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tv   CBS 2 News at 630  CBS  October 25, 2015 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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he left, he said i love you, i'll see you later and he never came back and he's never going to come back. >> days after losing the man she loved to a bullet, a fallen officer's fiancee sits down with cbs 2 as police discover what could be a crucial piece of evidence in his death. good evening, today, police scouring the area where new york police officer randolph holder
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they say could be the murder weapon. his fiancee tells cbs 2 about a special honor she wants for him. we have team coverage tonight starting with hazel sanchez. >> reporter: officer randolph holder had big plans to marry his high school sweet heart, mary muhammed. tonight she down with us to talk about their dreams to buy a home, have a family, all of those dreams taken away by a single bullet. >> it's the worst feeling ever. >> reporter: mary said she will never getting the pain she felt after learning her fiancee and love of her life and why pd officer randolph holder had been killed on the job. >> we think, okay, they leave, they're going to come home, you know? but you know, sometimes just like tuesday, you know, he left, he said i love you, i'll see you later and he never came back and he's never going to
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every day since holder's death has been a heartbreaking struggle, but she has found comfort in the constant support of family and friends. she tries not to harbor anger over the circumstances of her loss. >> actually, i don't really want to dwell on that. i'm trying to kind of, you know, move away from the negative and positive. >> reporter: muhammed said she is determined that officer holder did not die in vain. he was her strength in life and even now. >> one of his favorite quotes is it is better to live one day as a lion than 100 years as a that stuck with him. and he was a lion. he was brave. >> reporter: mary muhammed is now hoping to launch a name. a foundation that she hopes can raise funding to send unused police equipment to the police
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department of their home country in guyana. that is where officer holder's grandfather and father were both police officers. we're live in mill basin tonight, hazel sanchez, cbs 2 news. now total search for the gun that killed officer holder. >> reporter: a labor of love and lost as the nypd carries out an exhaustive search for any and all evidence in the case of the murder of officer ran dover holder. the -- randolph holder. the highway shut down again as investigators comb eve inch of ground. but it's in the murky depths of the east river that the nypd harbor unit in the middle of the night they found the gun they believe was used to kill officer randolph holder.
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chief of manhattan detectives william aubrey said a police detective in scuba gear found a weapon on the bottom of the river at 3 a.m., a gun police say matches what they're looking for. >> they can maybe only see 12 to 24 inches out in front of them and they're out on their bellies and he ended up finding it. >> reporter: tyrone howard is the prime suspect in the killing of officer holder. he's charged with murder and robbery. >> that forum fits the same -- characteristics. >> reporter: but the firearm is buffeted by current. >> you would assume there would be no prints or dna but let's look at it. >> reporter: no stone unturned in honor of a young man who died place. republican presidential
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chris christie had sharp words for mayor de blasio. he said the mayor isn't doing enough to protect the police. >> when you have liberal mayors who are tying the hands of police officers and murder rate is up 11%. >> we reached out total mayor's office for comment and having heard back. the wake for officer holder is tuesday 9 a.m. the funeral will be wednesday at 3 p.m. his body will then be flown to his native guyana for burial. a three-alarm fire ripped through buildings in garfield, new jersey. you can see the flames shooting out of a window of an apartment. the fire quickly spread to the apartments next door. everyone inside, though, was evacuated safely. is mr. are investigating a deadly shooting at a deli on jerome avenue in the bronx. the victim was a 46 year old man. he was shot around the torso
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area shortly after 10:00 this morning. so far there have not been any arrests. governor christie is apologizing for his appearance today after heading home. it seems he broke the rules of the quiet car. another passenger writes that christi got kick out of the car for talking on his cell phone. the new york mets are headed to the midwest to take on the kansas city royals this week in the world series. while the first game is tuesday, there's already plenty of excitement at citi field. >> reporter: it's the first leg of their journey to the world series. all of the players, including matt harvey, david wright and long island's own steven matz arrived at citi field this morning to begin their championship chase. what is it like to be here right now? >> it's fantastic. it's fantastic. >> reporter: fans didn't think twice about standing here in the cold and rain to show support for the team. >> it means a lot.
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>> reporter: catch a glimpse of their favorite player. who do you want to see out here? >> degrom, wright and harvey. >> reporter: some managed to get an autograph from star daniel murphy. the team loaded on a bus and headed out. >> it's nice for them to be in a world series. >> reporter: the fans can't wait for the team's return at the end of the week so they can cheer them on. are you going to any of the games? >> no. tickets are too expensive. >> reporter: tickets are tough to come by but faith harrison will be here thanks to a friend who gave her one. >> it's a pretty nice gift. >> i think they're going to win the first two and lose the rest. >> they're going to come in and win both games here. >> the mets will be back here at citi field on friday, and if you
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game, you'll have to pay up. only standing room tickets are available and they're selling for more than $600 each. >> and there will be a couple of hometown rallies for the mets tomorrow. first at queensboro hall. that's from 3-0 and on long island there will be another rally on the front steps of the theodore roosevelt building. that begins at 5 p.m. the mets weren't the only team in the spotlight today. steve. >> if rivalry week is actually a thing in the nfl, this was it. the giants facing the cowboys and the j either trying to do something that no team has done this year, beat the patriots. we'll show you how it went later in sports. also ahead, a pricey house turns into a party scene, then a crime scene. the people just taken into custody in front of our cameras. >> plus why one town skipped halloween and turned themselves into a christmas wonderland just to make a boy's wish come true.
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>> no winter wonderland for us, even though temperatures are a little on the chilly side this week. we have several chances for rain, and we need it.
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police are searching for a gun man as a pricey house in queens rented out for a party became the scene of a shooting. cbs 2's matt coczar has the story from bay side. >> reporter: on the sidewalk near the party house, officers handcuffed this man and woman and took them into custody, one top even confiscated the woman's fluffy maltese. it's unclear why they were arrested but neighbors say the woman lives with her mom inside this upscale home on 28th avenue in bay side queens. sources say they were renting out rooms on the website air b&b.
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morning, they say a man shot two people. the 27-year-old is in critical condition. it's unclear what led to the shooting. the gunman got away. liquor bottles, party cups and cans scattering the front lawn, are reminders of what happened toe posh, spanish-style home. records show the house sold in 2006 for $1.7 million. house. >> reporter: maria has lived here for 35 years and never seen anything like this. joining the chorus of angry neighbors. >> it is a disgrace because it's a good neighborhood, it's clean. >> reporter: detectives have been going in and out of the home along with a cleaning crew and as you can see, yellow crime scene tape still drapes the front door. something you don't ordinarily see in this neighborhood. elise finch is up next with
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plus a bust that even took police by surprise. plus a dramatic water rescue. watch the fisherman save the life of a baby found floating in
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new at 6:30, 400 bags of heroin and a baby. this photo shows a 1-year-old girl at the scene of an arrest in howell township, new jersey. police say the girl's mother and the man you see here had her with them while they were dealing drugs. the baby is now in the care of a relative. we have remarkable video
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and rescuing a 18 month old syrian boy off the shores of turkey. the refugees were trying to make it to greece when the boat sink. the boy was returned to his mother's arms in turkey, alongside the man who saved his life. and a new video tonight shows thursday's dramatic raid by u.s. and kushdish forces in iraq. >> the video posted on line shows about 70 iraqi hostages being freed during the gun battle. a veteran soldier was killed during that raid. heavy rains from the remnants of hurricane patricia are flooding streets around houston, texas. rescue crews helped dozens of drivers who got caught in the rapidly rising drivers. one man was forced to abandon his car and wade to safety. what's left of patricia now heads east as residents assess the flood damage and begin
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time to check in with elise finch and your exclusive cbs 2 forecast. what can we expect in our area? >> we can expect some rain and we need it. there's some more rain on the way. let's check in with our weather watchers and see what's that's doing to our temperatures. we have upper 40 and low 50-degree temperatures as we head into the hudson valley. mark and janine say it's 53 degrees where they are. this is les, he said it's 62 in littleneck. nice recovery. yeah, i'm going to agree with you and i think most people will agree with you, it was a nice recovery. we knew the rain was moving in late last night in the overnight hours and it would linger into this morning but we would indeed see the clearing skies by this
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right now, skies still sort of clearing up. 63 degrees. winds out of the north-nifty at 15 -- north-northwest at 15 miles per hour. for some of us, just barely drops, approaching a quarter inch in poughkeepsie. rain didn't help us out tremendously. we still have a significant deficit, more than 8 inches. we need 8.3 more inches. we will add to that this week. we have a chance for a good soaking midweek. high temperatures today, not bad. 65 to 70 degrees. we hit 70 in newark, 69 at jfk, 68 for bridge port, central park and laguardia. take a look at your vortex satellite and radar, it shows the clearing we were talking about, so we had the clouds and rain overnight, early this morning, but things are clearing
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continue to watch higher pressure move in, so things are looking good. we get moon lit skies tonight, on the chilly side, so just know that we're in for a chilly night tonight. tomorrow, we have cooler temperatures but we get that with some sunshine, so it's a nice start to the workweek, though chilly. tuesday looks to be another winner. we're talking about a nice day and then the rain moves in. as we continue on, we go through tonight, we're talking mostly clear skies. about 43 degrees tonight, so it's a little chilly. tomorrow, the high temperature only 57 degrees. so today we were 65 to 70. tomorrow, we'll be struggling to get out of the 50s and then take a look at what happens tuesday, a nice one, lots of sunshine, 60 degrees. wednesday is the soaker. 64. temperature not bad but we get a good rain so it will be wet and windy and rainy. remember, we do need that rain so it's a good thing. beyond that, things dry out nicely this time for halloween.
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>> it was nice out there today. ditched the coat. we'll get the rain coats out for later in the week. well, it's not even halloween yet but one town in canada is already celebrating christmas but for a good reason 7-year-old evan has a brain tumor and doctors say he won't make it to december 25th. so the entire town of saint george, ontario, wanted to make his final wish come true, to celebrate christmas. they decorated the streets and held a christmas parade. >> i said to him, you know, merry christmas, evan and the first thing he said is merry christmas, mommy. >> it's the most amazing thing. >> and of course, santa claus also came by. he gave evan a ride on his sleigh. still ahead, we'll hear from
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kansas city and steve overmyer
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tt2watx#@n4 p bt@qj4@ tt2watx#@n4 p "a@qz8$ tt2watx#@n4 p bm@qq3( tt4watx#@n4 r dztq 4/, tt4watx#@n4 r entq d+l tt4watx#@n4 r gzt& ],4 tt4watx#@n4 r hnt& m"x tt4watx#@n4 r iztq 'k tt4watx#@n4 r jntq 5;@ tt4watx#@n time to check in with steve overmyer and your cbs 2 wfan sports update. the mets in kansas city? >> and ready for game 1, which isn't until tuesday. but they're there and may have had time to celebrate and bask in the glory of winning the pennant. i think that switch flipped today when they hopped on that flight to kansas city. in the middle of a light rain this morning, the mets hopping on a bus to make their way to
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the airport. for years, the mets have been known as the second baseball team in new york. now they take the spotlight in the fall classic. this is even different from the last world series, because well, the yankees were in that one, too. now the bandwagon is loaded up as the mets are the center of attention. >> there's a handful of more people who have recognized us on the street. but, you know, i think it's just the city is really excited now. >> the guys ask you, is this what it was like in '06 when you're going out and people are banging on the restaurant windows and people in the restaurant are chanting "lets go mets". >> so far the mets have beaten a three-time cy young award winner. so i asked mets beat reporter mike if it actually gets easier in the world series. >> you have to think it would get easier for them, right? how
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kershaw and jake arrieta and zach greinke? they just don't have the talent that the two teams they faced. this week the jets coach todd bowles told me this game against the patriots will not make the season or break the season. and really a departure from previous years. the jets are less about the quote and more about legitimacy. ryan fitzpatrick's numbers pedestrian at the best but he led the jets on five scoring drives. he found his receivers, even the ones out of the back field and gave new york the lead twice. the jets smelling blood in the water, back in the red zone, the fourth, brandon marshall miffs the catch. this cost the jets an 8-point lead. jets and patriots, clearly the marquee match-up in the nfl. top defense against the no. 1 offense, an offense that was
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averaging 28 points a game. jets holding their own but they wilted down the stretch. tom brady with the go ahead touchdown and is anybody covering rob gronkowski? new england hangs on to win. the jets come up to short on taking the division. >> we can't really take any moral victories from it, you know. a loss is a loss but i still -- i love coming to play with these guys on sunday. >> we're fine. it's week seven. we knew what this game meant in terms of being on top in the division and we're fine. we got a long season and we got to get ready for new york next week. >> i should say in another rivalry game, the giants have a 17-13 lead on the cowboys. dominic rodgers-cromartie returned an interception for a touchdown. the giants offense struggling but their leading rusher is former dolphins practice guy or
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finally the nba family is mourning today. minnesota timber wolves head coach flip saunders lost his battle with cancer. he was diagnosed with hodgkins limp ohma four months ago. they said it was curable, that's why this is such a surprise today. >> steve, thanks so much. that does it for cbs 2 news at 6. we'll see you tonight. use of antibiotics over the next few years. but what are you having for dinner tonight? try perdue simply smart and harvestland . two trusted perdue brands of chicken raised with
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