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tv   CBS 2 News Sunday  CBS  October 25, 2015 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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a great day in football. it is 8:00 a.m. on this sunday, october 25. i am steve overmyer we have the stories stayed ahead. first let's go to vanessa murdock to check the forecast. we start off wet and we will clear later today. this morning, most of us just dealing with showers. on the east in the long island, there is more steady rain for the next 45 minutes or so. let's look at the vortex satellite and radar. most of the rain is to the east
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of the city was showers to the west. it is 60 in riverhead. mount vernon 57. now we show you just how mild it is this morning. this is the 24-hour temperature change. in is what, you are 15 -- in islip, your 15 degrees warmer. while we are getting a mild start, we won't warm up that much. by noon, it will be 63 degrees and mostly cloudy. by this afternoon, 65 and partly sunny. what will happen after the noon hour is that the wet weather will exit and the skies will start to clear. looking good by this evening. we will have a nice start to the workweek and wet weather moving in midweek. back to you. breaking news this hour in queens. two men were shot after house party turn violent. a gunman is on the loose this morning.
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ilana gold is live in bayside . >> reporter: we just talked to the victims and they are in the hospital after being shot in the torso outside this home on 28th avenue around midnight. this morning, police are still investigating. balboa boulevard. neighborhood. the home was being rented out for a birthday party. there was a large group celebrating and the victims were getting ready to leave. when they walked out the door, there was an argument. the gunman walked up and open fired and then took off. one victim's 27 and is currently in critical condition. the other victim's 23 and is in stable condition. this is a pilot light across new york city. this is the fourth shooting incident responded to within two hours. the other scenes were in williamsburg and east harlem. those victims are expected to survive.
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collecting evidence and talking to witnesses after a double shooting at a house party. the suspect is still on the run. live in bayside, queens, ilana gold, cbs 2 news the search resumes this morning for critical evidence in the case of the slain nypd officer. police were searching for the weapon used to shoot and kill officer randolph holder. search teams have been looking for the weapon nonstop and this morning they are should -- shutting down parts that fdr drive to find it. >> reporter: traffic in both directions will come to a halt on the fdr from 96th street to rick 90 -- 21 -- to rick 132nd street. -- to 132nd street. it is part of the investigation for the killing of randolph holder. >> no other mother should have to be without their son.
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station where officer holder work calling -- worked calling >> he has a family, just like i have a family. he has a family that is hurting. they need support. >> reporter: the suspected shooter, tyrone howard, is a to avoid jail time. people are irredeemable. >> reporter: mayor de blasio took a strong stand saying that people like tyrone howard should be locked up . patrick lynch said that officers need support all the time. to be our partner in keeping the partnership cannot be successful if the only time their contributions valued is when one of us has made the contact the press office that
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the mayor would not off -- issue a comment earlier. mayor de blasio has hired 1300 new officers to support nypd and enhance safety for all neighborhoods. make new york city the safest large city in the country -- making new york city the safest large city in the country. the city's murder rate is up a .3% compared to a year ago. the funeral for randolph holder will be in jamaica queens. the funeral is at the same location. afterwards, officer holder's remains will be flown to guyana for his burial. in oklahoma they are waiting for results to determine if drugs or alcohol were contributors in the crash and to a parade.
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crashed into the crowd. >> reporter: victims were treated in the middle of main street when a car plowed into a parked police motorcycle and then into a crowd of spectators at a high rate of speed a few blocks from campus.>> there was screaming and it sounded like a vehicle accelerating. likely the car hit a pole, otherwise i think more people would of been hurt. >> reporter: four people were killed and dozens more were injured. people were airlifted to hospitals in tulsa and oklahoma city. >> the oklahoma state homecoming parade is probably one of the most wholesome and happy events in the country. to have it fouled like this and these victims, it is a terrible tragedy.>> reporter: the 25- year-old stillwater resident, adacia chambers is charged with the incident. authorities don't know if it was accidental or intentional. >> we treat this as any homicide investigation. it will probably take several
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was stadium flags flying at half staff and a moment of saud -- of silence in honor of the victims. brian webb, cbs 2 news in 2001, 10 men's best ballplayers were home from a game. in 2011, the women's basketball four people killed in a crash during a recruiting crack -- recruiting trip. a fire destroyed and historic new jersey synagogue. investigators say they believe the fire was accidental. flames ravage the nearly 100- year-old synagogue on friday. the caretaker was alone in the building when the fire started and he managed to get out safely. several torah scores -- squirrels were damaged. one was rescued.>> i took out -- torah scrolls were damaged. one was rescued.>> i took out
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firefighter. i took out the second and a chandelier came smashing down. >> reporter: it is considered accidental, but it is still unclear what caused the fire. in missouri. yesterday was the final workout at citi field before the world series. we found out the mets ace, matt harvey will start. he has had 16 strikeouts and most importantly two wins. he rises to the occasion.>> all rotation. i said, are you ready for it? dam right. i told him, listen, there may be an opportunity for two starts. he said, i will be ready. >> reporter: the best-of-seven
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series will come to queens and they will turn to rookies, noah syndergaard and stephen matt. >> they are incredible, all of them. the time is 8:09. we will talk with john dickson live about presidential hopeful. warnings online for the urban legend. cbs2 distinguishes between real and rumor. first, here is vanessa murdock checking on the weather . >> clearing skies by this afternoon. coming up we will have more significant weather in the midweek forecast.
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calendar for cbs2 and amoi setng
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geouofheas g fs. a mild start to your sunday morning. 57 degrees out there. melissa said -- vanessa says it is a mixed bag today. don't forget that we are always on facebook and twitter and you can join us. you can also tweet us at cbs new york. former mayor michael bloomberg wants to give the nra a run for its money.
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demand more background checks they have also prevented some states from passing laws that carry a gun. ernie sanders has come out swinging -- bernie sanders has fundraiser dinner. he told about 6000 that he would govern based on principle and not poll numbers. he criticized hillary clinton, who was also at the dinner, for some of her positions, but he did not mention her name. we will see what is coming up on face the nation. >> john dickerson joins us live with a preview. good morning. >> this morning we will talk to donald trump who is the head of the new battleground tracker poll. we will also talk to chris christie was trying to get the nomination on the republican side. we will have new poll numbers from the battleground tracker. we will also talk to the
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ranking democrat on the committee. we will talk about the benghazi hearings and the shape of the house of the representatives. it will probably have a new speaker with paul ryan. we will of course talk about the threats on the terrorism issue. we will have a roundtable to figure it all out again.>> lots to talk about as always. thank you so much. remember you can catch john dickerson on face the nation this morning at 10:30 right here on cbs2 time now for the forecast. vanessa murdock is here . it looks like it is going to be a decent day today. we are pretty much socked in with clouds in the morning and we will have showers. they break up in the afternoon in the forecast improved storm there on out. let's look outside right now as we look across the city skyline high atop the empire state building. a few showers and 57 degrees
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which out -- with south winds. we will have afternoon and nearing clearing and it will be -- and evening clearing and then it will be clear for monday. midweek rain. we've had up to half an inch of spot -- of rain and spots this morning. it looks like wednesday is the day. yesterday we had a high of 57 which was below seasonable. today more mild at 65. tomorrow 58 and then tuesday high of 60. on the vortex satellite and radar, a cold front pushing and our direction bringing the showers you see now. there moving at a good clip to the east. we will see lingering opportunities for showers through the noon hour and then it is back here to the northwest in binghamton where it will clear. you can see a few showers across the great lakes this morning. the cold front is making its approach and ahead of the cold front wind is out of the
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hence the mild temperature once the cold front passes, the cooler air will dive in. the 30s and low 40s. the 50s. then fast-forward to what we expect for midweek. this is the remnants of patricia and the storm system that has been impacting texas. though storms will make for rain here midweek. thursday we will have showers early and late clearing skies. midmorning we will start to see some breaks and by the afternoon we will see more sunshine. sunshine. mostly sunny skies on tuesday. will thicken as the storms chat -- the storm system associated makes it way to us. we will see those clouds late tuesday and then wednesday will
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cowboys and the forecast is dry. game. breezy with northwest wind at 10-15. sunset shortly after 6:00 tonight. we have a high today of 65 and showers giving way to son. the wind out of the southwest will become northwesterly -- to son rick -- to sun. wind out of the southwest will become northwesterly this afternoon. there will be a little bit of -- it will be a part -- be on the brisk side and we will have wind chill to talk about for the monday commute. tomorrow afternoon it is mostly sunny and 58. a couple of degrees below the norm. a beautiful start to the week. tuesday looks lovely. by late in the day the clouds will thicken and 64 will be the high on wednesday. could be heavy at times. we could see isolated flooding on wednesday in into thursday.
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thursday 67 and then the temperatures drop. 58 on friday and halloween with a high of 56 and plenty of sun. football today and we are preparing for the mets in the world series. by the time they take the field in kansas city, it will be five days off. is that too much time? five days of an they have lost five of the last six world series. that harvey will get the kit -- get the ball in game 1. jacob gets a little bit of a rate -- of arrest. then jacob degrom for game two followed by noah syndergaard . the mets are experts at getting the ball into play. they were number one in baseball this year for contact percentage.>> up we are not striking people out, we had better catch the ball. as i just said, we have to make
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the right people there. i think we will strike people out because i think our guys have good stuff.>> reporter: kansas city fell just short of the world series last year to san francisco. it did not take long for ohio state to establish dominance against rutgers. the offense was struggling in columbus. the new guy has proven to be a bit of a nightmare. jt pierret accounting for touchdowns. ohio wins 49-7. welcome stephen weatherford back to the nfl. the former punter has signed with the jets. he made the announcement as he was doing a radio show yesterday afternoon. and they actually only be for one week as the regular punter, ryan quigley, is dealing with an injury. we will show you what happened on the ice with all three teams. but, andrea, this is why steve
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weatherford stays healthy in the off-season. so he can play on any given sunday. >> he does and we are happy for him. the time is a: 19. a big -- 8:19. a big expansion for uber. looking for a forever home, it is for a friend time.
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morning. this is brown butter sage
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-- and pasta. >> when you squeeze, the should be no cracking whatsoever. before you bring them home, but the mushrooms in a brown paper bag. that way they can breathe in the refrigerator and last for 400-5 days. -- four for-five days. -- 4-5 days.>> then we add the sage. as that emulsifies, i have the whole wheat pasta. i like the feeling of whole wheat with this more than white pasta. then just a touch to bring out -- to bring it out.
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smells like fall. thank you so much. >> you are welcome so much. friend section. first we would like to introduce you to this little lady whose name is chiquita. she is a chihuahua and the name suits are well. she is three years old and supersweet. she actually has a sibling whose name is julia who look she would do well in a home with more than 1.. she is super friendly and loves the company. i love the face. look at her. >> she loves being on tv and she is not nervous at all. >> she is eating up the attention. read is a chihuahua mix and he likes to be the head of the household. he is going to be in a one dog family more or less. he is definitely top dog.
8:23 am
baseball fan and i think he is ruling -- rooting for the mets. he is keeping an eye on this little chihuahua over here. >> it is funny to see them interact. chiquita is keeping her distance. >> he owns this, doesn't he? >> both are beautiful pets and both can be part of your family. if you want information, look up the furry friend finally on
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the chiquita has a sister too. breaking news. a million-dollar home in the queens is part of a crime scene after partly turned violent. two people were shot in the gunmen is on the loose. investigators have still not
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found the murder weapon. today, they will shut down the fdr drive to located. we will tell you when and for how long. warmer today and expect rain showers. vanessa murdock has the latest. good morning, it is coming up on eight good morning, it is coming up on 8:30 on this sunday. the top story is straight ahead. first, vanessa murdock has a look at the forecast. a good day for football weather. this morning a little soggy and this afternoon we will start to see the sunshine. overall, not a bad way to end the weekend. let's look at the picture. it is impacting 24th and long island where we have scattered showers from the city and
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points west. the skies were clear a little later on in the afternoon is when we will see the brakes. this afternoon, temperature wise it is very mild. it is 59 in greenwich and 60 in the hamptons. when we calculate the temperature change, it is huge. inspired her -- sparta, it is 23 degrees warmer. nice and mile to start. we won't warm up that much. take a look at the breakdown. it feels like 60. by noon 63 with mainly cloudy skies. there may be a few stray showers out there. that will be east of the city. by 3:00 this afternoon we are seen sunshine with partly cloudy and 65. it will be 61 and feel like 59. tonight 55 with mainly clear skies feeling like 52.
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tonight, what is going to tonight, what is going to happen as the skies start to clear, cooler air will plunge in. the overnight lows into the 30s and 40s. tomorrow morning, when you wake up, we are talking about a 10- 20 degrees temperature decrease. certainly some swings in the fall forecast. back to you. now, to breaking news in queens. a birthday celebration takes a violent turn after two mack mentor shot. police are searching for the gunmen. cbs -- cbs2 ilana gold is live in bayside . >> reporter: it happened outside this home on 28th avenue. this is a quiet, high-end neighborhood and police the pat this area blocked off all morning while they tried to get answers. this is the scene between balboa boulevard and 113th
8:28 am
a birthday party and is victims left, there was an argument. a man walked up and pulled out a gun and shot them both in the torsos. one victim's 27 and is in critical condition. the other victim is 23 and is in stable condition. the nypd had a busy night dealing with violence. this is the fourth incident they have responded to within two hours. the other ones are in canarsie, williamsburg and brooklyn. none of those have life- threatening injuries. back your life, two men were shot during a house -- back here live, two men were shot during a house party. if you have information, they want you to come forward right away. we are live in bayside, queens, ilana gold , cbs 2 news the nypd continues to search for the wealthy -- the weapon that was used to shoot and kill officer randolph holder. fdr will be shut down from
8:29 am
eight fdr will be shut down from 8:30-10:30 between 96th and 132nd street. there was a demonstration front at the harlem police station where randolph holder worked . >> we come together so that no mother has to be without their son like officer holder's mom.>> reporter: the shooter, tyrone howard is a convicted felon was able to avoid more chill time because of a diversion program. the funeral will be at the queens. the funeral will be at the same place. after that, officer holder's remains will be flown to his native guyana for the funeral. hurricane patricia has combined with a powerful storm system and is pummeling parts of texas.
8:30 am
flooding concerns in southeast texas and they remain under a flash flood watch and to -- there tomorrow. cars washed away and houses were submerged under raging water. railroad tracks washed away and a freight train derailed causing the crew members to swim to safety. patricia made landfall as a category five storm and surprisingly left little damage. some homes and 9000 acres of farmland were destroyed. there were downed trees and landslides, but no reports of death or injury. a fire destroyed and historic new jersey -- a historic new jersey synagogue. firefighters believe fire was accidental. flames ravaged the synagogue on friday in new brunswick. a caretaker was alone inside
8:31 am
the building when the fire started. he managed to get out safely. several torah scrolls were destroyed. a rabbi said the firefighter helped rescue one squirrel. -- scroll. accidental. a state licensing system for uber. here is jennifer. >> reporter: uber is pushing to the east saying that thousands of long islanders have downloaded the app onto their phones to hail drivers.>> uber is very fast. >> reporter: they wanted an alternative from the long island train station.>> you have to share a cab and with uber it is just me.>> reporter: writers in nassau taking trips
8:32 am
to and from new york city. uber is considered a car service company operated by the car and taxi commission. uber released a report saying that it would create thousands of jobs and help with thousands of theirs. -- fares. they have a strong customer base and are efficient.>> they are licensed and mark when it is a cab -- marked when it is a cabin you know which you are going to get.>> you have to think about it. the more uber cars, the less money that drivers will be able to make.>> reporter: with good reason. the promise of good movie -- good money and flexible hours. would you consider switching question mark >> it is a possibility.
8:33 am
well.>> reporter: the new york legislature must overhaul the insurance regulations. lawmakers are expected to take that up when they convene in january. cbs 2 news. the governor says a statewide policy would be better than a complicated city by city uber rules. the mets are flying to missouri a 10:00 this morning. yesterday was the final workout at citi field. we found out that matt harvey will start game 1 of the world series. he has 16 strikeouts and most importantly two wins. he is the kind of guy that wants the ball because he rises to the occasion.>> i gave him all the reasons with the rotation. i said, are you ready for it? he looks at me and he said, dam right. so, -- i told him that there may be obviously a chance at two starts.
8:34 am
he said, i will be ready.>> reporter: the mets are breaking -- banking on their pitching. then jacob degrom will start game 2 . then there will be noah syndergaard . stephen harvey said he is ready to go -- matt harvey said he is ready to go. >> you have seen the scary stories on facebook. the most recent urban legend spreading on the internet. we have decorating ideas anyone can do for halloween. here is vanessa murdock with your forecast. >> it is gloomy , but this afternoon we will see sunshine. then the sunshine starts the workweek. we will have the full forecast coming up. remember rain or shine that you
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it is starting to look a morning. as the nasa says -- the nasa -- vanessa murdock says, it will clear later on. the long breach press
8:38 am
telegraph says that a soldier missing since the korean war had his remains into a sister days ago. he will be built -- be buried at rose hill memorial park in la county on friday. the couple that kim davis denied a license to was married. april miller and karen roberts for married . after the supreme court legalized same-sex marriage, kim davis refused their license. they got their license when kim davis spent days in jail last parents. maybe does a friend uploading an important message from the police on the facebook page about the latest gang initiation craze. are these real or not? is it just a rumor?
8:39 am
another warning from a friend or relative in your inbox. this one cautions that if you are driving at night and eggs are throwing nature windshield, don't start to -- stopped to check your car because criminals could be waiting. this shows it happening to a michigan. so, it could be true, right?>> there has not been one confirmed incident.>> reporter: this is just one of the latest to be passed around on the internet. urban legends are the things that goalies are made of. >> are the majority of the stories mostly chores false -- true or false?>> reporter: the recent warranty -- warning came
8:40 am
complete with pictures of adulterated gummy worms. again, the story is false.>> before you share or post, do some research.>> reporter: it is more likely to be real if it has specifics including an exact, today -- -- an exact date, time and police source. despite not being based in reality, these internet rumors can serve a purpose.>> they serve as a public service announcement to get people to be more aware of their surroundings.>> reporter: if you are a facebook user, you have probably seen a warning that the social media site will institute a fee to keep posts private. this too is false.>> it is
8:41 am
it is real or fake.>> i don't facebook. vanessa murdock is here with good news today .>> we have some needed rain this this afternoon. the extended forecast has a little of everything in it. let's see what is happening across the region. most of us are 10-20 degrees warmer than this time of the yesterday. this is david taylor in bayonne where there have just been 4/100 inches of rain. northwest, it is 51 degrees. she is in oakwood, new jersey where just one quarter of an inch has fallen. we expect more wet weather before it is all said and done.
8:42 am
across the skyline, it is dingy this morning. it is 57 was showers around. wind is out of the hour. the sky will clear later. the general trend is clearing. cool and bright to start the week and it looks lovely on monday and tuesday. rainfall arrives wednesday and into thursday with thursday getting the brunt of it. it is a good thing as long as we don't have to deal with flooding which is a possibility. looking at the gore-tex satellite and radar -- vortex satellite and radar, there are set -- there are showers associated with a cold front. ahead of the front the wind is out of the south west -- the southwest. as the front crosses, the cooler air will dive in. we will bottom out in the 50s
8:43 am
and the 40s and many will be in the 30s overnight. you can see the contrast. the front is right about here in cincinnati is at 53 right now. chicago and 51. we will feel similar differences tomorrow morning. hour-by-hour, let's look at the sky conditions. for the morning hours, loss of cloud cover and spotty showers. there may be some stray showers still around, but after 12:00, the general trend will call for clearing skies with the clouds breaking up and clearing skies returning. then overnight the skies clear and monday we have sunshine and it will be on the cool side in the 50s. on tuesday, the majority of the day will be mostly sunny. the clouds will thicken in the evening and this will be the rainmaker for wednesday and into thursday.
8:44 am
remnants from patricia that will be here in the form of moisture. we will track that and then in the meantime we will watch the wet weather moves out and in the skies clear. game time on tuesday it will be wednesday looks perfect at 49 with clear skies. the game is the day: 07 in the evening. wind out of the southwest and 15. that will usher in the cooler air and the temperatures will drop. 43 overnight in the city and 30s in the suburbs. the wind chill will be a factor in the day early tomorrow. it will look lovely tomorrow. tuesday 60 degrees with clouds thickening late. there is wet weather on wednesday. it will be 64 degrees on wednesday.
8:45 am
thursday we will have wet weather with partial clearing and a high of 67. we will be in the 50s for the halloween holiday. let's talk hockey. it doesn't matter that it is early in the season. when they hit the ice, you know what will be a fast hitting attacking game. you know what is broadway versus broad street. lundquist is making place to start the season. his goal average is 2 for the first seven games. 46 saves against the flyers. it came down to dominic moore versus steve mason. mason wins and the rations fall -- rangers fall. the jersey boys are seventh in the nhl and power plays. adam scored the sixth of the season which by the way, tyson for third in the league doubles to be the sabres 4-3. islanders
8:46 am
first time in saint louis and 10 years. st. louis actually up -- outshooting them by 18. new york got the goal that town at the most. microphone ski in overtime skated away with the 3-2 victory. they are looking pretty good. the time is 8:49. distinct peak as is what it -- at what is coming up. we will be right back. are you getting the internet speed you need? [excited yelling] ah, yes! you cannot stop it! aww...your mom liked my post. you're friends with my mom? we all use it differently. so why should we get it all the same way? now you don't have to. with time warner cable, you get speeds from 3 megs, all the way up to ultra-fast 300 megs. with no data cap. no long term contract. even wifi you can use at home and on the go. call us today. prices start at $14.99 per month. if you're not happy, we'll switch you back.
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with halloween just one week away, it is time to get your home. here are some ideas that are easy to do. we have author of project kid, amanda king loved.
8:49 am
and you have helpers. welcome to you. >> i have a snow globe which is traditionally thought to be of as christmas. these are just mason jars that you can get at michael's or it could be an apple juice or jam jar. you fill it half with corn syrup and water. the corn syrup slows down the glitter or sequins. then you just shake it up and you -- i painted the lids and put a cork on the top. snow globe. orange glitter? >> yes, just orange glitter. >> reporter: what is hannah working on?>> canada is working on a spider. -- hannah is working on a spider. we said -- we say, happy
8:50 am
halloween, so met -- so let's make halloween happy. you just slip on the pipe cleaners on the site. beads. you will end up twisting the legs around the center to make the spider and then you add the happy spider. >> reporter: there we go. is it easy to make? >> yes, and it is fun.>> reporter: you can make your legs really colorful or do all one color or several colors and change it up. >> what is halloween without candy? these are just mailing tubes that you can buy at michael's or a store. i wrapped it in the kraft paper and i made little facial features with the eyes and the
8:51 am
duct tape in sheet form. i decorated it up and this is tape to make a border. i am obsessed now with glue dots which are these tiny dots that you don't have to use hot glue to burn yourself or you don't have to use white glue and wait for it to dry. you just stick it on and it sticks. it is like the fastest thing and it is austin -- awesome for kids who are typically impatient. >> reporter: that is perfect for handing out candy. let's talk about pumpkins. do you want to show us?>> this is the tissue paper part. she is going to dip or brush in
8:52 am
almost a water down white glue. she's going to paint the side of the pumpkin and that we are going to pick up a piece of the tissue paper and stick it on. then she is going to paint on top of it. you just cover your pumpkin and you keep going.>> reporter: so you just put it right on top? yes, right on top and it gives it a glossy feel. you can make some really beautiful pieces of art and keep them. you can put these in your basement and have them for next year. >> this is another pumpkin that i love that is super easy. you use the little bottles of craft paint that you get at michael's. you squeeze on a glob and then it runs down. you add colors and layer.>> reporter: let's talk about monsters.>> these are necklaces, or you could hang
8:53 am
them on your wall or do whatever you want. they are just wood pieces that you get at michael's. i painted them and i added googly eyes. they are a cute thing you can wear to school and feel like you are celebrating halloween.>> reporter: what are you going to be for halloween? >> i'm going to be an arctic princess.>> reporter: what are you going to be? >> i'm going to be derby from the harry potter movies -- derby -- darby from the harry potter movies. >> reporter: for more information, you can go to for more on the halloween crafts. charles osgood joins us for a preview. good morning. >> good morning steve. just in time for halloween this morning, we will look back on the enduring mystery of jack
8:54 am
we will also have portraits of john sergeant and catch up on john cleese from monty python. we will also check up on harry connick junior. all of that coming up on sunday morning. thank you so much. >> thank you for joining us this morning. cbs 2 news is back tonight at 6:30. >> you can get more information
8:55 am
have a great gesouptnsitth faesinrn a wfiaiblfr 5to00pb anwee t stalngwnad wrealngqu upadpes,oo yocaupadou fari veoupo fteth cleusitthfi milap u n ewouenrtnmt he,r t gbuthma rsotoetio 'rrad mb 1n stertiacon
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