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tv   CBS 2 News at 11  CBS  November 13, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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cold start to your weekend? . live from the cbs broadcast center in new york city, this is cbs 2 news at 11:00. paris under attack, shootouts hostages and explosions that took a stadium. tonight the country's borders are closed as the reality and enormity of the situation sets in. >> it is getting worse, very scary. and officers stand guard in new york, the president sends a stern message. >> an attack not just on the people of france, but this is an attack on all of humanity. >> good evening everyone. >> here is the very latest information more than 100 innocent victims were killed. french police believe all of the attackers involved in the
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still searching, though, for possible accomplices. tonight french president has declared a state of emergency. >> this coordinated violent took place at multiple locations, we have a team of reporters covering the attacks and we begin with valerie castro in our newsroom with the very latest, valerie. >> reporter: police say the deadliest attack was at a concert hall started outside the venue as the targeted near by cafes with machine gunfire and made their way inside the packed venue and outside the city, explosions could be heard near the national soccer stadium. >> during a soccer match between france and germany, the sound of an explosion echoed outside. yet in video from inside, it appears players and fans were unaware of the terror happening around them. once the news spread, people scrambled over stadium seats field.
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frenzied crowd began to run in a mob. the french president who was at the game was evacuated to safety. he quickly declared a state of emergency. around the same time in the city center on a packedded friday night, ambulances raced to a restaurant where a shooting was reported that left several dead. police secured the scene while emergency crews brought out the wounded. broken glass could be seen where windows were shattered by gunfire, an american woman in business heard the gunshots. >> everybody get inside there are gunshots let's go. it is pretty scary in the restaurant there was a family with small children, you know, we all went into the basement didn't really know what to do. >> others witnessed the carnage. >> when i went on the streets i saw 20, to 25 bodies lying on the floor. people were very badly injured
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with gunshot wounds and i took a small girl a teenager, she was bleeding very badly and i ran with her. >> at a near by concert hall, a hostage situation unfolded, an american band, the eagles of death metal was performing when the attackers carried out their plan. heavily armed french police stormed the theater two of the attackers blew themselves up with suicide belts when police closed in. they were later seen leaving with their hands up as the injured were carry out. inside. president obama scheduled to visit paris at the end of the spoke this evening. once again we've seen an outrageous attempt to terrorize innocent civilians, this is an attack not just on paris, not just on the people of france, but this is an attack on all of
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right now in paris it is about 5 a.m. on saturday morning and as the sun starts to rise we'll learn more about how these attacks were carried out and exactly killed. reporting live in the newsroom. i'm valerie castro, cbs 2 news. a moment on facebook, singing the national anthem as they were evacuating stadium. it was written by a captain during the french revolution, for french soldiers to march along to. across new york city, there are expressions of sadness and solidarity tonight, union square french exchange students gathered for a candlelight vigil. this picture was posted rayforparis. and france natives living
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heartbreak, anger, and disbelief. cbs 2 continues our coverage now from carol gardens with the latest, tracy. >> it is known as little paris because so many people have ties back to france. though they are far away people in this community are in mourning. >> and the hearts are breaking just the same, the couple moved from france 19 years ago, now own this french bistro. >> we were very sad and very angry and i feel for this families and all the lost one. >> i'm scared because we have family in france and the face of the world challenging today. now showing french news
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gathered to watch the soccer match when they heard the explosion they weren't sure what it was and continued to watch the game until they heard about the attacks now as details emerge, they are devastated. >> something has to change, we have to stop this massacre. we have to stop, we have to do something. >> an nypd squad car from the 76th precinct was parked in front of the restaurant, the officer stopped by to check on them and make sure they feel comfortable during this time of uncertainty. appreciate. >> we are very proud of our our precinct. >> that couple we spoke with said now more than ever is the time for the french community here to come together. reporting from carol gardens,
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thank you. the nypd stepped up security in new york armed officers stood outside the french consulate as the flags were lowered to half staff honoring the victims, jessica schneider is live outside the consulate on manhattan's upper east side, jessica. >> security is intense outside the french consulate here on fifth avenue, the nypd has sent critical response vehicles to landmarks all over the city, including french schools the french cultural center and the french mission. there is no specific threat against the city, but security is stepped up at major landmarks. >> in time square, nypd teams are patrolling through the crowds in front of the french consulate, there are heavily armed antiterror forces being dispatched to maintain a strong police presence in the midst of the paris attacks also to reassure people in this city they are safe. >> this is something we spent a great deal of time preparing
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it is why we have 3 rings of protection regarding new york city 24 hours a day. >> earlier the flag was lowered to half staff, as the fbi and homeland security monitored the events law enforcement stresses there is no threat against new york city or the united states. >> they are on ating assuming there will be an attack. acting under the assumption there is. >> they are a member of the homeland security committee and concern. >> they go from france to syria fight alongside isis, trained as terrorist now the fear was all along they would col back into france and carry out an attack. >> anyone who thinks it is over can see the horror, we cannot let up, cannot let our guard
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down the mayor is urging calm. >> if anything happens that we need to inform the people and city about, we will. >> people here on the upper east side the entrance to the consulate here, nypd sources said the stepped up patrols will be in effect until at least monday. live on the upper east side, jessica schneider. the world is reacting with support and resilience for the people of france. >> the vatican releasing a statement saying this is an attack on peace for all humanity and requires a decisive supportive response on part of all of us as we counter the spread of hatred in all of its forms. vice president joe biden also released a statement saying the american people understand and share the pain the people of paris are going through. such savagery can never threaten who we are, we will
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our coverage of the attacks on paris continues. tonight concerned travelers wonder about flights to france with jfk with the latest on that. >> social security media check, families flock to facebook to see if loved ones are safe. and the way they are honoring the victims over seas we'll be right back. . saturday morning attacks on paris. cbs 2 with every angle covered developments. a big dip in temps how low will
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wel veoullhereummoe anlsor 40doarba. soo li oca n.t t t pt.etio . welcome back to this cbs 2 news at 11, we want to update you, french police say all the attackers involved in today's shootings and bombings across paris are dead. sadly, more than 100 people were killed in hat's bein caedheeadlstay din frceinceorld warii. at ltiple locaons including outside the national stadium and at aconcert hall where people were held hostage. so far, noterror group has claimed responsibility for today's attack, it does me onday ter e keyisis member was targeted by a u.s. drone strike in syria. the u.s. military says it is reasably certain, that's a
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quote, that the strike killed e thmasked wearing militant, emwazi depicted the begs weste st, says the vehicle was struck in northern syria, still waiting for final confirmation that he was killed. today's tragedy unfolded near the charlie hebdo attacks, they entered the officers of the newspaper, a dozen people were killed two days after the attacks, the brothers died in a shoot-out with police in a small town outside of paris these attacks have had a ripple effect on air travel here at home. from kennedy airport. >> the airlines are sitant to send flits tfr they will not allow them to enr untry, but that does not appeato be the case, flights to paris are paing or delays. >> air france check-in at
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terminal one passengers were relieved that flights had not been canceled many were anxious to get home. this man had just returned from paris and says he is shakenned by what happened. >> very scared, because i have a very close friend who actually was in the street and he managed to escape and i just learned that, getting worse and very scary. >> so you're feeling upset. >> very upset. >> even though france's borders are closed charles international airport in paris remains open. delta and united say they are operating a normal schedule and are closely monitoring the situation. but american airlines says it is suspending departures until further notice. many citizens said they were too upset to talk about what happened some teared up when i approached them. >> according to a flight tracking website flight tracks
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diverted which is causing delays, reporting from jfk, cbs 2 news. as details of the attacks in france came to light, social media plays a unique role. >> and a safety check tool, users can mark themselves as safe and their friends would get a notification, facebook originally launched the feature after the earthquake in nepal in april. >> the and translates to open door in french, after the police ordered residents to shelter in place people started using that #to invite people to safety in their homes. u2 canceled a scheduled concert, the band was to perform live in hbo tomorrow, the group said quote we've watched in disbelief and our hearts go out to all the
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victims and families across the city. >> new york and city around the world stand in solitarity. >> the star of the trade center is shining bright, this will continue over the next few days he tweeted on behalf of all new yorkers, our thoughts and prayers are with those impacted by the tragic and senseless attacks in paris. we stand with you. >> and on the west coast, san francisco city hall is also lit up in memory of the victims in france. >> all right we want to shift gears now and take a look at our forecast, standing by, it is friday as we approach the weekend. >> just briefly want to give people an idea what they can expect weather wise, take a look here at temperatures it is on the chilly side on my weather watcher reporting temperatures 50 degrees or below in new york city, that's what you're dealing with, the winds are blowing as well the skies that's not the issue it is the winds gusting to 28-mile
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per hour, 47 as you're reading in new york city. look at this, this low pressure to our north actually putting snow showers up there a couple of the snow showers, look, not accumulating, just sort of newsworthy to talk about snow showers out there. waking up to the coldest morning yet, 39 degrees, it will feel sub freezing so feels like around 31, or 32 degrees outside for tomorrow afternoon, it is a blustery day once again and that chill is out there 49 degrees on the thermometer, that windchill will have you feeling like you're in the upper 30s or lower 40s during the warmest time of your day. things start to rebound nicely on sunday that's the better half of your weekend the winds will die down as well same amount of sunshine. monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday we're bumping up into the lower maybe mid-60s, it is possible we may not be done seeing a 70 degree
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. nypd searching for a man who attacked a laundromat owner, shows him getting punched in the face several times inside the mr. green laundry between 46 and 47th street. says he asked the man to leave after a customer complaint, looked like he was going to walk out then this happened. i turned around to talk to my coworker and he got me. >> he often allows homeless to stay if they are not bothering anybody. on staten island firefighters battling flames
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while trying to contain a brush fire started around 2:00 in the afternoon behind homes in the oak wood beach strong, winds kept redirecting the fire, luckily firefighters were able to stop it. to campaign 2016 on the recent war of words between donald trump and other candidates this time it is ben carson. next time in iowa trump seemed to, liken the childhood, to a child molester. >> said he has pathological disease, if you're pathological there is no cure for that folks, if you're a child molester, a sick puppy, you're a child molester there is no cure for that. there is only one cure we don't want to talk about that cure. today, carson said trump doesn't understand the meaning of pathological. i'm hopeful that maybe his
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understand the word pathological and recognize that does not denote incurable. not the same. >> carson added that he doesn't want to stoop to trump's level. the democrat presidential candidates will debate tomorrow night, it will be moderated by face the nation john dickerson. you can watch it here live. looking ahead to sports tonight. you may have seen the last of daniel murphy, not good enough for the mvp. lebron james paid a visit to the garden, was he winning?
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that. . lebron james up to the garden they were hoping to keep the fans entertain with what they were doing. and starts 22 first half points for caramel low anthony, four in the second half. and trying to hold off the cavs in the fourth, easier said than done, new york only made the buckets in the final quarter, go ahead, with about a minute
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left, seattle down. knicks tied, but williams puts them up for good, almost. knicks fall short of taking down the cavs, improve to 8 and 1. 98 for the final. and knicks in sacramento, looking to go back and back after picking up their first win on wednesday, so far so good as they pounded the kings in the paint. theright now, officially underway. season opener against wagner, a team for the storm, freshman and import, mucini led the way, getting the victory. 66-57. danny murphy may have seen his last days as a met. he had until 5:00 tonight to accept or reject the offer, he rejected it. and if he signs with another team the mets will get an
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it. and all the good and the bad, the homer, to just 2 hits in the world series and a key in game four at citi field. and eli manning stung twice in the super bowl once when he was undefeated can he do it again? tune in to find out. tom brady and belichick, the giants have their number. >> i hope they still have it on sunday.
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ask your hep c specialist if harvoni is right for you. anwi a yr reen wel veoullhereumvichne f aeapl, 0 lls ck soo li oca n.t t t pt.etio . let's get one more look at your weather forecast for the weekend. >> because it is going to start off windy and really cold out there, you know what some of those winds could blow in a stray little flurry, look what the winds will make the temperatures feel like. look at that everybody feels like you're at the freezing
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morning, then you get to the afternoon, you're not warming up. feels like basically on that map everybody is at 42 degrees or colder, i mean some of you will never get out of a feels day long. your warmest temperature is 37 in terms of the feels like temp. now your actual temperature on the thermometer, 49 degrees in new york city. sunday is cheerily the better portion of your weekend. thank you. right now we want to share more breaking news out of paris we learned that 8 extremists are dead after those attacks 7 of them in suicide bombings. >> we'll continue to have live coverage for you continuing coverage of the violence in paris beginning right here on cbs 2 news at 6 a.m.
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