband carlos who admits he stopped her and a male friend accusing them of having an affair. >> we're not ruling out anything at this point. >> reporter: police are asking the public for help. >> this is important. this is not only a, um, a sister, a daughter, but it is a mother that's missing. >> reporter: carlos's attorney says his client doesn't know what happened to her after the parking lot argument. >> there was no threat of violence or any violence in their marriage again of over 20 years. >> reporter: the 5'3", 130- pound woman was last seen wearing a ponytail, bluejeans, brown boots and black coat. possibly seen later the day she disappeared walking west on montauk highway. her brother spoke through a translator. >> she is a good woman and we never expected that she will
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not come home. and we have no explanation for it. >> reporter: family members and police hope she sees their pleas and comes home. but they have also sent search teams into the woods looking for evidence of a worst-case scenario. in southampton, long island, carolyn gusoff, cbs 2 news. >> the missing woman's husband assist in court tomorrow on charges of violating a protection order. the bond of brotherhood broken. tonight five more fraternity members charged with murder in the hazing death of a baruch college student. >> uber looking to expand in new york. but governor cuomo has something to say about that. what drivers and passengers need to know. >> an unusual sight off the beaches of toms river a humpback whale. but experts have a warning. >> lonnie with a great day today. >> it was beautiful. and we will have a nice looking night. we'll talk about a chance for rain in the area. i'm also going to talk about a chance for rain at the mets game so stick around for that. >> and coming up on the "cbs evening news," vice president joe biden finally makes a decision.
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scott pelley will have that and more tonight. scott. >> reporter: dana, great to be with you. joe says no. and thereby shakes up the race for the democratic nomination. that and more from around the
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evening news" at 6:30. new information in the hazing death of a baruch college student. five more fraternity brothers have just been charged with murder. that means now 37 people face charges in the death of michael deng, the 19-year-old who died during a retreat in the poconos nearly two years ago. prosecutors say they have now charged all suspects in the case. the pi delta si fraternity is also charged. tonight the governor is in favor of a statewide licensing system for uber. the app based car service wants to expand to serve long island's three million residents. cbs 2's jennifer mclogan with the story new at 6:00. >> reporter: uber technologies is beginning a push to the east saying thousands of long islanders have already downloaded the uber app and should have the right to hail drivers. >> cabs take too long to get there and uber is very fast. >> reporter: the fergusons of franklin square want an
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alternate to cabs from long island train stations. >> you probably share a cab with like four other people before you actually get home to drop off all those people. uber is just me. >> reporter: currently the only access to uber on long island is for riders in nassau taking trips to and from new york city. uber is allowed in the city, considered a car service company operated by the taxi and limousine commission. rules are set by local governments. uber's gm released a report saying, uber would create thousands of jobs in nassau and suffolk and millions of dollars in fares and deserves the right to expand. >> there's a need for the service. >> reporter: effective, efficient with a strong customer base he says. but this commuter says not so fast. >> i would be rather to go with a cab. they are license and marked and now what you get. >> reporter: cabbies are concerned. >> we have customers that's loyal to us but you have to think the more uber cars the less money that us cab drives will be able to make.
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>> reporter: with good reason. promises of good money and flexible work hours current cabbies here feel the uber lure. you might even consider switching. >> yeah. it's a possibility. i have heard that they make a lot of money. or they do pretty well. >> reporter: before the service can broaden its reach, the new york legislate china must overhaul insurance regulations. lawmakers are expected to take that up when they reconvene in january. from mineola, jennifer mclogan, cbs 2 news. a whale of a sight at the jersey shore. a baby humpback is spotted off the coast. there you see it. the whale seen in shallow water near point pleasant beach an island beach state park. if you see it, keep your distance. the marine mammal stranding center says it's illegal to bother whales. so far, though, it appears the whale's visit to the jersey shore has been peaceful. experts keeping an eye on it
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to make sure it stays out of danger. and that the people do, too. let's check in with lonnie quinn. we had a really warm beautiful day above average. >> way above average. >> don't the whales normally travel in pods? >> yeah. >> where there's a baby there's a mama somewhere. >> could be. i don't know, dr. dolittle. [ laughter ] >> we can't talk to the animals. i don't remember the lyrics to the song. i'll work on it. >> just imagine it. that's the picture i have for you now. if i can talk to the animals, just imagine it will be close. currents temperature comes in at 68 degrees. mostly sunny skies outside. the winds are nice and calm. 76, dane darrin, that's what you're getting. how warm it was out there? way above average of 63. not a record though. record 82 degrees so you missed that. the headlines, like, this. we were warm today at 76. we are going to be warm again tomorrow above 70. there's going to be a slight rain chance tomorrow, very, very slight chance for a shower. same story for wrigley.
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mild out there for tonight's game but there's a slight rain chance. let's take a peek at the forecast. first pitch gets thrown at 8:07. it will be about 70 degrees at that hour. mostly cloudy skies. and i have to write a slight chance for a shower. there's not too much rain in that area for tonight. but there's a bit of a chance. in our area, the skies look just beautiful out there. a little wispy cloud here and there but i'll show that you picture looking over the park and over the city. it's so pretty. everyone has that shot. wider picture shows you all of this rain and even some snow up in canada, that's all staying north. it's not dropping south. that's somebody else's issue. around the chicago area, okay, see a couple of little showers push through. could be a little bit more. doesn't look like a big risk because the more substantial rain is back around omaha, nebraska. i don't think that is going to get to wrigley field during the the game. but slight chance you could see a little leading activity. this front is going to pass through. whether we catch rain out of it or not, it comes through tomorrow night. a little bit of a chance for
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rain but colder temperatures behind it. so for tomorrow, you still are 74. good start but then late clouds fill in with a slight chance of a shower and cooler air sets up for friday with a high of only 59 degrees with sunshine but its chillier. and the same deal for saturday around 60 degrees. sunday warmer, but there's a little shot for a shower, slight chance on sunday morning. and then monday, tuesday, wednesday next week somewhere around the 60-degree mark. >> nice. sounds very good. thank you. the mets impressive play- off march. cbs 2's mark morgan tells us this is a mets team fans won't soon forget. >> reporter: the most memorable mets teams remain etched in fans' minds along with a theme or nickname that became forever linked with the group. the amazins of 1969 stunned the baseball world. you got to believe was the mantra associated with the never say die 1973 mets. what about this year's team makes it special? >> the grit. they have hung in for the season and were able to rebounds.
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>> i like the way they stay in the moment don't get too far ahead of themselves. they focus on the task at hand, one game at a time. >> reporter: i asked fans what nickname or theme best describes this year's team. and one word and phrase kept coming up. >> amazing 15s. 15 is the theme this year. >> um, it would be the rising mets. i don't know. [ laughter ] >> reporter: i don't know if that's going to work. >> i don't think so. >> amazing. amazing. >> reporter: that's already been used. >> that's what it is, they are amazing. they are amazing. that's all i got for you guys. >> reporter: hey, why not? it worked once. and many mets fans are hoping history repeats itself 46 years later. reporting from woodside, queens, mark morgan, cbs 2 news. >> all righty. otis livingston in chicago add wrigley field. steve overmyer here in the studio with lots of sports. >> the mets are up three games to none because, well, almost everything is going right.
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having faith in a young arm. steve overmyer here with mets pitching. >> the mets approach is don't give an inch because i think new york knows better than any city that a 3 games to none lead is not a guarantee. but the world series is so close for these mets. they can taste it. let's show you why these wins are borne from more than daniel murphy home runs. yoenis cespedes steals third and continues aggressive base running this post-season. it paid off. when this strikeout to end the inning didn't end the inning, it ended up being the game winning run and all due to heads up base running. >> we can't solely rely on hitting home runs to score runs. now, once you get ahead of a team, you know, i think you have to continue to put your foot on the gas and do those small things. when the post-season started we had to be a better base running team because that could be the difference between winning a post-season game and losing a post-season game.
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the middle of all of it last night and joins us now from wrigley field. otis. >> reporter: steve, with this young mets pitching staff, it's like they are trying to one up each other clearly jacob degrom the leader of the staff. but it's like harvey and syndergaard are following up his performance with impressive performances of their own. steven matz has a chance to pitch the mets into the world series. what a moment it would be for the 24-year-old rookie from stony brook new york who grew uprooting for the mets. he was unsuccessful in his previous play-off outing in game 4 a clincher of the nlds against the dodgers. he is not going to let this moment overwhelm him. >> it's going to be fun. i have never been here before, never seen the game here. so i'm excited. i heard these fans were great. you know, it's a great ballpark, a lot of history here so it's going to be fun. >> reporter: yeah. it's like he has the right attitude going into this. you know, he is not fazed by
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and pitch his ballgame. we'll see if he is successful. of course if cespedes and daniel murphy on the offense can give them some early runs, that would help. we'll have much more coming up at 11. but for now, reporting from wrigley field, otis livingston, steve, back to you in the studio. >> otis that will definitely ease the burden a little bit. thanks so much. we'll catch up with you tonight. mets fans shunts be booking that trip -- shouldn't be booking that trip to kansas city yet. game five of the alcs is up 5- 0 as they face elimination. the royals have a three games to one lead in the series. finally some great news here for giants tight end daniel fells. doctors feel they have his staph infection under control and feel like he will not lose his foot. he returned home to today on crutches but listen to the greatest sound a father can hear. >> daddy! >> comes home to the kids and honestly, you know what? you can see the smiles and -- >> daddy!!
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daddy!! >> my guys. >> so easy to come home to that. >> awesome. >> oh. >> i know. >> "danesie." is it under control enough that any outlook on -- if he ever runs again, plays again? >> that is -- that's still uncertain. they are not sure whether he could play in the nfl once again. but -- >> goodness today. thank you. back after this. >> closed captioning on cbs 2
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new tonight at 11, this little girl left alone by people who were supposed to be protecting her. new video shows the moments police find her locked in her daycare center after dark. plus, it may sound like a halloween stunt but it's all in the name of beauty. we'll take you inside what they are calling the vampire facial. plus all the news when we see you here tonight at 11. >> up next on the "cbs evening news with scott pelley," sesame street gets a new character and the vice president makes a decision. unrelated stories, though. we thank you for joining us tonight. have a good one. [ laughter ] >> just want to clear that up.
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