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tv   Up to the Minute  CBS  November 9, 2015 3:30am-4:00am EST

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york city, i'm jeff glore. this is the "cbs overnight news." welcome to the "overnight news." lineups set for the republican debates. it will look different. donald trump and ben carson center stage. surrounded by john kasich. jeb bush. marco rubio. ted cruz, carly fiorina. ted cruz, carly fiorina. and rand paul. four candidates in the polls will join an earlier debate. lindsay graham and george pataki were not invited this time. latest poll of likely gop voters shows donald trump, leading carson by two points. 25% to 23%. carson is fighting off charges he embellished part of his life story. including whether he was offered a full scholarship to west point. he sat down with john dickerson of "face the nation."
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>> dr. carson. wanted to start with back and forth that took a place in a note in your autobiography. being offered a spot at west point. here's something you said at a press conference friday. >> i never said i received a full scholarship. wait a minute. don't lie. i never said that i received a full scholarship. nowhere did i say that. >> full scholarship is how west point refers to the tuition program. you told charlie rose about a full scholarship back on october 9. let's listen to that. >> i was offered a full scholarship to west point, meet general west moreland, my pathway would be medicine. >> straighten all this out for us. >> i said it was offered. i didn't say i received it. it was, in the process of a -- a banquet. a lot of military officials there. they were very impressed with my incredible rise to city
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executive officer. done that before. and said, well we would be able to get you a full scholarship to west point. i said, that's wonderful. and i was very flattered by that. but i had already determined that i was going to go to -- onto college and onto medical school. so, you know, that's what happened. i said i was offered that. that was not something that i wanted to take. i have tremendous admiration for west point. which is why i included the story. tremendous admiration for the people who served in our country. but, you know for people to try to take this and twist it. and make it seem look something dishonest. it seems like dishonesty itself. >> the scrutiny you are receiving. senator obama received some about his autobiography. hillary clinton got things wrong in the stories she told.
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this seems to be a -- something that happens to candidates. do you think you are getting a special scrutiny with, with these investigations that you referred to? >> there is no question i am getting special scrutiny. because, you know there are a lot of people who are very threatened. and then, you know they seem recent head to head polling against hillary. and how well i do. and they're worried. no question about it. and every single day, every other day, or every week. you know they're going to come out with you said this when you were 13. you did this. you did. and the whole point is to -- distract the populus. distract me. you have a real scandal. something that is really important. let's talk about that. you know. yesterday, "the wall street journal" comes out and says, well he reports in this book he took the psychology course. we went to yale. there was no such psychology
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course. there was no such scam. what happened to investigative reporting. because we were able to find the article. and it will be coming out in the next day or two. showing what happened with that psychology course. why could we find it and they could not find it? why do people put this stuff out there to make the accusation, to try to make somebody seem dishonest. when it is disproven. oh. let's talk about something else. you said this in kindergarten. give me a break. so many important things need to be talked about. >> let me ask you a question something you wrote this week, a very popular post on facebook you wrote. answering questions, supporters had brought up in terms of your political experience. you said, the signers of the declaration independence, people were not professional politicians on the list. but the founder/presidents were people who were men in public life. or they had been in the cut and thrust of public conversation for a long time.
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in your background? >> i would say we all have and that our country was designed for citizens, statesman, not career politicians. and i have had, lots of experiences in life, growing up, experiencing every single economic level. a whole multitude of different jobs. appointed neurosurgery at a young age. it wasn't on the map. working very hard over the years to establish it as a very important program. and in the united states. so by 2008. u.s. news and world report ranked it number one in the nation. experience on corporate boards. international. business. as well as domestic business. starting a national scholars program which is active in all 50 states. reading room program that have won national award that are only given to one organization.
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out of tens of thousands. that's a lot of experience. and in terms of the two and 3:00 in the morning phone call. you have to make a life and death decision, i am sure i have had more of that than any other running combined. >> let me ask you about a question in new hampshire. wm of the r poll showed the biggest problem facing the state. according to voters. 25% of the people thought drug problem facing voters there. as the a doctor what is your where does it come from? how should it best we treated? >> well, you know, there are all kind of addictions. usually addictions occur in people who are vulnerable. who are lacking something in their lives. we have to really start asking ourselves, what have we taken
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what are some of the values and principles that allowed us to ascend the ladder of success so rapidly to the very pinnacle. and the highest pinnacle any one else had ever reached. throwing away values and principles for the sake of political correctness. now, let me specifically talk is going on. that is very alarming. heroin addiction. there is a, a transportation of heroin through our southern borders that is unimaginable. sheriffs. stashes. stuff through here. that's why the price has gone down so low. you can purchase it so ease. this is not a good thing for us. we need to not give up on the war on drugs. certainly not to facilitate it. we can do this. will to do it. >> dr. ben carson in puerto rico for us.
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parkinsons is a debilitating disease that usually gets worse over time. there is a new way to attack parkinsons to give people a better life. lesley stahl reports for sunday morning. >> come on, aaron! >> that's my husband, aaron with his boxing coach. he and everyone else in the class has parkinson's. >> give me all you got. come on! >> come on. boom, boom. >> reporter: a progressive neurological disorder that affects nearly a million americans. you don't hear about very many with the disease getting better. >> i think of parkinson's as
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disease. it doesn't shrink itself. it shrinks you. >> i want you to reach up. >> aaron and fellow parkinsonians. part of the new program aims to stop the shrinking if not reverse it. each exercise works on a symptom. >> come on. give me ten. up. >> reporter: stretching is for their stiffness. foot work for balance. >> ready. boom. come on. >> reporter: punching to stead their tremors. >> go, ha! >> shouting to count their soft voice syndrome. and sparring. for coordination. what does boxing do for you? >> just the opposite of parkinson's. every designed instead of the shrink. designed to pump you up.
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you get to get on the gloves. gives you enormous -- different attitude towards the world. you get your physical courage back. and your mental courage. >> reporter: the program called rock steady boxing. uses professional boxing techniques, maybe a little more gently. developed in indianapolis in 2006 it spread to 50 gyms worldwide. >> come on! >> reporter: when italian born roberta monague saw her at a medical conference. >> i just thought it was genius. why didn't i come up with it. i thought. i thought it was an amazing program. >> when she is not coaching. marangue is a researcher at the medical college in new york working on gene therapies for parkinson's.
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>> my main quest has been finding a cure. >> but lately in the last couple year, i told them of something missing. when i found this program. i thought it was something i could do to help now in the present. >> left, right. come of on! >> reporter: two years ago, she and her husband, alex montaldo, an actor. >> right. >> went to indiana to learn how to teach rock steady. they then approached the folks at gleason's in brooklyn. a kind of grungy, no frills, old school gym where mohamed ali trained and deniro trained for "raging bull." lisa donates a ring for them. three days a week. >> it's curious the i heard that mohamed ali got parkinson's from boxing. >> when you say it, it is counterintuitive. >> yes. >> the difference is this.
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we do no contact boxing. if they don't tie against each other. >> they don't get hurt? >> they don't get hurt they don't get hit. what about alex? >> i notice you wear yourself putty armor. >> get yourself all protected. >> i'm glad i have it. >> is it going to hurt you. >> one of our boxers, specifically, reis the very reason why i survived that. >> he hurt you. >> a good thing. that showed me how -- >> yeah. >> yeah. >> incredible. >> i think i hit him too hard in his ribs. got home and decided it was time to get some body armor. >> you maked him once >> was it right uppercut. >> left. i think left. >> when les mills, a new york
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diagnosed with parkinson's, it hit him hard. >> when he first came. he was not in great shape. physically, psychologically, he was pretty depressed. didn't want to do much. you should see him now. >> come on. >> i first started coming. i was not able to walk straight off to the ring the i would bobble to the ring. hard how to walk. now it is, i don't want to say a piece of cake. physically it made a big difference. >> everyone we spoke to said they have seen an improvement. the secret is camaraderie. and competition and getting pumped up. >> harder! crush him! that's why the trainers act like drill sergeants. >> now, come out. >> they make you do what you are supposed to do, not what you want to do. push you so hard. it becomes a habit. a good habit. she particularly is a slave driver.
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come on, erin. come on, erin. you are going to do it. don't quit on me now. >> if we don't see a jump from erin, we will do pushups. >> look in the army. >> jump. aaron. >> does she yell at you? >> it is okay with you? >> i am not sure about that. not going to hear me complain. >> reporter: when he is not boxing, he is a novelist, screenwriter and playwright. >> how bad is it to be interviewed by your wife? >> give you the courage. >> because i am interviewing you. >> don't just go, go, ha, ha. ha, ha. >> you really work them. i could not believe howard was the hour is. >> we need to show them how much thigh can do. -- they can do. because they don't know. >> come on. with me. come on. come on. ha, ha. >> there you go. >> what about watching your wife
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like she is in the army. shouting. what do you think of that? >> i like it. >> when people with parkinson's step in and yelled at by a coach they're no longer a person with parkinson's disease. they're a fighter. they're a boxer. that's the difference. they don't feel the disease any more. >> stephanie combs miller, is >> the director of research at the university of indianapolis's college of health sciences. she conducted the major study of effects of boxing therapy on parkinson's. >> we studied people over a two year period. >> in some cases they were better after the two-year period time. their function was better. >> the theory, boxing, renewed growth and the kind of brain
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>> high intensity exercise can be neural protective. it in be neuroprotective. it enhances the dopamine in the improve growth of neurons. it goes to what the problem is? all the evidence we have now. with hive intensity exercise we can improve strength. walking aability, their balance. quality of life. likely seeing changes in the brain as well. >> reporter: she's says one of the patients she studied. he had parkinson's disease. almost declined in health. recluse. found rock steady. this gentleman nine years later you wouldn't recognize him. he is a fighter.
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2015 than before he was diagnosed. >> he is better now than before he was diagnoses. it saved his life. >> nobody is saying boxing -- does this make you feelic about your disease? about your disease? >> yeah. my left arm all the whole arm. it should really go. >> was. wow. >> that's just punching a bag. and doing, extra sizes. >> do you give a sense of slowing the progression. >> certainly slowing symptoms. >> what aaron is doing -- is something that any conceivable a year ago. >> whoa. >> you did great.
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hand. >> winner. >> the they see is that beautiful bird. go ahead. let 'em judge. silent night holy night sleep in heavenly peace
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a biography of former president george h.w. bush has created controversy. in "destiny of power", the senior bush takes shots at top aide in the administration of his son. this as jeb is asked for the campaign trail. >> we have seen the bush boys disagree with their mother
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publicly once or twice before. this is a rare disagreement with their father. he was reluctant to say anything negative when his son was in the white house not as reluctant any more. >> reporter: at age 91, the 41st president is getting a few things off his chest. donald rumsfeld, his son's secretary of defense is an arrogant fellow with a lack of humility. dick cheney, is an iron ass who just became very hard line and very different from the dick cheney i knew and worked with. >> i have had much worse said about me. >> cheney seemed amused. rumsfeld said in a statement, bush 41 is getting up in years and misjudges bush 43 who i found made his own decisions. >> george would say, this is, this was under my watch. i was commander-in-chief. >> reporter: jeb bush weighed in from new hampshire and said he didn't share his dad's opinion. >> as it relates to dick cheney
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served my dad well as secretary of defense. quhan >> bush said rumsfeld served the president badly. i don't like what he did. and i think it hurt the president having his iron-ass view of everything. >> george h.w. bush and donald rumsfeld did not look each other for 40 years. they were competitors. >> he wrote a biography about bush. there could be several reasons he is breaking his science now. >> is the older father thinking i want to protect my son by making it clear there were maligned influences. >> if you were the son you don't want your father to say your administration was affected by bad influences it moons you were -- means you were weak. it means you gave in. bush senior revealed that donald
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trump once expressed interest in being his runningmate.
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and unbelievable." what can cause a young girl to experience her first tears of joy. steve hartman reports on a heart warming case of lost and found. >> who ever coined the phrase military brat. >> paper towel. >> obviously never med the daughter of nicholas and wife jen. mckenzie is three. if you look closely at pictures of her over the years, you will notice something. that giraffe, raffe in every shot. >> it was a lovy. she wants to go to bed with it. when she is six she wants -- it's look her friend. >> jen says this friend has been mckenzie has their her skon stand through their many moves,
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and during nick's deployments. >> he is gone. she still has the one thing. >> had this one thing. >> it got lost. sorry. during their recent move. >> raffe is her life line. >> one thing she has at all times. >> i understand. but to some, this can seem >> this might seem like much adieu about nothing. a very big deal. >> where are you, raffy. >> this home video shows she lost her right before moving to pennsylvania. her parents assumed he was in a box some where. for 11 days mckenzie had to live without her soul mate. finally end of the unpacking. >> jen found it. cut open the box. let me record this. >> we have to get this. >> they toeltd mckenzie to get a >> they hid raffe in the fridge and they told mckenzie to get a drink. she was delighted to be reunited.
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but in this moment, mckenzie made another, more surprising discovery. that a strange thing happens when you are really, really happy. >> oh. >> because you are happy. >> in all of her life she has never been so happy that she cried. it's got to feel weird the first time. but surrendering to this quirky human trait can be one of life's greatest joys. and i'm sure some of you at home can now attest. that is the "cbs overnight news" for this monday. for some of you, the news continues. for others check back later for the morning news and cbs this morning.
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