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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  November 11, 2015 7:00am-9:00am EST

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have a great day. captioning funded by cbs good morning. it isp it is wednesday is, november 11t11th, 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning." gopgop candidates gop candidates clash over issues. marcor marcomarco rubiop marco rubio will be with us. >>t>> ar >> a>> a jet crashes into an apartment building. familiesp families are on the scene desperately seeking answers. >> tim mcgraw is in the studio 57 today. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. i know that rand is a committed zotleisolationist. i'm not. >> i don't have to hear this. >> the gop showdown in milwaukee. >> thank you for asking me not what i said in the tenth grade. i appreciate that.
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>> we must beat hillary clinton. >> four minutes left. i'm going to get my question right now. >> the irs, the department of commerce, the department of energy, the department of commerce. >> i just think the department of commerce is such a base of cronyism. we need to eliminate it twice. >> a crash of a private plane crashed into an apartment building in ohio. rescue workers say there are no survivors. >> winds and a potential for tornadoes on tap today from the rockies to the midwest. former president jimmy carter receives good news. his doctors say his cancer has stopped spreading and he is responding well to treatment. >> the feds have smacked down new charges against three men accused in the largest ever financial hack. >> the data breach at these firms were breath-taking in scope and in size. >> draftkings and fanduel have been declared illegal gambling site by the new york attorney general. >> the postal service is apologizing for a mail carrier tossing a package onto on the front porch of a house near seattle.
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>> all that. >> times when it's okay to take a selfie and times it might not be okay. >> his wife in the background grimace grimacing! >> that is the closing bell at the new york stock exchange. several veterans of the cbs family being honored. >> on "cbs this morning." >> it's only a mat of time before activision makes a candy crush out of liam nissan. >> i spent my best years crushing candy and yes, when i crashed, i would sometimes think this is a huge waste of time! announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by toyota. let's go places. welcome to "cbs this morning." on this veterans day. the latest republican presidential debate reveals sharp policy divisions among the candidates unlike their last
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prime time debate, they did not complain about the questions. and the focus this morning is on their answers. >> some of the biggest disagreements of the night centered on immigration. candidates also argued over tax cuts, military spending and u.s./russian relations. mainly garrett is in milwaukee where the debate took place. >> reporter: good morning. after the debate, campaigns certain their candidates had won, that means all of them, conceded the evening did little to up-end the fundamentals of this race. that is good news for ben carson and donald trump and presents the same challenge to the rest. how do skilled politicians catch up with the front running first-timerers? >> hold it. they blew up. wait a minute. >> reporter: donald trump crashed with jeb douche and john kasich and has a subject has already divided the republican field. >> for the 11 million people, come on, folks. we all know you can't pick them up and shim them across -- back
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across the border. it's a silly argument. it makes no sense. >> all i can say -- >> reporter: trump dismissed kasich. >> build an unbelievable company worth billions and billions of dollars. i don't have to hear from this man. believe me. >> reporter: made room for bush to weigh in. >> thank you, donald, for allowing me to speak at the debate. really nice of you. really appreciate that. even having this conversation sends a powerful signal they are doing high-fives in the clinton campaign right now when they hear this. >> reporter: marco rubio and rand paul spanned over military spending and federal deficits. >> how is it conservative to add a trillion dollars in military expenditures? >> i know america is the best military power in the world. >> reporter: ted cruz, like rubio, is gaining on trump and carson, unveiled a plan to eliminate five federal agencies but named only four. >> five major agencies that i would eliminate. the irs, the department of
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commerce, the department of energy, the department of commerce, and hud. >> reporter: carson briefly confronted questions raised about parts of his life story. >> thank you for not asking me what i said in the tenth grade. i appreciate that. >> reporter: carly fiorina looking to regain momentum arguing she is better equipped than trump to handle russian president vladimir putin. >> i got to know him very well because we were both on "60 minutes." we were stable mates. >> i would not be talking to vladimir putin right now, although i have met him as well. not in a gremen room for a show, but in a private meeting. >> reporter: trump drew boos when fee rema followed the lead of others to claim a piece of the conversation. >> why does she keep interrupting everybody? >> terrible. >> reporter: to clarify one point about putin and trump, room. their interviews on "60 minutes"
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ran side-by-side. fiorina did meet putin in asia and said she once described the meeting as a green room. >> thanks, major. florida senator marco rubio is with us from milwaukee. good morning, senator. >> good morning, charlie. >> reporter: you participated in the debate last night. there was much talk about immigration and a debate about deportation. some suggested that you might have wanted to wade in more on that because you opposed deportation. should you have? >> well, i don't oppose deporting people that are criminals and i don't oppose deporting people that haven't been in this country a very long time. i think we have to have a realistically policy of people here a long time and not criminals but you have to begin with two steps before you do that. you have to bring illegal immigration under control and prove to the american people that has happened. then you have to modernize your legal immigration system an only after you've done those two
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things is move to the third step which is conduct background checks on everyone who is here illegally and if they are criminals they have to leave and if not they have to pay taxes and have to pay a fine. they have to learn english. and they get a work permit and all they will have for at least ten years. i have the most well-defined plan when it comes to grags and an issue we need to confront as a country and my position is well stated and repeatedly stated. >> senator, let me ask you specifically. the administration appealed to the supreme court yesterday to block the deportation of four million immigrants after a court of appeals upheld an earlier injunction. i know you know about this case that she hadded to the supreme court potentially. are you for deporting those 4 million immigrants who are the parents of many legal residents here? >> yeah. this is a tough issue, because you're talking about human beings and real lives. the flip side of it you're talking about the law. this country has a right to have immigration laws and it needs to. >> announcer: those laws or you don't have rights.
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immigrant to the and i live this issue very day and see it and live in a majority immigrant community and my parents and my wife's parents were immigrants and all of my neighbors are immigrants. we have to have a system that is fair to the people trying to come here legally. >> can i clarify your position on that? you would see the 4 million plus immigrants deported? >> we need to enforce our law. it's the wrong way to do this and, quite frankly, we need to begin to enforce our immigration laws in this country or we don't have immigration laws. every country in the world has immigration laws and america is entitled to have to have laws and enforce them. >> a lot of supporters last night were giving you a way to go with your commercial before the debate where you have jeb bush praising you. what is your strategy there and what is your relationship like with jeb bush? >> well, no. look. i am close.
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i mean, i admire him greatly and have tremendous respect and affection for him as a person. unfortunately the last four weeks, he has chosen to attack me but i'm not change i my strategy and reciprocate that. i'm not changing who i am or the campaign that i'm running because of someone else's strategic decisions and changes in their campaign. i hope -- we are going to continue to run a campaign that is realistically about our challenges and optimistic about our on opportunities and our future. i think ultimate that is the way to win this nomination and be elected president. >> there are new questions this morning from the miami herald about your use of a credit card, a state party credit card years ago. you've addressed it and said it was a mistake but they are detailing that it was used more than once. how do you explain that? >> yeah. we have explained this more than anyone cares to know. this is a small -- this is a bureau down in florida of one newspaper that is obsessed with the story. bottom line is we have revealed all of the documents and people can see it's all there. it's not a big issue and we are moving on. it really is a silly story and
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it but as i said, the republican party never paid any of my personal expenses. there were personal expenses and the few times there were we paid for them directly to american express and, as i said, this was all audited by the republican party and looked by by the florida ethics commission because of a democrat's complainant and we have addressed it and moved on. >> >>. >> we talked deeply about issues and i'm glad we had one and i hope all of the other ones will be like that. >> senator rubio, we thank you for your time this morning. >> thank you. "face the nation" host and cbs news political director john dickerson is at drake university in des moines where he will moderate the cbs news democratic debate on saturday. do you think this debate moved the needle for any of the candidates last night? >> i don't think so. it didn't move the needle for those who needed to have it move
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up, particularly jeb bush. i think if you're of the view that marco rubio and ted cruz will probably face off in the final contest, i think both of them had strong moments last night. as far as republican voters are concerned. but there was nothing that donald trump and ben carson, the two front runners at the moment didn't do anything spectacular but their support is pretty solid and probably stay where it was before the debate. >> ben carson spoke the least for those keeping track and only when spoken to. what does that say about what he is trying to accomplish here? >> well, he was never the most exciting or flamboyant candidate on the stage ever. and so his support and his rise comes from somewhere else. it comes from voters who take a reading of him and like him for other kinds of qualities. as opposed to donald trump who personality. so i think for ben carson, he will continue to have that relationship with voters and kind of continue going along on his lane. he is not the kind of person debate.
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will be if there is ever another -- an opponent who raises the idea to basically he doesn't have it on the issues and tries to use the debate format to do that. but we haven't really seen anybody take that to him yet. >> who had the best night, do you think, john? >> i don't think anybody had a super standout night. i think that ted cruz had a couple of very strong moments on immigration, defending basically the laws of the americans saying anybody who thinks that if you want to uphold tos laws that you're being anti-immigration, he was very strong on that. marco rubio and rand paul had an exchange over defense in which rubio was able to speak to the defense hawks in the party very forcefully and rand paul was able to energize his voters by talking about the principles of conservatism. those three had, and carly fiorina had a couple of strong moments. i don't think there was a real breakout which it feels like the race will continue along the path it was on before the debate.
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you can watch john moderate the cbs news democratic presidential debate on saturday night on cbs at 9:00 p.m. eastern. people are on the scene to get answers from a plane crash. all nine died when a jet crashed into an apartment building yesterday. it sparked a massive fire and the plane was approaching the akron international airport at the time. don dahler is near the crash site and joins us morning. >> reporter: the hawker twin engine jet crashed in this neighborhood at 3:00 yesterday afternoon. you can see the apartment building where the jet crashed into is out of our picture there in front of where that fire department truck is. the medical examiner is waiting a little while until we have full daylight before he goes in both to recover evidence, as well as recover the bodies of the nine victims. >> looks like we have a plane into a house, heavy fire. we have a lot of wires down. >> reporter: the private charter
7:14 am
akron neighborhood. >> all of a sudden, this plane just dropped out of the sky. i just knew there people not walking away from it. >> reporter: the owner of the hawker 800 jet said seven passengers and two crew members were on board. >> we haven't been able to get any answers. we have been up all night. >> reporter: jenny says her sister was killed in the crash. she said it was a trip planned to scout real estate. >> she was very excited because it was the first trip she had ever made with the executives and the tragic thing is the plane had all of the executives for the company on it. i don't know if there were any left in the office. >> reporter: the flight left the dayton wright brothers airport at 2:13 p.m. and crashed in akron and crashed near the akron international airport. >> it sounded like ammunition going off in there. you heard it popping. >> reporter: witnesses told the
7:15 am
clip telephone and electrical wires and slammed into the apartment building. >> an airplane just crashed into these houses right in front of me. >> it started to turn, the wings -- or the wing hit above the line and went straight into them. >> reporter: its fuselage came to rest in an embankment behind the building. the fire burned for hours and making the initial investigation difficult. >> this is a very complex situation and it need to be done very carefully and everything needs to be documented well. >> reporter: no one on the ground was hurt. this man said the building that was hit is the place a friend called home. >> ihe just left his apartment to buy groceries and by the grace of god he wasn't there. >> reporter: the investigators say the jet's cabin is largely intact although charred. they hope the flight data recorder reveals some reason for this crash. >> thank you, don. this morning, tens of millions of americans are in the path of severe weather. heavy snow is falling this morning in colorado. plows are clearing the way.
7:16 am
other parts of the country could also see dangerous weather. meteorologist danielle niles of our boston station wbz is tracking it all. >> reporter: good morning. the snow is flying. we had reports of thundersnow the last couple of hours in portions of colorado and nebraska the sign of the amount of energy with this thing. blizzard warnings and winter storm warnings are up and measuring the snow in feet by some spots by the time this is done. taps the gulf of mexico for moisture and threat for severe weather today. up and down the midwest all the way to the gulf coast and southern plains, southern iowa, western portions of illinois, and northwest missouri at the greatest risk. charlie, damaging wind gusts and isolated tornadoes by later on today. >> danielle, thanks. this morning, the two largest daily fantasy sports websites are fighting back after being ordered to shut down in new york state. new york attorney general eric schneiderman tuesday sent draftkings and fanduel cease and desist orders and both companies
7:17 am
vladimir duthiers spoke with the attorney general who says the sites amount to legal online gambling. >> reporter: good morning. daily fantasy sports were exempted from a 2006 law. with recent accusations of insider trading and bombardment of television ads, legislators are banning the sites. it's a crackdown on daily fantasy sports largely unregulated game play. after new york attorney general eric schnideman ordered the two biggest fantasy sports company to stop accepting bets in the state. >> daily fantasy sports we have been looking into over a month we concluded is not some new version of fantasy sports. gambling. >> reporter: on tuesday, schneiderman sent notices to draftkings and fandual dsfanduel to cease
7:18 am
>> it lures in people who are the most prone to gambling addiction problems. >> reporter: in a statement, fanduel said the following. draftkings also called daily fantasy sports a game of skill. we strongly disagree with the reasoning in his opinion and will examine and vigorously pursue all legal options. ." the royals are world champions! >> reporter: major sports have both anti-gambling policy and investments in daily fantasy sports. major league baseball has an undisclosed stake in draftkings and the nba in fanduel. >> it could create drama forward and cue things up for a lot of other states that have been looking at this at the same time. >> reporter: six other states have declared that daily fantasy sports is gambling but according to industry research new york state has more daily fantasy players than any other. last night on twitter both companies asked daily fantasy
7:19 am
>> there is a lot to play out right now, though, because, you know, this will be challenged in court. in the meantime, it's a pretty crushing blow for these companies. >> reporter: draftkings and fanduel have five days to respond to tuesday's notice, although draftkings is headquartered in boston, it's unclear how the order will affect fanduel which is based here in new york. >> thank you. did a school district did way too far responding to the latest sexting scandals? students are suspended for having a video they never asked to receive. thank you, gayle. hi, everybody. your local weather is messy in spots. still dealing with rain throughputtal, westchester and fairfield and suffolk county. and more coverage as sullivan as well. and you've got the fog out there. we're waiting for some breaks this afternoon in the clouds. so a little bit of sun on veterans day. even for the parade, we should see a break in the city and
7:20 am
then another round of thursday thursday. and then the cold windblows friday into saturday. a communications journalist goes affair a protester. >> you need to get out of here. do you think this is funny? could you please move like i asked you to move minutes ago? >> ahead the calls for that professor to be fired and the fiery debate over free speech.
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charlie is doing double dut good morning. i is wednesday, november 11th. veterans day. the rain is going to clear out today. i'm chris wragge. john elliott will have the forecast in a moment. police search for a suspect in the murder of a popular socialite in westchester county, the body of lois colley was found yesterday in a laundry room of her home. police say the only thing missing from the home is a fire extinguisher. they have been stopping cars in the neighborhood trying to find out if anyone has seen anything. the victim's husband, the wealthy owner of about 100 mcdonald's franchiseeses and her son have been ruled out as is suspects. and now a cbs 2 news exclusive video you will only see here. we spotted a car weaving through traffic yesterday during a police chase. police say it started with a car jacking.
7:27 am
street exit ramp on to 4th avenue and jumped the curb. the suspect identified as a 20- year-old was take into custody and now faces a is series of charges. happening today, events marking this veterans day 2015. the largest veterans day parade steps off this morning. reminder about closures for the holiday, all u.s. post offices are closed today and so are new york city public schools and. on wall street, the bond market is closed but the stock market will remain open today. and now john for the forecast. >> well, unsettled. gray sky and wet weather in and around the area. 50 in the city with variable winds. and predominant wind is north. and coverage of the showers. light to moderate. and stretching through fairfield and up into westchester, putnam, sullivan and dutch chest as well. and this low wraps up and heads out. and then another line of showers push through for your thursday. and there is this kind of give and take wet weather.
7:28 am
so take the umbrella. you can put eightway this afternoon with breaks in the clouds and -- put it away this afternoon with breaks in the clouds. and cool temperatures return into the weekend. >> thank you so much. i'm chris wragge. we are back with another local update in about 25 minutes.
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a sky diving grandmother didn't lose her nerve but she lost her teeth! oh, no! 72-year-old polly chester from virginia, a few seconds when her dentures literally fell out of her mouth and hit her instructor in the head! she said she -- that is one thing off her bucket list, but her new neath is going to cost her a couple of bucks, much more than her sky diving experience. >> a grandmother sky diving, she is all right. >> we are glad about that. go you. >> exactly. coming up this half hour, communications professor
7:31 am
university of missouri employee is apologizing for trying to force protesters away on campus. why that apology may not be enough for her critics. rikki klieman is in studio 57 with a fallout from the newest sexting scandal on campus and how some states are changing the law to stop teens from sending or keeping inappropriate pictures. that story is ahead. time to show you this morning's headlines. "usa today" reports on new signs that the fed may be ready to raise interest rates next month. san francisco federal reserve president john williams said a strong case for hiking rates if the economy continues to improve. williamson is a voting member of the fed's policy making committee and his views are considered generally in line of those of the fed chair janet yellen. >> one of the biggest cyberattacks in u.s. history. two israeli and an american are accused of stealing the personal information of 83 million
7:32 am
at least two of the men are also tied to thefts from other financial institutions, including dow jones and e-trade and scottrade. they allegedly made hundreds of millions of dollars. >> who are the hackers and here is one chance to look at someone who -- >> very hard to catch. the st. louis post dispatch reports two of the largest brewing companies announced today they reached a final agreement for a merger. anheuser-busch formalized its offer to buy sabmiller for 405 billion dollars. next year. >> cheers. business insider reports on joe's crabshack becoming the first major restaurant chain to drop tipping. servers will be paid a starting wage of $14 an hour. customers will be told they are not expected to tip. many prices will go up from 12% to 15%.
7:33 am
it follows new york's restaurant run by danny myer who announced a tip ban last month on one of his restaurants. the waco tribune reports on a grand jury decision. surveillance cameras carpeted this shoot-out. an apparent dispute between two motorcycle clubs parked the fight. 41 other bikers may be indicted. the missouri police announced they apprehended a suspect who posted racially charged threats on social media. that suspect is in custody. overnight university police increased security on campus amid those threats as well as allegations of a person who was recorded making a racial slur. no incidents of violence were reported overnight. but the campus is still reeling after disturbing video was captured showing melissa click, an assistant professor of mass media, trying to intimidate students journalists covering protests.
7:34 am
photographers to leave the area. click has since apologized. adriana diaz is at the campus in columbia, missouri, with why her jooi has not calmed critics. >> reporter: click resigned from her post at at the journalist school yesterday but in her position at the yuvert of arts and science. she was one of three employees to help the media in free-zone in the middle of this public university campus. >> you need to go! >> reporter: melissa click can be heard for talking to tim tide who was on assignment for espn. click had asked the national media to cover the protests on her facebook page but two days later. >> this is public property. >> this is a really good one. i'm a communications and i really good at that argument but you need to go! >> reporter: she is seen trying to intimidate another cameraman. >> who wants to help me get this
7:35 am
reporter out of here? i need some muscle over here! >> reporter: the dean of the journalist school, david kurpius. >> i certainly don't condone the act of trying to prevent a journalist from doing his job. >> you need to get out! >> i don't condone the act of trying to escalate the situation. >> reporter: on tuesday, click released a statement saying i've reached out to the journalists involved to offer my sincere apologies. from this experience i've learned with humanity and humility. janet bassler associate director of student life apologized saying i allowed my emotions to get the best of me while trying to protect some of our students, she said, instead of diffusing an already tense situation, i contributed to its escalation. on the video, bassler helped move tide off the lawn. >> don't push me. >> don't push me. >> what is your naemme? >> my name is 1950. >> reporter: "the washington
7:36 am
post" krk says the university employees should lose their job. >> they had a chance to come in on behalf of a student who was being bullied but they chose to basically help the forces. >> reporter: tide tells cbs news he has accepted click's apology. some students activists say this controversy is taking away from their cause. they say they wanted the media outside of their camp site for their privacy and they say some journalists were aggressive but yesterday they circled flyers welcoming journalists and thanking them for reporting. >> a lot of lessons learned there. a closer look at the newest sexting scandal involving underaged student. told you yesterday about a pair of 14-year-old boys facing felony charges on new york's long island. police say they shared an explicit video with another minor but 20 students were suspended some for just receiving the video. police escorted a.j. fenton from the school's grounds.
7:37 am
he and his father are upset. >> i don't think i should have got suspended at all. i can't stop someone from sending a text to me. >> what happened here can happen in any town in this country. my son simply received a group text which had a video attached to it. >> cbs news legal expert rikki klieman is here at the joins you at the table to discuss. i think a.j. makes a very good point. he can't stop somebody from sending stuff and he didn't pass it on. >> part of the problem is the idea of receipt. we can't stop peeping sending us things we don't want. if we receive it, should something happen to us? in this case, thankfully, the police did not go after the 20, at least as far as this point in time is concerned because they haven't disseminated it further. but what we do have is the active receipt and the school has gone after them. why? because the school says you violated our code of conduct. how? you should have told a responsible adult that something
7:38 am
now, when you look at the process -- >> who is going to do that? >> especially young students. >> yes. >> if you have a good strong code of conduct that is part of school. schools have codes of conduct if you see someone cheating you're supposed to tell on them. the idea is share responsibility. >> i think seeing someone cheating enters a child's mind where they know that is wrong. receiving a video and gathering around together at the lunch hour and giggling about it, i don't know if it goes through their head that it's wrong. >> but it should. maybe that is the problem. if you're getting a video of a woman or a young girl in a compromising situation, shouldn't be that alarming? >> exactly what the school says. what the school says is that to the parents, don't be angry with us, the school. you ought to be look at what is going on in your households. if you're going to prosecute a kid for something like this, then it must be knowing.
7:39 am
other videos that are naked of children, well, then we have to know that you know what it is. it wasn't inadvertent. it wasn't unintentional. >> what about the two 14-year-old boys who sent this? what charges could they face? >> they are facing charges two of them and plus a misdemeanor. they facing a felony of promoting the sexual performance of a child and also disseminating indecent material to minors. >> do you think the kids should have been disciplined by the school? >> i think there is some degree of discipline that would be necessary if, in fact, they have shared. >> no. if they received this should they have been disciplined. >> yonts. >> should they have report it to the authorities? >> they should have reported it to the authorities. >> should they be disciplined? >> i don't think they should disciplined in the sense of discipline. they will go off to college and college says if you ever been suspended and then why? child pornography is very bad for these kids.
7:40 am
>> rikki klieman, thank you very much. promoters call it an ice bath on steroids but a woman's death is raising seriously questions about the safety of cryotherapy.
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a new coroner's report says a 24-year-old las vegas woman found dead in cryotherapy chamber is being investigated. customers enter a chamber wearing a bathing suit and gloves and slippers immersed in subzero temperatures for about three minutes. it is a fast growing industry with little oversight. mireya villarreal looks how nevada wants to change that. >> reporter: promoted as a game-changer for both professional athletes and everyday customers, the chilling cryotherapy industry is heating up. you enter a chamber cooled below negative 220 degrees with liquid nitrogen and tolder than any other temperature recorded on earth. >> you're pulling the blood from
7:44 am
you jump out that blood goes back out to toxive and pick up nutrients from your organs and sent it back to your body. >> reporter: chelsea ake was a co-manager and using the chamber after hours by herself when she died over three weeks ago. tuesday, the coroner confirmed she suffocated. >> the whole thing is just a shame. >> reporter: richard harris represents ake's family and is investigating whether technical problems with the cryosauna led to her death. >> this needs to be regulated. it needs to be looked at with a close amount of scrutiny. >> a lot of ways it's advertises in ice bath on steroids. >> reporter: david levy owns subzero recovery with locations in san diego and las vegas and floyd mayweather is his biggest client but other athletes like lebron james and the phoenix suns swear by the treatment. >> now that it's getting a lot of media attention, you start to see the average consumers coming in and the people that have been dealing with chronic pain for years and they have no way to
7:45 am
try something new and see a relief in their pain. >> reporter: doctors like david schecter are speck kabul of the claims. >> tiptsat this point, i've seen no evidence supporting its use. i have concerns about this. >> reporter: levy has skerscustomers sign a waiver so customers know they take a risk if they have heart or breathing problems or diabetes or other problems. >> the blood pressure may go dangerously high or low with blood pooling in their exterminators and i don't think the supervision is there at these facilities to make sure that people are safe. >> reporter: levy insists at his facilities, customers are never left alone. the food and drug administration says they don't regulate the - cryotherapy industry because business owners don't promote this device for medical purposes. >> so there really is no regulation of any sort over this business at the moment. >> joo which isreporter: which is a probe,
7:46 am
>> could be because nobody is specifically training each technician and each business owner. i think that the way the industry is going that it will continue to grow with regulations or without them. >> reporter: because this industry is so new, most states still don't require special permits or training for cryotherapy, but in colorado, they do require that a medical professional be in the room when the session is happening. gayle? >> thank you. i think i want to look for some other treatment. >> yeah. >> thank you very much. >> is that what it's for, swelling? >> no, thank you. no wobbling. i want to make sure you're sure footed so shoes that can handle puddles here and there. light rain for long island, fairfield county and more coverage. seeing a good soaking rain right now. this is affiliated with an area of low pressure, flow around
7:47 am
that flow and pulling in the wind out of the north. so a cool, gray way to start your veterans day. some breaks this afternoon. and then another round of showers thursday afternoon. announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by blue buffalo. you love your pets like family, so feed them like family with blue. when you're living with diabetes, steady is exciting. only glucerna has carbsteady,
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good morning. it's 7:56 on this wednesday, november 11th, veterans day. the rain is moving out of the area but the chilly temperatures are staying behind. i'm chris wragge. john elliott will have the forecast in a moment. but first, a driver was killed when his car plunged into the water off garrison beach. a resident noticed damage to the barrier and looked at video that showed what appeared to be a vehicle traveling fast toward the dead end. the car was found in the water yesterday afternoon. new this morning police in brooklyn are trying to identify a pair of package thieves. the man was caught on video stealing a large box from an apartment building on woodpoint road. it contained a bed frame. he and a female are wanted for two other thefts from a
7:56 am
a building on kingsland avenue october 30th. new information on petal, the bear, injured. the bear was injured and it became a viral sensation after video captured the bear walking on two legs. activists rallied yesterday asking wildlife officials relocate him to a wildlife center in new york. and they delivered a petition signed by almost 300,000 people. officials say they won't make any promises until they examine the injured bear. and now over to john with the forecast. >> just doesn't look real. >> i know. i know. >> no word yet on whether a petition is being signed for lucky, the three-legged deer in my neighborhood. 50, light rain and fog in the area. is the rain right now? well, it's light into hudson valley and suffolk county. and big puddles remain for the area. and the wind is out of the north. so a cool, damp way to start your veterans day. hoping for breaks in the clouds. as early as parade time at 1
7:57 am
1:00. and this afternoon, more of the area sees a quieter commute. just a stray shower possible. and a line of showers returning thursday afternoon. and a cold wind friday into saturday. >> thank you so much. i'm chris wragge. back with another local update in 25 minutes. "cbs this morning" coming back next. every sip. the taste uniquely dunkin'. each cup uniquely you.
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it is wednesday, november 11th, 2015. welcome back to "cbs this morning." on this veterans day, don't forget. more real news ahead, including singles day in china and it's become the biggest online shopping day and how retailers are competing for business worth millions. first, here's a look at today's "eye opener" at 8:00. >> can i clarify your position on that? you would see those 4 million plus immigrants deported? >> we need to enforce our law. >> little to up-end the fundamentals of this race, how skilled politicians catch up with the front running first-timers. >> they didn't do anything spectacular but their support is pretty solid and so it probably will stay where it was before the debate. >> investigators say the jet's cabin is largely intact and they are hoping that the flight data recorder reveals some reason for this crash.
8:00 am
>> we have had reports of thundersnow the last several hours in colorado and nebraska. the sign of amount of energy with this thing. >> fandual and draftkings have five days to respond to the order. >> click resigned from university of missouri yesterday. she is one of three trying to help enforce a media free-zone. >> it's like an ice bath on steroids. >> i've seen no signs or research or evidence supporteding its use. >> two pizzas, potato fries and delicious hershey cookie. >> it can accommodate your palm bearers with handles on the outside. i'm charlie rose with gayle king and norah o'donnell.
8:01 am
presidential debate focused on issues and ideologies. >> the candidates had no problem agreeing on one thing. hillary clinton, they say, should not be president but they had major differences over their own plans for the country. especially when it came to immigration. >> dwight eisenhower, good president. moved 1.5 million illegal immigrants out of this country and moved them beyond the border. they came back. moved them again beyond the border, they came back. didn't like it. moved them way south. they never came back. dwight eisenhower. >> we can't ship 11 million people out of this country. children would be terrified and it will not work. >> 12 million illegal immigrants to send them back 500,000 a month is just not possible. and it's not embracing american values. >> for those of us who believe
8:02 am
people ought to come to this country legally and we should enforce the law, we are tired of being told it's anti-immigrant. it's offensive. >> they don't discuss that in the agreement which is a disaster. if you look at the way china and india and almost everybody takes advantage of the united states, china in particular. >> we might want to point out john is not a part of this deal. >> when we talk about the cronyism of washington, hillary clinton embodies the cronyism of washington. >> even for the average person, every single regulation costs money. it is hurting the poor. bernie sanders and hillary clinton won't tell you that that is the thing that is really hurting the middle class and the poor. they will say it's the rich, take their money. >> the democratic party and the political left have no ideas about the country. >> 40% of all the economic activity in the age of obama has come from the energy sector and hillary clinton wants to
8:03 am
>> if hillary clinton or bernie sanders were to win this election, my 16-year-olds, i worry about what their life is going to be like. >> we must beat hillary clinton. clinton. i will beat hillary clinton. >> we cannot lose this election. we cannot let hillary clinton, who is the worst secretary of state in the history of our country, win this election. >> major garrett covered the debate and joins us now from milwaukee. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we had a chance to catch up with ben carson, carly fiorina and donald trump after the debate to talk about the events in the raise and starting with ben carson with the issues recently raised about his biography. >> thank you for asking me not what i said in the tenth grade. i appreciate that. >> reporter: if you're not willing to cooperate things about you've said about yourself. >> that's okay as long as you do
8:04 am
it to everybody else. let's see if we can get him to happened. even if it was 30, 40, 50 years ago. well, if i buy that, that's what i will be doing from now until the election in november. >> i would not be talking to vladimir putin right now. although i have met him as well, not in a green room for a show, but in a private meeting. >> can you describe the circumstances of your meeting with putin? >> so i met with vladimir putin on the occasion of an apec conference in beijing. we were in a hold area for an hour before that speech and had a conversation about many things. hewlett-packard had some business in russia. we were talking about the economy. >> we have to get smart. we can't continue to be the policemen of the world. >> donald is wrong on this. he is absolutely wrong on this. >> mr. trump, accused of being naive on isis and impractical on immigration? >> who is. >> reporter: when you were during the debate. >> no. >> reporter: i'm asking you what -- >> in your imagination. >> reporter: no, that is what
8:05 am
was said to you. that was said to you! kasich kasich! >> major, not your first enkournlten encounter with donald trump. what happened? >> it wasn't my imagination. those issues were raised against donald trump and he didn't want to talk about them. the full question you were accused of these things, what did your supporters learn from your responses? donald trump didn't stay around for that question. he might have wanted to in retrospect. i would say his demeanor in the spin room was fundamentally different last night than in the previous three debates. he did not seem to be as full of himself or a sense that he had won the evening as he had before. that may be an indication of how he personally felt last night's performance went. >> and on foreign policy, how did he do in the debate? >> reporter: well, on foreign
8:06 am
policy, he said that there is no problem with vladimir putin taking on isis and he would prefer that to happen. jeb bush said that is naive and it doesn't represent firm american leadership. on economic policy, he talked a lot about chinese currency manipulation but when rand paul said that is not part of the trade deal one of the questions in the debate donald trump receded there as well. on the main, his campaign thought he did as well. but there were moments where he was less sure of himself than i think he had been in previous debates. >> major, thank you. hillary clinton is facing criticism from republicans this morning for failing to defend carly fiorina at a campaign event. at a town hall meeting in new hampshire on tuesday, a supporter criticized carly fiorina as ceo of hue bet packard and thought about strategying her. >> she says she is a great ceo. every time i see her on tv, i want to reach through and strangle her.
8:07 am
i know that doesn't sound very nice. >> i wouldn't mess with you! >> the republican national committee swiftly responded saying hillary clinton and the democrats have lost all credibility claiming to be a part of a stand-up for women. it's clear women just can't count on hillary clinton to stand up for them. she should apologize immediately and asked if she took the man seriously, clinton shook her head so day no and clinton said it was a joke.- cbs news will bring you a democratic presidential debate this weekend moderated by john dickerson saturday night at 9:00 eastern time on cbs. signs of progress in the v.a. backlog. the government says the number of disability claims is down to about 70,000. at their height in 2013, they topped 600,000. the v.a. secretary robert mcdonald spoke with our margaret brennan on tuesday at the annual veterans on wall street event. he feared budget cuts, which congress is considering. >> what i'm trying to do is to
8:08 am
work with the members of congress to leave politics at the door and focus on veterans. look. i'm not running for anything. right? i have won political party that is called veterans. i'm not running for anything. i will never run for anything. i came out of retirement to do this. i'm only doing this for one reason and that is my fellow veterans. i would like the members of congress to have the same al tu riftic motivates and not be constantly worried about their political base and using veterans as pawns. >> veterans joined tuesday's wall street gathering. the senate tuesday voted to approve funding from veterans programs. it still needs to reach an agreement with the house. this morning, we are taking you inside the shopping power house called the amazon of china but not who you might think. coming up next, the company is
8:09 am
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all of the single ladies >> this morning, it's called singles day in china. put your hands up. it launched in 2009 and is the biggest online shopping day and five time larger than cybermonday in the united states. they told 5 billion worth of merchandise in the first 90 minutes overnight. wow. seth doane in beijing shows us how a competitor hopes to win over your hearts and your wallet. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the packages are already piling up in front of this shipping facility for singles day started as a sort of anti-valentine's day. all of those single ones, 1111, get it? it's coopted by online retailers and it's all about shopping and deep discounts.
8:12 am
retailer which has already seen a record number of orders. china's government figures in all singles day will generate 760 million shipments. jd is dispatching tens of thousands of its signature red trucks and three-wheelers across china. all to satisfy the capitalist urges of this communist country. holiday. >> reporter: or retailer made? >> yeah. >> reporter: he explained the logistics managing so many orders. >> we prepare for this for long time. and we have plans for unexpected. what if one warehouse, any number of one warehouse exceed our expectations? it's a pretty complicated math problem for us.
8:13 am
shopping on singles day reached close to $10 billion. compare that to america's cybermonday with just over $2 billion in sales. at jd's high-tech warehouse on the outskirts of shanghai, we watch diapers to computer equipment almost magically whipped into place on a conveyor belt. this warehouse has some of the most sophisticated sorting technology in the world. it has the capacity to sort 16,000 packages an hour with an accuracy of 99.99%. all of this sorting and shipping and promising, no most cases, to get it there in 24 hours, is to lure folks like sing sau on the other side of the order form. days in advance, we found her filling her online cart. you're buying shoes? >> yes. >> reporter: and they offer big discounts? >> yeah. . 15%. >> reporter: sing who, incidental, is single, assured
8:14 am
us this is not retail therapy, it's just smart shopping. why do you wait to shop on singles day? >> because the price is cheaper than the other days. >> reporter: you get a good good deal? >> yeah, i got a good deal. >> reporter: it's estimated 90% of singles day sales 90,000 went to alibaba. they connect buyers and sellers. alibaba threw a show to spark the day with guest daniel craig. >> if i were allowed to shop on your singles day, i wonder how cheap i could get a new burner phone, for example? >> reporter: in the fierce rivalry for online shoppers, jd hopes to cut into alibaba's bottom line. they filed a plain and the government is investigating
8:15 am
platform on singles day. jd sales are growing many almost as fast as alibaba and buying and shipping to customers. >> in a lot of way we similar to amazon. what different between us and amazon amazon, we have our own trucks and our own delivery employees. >> reporter: the idea is the delivery person to your door is a company employee who can answer questions and manage returns. in this high stakes bid for business, companies try every angle to get ahead. >> we have loud speakers in the warehouse. we play very inspirational music. >> reporter: to inspire people to work faster? >> work faster, you know, and to have that spirit, because this is such an important shopping period? >> yeah. >> reporter: one popular musician played over those loud speakers is wong funk. these lyrics in chinese are
8:16 am
on this day that translates for a capitalist concept -- shopping. jd tells us compared to last year, they tripled their sales in the first half of the day. one of the big sellers? imported wine up 500%. >> on singles day it might be nice to have a bottle of wine to yourself, right? >> party for one. me, myself, and i. we have a good ole time. >> online shopping. >> all of the things we bought today. >> thank you, seth doane. great reporting. a world record price for this pink diamond. charlie, you shouldn't have! >> oh, i couldn't resist. >> see how much the stunning stone fetched at auction next on "cbs this morning." i try hard to get a great shape. this i can do easily. benefiber healthy shape helps curb cravings. it's a clear, taste-free, daily supplement that's clinically shown to help keep me fuller, longer. benefiber healthy shape.
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8:18 am
we operate in a complex world with one simple mission.
8:19 am
a new owner this morning for this rare 16 carat fancy shaped pink diamond and sold tuesday for $24.8 million including fees. a record for a stone of this type. it's believed to be the largest cushion shape diamond of its kind to go up for bid. the auction house says the unidentified buyer from hong kong renamed the diamond sweet josephine. >> charlie says when he buys you jewelry, norah, he'd like you to wear it. where is it? too much for the morning?
8:20 am
glittery for this morn good morning. it is 8:25 on this veterans day. i'm mary calvi. breaking news into the news room. two people injured in a house explosion in new jersey. once again, two people injured here. we will have an update as soon as we get more information. no cause on this house explosion. we will keep you updated. police search for a suspect in the murder of a popular socialite in northern westchester county. the body of lois colley was found yesterday in the laundry room of her home. the only thing missing from the home is a fire extinguisher. they have been stopping cars in the neighborhood trying to find anyone who may have seen anything. the victim's husband, the wealthy owner of about 100 mcdonald's franchises and her son have been ruled out as suspects. police in brooklyn are trying to identify a pair of package thieves the.
8:21 am
man was caught on video october 19th stealing this large box from an armed billing. the box contained a bed frame. he and a female are wanted for two other thefts. now to a cbs 2 news exclusive. a car weaving in and out of traffic during a wild police chase in brooklyn. cbs 2 news spoke with the driver who captured the chase on camera during yesterday's morning rush. he did not want to be identified. police say it started with on the bge. they were in pursuit of a honda pilot with dealer plates the. suspect flew off the 39th street exit ramp onto 4th avenue and jumped the curb, hitting the sidewalk hard. >> that basically took out the front right arm or axle or something. it disabled him. he started fighting with them. >> police identified the suspect as a 20-year-old. he was taken into custody and
8:22 am
and now a check on weather elliott. >> thank you, mary. big day on this veterans day. at least we can see it from our and improving conditions but till light rain and fog in the area. variable winds at 6 miles per hour and wind out of the north. there's rain to the east and north. and another round of heavy rain into duchess county and putnam as well. this will continue to rotate around the big area of low pressure. so you will have waste of wet weather and then breaks this afternoon. and the north wind keeps a cool feel in the air. 59 the high. still above normal. and with the moisture and the wind, it feels cool. a break later and then another under of showers later thursday. >> thank you. we are back with another local update in about 25 minutes.
8:23 am
moment. caring about the things that make each of our clients unique...
8:24 am
welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up in this half hour, three-time grammy winner tim mcgraw will show us what makes his new album so personal. he's in our toyota green room. hi, tim mcgraw! we are glad you're here! find out how he honored his late father baseball legend tug mcgraw. a river for people swimming from one end of the mississippi to the other. see how the families are finding strength. time to show you some of morning's headlines around the globe. legendary song writer and song writer allen touissaint is being remembered. he was the producer and composer of hit songs from the '60s. they include "working in the
8:25 am
and "mother-in-law." he was 77. the pennsylvania city of reading won'ting getting a charlie brown christmas tree this went. last year we showed you that sad tree. some say it failed to deliver much holiday cheer and it drul the attention of the nation as you might recall. yesterday, crews raised this lush 24-foot tall white fir. >> it looks beautiful. >> beautiful. the times of london reports on a dispute over food and wine derailing plans for part of the france. rouhani makes a historic visit to paris next week. he requested no wine on the table during a lunch with french president hollande. the french said no and offered a alcohol-free breakfast reading. instead. >> seems like that should be
8:26 am
>> grammy country singer tim mcgraw has sold 36 singles and "time" in my mind him one of the 100 most influential people. charlie rose is on that list too so you two have something to bond with over there. >> congrats. >> good to have you here. >> it was fun. it was a fun night. >> first, before we talk to you. >> the story of my career, by the way. >> not true. we will take a look back at tim's career. got a little fight got a little love >> reporter: with his signature cowboy hat and distinctive sound, tim mcgraw has been taking music fans on a journey down country roads for more than two decades. >> reporter: his vast catalog of songs. i like it i love it >> reporter: have earned him
8:27 am
three grammy awards. >> reporter: and his broad appeal has led to collaborations with top artists like taylor swift. i look at you and say meanwhile >> reporter: and his wife of nearly 20 years, faith hill. >> i remember the first picture i ever saw, billboard magazine and i was in love then. oh, i miss little girl on the road >> reporter: in 2006 the couple broke the record of country tour of all time. tim mcgraw's country charm and versatility brought him from the stage to the big screen. >> why can't you hold on to the football. >> reporter: starring in "friday night lights." >> forward the light brigade. >> reporter: in 2009 "the blindside" alongside oscar
8:28 am
he has a tour with 14 studio album called "damn country music." we got love and sitting on top of the world >> reporter: mcgraw's current single "top of the world" has already hit the top ten on the charts. we talked about many title. when i heard it, i was clutching my pearls. did you mean damn country music or did you mean damn country music? >> sort of it was on purpose. >> it was on purpose? those are your three choices. >> there are other choices as well. it depends on what you feel like the day you wake up where the punctuation goes, right? sometimes it's a different adjective in front of than damn. >> did you want people to talk about the title? >> yeah, you always try to come up with a title that makes people think and it makes people talk and makes people wonder. i think that is what it does. when i was recording album or finding songs to record for the album, this is one of the first songs that i found. and sort of explained the album
8:29 am
song is out of context, you it think of all of those things but in context when you hear the song, it's about having passion for something. >> about love. >> about sort of hanging it all out there and going to something and leaving home and -- this is about country music for sure but it's also in a broader sense about life in general. anybody that is passionate about something and what it costs you to go after something that you're passionate about but what you get in return. to me country music has given me everything good in my life. everything good come my way has come from country music. i would not have met my wife had it not been for country music. >> first thing charlie said when you got here, is your wife here? good to see you but is your wife here? >> he didn't care about me. he got to talk to faith over bond. >> one reviewer said this about your new album. a lot of about authenticity and believability but mcgraw never a question that he walks the talk. >> that's cool.
8:30 am
>> yeah. >> well, i think for me, any music and any music that moves you is, when can you believe somebody and there is an honesty to it. what i always tried to do music is be honest. i'm never going to be accused of every over singing. you have to let the song speak and let song tell a storey and you're a conduit in it. >> you said the difference between sleeping with someone and someone you love, i love you is not a pickup line, although that could be an effective pickup line, as i've been told, tim mcgraw. what is the meaning? always be humble and kind. i love the phrase of that. >> i think the song is one of my favorite songs i've ever recorded and one of my favorite records i've ever made and i think it's special. in this day and age and people can be so mean to each other it's a message that needs to be out there and people need to hear.
8:31 am
mine and we were talking about humility and kindness and what is the difference and how do you explain that? kindness i think we are all innately born with. everybody has kindness built into them. even people who don't think they are kind are kind and most of them are. humility is different and you have to remind ursyourself to being and you have to look in the mirror and have stewardship over it. >> i didn't know you had three daughters and i met one of your daughters and your oldest daughter gracy you sang with her. >> she's on the album. she was fantastic. >> you were nervous about that because sometimes they don't think you're cool? >> she doesn't think i'm cool at all. i like to think when i'm not around she thinks i'm cooler. >> when you asked faith, faith said, it's your funeral. go ahead and ask. >> i thought that was funny. >> she is a great singer. a great artist. she has a band and they are
8:32 am
of their songs and decidedly different music than mine but she is fantastic. i'm a big fan of hers. >> tell me this. when you're asked to pitch, first pitch at the world series. >> ew. >> did you immediately say, man, i got to go practice as i do not want to screw this up? >> well, yeah. a little bit of legacy with me and throwing a baseball. so i couldn't just walk out there. >> you mean your father? >> yeah, my father and the mets. he is a member of the mets hall of fame. so i couldn't walk out there and, you know, make a bad throw and get away with it without somebody saying he is just a much. i worked on a little bit. i actually threw with faith in the backyard. >> she was catching? >> yeah. >> we can't let you go without talking about veterans day. this is veterans day and i know veterans. your thoughts on this day about their service and sacrifice. >> well, you know, those guys and gals, they are sitting on the fence right and they are
8:33 am
service in their heart and everything on the line and their families sacrifice so much. anything we can honor them every day of the year is a good thing. my sister and uncle are veterans and a lot of veterans that are friends of mine that i grew up with. just service hearted people that do everything in the world they can for us so i think in turn we should honor them any chance we get. both ambassadors for the invictus games. did you get tingly when you met prince harry? many do? >> yeah, we went out later and had dinner. >> we like harry. >> he's a really nice guy. >> i think so too. >> very -- just -- >> you saw that beard and you thought i want some of that? >> i'm letting my grow out a little bit. >> i think it's your best, tim. is that okay to say? >> absolutely. i think so. >> your best, tim. >> thank you for being here. >> "damn country music" is in stores now. ahead, a historic tribute to
8:34 am
our troops. chris ring is on his way to become the first american to
8:35 am
doing it for the accolades. music the keurig k200 series brewer. big on features. small on size. the single serve-make-all-your- favorites-exactly-how-you-like- it-machine. keurig hot. your favorites. your way.
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on this veterans day the nation honors and celebrates those who served and sacrificed in our military. five months ago, a navy veteran started his mission to bring attention to the families of the fallen by swimming the entire length of the mississippi river. cbs sports network's dana jacobson met the man behind the mighty tribute. dana, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. chris ring spent six to eight hours a day, six days a week, swimming down the mississippi river. at his journeys end, chris will go down as the first american to swim the entire mississippi but he say it's those gold star families and the memories of their loved ones that made it happen. those he is a former navy s.e.a.l., chris ring doesn't consider himself a strong swimmer. but every day, except sundays, since the 6th of june, this decorated combat veteran zips up and jumps into the mississippi river and proves otherwise. >> that first little chill going up the back. being comfortable in the water
8:37 am
and swimming a long distance is two different things. >> reporter: why did you want to do this? >> it's a good question. well, i served my country ten years, and i don't want to put the service behind me. i couldn't imagine any better thing to do than really to raise awareness and to honor these fallen heroes. >> reporter: chris's swim was inspired by a cross-country hike last year by army veteran mike vidi whose organization live offers support for gold star families. >> hello. >> hi, chris. >> the survivors of fallen soldiers. >> thanks for coming out here. >> thank you so much for doing what you're doing. >> reporter: like jenny smith and her husband eddie. jenny's son marine staff sergeant jason rogers was killed in action four and a half years ago in afghanistan. >> what are your good memories. >> reporter: chris wants to know how jason lived. >> he loved the marine corps. very sfrenel young man. he loved basketball.
8:38 am
he loved transformers. >> reporter: they never get rid of that, right? >> yeah. loved it as a kid at heart. happy birthday to you >> it's very moving and learning about the loved ones and how they grew up and what they were as a person and stories people like to avoid but conversations need to happen and give the families an opportunity to say their loved one's name again and share who they were. that's the fear of most is the day people forget. find a spot that you want. >> reporter: he has met nearly 200 gold star family members so far and many sign the ki yak that leads chris through the water and two kayaks are filled with messages of the fallen. >> thank you very much. >> reporter: the kayak is always in front of me kind of guiding me through the water so whenever i'm in the water i can look up and see that kayak and know what i'm doing and how difficult it is that they pay that ultimate sacrifice. >> reporter: what has been the most challenging part of this
8:39 am
>> physically? i think just the general, the physical toll on the body. it's not necessarily the cleanest river. so no matter how much i try not to, some wart gets in and you feel a little bit sickness day-to-day. >> reporter: apart from not being the cleanest or clearest of rivers, the murky mississippi is full of obstacles. shifting coats and barges and boats to navigate. >> when you get out there you never know what to expect and no day is the same. >> let's go! >> reporter: it's been 157 days since he started where the mississippi river begins in minnesota's lake itaska and the 2,350 mile swim will go through ten states and chris hit the 2,000 mile mark on tuesday in matches, mississippi. his journey ends in new mexico. he expects to finish in early december. mentally what is the most challenging thing about swimming this river?
8:40 am
>> i would say out of physical and just mentally challenging, the mental part is probably the most difficult. like such an emotional and powerful thing, you know, meeting families day-to-day' hearing these stories. >> reporter: how many times have you thought i can't do building any more, i need to stop? >> zero. if i'm having a terrible day on the river, it's going to be on over in how many hours but these people have to live with their pain and suffering and their burdens for the rest of their lives but i feel a privilege to do it because i feel it's an honor to be able to do it. >> jenny and eddie smith and many of the gold star families that chris met along the river plan to be on hand when he completes what, obviously, has been a very significant mission for him. >> he didn't stutter when he said zero. other than the obvious what do you think he is getting out of it? >> his father told me more chris can explain it. he came back from his tours of duty and was sort of a different person and had to wall-up a little bit. his dad says as he swims, he has been getting his son back. >> beautiful. >> a wonderful story on this veterans day. >> great, great veteran.
8:41 am
>> thank you very much. >> my pleasure. have you ever tried to get gum off your shoe? you know how annoying that is. show you how one city is taking on a super-sized cleanup job, you could say.
8:42 am
we will be back. my name is 127 willow lane. and i've had some work done. in '62 they put in a conversation pit. brilliant. in '74 they got shag carpet. that poor dog. rico?! then they expanded my backside.
8:43 am
ugh. so when the nest learning thermostat showed up, i thought "hmmm." but nest is different. keeps 'em comfy. and saves energy automatically. like that! i'm like a whole new house! nest. welcome to the magic of home. this morning, the famous seattle gum wall is losing its "flavor." crews began tuesday steam cleaning about 1 million chewed up pieces that people left stuck on the wall. the gum will be gathered in buckets and weighed after the cleaning and should be finished this week. >> they are cleaning it and then say go ahead and chew it and do it again. i don't get that. >> i don't either. >> that does it for us.
8:44 am
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good morning. it is 8:55 on this wednesday morning, veterans day. i'm mary calvi. breaking news. at least two people injured in a house explosion. in new jersey. you can see people being brought out on stretchers and video taken after the blast shows windows blown out and people rushing outside. rescuers are still searching for other victims. we have crews on their way and we will update you on the situation as soon as we get more information. in brooklyn, a driver was killed when his car plunged into the water off garrison beach. police say a resident noticed damage to a bearier at the end of the road and looked at his home security video. it showed what appeared to be a vehicle traveling fast toward the dead end. the car was found the water
8:46 am
the driver was identified as a 31-year-old from brooklyn. police release video of a suspect many a forcible touching incident in bronx. it happened last month. police say a 20-year-old woman was approached by a man who tried to the strike up a. when she ignored him, he grabbed her and then released her and grabbed her backside. and he ran off. the woman was not hurt. let's get a check on your forecast and then all this rain. elliott. >> yeah, on again, off again. in the park, up a degree from last hour, still fog in in the area. and for the most part, light rape but there's that batch of showers through orange and duchess county as well. and we will continue to push to the south. and that wind again is going to also fill in around the low. so it's a north wind. so you have showers north and east. and a wind filling in out of the north. so 95 is going to feel cooler than that. and we will see the clouds break a bit. and then there's another system. this is a separate system. it's a front coming through on thursday, ushers in the chance
8:47 am
for rain in the afternoon. and that bless out. and speaking of blowing, the winds will intensify, gusty winds northwest. so brighter, and cooler friday. a lot cooler saturday. >> thank you so much. our next newscast is at noon. we are always on at
8:48 am
have a great day. udge tanya: she went to her landlord and said, "i goet
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out of here."
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