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tv   CBS 2 News Sunday  CBS  November 8, 2015 6:00am-7:00am EST

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mmyoai . saying goodbye to a 9/11 hero. an nypd lieutenant diagnosed with cancer after spending months at ground zero will be laid to rest this morning. how family and friends are fighting to honor her. the tool this man used to steal thousands of dollars of electronics from offices in brooklyn. a long island mall accused of strip agway christmas tradition. the missing -- away christmas tradition. the missing item that gave shoppers the cold shoulder. 6:00 a.m. on this sunday, november 8. the
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first vanessa murdock is here with a look at the forecast and cooler. >> so much cooler. very crisp. i wouldn't say freezing but it's significantly colder than it was yesterday morning. if you recall most of us started off in the 60s at this point in time yesterday. now we're in the 40s and 50s. cool spot right now is monticello at 36. now we show you the 24-hour temperature change. it ranges from 10 to 18 degrees cooler than yesterday morning at 6:01. significantly cooler this morning. it will be cooler today but skies will be mainly clear. we're looking at a sunny end to your weekend. a little bit of a breeze today but high pressure is dominating the forecast. it's going to be a very fall end to the weekend. by 9:00 a.m. 48 degrees. mostly sunny. the winds are kicking up. by noon 52, mostly sunny. winds out ever the northwest oo of the northwest 10 to 15.
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at 3:00 this afternoon a high of 55 degrees. still plenty of sunshine then. coming up in your full forecast, we'll talk about some opportunities for rain in the next seven days. back to you. our top story this morning, a funeral will be held today for another victim of 9/11. marcy sims died of cancer. we have a live report from lower manhattan. >> reporter: hundreds of going sims. she was so dedicated to her work here at the world trade center site and this is where she paid the ultimate sacrifice. today the community will say marcy sims. she lost her battle with cancer >> it was smoky. it felt like it was burning your throat.
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>> reporter: that's her talk pentagon responding to 9/11 and the conditions she worked in. she spent four months at the site as a rookie officer. her health deteriorated as she moved up the ranks. >> i thought i did something wrong working around the house. i found a lump on my stomach. >> reporter: the cyst was lung cancer that spread. lieutenant sims died on thursday at her home on long island. her sister spoke on the phone about her passion. >> an amazing woman. she talked about as a little girl she wanted to be a cop and she did. >> reporter: marcy will be remembered for her love for life. >> she had an amazing personality. when she walked in the room,. the room lit up. >> reporter: she visited the 9/11 memorial late last year. her friend 9/11 first responders advocate john field talked to us about this loss. >> she came to this park that sadly she would be on this wall.
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we humbly will honor marcy next year when we do the reading of the names. >> reporter: field now speaking out about medical coverage for those in sims' position. her costs were taken care of by the 9/11 health compensation act but congress failed to renew the program last month. it will expire in october of next year. >> what about those whose families are being torn apart by 9/11-related inesses yet they have a cloud of uncertainty because their nation's leaders can't come together to pass a bipartisan bill. >> reporter: advocates are pushing for congress to look at this issue again and vote yes. the funeral for marcy sims will be at 11:00 this morning at gutterman's funeral home in woodbury, new york. this morning. police say a man robbed several offices in a building in brighton beach. police just released this photo of the suspect. investigators say back on october 30 just before 4:00
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a.m., he used the fire escape to gain access into the building and once inside stole electronics and money from four offices. this morning police are searching for suspects in separate stabbings that took place in two busy secretaries of manhattan. -- sections of manhattan. the first happened around herald square. the second in union square. in the herald square incident, police say a woman stabbed another 25-year-old woman in the chest following some sort of argument in union square a man was stabbed on east 16th street by a suspect described as bald and wearing a green jacket. to the crash of that russian plane in egypt sinai desert. investigators say they're trying to figure out the source of a sound heard on the plane's cockpit voice recorder. the u.s. and britain think it may have been a bomb but crash investigators say it couldn't have been caused by a fuel tank or a lithium battery explosion or even fatigue in the body of the aircraft. u.s. satellite images show a series of heat flashes at the time the plane went down last
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week killing all 224 people on board. u.s. homeland security is expanding the screening of items going aboard u.s.-bound flights. >> i want people to know that they're -- their aviation security officials working on their behalf are continually evaluating threats, potential threats. >> the egyptian government is now investigating staff and ground crew at the sharm el- sheikh airport where the flight originated. friends and family said a final goodbye to a child and her grandfather both killed while out trick or treating in the bronx. the funeral was held yesterday for the 10-year-old and the 65- year-old grandfather. they died on halloween after a car jumped the curb, lost control and ran into them. loved ones are struggling to cope with that loss. >> i just want peace for my daughter and for my father at the end of this. this is a tragedy for my entire family and the whole community
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is get at a timed-- >> is devastated. >> it's hard for me to know my best friend is gone. >> the driver is currently not facing criminal charges. a couple whose baby died mysteriously at a day care center spoke publicly for the first time this week. the greervegging parents are supporting a proposal to have the city assign grades to day care centers similar to what it does with restaurants. >> we believe the day care centers should be held to safety standards in an open and public way so our kids can be kept safe. >> reporter: lee and his wife amber making their first public comments after the death of their baby carl. he was just three months old when he died in july on his first day at an awn licensed -- an unlicensed day care center in soho. the cause of death still undetermined. >> a day care we used for 14 years, there was an article in "the new york times" about our day care and we had many friends that had gone to this day care. >> reporter: the couple now supporting a proposal to require the city to assign
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letter grades to day care centers posted right at the front door to assure parents the staff is trained and the facility is safe. >> parents should not have to become investigators. they shouldn't have to sit down and try and figure out whether there are violations against this facility. >> reporter: undercover video was released taken at this day care center with the most violations in the city since 2013. >> this year i don't have any open right now. >> reporter: an employee denied the center had open violations when records show it does. the mayor's office and city council both say they will take a look at this letter grading proposal, but they point out information about day care insphexes -- inspections is as close as your smartphone. you can access records and even get a text alert when your chosen center is reinspected but supporters say letter grades would pressure day care centers to avoid violations so they can post an a. cbs 2 news. >> the bill to require letter grades at city day care
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operations will be introduced in albany next year. nasa county leaders -- nassau county leaders are in a battle over taxes. a 1.2% tax increase was proposed but the county legislature opposed the hike and took it out of next year's budget. the legislature could still override the veto. the $12 million in revenue the hike would generate is needed to cover higher health care costs and lower sales tax receipts. 6:09. more airport fees could be heading your way. this one has nothing to do with the airlines. ahead why your ride to and from the airport could cost you even more. >> we're playing russian roulette with the lives of our peep and firefighters. >> cracking -- people and firefighters. >> cracking down on illegal apartments. a growing trend to make housing affordable isn't always worth
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the gamble. >> here's vanessa murdock with your forecast. >> much cooler today than it was yesterday. then moving forward. we have some much needed rain in the forecast so there are changes since we talked yesterday. i'll have details coming up. first a check on the community calendar from cbs 2 and every sip. the taste uniquely dunkin'. each cup uniquely you. brewed fresh because it's not just any coffee. it's your coffee, your dunkin'. america runs on dunkin'.
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southeast asian nation of me mar. it could indicate a move toward greater deck mom crazy. 91 parties are running but the main fight is between the party of long-time opposition leader and a party backed by the military. the death toll in a nightclub fire in romania has risen to 41. romanian authorities say nine more people died with burn- related injuries yesterday. many in romania have blamed poor government safety standards for the fire on october 30. the prime minister and his cabinet resigned wednesday after massive protests. back here at home, a local home damaged by fire exposed a affordable but extremely dangerous apartments. they're popping up amid a building inspections. cbs 2's lou young reports. >> reporter: a fire turned out to be more than that. multiple residents locked doors in an illegal apartment house. >> we have no idea where we're
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going to. they're large. they're numerous. >> reporter: the home on route 45 in pomona has been cited numerous times for violations. the woman cleaning up the day after the fire says those folks in the house were just visitors. >> those were my cousins. they live downstairs and they use my kitchen. >> reporter: it's a one-family house with multiple electricity hookups and it's one of hundreds of setups offering cheap housing in a tight market. >> the going rate is $500 per month cash. you have two people living in the room, it's $250 a month. you can't leave much cheaper than that. >> reporter: this tops the county's list for vie layings. >> one, two and three in the house. three apartments. >> reporter: three amounts in the house? >> in the -- >> reporter: three apartments in the house? >> in the house. >> reporter: the fire department would inspect a
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property like this but up here the inspections are left to the individual towns. and the county executive says sometimes the towns have a strong incentive to look the other way. >> the reality is there is significant dollars being add by land lordses. i call them slumlords because they're not landlords in my eyes. i would suspect some of the money is finding its way back into the political system. multiple fatality? >> it's only a matter of time. >> reporter: rockland county has begun using health and sanitary regulations to get at unessentially unenforced building codes. we're in rockland county, lou young, cbs 2 news displz a holiday display at a long island shopping mall looks different this morning following complaints by several shoppers. one of those shoppers posted a photo on social media showing the new glacier santa display at the mall. many complained about the lack of traditional decorations, especially a christmas tree.
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yesterday afternoon our partners at 1010 wins noticed two trees had been added. a spokesperson for the mall said, quote, key elements are still being added to the glacier experience over the coming week after hearing early color feedback, one of those adds will be a christmas tree. >> i was reading their facebook page yesterday. shoppers were not happy to say the least. time now is 6:16. let's head over to meteorologist vanessa murdock for a check on the forecast. >> it's looking beautiful and it's been. there will be a stiff breeze, too. you will definitely want to consider the coat today. not the winter coat but an extra layer out there because it is going to be a very fall day. let's go ahead, shall we? look at the empire state building, one world trade. skies are clearing. it is going to be a bright end to your weekend. clear skies overhead. 47 degrees in the city. sunrise is at 6:34. so just about 20 minutes away now.
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as we look at your headline, lovely. and on the cooler side today. highs only in the 50s. nice tomorrow as well. but late tomorrow, the clouds start to build in in advance of a storm that will likely bring us a soggy tuesday. the rain. i don't mind a good rainy day. looks like now tuesday will be it. yesterday it didn't look like anything significant. now it's looking more impressive as the storm looks like it's going to hug the coast and bring us some rain. we do need the rain. year to date we have just over 34 inches. our deficit climbing over eight and a half inches. if tuesday pans out as it looks right now, though, we could knock that down to let's say close to 7-inch deficit. so it would be a good thing to get some rain on tuesday. your temperature trend, incredibly warm. friday it was 74. yesterday the high was 72. but it happened around the midnight hour. then today we'll be at 55 tomorrow 58. tuesday 60. so very much seasonable over
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the next few days. on the vortex satellite and radar picture, watch the clouds sink to the south as high pressure builds in here forcing them out of here. as we make our way through tuesday, there's going to be an area of low pressure that tracks up and along the coast that will likely bring us some wet weather. so i want to show what you it looks like right now as we take a look at the futurecast model. sunday all the way through monday looking really good. beautiful, bright skies. here we are at 7:00 monday. note what's happening. the clouds are starting to build in from the south. then as we make our way into tuesday, the rain follows. your morning commute will light to moderate rainfall. heavier rain as we make our way through the midday hours. no al fresco lunches. for the drive home looks like we'll still be dealing with steady at some point heavy rain. so commute times on tuesday could be affected by this storm coastline. on wednesday morning, skies will start to clear on out.
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skies. a brisk breeze as well. to 15. gusts as high as 20. a high of 55 degrees. a big dropoff. tonight clear and cold, 341. 30s north and -- 41. 30s north and west. tomorrow lots of sun. clouds thicken late in advance of a soggy tuesday as it looks right now. beautiful for veterans day, 62. thursday another chance for wet through. then fast forward to next saturday, a high of just 54. it will be very much like today. andrea and diane, back to you. nice for today. thank you very much. sports this morning, the winless brooklyn nets were hoping seven would be their lucky number. >> their trip to milwaukee ended with a bang, just not the kind they opened for. -- hoped for. steve overmyer is here. >> a team that has mortgaged their future for a championship run that never materialized.
6:19 am
this is a franchise that has no no first round pick. actually they only have one three year. this might go down as the worst trade in nba history. for a win. looks like jason kidd knew what he was doing when he skipped town a few years ago. the nets are 0-6 and things may have gone from bad to worse. brooke lopez one of the few pieces of the puzzle still left leaves in the 3rd with a foot injury. x-rays negative. but with the big fella away, they played 20 boards and 8 -- [ inaudible ] milwaukee takes advantage. they win by #. they hand -- by 8. they hand brooklyn their seventh straight loss to start the season. the arizona coyotes and new york.
6:20 am
they have 17 back-to-back games so far and are 6-2. rangers knock out the coyotes 4-1. and jpp is back. four months after losing two fingers to a fireworks accident, jason pierre paul will make his season debut this afternoon in tampa to open up a roster spot, though, they put injured reserve. time 6:21. the trip to and from the airport could soon cost you more. the new rules being considered to deal with curbside congestion. >> i lived here and you stole this house from me. >> jennifer connolly connolly stealing the spotlight. ahead the facial features she says is helping her land dramatic roles.
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the cost of a ride to the airport could soon go up. >> the port authority says it is considering charging taxicabs and ride sharing cars a fee at airports in our area. cbs 2's christine slone has the story. >> reporter: congestion a problem even though cops tell drivers to move alone. why the port authority says it's considering slapping vehicles with airport access fees each time they pick up. >> i don't think that the airport should be charging fees at all. >> you talking about a toll to come in to pick up somebody? i don't think that's going to work. i really doubt it. >> reporter: the port authority says its airports, newark, john f. kennedy and laguardia are among the few in the nation
6:24 am
in a statement the agency says that -- [indiscernible] of review. >> they're going to forward it to the customers. >> reporter: he's both an uber spokesperson representing uber are not commenting because it's not a proposal. many passengers say if it happens they'll end up paying and they're sick of all the fees. >> it feels as a consumer they're charging fees for absolutely everything. >> reporter: and bags. >> yes, and food on planes, everything. >> reporter: it costs you to park in airport lots but the port authority won't put a dollar amount on any potential access fee, only saying that something like this would have to be reviewed by its board of dmitioners and the public. however, airports like dulles and reagan have just instituted $4 access fees. at newark liberty international airport, christine sloan, cbs 2 news. a spokesperson for lyft says it has agreements with
6:25 am
into the cost of the ride. >> that just means passengers end up paying for it one way or the other. ahead one of hollywood's tough questions. >> are you funny? >> how jennifer connolly rates her comic chops. this is cbs 2 news sunday morning. new york. yes, that's a real bear. i...won a trip. that is so exciting. (announcer vo) play the i love new york scratch-off from the new york lottery. you could win trips to exciting
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beauty and talent have been the calling card for actress jennifer connolly from a very early age. >> we report on the attributes that continue to serve her very well. >> reporter: jennifer connolly has spent a lifetime making directors look good. >> you worked really hard for that house. >> reporter: she's at her best as the troubled beauty, whether she's a woman defending her home. >> i lived here and you stole this house from me. >> reporter: or the loyal wife
6:27 am
world crashes down around her. >> punish me. punish me, noah, not them. >> reporter: you don't do a lot of comedies. why not? >> i've done a few. i don't know. i don't get cast in them very often. >> reporter: are you funny? [ laughs ] >> probably not. >> reporter: you don't think so? >> probably not. i don't know. but i tend to get cast more in dramas. >> reporter: and that's okay? >> look at my eyebrows. i look very serious. i look very stern. >> reporter: yes, it's all about the eyebrows. >> i look stern even when i'm not stern. if i'm not feeling cross i look a little bit cross. i can't help it. it's just my face. >> i knew she was going to say the eyebrows. a photographer's view all on sunday morning at 9:00. 6:29. coming up in the next hour...
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will say goodbye to another victim of 9/11. nypd lieutenant marci sims has died. we'll have more. we'll see you at 7:00. >> from washington, "the mclaughlin group," the american original. for over three decades, the sharpest minds, best sources, hardest talk. john: issue one -- meet me in singapore. issue one, meet me in singapore. at a swampgy sing more poe tell -- swanky singapore hotel, the leaders of china and taiwan will meet this weekend for the first time in 66 years. when the two nations split, it was late 1949. communists had defeated a
6:29 am
nationalist army forcing that army to take refuge in taiwan. well, time heals all wounds. today china's president and taiwan's president have become friends. but even if their meeting goes well at the sangry la things could later derail. taiwan's president is popular with china but taiwan will hold a presidential election in january and polls suggest the less friendly to china opposition candidate will win. in turn, analysts fear relations between china and taiwan may deteriorate. perhaps even leading to conflict. china has long warned it might use force if politically taiwan moves too far away from mainland china. that's where the united states
6:30 am
committed to the defense not of mainland china but of taiwan. question, is a new crisis brewing in the taiwan strait, pat? >> we're not committed to go to war on behalf of taiwan. the treaty was abrogated in 1979 by jimmy cart we are we recognized china as the country china. but i will say this, john. the party that is meeting dune there in singapore is the -- [indiscernible] -- which represents the chinese who fled to the island in 1949 and it's strongly chinese. the indigenous taiwanese basically are more supportive of this party which wants its -- it's fearful of too close a connection to mainland china, although economically and diplomatically and other ways they're getting closer and closer but what you're not getting to get, john, is a declaration of independence by taiwan in declaring itself a
6:31 am
that is the red line for mainland china. >> are they likely to use the time between now and the january presidential elections to try and intimidate taiwan? >> i think the meeting in singapore this weekend is highly symbolic and it is china's attempt to bolster the parties' currently in control in taiwan. that party is likely to lose in january and the opposition party is running on a campaign to declare fine niece' -- taiwanese' independence. but they've been in power this. everyone recognizes they don't want china to make good on its threats to invade if taiwan does declare independence and the u.s. has a clear stake here provocative. so this is a delicate dance on the part of all the parties involved. and it's way too early to be declaring that these two parts
6:32 am
any kind of collision. >> is there a risk? >> i think jimmy carter's statement what we actually have seen since then, especially with clinton in 96 with the positioning of the seventh fleet when they were pushing china pushing towards you better vote one way or we'll take military action, i think that becomes important. i think the chinese will struggle trying to convince the taiwanese people to vote in a certain way but they don't want to promote a military incident with china. you just look at map and you look at the scale, i think the outcome would be pretty clear. at the same time i think the until, we do need to take a stand. this is why i praise the president for the specific partnership. we need to take tougher action about credibility there with the u.s. navy in the pacific region. >> is there a risk that xi
6:33 am
away with it as vladimir putin did? >> it's different in the sense that taiwan is part of china is so strong and it's in everybody's benefit to at least maintain the status quo as far as that's concerned. i don't think there's a real threat of that happening. the main thing is that china is trying very hard to woo taiwan like it does other countries with lots of economic benefits. china is also tied in with the u.s. economy. it would be to their detriment have hostile relations. >> i was in china -- let me advance the point here. what i have here is the u.s. currently holds $98 billion in taiwan's foreign securities. >> that's right. and we also -- what, china has even more of that of american debt. so we're all interdependent economically in a sense. nixon. of the shanghai communique,
6:34 am
henry kisser is said -- kissinger said on both sides of the strait, taiwan believes they're part of china. we do not argue with that taiwan is not an independent nation. it is not in the united nations anybody. it ought to be. we have 25 million people or something like that. and i do agree that if the chinese attempted a military attack on taiwan, the united states would move. but we have no treaty commitment now to do that because of jimmy carter. >> we have inferred. we have given the impression. >> the taiwanese government is operating on the sort of fantasy that they are the legitimate government of china, and once that communist insurgency is over, they will return to beijing. and that's -- it's worked for 50 or 60 years. maybe they'll test the proposition in january. but i think everybody has avoided a collision until now. independence. >> i agree with that. >> if beijing invades taiwan,
6:35 am
will president obama go to taiwan's defense as required by the u.s. agreement which pat says has been canceled or will he blink? you've already answered the question. >> wait a minute. xi jinping would be an utter disas foremainland china if they fired missiles at taiwan. all of asia would be opposed to them. diplomatically and i think the united states would move militarily probably. >> that's the nightmare scenario but i don't believe we're going to get to that. >> you want to add anything to this brouhaha? >> we're a long way away from the crisis phase. it's similar to the monroe doctrine in a way that we recognize this is within china's sphere of include. we get concerned if they go too far in terms that appear to be threatening military action. >> who is monroe? >> james machine row. -- monroe. >> where is he in the sequence of presidents after george
6:36 am
washington? >> you had to ask that. i'm not a history major. >> before. >> pat always does that. >> washington, adams, jefferson, madison, monroe, adams, jackson. >> okay. enough of this fiddle faddle of
6:37 am
from vienna? issue two, peace from vienna. >> what makes it real this time unlike any other previous meeting, every stakeholder was represented there in terms of all of the countries who are supporting one side or another in this conflict. >> peace talks to resolve the four and a half quarry syrian civil -- year syrian war are under way in austria. most estimates suggest that at least 100,000 civilians have been killed in that war thus far. mr. assad met with mr. putin in moscow not long ago to discuss the syrian civil war and russia's military assistance to assad's regime and get this. on wednesday the russian
6:38 am
special envoys to discuss how to initiate talks between mr. assad's government and the rebels fighting his regime. but even if hope is on the horizon, big problems remain. namely, boiling tensions between two other nations at the summit. saudi arabia and iran. thus far the saudi and iranian foreign ministers have used the vienna talks to blame each other for serious problems. question, what change has president obama made in his demands regarding syria to give momentum to these talks? eleanor? >> well, some months ago he indicated that the u.s. would accept a temporary stay for assad. they weren't demanding that he get out immediately. then about ten days ago, the president basically upped the ante with the military intervention saying the u.s. would be sending in special ops and a couple thousand soldiers
6:39 am
i think the idea of getting more muscle behind the military intervention in syria on both the u.s. part and the russian part is so that they have kind of equal leverage at the talks. this is the first time as the secretary kerry pointed out, you have saudi arabia and iran sitting down. you have an opposition leader from syria, not a particularly credible one but you've got one. so you have everybody represented. they all have different interests, but there is one common thread they all want to defeat isis. so i think the possibility exists that they could come out with some sort of a plan. right now there are no good options. it's all bad news. so i think the situation needs shaking up. the human tragedy spilling out of syria is horrific. >> that's well stated, but take note of this. president obama's new position is assad can stay for now and possibly longer. the u.s. position that we will accept assad's regime if that
6:40 am
is the only way to end the war. >> we don't have a choice. >> number two, russia's military intervention in syria, it is now clear that russia is determined to salvage the assad regime and wipe out the syrian opposition if necessary. is that true or false? >> you know, in deference i would like to let pat go first and i'll come on. >> assad is not going to go because the russians have 4,000 troops in there. they're doing more bombing than we are. the iranians are behind assad. they have skin in the game in there. we send 50 guys into syria, are you kidding? here's what's going to happen. the russians and iranians are not committed to assad indefinitely. what they are committed is to basically is -- [indiscernible] -- somewhere between 20% and -- the rawrnls don't want to lose their -- russians don't want to lose their base there. the americans are relying on one force against isis, the
6:41 am
the problem is as the kurds succeed, the turks get more and more alarmed and they say if the kurds cross the iew euphrates going west-- >> it's a symbol of disinterest. the saudis are now -- [indiscernible] he has a professional grudge in the sense the saudis are deeply concerned about the iranians and russians appropriating that conflict killing all of the moderate rebels or semimoderate rebels allowing isis to have -- i would say the final point, the kurds have territorial interests in the north. so relying on them wholly is a problem. we will see-- >> we've also -- turkey has also loosened their position in
6:42 am
so far as allowing us to use their bases as well. which is a positive step. and all sides are united in opposition to isis. that's about the only thing that unites all sides here. >> the saudis and gulf arabs were helping initially as were the turks allowing these peep to go in there. the guys who are going to win the battle are the guys putting the troops in and doing the fighting. i think the war is going to lend itself to a military solution. >> putin has said -- maybe only giving it lip service -- he said he would be amenable to assad eventually stepping down, that he can see as an interim later as well. okay. at least they're talking. it's better than not talking. i'm for diplomacy. >> eleanor if you're so bright what is going on with the russian airliner that went down over the sinai on saturday. was it destroyed by a bomb? >> i think all the indications initially were that this airline has a terrible safety record, that the plane itself
6:43 am
tail but then people are now sky. that could be a fuel tank. it could be a bomb. there's an veg. investigation. i think the russians really don't want to see that this could be terrorism. nobody has confirmed it. maybe we'll learn more in an but germany has suspended flights to that part of the [ multiple voices ] >> general, what is your view on this? >> i agree with my colleagues here that the-- >> all three of them? >> including president obama-- >> do i count in that? >> that's a good question, john. i would view you as our supreme beloved leader. >> i knew you were bright. answer the question. >> president obama said evidence points to a bomb. and one thing putin is really
6:44 am
his own country and he had it before with the chechens. it's a big concern with isis and would be a big embarrassment. >> given what he did to the chechens, if they find out it's a bomb, there will be retaliation by the russians. >> the real star of this in cutter. >> we truly start to value their minds and respect their bodies and give them the education they need to fulfill their potential. that doesn't just transform their lives. it transforms their families and their countries, too. >> speak this week, first lady michelle obama called for better education and better security for girls. mrs. obama was passionate stating 62 million girls around the world are not in school and that gender gaps remain significant in both social and economic spheres.
6:45 am
the first lady also spoke about the dangers girls face in places like nigeria and pakistan where islamic extremists have attacked school age girls. on a lighter note mrs. obama also took comedian conan o'brien with her to meet with u.s. military personnel stationed in cutter. question, is michelle becoming a more activist first lady? >> i think she's -- when you make these statement it is reminds me when hillary clinton went to beijing. mrs. obama is putting down her marker as a champion for education for girls around the world. i think it tells us something about what she's going to do after she leaves the white house.
6:46 am
herself for the white house. >> when have we heard this speech making before? shall i tell you? >> besides this first lady? >> yes. >> why don't you tell us, john. >> laura bush. >> laura bush, okay. >> the education of girls and women are a priority of hers during george w. bush's first office in office, the oppression of afghan woman. laura bush turns to be involved with -- continues to be involved with her afghan women's project. she's remained active as a former first lady. does that impress you, patrick? >> look, i think what she said there basically was right. she didn't say it in sawed rake. as for afghanistan, i hate to say it but mr. obama and we have pulled out of there. we are down to 95 troops. the taliban are on the move. the lord help those girls and women if that thing goes down to the tall badge. -- tall badge. for all "-- taliban.
6:47 am
for all our lectures the muslim world does not agree on the kind of equality for women that we do here in the united states. billion people-- >> that's why i think michelle obama making that speech was much better than bring back our girls with the sad face. this is michelle obama really doing something important, passionate. she's always been passionate. i give her credit going there because as much as they have reforms for female rights they -- [indiscernible] -- who hate woman. the problem as well is what we had to see was michelle one side and liberals are celebrating that. they should also celebrate the fact we are standing our ground. i would hope we would have more troops in afghanistan. women's rights is not just in the easy sense. it has to be on the ground in these places, nigeria, against isis. >> are we going to send areas in to protect women's rights throughout the muslim world? >> we have soldiers who are training the afghans to take over. >> there are a lot of girls going to school in afghanistan.
6:48 am
i think that society, too, will have to go through some changes. they're not going to go back to the 12th century. >> tell it to the taliban. >> we need to be there because the can canada today are a and the south -- khandahar-- >> do you find it odd that-- >> i don't find it odd but significant. she goes a lot of plays that the media don't cover but she picks and chooses where she goes. she doesn't go everywhere that the president goes. i think this is indicative. it shows how important the issue is to her and i think we can see her becoming more involved internationally after the obama presidency is over and the save our girls episode i think was kind of a turning point for her at that point
6:49 am
profile position on women's rights. >> this is real. japan is a country struggling to bring more women because they need them in the work force. education is what transformed her life. she's a very convincing proselytizer on behalf of educating young girls and women. >> i don't really get criticism from michelle obama doing this. it's an important issue. >> i don't know which right wing sites you're tuned into but that's the only place you'll find criticism. >> let's hear it from you, michelle. >> well abright back with
6:50 am
back with predictions. john: predictions, pat? pat: john, barack obama came in saying he was going to take us out of war. pat? >> when the. leaves office we'll be at war in afghanistan, syria, yemen and libya will itself be a disaster which is moving millions of people across the mediterranean into europe. failed foreign policy. >> my prediction is governor christie and governor bush are talking compellingly about their personal experiences with addiction on the campaign trail. next question for them, they're going to get a lot of pressure. how will they translate that compassion they feel for members of their family and their friends into public policy. >> it will turn out that the islamic state sinai affiliate was responsible for downing the
6:51 am
russian airliner. the russians will retaliate with force against groupings of people but they will not focus too much on isis because they really want to push out the moderate rebels instead of isis. >> district of columbia lost a very important gun control case before the supreme court. they're going to go at it again. i think they're going to get to the supreme court again. i'm not going to predict whether the court will find in their favor this time. it's going to make it to the supreme court again. not just d.c. but some other-- >> i predict christmas sales will be respectable. holiday sales will gain by 4% over last year. $630 billion in purchases. with that good news i guess -- is that good news? >>it's good news. >> bye-bye. blinds to go's 60th anniversary sale is back... plus 1! woo-hoo!
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