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tv   CBS 2 News at 6  CBS  November 13, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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have been planned? they may not have planned to take hostages in but something happened during the attacks, maybe a few people got caught inside? and that was the only thing that they could do? >> well, the investigation is still ongoing as you know and that certainly is a possibility. but it seems to me that these folks had a plan a, plan b and a plan c. and plan b is certainly -- if they get caught they are going to take hostages but the modus operandi of these types of terrorists is they are prepared to die. and it's very difficult to stop somebody that's willing to give up his life to take yours. and that's what apparently is happening here. and they are succeeding so far. so we need to take a look at what's happening here and study what's going to happen with these hostages and how we're going to try to free these people without getting hurt.
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reported and known that the french have seen many people leaving their country going to terrorist training sites and returning almost on a regular basis and then they are supposed to be monitored. and we hear that the monitoring doesn't go so well. what do you know about that? >> well, we know that -- and several european countries, not just france, the system of letting people in and out is very liberal. we have the european community, et cetera. and you have a porous borders where people could quite easily come in from the middle east, eastern europe, where there's also training camps come in and out and very easily come in and basically assimilate with the rest of the culture with the rest of the country and just lay in
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perhaps like this one. >> this is marcia kramer again. i wonder if you think if events like this also serve to help whatever organizations are involved to recruit people to their cause. >> absolutely. any success that they have as you know, any success that these folks have, this is a huge recruiting tool for them. they will put this on their internet. they will put this on the web. and they will make sure that the world knows what organization this attack belongs to and that it was successful and that more people should join their cause and they appeal to young people who believe in something in that this is so romantic cause that they should join when it's really a culture of violence and death. and this is what we need to
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country and in our allied countries that this is not a society and organization whichever this is, al qaeda, isis, et cetera, that you want to belong in. this is ultimately going to lead to their demise. >> so manny, we have talk about what the nypd is doing right now. what is the fbi doing right now? >> the fbi is certainly talking to all their informants, their human assets, to see if there's anything going on that they heard about in the local area or nationally or even internationally because just like the nypd is embedded internationally, the fbi has been overseas for many years. and so they are looking at whatever intelligence is around to indicate that there may be another attack, whether it's overseas, with our allies or certainly within the united states. >> manny, if you could stand by. i want to introduce tony
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colonel in the army and he is joining us now also by phone. lieutenant-colonel, thank you for joining us. >> sure. >> what are you thoughts on what's happening? >> your other guest was talk the first thing we have to do is start examining the layers of what's going on here. first off, the patterns, looking for similar patterns on our side of the pond. we have to be vigilant on this. and most importantly, we have to figure out who is involved, why they are involved, and try to go about answering the basic interrecognizives of why this is happening again. we had charlie hebdo this year and now this larger attack. i'd like to probably speculate here a bit that whoever did -- the people behind the hebdo attack, watch very carefully, watch the response of french security and they -- this attack is greater, it's larger. they are learning rapidly.
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the whole point is to -- as much as this is going to hurt isis? i believe it's isis? i'm speculatinherbut i think it's going to hurt the terrorist organization behind it because this is going to create a great deal of resolve behind the international community including us to be more vigilant and more aggressive against those people trying to using islam as a method of perpetrating violence. >> why do you say isis and not al qaeda? >> two things. i think it could be a joint op. hebdo was a joint op. according to one of the intelligence people i talk to they said one of the isis terror feeds they monitor picture of paris burning. now, we don't know if that's because of the attack or something that was related to the attack but isis is good at doing two things first using social media to basically build themselves up and use that to recruit so no matter what happens here they will
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secondly, if it is them, we have to recognize that they have been masters of -- they are very well financed. they are very well armed. and money can buy you a lot of access. so this attack today, this was not a spur of the moment thing. this was three different locations possibly more, according to one of my sources suicide bombers were involved. they attacked a stadium involving the president of france. and this was all done simultaneously. this tells me this was rehearsed. these targets were all what we call cased. and in the end, this was like [ indiscernible ] [ inaudible ] so this was no small thing. >> colonel, what about the still ongoing investigation of the plane that went down recently, um, that took off from sharm el-sheikh in egypt? >> right. >> there was word that isis was involved in that attack. could this be a series of -- of attacks that now they are
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just stepping up, um, in regards to how often they are making these types of statements? >> reporter: i think so. this is -- i say this on another network that my judgment is isis is becoming expeditionary. because of the very things well funded and organized. they are looking to get into the international community havoc. let's remember the other thing that's going on is the unchecked stream of refugees into europe. according to the people i talked to there's probably between 15 to 20% of folks who are in that refugee stream who are terrorists. we don't know what's going on behind the scenes. we know who is behind this the scope is immense. people already dead. we are talking about hostages being held at least one location. and the question then becomes, what more is coming? let's remember charlie hebdo was an operation executed over several days. i think it was a three-day
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period where the events were all linked to this event itself. we could be well looking at something that goes on for days. i don't know that for a fact. but that's something to be vigilant for as we start looking at what's going on. >> and you talk about the charlie hebdo case. 17 people were killed over those three days, lieutenant- colonel. >> right. >> talk to us about the french security. we got into that a little bit with the prior guest. but your take on the way the french are looking at terrorism and protecting their country prior to today. >> well, they have a very effective counter-terrorism organization. they are up there with our delta force and with the special air service. they are security profession analysis. the problem is this. without -- they are security professionals. the problem is this, without intelligence you can't do anything. this is good old-fashioned spying. our job is to figure out a way
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that -- intelligence to penetrate the network. this is where we fail. we have been too dependent on intelligence. the new bond movie talks about how we're, you know, they overrely on drones. that's the very problem of what we're doing right now. network. to defeat a terror network you mutt penetrate the network. simply using drones and other things to assassinate people will not defeat the network. it will always grow back. so this is my big concern the french security services apparently did not penetrate the network and destroy the the network sufficiently after the charlie hebdo attack if it's terror-related which i believe it is. i don't think any criminal organization would have the resources or intention to do an attack of this scale. so this may well be that network which the french didn't go far enough to defeat because obviously, you know, today's attacks are horrific. they are expansive and frankly this is something that we have to be vigilant of because if isis continues to expand and i'm going out on a limb here,
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i understand, i believe isis had some role in this, i think we have to be vigilant here at home for the similar type of attacks. >> speak of drones, you talk about the use of drones. the united states used a drone, it's reported in taking out jihad john and it's confirmed they got him. >> right. >> the chances of this being retaliation for that? >> um, i don't believe so. here's why. today's attack was well planned. and i'm not going to say it wouldn't be related. jihadi john's death may have been a trigger event but with that said, this attack has been planned for months. you don't have people with this level of sophistication, this level of armament decide one morning we are going to go do this. these people have rehearsed and cased the sites. they knew exactly where to go and what time of day to do it. that doesn't happen because
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across the planet. with that said, it's very clear the pentagon is now examining our strategy on isis. and they are actually within the last 30 days have taken on a more aggressive posture to go after isis. but with that said, i think it's necessary for the pentagon to get more serious and look at its tactics. with that said i don't believe at this point that the jihad john thing was the stimulus. it may have been the trigger but it was not the stimulus. this attack has been in the planning for months. >> colonel, why these three areas to target? we do know that, um, the president of france was at the stadium. we don't know whether or not he was a target but why the music hall and why the restaurant? why these three specific locations? >> two reasons i know of. first off they are soft targets. these are not military targets. therefore, there would be little resistance. clearly that was the case. so part of the job of terrorists is to terrorize and
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clearly this was a master stroke of hitting a soft target. secondly, i do believe that the attack against the stadium was symbolic and was meant to essentially be done at the time it was by the fact that the french president was there. and i think by the fact that it was so bold and frankly let's be honest here if president obama was in an event here in the united states where a terrorist event happened we would be to be looking at firing a bunch of people because there's no way any terrorist attack could come anywhere within a mile of again something the french security service is going to have to look at very hard because again, you know, the fact that the president was in the stadium that was attacked, that to me is a symbolic target and i think whoever did this attack meant to send a signal to the french government by the fact that the french president was there at the event. >> colonel, we know from prior intelligence that al qaeda and isis have been telling their people when they strike they
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sporting events. they in fact in new york said maybe the open tennis tournament. but they have said that sporting events and places where you have lots of people were a good place to attack because it spreads fear and terror. do you think that was in their thinking when they attacked the soccer game? >> reporter: yes, i think by charlie hebdo they learned the weaknesses about going about doing that. there's no doubt that their intention was to max mike -- we are still? the dark here about how many people have been killed today. this was a mass casualty event for purposes of maximum number of people. frankly, we don't know -- i was on another interview what do you think is going to be happening to the hostages? are they going to attempt a rescue
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my judgment is there is no negotiatic. whoever took the hostages may buy some time to draw attention to them but i don't think is going to come out of there alive if the terrorists have their way. >> as we watch these pictures it's maddening and frustrating that here we go again. these guys have done this again. what should the voter, the citizen, think, um, what should we expect our leaders to be doing when it comes to going after isis and as they like to put it elected officials, eradicating this >> it's a three level challenge. right up front. believes we should put u.s. boots on the ground to do that. if we get involved we'll be the issue. so we have to work with local allies such as the kurds and turks to finish -- regaining lost space. terrorists are drawn to space.
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this is the danger of leaving syria to fester. an ungoverned space is dominated by terrorists isis. same in libya. this is the first thing is work with our allies to bring back governance to the spaces. this is where the russians are helping us right now. we have to figure out the root cause of this. this is not the first time this happened. we had al qaeda about 15 years ago. now we have this. we have to look at the roots driving that. we have not done well in this war on terror to figure out root causes. the thing about this, we have battle. we win on the battlefield but they keep coming back. so let's go to the root cause. third we have to be vigilant about the refugee stream and who may come here. as much as we wanted to be great stewards of people who need help we have to not jeopardize our citizens by being nice to others. this is where we have to be a lot more vigilant and a lot more astute on how we go about trying to help those refugees find new homes and essentially make sure the terrorists don't come through the pipeline.
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>> we have heard from officials that there is no credible threat to anyone here in the united states. i have to wonder when i listen to you about how you believe this particular attack today in paris has been, you know, in the works for months given the sophistication for it, behind the scenes, u.s. officials must be very concerned. [ inaudible ] is radicalized americans who are either close to or very much aligned with isis. a smattering of prosecutions and i -- i admire the fbi director comey doing his job but they have to be right 100% of the time, the terrorists
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we have to look carefully at what happened in this attack. who was involved? what was the negatives of moving weapons around? what were the intentions and that sort of thing. we enjoy the fact we can go to soccer games an all these other things meaning to do us harm. people like comey and the pentagon are working 24/7 to prevent attacks on our soil. >> i'm almost hearing you we need to change the way we security our restaurants and stadiums. do we need to be an armed encampment? >> i think you misinterpreted what i'm saying. we have to be more aggressive on our intelligence collection. we do a good job of screening now. we need to penetrate the network. as i said, i don't think the french defeated the network that did the charlie hebdo attack? >> so therefore it came back stronger resilient and
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so what i'm saying is we have to use the good old-fashioned human intelligence the old penetration of the network and we are talking about some very dangerous stuff here, cia, bod, case offices going about to recruit people to spy for us in those networks to tell us what's going on. that's what we need to focus on to get back to the basics. i think this other stuff i don't think for a minute the americans should give up one amount of freedom. i think we need to go harder against terrorism than before. >> when you say penetrating of the networks and you don't advise boots on the ground and the president has stated he doesn't wanted to do that. but we're not just talking about penetrating ground forces and informants there. we are also talking about war and, you know. >> right. >> and all of the encryption deciphering what is being said. >> well, that is part of issue here. you know, terrorist
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organizations are the first to adapt new technology. we learned this in the '90s working against drug cartels. they are always a step ahead of us because they use encryption. they were able to basically information. we couldn't see where they encrypted their information. same with isis. they are using cyberspace and we are targeting people by cyberspace, as well. they are very astute and learn very fast. so this is where we have to have the best and brightest working at cyber command. i have been working with the army work office something called [ indiscernible ] how to look at getting the balance right between getting the right people involved and -- and actually fighting this as a real threat. but you're absolutely correct. and the other thing is, you know, isis is very good with social media. we talked about earlier, they know how to use social media. they know how to advertise. they know how to recruit. and they are unlike al qaeda. [ indiscernible ] they understand the system they are dealing with. that's why we have to get serious about dealing with them now before they are able
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to do more damage to our allies or to our own interests. >> okay. lieutenant-colonel tony shaffer from the army, thank you so much for your insights. really appreciate it. shed a lot of light for us we follow the situation from paris. mass shootings and hostages taken and killings different venues tonight. tony aiello has been gathering information and has it from the newsroom. >> reporter: the death toll is at least 35 people. a flight night in the city of light disrupted by terror several attacks that happened more or less simultaneously. at a theater called the bataclan an unknown number of people were killed and dozens more were taken hostage. there was a concert there tonight. a southern california band called eagles of death metal. another 11 people were killed in an attack at a restaurant called [ indiscernible ]
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armed with rifles at the restaurant. also tonight, at the sta dee france, a soccer match between france and germany was under way when this happened. [ explosion ] >> reporter: you can hear the explosion rock the stadium. french president hollande was at the match. the stadium was evacuated. a series of coordinated attacks have been taken place in the french capital. president obama used the word terrorists when he spoke to the nation a short time ago. >> we are going to do whatever it takes to work with the french and nations around the world to bring these terrorists to justice. and to go after terrorist networks that go after our people. >> reporter: in just the last few moments we have learned that cbs news now is reporting
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at least 60 people dead in paris. this is from a cbs producer well known in the intelligence and just community. she tells us that a senior law enforcement official said the fbi is offering whatever help is needed to france. the fbi is meeting with french law enforcement at this time. new york city police officials say that the nypd is stepping up security at all high- profile locations in the city as a precaution. the nypd officials said there is no current specific threats and that the decision to beef up security is out of an abundance of precaution. maurice, i'm communicating with a friend in paris tonight. his name is david peralta. he is from france. we have been friends through social media for some time. he has been communicating with me. he told me that he was listening with his heart beating out of his chest as the president of france, francois hollande addressed
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the nation tonight. he addressed the french people less than two hours after witnessing part of this terror attack. he said he was very proud that the french president was able to respond so quickly. david peralta telling me from paris that the french president declared a state of emergency and that is a measure taken by the government in the event of imminent danger in the country giving the government the authority to curtail freedoms the press. that's a worst-case scenario. the french president didn't declare any of those extreme steps such as restricting travel. but he did of course close the nation's borders make it more difficult to get into or out of france. and he now has the power to take additional steps by declaring this state of emergency in france. and maurice and kristine, david said he -- that the french media now is also playing the video of president barack obama addressing the
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people of the united states and he said that it was tremendously reassuring to him and to other french people to hear our u.s. president say the words, liberty, equality, fraternity. of course the motto of the french nation. he said that that was very reassuring. he also said that the french president said they have mobilized all the possible forces for the neutralization of the terrorists. and the french president asked for reinforcements to be brought to the capital to make sure no other attacks could take place. he said must face the dread and the horror of this attack but that france is a nation that knows how to defend itself and that france will defend itself. again, late this evening, in france, after midnight there actually, troops being
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at least 60 people are dead in the terror attacks in france. yell cbs 2 news. some of that reminiscent of 9/11 the united states standing with france in this case. the united states airspace was closed back on 9/11. we are getting word and reaction from our local elected officials. governor cuomo offering his thoughts and prayers saying: governor cuomo directed new york state law enforcement to remain vigilant. new york state police and division of homeland security and emergency services are actively monitoring the situation for any implications in new york state and in constant communication with
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the local and federal partners. >> right now, we are hearing out of paris from the "associated press" that automatic gunfire can be heard from outside that paris concert hall where attackers are holding hostages so this news just coming out of paris that people can hear gunfire. people on the outside of that concert hall can hear gunfire from inside the theater. we do have some live pictures, as well. you're looking at pictures here from paris but we also have a live picture to share with you of the french consulate here in new york city where there is obviously upgraded security there tonight although there is no threat any known threat here but we do have a news crew there on the scene and this is live picture of the french consulate in new york city. mayor de blasio released a statement saying, quote, the people of new york city are heartbroken to see our sister city of paris shaken again by these thoughtless acts of violence.
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attacks, their families and all the residents of paris are in our hearts tonight. nypd is in close contact with our international liaison in paris and the local authorities and are closely monitoring the situation. >> the situation three separate venues in paris. a mass shooting at a restaurant. two explosions at a stadium where a soccer game was taking place between the french and the germans. the french president was there. he was whisked away. he is safe tonight. and that third venue you heard about kristine you were just talking about it the location where some 100 hostages were said to be held and the reports are coming in right now that there has been at least gunfire, automatic gunfire being heard from outside where 100 hostages have been held for three hours. >> and we just did also
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confirm through cbs news that the upgraded death toll from paris has been confirmed to at least 60 people. it has been a very, very tragic night there with our friends there in paris. >> disturbing on all levels. when you think that paris is already on high alert as they are preparing for a couple of weeks from now for a global climate meeting 80 world leaders are supposed to be going to paris in a couple of weeks. you have to wonder, um, if that's going to happen. president obama was among those planning to attend. in fact, when he addressed the nation and the world a short time ago, he said he had just spoken with the french president earlier today in preparation for that meeting of one has to imagine a lot of that will be thrown into doubt at least as of now. >> we do know also that the department of homeland security is in meetings. however, they do stress once again that because there is no
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states, they are not taking any specific measures as of right now. however, they are prepared to adjust security measures as appropriate to protect the american people. >> same going on in new york city. nypd going through all of its information all of its channels all of its sources. 1,000 counter terrorism officers working this city each and every day. they sift through phones, they sift through internet chatter and at this point, nypd reporting no credible threat to new york city or the surrounding region. they are watching local monuments, local tourist sites, and, um, and staying on high alert. >> we send our thoughts and prayers to everyone in paris, france and all the families may be here in the united states. thank you for joining us here on this continuing don. we are going to join cbs news and their coverage, as well. scott pelley and a team of reporters are covering the latest here on this tragic night in paris.
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