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tv   CBS 2 News at 5  CBS  October 30, 2015 5:00pm-5:59pm EDT

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the first two at home before coming back to beat the red sox in 7. bobby ojeda got the victory. this year it goes to noah syndergaard to get them back into the series. >> coming home is big. the mets faithful behind us. the greatest fans in baseball. we are resilient. >> reporter: set aside the importance of the pitching. the formula is simple. you have to hit to win. the mets are batting just .165 with 19 strikeouts and one extra base hit in the series. >> in post-season you face good pitching. that's team gets here. so with that good pitching comes some rough at-bats. they have pitched us very well. we are better offensively. we have to get it going. >> asked if he ever heard the hockey phrase a series really doesn't start until the home team loses a game. he chuckled and said i don't play hockey but said, yeah, that's a good phrase.
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citi field. send it back to kansas city possibly up three games to two. reporting live from citi field, otis livingston, back >> thank you. a couple of big names will field. the piano man billy joel is on deck to sing the national anthem. he has performed it in each of were in the world series. and former mets catcher and hall of famer mike piazza will throw out the ceremonial first pitch. for the fans game three tonight can't come soon enough. excitement is growing and so is the cost of tickets. matt kozar is also live at citi field on the outside there. hi, matt. >> reporter: hey. with tickets costing hundreds even thousands of dollars there's a rumor right now at the box office that around 6:00 a limited number of
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which is why there is a long line forming right behind me. my limit, $300 apiece. >> i'm hoping to get 100. >> reporter: that might be wishful thinking but these ticketless mets fans are hoping to get inside citi field tonight. those with tickets are already waiting in line to get in like george with his lucky shirt. >> we saw murphy and he came over to us and said hi. i bought the shirt and the next couple of days, that's when the streak started. >> reporter: the energy outside the stadium is electric. >> let's go mets! >> reporter: when we brought our camera inside the merchandise tent fans went wild. >> let's go mets! >> reporter: that's where we met lance. >> this is the super mr. met. >> this is rally met. >> reporter: mark made this poster collage apparently the pope is a mets fan too. >> i think it's going to be great. it's going to be loud.
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the fans are passionate. we bleed orange and blue. >> we are seeing lots of costumes, as well. right behind me, 4 in honor of the pitcher take the mound tonight. he has the blonde locks as part of the costume. really exciting here despite the chill in the wind everyone is really looking forward to this game. live from citi field, matt kozar, cbs 2 news. >> speaking of that chill and wind in the air, the game could be cold by the 9th inning. lonnie will have that and your trick or treat forecast in a few minutes. now to some breaking news and a woman grazed by a bullet while riding a city bus in brooklyn. cbs 2's jessica schneider live at the scene in bushwick. >> reporter: that bus hit by a bullet is still sitting in the middle of wyckoff avenue. police investigators have been on and off the bus throughout the afternoon. even the mta chaplin was here
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the scene. the b13 bus was caught in the afternoon. the mta says shots were fired at the bus. at least one bullet hit the bus pierced the side window in the head. that woman went to the hospital where she is okay. but people in this bustling section of wyckoff avenue in bushwick tell me this midafternoon shooting was unsettling to say the least. >> bad for the neighborhood. it's very quiet neighborhood. and the hospital over there and people -- walking around -- very bad. >> reporter: a woman hit in are you nervous? that's what i come to see what's going on here because i live like two blocks away and i come here like barbershop so -- >> reporter: now, police tell me that they are still looking for the suspect or suspects responsible for this shooting. meanwhile, wyckoff avenue here
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green and harmon but the woman is expected to recover. schneider, cbs 2 news. >> glad she will be okay. deadly building collapse in the garment district. a worker died and another was trapped inside a five-story building being prepped for tonight, first responders described the dangers that they faced during that rescue. cbs 2's tony aiello reports. reporter: an ambulance dell view after his three-hour ordeal trapped under tons of rubble in the basement of 27 west 38th street. >> he was in pain. he wasn't 100% lucid towards the end but he started to come back as we started to get him out. >> reporter: there were 19 workers inside when several floors collapsed into the basement killing one and trapping his coworker from maspeth. first responders had a full complement of hand tools and power tools.
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but ultimately they decided not to use the power tools. they were concerned about carbon monoxide levels and that tight confined space and also the noise interfering with communication with the trapped victim. >> reporter: they worked to lift the collapsed debris an inch at a time with little margin for error. >> at one point, we didn't want the debris to shift at another point where it was locate on the victim. but we had about a half dozen guys that were right in under the collapse. >> reporter: the rush of the emergency equipment shut down 38th street keeping hundreds of workers from their offices. >> it's very disruptive but you have to think about the lives of the people in that building. so i'm trying not to make this about me right now. i mean, it's just i can't even believe it. >> reporter: the demolition had proper permits. work will stop until the city determines it can restart safely. in the garment district, tony aiello, cbs 2 news. also a dramatic scene in westchester county when two people were pulled from a
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flames shot ten feet in the air from this audi suv on the saw mill parkway in yonkers around 1:30 a.m. police say the driver slammed into trees after losing control. good samaritans pulled a woman and man from the car. they were treated at westchester medical center treated for minor injuries. a grim discovery in a connecticut yard. the remains of a man and woman. investigators believe they have solved the mystery of a missing couple and now their son faces charges. cbs 2's lou young reports. >> reporter: it's a grisly find in this beautiful suburban setting. human remains found in the backyard of that home back there. presumed at this point to be the remains of the missing connecticut couple of fairfield county, a businessman and his wife. we await confirmation from the medical examiner. the bodies were found in the yard of a vacant home now closed off while forensic
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experts probe what has become a crime scene. jeffrey and jennette navin have been missing since august. their abandoned pickup truck found along the merrick parkway. the owner of the property says he noticed something strange in the yard when he was doing an autumn clean-up. >> the homeowner is an adult male and he has a son. i don't have any comment on a connection. >> reporter: 27-year-old kyle is identified as the pipe suspect in his parents' disappearance. he has shorter hair a light beard and heroin addiction locked up on federal gun charges, he was denied bail today after a federal prosecutor said the evidence strongly suggested the defendant killed his parents. his lawyer left court without comment. are you representing him in the murder of his parents? >> reporter: no comment. >> reporter: a neighbor where the bodies were found looked at the scene and wondered how the woman she knew might have died. >> oh, it's horrid!
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she was a lovely woman. she worked in the library. she worked with kids. she was always up and fun. great to be around. we're very sad it hear it. >> reporter: live in connecticut, investigators are still on the scene. they have been here nearly 24 hours going over that grisly scene in the backyard there. the evidence that makes detectives so certain that kyle navin was guilty includes his own words four different versions of what he did prior to his parents' disappearance as suspicious text exchange he had with his father prior to the disappearance and, of course, his parents' cell phones that stopped working near his home in bridgeport. live in connecticut, lou young, cbs 2 news. six months after a 19-year- old long island college student died of a heroin overdose, her boyfriend is now facing criminal charges. it is the first time nassau
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county prosecutors have charged someone with manslaughter for a heroin injection death. cbs 2's steve langford reports. >> reporter: 19-year-old joseph joudah islip terrace in nassau county court facing half dozen charges including manslaughter and criminally negligent homicide for the heroin overdose and death of his girlfriend, olivia mcclelland. the young man allegedly injecting her in a college dorm roof at hofstra university on april 18. >> immediately, she could not breathe. immediately her eyes were rolling back in her head. immediately, her legs began shaking violently. >> reporter: but it's what happened next or more precisely didn't happen that prompted these serious criminal charges according to prosecutors who charge joudah went home and left his girlfriend to die. >> 17 hours later, at 2:15 p.m., this defendant first notified someone. he anonymously called campus security to report that something was amiss in olivia's room. >> should he be indicted for manslaughter? of course not. >> reporter: his defense attorney disputes the claim
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the young man took so long to alert police and says this was an accident that happened six months ago. this prosecution politically timed, he claims, for next tuesday's election for county prosecutor. >> i have been in constant contact with that office. never once have they said a decision was made in this case to go forward. >> we're not saying he intentionally murdered his girlfriend. these are circumstances that arose that he disregarded the dangerousness of them. >> reporter: cbs 2 spoke to california. he said he has no ill will toward joseph joudah. he is a kid who made a mistake, adding he would like his life. the tragic case being played out authorities say amid an epidemic of heroin addiction in nassau county. in long island, steve langford, cbs 2 news. in. >> imagine coming home from all. just an empty piece of land.
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house while this man was away. >> i'm just a mother who lost her son. >> an officer's grieving more forced to show strength for another family facing the same terrible loss. the message that she wants to you hear. >> plus, moving prosthetic limbs with their brains? the incredible scientific step that could give new people are to veterans. >> and it will be a big night at citi field. you need a big forecast that so we are going to talk about tonight's forecast and also going to talk about your
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break. nypd detective randolph holder's remains arrived in his home country of guyana today for burial. nypd officers carry the coffin off the plane at the country's main airport. about 100 nypd officers traveled with detective holder's family. they will attend a wake today. the president of guyana will
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attend the funeral tomorrow at the main catholic cathedral there. career criminal tyrone howard has been indict in the murder. tonight we're hearing from a woman whose son a police officer was killed this year in the line of duty. jennifer mclogan sat down with that mom who is speaking out for the first time about policy and pain. >> i'm not a policymaker. i'm just a mother who lost her son. >> reporter: irene moore's only son 25-year-old detective brian moore was gunned down by a career criminal suspect last may. she has remained behind the headlines of that nightmare choosing to grieve privately until this week, when the fourth nypd cop killed in 10 months was buried. >> it was a very difficult thing to have to go to another one, especially so soon after my son. it was just actually me holding them and them holding me. >> reporter: irene moore will no longer stand by silently. she thinks the city can do
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the street and the men and women in blue. >> i remain hopeful that something will be done so that none of our sons lost their lives in vain because you know what i'm not going to let that happen. >> reporter: tonight at 11:00, moore will share her personal plans for change. on long island, jennifer mclogan, cbs 2 news. >> and mrs. moore says she came to cbs 2 because she thinks the city can be stronger and safer. campaign 2016. the biggest loser of wednesday's presidential debate was nbc. the republican national committee is blocking nbc's news division from hosting a second event. the party's complaints echo the now famous remarks made by candidate ted cruz. >> this is not a cage match. and if you look at the questions, donald trump, are you a comic book villain? ben carson, can you do math? >> john kasich, will you
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marco rubio why don't ureacin, jeb bush, why have your numbers fallen? how about talking about the substantive issues? >> nbc had been scheduled to host a debate along with the national review in february. the magazine will go it alone now. and in the democratic presidential contest, hillary than never endorsement from the mayor of new york city. which given his low marks in a new poll may be kind of a mixed blessing. here's cbs 2 political reporter marcia kramer. >> reporter: bill de blasio and hillary clinton were all kissy kissy at his inauguration but the mayor is halloween-y decision to endorse her presidential campaign after months and months of public dithering may have a trick or treat quality to it. >> at this point, i don't think an endorsement like that is going to matter much. >> reporter: this professor says de blasio's six-month delay in endorsing clinton monumentally reduced its value
5:17 pm
gives him low marks in handling city issues making some wonder whether the gift de blasio put in her candy bag was savory or rotten. 61% of new yorkers disapprove of his handling of port of and homelessness 28% approve. 53% say the quality of life is worse, 14% disagree. >> i'm supporting hillary clinton end news as cloudy. >> reporter: it came during a cable show where de blasio said nice things about bernie sanders whose socialist position mirror de blasio. some think he made it to get them to attend his iowa presidential forum in early december an event few expressed interest in. >> i'm not certain there's going to be a lot of reason
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and we may find that the campaign says unfortunately we have scheduling issues. >> a spokesman says invitation to the cop five candidates will go out -- top five candidates will go out next week but it could be a haunted house since there are only three democrats left and republicans may not think it's good for their political health to appear with the liberal de blasio. the de blasio also go with the new york mets for the holiday party. the first lady will be curtis granderson and the mayor yoenis cespedes. and as you know, they are both outfielders. [ laughter ] there's a lot going on this weekend. lonnie quinn has the forecast. >> let's get to it. here's what it looks like. right now we have a pretty looking day. you're not going to find rain
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site of the mississippi river. overnight low chilly in the 30s in the suburbs. at 8:07 breezy start. it's been a blustery day. winds back down a bit but you have the potential for gusts at 20 miles per hour. the middle innings about 45 degrees. nothing but breeze out there. 45 feels like 40. 38 because you have a bit of a breeze going. tomorrow high temperatures 56. it's a crisp morning. a few extra p.m. clouds come into the area and trick or treaters, the kids are -- it's a saturday 4 p.m. to 8 p.m., that time frame about 55 degrees at 4 p.m. about 50 degrees at 8 p.m. cloudy with a light breeze.
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we'll talk the marathon forecast a little later. maurice and kristine, back to you. >> thank you. up next, it's like a haunted -- unlike any haunted house you have ever seen. >> it's awesome. >> awesome, yup. this one is in the middle of a police precinct stationhouse. what the officers are hoping to scare up with this house of horrors. >> thousands of runners will test their endures at the new york city marathon. i'm going to give it another try because, well, last year didn't go so well. we'll discuss. >> first, though, dana tyler is here now with a look at what we're working on for cbs 2 news at 6:00. >> reporter: kristine's phone has the hard hat on for her story at 6:00. an exclusive tour of the new retail center american dream meadowlands. she will have a big announcement. and i'm sitting here with sonia rincon for her story tonight at 6:00 about regulating these illegal rentals in the city. >> that's right. so many of those illegal rentals are arranged through "airbnb" and today the city council hearing and councilmembers took a representative from "airbnb"
5:21 pm
to task saying they are not helping identify the landlords creating illegal hotels. >> so it got heated in there and sonia will have that story. thank you.
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let's review: heat, plus relief, plus healing, equals thermacare. the proof that it heals is you. now to new york's finest.
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scary masks and costumes and neighborhood kids are lining up to get a peek inside their precinct house of horrors. cbs 2's matt kozar has more from brooklyn. >> ah! >> reporter: in a room of terror the dead come alive. [ inaudible ] >> ha ha ha! >> reporter: this haunted house is unlike any other. the actors are all police officers who are leading terrifying neighborhood kids through a maze in the 78th precinct. >> a lot of people in the neighborhood, they come to a police precinct for negative stuff. >> reporter: the commanding officer -- >> wah! >> reporter: that's him in the casket, want to change that. and make the precinct house a friendly open place at a time when police-community relations could use strengthening. >> bring in more people to interact with the officers is a good thing. >> reporter: officers spent months preparing for all of this but first, they had to clear the basement. >> we had nothing but boxes. it was storage, paperwork for the precinct.
5:25 pm
then we had a pipe burst and destroyed all the paperwork. >> reporter: with the basement cleared, they built this to the delight of children everywhere. >> scary. awesome! you know? about time, you know, instead of us looking at somebody coming with handcuffs, we can actually have something for the kids. >> reporter: building a stronger community one scare at a time. >> reporter: in prospect heights, brooklyn, matt kozar, cbs 2 news. >> very scary. the haunted house at the 78th precinct stationhouse is open tonight until 9 p.m. >> i love the expression on their faces cracks me up. his home disappeared while he was out of town. >> everything i had is gone. >> he says the county tore it down without warning.
5:26 pm
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this man's entire life destroyed while he was out of state. good evening, i'm metro- dade's. >> welcome back to the broadcast. >> i'm maurice dubois. >> i'm kristine johnson. >> it was a shock for a long island man returning home after a long medical recuperation to find his house missing. his town decided it was a danger and tore it down! cbs 2's carolyn gusoff has the story new at 5:30. >> nothing was left. it's gone. >> reporter: a disturbing homecoming for phil williams out of town for knee surgery. when he returned his house was gone. >> wait a second. maybe i'm on the wrong street. >> reporter: then the shocking realization, this empty lot is where his house stood. >> everything i have or had is gone. >> reporter: the house demolished as part of an ongoing effort in the town of hempstead to clean up the scourge of zombie houses.
5:30 pm
not abandoned. >> they went too far. this house should not have been demolished and they went too fast. >> reporter: town officials say they followed all proper procedures notifying williams with repeated registered october. deemed a danger, they tore down the house in may all the while williams says he was hospitalized recuperating from knee surgery in florida and not getting his mail. me. somebody could have notified me. hey, listen, here's what's going on. >> reporter: gone, says the 69- year-old veteran, his furniture, collections, jewelry. the town tells a very different story saying the house was a hazard. neighbors say they have complained for years. >> the house was abandoned. that's the way it looked. >> windows broken, leaks all over, lots of trash. >> reporter: was the house that bad? >> no. no. no. it needed some repair, sure.
5:31 pm
>> reporter: towns everywhere grappling with the foreclosure epidemic. the process to demolish can take years. >> he was paying his mortgage. there was no foreclosure. this was not a zombie house. >> reporter: williams now suing the town, also wants to know what happened to all of his possessions. meantime, he considers himself homeless. in west hempstead, long island, carolyn gusoff, cbs 2 news. >> the town of hempstead held a public hearing on the fate of the house back in february. williams says he never got that notice either. his home knocked down, another flat out stolen. imagine living in your home for 20 years making payments every month and then one day the sheriff shows up with a moving truck and forces you out. >> you work, you work hard for your house. and then things like this happen. [ crying ] >> so how could something like this happen? cbs 2's dick brennan reveals the scam tricking people into losing everything and anyone can fall for it. watch stolen home tonight at 11:00 on cbs 2.
5:32 pm
has made the decision to send u.s. troops into syria despite previews not to put boots -- previous vows not to put boots on the ground in that country. dick brennan reports. >> reporter: this is a huge shift for president obama, who always opposed having boots on the ground in syria. here's a comment from the president back in 2013. >> i will not put american boots on the ground in syria. i will not pursue an open- ended action like iraq or afghanistan. >> but now the white house says the u.s. will deploy less than 50 special operations forces to fight isis. they will go to northern syria to help kurdish and arab forces with logistics and bolster their efforts but the white house says they won't have a combat mission and insist this is not a change in strategy. >> when the president has talked about combat situations, the president has been quite clear that he does not contemplate a large-scale
5:33 pm
long-term ground combat operation either in iraq or syria. that was his policy at the beginning of our counter-isil operation and it's our strategy today. >> critics blasted the president's move. republican presidential candidate lindsey graham says it shows weakness and will do nothing on the ground. he says the u.s. should establish a no-fly zone inside syria. in the newsroom, dick brennan, cbs 2 news. meet the mets, meet the mets >> back to the championship chase as the mets get ready to play game 3. last time they won a world series 29 years ago. steve overmyer caught up with mets. >> reporter: we have certainly outlined the similarities between this year's squad and world series. both teams started down 0-2. it just so happens that a key member of the series is in the city today.
5:34 pm
hospital at mount sinai with mr. and mrs. met. orozco gave us an iconic image by dropping to his knees after they won. maybe that moment inspired a current met. there are so many flashbacks. when mets win the nlcs, familia drops down to his knees. >> taking my thunder. i'm going to talk to you, boy. no, that's okay, you know what? [ laughter ] >> i'm hoping that he gets another chance. you know? i'll be happy to share that memory with him. >> reporter: orozco said his advice for the mets was to just stay loose because the pressure is on the road. from citi field steve overmyer, cbs 2 sports. >> still to come, a billion- dollar worth of jewels all in one place and you can get a glimpse for only one weekend. we take you inside the shimmering showcase. >> plus, a sneak peek at some of the movies hitting the theaters this weekend. >> and today in history, in 1938, a live radio play ""war of the worlds"" sent some listeners into a panic. some thought the orson wells
5:35 pm
5:36 pm
was happening. rare jewels are on display and for sale if you are ready to pay. cbs 2's vanessa murdoch has a preview of the new york city jewelry and watch show. >> reporter: diamonds that dance. emeralds that mesmerize. it's sensory overload for the eyes at the new york city jewelry and watch show at the metropolitan pavilion. from affordable to i could buy a "living large" mansion for that price! >> you can find pieces that kings and queens and princes wore over the centuries. i know we have tiaras. >> reporter: and they are incredible. this one dates back to 1870! 30 carats of diamonds set in silver. >> the wives of the, um, the lords would be required to wear a tiara to attend the function. >> reporter: if diamonds dazzle you consider this generally. a natural fancy red diamond for five million dollars. >> rarest stones in the world. >> reporter: these unbelievable earrings hold
5:37 pm
diamonds worth more than $1 million. created by marina b, they belonged to elizabeth taylor. and they let me try them on. how much do they weigh? >> i couldn't say. >> reporter: how many carats? >> over 70. >> reporter: i can't even remember. a little close-up. let's move on and give the men something. a $120,000 watch with an exhibition case. while we're looking at watches perhaps you've been looking for one of these, a 1960s serpentine watch. >> these are rare. >> reporter: the turquoise cost $500,000. in the same case these harry winstons, the pair holds more than 6 five-carats, each individual diamond 2 to 3, $1.8 million. from the metropolitan pavilion, vanessa murdoch, cbs 2 news. >> a lost track of all the numbers. wow! the show runs through the weekend.
5:38 pm
>> you think security is tight? >> just a little. just a little. but wow! >> i know. >> nice stones there. >> wow is right. in just a moment here, groundbreaking technology giving amputees something they never thought they would have. >> it feels like it's part of me. >> the new prosthetics they can control with their minds. >> first, dana tyler is here now with a look at what we're working on for cbs 2 news at 6:00. >> reporter: we continue to follow breaking news. an mta bus hit by bullets in brooklyn an innocent passenger hurt. we'll be live at the scene. also, if you have driven down route 3, you have seen it. the old xanadu project at the meadowlands. there are some big changes right around the corner. cbs 2's christine sloan with an exclusive tour and information about the high-end stores moving in. and family fun since 1924. but a new jersey tradition will soon close its doors. saying good-bye to depierre row's country farm.
5:39 pm
at 6:00. prosthetic arms are a poor substitute for the real thing but technology allows robotic arms to be controlled by a
5:40 pm
person's thoughts! cbs 2's dr. max gomez shows us how it's benefiting our wounded warriors. >> reporter: retired u.s. army sergeant first class glen writes his name with ease. he lost his right arm while in baghdad in 2008. he is using technology called coapt allowing him to move his prosthetic arm by thinking about it. >> now it's natural. it's -- it feels like it's part of me. >> reporter: this complete control technology as it's called is like a brain inside a bionic arm. watch as he does everyday tasks like folding this towel and holding a bottle of water. so how does it work? the muscles in his arm send out electricity. >> this is me wiggling my thumb me flexing my elbow. >> reporter: these electrodes on the skin sense the electricity sending a message to the device allowing him to move his arm and hand. >> it feels great to know that, you know, technology is finally catching up, you
5:41 pm
know, i mean i lost my arm in service to my country, you know, and there's people in this country that are trying to, you know, give it back and make my life better so i thank them for that. >> reporter: the coapt team collaborated with experts at the rehabilitation institute of chicago. their technology can be added to any prosthetic arm for between 10 and $15,000. it's available now throughout the united states. >> we don't take enough time to think about how this technology is changing lives. >> i do all the things we do before with the prosthetic but it's easier with this arm. >> reporter: according to defense department statistics, more than 1500 vets are lost one more limbs in the wars. this would go a long way towards restoring independence and self-esteem to the service members. dr. max gomez, cbs 2 news. >> just beyond incredible, right?
5:42 pm
will be available worldwide next year. >> a couple of new movies in theaters this weekend. >> wake up. there's only one wrong in it and that's losing. >> in our brand is crisis, sandra bullock stars as a political strategist who is sent to south america to save a presidential campaign. the odds are against her because no one speaks english in the war-torn country. her rival played by billy bob thornton. for those you into zombies, there's a horror comedy scout's guide to the zombie apocalypse. they hope to defeat a zombie invasion. still alive. >> in your face, neil armstrong. >> but the movie experts say the two previous release matt damon the martian may be the movie of choice at the box office or even a screen adaptation of goosebumps. they just may scare their way
5:43 pm
yet but it started to feel more like winter in midtown. crews opened the ice rink in bryant park today. the popular attraction will be up and running through march. admission is free but you have to pay for skates or bring your own. the winter village features 125 boutiques for holiday shoppers. >> lonnie quinn standing by >> big weekend. >> big weekend. you just showed the skating rink. i think portion of next week will be 70 maybe 75 degrees for some folks. one of the closer readings in the 40s to the city. thank you lorraine. what i have for you in new york city, it's a great looking shot. looking over statue of
5:44 pm
of course the sun is setting. 61 was your high temperature. we have a storm on monday. monday would be the time in question. here's the deal. you have this big one big system from top to bottom in our country. it's two systems. look at this after you have a tornado warning around houston. it's going to be close. right now. you see two systems develop. here's the other one. they kind of just sort of split the difference. now here we are sunday. 1:30 a.m., all right, so the clouds are setting unfortunately. he think you will have a lot of clouds out there. one system goes north. the other one is going south. that's 11 a.m. or sunday.
5:45 pm
it never actually makes its pass into the area. i think we keep an eye on it. that's a big storm. we watch that one for monday. let's talk about what's going on tonight. game three out at the park. citi field will have a start time of 8:07 for the game. about 51 degrees. chilly and dropping to the game. we want to touch upon the marathon. just warm at that point in time. 48 degrees. 2 to 4 p.m. tinfoil time because you wrap those blankets. it's 61 degrees then. covers a good span for some folks. here's how i see the numbers across the board in terms of that warmth i'm talking about. we are going to go 71 on tuesday. 70 on wednesday. and that's conservative by
5:46 pm
i also take a moment to remind you. turn the clocks back one hour on sunday. what is this? about 63 on sunday. anyway. for you and running the race, i think you have cloud cover but the clouds will open up and you will see some sunshine while you're running. >> okay, lonnie. thank you. >> sure. >> appreciate that good forecast. speaking of the marathon, ask any marathoner and they will tell you it is a test of will power. coming up next a look back at my race last year and the reason for my do-over this year. >> plus the city council hearing on "airbnb."
5:47 pm
in the city. vo: today's the day. more and more people with type 2 diabetes are learning about long-acting levemir . as my diabetes changed, it got harder to control my blood sugar.
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get medical help right away if you have trouble breathing, sweating, extreme drowsiness, swelling of your face, tongue, or throat, dizziness, or confusion. today's the day to ask about levemir flextouch . covered by most health insurance and medicare plans. months of grueling training, my friend, and it's come down to this sunday's new york city marathon. >> a true test of endurance and determination. i also personally learned last year that it doesn't always go as planned no matter how much you prepare. the winds were like blowing us, you know, backwards and forwards. >> reporter: doing this interview after crossing the finish line last year is frankly the last thing i
5:50 pm
i was furious. the race didn't go my way. severely dehydrated, disoriented, and unstable. >> when i saw kristine, um, coming through harlem, i could tell something was wrong immediately. her eyes were rolling. >> reporter: a volunteer ran next to me for a bit. it was an all-out mental and physical struggle. fighting to stay alert. and ashamed. i couldn't do better. >> i can't explain the emotional tug of war feeling the support of unconditional love from those closest to me. the sheer disappointment in myself. that was my post. the day after the race. i wrote it sitting in my bed [ pause ] still very emotional [ pause ] tears, ha ha, rolling down my face.
5:51 pm
today without get emotional but the response that i, um, -- that i received from people that know me mostly from people that i have never met was just truly overwhelming. 2015's race is my do on over. endless laps around this track, i have logged a lot of mild, 8, 10, 23, sharing my journey on social media. i have learned there are no guarantees. but that's not what this is all about. it's the amount of training, it's the amount of dedication. [ crying ] >> it's the purpose of seeing something through. really i think it's a metaphor for life. [ pause ] >> wow. um, yeah. so -- i really don't know what else to say. i kind of felt like i put it all out there.
5:52 pm
>> but yeah, it's going to be -- i'm trying to just relax this year. >> i have seen a focus like never before this year. >> yeah. >> i have seen it in the eyes. i see it. >> she was gutting it out. she never quits. >> dana was there, too. people thought dana was running the marathon, too. it was quite a feat. and you know, friends, family, they get you through you it. >> good luck. >> thank you. >> we have to go. we're taking up time from the 6:00. >> that's it for us here at 5:00. we'll see you again at 11:00. the news at 6:00 starts right now.
5:53 pm bullets fly and a bus driver is caught at the fire. plus sparks fly at the city council meeting over "airbnb." >> yes or no? is it on the list? >> the question is not a yes or no answer. >> the heated debate about illegal rentals and the proposed new rules. also, a cbs 2 exclusive an inside tour of the new american dream meadowlands project plus, the flagship to move in. and the world series in new york tonight and the mets need to make a big move tonight in game 3. but first, we start with that breaking news. good evening, i'm dana tyler. it was a terrifying ride home. gunfire erupts in bushwick mta bus. cbs 2's jessica schneider live on the scene in brooklyn with the latest. jess. >> reporter: well, dana, it is
5:54 pm
incredible that no one was
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