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tv   Up to the Minute  CBS  November 6, 2015 3:07am-4:00am EST

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be successful today. . today, president obama weighed in on the suspicion that a bomb brought down that russian jetliner over the weekend. more than 200 people were killed. david martin has the latest. >> reporter: in his first public comment about the crash, president obama told a radio interviewer it could have been terrorism. >> i think there is a possibility that there was a bomb. on board. and we're taking that very seriously. >> reporter: the president stressed there is no evidence and nothing from the flight data recorders and nothing from the wreckage to confirm the bomb theory. it's based on heat fleshes
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the moment it plane went down. images, which are consistent wan explosion or do not identify the cause. isis has publicly claimed responsibility for bringing the plane down without offering any proof to back up the claim. u.s. intelligence has intercepted communications in which members of isis are talking about the crash as if they had something to do with it but that could just be bogus bragging. and the other possibility, a mechanical failure has not been ruled out. and scott. >> david, thank you. so, what are the likely clues? from the air it's clear much
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>> that he will rir get a fw reading by swabbing hit the. >> we went over video from the crash steen. he says it appeared the tail broke off before being engulfed in flames. >> you look at the edges to see how they came apart from the main part of the fusal lodge. did it look like there was a trackture. it did look like there was a structural it formty. and in the days after it was shot down in ukrain, our marc phillips was able to see clear signs it was hit by a missile. he says determining a bomb blast is not as straight forward. >> it tarks time and you do this in the laboratory.
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have a special wcla. >> reporter: it took ntsb nearly four years to discoverer the this plane came down not due to terrorism. >> that made it a very difficult and challenging investigation. investigators will look at the bodies of those on board. they will also study the luggage. mostf oit appears to be in fact and not burned. sflrks what are you what are you hearing about airport security? >> diskushzs are being made and out of an abundance of precaution, there will be procedures to step up flights. >> it's, thank you. police tell us that the
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illinois cop that staged his suicide apparently tried to hire a mittman to kill the village manager because he feared she would expose him as a thief officer gliniewicz was thought to be a hero and today a jury in pennsylvania found a police officer not guilty of heard murder. she shot it on video, which is difficult to watch. >> reporter: a camera mounted on officer lisa's stun gun showing her tasing casic four times.
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disappearing outside of his body. and the she fired her gun twice. she spoke shortly after her acquittal. >> i truly twish didn't happen and i want them to know that. i never wanted to shoot anybody. >> reporter: the prosecution called the shooting unyoifred. >> he shot a man laying down, facing away from him. the video showed that. murdered him pretty much. >> reporter: murkal said she feared casic was going for a gun and now he administered cpr but casic died at the scene. they said alcohol and drugs were in his system but he was unarmed. she says she intends to return to police work. >> this has taken a tole on me
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that nobody understands. >> reporter: she had pulled casic over for expired emissions stickers but refused to stop until he reached his sister's house. don, thank you. bush, 41, breaks his silence on the men who served his son. why is mars barren? the answer is blowing in the wind. and rocket men sore. the cbs overnight news and even though their dentures look clean, in reality they're not. if a denture were to be put under a microscope, we can see all the bacteria that still exists on the denture, and that bacteria multiplies very rapidly. that's why dentists recommend cleaning with polident everyday. polident's unique micro clean formula works in just 3 minutes, killing 99.99% of odor causing bacteria. for a cleaner, fresher, brighter denture every day. [cough, cough] mike? janet? cough if you can hear me.
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. george h.w. bush, the 41st president, has come out firing at some of the men that led the country into the war in iraq while serving in his son's administration. >> reporter: he has held his tongue for more than a decade but now george h.w. bush describes his son's vice president, dick cheney, as too hard-lined and his secretary of arrogant. and he says that cheney became very different from the dick cheney i knew when he served as his secretary of defense. about me. >> reporter: he laughed off the criticism on fox but the first president bush was even more
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i don't like what he did and i think it hurt the president. the 83-year-old rumsfeld lashed back at his 91-year-old critic. bush 41, misjudged bush, 43. they were two of the biggest proponents in the war in iraq. >> my brother is a big boy. >> reporter: in new hampshire today jeb bush defended his brother as vice president. >> as relates to dick cheney, he served my brother well as vice president and he served my dad extraordinarily well as sex secretary of defense. >> a rare public disagreement between father and sons. nancy, cbs news washington.
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search for innerpeace to dizzying heights and we'll have that up exint.. peace to
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that up. the son gives life and sometimes takes it away. today nasa said its maven spacecraft has discovered why mars turned from a wet live planet that sustained life to a cold barren place. solar wind stripped away the martian atmosphere over billions of years. earth, though is protected by its magnetic field. it's been a busy week for jet packs. have a look at these two dare devils flying over a dubai.
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passenger jet in the world. and in new york, another man took a test flight over the hudson river and the statue of liberty, george jetson style. and the baks pose of yoga is called downward facing dog and in china today it was downward facing danger. it was on a glass bottom bridge 600 feet up. last month cracks appeared in the bridge but that couldn't shatter this group's innercalm.
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. finally tonight, remember the name olivia halacy. just a tine ager and already making her mark. >> for this one, it's the tmz fund straight. >> last year she had to be the only 16-year-old in the world thinking of this you're not talking like a normal teenager, you're right, you know that, don't you? >> reporter: she was talking about a test for ebola. she realized they need fridgeeration.
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>> i think especially in science, it doesn't matter if you're good, or young or where you're from. it's just about the results. >> reporter: when she came to you and said i want to do a test for ebola? >> oh, boy. there was a laut of push back. it's not possible, it's not going to happen. we'll figure it out. to 96 fridgeeration problem, she came up with a high test and this is her design which acts lieks a president aets she and 10s of thousands of other
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google science fair and her name wrurn. you're an athlete, book smarts, are you lousy at anything? >> sometimes taking a step back and looking at things from the bigger picture. >> reporter: has mr. vermonty helped you with that? >> definitely. and a great lesson he's taught me is to never freak out over the little things because it's still little in the scheme of your life. >> and that's the overnight news for this friday. for some of you the news continues, for others, check back with us a little bit later for the morning news and of
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this is the "cbs overnight news." welcome to the overnight news. republican presidential hopeful, donald trump is clog his way back to the top of the back. a new poll shows trump at 46%, ben carson at 23% and both ted cruz and marco rooeb rubio at 11%. the candidate predicts a big ratings benanzau but his appearance is not without controversy. >> it was over the summer when they fired doneled trump ow from the show and now lutina and pro-immigration groups are
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acaused of the wrong message. >> i would kill for a real man? >> i ladies. >> high, donald trump. sglnchths. >> reporter: wednesday night, they delivered a petition and calling on snl to fire the billionaire. all i want to do is contribute to my community. >> when public if figures cross certain lines, they should lose their privileges to host tv show. >> reporter: but trump doesn't seem phased. in a series of promos, he poked fun at himself and his prievls. is. >> mr. trump can only speak for
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>> ben carson is a complete and total loser. ben carson wasn't laughing. >> i discovered when i was in grade school that those tactics really is for grade school. >> reporter: the snl stage has become somewhat of a campaign stop for those vying for the white house. with hillary clinton making a cameo just last month. it can show a different side of the candidate and show them in a humorous light. net nbc did not return our comments. no thank you. that is the response from the
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captured the passenger attacking him. he says he wants to apologize in person but the driver says golden can pall js in cored. the passenger is seeking legal action, not only from the driver but from the orant county district attorney. 32-year-old ben golden says he has no memory of his violent behavior caught on camera during a friday night uber-ride. >> it's not me in the video. . and it was hard to botch and i'm ashamed. >> he says he lost count of how many drinks and moments before the video shows him arguing with
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it's when he is ordered out of the -- >> i think people were shocked by what we saw. >> reporter: the officer has no intention of meeting him for an apology. >> he says that's not him but that's the only him the i know. it it was him whool had the first drink and in the end, it was him who made the decision to beat me. so, the next day i got out of jail and was wondering what happened. and inch my heart sank. he's no longer a taco bell marketing executive. they fired him on tuesday and he's facing four misdemeanor charges, assault and battery. >> kwlb a stew udnight. that is my fault and i've thrown everything away. i don't know if he was crying
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it's because he's been outed. i'm going to make it right. >> reporter: the driver has since left uber. he says the company did nothing to prepare him for dealing with drunk or violent pat chgers. he said he does not think he has a drinking problem despite the fact tat you bleed gildy in 2323. they call it paid patriotism, sending schek checks to sports teams to get them to host events honoring our troops. oh, say can you see >> an armiyservest national servest watching the action.
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unfurling the american flag pm honoring the military is common place but they say some of these events are no longer than marketing marketing. >> to find out the taxpayers are paying for had some of these its it kind of cheapens the whole thing. the cadchs mark department is worth 10.4 million theres. like the 7500 cl the milwaukee brewers got. that covered on screen views. >> they're traps for funds and then we find out they're paying for them on the field.
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paying for four sideline season kickets and the national guard came for 40 at indiana pacers games. the whiesh says the spending is justified. >> the department of defense would likely say -- the nba says we will perform an additional review to insure this is the case. major league baseball says it's encouraged teamed to take steps to avoid anything showing they have been paid. now, the nhl had no comment. major league soccer says the ceremony it does is separate from the marketing agreement it sign would the military. the senators say we're still
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did you ever consider what you would have to do if your electricity went down for a month? perhaps a terrorist attack brings down the entire grid. chip read reports for sunday morning. >> reporter: when the lights go out, wiee usualee know why. >> hurricane sandy coming ashore on the east coast. >> reporter: mother nature is at it again. most of the time we manage to get through it. but what if the power went out in a number of states, effecting
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>> as you were researching this, frightened? >> that's a strong word but maybe i should have been. it's frightening enough that me and my wife decided to buy enough freeze dried foods enough for my parents and kids. and an all out cyber attack on the nation pchs electrical grid. >> who do we have to fear the most? russia, china, iran, terrorists. >> the interesting thing, chip is the ones most likely capable are the ones least likely to do it. >> the someexperts say they're already in. >> oh, they're in.
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i was told that by a former chief tine tsts for and the iranians may be on the verge of getting one in and at the bottom are folks like isis, terrorists dwrups. the power grid is the system interconnecting north america's supply of lec tacetyelectricity. power from another region can sfiems serve as back up. the down side to are this, if a hacker manages to take down an entire grid, a huge portion of the country, long with parts of canada, could go down with it. >> the grid relies heavily on the internet. is it. >> we have a joke that there's
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the only skurtdicistm is unplugs. >> and he should know, he's a cyber security consultant. in other words, he's a hacker who works for the good goois. >> in the last six years of me testing full time, there has never been a customer that we have not gotten in. >> 5:28 tuesday evening, give or take a few spekds. people in the neerns united states were plunged into an eery blackness. >> reporter: in 1965, a huge bloccout left mar than 30 million for without power for nearly 13 hours. >> new yorkers have caken it in stride as far as you can see. sfwlrks in 1977 >> reporter: in 1977, new york
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city was plunged into darkness again. and in 2003, over grown trees were partly to blame for a black out that effected eight states and part of canada. >> that one left up to four days in some areas. and our next electric failure could be a fee skeek away 37 it'sits it's not for lack of capability beare build it be or terrorists. >> you would think the one intety ready for something like this is the department of homeland security. are they ready? >> i've talked to every former secretary of homeland security
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is no afternoon. >> it got prickly because i kept asking what's the plane, why wait until disaster strikes. why not tell him, do you have a plan and he point at a shifl filled with white finders. >> we wanted to fiepd out for ourselves but both the white and the department energy declined my request for an on camera interview. instetd, we were given a statement which reads in part, to be clooe, the department of homeland security has a plan. we along with the department energy cord national efforts. we also work with energy sexer
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poeth seen and unkpeen. nex next we reached out to some of the big electric companies and they refuds to talk to us as well. we prn we -- >> the government is building plans very quickly to help manage the consequences of an attack on the grid and to make sure that government systems are more resilient against attack. >> are the power companies reprepared to respond? >> they're strengthening their ability to respond to an attack and restore power more quickly. >> and she admits, the readiness is not where it needs be, considering the adversary
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weapons that will be used in the united states. >> reporter: ironically, it's our less sophisticated providers who may have an edge here. >> this is the south canal system. >> 25ik the leak trk association in and it's far less internet dependent. ceo. to what degree do you rely on the internet? >> most of our internet is for noncritical functions. if somebody hooked it it to your system, how vulnerable would you be. >> they all are in place and have an extensive amount of touching. >> reporter: would you consider changing to a system that relies
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>> i would not. servicing approximately 42,000,000 people in 47 tats. none of them relied on the internet for it distribution of power. but as copal sees it, it's too late for authoritied elsewhere and pull the suit. >> i don't think we're ever going to give up the internet. there are too -- and all i am saying is wake up to what its capabilities are. >> and since there's no turning back, it's important to think ahead. >> so, what does the average family actually need oo be doing. and talking up on water and
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on capital hill, congress is considering legislation to protect your right to post negative reviews online. compopies are retaliating. >> remember, the next time you agree to a company's terms of service, buried inside those pages and pages of fine print could be a gag prox. >> i stood up and said i'm tired of this. we need to fix it. >> reporter: gen palmer brought her fight to capital hill wednesday.
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and that's what you do. >> reporter: the store wrote back with a warning. >> it says you violated a nondiscretional clause. we're going to fine you $3200 if you don't take the review down. >> similar language as the been slip under to contracts by everyone from travel agents to dentists. the federal trade commission is even taking action against diet pill manufacture who posted negative reviewed. you're infringing on people's rights, their freedom. >> senator john mccain told people that businesses would be more effective tackling that head on.
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respaupdsresponds and that gets them better results. >> now some are considering bipartisan ladies and gentlemen. i think many of them would run in horror. >> for the palmers what happened was a terror story. >> we were delayed on the car loan. >> he reported the fine as a debt, ruining the credit until 2014, awarding a elee 00 thousand trr dollar settlex that no one has to feel scared, humiliated and buried by a business. california is the only stay that has its own laws here in the senate and the house are considering plans to build the
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fcc is monster forbes says katy perry was the highest earning woman in music this year. between world tours and indorsements she raked in millions. and taylor swift was in second. she had a radio personality fired, claiming he groepdped her. >> radio personality, david mueller was known as simply jackson, hosting a morning show called rhino and jackson. he admits taylor swift was probably groped only it wasn't him. the bad blood between taylor swift and mueller just got worse.
3:50 am
in her counter suit filed this week, she says while posing for a photo in june 2013, mueller lifted her skirt and groped her bottom. it left her surprised upset and alarmed. swift is known for using her muse took settle scores and her security later kicked mueller out of the concert. her management also complained and roprovided the photo and two days later, mueller was out of a job. and she has already stood up to music industry titans like apple and kanye west. >> people will file these suits assuming celebrities would much rather dish out the dough rather than endure the bad publicity.
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rock if he thought he could actually bully taylor swift.
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