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tv   CBS 2 News  CBS  November 9, 2015 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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>> reporter: chris and mary, police are still searching for that gunman. they say the shooting happened here at the ace subway station but it actually started as a very quick confrontation at this mcdonald's down the block. commissioner bratton was on the scene at 35th and 8th avenue, as police tried to piece together what motivated a gunman to open fire on three victims in this very busy area. >> approximately 6:10, 6:14, here at the mcdonald's on 8th avenue, adjacent to 35th street, there was an altercation that occurred between a number of males that resulted in one individual dying and two others at the hospital with bullet wound injuries. >> reporter: a friend of the victims said it started at this mcdonald's. >> they were in here, they had an argument with some guys who came in. >> reporter: police say one of those men was the shooter and after a short confrontation he left, and the victims left and he followed them to the nearby subway station. >> they were follow by that
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with a black hoody shooting downstairs. >> i saw a bunch of converge in that area and stood around a while longer to see what is going on and i saw two people carted up in ambulances. >> reporter: two victims taken to bellevue hospital. the one shot twice in the torso and another once in the leg and a third shot in the head died at the scene. >> he didn't get a chance to go anywhere. >> reporter: the friends's of the victim say his family is struggling how to move forward. >> he was nice. a good friend. always a good guy. always gave everything to his son. >> reporter: this whole incident is sparking extra concern, because this is a very busy area for commuters. not only because this is a major subway stop but also because it is two blocks a i way from penn station. police are doing everything they can to find this shooter and possibly two other people who were with him. live in midtown manhattan, diane macedo, cbs 2 news. the hunt continue force a suspect after a police-involved
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cbs 2 janelle burrell has new details in the investigation. >> reporter: nypd helicopters this morning flying over monroe street in bed-sty. searching for additional suspects in what they say is a cell phone robbery ring. the group accused of trying to make an undercover nypd detective their latest victim. >> i didn't know this was happening around here. you know, as they say, this doesn't happen in my neighborhood. >> neighbors alarmed as police fanned out across the area, shortly after 7:30 sunday night, investigators say three plain clothes officers were near the 88th precinct station and a group of young men came up to one of the detectives outside. >> they were approached by several individuals, and at gunpoint, the detective was robbed of his cell phone. >> reporter: but the detective did not back down. >> as he hands off the cell phone, he produces a handgun and fires one round, striking the perpetrator. >> reporter: that 20-year-old suspect seen here in surveillance video on a
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was hit in the arm and stomach. taken to king's county hospital in stable condition. one of the accomplices, a 16- year-old boy was arrested at the scene. this weapon that the group flashed at the detectives turned out to be a bb gun. >> i have a 16-year-old. very scary out here. you can't go around taking it is sad. >> it happens a lot here. it usually happens if they're staying up waiting for the bus or not paying attention and crossing the street and looking down. and i am a personal trainer and i try to tell people to be vig hadn't. >> reporter: police say they -- vigilant. >> reporter: police say they know the identity of the third suspect last seen here running from the scene but so far have not released his name. reporting from bed-sty brooklyn, janelle burrell, cbs 2 news. >> police say there may have been others assisting the trio in the robbery attempt. the officer who fired the gunshot was treated for ringing in his ears. president obama and israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu are meeting today at the white house.
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>> it is very good to welcome once again prime minister benjamin netanyahu to the oval office. there is no foreign leader who i have met with more frequently, and i think that is a testimony to the extraordinary bond between the united states and israel. >> it is their first meeting in more than a year. the two are expected to discuss american military aid to israel. nearly two-month wave of violence between palestinian and israelis and the ongoing crisis in sierra. and they hope to ease tensions over the iran nuclear deal. the owner of a pit bull that killed a 9-year-old girl on long island is under arrest on an unrelated charge. police arrested carlyle arnold at the scene of yesterday's attack for violating an order of protection, an officer shot and killed the dog after it mauled the child as she played with her friend in the backyard in elmont. that girl later died at the hospital. two americans have been killed at a police training facility in jordan. investigators say a jordanian
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police captain opened fire on trainers at the compound outside before being shot dead. jordan is one of the u.s.'s closest allies in the middle east. the u.s. staff worked on upgrading police all over the region. a man with a machete at a bronx laundromat walked in. jose august augilar, someone is trying to stop him, throwing items at him as he forced open a locked cabinet and stole money from the register and took off. no one was hurt. university of missouri's president just resigned. following student protests over race on campus. after months of protest, tim wolf is stepping down. black student groups and faculty say wolf continually
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ignored a climate of hate on campus. it escalated over the weekend when dozens of football players refused to take the field until wolfe resigned or was fired. >> i thought and prayed about this decision. it is the right thing to do. the response to this announcement, i'm sure ranges from joy to some to anger with others. >> wolfe says his resignation is effective immediately. the fbi will help the russian government investigate the cause of a russian jetliner crash in egypt last month. investigators say they are 90% sure a noise heard on the cockpit voice recorder was the sound of an explosion caused by a bomb. russian inspectors are examining security procedures at sharm el-sheik airport in egypt where the plane took off. the russian government says a full analysis of the evidence they found will take some time. the statue of liberty a new home. the national park service is proposing a new museum to replace the one currently
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located inside lady liberty's pedestal. the proposed project calls for a new 20,000 square foot building on the east side of liberty island. it would allow more visitors to see the statue's historic collection. >> the entire history of the statue and what she means to people, to take that all out, to a place where more people can experience it, really strikes us as a very good idea. >> a fundraiser campaign would help pay for the project once it is green lighted. it could take three to five years to complete. still much more to come here on cbs 2 news at noon. >> hook, line and sinker, i felt. >> the letter said he won more than a million dollars but he ended up paying tens of thousands of dollars for nothing. the scam you need to know about. >> are you having trouble falling asleep? >> we have some simple tricks that could help get you a good night's sleep. >> plus alligator wrangling at the mall. this does not look like a good idea. and it is caught on camera. >> see you later, gator. we are going to see some rain
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roll in later in this week.
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seven-day forecast coming up. tell me what you think of this. an al gater trapper and a -- alligator trapper and a sheriff's deputy in houston try to wrangle the giant reptile behind a strip mall on saturday.
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12 feet long. and 800 pounds. the 50-year-old reptile was initially found in a creek behind the store. are you kidding me? the alligator is so big, they had to use a forklift to load it on a truck where it is is farm. talk about a thankless job. what about these two riding on the back of that alligator? a letter says you are the winner of a huge amount of money. but it is one of the most common scams. cbs news credit martinez smoke with one man who lost nearly everything and you can avoid becoming a victim. >> you had just recently been identified as the winner. >> at first father mike ortiz could not believe it. he was a winner this letter said. of more than $1.5 million from the publisher's clearinghouse. right away, he knew how to spend it. >> i will establish a scholarship over at the lie school where i work. -- high school where i work. and i will also pay for my, the
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so i thought this is great. thank you, god. thank you, god. >> it seemed legit to this former military chaplain but when he called to claim his prize, they told him he would first have to pay taxes on his winnings $40,000 so the 86-year- old withdrew his life savings and sent off the check and never heard from them. >> hook, line and sinker. >> sweepstakes scams are a long time favorite of con artists and experts say they have become more sophisticated. the bogus offers often look like the real deal. even using legitimate company names. but fraud expert professor bill cressy says there are ways to know instantly if it is a fraud. >> if you ever are informed that you won a sweepstakes, you have won a lottery, and they are asking for money up front, it is a scam. >> authorities say the people behind these scams are rarely found. or arrested. but in father mike's case, investigators were able to
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>> it was a very difficult experience. >> he hopes his story will stop others from becoming victims. >> chris martinez, cbs news, san diego. the man was convicted and sentenced to a year in jail. a spokesperson for publisher's clearinghouse says if you have any doubts about a prize for verification. we have frustrations and different ways to deal with them but now a new way to vent. pick up a bat and enter the anger room. >> therapeutic. hey, i feel better than when i came in here. >> it does look like it feels good. >> no long drawn out therapy needed. a few minutes no holds barred and smash away your problems. is it possible to smash your problems away? would you try it. cbs 2 takes you inside the anger room. that is tonight, at 11:00. >> i think everyone could use a few minutes in there. still ahead on cbs 2 news at noon, here comes the bride.
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who is the guy in the back who can't see? >> weather on the way.
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on facebook and twitter at cbs new york. don't be surprised if there is a tech ban at the next wedding. with cell phone free nuptials. cell phone carrying guests are ruining it. there was a wedding photo where the groom had to lean back to see his bride come down the hour. a photographer's post has been shared more than 64,000 time. you lie down after a long day hoping for a good night's rest and it never comes. the national sleep foundation estimates that nearly 45% of americans between the ages of 13 and 64 have a hard time falling asleep. now, we are learning the simple tricks to finally getting the sleep you deserve. >> after a day of going full speed, it is hard to put the brakes on and simply coast into sleep mode. >> work, deadlines, bills.
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brain is not as easy as turning off the lights. >> i am thinking you have a two do list in your house. >> three main factors are sleep enemies. this is my biggest problem. coffee, cappuccinos, lattes. i drink them throughout the day. sleep experts say there are very clear rules for allful us caffeine drinkers. >> more than three caffeinated beverages, and caffeine after 3:00 p.m. is not a good thing. >> then there is technology. bright lights. stimulates the brain. >> it actually increases brain function and activity and delays the sleep clock. >> so turn your alarm clock away from you, watching time falling asleep. in fact, are you ready for this? your bedroom should be almost technology free and nearly pitch black. the last major factor may be one you don't think about. but it is actually thinking. worries over jobs, relationships, and money can keep anyone up at night. doctors recommend you train your brain to push those
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worries off to the daytime hours. >> sleep is the one treatment that is free, it is easy to get, you don't have to do much work, and it improves your brain performance. >> some sleep doctors recommend the four-seven-eight breathing method which mimics the sleep process. breathing in four and holding for seven and exhale for a count of eight and it helps to something to try. >> fortunately, with this schedule we work, i have no problem whatsoever with falling asleep anywhere, any time. >> i need to cut off the cups of coffee. it is four now. i will try to trim that back. maybe that will help. >> six for you? >> seven. >> no. time for your exclusive forecast. let's bring in john elliott right now. john, nice out there today but a little rain coming in, huh? >> now we know why mary skips down the hall here. that is a lot of caffeine. whoa. i will tell you what, let's maybe -- maybe a cup of tea, and get outside. it is going to be nice.
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we have some real nice numbers. i mean for november. 57. this is from laura. i just like laura because she is all ready. she is like a little elf like that. as good as it gets, in new york, the greatest city in the world, and look at this view she has, fantastic. and i will say this, we have some really beautiful views sent in. this is nice color from ed. charlie, i like that. look at the beautiful reflection there. beautiful color here. this is gorgeous from les. hanging on to some color there on long island. and i also really like this, because richard is going fishing. why not? it is a gorgeous day. i like that. that is for the birds. and in a good way. a system to the south. we will see a southwest wind usher in a few clouds. and still mostly sunny and 57. and winds out of the west at 6. and numbers around the area, well, from 52, to almost 60. we are going to be around 55 to 60 on average.
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and these numbers one to two to three degrees warmer. 56 yesterday. and a 59 in the city today. and above the normal of 56. sunsets at 4:43. we want to show you, there is the mix of sun and clouds. here is our system, to the south. and now, this morning, all of the models were pushing this batch of rain out to sea. and now, they are trying to pull it back in, so let's get ready for some rain tomorrow. we could see some showers tomorrow morning. and into and through the commute, and then a brief period of heavy rain, during the day, and then some breaks during the day. but then it fills in again. remember, there are two batches of moisture, so that is your day, tuesday, and through the first part of your veterans day. and then we see a break in the afternoon. and before the next system comes on board. and so there is a chance of rain tuesday, and after a break, on veterans day, there is another chance of showers on thursday. we need it. 8 and 3/4 below normal as far as the rain goes. but definitely a busier week after today. weather-wise with. that chance of rain.
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>> all right, johnny, thanks. now here is fresh grocer tony tantillo. he is in the produce aisle with your tip of the day. >> well, today's tip of the day, is going to be with string beans. this re still locally grown. starting to wind down a little bit. pretty soon, they will be imported. so the small window left of the string beans, take advantage of it. great, delicious and tender and great for us. let's talk about selection. nice and green like this all the way around. very important. free from any shriveling or rusting. and also, you got to feel nice and fresh to the touch. and when you bring them home, in the refrigerator, right away. and enjoy them within two or three days. that's it. now, i love string beans. i boil them and cold bath to slow up the cooking. boil for two or three minutes. a pan, olive oil, garlic, i throw them in, saute them for a while, fresh tomatoes on top. a little bit of parsley. and that is beautiful. and i'm tony tantillo, your fresh grocer, always remember to eat fresh, and stay healthy.
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>> sounds good. when we come back, a sneak
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thanksgiving day parade. see all the joy of christmas... in the little face next to you. the radio city christmasspectacular presented by chase.
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after a really disappointing october, the box office bounced back this weekend with some audience favorites making their return. >> what is going on, james? they say you're finished. >> what do you think? >> i think you're just getting started. >> a great start to the new bond flix spectre, 007's newest adventure bringing in a office. the peanuts movie, holds at second. last week's winner, the martian is, in third place. while goose bumps and bridge of spies round out the top five. coming up on cbs 2 news tonight at 5:00, a new way to test for concussions in children. and how a blood test could give doctors important information after injuries. and then at 6:00, a life flight in new jersey, residents in one town sue over bright lights illuminating a football field and they say they light up an entire neighborhood. those stories and more at 5:00.
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macy's is adding new faces and old ones at the thanksgiving day trial run. there is scrat and his acorn from ice wage movie, will join the fleet, and red from angry birds and a new version of ronald mcdonald's and the saint clare oil dinosaur is making a comeback for the first time since 1976, deno, and they said he was extinct. [ laughter ] that's it for us at noon. for john and the entire cbs 2 news team, thanks. i'm mary calvi. >> i'm chris wragge. cbs 2 news is back at 5:00. morning at 4:30.
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