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tv   CBS 2 News  CBS  November 2, 2015 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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park section where the victims are being remembered. >> less are looking into the possibility that the driver that caused this crash suffered a medical seizure moments before impact but whatever the cause it's been a difficult few days for the families of the victims. people from the community coming here to the crash site stopping and praying to show support. many coming to pay tribute at the crash site simply too young to understand. others over come by emotion. >> it just makes me so sad of the i can't imagine what her mother is going through to lose her father and her daughter. can't imagine. >> ten-year-old and her grandfather 65-year-old luis perez killed saturday the evening of halloween as they were trick-or-treating when a car plowed into them among others in the bronx. surveillance video moments before shows the car that hit them rear ending another black
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just before it jumps the curb hitting the group. seconds later on lookers rushing to the scene to help. nyanna, her grandfather and a 24-year-old died from the impact. >> i cried. could be one of my own. >> she was in fifth grade here at this school. students returned to class today where grief counselors are available. kids are devastated. >> we were doing trick or treat. after we heard we just left. we couldn't do it anymore. my kids are 13 and 8 and they said mommy that's it of the let's go home. >> last night in a vigil attended by hundreds she spoke about her father a vietnam vet and purple heart recipient and a little girl who was a star. >> everybody loved her. her spirit, her smile her presence was just amazing. >> this local priest blessing
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the spot where the three lost their lives. >> a place where a terrible event happened and now it's a place of prayer and peace because of the faith of the people. >> back live another look at this memorial that really continues to grow by the hour with people from this community stopping to pay their respects. this afternoon we can confirm that police are telling us 52- year-old man who had been driving that vehicle caused the crash was in fact on seizure medication. so far he has not been charged. police considering this crash an accident. reporting live this afternoon from the morris park section of the bronx janel burrell cbs 2 news. >> thank you. we've been cooling this for weeks calling for crossing guards near schools. has the story. >> parents say it's an accident waiting to happen. >> i make sure i have him really tight and they don't let go until we cross the street. >> parents are concerned about intersections like this one on
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spruce street where kids are coming to school with no traffic guards. >> the traffic and congestion has really grown. every place you turn around you get another skyscraper going up so we are worried. >> it's a bad combination. speeding cars heading to and small children walking. >> right up there. it's really dangerous. traffic from all directions and they don't pay attention. kids are running out and you have ten seconds to cross. >> following multiple requests by five schools downtown again today public representatives and school officials demanded the city freese security for families in locher manhattan. >> a pedestrian was struck by a car and killed directly across the street from the spruce street school. >> we can't wait. we need to be preventative. we can't have an accident occur. >> public representatives want to change the recruitment plan.
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right now you have to walk into your local police precinct to position. some say that could be intimidating. at city hall meg baker cbs 2 news. >> there is money in the budget to add crossing guards to the area but they are still working to finding qualified applicants to fill those positions. an arrest in a cold case murder of a finance executive. police have arrested the after her death. her body was found in the bathtub of her upper west side apartment on new years eve 2009. initially they thought she had slipped and fallen. the cause of death was inclusive. the body was later exhumed and they determined she was strangled. her husband pleaded not guilty today to murder charges. gas leak forces evacuations and a new jersey school is canceled for the day. students were removed after
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reports of a strong gas odor in the building. a contractor damaged a gas main a.m. they are making repairs. the library and municipal building were evacuated. no one was hurt and classes resume tomorrow. it is the end of the season for the new york mets for a 12 inning game in disappointment. diane has a look at the highlights, the low lights and the reaction. >> that's in the rare to right center. it sounded good. 1-0 new york. >> game five got off to a good start for the mets and stayed that way for a while as the crowd showed kansas city what home field advantage is all about. >> it was great. obviously it was crazy. stadium was rocking. >> what was it like in the stadium when all of that happened and they tied. >> it got quiet.
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they took the life out of us. >> the royals followed up with five more runs winning 7-2. >> i poured my heart out and gave everything i have and unfortunately tonight it wasn't quite good enough. >> fans wonder if he gave too much by coming back in for the 9 9th. >> i'm mad at harvey and the manager. they have too many good pitchers to let one guy play the whole game. >> he took him out and then took his decision back and here we are. >> if he had won would you be doubting that decision this morning? >> 100% without a doubt. it would have been a great decision. >> others found lucas duda. >> it wouldn't have to be a ridiculous throw like he did. just a high school throw, geez. >> one thing they all agree on. >> we'll get them unwilling year. >> that's okay. we'll get them next year. for next year. >> as the players come back to clean out lockers there are many questions surrounding who
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there's a number of players into free agency so still remains to be seen if they'll be joining the team to try again in 201. outside city field diane cbs 2 news. >> the mets tweeted thank you fans for support all season long. you are truly the best fans. hash tag unfinished business. the mets start the next season against the royals in kansas city. president obama will arrive in newark this afternoon to pay a call on an integrity house, drug treatment center, give a speech at rutgers and meet with newark mayor and then congressional campaign committee events. the corruption trial of sheldon silver is under way after being arrested in january accused of taking $4 million in pay offs and kick backs disguised in legal fees. he'll be cleared claiming federal prosecutors have misinterpreted the law.
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home to russia today as investigators try to piece together new clues about why the plane went down. tina cross has the latest. >> u.s. intelligence sources tells cbs news the russian jet liner that crashed in egypt was not shot down liningly. they are not ruling out a possible bomb on board the u.s. director of national intelligence says there's no proof that terrorists are to blame. >> we don't have any direct evidence of this terrorist involvement yet. >> russian airline officials contradicts egypt reports that the pilot requested to land at the near yes airport because of technical issues. they say there was no pilot error and assist some type of catastrophic event caused the plane to dive into the desert killing all 224 people on board. relatives broke down as the
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to st. petersburg monday. passengers had sent these vacation photos before boarding the plane from the resort town on saturday. the jet liner broke apart in mid air about 23 minutes into the flight. investigators hope the black box flight recorders hold the clues they need to solve the worst air disaster in russian history. tina krause cbs news. >> they have dismissed claims from militants who say they shot the plane down. isis doesn't have missiles capable of reaching a plane at 31,000 feet they say. fred thompson has died of cancer. he was known for 20 movies including a hunt for red october, in the line of fire and he played district attorney arthur branch on law and order once regarded as a rising g.o.p. star in the senate he retired in january of 2003 saying he didn't have the heart for
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olive salad. --2008. fred tom tone was 72. an uber driver and why he to bed. a woman is attacked by a shark. how a good samaritan helped save her. >> and a real life aladdin in new york. sensation. >> it's not a whole new world but we are going to see changes in the weather department. we've got your forecast coming up.
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a california man is facing assault and public inintoxication charges after he was caught on tape striking an uber driver last friday. cbs 2 is in los angeles with the driver who says he's been a target before. >> you've got to give me direction. >> why do i have to give you directions? i put my address in. to. >> the uber passenger becomes belligerent and the video seems to show him falling over in the back seat. >> you are too drunk to give me i'm kicking you out. >> i'll give you the directions right now. >> the next thing i know i've got fists flying at my face. i reached for the pepper spray. >> the man swears and pummels
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a law enforcement official told our cbs station that the passenger 32-year-old benjamin gold man is a senior marketing manager for taco bell. >> the only way i felt like i was going to get him to stop beating me was to use some kind of self-defense. i don't believe he would have stopped. >> when riders sign up for the service they agree to a code of conduct. there's also a rating system for riders but that's not enough to make some drivers feel safe. he says he's done with uber for now. >> i don't feel safe driving for uber anymore. >> benjamin goldman is out of jail and facing charges of assault on a cab driver and public inintoxication as well. cbs news los angeles. >> the rider involved has been service. the fact that people shop lift is nothing new but the number one stolen item may surprise you. it's meat.
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it in their purse, even if their pants. anything to avoid paying for it and experts say the problem is only getting worse. >> you only have so much money if the cost of ground beef goes up 40% you have two ways of eating beef, eating less or stealing it. >> tonight at 11 cbs 2 looks at the extreme measure stops are going to. don't miss the sirloin swipe at 11. >> and still ahead at noon. >> i saw the fin come up and slap her in the face. >> a woman attacked by a shark. how she was rescued. it feels like summer outside even though the calendar says it's november.
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how long it will last. see curiosity become wonder, and winter become christmas. the radio city christmasspectacular presented by chase.
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> i looked her over and she said somebody help me and i saw
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the fin coming up in the face and i grabbed her hand and brought her back to shore. >> the other beach goers put something on the wound until the paramedics arrived. she is connecting to be okay. >> thank goodness. pretty scary there. pretty nice day out there unexpected for this time of year. >> numbers above normal all week. we are waiting to get rid of a few more clouds. good afternoon to you. thanks for stopping by for lunch time. the clouds playing more of a role city and south. to the north brighter colors. look at all of these folks in the 60s, 63 for the north shore. 63 here for the south shore and i also like what brian has to say. he says yeah sure it's cloudy but it's still a nice day. and some proof of that with all in. clouds, sun up in narrowsburg but i like this from daniel. weather watcher now.
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tis the season and the birds are on the move. city now. still numbers are above normal, high of 58 normally. we are at 62. winds at 3, relative humidity some variety 55 the cool spot there. notice there's not a huge temperature spread from 60 to 63 because of those clouds static. 0 degrees from day-to-day. yesterday we hit 65. we are going to try to get to 66 today. 58 the normal 83 the record. this is a key number today. sunsets at ten minutes to five. yesterday we had a nice dress rehearsal for it but today with after school and work an the change in time make sure you are mindful of that. getting dark very soon now. you can see brighter skies in dutchess county in orange and more cloud cover in southern parts of new jersey.
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there's an area high pressure to the north. the flooding rain staying to our south thankfully clearing out of mississippi and alabama but georgia into the carolinas very soggy. for us sunnier skies to the north more in the way of cloud cover to the city and parts of rhode island and to the south. tomorrow the area of high pressure intensifying. it's warmer. brighter tomorrow, tuesday is terrific. wednesday the warmest of the week. increasing clouds for your thursday, maybe even a stray shower which we need. we are close to 8-inches below normal for the rain deficit. 66 your high today. better. feeling like september tuesday wednesday and thursday hanging onto above normal temperatures >> thanks john. pretty nice. >> nice and warm, absolutely. here's fresh grocery shopper tony in the produce aisle. >> today is the day we brought
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morning the neighbor yell oranges are okay for that but very little pulp and all juice. inside. like this. they are fairly smaller than the na vel orange but make sure it's nice and shiny and loaded with juice. counter. what's great about the oranges they are easy to squeeze and make the wonderful orange juice in the morning and they are great for us loaded with value and vitamin c. juice oranges from florida into the market for the next several months, beautiful. remind your fresh gr oc er remember to eat fresh and stay healthy. so good. >> halloween isn't over yet. there are still a few tricks to come as the young and restless crew celebrates.
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friday everyone in town gathered for a halloween gala all ready for a good time until something goes terribly wrong. building. explosion and another explosion. >> and the fire is caused by someone so everyone is guessing. >> which is a big surprise. >> justin hartly and melissa cleary say you'll never believe who sparked the fire. find out exactly what happens next the young and the restless the number one day time drama for 26 years and you can see why. >> who is in the red cloak? plenty of drama there. when we come back aladdin
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coming up on cbs 2 news tonight beginning at 5 this is one special little girl. how testing before she was born not only saved her life but may save her brother too. and then at 6 a cbs 2 exclusive caught on dash cam a mechanic taking a customer's car on a joy ride. what could happen to your car when you are not around. those stories and more on cbs 2 beginning at 5. >> alad yan taking his magic carpet for a ride.
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>> it's good stuff the video is done by almost 2 million views. jesse wellins and casey motorized skate board. that should cool your fears there's actually one. >> i was looking for jasmine. she wants to ride too. >> that is going to do it for us. keep your feet on the ground and reach for the stars. thanks for joining us. >> we'll see you back here at we'll see you back here tomorrow morning at 4:30. have a great day, everyone.
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