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tv   CBS 2 News at 6  CBS  November 11, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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that they have been without a contract for six years and that's not good enough. they say an arbitrator decided to give them a 1% increase each year for one year over two a two-year period. police say that's not enough considering the danger they face on the job. remember, four nypd officers have been killed since last december. in the meantime, the mayor says it was their choice to go to arbitration. >> as we stand here on this corner, while they are offering our members a 1% below inflation rate, crime is on the rise. we are here to have our voices heard. >> we believe it's fair. the pba leadership decided on arbitration. we said throughout that process our door is open. our door is still open. >> reporter: now, pat lynch told me that he wants the mayor to reconsider and he said if not the mayor will feel the anger of the nypd officers. we're live on the east side of yorkville, dick brennan, cbs 2 news. now to a frightening home
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invasion on long island. it happened in uniondale. a man attacked in his own bedroom. his teenaged son coming to the rescue. new at 6:00 tonight, cbs 2's jennifer mclogan talks to the victim and homeowner. >> not going to steal from my family. you're not going to steal from my community. and i did what i had to do. >> reporter: in this usually crime free uniondale neighborhood, the victim, who agreed to go on camera but didn't want his name used, said he was getting ready for bed when he heard a basement window cracking and found himself in the midst of a violent home invasion. >> curtains was blowing. he took the window out. and we got to fighting. i drug him upstairs. he grabbed a paddle. tried to hit me with it. i took him down. >> reporter: police say 19- year-old keno ramsey with a welt on his forehead from the struggle began pummeling the 53-year-old father with a wooden paddle slamming his hands to his chest, demanding cash and valuables. the victim's son heard the commotion and sprung into action dialing 911.
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>> i did listen to the call, okay. the 15-year-old was very, very calm throughout the whole thing. it lasted about 7 minutes and he gave appropriate identification and exactly where the individual was in the home. >> reporter: police rushed to adam court to make the arrest calling for an ambulance for the homeowner and calming local residents. >> i'm glad they caught him. >> reporter: one family was just returning from a wedding. >> when it's random like that, it disturbs you. >> very unsettling and scary. >> reporter: joseph has an alarm system and surveillance cameras. everyone here is grateful the victim's son responded so courageously. >> the son is a hero. he's a hero. >> reporter: police say the suspect from queens found $500 worth of glass knickknacks from the family stuffed into his pockets. he told the judge he is not guilty but he is in jail tonight $150,000 bail. in uniondale, jennifer mclogan, cbs 2 news. >> and after disarming the suspect of his wooden paddle,
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hold the suspect with the help of his son until police arrived. dozens of homeless people are -- pardon me, dozens of people are homeless tonight after an explosion rocked an elizabeth neighborhood. cbs 2's christine sloan has more on this deadly blast. >> reporter: the momentum an explosion pancakes the second floor of this duplex in elizabeth new jersey on to the first level the video shows the roof going up and the fireball coming out. >> i could hear my wife screaming, my son crying. >> reporter: next door, wayne sheppard tells his wife to run with their 10-month-old. >> i told them to get out of the house. she said just taken out his bedroom. his bedroom window is directly across from the house that exploded. [ crying ] >> reporter: fire trucks arrived and searched for people trapped inside the house on magnolia avenue. they pulled 15 people from the rubble including an 11-year- old girl.
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all of them injured, two critically. victims surviving because they are upstairs sleeping on a holiday ride the fall down. firefighters say they weren't killed because there was no big fire after the explosion. sheppard says he smelled gas the day before but he didn't report it because it went away. >> everybody watching this and listening to this, if you smell gas, call the appropriate people. it may be nothing but it's better to find out it's nothing than to go through something like this. [ crying ] >> reporter: firefighters also rescued a dog from the rubble. seven buildings affected. three of them will have to come down including this one. and right now, 30 people remain homeless. in elizabeth, new jersey, christine sloan, cbs2 news. >> police in brooklyn asking for the public's help to help find this missing teenager. 15-year-old joshua cruz was last seen this morning at 1576 green avenue in bushwick. he has down syndrome.
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he does not speak. he was wearing a blue fleece jacket, blue sweatpants and black sneakers with spider-man on them. fantasy sports websites are fighting for their very survival in new york state. the attorney general saying the sites, quote, amount to illegal online gambling. the ag ordering them to cease operations, so are all bets off? cbs 2's dave carlin here to answer that and more. dave. >> reporter: dana, this is a crushing blow for the companies. they plan to go to court to keep their streaks going. what do you think? >> i'm all about it. >> reporter: he enjoys fantasy sports betting unhappy that new york attorney general eric schneiderman ordered the fanduel and draftkings to stop accepting bets in the state. >> it's just a new version of online gambling. >> reporter: he sent notices saying cease and desist that the contests are neither harmless nor victimless.
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>> it lures in people who are the most prone to gambling addiction problems. >> we are going to use every avenue to stay open. >> reporter: that is fanduel in a phone interview. he said it's a game of skill law. a spokesman for draftkings said we strongly disagree with the reasoning in the opinion and will examine and vigorously pursue all legal options available. >> it would be better to meet in the middle. but instead of shutting them down, why not work with them to actually generate some good out of this for the public? >> reporter: according to industry research more people are playing this in new york than any other state and now, some of those players are signing petitions. both companies rolled out online campaigns to get fans' signatures and fight schneiderman's order but new york is not the only state looking into the legality of the sites. these states also declared that daily fantasy sports is gambling. and some people say they don't like professional sports
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organizations getting cozy with fanduel and draftkings. >> i don't think it's a good idea to mix gambling and professional sports in ownership. >> reporter: both companies have been around for years. recent advertising blitzes by both raised their profiles and profits but also made them bigger targets. >> dave, thank you. one of the defendants in the george washington bridge scandal wants the federal trial moved out of new jersey. former port authority deputy director bill baroni filed a change of venue request claiming a fair trial is impossible because of media coverage. broken in a and bridget kelly -- baroni and bridget kelly a former christie aide are charged with conspiracy and wire fraud accused of having bridge access lanes in fort lee closed to punish that town's mayor for not supporting governor christie's re-election. we are honoring our nation's heroes on this veterans day, november 11. thousands of people lined up fifth avenue for the annual
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men and women who served and who are active in the military today. cbs 2's vanessa murdoch spoke to veterans and those grateful for their sacrifices. >> reporter: the 96th annual america's parade piled on the pomp and circumstance. [ music ] >> reporter: but the reason thousands lined the streets was never lost in the crowd. >> just indebted to these guys. they do a lot more than i ever did. it's an honor to be here. >> i'm just here honoring all the vets before me and after me. >> reporter: like this lieutenant junior grade. she is serving on the uss new york right now. >> it doesn't get any better. this is amazing we are able to bring new york back to our city and enjoy all the hospitality that the city has to offer. >> reporter: the bullock siblings are here to support their mother an air force veteran among the masses marching. what do you want to say to your mom? >> that i love her very much and i was appreciative that
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she was willing to give her life for others. >> i'm here to honor that i left behind personally that meant the world to me. >> reporter: he tells us he was a musician in belgium when >> i told my mom that i -- [ >> she said something's wrong with him. >> reporter: he laughs now at this memory. but coping with the horrors of >> i can't forget it. but i find a way to deal with it and try to move on. >> reporter: he saw action and got injured. >> getting back being able to function, walk and do everything, it took me about 3 1/2 to four years. >> reporter: now he is free to stand here beside thousands of strangers and honor his fellow veterans. from the 96th annual americas parade, vanessa murdoch, cbs 2 news. >> and in lower manhattan, more tributes to veterans. the 9/11 memorial and museum
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yellow roses are left for each veteran killed on september 11th, 2001. hashtag #veteransday. we thank our veterans. coming up next, here's at cbs 2 news at 6:00, busted for stealing a bus and police say it's not the first time. more on that. also ahead, new information in the murder of a westchester county millionaire socialite who police talked to today. >> and lonnie, what do you see in this new art in a park? a big question for new yorkers. oy or yo? >> depends what side of the sign you stand on. [ laughter ] >> all right. guys, what i have for you weather-wise, a break from the rain. i'm going to explain why. the rain is coming back. >> coming up on the "cbs evening news," rating the republican candidates after last night's debate. charlie rose in for scott pelley this evening at 6:30. >> reporter: tonight on the "cbs evening news" we fact check last night's gop debate
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including the one target all the candidates were unified in attacking. major garrett and john dickerson are in iowa for us tonight. and we'll have more on that and more ahead on the "cbs evening news." >> i come out to honor the veterans from my group in afghan war today and to march for the guys who fought alongside of me. i got their names in my pocket
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new at 6:00, a man who has been arrested more than 2 dozen times for posing as a transit worker was arrested again today after allegedly stealing a greyhound bus. this is video from a previous arrest. darius mccollum is in custody tonight in brooklyn. he hasn't been charged yet. the 50-year-old has posed as a transit worker to drive routes, take tolls and fix tracks until being caught and arrested. new information in the murder of an 83-year-old socialite in her westchester county home. state police spoke today with employees at the office where lois colley's husband eugene runs his mcdonald's franchises. eugene colley was not accepting visitors at the north salem hom they shared. she was found bludgeoned to
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neighbors say crimes like this are unusual in their quiet community. >> it doesn't happen around here. >> who goes to a house -- there was no robbery, nothing missing and they murder this poor woman. >> police searching for a hand- held fire extinguisher missing from the home two letters of the alphabet bring two distinctly new york expression to life in a brooklyn park. cbs 2's elise finch says an artist's waterfront sculpture has plenty of people talking. >> reporter: from manhattan, this art installation spells. >> yo. >> yo. >> y o, what you doing? >> from brooklyn it spells. >> oy! >> reporter: as in oy vey! >> it's an expression of exasperation. >> reporter: she was inspired to put her twist on the 1962 painting of the world oof. >> it just came to me oy!
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so i made a painting that said oy. it was up in my gallery in chelsea. and, um, a friend of mine said, you know, i passed by the gallery and i saw the painting. the reflection said yo. i said, i think i should paint that. >> reporter: and she did. eventually she wanted to see the two words together and in 3d so she created a small oy- yo sculpture. aluminum sculpture. >> it's clever. typical of life. what your perspective is. >> i think it's a good conversation piece. >> reporter: kass says it doesn't matter what side you city from or which word resonates. she just hopes people identify with her artwork. >> i think that's what we want out of our culture and what we want out of our art and out of the world around us to see ourselves. >> reporter: this sculpture will be on display at brooklyn bridge park in dumbo through august. elise finch, cbs 2 news.
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>> the fact that those letters are yellow is just fantastic! right, lonnie? the sun we saw a little bit of it today for veterans day. a little bit. >> just a bit. >> the funny part about it is we talked yesterday about how today would be a day where the skies would get brighter as you go along. you had to keep going. it's getting clearer right now but the sun is gone. taking a peek at weather watchers, 40s and 50s around the area. 50 degree, 50s in new york city. skies cloudy but clearing as we speak. the folks are out enjoying a nice skate in bryant park. 56 degrees and clouds are breaking apart. so clearing while you're asleep. cloudy while you're awake tomorrow. so we are under the influence of a high pressure. it brings about good weather. it's going to be while you're sleeping that that's the player because once you get into your day tomorrow, another low pressure will come into the area so cloudy with a bit of a rain chance.
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and then we are talking a chilly and windy saturday. not necessarily so concerned reading. it's going to feel like you're in the 40s on saturday. take a look at the winds. here we are thursday 8:30. the winds haven't kicked in afternoon. wind gusts at 25 miles an hour for everybody. friday the same deal. here you are at 2 p.m. then saturday, okay, 22 miles per hour or stronger but keep in mind saturday's high temperature is only about 52 degrees. so the wind chill, we have to use that term, is going to be feeling like the 40s in the warmest time of your day. tomorrow we'll be 58 degrees. mostly cloudy with a light shower chance. showers could start kicking in around, say, 9:00, 10 a.m. showers through 7 a.m. at any point you could see wet weather. off goes one system skies starting to clear out. you can see the cloud cover -- sort of just breaking apart right there.
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bigger picture will show you what is at play. so one system moves out, high pressure moves in overnight. then this system over omaha moves in tomorrow. heavy rain will be north of us, lighter rain will be making its way in here. in comes the system around 12 noon with leading activity earlier. could see heavier rain but the bigger part of the system goes to canada. friday 10:30 a.m. the sunshine is back but we have to talk about the temperatures. today 58 degrees. tomorrow we'll hit a high of 58 degrees, as well. but you do have, you know, that rain chance which will come back to the area. again, it looks, dana, like we're talking about .25" would be the bigger number for anyone to picks up rain. 56 on friday but that wind is blowing and it's blowing in on saturday at 52 feeling like you're in the 40s. sunday better portion of the weekend at 58. get ready for some warm temperatures again. wednesday next week 64. >> i'm not that old. really.
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>> will you still need me, will you still feed me! [ laughter ] otis has sports. >> metlife stadium look the site of two important -- will be the site of two important football games as we steamroll toward the 3rd quarter of the nfl season. giants and patriots on sunday, jets and bills tomorrow night. we'll have previews of both coming up after the break. for the girl scout meeting... how many meetings are you having?! at stop&shop, prices are down. savings are up.
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otis is here it talk about the giants. got a big one coming up on this weekend. >> they do against the patriots and not lost on all this rex ryan's return to the meadowlands dubbed the giants taking on the pats who are undefeated looking like a strong bet to defend their super bowl title. and we have heard the words, giants-patriots and super bowl a couple times before. super bowl xlii big blue crushed the pats's hope of an undefeated season with the late touchdown. four years later giants got the best of the pats again late winning 21-17. but, of course, the giants at practice, these new england patriots who look like the class of the nfl again one of three unbeaten teams. >> let's face it, accomplish is the right word but also remember they are undefeated.
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undefeated at this point of the season is quite an accomplishment in itself. >> haven't been beaten yet. it's going to be a big game. you know? we all look for the challenge. >> giants and patriots from metlife stadium, can big blue end another patriots undefeat season? find out sunday afternoon right here on cbs 2 at 4:25. before that big game the jets and bills will play tomorrow night at metlife stadium. afc east showdown under the bright lights of thursday night football. yeah, there's a lot of hoopla about rex ryan facing his former team for the first time but this is also a chance for the jets to improve their play- off chances and hurt the bills' chances. ryan fitzpatrick solid in his first full game of that thumb injury on sunday looks to keep in going in what could be a metlife melee. >> we all know, you know, all the different aches and pains we're going through. we're doing it for a reason. you know, it's to be out there on the field with our group, with our unit, playing. and, um, you know, i think that brings you closer together, too. it's just that team toughness.
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>> all right. we get you start for the jets- bills with our pre-game show game night beginning at 7:30 tomorrow night. i will be joined in studio by craig karten and we'll hear from jim nantz, phil simms, boomer esiason, so tune in. yankees making a trade today sending catcher john ryan murphy to the twins for outfielder aaron hicks. he is seen as a fourth outfielder or could be the first step in moving brett gardner. how about the knicks? they will be in charlotte tonight working on a modest two-game winning streak. remember we talked about baby steps. and fans have to be excited about one of their babies. 19-year-old porzingis hasn't seen a dunk he doesn't like. average 12 points and 8 rebounds a game. he has a lot of confidence. it's a miracle robin lopez wasn't leaving toronto.
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night especially the mascot. his favorite lopez, jennifer, mario, or nancy? george? i guess robin felt left out. who's your favorite lopez now! [ laughter ] >> he has problems with mascots.
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i'm kristine johnson kristine johnson. take a look at this. an unusual sight for sure. a helicopter in the middle of a new jersey soccer field. a youth league game canceled all because of a billionaire's last-minute landing. plus, is your reputation being ruined online without you even realizing it? the site that lets you fellow commuters, colleagues, even your partners shame your name. all coming up at 11. finally tonight at 6:00, a rare diamond has sold for a record $48.5 million at auction. it's a 12-carat blue moon diamond sold to a private collector in hong kong. it was immediately renamed the blue moon of josephine. it was discovered last year in a south african mine. next on the "cbs evening news" a fallen comrade inspires veterans to head down the road to recovery.
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