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tv   CBS 2 News at 6  CBS  October 27, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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people waited more than two hours to pay respects. >> we lost one of our valiant officers who was doing what we ask him to do each and every day. >> reporter: officer holder's command officer was one of the first to pay tribute as the casket was draped in the nypd flag, held by brothers in blue. the third-generation police officer will be missed for his dedication, skill, and indue division. >> he was the officer that said, hold on a minute. look. slow down a little bit. let's see what is going on before we go in a situation. >> reporter: the line of mourners stretched more than ma city block. many were law enforcement officers around the tri-state area.
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within of their own for the fourth time in a year. >> we're big family and try to stick together today. >> reporter: commissioner bratton paid respects to the family, along with mayor de blasio scores. retired officer sylvia guest said it's hard for the entire city. how hard was it to see the family? >> it was really hard, really heart broken. all i thought about, this could have been my daughter laying here or my son who is a firefighter. >> you feel we are all family. >> reporter: the wake was scheduled to end at 6:00 tonight, but as i look behind me, there are still people who are arriving to try to pay their respects. huge crowd are expected to line the streets here for officer
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he will be buried in guy january that -- guyana. a grand jury indicted this man, accused of shooting fatalling officer holder. tyrone howard did not appear in court. these are pictures from a previous appearance. the 30-year-old is charged with first-degree murder. police have linked a gun recovered from the harlem river to the shooting. howard is due back in court on november 24. and hazel said the funeral service for officer holder is tomorrow afternoon at 3:00 at the great allen a.m. cathedral of new york in jamaica. his body will be flown to native guyana for burial. you can see the funeral on tomorrow afternoon. as the city mourns the loss of a fallen hero, officials announce two major gun traffic busts. the nypd arrested seven people.
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investigators said they sold a total of 89 illegal guns to undercover police officers. most of the guns came from the south. and now to the mets' championship chase. game 1 of the world series start just after 8:00 tonight. otis livingston has been tweeted from kauffman stadium and look at that gloomy picture of the sky over the field, getting ready for game 1. what's the sense there? i know it's chilly, too. a raw feeling tonight? you have your coat on. >> reporter: yeah, it certainly is since last time i tweet that. it's started coming down a little harder. it was predicted it would rain hard in kansas city around 4:00 and did that. as you can see, it is back to that steady drizzle early this morning. they're ski skiing the tarp and hopefully get the game going at 8:07 eastern time. october 27 is a special day for both organizations, royals and the mets.
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on this day in 1985, royals celebrated their first and only world series title by beating the st. louis cardinals and then a year later, 1986, it was just the strikeout as the mets celebrated their second world series and in the classic over the world series. both series went seven games. matt harvey the comeback player of the year. terry collins was named nl manager of the year and you have to feel for this baseball lifer who has taken some hit in his five year" the mets but is now in the world series and right now is concerned about the weather. >> looks like rain early. i talked to mlb and they pretty much ask if it was a factor to start in drizzle. said no. the ground crew does its job. the one thing we can't have is a big front where we stop in the middle of the game. that's the issue.
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>> reporter: hopefully we can get going at 8:07 first pitch. matt harvey gets the start. we'll have more with steve in sports but reporting from kansas sticks otis livingston. >> thank you, otis. see you in a bit. fans are loading up on barbecue and get a little saucy with royals fans over who has the winningest team. meg baker reports from kansas sticks where both sides are dishing it out but keeping the rivalry friendly. >> i think the royal will win the two games here. and then i think they'll lose one -- i think they will lose one in, uh, one in -- uh -- the mets place. new york. no. >> the mets are going to sweep them. >> no they're not. >> yeah, they are. >> no chance. >> reporter: mets fans invaded kansas city. i took a cab ride with a few to the center of town. >> i met three members of the team on sunday.
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i took three of the ballplayers back. >> reporter: of the mets? who did you meet? >> steve matz. degrom. and jon niese. >> reporter: they gave the driver a mets hat but can't wear in it public. flesh has been so sweet and nice. there's no animosity yet. >> reporter: yet. let's go, mets. meg baker, cbs 2 news. >> new york city and kansas city have loyal fans. 8-point million people call new york city home, close to double in the metro air yeah, just 467,000 live in kansas city. renting an apartment in new york will set you back a little more than $3,000 a month. kansas city renters have more modest bills, $800 a month for rent. one thing the met and royals have in common -- famous fans. the mets count jerry sign
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field, adam sandler, and robert di niro among their listers, while -- >> the medic who fry to stave her is in trouble now. emily smith with the story. >> look, she's coming pack. [ indistinct ] thank god. >> reporter: her daughter, first-grader at p.s. 250 in williamsburg, remains on life support at nyu.
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school wednesday but there hasn't been a definitive answer as to what she was eating, if anything. the little girl's family hired an attorney, who hold the school responsible. >> it would seem if somebody is choke on something they should be prepared to deal with the situation like this. >> reporter: instead, a paramedic for assist ambulance tried to save girl and is suspended without pay. he got a knock on his passenger side door while assists and transporting a nursing patient and jumped out to help. >> there was no one -- doing anything to help her, you know? everyone was standing away from her. they told me i should -- she started choking. >> reporter: reid believes at least five minutes had pass by the time he arrived and he thinks he was the first to call 911. fdny's ems and the family arrived less than five minutes after that. >> when i walk to the hallway, i remained on the floor. a whole punch of blood everywhere.
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i screamed her name out. >> reporter: new york city department of education would not go on camera, only issuing this statement. "bind the information well, believe the principal and faculty respond swiftly to the emergency, note fig 911 and is student's family immediately. we continue to monitor the situation. " but the family disagree and wants to know where the school nurse was or anyone who could have help. >> somebody, paleal pleads tell me what happened. >> reporter: she remain in the hospital at nyu on life support and is brain-dead. they're hoping for what they call a miracle. emily smith, cbs 2 news. despite campaign promise, the homeless problem in new york city appears to have worsened on mayor tabla's you's watch. the growing problem, forcing mbta and amtrak to spend millions of dollars to get homeless people out of transit
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hubs. >> reporter: terry spend a lot of time in the long island railroad's atlantic terminal in brooklyn as because she found an electrical outlet to plug in her smartphone -- really. apparently, there are number of outlets. >> it would be tacky to go in starbucks because i'm broke >> reporter: she can't be accommodated at shelter. where will you sleep? outside. >> reporter: it's cold out. >> not that cold yet. >> reporter: what will you do when it gets cold? >> i will address that when it gets here. >> reporter: terry and people like her is the reason why the mts spending $5 million to reach out to the homeless who have increasingly been taken to sleeping in transit hubs. these homeless sleeping in penn station this morning near the long island railroad gates. listen carefully. that's an mta cop beating on the wall with his night stick
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to wake up the homeless. he wasn't very successful. most trade they were. an mta spokesperson insisted the officers followed protocol. officers seem to get people off the floor and they will provide information about shelters but usually, the offers are refused. recently released statistics show the number of people entering shelters increased under mayor de blasio and stay longer. it angers advocates. >> all of a sudden it's everybody else's fault except this mayor's. when will he accept responsibility? there are many, many, many more homeless people. >> reporter: with all the figures released recently, there's one that jump out at you. the nypd said for the first nine monthses of 2015, over 3600 people rejected cops' attempts to bring them to city shelters, more than double the number for the same period last year. >> rejected. "i don't want to go." >> i'm not going. that's it. >> something so wrong with that part of this, too. >> indeed.
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>> marsha, thank you. how much would you pay for a world series ticket? well, governor cuomo's campaign office helps $5,500 and the office plans to keep the profits. dining with your dogs. what you need to know about the law. i'm taking a peek at the radar and watching rain close to our area. it will affect us tomorrow. one of your commutes, a.m., or p.m. -- one will be worse. we'll talk about this and the forecast for the games in just a bit. coming up on the "cbs evening news," a violent arrest in a south carolina classroom. we're all one family here. cbs 2 -- >> proud to be part of cbs 2 as well. >> back at you. >> we're looking at the violent takedown of the high school student and her classroom by the deputy sheriff in south carolina. the fbi and justice department
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launched investigations of their own. we're gonna have a look at that and the use of resource officers in all of our nation's schools, coming up on "the cbs evening news" at 6:30. patients across the country have spoken. they recently rated their care experience at over 3,500 hospitals nationwide
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scammers are selling world series tickets and making money but is governor cuomo making money, too? his campaign is offering pricey tickets when the world series comes to new york. some mets fans wonder if that's legal. >> i got my mets belt and mets shoes. >> reporter: decked out in orange and blue, tim has everything he needs for the world series, except an actual seat. >> i got the standing-room ticket voice paid $700. >> reporter: soaring ticket prices out of reach for most fans. now, grumbling to hear governor cuomo's cashing in on mets fever? his re-election campaign offering tickets for $5,500 each. contributors attend a 90-minute pregame reception with the governor at a citi field luxury box, then get to stay and watch game 3 or 4. a campaign source said they purchase limited number of tickets for the fundraising event. fans said it sound like scalping. >> it seems sketchily championship like it's bike
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votes. >> reporter: the fundraising practice is legal but looks bad. >> this constant auction off access to the governor really is unseemly and highlight what's wrong with our campaign finance system. >> reporter: a source said the campaign bought a few dozen tickets from the mets at face value. >> doesn't seem like a regular person would be able to get it. >> reporter: political veterans said it's a perfectly legitimate fundraising tactic like broadway event that include entertainment, a very common practice. >> you need to raise an awful lot of money to raise campaigns -- this is about one of the cleanest and straight forward, open types of campaign events you can find. >> that's why we need to change the laws. >> reporter: some fans think it's a bad call, but fans of the governor write off the criticism as part of the game of politics. carolyn gusoff, cbs 2 news. >> officials would not elaborate on how they obtained
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a few dozen tickets at face value. did you know it's now legal to dine with your dog on restaurant patios in new york state? governor cuomo signed the "dining with dogs" bill into law late last month. they need to be on a leash and restaurants can still say no if they don't want the dogs there. other states such as california, florida, and maryland already have similar laws. let's check in with lonnie quinn and the weather here. we have the world series later this week and you know let us know about kansas city? >> we'll talk about everything. we'll see bigger rain mover in tomorrow. if you take a peek outside, the skies have been cloudy. we don't have the cloud cover and 55. 60 would be normal so you're just off the mark and temperature-wise, very similar setup to kansas city and for game 1 tonight, about 56- degrees when the first pitch is thrown at 8:07. a slight rain chance.
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rain today, could be leftover rain during the game. 20% to 30% chance tonight. tomorrow, 49, clear sky, colder but a drier set up. we see cloud, rain to the south and west. this will be make its push into the area. it won'ts miss us. we'll pick up rain tomorrow into thursday. the rain will arrive in the morning but not a rough morning commute, especially west of the city. it's not super heavy. it will intensify into the afternoon, a tougher evening commute. wind will be a big factor with gusts of 40 miles per hour or stronger. winds at 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. for coastal communities. for tonight, rain develops towards dawn, 52 and tomorrow is wet so you leave with the up prell lax even when it's not
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66 and take a peek at this. it goes up from there. thursday, you still have the leftover rain for the first half of the day and high temperature will be 72. then you tap in to cooler air. set the clocks back sunday, high offed 60 degrees. for the morning -- it looks -- there's a slight, super slight chance of weather in the morning but for the most park i didn't put on the map -- i don't think it's a big enough risk. i really don't. >> thanks. the mets winning awards before the world series starts. steve is here with that and more. >> it's great to get those awards before the season is over. we'll tell you who and otis livingston is in kansas city with more on tonight's game 1 starter. matt harvey.
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before we get to otis, steve has more here. >> we're chomping at the bit. 8:07 can't come fast enough. the mets haven't seen one pitch in the world series and are receiving honors. terry doll collins receiving manager of the year, the first winning season in seven years. and daniel murphy is on "sports illustrated." don't worry about the si jinx. we're not as worried about the jinxes as about the light rain. heavy rain. otis livingston is joining us from kansas city, where they have had wet weather all day, right ors? >> reporter: yeah, you're exactly right, steve. i think we have gone through the heavy part at 4:00 our time, 5:00 east coast time. it's barely a drizzle so
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uribe was add to the roster but will not be the december ignited hitter tonight. that is kelly johnson's job. they are 7-2 in the postseason. the sporting news comeback player of the year, matt harvey, will try to get things off on the right note. >> this is the world series. i don't think it has hit home for us. along with that, i think, you know, the four of us are so dead kateed and excited to be playing. i don't think any of us have set back and realize what had we could accomplish as a group and we're more excited to compete and do everything we can for our team that, you know, all that outside success or speculation is, um, right now it's about our team and about winning. >> reporter: all right. throwing a little stat out there tonight and hopefully the mets can get on this stat --
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game 1, 17 have gone on to win the world series, including last five in a row. the mets want to make that six in a row, starting tonight. matt harvey start, the dark knight, set this off right for the mets. steve, back to the studio. >> otis, i hope the next time we speak it will be after a mets victory. thank you so much. try to stay dry out there. dana, lonnie, let's hope we get the first pitch in. >> the heaviest rain i think is done. there's leftover rain but is lighter. >> good! good, good, good. we'll be back after this. >> announcer: closed captioning on cbs 2 news is
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buick. amoi setng
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geouofheas g fs. tonight at 11:00, this story. case of alleged discrimination against a dog. a man living on the west side says this animal is a medical necessity but his landlord is trying to kick them both out. >> you're not ill enough to have a dog in the building. >> dave carlin has the exclusive interview and will tell you why the state is getting involved. we've got that plus all the news tonight on cbs 2 at 11:37 >> join us at 9:00 on tv 1055. next on the cbs evening news, new republican at the top, according to a new cbs news poll.
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