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tv   CBS 2 News at 11  CBS  November 10, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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covering up from the wind and rain, and don't put away the umbrella just yet. we could be repeating the whole scenario again in the morning. >> i don't have to hear from this, believe me. >> thank you, donald for allowing me to speak at the debate. that's nice of you. >> sparks fly at the fourth republican debate. the questions that set the candidates off. drivers in danger in brooklyn, and it's all caught on dashcam video you will only see here. good evening. i'm maurice debois. >> and i'm kristine johnson. dave carlin has the exclusive video and an interview with the driver who captured it all during the morning rush. he's live in bayridge tonight. dave? >> reporter: maurice and kristine, let me get out of the way and let you peer through the rain where it all began
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this morning. at this dealership, police say the suspect went in and asked for a test drive and got one, all right, but then he took off with a vehicle, and what happened next was caught on video. >> you don't see this every day. it's insane. >> reporter: that daring driver does not want us to identify him, but he's sharing with us this wild dashcam video from his car. on the brooklyn queens expressway this morning t shows every twist and turn of the police chase after a carjacking, and officers in pursuit of the honda pilot with the dealer plates on it. >> i see a honda pilot merging with a police car behind him. follow him. >> reporter: police say the suspect is 21-year-old miguel avalon who did not count on the him down. this is is a side shot from the video system showing the stolen vehicle hitting another car. >> he hit the bmw and kept driving. he backed up around him and i
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got hit from the white suburban, and i'm like this guy is crazy. i said he's going to hit anything in his way and i merged behind him, and now the cop is stuck behind a tractor trailer. >> reporter: he flies off the 39th street exit ramp on to 4th avenue and right here, jumps the curb hitting the sidewalk hard. >> that hook out his front right control arm or axel or something. >> reporter: after the short chase, the suspect is in custody, facing a long list of charges, and he's expected to face a judge for arraignment between tonight and tomorrow. give in bay ridge, dave carlin, cbs 2 news. >> thank you. developing tonight a car pulled out of the water in garrison beach, brooklyn, hours after a man's body was found inside of it. a resident noticed damage to a barrier at the end of garrison avenue and took a look at his
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home security video, and the video showed what appeared to be a vehicle traveling fast towards the dead end, and the car was found in the water around 4:30 this afternoon the police say the car crashed through the wooden fence, and the man inside has been identified as 31-year-old james miro of brooklyn. a murder mystery unfolding in westchester county. tonight new york state police handed out flyers seating information in the death of 83- year-old lois colley. her body was found inside of her estate yesterday. she died from blunt force trama. the suspected weapon is sapphire extinguisher missing from the house. she was the wife of eugene colley who made his fortune owning mcdonald's franchises. >> she was a wonderful person. every time you met her, she had a kiss for you. just a very pleasant lady. >> police are questioning everyone connected to the family, and so far, no
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suspects. we are keeping an eye on the storm that has brought a steady amount of rain throughout the day, and tonight, it is still falling in some areas, and in columbus circle, the hoods were on and the umbrella the were out. don't put them away just yet. lonnie quinn is in the weather this. >> reporter: kristine, if you look at where the rain has fallen so far today, the further south you go, the bigger numbers you can find. almost 2-inches in belmar, and .09 in liberty. what will happen from this point forward into tomorrow morning, north and east, you will get the significant rain fall. speaking of east, as of right now, zooming in tight, one lone little cell, and you can see it there. another dissolved around south hampton they are there and are sparse. here's sullivan county, ulster county, and this line of yellow, just outside of our
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area, i will not be surprised if some of that is pulled in our direction. for your morning tomorrow, i would think there's going to be rain out there, but it's primarily off to the east and up to the north, and not so much south. we will have more on this coming up later, and kristine, maurice, over to you guys. >> thank you. in campaign 2016, the republican presidential candidates meeting in their first debate since the cnbc debacle. >> tonight's gathering promised to feature more issues and less fighting but as tony aiello shows us, there was plenty of punching still. >> reporter: this debate featured a field paired down from 10 to 8, and a greater focus on economic issues. candidates were asked about demands for a $15 minimum wage. >> i hate to say it, but we have to leave it the way it is. people have to go out, and they have to work really hard and get into the upper level. >> every time we raise the minimum wage, the number of jobless people increase.
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it's particularly a problem in the black community. >> if you raise the minimum wage, you're going to make people more expensive than a machine, and that means all the automation replacing people right now will be accelerated. >> reporter: and then a question about immigration lit the fumes. >> you have to send people out, and you have to go out, and they will come back, but they have to go out, and hopefully they get back. >> come on, folks. we know you can't pick them up and ship them back across the border. that's a silly argument. it's not an argument. it makes no sense. >> all i can say, i have built an unbelievable company worth billions and billions of dollars, i don't have to hear from this mystical man. >> 12 million illegal immigrants, to send them back, 500,000 a month, that's just not possible. it's not embracing american
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values. >> also tonight, carly fiorina said she would target the biparty phony capitalism, and senator cruz promised to eliminate the irs. the next debate is december 15th it will be interesting to see if the field remains this large or if the low poll numbers will push some out of the race. >> trying to weed them out. >> thank you, tony. new tonight now, former president jimmy carter is said to be responding well to cancer treatments. a spokesperson for the former president says there have been no new signs of the disease since carter began radiation and chemotherapy. he had a mass removed from his liver last august, and doctors also discovered four tumors on his brain. an update now on the long island school sexting scandal. several suspended students pushed back today, one of them a.j. fenton, and he was escorted out of kings park high school in
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suffolk county after showing up after administrators told him to stay home. dozens of students are implicated in the scandal. many said they received the unwanted text with a link to a video of two students having sex. >> i don't think i should have been suspended at all. i can't stop someone from sending a text to me. >> my son simply received a group text, which had a video attached to it. >> the district says the students were suspended not just for looking at the video but for violating the code of conduct by not reporting it. we have more information tonight in a wild car crash in brooklyn, and police have arrested the driver, saying he drove without a license, and surveillance video shows the car hitting a tree yesterday afternoon, and flipping on to a sidewalk on flatbush avenue, killing a pedestrian, and three other people were also hurt. crossing the line in class, and he caused a student to go flying. tonight, the fired teacher says
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there's something we didn't see. a historic decision means fantasy sport sites could be shut down. how you can fight back if you want to keep betting though. >> from the pink carpet to everyone's favorite angels, we have your only look behind the scenes at new york's sexiest fashion show. plus this -- >> you've seen it in the movies, on tv, but is the limitless pill real? something to make you smarter, faster sharper? -- faster, sharper?
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the real limitless pill ahead. new tonight, keep the game going. daily fantasy sports company, draftkings tells players to e- mail new york state's attorney general after he sidelined their business. the attorney general, eric schneiderman ordered both draftkings and fanduel to stop taking bet in the state. the daily contests are considered to be illegal gambling. they have 5 days to respond to
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show why he should not move forward with legal action. glorious victoria's secret show tonight. >> a behind-the-scenes look with tracee carrasco at how the fashion came together. >> reporter: maurice and kristine, what a night! the show wrapped up a little bit eight, and it seems each year victoria's secret seems to outdo last year. some of the most beautiful women in the world walked the runway. we have a behind-the-scenes look for you before it airs. the highly anticipated fashion show is a kickoff with an over- the-top celebration of all things sexy. >> it's an honor, and wearing the fantasy brew is an honor. it's my first time wearing it. i'm so thrilled and excited. >> reporter: before the angels grace the runway, backstage they spent hours preparing for the show. >> so much hair and makeup and body makeup and glitter, and
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on is happening right now. >> reporter: new angels this year kendall jenner and gigi hadidd walking for the first time. >> it's so fun practicing with your friends during commercial breaks in high school to being in this room. >> reporter: this is lima's 16th show. >> i feel nervous because the victoria's secret fashion show every year is a global phenomena. >> reporter: it's also a highly covenant ticket. for those lucky enough to attend and walk the pink carpet. >> i'm cooling off a long season, for being in new york, what better? >> you the prom, your wedding, and then the victoria's secret fashion show.
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selena gomez and the weekend. don't forget to tune in tuesday, december 8th. tracee carrasco, cbs 2 news. >> tracee, thank you. after the program, as tracee said, there it is, tuesday, december 8th at the 10:00 p.m., you can watch us on cbs 2 at 11. other news now, a middle school teacher is fired after he was caught on camera pulling a share from under a student. the student had reportedly refused a request to move to another seat, and the teacher in new haven, connecticut, said the student had a meltdown before the video started and has a history of behavioral problems, and that student was not hurt. new tonight, the latest pill that claims to make you smarter and better at everything you do, limitless in what you can accomplish. >> that's the premise of the cbs trauma with the same name. in real life there's a pill that may give you those qualities. here's dana tyler.
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>> everyone is looking for an edge. >> reporter: for business consultant, peter borton, it comes in the form of a fill. >> reporter: it's called mordipharil. >> it was one-for-one for what happens on the show. >> reporter: it gives the user superhuman intelligence. it's fda approved for sleep disorders but it's being followed because it's success has been as a smart pill. >> i felt more aware of what was going on around me and what needed to be done. >> reporter: this man heard it from friends who said it would help him deal with his overwhelming tasks at work and school. >> it helped me stay on top of things, and i was able to manage everything pretty well, better than if i didn't take it. >> reporter: it's a fact that it can help combat fatigue and
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improve mood, but dr. catherine burdick who says she knows people use it as a cognitive enhancer, more needs to be researched. >> it may suggest a better you, but the potential risks associated with this that are still unknown. >> reporter: she adds the increased intelligence the user may feel is likely something they are already capable of. >> in general the drugs don't tend to give people ideas they didn't already have. they make it easier for people to access the ideas. >> reporter: but dave aspri, ceo of bulletproof says it's directly linked to his success. >> when i started to take it it was like the lights came back on, and i was able to do things i have never been able to do. >> reporter: he stresses a healthy lifestyle is a must to make the most of it. >> i like to have it for the days i don't know if i can do it, but all of a sudden you can do it, and with ease.
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for another offlabel use of the drug, to treat manic depression. those using it say they feel no side effects. dana tyler, cbs 2 news. now to weather with lonnie. will we get through the commute tomorrow? >> the commute is going to be wet, but not heavy rain. if there's heavy rain for anybody, it's to the north and east of the city. currently, temperature in the 50s, and we are coming in at 53 degrees, and this is from todd. todd, welcome to the show in freehold, new jersey. he says it's gusting sloppy, and that's the deal throughout the area. new york city is gusting and sloppy that lens is covered with rain drops, rainy, foggy, and 51 as of right now, some rain in the morning, and it's some rain, not going to be widespread, and it's not going to be really superheavy, and better second half for veterans day, and rain will return to the picture by the time we get
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to thursday, and tomorrow's forecast. leftover morning rain, yes, and then p.m. break in the clouds, and then a peek of sun here and there. it's above average, mild for this time of the year, and spotty, widespread, light rain, and you don't really see any flashes of yellows or oranges out there, not right now. outside of the area, there's a chance some of that could move to the east as the system gets pulled to the east by a low pressure system offshore, and also exerting the force on this, tropical storm kate. not coming onshore, but it will drag some of that with it. that's why i keep the rain chance in during the overnight hours into the morning. let's move forward and show you how we will see things working out. futurecast shows it's gone by the morning hours, and here we are at 5:00 p.m. when i say gone by the morning hours, i would not be surprised 9:00 in the morning to see rain on the east end of long island to the northern suburbs as well. by 5:00 p.m., you're picking up on the breaks, and the problem is the clearing will come too late to enjoy the sunshine and the sun would have set.
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by thursday, another rain chance is moving in. that's the way we see it. today, 57. tomorrow, 61, and again, a better second half to veterans day, and on thursday, 62 with the rain coming back to the picture. 59 on friday, blustery out there. you will have a 15-mile an hour gust tomorrow. blustery there as well. saturday and sunday, lower 50s and the wind will stay in the picture, especially for saturday. >> lonnie, thank you. how about a special honor for our friends kristine tonight this is from the brain tumor foundation. our morning anchor, chris wragge was the emcee of the event. >> you can see this beautiful, fine, anchor woman i'm here to say, she is tremendous at her job and also one of my dearest friends. >> kristine was honored not only for the stories she has covered but her compassion for the many causes she supports.
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and she is basically radiating through the screen. the brain tumor foundation promotes early detection and getting family the support they need. >> great group of people, and they have this initiative where they bring in this mobile scanning unit into neighborhoods and give access to people to get these brain scans that normally would not have this access, and people have been diagnosed with brain tumors as a result, and lives have been prolonged, and it's really some unbelievable work they are doing there, and i'm just honored to be associated with them. >> time well spent. congrats. >> thank you. >> good work. otis is looking ahead to sports tonight. >> maurice, plenty of action tonight, including carmelo and company taking on the raptors. did rex ryan forget which team he was coaching?
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tiger helmet? time for sports with otis, and it wasn't the same old knicks tonight. >> no, new knicks, and my favorite player kristaps porzingis. going against the top team north of the border.
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kristaps porzingis going on top of everyone. look at that again as he continues to impress on a nightly basis. the knicks were up by 8 at the break, and he even dunked it. now down by 3, and he says the bank is still open late, and it's a tied ball game, headed into the 4th. carmelo anthony pouring in 25 as the knicks held on late down the stretch, and robin lopez with a friendly roll. 12 points, 8 boards. the knicks won 3 out of 4 on the road, back to .500 at 4-4. 111-109 was the final. rex ryan loves the spotlight, so much so he showed up looking like this. wearing a clemson tigers' hell. his son plays for the team which climbed to number one in the nation. one of his former players was watching at the time, and calvin pryor tweeted this, the guy does anything for attention
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geno smith also offered his thoughts about ik enemkpali being named captain for the game. >> i don't know why you guys are acting surprised. i don't think you're surprised no one should be surprised. >> not surprised, just disappointed. just a reminder, we have you covered the all-important nfc east showdown. pregame at 7:30. i will be joined by craig carr ton, and it can be seen right here on cbs 2, and also jim and phil will joins for the booth. time for a quick break. when we come back, the night on ice. the blue shirts scoring early and often, and a couple of
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do business travel on your terms. acela. take off. welcome back, everyone. we will start with the red hot rangers at the garden. hosting the hurricanes, and nash got nasty. a goal and an assist since
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leaving with a back injury. the shutout for 6 straight, and look out! the blue shirts win it 3-0. the devils hosting the blues, and the former devil and current st. louis g.m., marty brodeur with the standing o. from the crowd, and the crowd not so happy to see the former devils. scott gomez setting up here. the islanders lead the shark after 1 period of play in san jose. terry collins is is a finalist for manager of the year as voted on by the writers. the award will be given out next tuesday. good luck, t.c.
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it took joel silverman years to become a master dog trainer. but only a few commands to master depositing checks at chase atms. technology designed for you. so you can easily master the way you bank. thank you for joining us tonight. >> up next, the late show with stephen colbert. for the entire cbs 2 team,
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