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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  November 9, 2015 7:30pm-8:00pm EST

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former star couples are looking mighty coz that is on the way. >> let's start with donald trump hosting "snl." critics, they tore him apart. but the ratings were through the roof. we spoke to him right after he left the stage with tonight's top story, trump making "snl" great again? >> how do you think did you? >> i think it was a fantastic evening. >> look at this. >> how involved were new the sketches? >> very involved. call me on the cell phone >> hey, did you a great job. got great reviews. >> well, donald, we're not so sure about that. >> the reviews for trump mostly bad. and some of them pretty vicious. >> the hollywood reporter called the broadcast toothless and uncomfortable with trump drawing an impressive audience, the highest rating since early 2012. >> the amount of h surrounding this appearance and
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a lot of the protests and people that were trying to stop it made it an >> sit back, relax. >> it's interesting to note that we counted only 12 minutes of screen time for trump. the highlights is dancing to drake's "hotline bling" and this -- >> larry david, what are you doing, larry? >> i heard if i yelled that they >> larry david was great. >> meanwhile, trump's family as expected solidly behind him. >> today we're covering the washington monument in gold mirrored glass. >> that's going to look so elegant. >> beautiful. >> that is his wife who was in the audience and his daughter instagrammed a pic wearing a trump wig and his son. >> he didn't miss a beat. >> but here's the big question. will all the viewers mean more votes? >> donald trump has been so ubiquitous in the media that i don't think any one appearance is going to move the needle much for him anymore.
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>> trump is tweeting like crazy passing on the news about the ratings and positive words getting in some of the reviews. >> because he needs more numbers. >> he is a master of self-promotion. >> it is not so easy to get gwen stefani and blake shelton talking about their new romance. you better believe everywhere they're going they're getting peppered with questions. >> gwen, how is everything with blake? is he going to propose? tell blake we said hello. >> you want gwen to talk about blake, don't ask silly questions. >> gwen, are you and blake going to get ma >> instead this couple does best when asked things point blank. >> how you are doing you? lost a lot of weight.
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what happened? >> gosh, first half of the year, the divorce happened. i don't know. i just stopped eating. >> yeah. >> stopped eating a little bit and just, you know -- >> did you start exercising? > >> did you stop drinking beer? >> what? >> it is true that women that play hard to get are much more interesting? >> i don't have time for that crap. i want it now. >> so it has been five days since blake and gwen confirmed their relationship and here's what happened since. >> number one, we're all watching the voice tonight since it's a life show. i'm sure they're going to put the new couple on the spot. number two, blake actually just announced the choice awards. this is a big rumor surrounding miranda is that he wanted children and she wasn't ready. spotted this weekend still now we're not sure if this is for the children or ma fact he just can't let go. >> other stars will get filed under split but can't let go, mcdreamy with gillian. they were out yesterday in paris holding hands and taking selfies. you remember she filed for divorce in january and while it still pending in court, it seems
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now they didn't have their wedding rings back on. but they were wearing matching jeans and navy top. and they say the two things really happy and in love. >> finally, jon hamm and jennifer westfelt also have us wondering if they're back on. two months after they announced their 18-year relationship was over, the two were arm in arm. the daily mail has the exclusive photos as they arrived last night to an event honoring a late director. >> they were together a couple time. who knows if they'll get back together now. especially after john completed a stint in rehab earlier t year. >> i remember that john actually thanked her at the emmys when he won best actors. it would be nice to see them back together. kris jenner and maria shriver celebrated major milestones tonight. >> kris and maria both hit the
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bashes. but whose party was the best? we're breaking down the tale two of birthdays. classy and elegant versus gla and over the top. first up, the venue kris rode up in a white rolls for $2 million themed extravaganza where thousands of balloons and orchid chandeliers were wait fog her wearing a diamond head piece, she was surround bid her girls in roaring 20 glitz. and maria shriver in simple black arrived at the montage hotel in beverly hills to celebrate. the entertainment, stevie keeping the party going for shriver on her milestone birthday but scoring points with sweetest gift of the night, the jenna girl's remake of a video she made on her birthday 30 years ago. everybody very happy the girls are shining all the time >> courtney's ex-made an appearance in the video as did lamar.
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of rob lowe and oprah winfrey who posted this picture of her looking like she's having a blast. jada celebrated with kris who got birthday love from kanye. but noticeably absent at bot them, the ex-husbands. arnold was nowhere in si maria's party and caitlyn jenner did miss kris' night and she did her best kris impression. >> you see, i love that. i love that caitlyn jenner made video. as far as the battle of the birthdays, it depends on what you're into. come on, kris jenner looked like >> it did. >> i'm going with kris. >> i'm going with maria. she had oprah there. >> i'm going with khloe. i'm going to talk to her tonight.
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we'll have that for you tom also i want to mention i spoke to sharon osborne about a report that accused her of having new plastic surgery on her face. and sharon responded as only sharon can. tell us what you really think, sharon? mail's face shaming of her, "years of botox appeared to have what bothered you about that article? >> it was obviously slow news day. they needed to fill space. there was a silly picture. >> sharon admitted to having several cosmetic procedures over the years but nothing recently. >> it's like sorry guys. no. it's still me. >> the description sharon objected to the most was that her complexion looked mysteriously smooth and notably >> i don't pay all this money to stay puffy. >> the word puffy, how dare they say i looked puffy?
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but, no, it's just silliness. you know? you can't take it seriously. >> you and kelly were on the carpet together. you said that kelly was happy it wasn't her on there. >> oh, yes. she called me in the morning and she said i'm glad you got it. they left me alone. >> stop it. sharon looks great. end it now. >> coming up, adam levine super model wife prepping for her victoria secret fashion show. >> and l.l. cool jay is here and we're talking about "ncis l.a." and the lip sync battle with janet jackson. it took joel silverman years to become a master dog trainer. but only a few commands to master depositing checks at chase atms. technology designed for you.
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>> i feel everybody should go back and watch that movie. one of the great movies in my opin l.l. cool jay joins us now. was that one of your favorite moments? >> when they were filming this movie, i begged them and bugged them to be in a movie. >> nice. first album. >> this changed america. >> it totally did, right? >> look at the back of the cover. i wasn't excited about the hat. >> let's talk a little "ncis l.a." tonight. >> yeah. >> all new episode. directed by chris o'donnell. what it is like when chris is your boss? >> you know, chris always has a lot of ideas about things anyway. it works well. >> tell us a little something.
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does he try to take control and use power? >> power? >> is that what you call it? >> oh, chris. >> this is why we love him. >> right. >> we get to have fun. >> it's always good. how about "the lip sync battle?" >> so many people are going on that show tonight. it's crazy. it's been a lot of fun. we have the holiday special coming up. >> i understand that you're going to have someone joining the rhythm nation. >> no question. >> november 19th? >> yes. november 19th. >> we have to watch it. >> check it out. >> and in the new season starts in january. l.l., always a pleasure. you know we love when you come by.
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>> never a dull moment. >> "lip sync battle" is amazing. here what's coming up next. >> i have something that no one else has? >> kristen bell opens up about the early days f her relationship and marriage. >> fighting and hating each other and loving each other and then going to couple's therapy. >> then, we're with derrick, and the dancing crew crisscrossing the country in vegas, new york, even the high seas to step it up for tonight's show stopping scene performances. >> rock 'n' roll!
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the final six face-off on "dancing with the stars" there is no room for error now. how far will they go to win? all across the country. we're tracking the stars in rehearsal from new york city to sin city. bindi hits b the trip to see chicago is part of a never before dancing twist. >> this is the first time we ever did a challenge like this. >> they're performing a side by side routine and fired by the travel. >> that is was at the oscar. >> bindi tries to perfect her
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to rumba in vegas. show at the mirage. side. and love on our side. i don't think you can beat that. >> you can't lose. >> well, maybe as long as they don't have to sing along. hey ju what is it? >> their competition carlos and alex got the vibes for their team but they're bumping car and skydiving on a royal cruise shi >> you know, we're having a good t >> rock 'n' roll! >> they'll dance to "we will rock you". >> we're getting closer and we
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ourse how do you feel about that? >> it will be ma sparks will fly. of this. >> it's all good. there you go, america. dreams over on the cw tonight. there is a dream danceoff with her father has a face-off over >> let's go. >> i had no idea that brittany had such a synchronized squad. well, as you may know this is "e.t.'s" 35th season. all week long we're celebrating with the stars who are celebrating their 35th. and michelle turner is here to kick things off. >> it is going to be fun. it's amazing to think about how many stars are 35 or about to turn 35. we have very powerful moms, kim kardashian west, jessica simpson, jessica alba and kristen bell. we looked at her first interview. she was just 22 in 2003.
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searching for her red carpet sty a little vintage. i think it adds something that no one else has. >> i was chewing gum. that's unacceptable. so embarrassed. that was definitely the worst hair cut i ever had. >> she showed us a few different hairstyles. we loved her passion for the show's message of girl power. answer. because for the first time in forever >> she melted our hearts as anna in "frozen" which made nearly $1.3 billion. after dating dax shepard for six years, they married in 2013. >> our relationship wasn't perfect. we had a couple year fighting and of growin and of hating each other and then loving each other and then going to couple's therapy. and we worked it out.
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girls, the two took a stand against publication and broadcasting the aggressive paparazzi photos of all celebrity children. they chose "e.t." to launch their no kids policy which we >> i don't want strange men violating my child for leading the charge? >> personally, i've seen change because we can go anywhere and we're not bothered. >> heroes for standing up, both their careers are soaring. she is currently filming season five of show time's "house of lies" and dax is directing her in the movie version of chips. children. i mean, he's -- he wrote this role and i'm in bathing suit the >> nice. >> no way. >> >> my girlfriends and i say when you find a love that feels like
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>> yes! >> and right then she became a part of my squad. i like that, lady. starring in a movie called "bad moms" with kristina appleg that is not typecasting. those are three very good moms. >> they are. mom is watching. does she know you have on that it's a beautiful dress. i just want to say hi to your mom. >> thank you very much. as we celebrate 35 at 35. stars coming up this week. doing this. >> elijah wood, nick carter before he was a back street boy. >> "entertainment tonight." >> our look back at the stars turning 35. >> we are so young! >> and next week we celebrate the "e.t." icons. >> thank you, "e.t.." >> oprah, j-lo, garth brooks. >> i gave it everything i got to
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>> it really does mark a career, something like this. >> next week on "e.t." >> the old video we have is nothing short after mazing, right? so good. >> still ahead, our exclusive with adam levine's girl. we're with her while she is doing her victoria secret fitting. >> you have that assignment? >> i wish. >> so glad for your wife. >> in our birthdays, which boy band member played the cowardly lion in his high school production of "the whiz"? it is justin timberlake, nick lachey or nick carter? what do you think? >> timberlake.
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>> the answer is coming up next.l th00alieores peseinsof u nto t ghan t vep chlar, i prreo. welcome back to the show, everybody. and in tonight's "e.t." birthdays, which boy band member played the cowardly lion in a high school production of "the whiz"? that is nick lachey. >> who knew? >> we were both wrong. >> he turns 42 today. happy birthday, nick. and he shares a birthday with his wife vanessa lachey who turns 35. >> happy birthday to them. meanwhile, only we join the hotty prince for a special fitting. she is getting ready for the victoria secret fashion show that airs tomorrow. >> and she is flawless, right? >> she is spectacular. >> you would believe she gets sweaty feet on the runway? you would never think that, right? take a listen. good-bye, everybody. >> i'm going to solve my problem with my sweaty feet. i sweat. >> and the excitement starts here for her. >> it's always fun to come here and kind of not know what's going on. and then they put new the incredible outfits. >> yeah! >> and in this case, a bikini
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and lots of fringe. >> it's with huge wing that's kind of look like fireworks
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