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tv   CBS 2 News at 5  CBS  November 17, 2015 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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still on the run. his brother appealed to him. >> i would tell him to surrender. that's the best solution to contact the authorities. >> reporter: reports also say police are hunting a ninth suspect in the paris attacks. tonight secretary of state john kerry was asked if the world is nices a new normal. >> absolutely not. it will not be normal and will not become normal. this is an aberration. >> reporter: 30 u.s. governors oppose allowing syrian refugees in their state. chris christie wrote neither you nor any federal official can guarantee that syrian refugees will not be part of terroristic activity. as such opening our door to them irresponsibly exposes our fellow americans to unacceptable peril and he has support among top republicans. >> our nation has always been welcoming. we cannot let terrorists take advantage of our compassion. this is a moment where it's better to be safe than sorry.
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mayor de blasio disagrees. he says we can protect our country with the appropriate and intensive screening that's done. we should upon the out that the authority to admit refugees is with the federal government,but local authorities could make the process more difficult. in the newsroom, dick brennan, cbs 2 news. russian is offering a $50 million reward for information leading to an arrest in the bombing of one of its passenger planes. today it russian launched a new wave of air strikes on the syrian city of raqqa, the headquarters of isis. the attack follows an investigation concluding it was definitely a homemade bomb that brought down the plane over egypt last month. isis has claimed responsibility. 224 people died. paris is also known as the city of romance. and we are learning more about the couples who died together
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aiello reports from paris. >> reporter: kristine, hundreds of parisian bars, restaurants and cafes held a moment of silence and they used social media to try to encourage people to patronize them as a patriotic act. some cafe owners report business is down 60%. hotel bookings have dropped 50%. visitors here are trying to enjoy this beautiful city going through an ugly time. it's a ritual for countlessles, a love lock, signed, hung on the fence, the key tossed into the river seine a poignant place to reflect on a sad fact. at least three couples enjoying a night in paris were among the victims. >> it's awful. i couldn't stop crying. >> reporter: this couple says knowing the pain in paris they considered canceling their holiday about. >> but it's letting them win. they want to terrify us so we are just saying no.
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>> reporter: these californians are here celebrating their 20th anniversary. their airbnb up the street from the memorial of the terror victims. >> we went there the first night and it was very moving and after the second night we just tried to steer around them because it's kind of too much. >> reporter: the street in front of the bataclan club has reopened. this is where 89 people died suicide bomb vests. a crowd is gathering to take in the scene and some people are quite emotional. when this frenchman learned i was a new yorker he suddenly hugged me and insisted on expressing his thanks for america's friendship. [ non-english language ] >> reporter: the u.s. is a brother, he said, we are all together. after 9/11, new yorkers in particular can sympathize with
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just as we saw after 9/11, the french entertainment world is postponing releases that are insensitive. one called made in france is postponed in indefinitely, a movie about a muslim journalist who infiltrates a jihadi cell planning a terror attack in paris. reporting live in paris, tony aiello, cbs 2 news. this stunning discovery in the wake of the terror attacks. did you know people on the fbi's watch list can legally buy guns? we'll explain what some are calling a security loophole. well, some voters that were polled are not happy with how president obama has dealt with the growing islamic threat. in a just released poll only 34% of those surveyed approve of the president's handling of isis. 58% disapprove. voters are split on the president's overall job performance 48-48. this poll was conducted before last friday's terror attacks
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to be the cause of a plane scare today on a flight from london to boston. the british airways jet was traveling when a drunk woman flight. the woman was restrained and taken into custody upon safe landing. in new jersey an unbelievable story of survival! a mother throws her baby into the arms of an officer and then jumps from a balcony to apartment. cbs 2's christine sloan spoke to her and has this report from north brunswick. >> reporter: as a massive fire tore through her apartment natalia rushed to her balcony holding her baby making a decision no mom should ever have to face. >> i just drop baby. >> reporter: your baby. >> yes. [ crying ] >> he was just -- just dropped him. so i was so scared that he will not catch her. >> reporter: the hero catching
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north brunswick patrolman nate nicholson. >> just jump, just jump! >> reporter: but as flames engulfed her apartment and seven other units here on willowbrook drive in north brunswick, new jersey, she wanted to save her pets including her beloved dog seen here during happier times. >> was behind me. so i just jump and left them. [ crying ] >> reporter: heartbroken but grateful her little girl mariam is safe. >> carbon dioxide level in the block and [ crying ] >> it come out okay. >> reporter: investigators say the fire started in unit 100 right next to her apartment. >> we had a ceiling fall on two of our firefighters but were not injured. they got out of the structure quickly. >> reporter: all eight units completely destroyed but residents overwhelmed by selfless act. a good samaritan driving by the fire stopped to help. >> started banging on people's
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>> reporter: the kindness of strangers comforting to those who lost everything n north brunswick, new jersey, christine sloan, cbs2 news. demanding action for 9/11 first responders, a rally was held in washington today calling on congress to extend the zadroga act. lawmakers and first responders gathered to push to reauthorize it. the act provides federal funding for medical screenings and treatment for those exposed to toxic substances at ground zero in the wake of 9/11. the measure expired in september. there's only enough funding to last another year. those who depend on the money say this legislation is vital. >> my bill is about $280,000 already not including the medical coverage that i have. that's why it's very important for us to get that bill passed today. >> some in congress have proposed putting a cap on the zadroga act funding limiting it to expire in five years. new at 5:00 now, suburban police say that they are
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tracking a band of illegal street racers who gathered in manhattan this past weekend and then headed up to westchester county. at least one in that group is wanted for assaulting two police officers. cbs 2's lou young has the story from mount pleasant. >> reporter: pressure on street races in the five boroughs is sending the sound of roaring engines and squealing tires deeper into the suburbs. this is the latest drag strip a stretch of route 117 in mount pleasant. >> they race in this stretch. >> reporter: the sound, lights and smoke pierce the quiet of the nearby rockefeller nature preserve as drivers use the overhead walkway bridges to mark the start and finish of a quarter mile run. >> i live in the preserve and sometimes i hear them in the middle of the night. >> reporter: what does it sound like? >> drag-racing. it's loud. >> reporter: and dangerous for police who try to discourage the illegal gatherings. two cops were injured at a
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as racers were trying to leave the scene. >> this was an intentional act. >> reporter: this marks the spot where it happened. the car peeled out in reverse knocking one officer to the ground, the other officer caught behind the open passenger door dragged on his back 50 feet! either cop could have been killed. >> one officer had his bulletproof vest belt on and his gun belt was torn on two and was able to release him from the door of the vehicle. >> reporter: both cops are out of the hospital and are recovering at home. the suspect is described as a male in his late 20s or early 30s, heavy-set with a shaved head and black rimmed glasses. police say they believe he is known in the street racing "community" and when he is located he will be charged with attempted murder. multiple departments are helping with the search. in mount pleasant, westchester county, lou young, cbs 2 news. still to come, it is a secret that he has kept for years. but today charlie sheen went
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next, how he says people he trusted extorted money from him and confusion behind his claims that the virus is undetectage in his blood. >> is it a traffic stop gone too far? a long island cop on trial. >> which apps are zapping your cell phone battery? the top three energy hogs. >> it was a pretty day, cooler than yesterday. now i'm watching rain off to our west. we'll take a peek at whether or not it gets here tomorrow. find over 1,000 special stories at hospital for special surgery.
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an out-of-control car goes into the passaic river. joe biermann is overhead in chopper 2. >> reporter: maurice, it's an amazing accident. the dramatic rescue there on the right side of your screen. saddle river in garfield new jersey. an suv out of control out of the parking lot through the fence 25 feet down into the saddle river. the suv was overturned when we first arrived. some civilians went down got the motorist out. he is en route to a local hospital were minor injuries. river road and midland avenue, car down into the saddle river. live in chopper 2, joe biermann, cbs 2 news. charlie sheen has publicly
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revealed he is hiv-positive. he says that he has paid millions in bribes over the past four years to keep his diagnosis secret and by going public, sheen says that he has released himself, quote, from this prison. cbs 2's jill nicolini has more. >> to admit i am in fact hiv- positive. >> reporter: charlie sheen put all the rumors to rest today by appearing on nbc's "the today show." he knew something was wrong when he began to have massive headaches and night sweats. >> when charlie sheen had his epic meltdown at the end of his run on "two and a half men," that that was after he had just found out that he was hiv-positive. >> reporter: sheen says he hasn't missed a day of medication and his doctor confirms that the virus is now undetectable in his blood. he decided to come forward because he became the victim of extortion. >> my trust turned to their treason. >> he paid out at least $10 million in shakedowns. these are payments to buy
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silence. >> reporter: his ex-wives say neither they nor their children have the virus. he said since the diagnosis he before any encounters. >> he said he only had unprotected sex with two different people and that they were aware of their status, that it would be impossible for anybody to have contracted the disease from him. >> people with hiv today can live long and healthy productive lives. and quite frankly, the fact that charlie has come out gives us an opportunity to talk about hiv. >> i'm surprised. but i'm very supportive of him coming out. >> i don't think he deserves it. um, i just feel he was reckless and this is the consequence. >> reporter: sheen's ex- girlfriend who used to be a pornography star says the actor never told her he was hiv-positive while she was dating. she took a test yesterday and says she is hiv-free but is very angry at sheen. on the upper west side, jill nicolini, cbs 2 news. >> it is a felony in california for someone to have
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unprotected sex without disclosing they are hiv- positive. joining us now to break this down from a medical standpoint is dr. max gomez. when he says he has undetectable levels of hiv and what does that mean and can someone become infected? >> it is a real thing actually. it means that the medication that he has been on, medications that he has been on have blocked the virus from multiplying in his system. the so-called viral load then is so low that current tests can't find it in his blood -- [ pause ] [ signal breakup ] >> -- to his drug regimen but even a small slip-up in taking the drugs can allow the virus to reemerge because it is always hiding dormant in the immune system. it never goes away. >> can you tell us about the combination of drugs? i know there's been advancements over the past few years. >> reporter: it's interesting.
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this is a combination of three or more drugs that has revolutionized aids therapy. one isn't enough to disable hiv but with multiple drugs from at least two different classes of drugs, even one hitting the virus at a different weak point, it can knock down the virus enough to make it undetectable but it is expensive, it doesn't work for everyone, and you have to take the drugs exactly as prescribed. it's not a cure. but a life-long treatment. >> yes. you can't skip any -- >> you have to take it at exactly the right time. by the way, there's a difference between being hiv- positive and having aids. >> yes. >> you know, hiv-positive, you have been infected, you have antibodies. aids is when your t-cell white blood cell count goes below a certain level. >> thank you. new york city is setting a goal to screen new mothers for depression. first lady chirlane mccray announced it today. a hospital and medical center have set a two-year deadline to screen every pregnant woman and new mother at those
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hospitals for depression. mothers will also be connected with mental health treatment if needed. the greater new york hospital association will add mental health services for new mothers at its hospitals. and we all know how moms juggle work, kids, marriage and everything in between. the perfect mother, perfect wife but in order to cope with it all, some are turning to a life of drugs, alcohol and lies. >> as the addiction progressed, i needed something stronger. i needed more. i always wanted more. across the board huge problem. everybody knows somebody that's suffering from addiction. >> and tonight on cbs 2 at 11:00, jessica schneider will get into the secret lives of suburban wives. she will show us how it's a disaster and leads to death. turning to our weather, definitely chillier today than yesterday. lonnie quinn in the weather center with more. >> 15 to 20 degrees colder than yesterday. your high temperature 52 degrees.
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but look when you hit that. a little after midnight. 12:09. all afternoon you were in the 40s and it felt colder because of the winds. here's the deal. 46 now in the city. it's 37 in monticello. now, shake it up with a little bit of wind. they are not the strongest winds but they are giving you a wind chill. feels like 33 in monticello. feels like 37 in the hamptons. chilly evening out there. rain is still in the midsection of the country stretching to the gulf coast. leading clouds come into the area so you start off in the morning, fair amount of sunshine out there. at least call it partly sunny, slight chance for shower, better bet waiting until thursday. overnight tonight chilly, 43 degrees. into your day tomorrow, cloudy and 20% chance for rain to get here tomorrow. but you will be warmer during the afternoon about 57 degrees. again it is leading up to some big rain. we'll talk about that later. maurice, kristine, let's go
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back to you. thank you. still ahead, how could a suspected terrorist be allowed to buy a gun? the loophole in u.s. law that's shocking some security experts. >> also, with all the bad news making headlines these days, a heartwarming display of generosity at a local mall. >> it now, dana tyler has a look at what's coming up at 6:00. >> reporter: we continue to follow the breaking news in germany. a security threat at a stadium leading to evacuation before a soccer game. and cbs 2's tony aiello live in paris with the aftermath of the paris attacks. we'll also hear from "cbs evening news"'s scott pelley live in paris. here at home tonight at 6:00 new information on the death of a little girl killed by crumbling brick on the upper west side. why a building inspector was indicted today in connection
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at 6:00. a stunning discovery in the wake of the paris attacks. a loophole in federal gun laws allows suspected terrorists to buy guns here in the u.s. and they have. cbs 2 political reporter marcia kramer joins us with more on this revelation. marcia. >> reporter: well, kristine and maurice, federal law prevents convicted felons, drug addicts and domestic
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but people on the fbi's terror watch list are purchasing guns and assault rifles. some in washington say we have to do something about that before it's too late. >> it's horrifying, terrifying. this is a, um, a tragedy waiting to happen. >> reporter: congressman peter king exposing a loophole in the federal gun laws that allow people on the fbi's terrorist watch list to legally go into a gun store and buy handguns and assault weapons. the watch list is not used when gun store owners do background checks and in light of the paris terror attacks that congressman wants the law changed asap. >> this is an incredibly dangerous loophole. we see all the potential threats and dangers that we have when we have seen what's happened in paris. don't make it easier for them by allowing them to buy a gun. >> reporter: what upsets congressman king is that the government has records to indicate thousands of people on the terror watch list have already made gun purchases.
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have tried to buy guns in the past decade and 2,043, 91%, have succeeded, according to a report by the government accountability office. >> it's beyond ridiculous that we have people on a terrorist watch list that are able to purchase guns. these are the same types of people that were out there in paris shooting up sidewalk cafes. >> reporter: security expert manny gomez a former fbi agent assigned to fight terror says the government should act immediately. >> at the very minimum, anybody that has a licensed gun that's on this terror watch list should have those guns taken away, period. >> reporter: ironically, police commissioner bratton says he often wondered why the terrorists here favored bombs and other devices. >> since the growth of terrorism we have wondered why we don't have more terrorist- related incidents involving guns. >> reporter: congressman king has been trying to close the terror watch list gun loophole for 10 years.
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he says he has been thwarted by the national rifle association even though a 2012 poll for the pro gun group found that 79% of gun owners support keeping guns from those on the watch list. >> makes you wonder. thank you. from tracking gun purchases to tracking potential terrorists, a new surveillance program is helping authorities keep an eye out for trouble. it's in place on some of the busiest roads in our area. so could it prevent an attack here? it is a cbs 2 exclusive coming up at 6:00. still ahead here at 5:00, we'll have the latest on the soccer stadium scare in germany. the new details about what police did and did not find. >> also, a sign of the times? why businesses in one neighborhood are asking you to stop giving to the homeless. >> and punched during a traffic stop. did this officer go too far?
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we have some breaking news at 5:30. authorities evacuated a stadium in northern germany and canceled a soccer match
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to a bomb -- netherlands due to a bomb scare. nothing was found. police in belgium are searching for a second fugitive involved in the paris attacks. in the wake of the attacks, 30 u.s. governors oppose allowing syrian refugees in their states after one of the suspects used the refugees as cover to sneak across the borders. good evening, i'm kristine johnson. >> welcome back, i'm maurice dubois. some other news tonight. a trial is under way in a controversial case that was captured on security video. was a nassau county police officer justified in repeatedly punching a suspect he pulled over in a traffic stop? jennifer mclogan reports. >> reporter: nassau police officer vincent low judas waved a jury and will let a judge decide his assault trial gripping the county. >> i'm grateful to have the video to help me prove my innocence. >> reporter: was the beating of this motorist justified? >> i don't really remember much. i was hit in the head so many times.
5:27 pm
windshield resulted in 18 blows to howell's face when he allegedly made furtive moves towards the glove box. the officer's lawyer said the decorated cop feared a concealed weapon and subduing howell who he recognized from prior encounters was resisting arrest and hiding marijuana. therefore, the officer's textbook reactions were, reasonable, necessary, justified. >> and unfortunately, when you watch that video, you can't see what he saw. you can't be thinking what we know and what the evidence will show he was thinking. >> reporter: the pullover was recorded by a store's outside surveillance camera in april of 2014. 22-year-old kyle howell said he suffered a broken nose and jaw, fractures of both eyes and facial nerve damage. his parents believe their son is another victim of racial profiling. >> as you all know, the many instances that have happened around the country and those cases a lot more [ indiscernible ] we're thankful that kyle survived it.
5:28 pm
supported by dozens of police colleagues more subdued than the last court appearance when the cop valedictorian of his class pleaded not guilty to two felonies. >> i feel like justice is on the way. >> reporter: kyle howell is expected to take the stand tomorrow. officer lojudice faces up to 7 years in prison if convicted. from mineola, jennifer mclogan, cbs 2 news. >> howell has since filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against nassau county and the partner of officer lojudice was never criminally charged. police are looking for four men in a shooting outside a manhattan lounge that ended with a woman getting wounded. nypd detectives searched for surveillance video at businesses along west 28th street near broadway in the flatiron district. police say shots rang out overnight outside a bar and hookah lounge after a group of men started arlingtoning. one of the bullets grazed a woman in the leg. police say witnesses told them the suspects drove away in a black suv.
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more signs of homeless in this plaguing the city. a viewer posted on our facebook page, signs that are up in one neighborhood asking people to help the homeless by not giving them food or money. cbs 2's meg baker shows us it city's police commissioner. >> new yorkers who are complaining so much about it, well, one of the things they it. >> reporter: after that quote from police commissioner bill bratton, some areas of the city are heeding that advice. the signs put up by the garment district alliance, please help the homeless by not giving them food or money. >> some people that might think that this is sort of heartless, um, but we really take a different view. we do not want to create a situation where you're making it comfortable for people to live on the streets. >> reporter: in her neighbor, each morning dozens of homeless are cleared off benches and the area has to be power washed. >> we're not saying don't be helpful. these people need help. the problem is this is the only open space that we have in the naked. >> reporter: she hopes without
5:30 pm
have to rely on city services and move off the streets. the pedestrian plastic of plazas are near macy's and major transportation hubs where workers take their breaks. >> the whole barrier is they are all sleeping here. it's a shame. but you don't to who to help and who not to help. >> it's the second day these signs have been out along broadway and when i stop people here on 37th street, most hadn't noticed them yet but when they stopped to read opinions. >> i think that the mayor has been totally neglectful of a problem of the homeless. it's increased seriously. >> first of all, the city should do something, get them shelter and food. at the same rate, they're lying on the streets. you should give them money. they're humans, too,. >> reporter: homeless advocate george mcdonald tells us these signs and giving to the homeless are not the issue. that the city should look for a permanent solution. in the garment district, meg baker, cbs 2 news. santa claus made an early stop today on long island.
5:31 pm
>> ho-ho-ho! >> cheers greeted him as he arrived at the roosevelt field mall. kids from stewart and stratford avenue elementary schools in garden city filled santa's sleigh with lots of donated toys and goodies for needy families. he said these kids are nice and certainly not naughty. >> it's showing me how good they are. and because of that i'm going to have mrs. claus work a little harder to make a little more presents. >> well, the marine corps organized this toys for tots drive. >> love it. up next, it is the ultimate comeback story. >> my joy is stepping inside that ring hearing those fans cheer. >> they call him the miracle man. how this brooklyn boxer went from fighting for his life to fighting in the ring. >> also, your apps may be what's draining your battery on your phone even when they're not running.
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now to just a tremendous story. a boxing champ who is the pride of brooklyn who has overcome so much outside the ridge compared to what he has accomplished inside it. otis livingston has the inspirational comeback story of a world champion. >> reporter: imagine you're on top of the boxing world with many more years of challengers to come. but it was an unseen challenge outside the ring that was daniel jacobs' biggest obstacle as he went from the golden child to the miracle man. to watch brownsville's daniel jacobs in the ring is to see someone happy at work truly counting his blessings. >> the doctor told me this was not supposed to be my life. >> reporter: in 2011, his life was was supposed to be that of a world champion boxer but weakness of in his legs after a uso tour in iraq was a
5:34 pm
serious, first misdiagnosed as a pinched nerve then realities. >> massive tumor that was cancerous that was kind of life-threatening and, um, you know, they put my career on hold. it jeopardized my livelihood. >> reporter: that's putting it lightly. the handball sized tumor around his spine almost killed him. >> nothing can break you or test you. at that moment, i was as human as the next person and i was broken down. >> reporter: immediate surgery was followed by intense rehab to get back his livelihood and back to the sport he loved even if everyone wasn't on board. >> the doctors told me stay out of the gym don't go back to the gym because boxing is out off the equation. they told me i would never be able to box again and that was my biggest motivation. once i got out of the hospital the first place i went was to the gym. >> reporter: now he is a champion again. >> the miracle man daniel jacobs has made history! records the owner of the wba
5:35 pm
will put on the line next month against a fellow brooklynite. >> i have been calling him out for about a year and a half, two years, now so it's been getting juicy. this is for the middleweight championship of the world. but it's ultimately about the pride of brooklyn. >> reporter: i asked daniel how he wanted to be thought of by people. he said as a person who never gave up the fight. >> he is a motivational speaker too. >> he was on one of those hospital commercials where he told his story so he is getting the word out he said it's important to get the word out and he also talked about his inspiration for getting back to fighting was for his now 6-year-old son nathaniel. >> yeah. >> he wants to prove to him that he can overcome things that nothing in life is too big. >> doctors said don't do it. he did it. >> it's usually when somebody tells you, you can't do something, when you find the will, oh, yeah? i'm going to show you. >> and he did. he is showing us all. >> good for him. >> what a great example.
5:36 pm
>> hungry and humble. >> thank you, otis. this one is not our usual "living large." it's real large! it's j-lo's house! all 10,000 square feet of it! >> right now, dana tyler joins us with what's coming up on cbs 2 news at 6:00. >> reporter: kristine and maurice, tonight at 6:00, new information on the death of a toddler killed by crumbling brick on the upper west side while she was sitting on a bench last spring. why a building inspector is now facing charges. >> now crime on the rise underground but arrests down. marcia kramer asking the question tonight, how safe are we on the subways? >> and a new aggressive plan to crackdown on toll cheaters. what could be taken away from
5:37 pm
we'll see you at 6:00. it took the rockettes years to master the kick line.
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technology designed for you.
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for a family in jersey city the debate over syrian refugees it's personal. they were among the first to come to the u.s. and now the heated talk has them worried. scott rapoport has the story. >> reporter: [ non-english language] and his wife [ non-english language ] came to the united states in june syrian refugees forced out by war.
5:40 pm
>> it was destruction all over everywhere. >> reporter: we first met them in september. now settled in jersey city, that he thought the hardest part was over. but he says he is concerned about his family's future this after comments from governor chris christie monday night saying if he were president, he would not allow syrian refugees into our country, not even orphans under 5 years old. >> i would not permit them in. security of the american people first. >> it is troublesome. >> reporter: he and his family are among more than 1500 syrian refugees resettled in the u.s. so far. 75 of them are in new jersey, part of president obama's plan to accept 10,000 syrian year. but now in the wake of governor christie's comments, the man says he is worried about possibly getting kicked out of the country! >> of course, that's something troublesome. >> reporter: mahmoud mahmoud is the director of church
5:41 pm
world service, new jersey, a resettlement organation at th helps refugees like [ non- english language ] find a job and home. >> it's a political season. there's a presidential campaign coming up soon. so people are playing to their base. >> reporter: mahmoud says he doesn't know if the man can be forced to leave but that it sets a potentially troubling tone for future refugees like him hoping to come here for a better life. scott rapoport, cbs 2 news. >> the man says what bothers him most is that he feels all syrians are now being looked at as terrorists. here's your national weather picture now. violent storms continue to batter parts of the country. heavy snow and 60-mile-per- hour winds stranded more than 100 vehicles in denver and shut down 200 miles of interstate from colorado to kansas. that same storm system also fueled more than a dozen tornadoes monday across four midwestern states leaving 47,000 people without power. >> not that kind of weather here, obviously. lonnie quinn standing by.
5:42 pm
we have a bit of a chill, though. >> pretty out there but, you know, it's colder, much colder than yesterday. and that storm system that they were just talking about around colorado, it's moving in our direction but i think that -- that -- that volatile weather is going to go up and over our area but we will see some moisture coming in here and there's going to be some rain and some good measurable rain, as well. first we check in with weather watchers. temperatures different from yesterday. at this hour were you still well above 60. it's the 40s for everybody. we have a, um, say, 44 up here around peekskill. this is from walter in tompkins cove. 44. again it's the 40s for most everybody. new york city is around that 45, 46-degree mark. here's what you should plan on. we are going to continue to drop the temperatures overnight down to the 30s and the 40s for most folks. some of you north and west of the city could drop into the upper 20s. sunshine at least partly sunny to start off your morning and
5:43 pm
then it's going to end up cloudy. as far as wet weather, i only see a little bit of rain but it's going to be warmer as opposed to the upper 40s like 3 p.m. today. you will be in the upper 40s by 3 p.m. tomorrow afternoon. rain on thursday, cold on the weekend. taking a peek at the numbers out there, overnight tonight we take you down to new york city about 42 degrees. your down to 30 for new paltz. so let's say you don't live right in town, new paltz, maybe you're a little higher up in elevation, i think it will be the upper 20s. 40 westport overnight, 36 for bernardsville. so cool out there. the sky looking okay in the morning, cloudy, but overall some better start to your day than a finish because rain chance later wednesday. but i really believe it's going to be thursday because that rain as a good long distance to travel. clear skies right now and here's that storm system. you know you saw some of this low was churning up around
5:44 pm
colorado and the tornado warnings anywhere from portions of like around, say, memphis, st. louis, stretching louisiana. this pushes in our direction and we are going to be calling for wet weather. here's how we see it on the futurecast. you get to your day tomorrow morning, this is 7 a.m., the commute has a few more clouds out there but for the most part a good start to the day. a slight chance for showers on wednesday, that's your slight chance. that's not much rain. but you do notice the clouds are thickening up. then you get into your day on thursday. the morning commute, maybe a little leading shower here or there but still the bigger stuff waits to get in here for your evening commute. that's where it could end up causing delays and be a problem. clearing by friday morning. any rain we get we could certainly use it. we are over 9" in deficit and that's not what we're calling it for. we are calling for right now i'd say an inch on average around the area. so tomorrow more clouds 20% chance for a little bit of drizzle. and there are those rain numbers i'm talking about so half inch maybe an inch or more for some folks. numbers looking like this.
5:45 pm
58 on wednesday. 64 for the wet weather day on thursday. so it's mild enough, 58 on friday and then you tap into the cold air again it looks like the upper 40s for the weekend with some winds so you have wind chill to deal with, as well. >> thanks, lonnie. tonight's "living large" takes us to long island a mansion there where j-lo lived for a decade. cbs 2's emily smith takes us behind closed doors in brookville. >> reporter: this historic home sits on an eight acre property built in 1941. it belongs to marc anthony. he is also general i have lopez's former -- j-lo's former husband. they called this 10,000-square- foot mansion home during their 10-year marriage. douglas element's luis ortiz gave us the detour. >> the owner had their babies here. you can find that out i think, you know, a lot of paparazzi trying to take pictures of them. this is on marc's favorite rooms where they spent every christmas and they opened their gifts.
5:46 pm
wide butler's pantry marble counters and a stove that costs $95,000. a custom piece. >> made in france, maybe? >> i'm not sure where it's made but it says [ indiscernible ] france so you know a lot of this stuff, i love it. >> reporter: the superstar couple originally had this sunroom set up as a place to dine year round. all of the furnishings you see today have been staged. most every room has an original 1940s wood-burning fireplace including the dining room. upstairs, you find the master suite one of 10 bedrooms. here's a look at j-lo's dressing room. on the lower level, there's a double recording studio that costs $2 million with a bulletproof door plus, a movie theater. >> you're getting a piece of marc anthony's history and you're getting just a beautiful place. >> so how much does to cost to live here? >> for you? 9million. >> reporter: that's "living large" in brookville, new york.
5:47 pm
there's also a pool and a pool house. >> anthony by the way had the pool house designed after the boathouse in central park. i love those bunk beds. >> yes. i absolutely love them to. >> in the kids' room. >> like a voyeur. all in their house. >> love it, though. [ laughter ] in just a moment here at 5:00, not all apps are created equal. and that means some of them may be draining your battery more than others. what you can do about it. >> then at 6:00, cars under constant surveillance on the busiest roads in the tri-state area. a cbs 2 exclusive inside the
5:48 pm
all. can you know that we spends an average of 40 hours a month using our apps on our phones and tablets? that can drain the battery. >> it turns out that some apps need more power than others. jill wagner of shows us apps that zap the battery. >> reporter: they don't leave home without their smartphones other their smartphone chargers. do you notice your battery gets drained pretty quickly? >> yeah. >> reporter: a new study from
5:49 pm
discovered which smartphone apps are the biggest battery drainers on android devise. snapchat has dethroned facebook, netflix high on the list, no surprise since it so are shopping apps like walmart. lots of apps can eat up even when you're not using them. >> they are not supposed to be doing that. they are supposed to be asleep. >> reporter: she says apps line snapchat constantly pull your gps location and send notification which kills the battery. her best advice, go into setting and turn off what's called the background app refresh for your apps. i looked on my phone. all of them were on. [ laughter ] >> not good. >> reporter: it turns out, simply closing an app when you're done using it may eat up more battery than it saves. >> when you start it up again it has to redown and repull in all this memory. >> reporter: jack and sarah say they're on their phones all day. >> facebook, instagram, any games, social media app.
5:50 pm
>> reporter: so they are still not ready to leave their chargers at home. jill wagner, cbs news, new york. >> another way to save battery life is to switch off bluetooth, gps and wi-fi if you're not using them and lower the brightness on the screen. >> background app refresh. can't find it. [ laughter ] >> we will at some point. >> don't ask me for directions! that's it for us us. that's it for us here at 5:00. we'll see you again at 11:00. the news at 6:00 starts right now. captions by: caption colorado linda macdonald is captioning for you in real time. a bomb scare overseas. german soccer fans rushed from a stadium, authorities fearing explosives are inside. >> france fighting back. new air strikes in syria targeting isis fighters. >> and a manhunt for a second paris attacker. >> and protecting the homeland, some of the busiest roads in our area now under constant surveillance. could that prevent an attack
5:51 pm
first tonight, a young life taken too soon. a little girl killed by the crumbling facade of an old building, today's a building inspector indicted. 2-year-old greta green died in may sitting with her grandmother outside, six months later an investigation reveals the child's death could have been prevented. cbs 2's hazel sanchez live on the upper west side with this story. >> reporter: dana, tonight there is protective scaffolding surrounding the esplanade where little 2-year- old greta green was killed. the department of investigations says there were a number of failures surrounding the safety inspection of this building and as you said, greta's death could have been prevented. 2-year-old greta green was sitting with her grandmother on this bench outside the he ised in a senior living apparents when a piece of
5:52 pm
terra cotta fell off the
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