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tv   CBS 2 News at 11  CBS  October 28, 2015 11:00pm-11:34pm EDT

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eye on the storm tonight. keep the umbrellas handy. the rain is not letting up, and there's at least one more round moving our way. >> this is not a cage match. how about talking about the issues that people care about. >> on the attack. the republicans attack each other and the moderators. but first -- amazing grace >> the final salute for a fall an officer. thousands pay tribute to a hero. good evening. i'm maurice debois. >> and i'm kristine johnson.
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tony aiello ors on the tune -- aiellos reports on the funeral for officer holder. >> you are relieved of your duty as a new york city police officer, guardian at the gates of new york city, and we send you on your way to your new assignment to be a guardian angel at the gates of heaven. many guardians waiting outside with somber faces and a ribbons on their badges from connecticut to california. >> when someone passes away in the line of duty, there's a little bit of each one of us that passes with them. >> it's painful and heartfelt for the community. >> we know he didn't die in vain because of the all the lines he touched and all the good he did. >> reporter: mayor de blasio one of several speakers who praised holder's lifelong desire to follow his father
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he was an active cop with many accommodations, and his fiancee spoke briefly, praising all who serve and protect. >> to simply wear the uniform of an officer is an act of courage. you chosen to be a bold target and hero it could be argued that to be the loved one of an officer, we choose the same fate. >> reporter: his fiancee clung tightly to his father. shield 9657, the same number as his dad. he was posthumously promoted. a dozen officers will represent the nypd at the funeral in ghana. tony aiello, cbs 2 news. the street flooding started
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early, and tonight, the rain is still coming down, and it could get strong while you sleep. how will it look when you wake up? lonnie has it all. >> reporter: the day will get better as you move along. waking up it could be wet. currently, rain falling out there. wherever you can see the yellows and oranges, big band right now, portions of queens into bergen county, and zoom in tight. this hail is out there. coming down heavy around yonkers, stretching down to pearl river and clarkstown as well. the band will develop at 4:00 in the morning on top of the metro areas, and north of that and south of that as well, and then 7:00 in the morning, the good chunk of the commute is underway and the heaviest stuff is east of new york city. the biggest stuff pushed east. it's 7:00 in the morning. by the time you get to 9:30,
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will have a boater afternoon -- better afternoon, moving along. the rumble depending on what time you're waking up. the clearing, we will talk about that and the 7-day forecast later. >> thank you. now campaign 2016. it was rough and tumble at the presidential debate. >> reporter: the conversation went from heated to hate-filled as the candidates turned on the mod ray it tore. >> reporter: the first debate where donald trump was not atop of the leader board. the latest poll had him trailing ben carson. >> the questions asked so far in the debate illustrate why americans don't trust the media. >> reporter: senator cruz attacked the panel.
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are you a comic book villain, ben carson, can you do math? what about talking about the issues that people care about? >> reporter: two people were attacked. >> you just don't make promises like this. >> he was so nice. he was such a nice guy, and he said i'm never going to attack, but then his poll numbers tanked, and that's why he's on the end, and he got nasty. >> reporter: normally calm jeb bush also going in for the kill. >> you should be showing up to work. literally the senate? a french workweek? you have 3 day to show up or resign? >> do you know how many days john mccain missed? i don't remember you complaining about his votes record.
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>> reporter: carly fiorina kept it issue-oriented, promising to keep the tax code to a bare minimum. >> $19 trillion in debt, and we have isis and al qaeda attacking us, and we are talking about fantasy football. >> i'm wearing a trump tie tonight. get over that one! [ applause ] the antagonism towards the moderators continued until the end. donald trump said he was such a good deal maker, he got cnc to cut the planned 3-hour debate to 2 hours. john harwood claimed the debate was always going to always be 2 hours, and that's absolutely not right, trump retorted. there was a lot more. you needed a score card forker this one.
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>> more than a score card you needed a referee. otis livingston is live in kansas city. despite the uphill battle, there's met fans now that say you have to believe. you certainly do. they are coming home. the only thing the royals have done is win at home. we have the next 3 at citi field this is why it's hard to predict sports. on paper it looked like the mets had the pitching edge. degrom with an earned run average of 1. johnny had an e.r.a. of 8. but johnny won the battle. complete game shutout victory allowing just 2 met hits. ouch! the fireworks just went off as if went final in kansas city. degrom got ambushed by the royals' lineup. a walk and a pair of singles to tie it at 1. the go-ahead run for kc.
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3-1 royals. degrom with the single, and then the 4-run 5th and a 3-run 8th inning for the royals to take game 2 of the world series, 7-1. the mets are done 2-0 in the best of 7 series. noah syndergaard will get the start on game 3. steve overmyer will have more highlights in sports, and i will hopefully have postgame reaction. i will try to get down into the locker room, but for now, the mets are down 2-0 in the series. >> otis, thank you so much. other news tonight, we are following a developing story in the bronx where a man tried to rape an 8-year-old girl. the security video showed the man put his arms around the girl's mouth and assault her as she entered the building on saturday. the girl screamed and he took off. she was not seriously hurt, and so far no arrests. in stanford, connecticut, police are searching for a man
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who tried to rob a mother and threatened to shoot her 4-year- old child. the suspect seen here on security video, trying to rob the woman as she was putting her child in the car. >> the suspect ran away empty handed. new jersey officials have bust and international carjacking ring. the 18 suspects accused of targeting luxury cars along route 17. the state attorney general says 90 vehicles were stolen, shipped to west africa, and sold for premium prices. kenyata hughes was in court today but released without bail. he duct taped a girl's mouth and said he did it as a lesson in savory. parents were surprised to hear
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>> if that was my child, would take action. >> the department of education says he was a volunteer at an afterschool program, not an employee. he cannot return to 292 or any other school. a breakaway blimp. in questions after a military blimp breaks away for hours. >> i came out of the shower hysterical, and i just knew. >> it was a devastating diagnosis, but doctors were able to literally melt her melanoma away. a warning for the next time you plug in. >> all she knew, she was hiding outside to try to protect herself and then the next thing you know, she hears a boom. a new jersey woman calls 911 after she hears an intruder, but it's not what you expect.
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new video of a fiery neighborhood dispute caught on camera here. security video shows the woman approaching this minivan in los angeles, and seconds later the wheel is set on fire.
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police say the vehicle was torched twice overnight, and a friend quickly threw water on the flames. the two neighbors have been at odds for months. state police in pennsylvania say a runaway military blimp is now on the ground and secure. the massive surveillance blimp broke loose in maryland, coming down more than 100 miles away in pennsylvania. the unmanned army aircraft was dragging a tether line and was being followed by army jets it took out power lines causing 18,000 outages. it's unclear how it came loose. a new jersey woman says she was assaulted in a case of road rage. after contacting the police, the victim worries it could happen again. valerie castro with this exclusive. >> i was screaming for help. i was screaming for anyone to help to stop the beating.
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beat her to the point of a concussion on tuesday when she crossed the street near her home in maplewood, new jersey. >> you don't expect someone breaks the law and then they hurt you, and she continued to pound. >> reporter: barnett says this raised intersection was recently installed on prospect street to slow down the drivers who often speed through the neighborhood. she was in the crosswalk when she yelled to a driver to slow down. >> slowed down to the effect of what are you doing? i'm in the crosswalk! >> reporter: the driver pulled over, and she snapped this picture of the woman walking to her. >> i thought she was going to give me a piece of her mind but instead she gave me a piece of her fist. >> reporter: she destroyed her cell phone, and her neighbor was with her. >> i was screaming at the top of my lungs, help, help, police, police!
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to hear her alleged attacker reported it, too. >> the police officer said she filed a report against me and said i had aggravated her. >> reporter: barnett said she was told she would have to handle the case in court on her own. maplewood police said they were aware of the incident but had no further comment. >> what if she kills someone? >> reporter: barnett says even though the police have not made an arrest, she does plan to press charges against the woman who attacked her. valerie castro, cbs 2 news. a bizarre break-in in saddlebrook, new jersey. police took pictures of broken windows a at home on claremont avenue, and the homeowners said a deer a buck with antlers crashed through the window, and andy skala first thought it was a cat, but they were shocked to see the deer running around.
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stopped, and then came back down, and it exited through the entrance, doing more damage on the way back out. >> it turns out the deer was in the house 2 minutes but amazingly did not break anything other than the window. a new combination of drugs to treat the deadliest form of melanoma may have saved one local woman's life. she had stage 4 cancer, and a recent clinical trial showed two medicines together showed remarkable results. >> they are very, very optimistic. there's no reason to believe that they are not going to -- that the results are not sustainable. >> reporter: 3 month was a starting the treatments, her tumors were barely
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businessable, and they soon disappeared all together. lonnie quinn is here. we are in the middle of the rain. >> there's bouts of heavy rain, and you will deal with it while you're sleeping. late morning to lunchtime, we should be dealing with a better picture. my weather watchers are reporting, temperatures around the area, mid- to upper 60s, and look at this. here's the current readings. high temperatures of the day, wait until you see this one. 67, 68. and the warmest time of your day is right now. the temperatures are on the rise. temperatures coming in at 68- degrees with the rain falling, and 68 degrees, the warmest we have been all day long. 60 is the typical. 8degrees above average, and when you look at tomorrow, it's going to be even warmer. a really mild thursday, talking brighter afternoon. until you get to the afternoon, more rain to come, and this is what we are projecting right now. you finish up with this event,
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rain in the rain bucket, we will add half an inch to an inch and a half for most folks, and then the outlyers, it could set up offshore, but the atmosphere has that kind of potential if you have one of the bands over your house. you could have a lot more rain. in the bucket, 2 inches for somerville, new york city at 1.2, and poughkeepsie, 1.8, and islip half an inch of rain. we will another an inch or so on top of that. the vortex satellite and radar showing you the heavy shell has moved into yorktown, and the hail around tarry town, dropping down around to oyster bay, south of that to the rockaways, and that cell right there, it's pounding the area with the heavy rain. it's a relatively small cell. you will deal with the heavy rain for 10 minutes, and it will mind down.
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the rain, dealing with it into the morning tomorrow, and by the afternoon, it's better. game 3 on friday at citi field. 8:07 first pitch. 51, not a problem. for halloween, the high temperature 57 or 58 degrees. by the time the kids go out, lower 50s or so. the extended forecast, we will show you right there. sunday morning, and i want to remind you on saturday night, when you go to bed, turn the clock back, and a slight chance of a shower. 25% chance of a shower sunday morning. >> balmy tomorrow. >> thank you. sports is next. we will be back. >> no, we won't. despite evidence of potential fires and explosions, rechargeable batteries will not be banned from passenger airlines. 540 recalls or complaints involving all types of portable
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some models stems from the age of the product. older battery packs take a charge when they are full and overheat. the faa says travelers should keep it out of their bags but a united nations aviation panel refused to ban them. >> sports is next.
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e 0%ib oic neorgis u estt -favlae enu edt e stt t t pt.etio all right, they are down but they are not out. you need four wins to win the series, and the mets are in a tough spot. the royals can get around the high velocity fastballs, and it's changing the way they are starting. like last night, they threw few fastballs. and the mets were up 1-0 through 4 innings. degrom threw his fastball 60% of the time, and tonight 9% of the time, getting the royal
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treatment if you will. k.c. with the 4-1 lead, and we taught the mets would have the pitching advantage in this one. johnny has had shaky outings in the postseason, but he threw a complete 2-game hitter. the offense brings the best of 7 series to new york. 71:00 the final in that -- 7-1 the final in that one. o'cities standing by. >> reporter: the royals' fans have a love-hate relationship with johnny, and they are loving him tonight. degrom seemed to have the edge into game 2, matching them for 4 innings and then he ran into trouble in the 4th inning. after the game, his manager, terry collins was asked why did you leave him in it? >> i thought it was time to ride jake to get him out of the inning, through one more and get better matchups but the ground ball was perfectly
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those nights, and jake has gotten out of those situations a lot of times so far. >> and the dark knight couldn't get it done in game 1. they will turn to thor for game 3 at citi field to turn it around. the mets have three chances to do the same now at home. >> reporter: we will see you back here in new york. tonight was the season opener for the knicks and the nets. hitting the courts next. the nets setting a franchise records for the fewest wins last year, and how did they
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we will see. the centers for medicare and medicaid services recently asked patients to rate the quality of over 3,500 hospitals. fewer than 10% received 5 stars. among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia.
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i blew out my knee last year. just as college football programs began calling me. i didn't realize i'd get hooked on the pain pills the doctor gave me. i never thought my life could change so fast. for now at least, football and college are going to have to wait.
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welcome back. the nba is underway. the new york starting five off
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a -- and williams with 5. carmelo anthony a nonfactor. the knicks win by 25, and it's 122-97. that's how you start the season. the expectations not so high for brooklyn. opening up against the bulls, and they hung tough, but they couldn't keep up with the accuracy from downtown. the bulls knocking down 14 of 28 from deep to hand brooklyn the loss to start the season. and jason pierre-paul was back on the field for the giant the. they expect him back within the next couple of weeks. >> weren't the mets down in '86. >> they got blown away from the red sox before coming back. >> a little bit of optimism. >> just getting going.
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thank you for joining us tonight. >> up next, stephen colbert. >> for the entire cbs 2 team,
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