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tv   CBS 2 News at 5  CBS  November 10, 2015 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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tell you how long this will last.
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a murder of a socialite. >> lou young is live with more. >> reporter: no suspects but plenty of suspicion in this high-society murder in north salem. now, this wealthy wife, mother, grandmother was found bludgeoned to death inside her home and police say there was no break-in. the murder at windswept farm. the victim is lois colley, the wife of eugene colory who became wellthy building an empire of mcdonald's restaurant franchises. no sign san fernando forced entry. >> she was found in the laundry room, inside the garage and she was lying on the floor. the cause of death is blunt force trauma. >> reporter: teams of cops scoured the road sides for what may have been the murder weapon. >> we believe a fire extinguisher was removed from the property and we've not located that. >> reporter: from the end of a long driveway, we could see members speaking with investigators. locals here are aware of their prominent status, including deer hunting. >> the horse community sort of revolves around them. >> she was a wonderful person. every time you met her, she always had a kiss for you. >> reporter: lois was last heard from 3:00 monday afternoon. she was dead by 5:20 when the body was discovered. neighbors were not given the impression this was a random crime or they need to be extra vigilant. detectives are speaking to everyone she knew. >> it's early in on the investigation. at this point, we don't have any suspects.
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we're not ruling out anyone. >> reporter: state police here did ask the people in that part of weschester scowk to county to be vigilant. they did speak with eugene colley. no one has been ruled out. breaking news out of brooklyn. police say a car was has been found in the water with with a body inside. the nybd believe the car went into the water sometime this morning. it was found this afternoon around 4:30. now to the long island school sexting scandal. there have been arrests and suspensions and now angry reaction from parents threatening to sue. they say their kids were
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innocent bystanders. jennifer mclogan reports. >> reporter: suspended following a sexting probe, student aj fenton was escorted from school grounds by suffolk county police. >> i don't think i should have got suspended at all. i can't stop someone from sending a text to me. >> reporter: his father is furious about the way they are handling this acceptstive accepts -- sensitive case. >> what happened here can happen in any county. my son simply received a group text which had a video attached to it. >> police say two 14-year-old boys from the smithtown district were arrested. one for recording the video, the other taking part in a sexual encounter with a girl, also underage. kings park high school and middle school students received the images and dozens were suspended. >> my son is gonna go to college. he's gonna be 18 and asked have
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gonna have to say yes, for child pornography on my phone. that's ridiculous. >> reporter: students here say the sex video was unwanted and unwarranted, yet suspensions were selective, claiming the football team was spared. >> people that just received it it's not right. >> reporter: the district defended the suspension policy, saying these who viewed got a lighter punishment than those who distributed the images. some parents are planning civil lawsuits. >> he was all ready to get up and go to school. this morning he was throwing up. he's traumatized by what happened. >> reporter: the superintendent tells me the students were not just suspended for looking at the images but for violating the student code of conduct. failure to notify an adult that something is wrong. jennifer mclogan, cbs news. the smithtown boys were
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charged with promoting a sexual violence by a child and disseminating it indecent material. the boys are due in doubt court later this month. investigators are trying to figure out what caused a fire in an abandoned arm mowry in the basement of the market street building and burned through the night. there's been talk of turning the building vacant since 1990 into a rec center. lately they say it's been a hangout for drug addicts and they are concerned. >> if there ain't no shooting or killing, it's burning down stuff. firefighters a firefighter -- a firefighter hurt his back fighting the fire. several schools were canceled. some apartment buildings were evacuated pause of the smoke. a lively debate tonight among new yorkers and the homeless themselves about the
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to just say to knee to those begging on the street. >> some say it's a strategy that could bring unintended consequences. marcia kramer has more. >> well, maurice and kristine, bill brat bratton says the easiest way to get them off the street is not to give a handout. these two seeking shelter as new yorkers handed donations. >> always take care of the kids with the dogs. >> reporter: unable to find a shelter or a landlord willing to take him and his pet, well aware of the police commissioner's solution. >> one of the quickest ways to get rid of them, not to give to them. >> reporter: the police commissioner said yesterday that new yorkers should not give money to the homeless to make the homeless problem go
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away. your reaction to that? >> we shouldn't pay his salary. >> you don't know where the money is going. be careful. >> get out and get a job. i worked for 25 years. i wasn't on the streets begging when i had no job. >> i think you have to have suffering. there's people i give to regularly. >> reporter: bratton's remarks coming after i showed this woman living on the street with her cats and pit bull puppy. she said bought the handouts -- >> the homeless will rob people. >> . >> these kids went out and saved up $500 and pent went to a pet store and bought a puppy. it's things like that that are causing people to become angrier and angrier. causing questions to be questioned.
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gomez, a former cop, said bratton tea advice may backfire since the cops use them as informants, since they are on the street and see the drug deals. >> it may alienate the homeless that are many teams in many corners in communities the police's eyes and ears. >> we don't want someone out begging. we want them to get the help they need and ultimately to get off the streets. >> reporter: well, although he agrees with his police commissioner, the mayor said he himself has distinguishen handouts to those -- given handouts to those on the streets. now he says the best thing to do is call 311. new information on one of the suspects in that deadly shooting near penn station. police have identified him as 27-year-old vincent arcona of medford, long island. a dispute grew out of a drug
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he and another man then allegedly followed the victims to a subway entrance and opened fire. one man was killed and two others wounded. and a brooklyn man was the 12th pedestrian killed on the city streets since halloween. security video shows a car flipping over the sidewalk in flat flatbush. police say it lost control, killing charles kinyetti. his wife said he was a loving husband and father to their children three children. three other people with were hurt. the driver was arrested for driving without a license. on strike and protesting, hundreds are rallying demanding an increase in minimum wage to $15 an for all employees. alice gainor has more. >> reporter: kristine, rallies like this are going on all across the country, not just here. take a look at all of the
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people. it's been raining on and off. but that's not stopped anyone. we have fast-forward workers, home care workers, cashiers, all asking for better wages right now. this is the so-called flight for 15. the significance of rallying today, the presidential election is one year from now and they want the candidates to take notice. the first of three rallies began at 6:00 a.m. in downtown brooklyn. and then they marchped in the rain in harlem -- marched in the rain in harlem and then onto foley square. >> new york, the rent goes up and up and up and up and our way goes down, and down. >> reporter: a minimum wage increase for fast-food workers will be $15 by 2018. what happen is the problem? workers want the change sooner and they want it for all jobs,
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joanne is here on behalf of home care workers. >> why stay with us for $10 an hour when they can make $15 flipping burgers? >> i work at papa john's. i make $9 an hour. i have been with the company since 1999. times are hard. >> reporter: this afternoon governor cuomo announced a wage to $15 over the next six years for state workers. initially affecting office assistants, custodial workers and lifeguards. >> this is about basic fairness and justice. >> reporter: but business owners say paying workers more now would leave them struggling. >> it's not the same as last year or the year before. we're not doing the same amount as we did two years back. >> can't afford it. obviously we can't afford it. look how many places are closed now. >> reporter: mayor deblasio was at the brook plin rally in
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rally in support of workers. >> more and more people have money to spend. >> reporter: currently the wage here is $8.75. set to rise to $9. back to you. up next it's a play that can make a soccer -- soccer parent cringe. two problems. the plan to let vets moved into rundown and abandoned homes. why an officer jumped into a marathon just to help a man cross the line. and skip the suddens. some people are ditching their
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soo li oca n.t t t pt.etio concern over concussions is leading to some changes in how children play soccer. >> our reporter is here to break down the new rules for us. >> yeah.
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all about keeping kids safe, guys. the u.s. soccer federation announced changes in response to a lawsuit filed last year. a group of parents and youth players charged the federation with negligence in treating head injuries. the new rules will ban players 10 and under from heading the ball, period. it will limit the number of headers -- headers in practice for kids from 11 to 13 and it will give them the power to desid if the player can stay in the game if it's believed that player suffered a concussion. >> repetitive mild injuries, and if you can reduce the number of times the younger child or younger brain gets hit that may be better for the child. >> the federation is changing the substitution rules when a player leaves the game because of a concussion. the rules would be guidelines for other associations not
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regulated by the federation. it's urging all youth groups to adopt the changes. repeated head injuries over and over. >> good information that parents need to be aware of. >> they certainly do. this is a first step. keep it going. in youth, that's the target area that you want. >> yes. >> thank you. well, russian athletes, coaches and officials face disciplinary action after a report on widespread doping there. the world anti-doping agency accuses russia of a vast state sponsored doping conspiracy that alleges the russians engaged in doping, took bribes to consealed test results and consealed results. athletes could be stripped of medals they won and russia could be banned from competing in the 2016 olympics. veto lopez has died. the brooklyn democrat lost his batting to leukemia last night.
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once a power broker in the asimply, lopez resigned -- assembly, lopez resigned after almost 30 years over allegations that he routinely sexually harassed women on his staff. he denied any wrong doing. he was 74. new jersey voters are urging their governor to drop out of the race for president. a new poll shows 61% of the voters think governor chris should withdraw with his poll numbers in the single digits, he's been depotted to the undercard presidential -- demoted to the undercard presidential debate. only eight candidates will take the stage. donald trump continued his attacks on ben carson. >> if you try and hit your mother over the head with a hammer, your poll numbers go up.
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lose an election than to lie. >> and florida political veterans rubio and bush are expected to set their sights on each other. the democrats will have their own chance to deep bait saturday night in iowa right here on -- dweeb bait saturday night in iowa right here on cbs. the nypd says traffic cops will watch over kids until permanent school crossing guards are assigned. as we've been reported, parents are concerned about speeding cars heading to and from the brooklyn bridge. the traffic officers will be stationed near the peck and spruce street schools. now to the weather. picture rainy and messy. what a difference a week makes. lonnie quinn is here with raindrops all over over the camera lens. >> oh. my wedding ring just fell off. wonder what that means.
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it's rainy, foggy. 54 degrees. we haven't spent enough time talking about the wind out there. we've had the rain out there. heavier south of the city today. but the winds have been an issue. as of right now, they are gusting up to 26 miles an hour in new york city. 28 in belmar. 25 the hamptons, less as you push off to the west. 8 in sparta. 10 in edison. the satellite shows the activity. fairfield, connecticut, just had a thunderstorm. now it's wound itself down. it will dissipate. we're dealing with things getting reinvigorated. 1:00 p.m., it will be spotty. it will never be widespread coverage of heavy downpours. they will be peppered out there especially north and off to the east. that's 11:00 p.m. then you get into the morning commute time, 6:30. some of that rain still lingers out there. how much more rain are we looking at? north and east, an inch. everybody else, less than that. we'll have the extended
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forecast a little bit later. back to you. >> thank you, lonnie. up next -- ruined by a renovation, the city spent thousands to make a park better but the people who play one game say the money just made things worse. was it a waste. do you have any idea how much sugar is in your diet? maybe not. the hidden places it could be lurking without you even knowing. right now, dana tyler has a look at what's coming up at 6:00. >> jessica has a story at 6:00 about legalizing marijuana in new jersey. >> we all know that medical marijuana is already legal but want state lawmaker wants to make it all legal. he says if it can work out west, it can work in new jersey, too. >> sounds controversial. >> absolutely. >> working on that. thank you. also tonight at 6:00, a story about the new york city coup and whether they should -- council and whether they should have pay raises and their lulus should be allowed in.
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bocce ball players in queens say a city's redesign of their field actually ruined their courts. >> it cost nearly a million dollars. so meg baker went to ask whose bright idea was this. >> reporter: anthony and paul get together at juniper park in middle village most days to play bocce. >> it's good for the mind and the body. >> we love it. [laughter] >> so we came over here because we are retired. we don't work no more. >> reporter: but they say since the park's department cement $850,000 to renovate the park, the three courts are unplayable. >> we don't need this, the way they did it. we cannot use it. it's a waste of money. they have to do something. >> reporter: it looks more like a baby pool than a bocce ball court. >> when it rains, all of the water comes in and makes holes. >> reporter: the players say
5:24 pm
courts funnel rain water onto the courts, creating holes in the playing field. >> that's the rain. all of the maintenance. we do that. we do everything ourself. >> councilwoman elizabeth crowley is pushing the city to fix the situation. >> we want to make sure that we continue to keep the courts in high quality standards and that has to do with maintenance. >> reporter: the park's department says it will install covers saying an initial attempt to install plexiglass did not yield results that fit our standards. we are exploring alternative players and hope to have the project complete by next year. they say prior to the design they were able to sweep the water off the court through drains. now it sits. meg baker, cbs2 news. they are rundown eyesores. now one group wants to turn those zombie homes into real homes for veterans.
5:25 pm
did he cross the line into the classroom? a connecticut teacher is defending himself over this video. and years at a proposed
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on this eve of veterans day, is there one solution to two pressing problems? zombie homes and the homeless veterans. good evening, i'm maurice dubois. >> i'm kristine johnson. a new proposal suggests a solution to both nationwide dilemmas with one new initiative. >> our reporter has the story from long island, it's new at 5:30. >> reporter: for this man, life after seven years in the army has been a different battle. >> i got very depressed. i found myself in a psyche ward. >> reporter: 24 years old with electric skills and an associate's degree. he can't find a job and landed in this shelter. an estimated 50,000 veterans make up 1/10th of america's homeless population. >> we're finding more and more that are still homeless. >> that's a national disgrace. >> reporter: one possible pollution for two persistent problems.
5:28 pm
>> to turn zombie homes into decent housing for hour heroes, our veterans. >> reporter: congressman steve israel with what he calls a game changer, a bipartisan federal proposal to repurpose those vacant eyesores abandoned in foreclosure that have suburban neighbors fighting for years. >> we pay so much in taxes and every day we have to pass by the house. it's unfair. >> reporter: government has done everything to combat this. this is beginning in suffolk. expanding this nationwide, there would need more job training and placement to be able to pay a portion of this cost back. >> i just want to get on with my life. that's how i feel right now. being homeless is not my idea of getting on with my life.
5:29 pm
would welcome plants where weeds now grow. >> you feel good where you can help somebody like that and we should. >> reporter: legislation will be introduced next week. sponsors argue we have an obligation when we bring the troops home to make sure they have a home. >> the legislation would only fund a three-year pilot program that could purchase and renovate 80 homes. if successful, it could be expanded. a middle school teacher in connecticut could face criminal charges after yanking a chair from underneeth a student. -- underneath a student. the teacher was fired. the student had reportedly refused to request to move his chair. the teacher says the video doesn't show what led up to the incident. he said the student had a meltdown in the classroom and the student was not hurt. three men are accused of the largest theft in history of consumer data from a u.s.
5:30 pm
financial institution. they allegedly stole the personal information of more than 100 million customers. dick brennan joins us from the newsroom with more. dick? >> this is extraordinary. the hackers targeted 12 companies including seven finance am institutions. they also hit other businesses outside of wall street. the idea, steal personal off of it. >> by any measure, the data breaches of these firms were breathtaking in scope and size. >> the records of more than 83 million customers were stolen from j.p. morgan customers. the fbi put out this of the suspect who was born in maryland. he's believed to be living in moscow, the alleged ringleader of the enterprise and the third suspect are both in custody in israel. >> they are not your traditional hackers. these aren't the very sophisticated hackers sitting over in eastern europe.
5:31 pm
>> austin sheaded up the fbi's investigation into the j.p. morgan breach. >> these are fraudsters criminals who most likely need assistance from someone more technical to accomplish these hacks. >> so they got the scheme and probably have someone else to carry it out? >> yes. >> prosecutors describe a complex scheme? whoip the hackers pumped up the volume of pen nip stocks. they dumped the stocks at inflated prices making tens of millions in illegal profits. >> in our view, the conduct show cases a brave new world of hacking for profit. >> experts say if your personal information was hacked, you will be alerted. >> the company is mandated to notify you. >> things like social security number, date of birth, et cetera? >> yes. >> that's the good news. the bad news, if only your e- mails were stolen, you won't necessarily be stolen.
5:32 pm
hackers have your have -- have your e-mail. they can send you an e-mail with an attachment and if you click on it, then have everything. the justice is filing a suit to try to protect competition at airports. the deal is to allow united to land more takeoff and landing spots. the justice department is concerned this would lead to fewer choices and higher fares for customers. united already controls 75% of the slots at newark which are allocated by the faa. extra pounds for children could mean heart problems earlier than you would expect. it's a home that looks like a resort. from movies and popcorn to your own turf. find out how much it will cost to live here.
5:33 pm
home alone. >> oh, yes. today in history, time sure does fly, 25 years ago, the movie "home alone" premiered in chicago. it was the top grossing film of
5:34 pm
million at the box office. tonight's living large takes us to a home that feels more like a resort. >> it's on seven acres with a gated sports court. emily smith takes us there. >> reporter: you find a picturesque three-level level. >> we're in this two-story gallery, it extends from the front to the back of the home. >> reporter: a private office, off the foyer has rich mahogany and an elegant dining room
5:35 pm
brings you to a butler's panty and then the kitchen. >> these countertops are from it's stain proofed. >> reporter: the kitchen has custom cabinetry and multiple the home. >> here is the living room. you have a fireplace that's an antique marble. up the staircase is the beautiful master suite. >> reporter: up here, six bedrooms, the master has a large balcony. inside the bathroom, you have access to two large dressing rooms. i see one that way and one that way. >> yes. >> reporter: it's an apartment. >> yes. >> reporter: an island and a lot of natural lot add to it. there's a wine cellar. >> nice and cool. >> reporter: each bottle labeled as part of a coveted collection.
5:36 pm
room or watch a movie in the theater. there's a mirrored fitness room and a custom hand crafted bar in brazilian cherry awaiting your friends and family. outside, you can enjoy a large swimming pool, complete with 1,000-square foot poolhouse. >> the poolhouse is -- is equipped with a bar, dining area, there is a tv area. >> reporter: this is it. a private gate brings you to the rest of the property brings you to sports. a basketball court, turf field and a putting ground. how much does it cost to live here? >> $19 million and 800,000. >> reporter: that's living large. >> like the dramatic pause. >> yeah. >> think about that.
5:37 pm
so little time. [laughter] >> private outdoor sports court also has the own special driveway. annual taxes it, $170,000 a year. >> beautiful property. well, would you eat 12 teaspoons of sugar every day? believe it or not, you may be getting more than that in a can of soda. that's sparking new action from the fda. first, though, dana tyler looking ahead to the news at 6:00. >> tonight at 6:00 more on breaking news in brooklyn. a car found in the water off garrettson beach with a body inside the car. we have a crew on the scene. the northeast corridor and the nation's busiest rail line and it could be in store for major upgrade to get commuters where they need to go faster. but who is going to pay? and rex ryan making headlines in new york city. wait until you see what he wore to a news conference today.
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i was jogging 5 months after my cartilage tear skiing a year after hip surgery. and playing grandma 4 weeks after a hip replacement one special hospital, over 1,000 special stories. see them all at an inspirational story from the marathon. >> robert mccoy had only 200 yards to go in savannah, georgia when he collapsed.
5:41 pm
and he also bruised his knees. but he department want to stop. sergeant john cane jumped right in and he ran with mccoy the rest of the way. mccoy is a cancer survivor. he was running for his dad, who died from cancer this year. mccoy says that cane's through. i love these stories. >> can't get enough of them. and you know how tough that final leg can be. >> and to have to deal with it by getting hurt. these stories give other people inspiration. i love it. important news from the fda for people trying to eat hel thillier. >> the thillier -- healthier. >> the fda want us to cut down on the amount of sugar we consume. >> that's because sugar is everywhere in food, especially in processed food.
5:42 pm
involved in dietary guidelines but it does regulate food labels and that's why they are recommending a daily cap on sugar consumption. americans have a sweet tooth. on average, each of us consumes about 150 pounds of refined sugar a year. that amounts to more than a quarter million empty calories a year with no nutritional value but a big contributor to the national obesity crisis and they say sugar has serious health consequences. >> it leads to hearth disease and potentially cans -- heart disease and potentially cancer. >> if you ask people how much sugar they consume -- >> probably two teaspoons. in coffee. >> you can find it in peanut
5:43 pm
sauce, bread, crackers and even yogurt. >> that's why the fda wants to change food labels to distinguish between sugar that's added to food and sugar that's naturally occurring as in fruits. the idea is to get the americans to reach the new guidelines of 10 percent of our total calliery -- calorie intake. bottom line is that it can be hard to know where sugar is hiding in your diet. sole always -- so always -- >> you still have to read the labels. >> now, the food industry hasn't formally opposed the new labeling and point out that focusing on one component of the diet often has unintended consequences as when low fat and high fiber foods were encouraged, sugar made them -- >> taste good. >> liquid diet, liquid cal --
5:44 pm
calories, those are the worst because you don't feel full with them and you are still getting a couple of hundred calories. >> okay. >> a real surprise, the yogurts. you turn the label and -- >> the label, read it. >> a lot of sugar in those. >> obese children as young as 8 can show heart disease. researchers in pennsylvania found obese children had 27% more muscle left on their left ventricle region of their heart and 12% had thicker heart muscle. both are considered indicators of heart impairments. 40% had reduced heart capacity to pump blood. what once seemed like fiction may now be a reality.
5:45 pm
a pill to make you smarter. a better you like the movie and the tv show, taking a pill can actually make you feel limitless or focused at work, sharper in what you want to accomplish. >> it's a miraculous thing. wonderful that you can have to degree of focus. >> does it work and how safe is it? find out when we look at the real limitless pill tonight at 11:00. over to lonnie and the wet rain today. >> yeah, it wasn't a great- looking day. we knew it was gonna -- it wasn't gonna be. but we did pick up rain we needed. the pain was south of new york city. new york picked up 2/10. the harbor picked up about 1.50. brick, new jersey over an inch. plainsburg, .50. less than that. take a look outside. it's rainy, kind of foggy. 54 degrees. our current temperature reading, high temperature was
5:46 pm
57. so 57 is a degree above average even though you had the cloud cover in the rain, temperature- wise that was not the story. the rain has been the story. now the rain is out there now. a little bit of a low. there will be a risk that will redevelop. by the morning hours, the morning commute, north of the city, east of the city could be leftover rain out there. then some sunshine. some sunshine returns as you get into the second half of high tell. , 61. second half bet -- high temp, 61 degrees. second half better. improving picture. yes there's spots of rain. we had one cell that was pretty heavy earlier in the day. portions of new jersey with the severe thunderstorm warning and it exited fairfield county. what we have, not too much of anything. this is not the type of rain that puts more rain in the rain bucket. sort of missy out there. we believe it will be
5:47 pm
reenergied. i will show you why. it's this big rain around the new york/pennsylvania border. you are thinking let's move into the north, yes and no. moving to the north but notice the tail of this down to washington, d.c. and these showers are already starting to move to the east. what's going on? why -- if they are moving north, why won't they continue to move what will pull them to the east. if you look at the bick picture, the first thing is a roadblock. it -- if this high pressure right there wasn't in place, yes, they would continue to move tonight north. they can no -- not. there is a low around buffalo. the one offshore is stronger. it will help to pull and steer that low in the direction and also you get tropical storm kate, not coming anywhere close to the shoreline of the united states. but it will exert pressure on the el military -- elements. heavier north of the city and
5:48 pm
61 for veterans day. second half better than the first. 62 on thursday. a separate system will come to town with light showers out there. rain is likely on thursday. 59 on friday. kind of blustery out there. but a brighter sky. saturday, 54. sunday, 53. by the time you get to tuesday next week, you are back at 60 degrees again. >> okay. thank you. up next, never shampoo again. some people are trying to to make their hair hel thillier. and the city council asking
5:49 pm
deserve it?
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it took the rockettes years to master the kick line. but only a few moves to master paying bills on technology designed for you.
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mac going a week without -- imagine going a week without washing your hair. >> or how about -- or how about a month? maybe a year. meg baker has more. >> i have more shininess to my hair, more vol vol -- volume. >> reporter: these two love their hair but haven't used shampoo in ages. it's called the no poo movement. instead of using detergent- based shampoos, the hair is cleaned with natural oils and
5:52 pm
other products. no suddens needed. piskin said shampoo made her hair unmanageable. >> it changeled my hair. >> reporter: it all started here. they saw that the detergents in shampoo stripped hair of natural oils. so they developed chemical-free products. they say restore the hair's natural balance. >> it's designed to stimulate the scalp. >> reporter: she makes her own concussion using baking soda and apple cider vinegar. >> it's been working better for my hair. it seems to be more lively and full. >> reporter: some experts like the trend. >> they think this is a nice, healthy option to consider and try and test out. they think a lot of the people will benefit from it. >> reporter: but others say the no poo products could not possibly clean as well as
5:53 pm
shampoo and that could mean trouble. >> it could cause dryness, irritation. it could incite inflammation and hair shedding. >> reporter: some who tried it said there's no going back. >> using the product makes me feel like i'm in control of my hair. >> reporter: experts advise patience, if you go no poo. it could take three months for your hair to adjust. >> and that's gonna do it for us at 5:00. see you at 11:00. >> the news at 6:00 starts right now. the marijuana debate. new jersey lawmakers taking the first step in joining states like colorado to legalize recreational pot. we don't know what the long- term effects are gonna be. >> the pros, cons and hurdles of making it legal in the
5:54 pm
garden state. but first, murder mystery. police swarm a north salem estate searching for clues, who killed a millionaire socialite. gening. i'm dana -- good evening. i'm dane nontyler. the bod -- i'm dana tyler. the body of lois colley found dead tonight. the police are trying to figure out who wanted her dead. lou has more from hawthorne. >> reporter: she was murdered at home. the wealthy socialite found dead inside that house in north salem and now state police here are asking for help finding important evidence cops searched for a murder weapon. this is north salem at the edge of the titicus reservoir. this murder has neighbors baffled. >> a very, very nice lady. every time she sees you, she
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