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tv   CBS 2 News at 6  CBS  November 16, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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even as france and allies hunt for those responsible, a larger war on terror networks is taking shape. paris continued his recovery from the shock of the weekend attacks. >> reporter: tourist warmed selfie sticks capture -- armed with selfie sticks captured mempleaches. >> i feel safe. -- memories. . >> reporter: few of the picker takers noticed this picture. faces of some of those killed friday. with flags at half-staff, paris is still in the early stages of recovery. >> paris is confused and scared. this is a place of humans.
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>> reporter: monday afternoon the president led a moment of silence and then spoke of the nation determined to take down the terror network. terrorism will not destroy our republic. french police are arresting people over night during 150 raids across france. security force in belgium are also on the -- forces in belgium are also on the move searching for salah abdeslam. reports say abdelhamid abaaoud is the master mind of the operation. a belgian citizen who gone to fight in syria where he is believerred to be now -- believed to be now and serious french war plans slammed syria over night. fears of further tare very evident on the streets of
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as you go through the city, signs are flashing a warning that large group gatherings are prohibit and the president will ask to extend a state of emergency for three more months. tony aiello, cbs 2 news. >> thank you. several u.s. governors are threatening to stop accepting syrian refugees. they say their concern is the safety of their own residents. martin o'malley tweeted today that those who want to refuse senior refugees are rejecting our values in the face of fear. we reached out to the governors of new york, new jersey and back. a counter terrorism squad hit the streets of new york city today ready to protect and
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defend against terror attacks. story. >> reporter: at attention for the mayor and the police commissioner. the first platoon of a new unit sent out on patrol after terrorists attacked in paris. >> you are going to make a difference. >> reporter: the new unit, 560, weapons. the commissioner said the paris terror attacks made it clear the nypd will have to move quickly to kill the terrorists if they come here. everybody. we will move very quickly to move in to stop that threat. >> the new unit will compliment the emergency
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chance to cover 12 places at once. additional cops. so did radio city, columbus circle and the mission to the united nations. they will also have to guard soft targets, restaurants, stores and other place wheres people gather -- place wheres people gather. -- polices where people gather. the mayor said no mart what the -- matter what the city will not skimp on spending money for counter terrorism. marcia kramer, cbs 2 news. >> the counter terrorism unit will be on parole in times square -- patrol in times square on new year's eve. how safe are we in the suburbs? cbs 2's christine sloan spoke to the head of new jersey department of homeland security to see what the state is doing
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>> reporter: while big stadiums are tightening security, what about soft targets? restaurants, authority toes, shopping -- theaters, shopping centers. new jersey shoppers oblivion as the mall announces it is investigating a possible crime. . >> we cannot stop our lives. we must be positive that we are being protected. >> we have no specific credible threat. >> reporter: we sat down with the director of the director of office of homeland security. >> reporter: are we safe? >> absolutely. i -- >> reporter: he says that includes working with the fbi, new york and local authorities. in his office counter terrorism analysts keep an eye on social media where isis spreads its message.
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bureau working with restaurants and theaters. >> we did reach out to those owners and operators of those institutions to make sure they are increasing security. >> reporter: but he says residents are the first line of defense. >> we encourage people if they see something, say something. >> reporter: homeland security has a mobile app where you can report suspicious activity that could include unusual purchases of fertilizer or noticing someone videotaping an area. christine sloan, cbs 2 news. >> the security concerns and fear are not just here at home. many families in the area are worrying bottler children -- about their children studying abroad. a study shows the semester abrought option is growing -- abroad option is growing.
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the paris terror attacks now has some family res thinking their plan. -- resining -- families resining their plans. >> scary time for study abroad. i tell people that they should go. it is great. a good opportunity for them. >> reporter: in a room filled with many semesters overseas, there is what if? >> if you sit back and don't experience life you will miss out. >> reporter: she plans a semester in australia, among the 300,000 americans who study across the globe. numbers show an increase. >> i love you. >> i love you too. >> reporter: he is taking a semester in berlin. she is aware terror can strike anywhere.
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>> got to live your life. >> reporter: fielding calls all weekend from parents. course. >> look at the statistics and the chances of being involved in something horrible are slim and i wouldn't let that dictate a decision about whether you should go abroad or not. >> reporter: they follow state department guidelines, partner with local governments and are telling students to be vigilant. >> it is a different world. students need to be safe and listen to the rules. >> reporter: it has always taken guts to study abroad, more so now. carolyn gusoff, cbs 2 news. much more tonight, scott pely live from paris and he is joining us. one thing you will cover the latest on the isis threat
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against washington? >> reporter: that's right. we are going to have full coverage tonight of the investigation from the streets of pairs to belgium and that washington. we will have all of that for you. there has been a lot going on. a major drag net looking for the man the french authorities call the master mind of what happened on friday. we will catch you up on all those things at 6:30 p.m. >> speaking with witnesses, you will also tonight have the story of a young american woman who died and her friends talking about her and their heart break. >> reporter: that's right. the only american to die in the this attack, of the 129 people killed, was a 23-year-old woman studying abroad from cal state
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and she was in a design school here. and so we spoke with some of her friends who knew her, we spoke with her friends in the cafe with her at the time the terror attacks. we will tell you more about the lone american casualty. >> that and more live tonight in paris. the cbs evening news starts in 20 minutes right here on cbs 2. also coming up at 6:00 p.m. a pipeline busted on long island. a father and son arrested, accused of funneling heroin. plus the most expensive zip codes in america and some are right here in our area and out for the season, a giant fan favorite going under the knife. >> look at the temperatures. at this hour, areas in the 60s.
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at this time tomorrow, not the 60s, 40s.
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will happen in a bit. following a developing story right now at 6:00 p.m. police say a man was stabbed, another punched at the station in east new york.
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you are seeing pictures inside from chopper 2. happened on the mezzanine level on the elevated station. both were taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. the city parks department suspended a tree trimmer working on contract for what happened in brooklyn. a man was bicycling this afternoon when a tree fell into the street and crushed the man. he was rushed to a hospital where he is in critical condition. the parks department says the tree was being pruned. the grip of two men extended from brooklyn, east to the hamptons. tonight investigators say they were selling heroin to high school students and they are under arrest. cbs 2's jennifer mclogan reports. >> reporter: these are phases of drug over dose deaths -- faces of drug over dose deaths in long island.
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>> my family is broken. again. >> the availability of the a sin. >> reporter: major players in a ring from brooklyn to the east end are charged in a heroin metwork scheme. -- network scheme. among the accused, a father and son. >> tragic. here is the father who is an adviser to his son and storing all this heroin at his house. >> reporter: investigators say the home was stuffed with envelopes envelopes and clunks of -- which you think pure pair
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-- chunks of pure heroin. she lost her soon over dose -- speaking out. >> hopefully there is not another mom standing next to me. >> reporter: arrests are meaningful but they need help with edge eggs and for insurance companies to pay for drug treatment. jennifer mclogan, cbs 2 news. when it comes to america's most expensive zip codes new york city ranks pretty high but not number one and the city at the top might surprise you. cbs 2's emily smith shows us the priciest places to live. new york city has the most prime real estate but it isn't home to the priciest. that title goes to northern california. 94027. the average price home cost $10.5 million. >> keep the real estate values up.
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list, the hamptons, known for farmland -- known for farmland. 7.4million. >> there is only one, it is very exclosive. >> reporter: manhattan takes up third and fifth spots. 10012, and 10013. >> people want to be here, want to live here. want to work here. of course, invest their money here. >> reporter: the most expensive home in new york is the pent house. 12,000 square feet. a location where the median price is 7.3 million. other homes in the zip code include this loft. new jersey number 12. this home sold for $11 million in july.
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>> the houses are minimum of 10 acres. you have tennis courts. a resort for yourself. >> reporter: greenwich, connecticut, it came in at number 50. that is what you will find in the tristates zip codes. emily smith, cbs 2 news. >> for the full list go to a nice monday. unusual november day again. >> abelievably beautiful monday. -- an unbelievably beautiful monday. it will change by 11:00 p.m. tonight, winds start shifts. mild, clear. 63 degrees. consider this, 16th day of november, and 15 of the 16 days
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talking 8 degrees above normal on average. 15-16 days, by tomorrow, it will be 15-17 days. the average is 54. today 67 in new york city. some of you outside the city found 70 degrees. tomorrow, you will struggle to find 50 degrees. forecast 50 for new york city. plenty will be in the upper 40ss tomorrow because of this front -- 40s tomorrow because of this front. front drops in. winds shift to the north. temperaturesgo down. no wet -- temperatures go down. no wet weather. denver, that wet weather gets to us on thursday. future cast, you will find your day tomorrow is sunny. 15 degrees colder. wednesday, clouds, late day shower. the front comes through with rain. the rain will be heavy for your day on thursday.
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numbers, boy, up and down. talking 50 degrees tomorrow. some will be in the upper 40s with a lot of sunshine. wednesday 58 degrees. more clouds come in later in the day wednesday. chance for rain. thursday looks to be a wet weather day, 64 degrees. friday 59. all right? maybe wet weather friday. and then clearing. clear for saturday, sunday. 50, 48, 49 degrees. up and down. >> thank you. the giants last second loss to the patriots not the only discouraging news, steve overmyer with sports tonight. steve? >> victor cruz hasn't played since week six of last year and he won't play this year. what set back forced this star
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steve overmyer. boy talk about the -- [ talking at the same time ] >> really, tough news here for the giants and victor cruz.
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we thought he would miss a couple weeks, now his return will not happen this year. this was the last time we saw cruz running, september. his calf injury never full heeled and headages fully heeled and he reengined -- fully heeled and he reinjured it. >> this hurts. i have to retool my brain and body to get back to 100% and really attack this thing and really come out the other end on fire. >> yesterday the giants came so the patriots. the most controversial play was this touchdown. called a touchdown. after the review they said he didn't maintain possession long enough. they settle for a field goal. the giants appeared to steel
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with another turn -- steel it with another turnover but it was dropped. they are still in first place as they head into the bye-week. >> the players have a much needed rest coming and we do lead the division and when we come back we have a divisional game and hopefully we will use this time to rest and reject and regroup and come back and finish strong. >> last week the jets were in the wildcard race. different story now. the way yesterday's games played out, the jets are behind the steelers and the bills. the quarterback had hand surgery friday. he is expected to return this week. practice. if he could play with the pain he will be fine.
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