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tv   CBS 2 News at 5  CBS  November 2, 2015 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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how they could be evidence six years later that his client is responsible for her death. authorities arrested roderick covlin here. this is where he would meet his parents to pick up his children since they have custody. roderick covlin and his >> reporter: the district attorney said in a statement it is our hope that this prosecution will bring justice for shele covlin and provide closure to her grieving friends and family. >> let's see if the da has credible evidence. roderick covlin faced a judge in handcuffs only tamable not guilty before going back to a jail sell. emily smith, cbs 2 news. . >> roderick covlin faces 25 years to life in prison if convicted. new at 5:00 p.m. a baby fell through a subway gap.
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the one-year-old girl was in a stroll that tipped over -- stroller that tipped over at times square last night. a good samaritan reached down and pulled the baby up to safety. the child's injuries are not said to be life-threatening. a driver slammed into a group of trick or treaters. three people were killed. the youngest 10-years old. cbs 2's matt kozar is live with what he learned today. matt? >> reporter: pain and heart ache at the spot where the crash happened. people saying prayers and leaving candles and flowers on the sidewalk. the driver missed hitting a tree and a pole by inches that would have protected people on the sidewalk instead he barreled into them. tonight police say they believe they know why he lost control. >> reporter: investigators believe the 52-year-old had a
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on morris park avenue causing him to crash and hit and kill three people. police say he takes two medications for seizures. but told police he hasn't had a seizure in 12 years. >> i wish i could tell you more, yes or no. >> reporter: his mother -- what else could i say? >> reporter: his mother said he was recovering in the hospital. . >> go to the hospital. my daughter took me. >> reporter: they were trick or treating when they were hit and killed. he also died. witnesses say he pushed his sister out of the way to save her. his family was too distraught to talk to us. his friends came to the memorial today to -- memorial
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was -- >> reporter: his girlfriend was she is in surgery. last night she spoke about losing her father and daughter in the crash. >> i never thought i would be in a position like this in my life where i would say good-bye to two of my loved ones on the same day. >> reporter: no charges against the driver. injured also include a 3-year- old and 9-year-old girls. the funeral is tomorrow, the perez family yet to make funeral arrangalments -- arrangements. matt kozar, cbs 2 news. jury collection in the construction trial of ex-new silver. >> i welcome this process and i vindicated. >> reporter: what are you
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hoping for in the jury >> fair jury. >> he is charged with accepting $4 million in pay offs and kick backs. he stepped down after his arrest in january. he could get 130 years in prison if convicted. owning statements are expected tomorrow. today president obama was in new jersey where he visited a drug treatment center and hosted a round table on criminal justice issues. the president wants to break the cycle of incarceration by making it easier to successfully reenter society. the president signed a budget bill that heads off government shut downs. president obama said the bill invests in the economy and national security. there is a budget battle in congress over the 9/11 healthcare fund. and there is opposition to
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thousands of people could lose money. cbs 2's dick brennan spoke to some of them. >> reporter: they cut the funding, people will die. >> reporter: retired firefighter and 9/11 responding has stage four renal cancer. >> one of the pills i had to take was $9,000. do i pay for the pill out of my pocket, which i have healthcare that didn't cover it or do i put a roof over my kids head? >> reporter: supporters said today they have a majority in the house and senate to renew bill but opponents thrown in a monkey wrench. they extend the program for 5
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>> there are enough votes to pass the bill. they don't want the bill to pass so they come up with their own product. i think that is dishonest. >> reporter: since republicans control the house they decide what bill gets debated. 9/11 survivor says he thinks people's lives. >> i wanted to be here because i was outraged that, you know, this -- all of a sudden this proposal could come up. i think it is absurd. >> reporter: if something is done it will exchange in 2016. dick brennan, cbs 2 news. >> more than a third of the people who get compensation are suffering from some form of cancer. the championship chase, tough day, it is over. many fans are disappointed. >> great october run by the mets came to an end this morning. november it is, after all.
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fans were forced to watch the kansas city royal celebrate on the field, citi field, after the series. otis livingston is here with the post portm. >> reporter: -- mortem. >> reporter: great season, there will be criticism and terry collins will have to face what a ride. title. great season or choke job? i am going with great season. the mets felt the same way after the loss to the royals. there were hugalize around. every -- hugs all around. the word, family. this is new york, new york, the word thrown around today, why, why did terry collins -- it was a new york moment. the horse of his staff wanted to finish what he started and
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fans wanting him to go the distance and send the series back to kansas city. it wound up blowing up in his face. royals would win in 12 innings. why. >> i just trusted him. i said you got it. you earned this. go get'em. not his. >> i think there is a lot of fingers you can point at but i wanted the ball. in that situation i did everything i could to go back out there. in the perfect world it would have been different. >> he wanted to take them out. [ indiscernible ] >> pride come before fall. >> terry collins took harvey out before the 9th and took his decision back and here we are. head. that is okay. we will get them next year.
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he did what he was supposed to do. he was taking so much heat because of the innings limit and no one knew if he would be in this position and he wanted the ball and he was pitching well. >> he was. >> they feel the ball, throw it, and catch it. everything he did was fine. [ talking at the same time ] >> can't blame the manager or the pitcher. >> they were so close. they could -- if everything worked out be going back to kansas city up 3-2 but it is not to be. i think they arrived a year ahead of schedule. i think we should celebrate, but next year, like kansas city got to the 7th game last year, how about the mets doing the same. [ talking at the same time ] >> bravo. >> thank you. other news, tomorrow is election day and seeking to shore up support on the final
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district attorney hopefuls met with jennifer logan. >> reporter: kate murray, madeline singas. in a fierce race to succeed caslean rice as district attorney-- kathleen rice as district attorney. >> they want a prosecutor to be the district attorney. >> reporter: the acting district attorney has 24 years experience in criminal law. kate murray delivers on promises. >> that is what i have been years. -- the last 13 years. the leadership principals will translate. >> reporter: voters have three main wishes. an end to heroin, improved relationtions between cops and and the community. >> kate murray. >> i feel like madeline singas has more experience.
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>> reporter: in an off year election will the gop machine deliver the voters? the county with more reg sistered democrats than republicans. >> people who like kate murray and know her are not sure that this is the office they want there serve in. >> kate murray is a sweet woman but she doesn't have the skill set or knowledge or qualifications. >> reporter: kate murray said she strong and smart. >> no mart what stripe you wear, no matter what uniform you wear, bottom line is if you do something wrong you will be prosecuted. >> reporter: kate murray the daughter of an fbi agent, carcinogenic a ninety-first gen- - madeline singas, down to the wire. coming up next one baseball fan was so desperate to get
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into the world series it land him good b hind bars and -- him behind bars and an uber driver attacked and what to do with all the halloween left means of some ideas to keep your -- leftovers some chymes to keep your kids from a sugar crash. >> i will tell you how warm it
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bit after the break. developing right now, the airline operating the russianplane that crashed -- russian plane that crashed insist malfunction or pilot crash. killing all 2hung 24 people -- 200 people on board. they are denouncing the comments saying they are based on no real facts facts and premature. an attack on a uber driver is caught on camera.
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the passenger who was drunk is seen pulling the driver's hair before being pepper sprayed. he captured the incident on his dashcam video friday. he said the man was unable to provide a destination address and became belligerent. >> there is a smack on to the right side of my head and the next thing i know he is just whaling on me. >> police say the passenger is a 33-year-old ben golden, he faces charges of assault on a driver and public intoxication. uber says the driver has been banned from using the service. a man is facing charges for sneaking on to the field of game four of the world series by impersonating a vendor. police say he was spotted during the pre-game warm up at citi field on saturday night. he was wearing a jacket and i.d. from the licensed vendor.
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appeared to -- i.d. appeared to be altered. he took the i.d. from a booth and the employee did not report it was lost. >> good eyes. >> disturbing. up? here. up. >> mother nature will deliver. you like the warm, it is on the way. it is cloudy but there sanice glow. glow. the sunsetting at 4:51 p.m. 5 degrees above average. it will get warmer. satellite and radar, clouds around the great lakes. we are in this channel. it will be coming to the area tomorrow.
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over night tonight cool out there. 52 degrees. over night lows. light winds, clouds break up. for your day tomorrow brighter. it is warmer. sunshine. and a warm temperature reading of 71 degrees. and we are going to build from there because the jet stream is staying to the north. warm air moves in our direction, not getting tropical air but talking 70 plus for a couple days around here. and look, when you look back on this weekend, you did -- you did pretty fine out there. i have to get a huge congratulations -- [ talking at the same time ] >> this? this? >> yet. i am sorry, i am sorry. [ talking at the same time ] [ laughter ] >> you almost can't pick up on the fact that you are wearing it -- [ talking at the same time ] [ laughter ] >> what a great day. >> fantastic. i had a chance to talk to you after the race was won.
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>> i am just so happy. i really am. i did my do over and i am very happy. >> how happy were you? >> i was pretty happy. i don't get emotion, you know? last year i shared your or my story on friday, i struggle with dehydration. i gave it another go and things went my way this year and i am very thankful for it. >> was this about beating last year or something else? >> i thought it because about beating last year but it became so much more, it became me appreciating last year's journey and the difficulty that i had and the perseverance. look at me, oh, my gosh. [ talking at the same time ] >> i haven't seen this video yet. you? >> tell us about the city. h i saw the city in a totally different way. there were parts of the course that i did not remember.
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so it was nice to be able to take all of that in. every mile i took it was almost -- >> look at you. >> this is when i ambushed you. [ talking at the same time ] >> i was like hey! you had no idea we would be there. >> no. i was so surprised. you gave me an extra pep. >> you gave me a lift. that was so cool. great to see. you came pumping arms like at top speed, great form. like you were feeling it. owning it. it was amazing and then you had the presence of mind to start tweeting. [ laughter ] >> instagraming. i am shocked you would do this. this is what you wrote. >> i said i did it. i only had energy to write three words. [ laughter ] [ talking at the same time ] >> loving it. >> i got so much, you know -- it is been overwhelming. dana was with me last year -- [
5:19 pm
>> a bunch of us. >> an amazing journey. every mile i took yesterday almost like i was reracing the bitter -- erasing the bitterness. >> it was so emotional. we saw you at 24 last year. i was in ohio over the weekend so this app, i could see -- [ talking at the same time ] >> moving, moving, moving. >> that app is great. >> fantastic. the pride for you and how hard you worked. we are close and we are proud of you. >> we are a family. your time was amazing. my gosh, i better get out there. >> i was in a rush too -- [ talking at the same time ] [ laughter ] >> congratulations. >> thank you -- >> we are so happy for us. >> awesome. >> thank you. >> we will do this -- >> i am done. i am done. [ talking at the same time ] [ laughter ] [ talking at the same time ] >> it is not my turn.
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all the -- to all the viewers. if i was able to connect to one person to persevere during a tough time in their life it was worth it. >> you way to go. >> thank you so much. >> awesome. >> i guess we have to continue. >> where do we go now? >> we are canceling your next weather segment. running out of time. up next at 5:00 p.m. childhood could be toughness. >> -- tough enough. imagine feeling like you are trapped in the wrong body. how families are making tough choices with transgender children and the requirements the republican presidential candidates are making for future -- making for future
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it seems out of ferris bueller's take off. the attendant took the car for a joyride, tonight at 6:00 p.m. cbs 2's carolyn gusoff with the story that is similar to that. a man says a mechanic took his car for a joyride hitting 90 miles per hour but there was a
5:24 pm
hidden camera inside. cbs 2 news at 6:00 p.m. what could happen to your car when you are not around. cbs 2 christine sloan are explaining why they are trying to stop the sand down toes. caitlyn jenner made headlines when he transitioned into a woman, now families are speaking out about being transgender children. cbs 2's hazel sanchez has more. >> he would scream. >> reporter: that was when he was still a she, an 18-month- old baby girl, rejecting anything female. >> i remember that. that was torture. >> reporter: now he is 11-year- old. a happy active boy who never doubted he was born the wrong sex.
5:25 pm
>> reporter: it was a secret he kept till he was 8-year-olds. >> it was hard. >> i said i have a secret. the secret is i am a boy. i thought i don't know what we are going to do. >> reporter: it was a less clear path for ryan. he was born female but never felt like one. >> very confusing. i was very depressed. >> reporter: she didn't understand her feelings till she learned about what it meant to be transgender. >> it was a relief to know what exactly i was or am. >> reporter: his mother said at first it was hard to accept. >> it is a scary thing. >> reporter: but then she came around. >> i was so excited for my son to be able to become the person he needed to be. >> reporter: that kind of family support is crucial. without it many attention kids
5:26 pm
suffer from depression, anxiety, suicide. >> mental health concerns and we see that those mental health concerns alleviate when the family is on board. >> it went from a situation that felt really confusing and difficult to one that we really celebrate him now. we feel so lucky to have him. >> experts advise waital till 18 before trans-- waiting till 18 before transitioning. up next at 5:00 p.m. have serial robbers struck again? masks wearing gunman stormed a store tying up the people inside. the theory police -- the theory police have about the case. >> he needs a bone marrow transplant and his sister will be the donor.
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pl y c uoayo voteids t5xst tn bl buthma rsotoetfi? 'rrad i cuom sisctn.
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geouofheas g fs. kate murray: "i am not a prosecutor. i am a manager." vo: well, the first part's true. kate murray's never practiced criminal law. never prosecuted one murderer, one drug dealer, or one corrupt politician. editorials call murray "utterly unprepared to serve." and "clueless about pressing issues surrounding criminal justice." there's a better choice. madeline singas has spent two decades prosecuting crime. targeting murderers, drug dealers, political corruption. madeline singas. a prosecutor, not a politician. i was jogging 5 months after my cartilage tear skiing a year after hip surgery. and playing grandma 4 weeks after a hip replacement one special hospital, over 1,000 special stories. see them all at disturbing crime spree on long island. another case of shoppers and employees getting tied up and robbed. good evening. a terrifying day for customers
5:30 pm
aftera robber pulled a gun -- after a robber pulled a gun. it began last month and police it all. cbs 2's tracee carrasco with the new information. >> reporter: this store the latest target hit in a string of armed robberies. the suspect ties up employees and customers before taking off with their cash and valuables. [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: this customer shaken, walked into the store and right into the middle of the robbery. >> i walked into the store and i was robbed. and the guy was holding us to gun point. ladies behind the counter, tied up and stuff. i walked in. >> reporter: police tell us this may be linked to a crime spree we told you about last month. stores robbed the same way. the suspect armed with duct tape, rope and ties. bound together and threatened.
5:31 pm
the crimes have been contained to clothing stores for women where customers and clerks are more likely female. >> i am scared now. should i go to another store and it might happen to me? or someone close to me. i can't believe at it. >> reporter: stunned shoppers turned away this afternoon as detectives continue their investigation. >> shocking. i mean, usually hear things at night happening like that. >> it is safe. this is the first time i have seen the cops out. >> reporter: shoppers hope the suspect is caught before he strikes again. tracee carrasco, cbs 2 news. is it a sign of unity after cnbc's republican debate. the candidates come together with a list of demands. aids met behind closed doors in a virginia hotel sunday night
5:32 pm
to try to take control over future debates. this morning they sent out a letter with a list of questions and demands including a two hour limit, 30 seconds for owning and closing -- openly gay and closing statements -- opening and closing statements and if the demands are not met they plan to cut media out of the process. . >> facebook and twitter and google and youtube would host. >> the rnc pulled out the debate scheduled for february. car thieves, most are im-- car seats, most are improperly installed. the national highway traffic safety administration says parents and care givers should make sure they have the right seat for a child's age and a child under 13 should be in the
5:33 pm
be facing rear till the child outgrows the seat. imagine a couple discovering their baby has a disorder. if they have another child there is a good a5050 -- there is a 50/50 chance that child could also be sick. >> reporter: meet three-year- old luke, a happy and normal young guy with very cool hair. you would never know he nearly died after a hay ride. >> his lungs were being attacked, stomach being attacked. liver. every organ in his body. >> reporter: he couldn't fight a fugal infection -- fungal infection. >> crippled his ability to fight against infection. >> reporter: they wanted another child but mom was the
5:34 pm
carrier of the mutation. >> the only way to have a baby that was unaffected would be to make sure and have it tested. if not we would have a 50/50 chance of having another baby with it. >> reporter: it is a screening done on embryose. -- embryos. they wait for them to grow to 200 cells and then take just one cell from the part of the embryo that is not destined to become a baby. >> it tells us this would make a healthy baby or it would not. >> reporter: only a healthy embryo is transferred into the mother. here is the result. she is happy and active and does not have the mutation. even better the same testing that assured she would be healthy is able to check if she
5:35 pm
would be a match for luke who needs a bone marrow transplant. family. we didn't have her for that purpose but she came with that hope. >> reporter: they did not have her to be a donor. the testing assured them she wouldn't have the disorder her brother has. it was a benefit that allowed doctors to check for a tissue match. luke is holding his own but next year he will need a bone marrow transplant and hopefully that will cure him. >> thank you. looks like a gym for horses. the new rehab center that just opened that promises to get race horses back on track. >> turning down the volume on dinner.
5:36 pm
how restaurants are designing a more quit atmosphere for diners. >> today in history, 1948, president truman won reelection. the victory was so surprising the next morning the tribune
5:37 pm
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horse racing fans in kentucky greeted triple crown winner american pharoah for the last time as the champion begins his retirement. he is leaving the sport on top. after winning his final race on saturday. today he was moved to a horse stud farm where he will spend the next year breeding. the life of a race horse is not easy. injuries too often their legs are frequent. now there is a new re-- is a new rehab center on long island. cbs 2's scott explains.
5:40 pm
>> reporter: it is time for a good wash. then on to a relaxing dip in the hot tub before taking in a quick tan. looks like your typical spa experience but there is much more than meets the eye here. >> this is the muscle. she had an injury on it. performing publicly. often it is meant being sidelined for months. >> the goal is to cut down recovery time. >> reporter: he jurist opened the -- just opened the new rehab center. trainers are using technology to relax the horses into what becomes a work out. such as sloshing away on the treadmill in water. it has drawn the interest of a professional trainer who manages a dozen horses. >> you can get a horse that would take three months to
5:41 pm
heal, you can take them to a facility like this, you get them back in a month. >> reporter: rather than a hot tub the waters are cooled to stimulate muscle tissue and there is no tanning that used a platform to deliver infrared light. >> you can see he is getting weight off his legs and he is still getting exercise. >> reporter: the high waters create a sense of floating for the horses. even as they trot to their recovery. cbs 2 news. >> i would like to give that a try. >> right? amazing facility. great work there. up next at 5:00 p.m. if you have halloween streets hanging around your house still -- >> if you want to eat that candy we will show you creative
5:42 pm
>> tonight at 6:00 p.m. a woman accused of helping her boyfriend kill his parents, the remains found last week, the son facing charges, the new information revealed in court today and police found a new jersey pastor tied up inside his church but now she the one facing charge -- he is the one facing charges and mets fans not the only ones shaking their heads tonight, more in sports, see you at 6:00 p.m. we're here in the streets of new york, spreading the news about the real possibilities aarp is creating across the five boroughs. because if you don't think real possibilities in new york city when you think aarp, then you don't know "aarp". we're working with you to make new york city a better place to live, work, and play. fighting for you by taking on the issues that matter
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. if you have kids at home, yes, we do, good chance you have left over halloween candy, how do you stop your children from going over board? cbs 2's cindy chew has more. >> reporter: children have big plans. >> i eat some of it and kny give a -- and i give a little to my sister. >> reporter: he admits his sister only gets 5 pieces but this year she may get less. his dentist will pay $1 for each pound of halloween candy. a lot of dentists and cools are
5:46 pm
taking -- schools are taking part. where the canny is send to stolier -- candy is sent to soldiers over seas. >> there has been churches that run soup kitchens and pantries. there are three different places in the neighborhood that was happy to take it. >> reporter: she says parents can also get rid of it by candy. >> then we will spruce up our bed time because we have two new stories. >> the key is to get the candy out of the house, or out of sight. and you can hide it in the freezer and take it out later and decorate your holiday table. >> reporter: thanksgiving is a few weeks away. she said it is about setting limits and teaching your kids about the consequences of going crazy on candy. >> your teeth will get rotten
5:47 pm
and fall out. >> reporter: [ inaudible question ] >> broccoli. and apples. >> reporter: a very smart cookie. cbs 2 news. >> few other ideas on what to do with the halloween candy. parenting magazine has suggestions. if you are giving a present, add candy as a decoration or use candy as a learning tool. let kids do their math home work with it or do a science experiment, if you have left over winter green lifesavers, go into a dark room and crush them up in your mouth and you will see a mini light show. >> i didn't know that. [ talking at the same time ] our forecast. lonnie quinn joins us. >> look, today, will be about your coolest day of the week.
5:48 pm
temperatures are at the average of the day. look, almost 6:00 p.m. 5:49 p.m. and you are coming in at 61 degrees right now. in brooklyn. 61 is warmer than the average for this day for brooklyn. should be 59 degrees. new york city right now, skies lock better. clouds, a few clouds throughout the day. clouds are breaking up. through the evening, the clouds break up more and more. it will lead to a nice looking day tomorrow. breaks in the clouds. 61 degrees. it will be a mild week ahead. every day this week will be above average. there is a low rain chance and it is due to the jets, the jet stream. i showed you this earlier. right now the jet stream is flowing. we are under a ridge. the jet stream stays north this week. warm air from the south filters in. where there is a ridge there is a trough.
5:49 pm
out west they are under the trough. we know what it is like to be under the trough. fills in with cold air. 20s and 30s pacific northwest. several inches of snow expected. satellite and radar, clouds here. starting to push down to the south. clear skies right now for sullivan, orange county, clouds now. bigger picture shows you -- the next channel of air. all this. all this is coming our way. high pressure right now is around st. louis, missouri. that high will move into the area tomorrow. more sunshine. wednesday as well. thursday it pushes off shore and a few more clouds on thursday. you have a chance, if you pick up rain, it will be on thursday. later in the day on thursday. not calling for a lot of rain. a little rain chance. look at the 70s across the board.
5:50 pm
71 for tuesday. 72 for wednesday. nice sunshine. thursday 70 degrees. a slight chance of rain thursday. friday 70 degrees. the weekend, weekend we will back it down saturday 65. monday down to 55 degrees. it is possible -- excuse me, sunday, you could be below average. imagine that. >> it is dark outside. >> that is what you get. extra hour of sleep but lose the day light. star trek fans get ready for the next adventure. all access. the crew is not yet known but the series will introduce new characters and it is not clear if the space ship will be involved. the new star trek will arrive january 2017.
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shoplifting is one of those things we are familiar with but the number one stolen item in the united states is beef. red meat. people have been caught putting it in their purses, down their pants. anything to avoid paying for it. the problem is getting worse. >> you have so much money to spend on groceries. if the cost goes up you have two ways of eating beef, eating less or stealing it. >> at 11:00 p.m. 11:00 p.m. cbs 2 news looks at the measures shoppers are going to and the price you will pay for the stealing. local restaurants are bringing something new the table and it is all to help you hear the people you are dining with. the changes you can see soon. >> and a man says his mechanic
5:52 pm
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restaurants have become noisy places. >> reporter: entrees are dished out with desles and close quarters -- besbles and close quarters. -- decibels and close quarters. >> ruins the dining experience. >> reporter: cbs 2 news found some restaurants can reach decibel levels similar to new york city traffic but more restaurants are dialing down the noise. he says this space was designed so people can converse. >> sit down and have a good conversation. >> reporter: they put stretched vinyl in the ceiling to absorb sound and carpet on the floors
5:55 pm
>> it is when the sound ecose, that is -- echoes, that is when it gets -- we shouldn't for 20% to have acoustic value. -- older restaurants are making changes. he says what he recommends is putting padding underneath the tables to soak up sound. >> if i want to be proudy i won't go to this rest -- >> reporter: restaurants use music to give their venues a lively feel. cbs 2 news. >> yelling all night. >> i welcome this. that will do it for us here at 5:00 p.m. see you at 11:00 p.m. the news at 6:00 p.m.
5:56 pm
live from studio 46, this is cbs 2 news at 6:00 p.m. >> taken for a ride. a man says his mechanic went wild behind the wheel of his new car. >> if i didn't have the dashcam video i would be none the wiser. >> caught on camera going 100 miles per hour. that is not all. it is a cbs 2 news exclusive and new information in the death of a couple whose son is accused in the murders. what happened when his girlfriend appeared in court today and saving new york city, the plan for homeless and getting guns off the streets and the town fighting a plan to protect the shore. good evening. i am dana tyler. leaving your carane parking garage or a repair shop you expect it to be okay. but what happens when you hand your keys over?
5:57 pm
a man said someone took his car
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