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tv   CBS 2 News at 11  CBS  November 18, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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and a little blue pill
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this is next. and we begin tonight with breaking news. the focus on our city's security after a video released by isis implies that an attack here could be next. good evening everyone. i'm maurice did you boys. >> i'm chris -- i'm maurice dubois. >> i'm kristine johnson. cbs2 has chosen not to show the video. >> we have a live picture from times square where we are awaiting a conference with bill bratton. a short time ago the deputy commissioner of counterterrorism spoke about the threat and urged the
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>> we expect from the public that it's probably nothing, so yes, we're getting more calls, we're looking at more suspicious packages, we're checking out more suspicious people when we get a call about a specific individual. but that is what we're looking for, and that's what we do. >> deputy commissioner john miller on cnn. this, of course, coming off several new developments in paris. >> there's dramatic new video of one terror attack, and police raid a building in search of the man who planned these attacks. dick brennan is here with more. >> reporter: the attacks friday killed 129 people, many caught in a hail of bullets only feet from the gunman. and now we can see one of those attacks as it unfolded. it's our first look at the paris attacks as they happened, second by horrifying second. the silent security pictures shows one of the terrorist in that red circle opening fire outside a restaurant friday night.
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patrons scramble to take cover. bullets and glass fly in every direction. people run for their lives. at one point the gunman appears to be aiming at point- blank range, but the gun misfires, and two women escape death. there was more gunfire overnight but this time it was the police battling the terrorists and stopping what appears to be the makings of another terror attack. s.w.a.t. teams swarmed an apartment in the paris suburb of saint- denis and came under a barrage of fire. 5,000 rounds, a shoot-out that lasted more than an hour. inside, a woman in another apartment hid her baby. >> they said to stay low on the floor, don't move and turn off all the lights. >> reporter: authorities rounded up eight suspects. two were killed including a woman what blew herself up. but who was the other dead
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it could be the paris master mind, abdelhamid abaaoud? authorities couldn't say because the body was not intact. >> we will try to keep as usual, but things have changed forever i think in paris. >> reporter: as for how long it will take to find out if the mastermind died in those attacks, one of the floors of the building collapsed when the suicide vest detonated, and that is complicating recovery efforts. >> thank you so much. we need to get live to times square now where you see bill de blasio, the mayor of new york city speaking. >> in times square where we are now and harold square, in an obvious attempt to intimidate the people of new york city, i'm here this evening with commissioner bratton and other leaders of our police department and the men and women of our department who patrol times square to make very clear that the people of new york city
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we understand it is the goal of terrorists to intimidate society. wishes. the people of new york city, as you can see right now, are going about their business even at this late hour. i want to encourage all new yorkers to continue to go about their business normally. it's important to note that there is no credible and york city. nypd has been working very, very closely with the fbi and our other federal partners. i again repeat there is no specific and credible threat against new york city. so it's crucial that people go about their normal business, providing extraordinary protection to the people of this city. 35,000 members strong. and just in this last week, we've initiated the first
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waves of our new critical response command which will grow to 500 plus officers, specifically dedicated to anti- terrorism activities. these officers who have been assigned in the last months will be specifically trained, equipped, and armed to handle any terrorist threat, and be part of our overall efforts of the nypd to prevent terrorism in coordination with our federal partners. so the people of new york city can rest assured that extraordinary efforts are being made every single day to keep them safe. this is the finest police force in this nation for 14 years since 9/11. this police force has consistently protected this city against terrorist threats. and it will continue to do so. i want to say one other thing before i turn it over to commissioner bratton.
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we can depend on the nypd, and at the same time, every resident of this city can help the nypd. we have a phrase, if you see something, say something. that phrase is very meaningful. if you see something, you think it is suspicious, a package left unattended, or if you hear information that you believe the nypd should have, please immediately call 911 or alert a police officer. that kind of information, those leads could be very, very helpful to nypd and help them do the good work they do. with that i'm proud to introduce our commissioner, bill bratton. >> thank you, mr. mayor. echoing the mayor's comments that there is, as we have repeated frequently, no in the america that is better prepared to defend and protect against a terrorist attack. we work tirelessly to ensure
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our capabilities and our systems. the events of today that have raised concern, being quite frank, there is nothing new about that video. new york obviously remains one of the top terrorist targets in the world. that video, our review of it, it looks like it has been hastily produced. it is a mishmash of previously released video. we believe it's a compilation of videos going back to one in august that was directed against germany, one in october directed against israel, and 19 seconds of about a five and a half minute video released today had scenes of new york. in new york, we understand that we are a terrorist target. it reflect the importance of this city. understanding that this city places great importance on the safety of new yorkers and the almost 60 million visitors who will come to this city.
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as we move into this time of celebration and great activity, the thanksgiving day parade, the lighting of the christmas tree in rockefeller center, the holiday celebrations that will bring millions into this city, people can feel comfortable coming into this city, enjoying themselves, be afraid. the nypd will protect you. the nypd working in close, close cooperation with the fbi and our other government colleagues and with the great, great assistance of the residents of this great city that we will keep us say. we cannot be intimidated. that's what terrorists seek to do. they seek to create fear. they seek to intimidate. we will not be intimidated, and we will not live in fear. thank you.
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>> thank you very much. >> mayor de blasio and police commissioner bratton seeking to reassure new yorkers that we can be comfortable and enjoy ourselves, but be aware that they took special care to protect calm. they point out the video is mostly recycled video, just a few seconds of it showing previously seen images of new york. the commissioner and mayor saying no doing that. >> they couldn't speak of specific threats because none have been made and they wanted to stress that to the public and also the 60 million visitors that visit this great city. gin the mean time there is also concern tonight that isis is communicating in the so- called dark web. >> top u.s. officials say the terror group is using undetectable apps to try to
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spread their message, and it is setting off a debate over encryption. jessica schneider live on the upper west side with more. >> reporter: maurice, a lot of people don't realize that messaging apps like i-message, and even "what's app" are completely encrypted. that means that you and the person you are communicating with are the only people who will ever see the content. but officials say it is providing terrorists a digital safe haven. isis spelling out the tech loopholes in this 34-page manual, instructing its followers to use apps like i- message because it is encrypted, or other apps like telegram and wicker because it offers a self-destruction of the messages feature. >> if they find somebody that
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behave or might come and kill in the caliphate, they move them to a mobile messaging app that's end-to-end encrypted. and at that moment the needle we've been searching the entire nation to find, and have found, goes invisible. >> reporter: officials warn this encryption is dangerous, even with a warrant they can't get access. tech companies like apple and google began equipping phones with complete encryption several years ago. once they sell a phone, the only person who can access it is the user. >> some of it is definitely in response to the revelations from edward snowden. >> reporter: now the government wants these companies to reconsider. but apple's ceo tim cook says on the web site, we have never allowed access to our servers, and we never l. tech companies here say if they release the info, terrorists will simply turn to other companies encryption. answer. >> i'm conflicted about. that i feel like the terrorists are apples going to around us. >> i personally have
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absolutely no problem with the government going in and looking at my phone. like i have nothing to hide. >> reporter: you think they should be able to. >> yeah, i definitely do. >> reporter: and tech experts stress that encryption isn't all bad. after all, it protects your personal information and your banking and your purchases. so while the government may not be able to see your info, neither will hackers. live on the upper west side, jessica schneider, cbs2 news. >> isis also today released an image claiming that it showed how they took down a passenger plane. they're claiming this photos shows the explosive device that it used to blow up the jetliner last month. russia's president has vowed revenge. other headlines of the day still to come, like a maternity store that was targeted. >> were you one of the people tied up? >> yes. >> you're doing okay?
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>> yes, i'm fine. >> and he just tied your hands? >> pregnant moms at risk, and the suspect is still out there. plus, from the city's parks to penn station and beyond, the homeless population seems to be expanding, but now the mayor has a plan. and chemicals in your cosmetics. new warnings about toxic beauty. >> and how often the happiest couples are having sex and how your relationship might stack up. it's next. you know what the little blue pill is for so why would doctors prescribe it for kids, even babies? viagra for kids, just ahead. tomorrow morning, wake up to traffic and weather on the 2s. >> plus, burn calories, boost your sex drive. >> and the new fitness craze for couples of any age.
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i was jogging 5 months after my cartilage tear skiing a year after hip surgery. and playing grandma 4 weeks after a hip replacement one special hospital, over 1,000 special stories. see them all at clerks at a popular maternity shop were targeted by a masked armed robber dressed as a custodian. just before closing time the robber forced employees to the back of the store, tieing their hands behind their backs with plastic zip ties. he then grabbed cash from the register and the safe and then took off. the employees were able to free themselves and then call 911. cbs2's jennifer mclogan spoke with one of them.
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the people tied up? >> yes. >> reporter: you're doing okay? >> yes, i'm fine. >> reporter: and he just tied your hands and left? >> tied me up. >> reporter: i'm sorry this happened to you. >> police are investigating whether this is part of a recent crime spree at area strip malls. so far all of the stores involved have catered to women. >> cbs2 has shown you over the past few months several examples of the homeless issue in the state. woman camped out with her pets, a man bathing in the fountain at columbus circle, and many homeless people sleeping at penn station. today the mayor unveiled his plan to address it. it comes with a $2.6 billion price tag. the city will build 15,000 new housing units for the homeless over the next 15 years. they will be -- there will be on-site services for drug and alcohol addiction services. >> this is going to change lives in our communities.
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>> mayor de blasio says the the cost. the rest will come from low- income tax credits and private sources. congress is pushing for better regulation of cosmetics. right now many product such as nail polish and hair straighteners are made with dangerous chemicals like formaldehyde, a chemical known to cause cancer. under the proposed legislation the fda would test whether those chemicals are being used at safe levels. new tonight, it has become one of the world's best known name brands, and over the last two decades has been touted for saving countedless relationships. >> now doctors are giving the little blue pill, viagra, to kids. cbs2's dr. max gomez explains why. >> curling up in bed with a favorite book is nice but i think women would rather curl up with their favorite man. >> reporter: millions of couples credit viagra for saving their sex lives.
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but nearly two decades after hitting the market viagra is now being credited for literally saving the lives of children. >> what do you want for your birthday? >> reporter: children like victoria who, thanks in part to viagra, will celebrate err fourth birthday. she was born with a rare condition causing one side of her heart to fail. >> you can see the heart is pretty enlarged. >> reporter: she's had three surgeries so far, and her cardiologist says she will likely need a heart transplant when she's a teen. >> over time, her function will continue to decrease. >> reporter: but by taking a low dose of viagra now, victoria is able to function at a greater capacity. as well as increase her life expectancy. >> it really helps to relax the blood vessels, so that blood will flow normally. >> reporter: more than 20 years ago, viagra was first tested to lower blood pressure. when it was realized that it
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could raise something else. and while it's still is prescribed to adults with certain heart problems, when giving to the children it's still, several children's hospitals across the country are reporting similar life saving results in kids with problems. victoria's parents, sean and cynthia, say while this treatment of choice was a little surprising, they're grateful for how it's allowing their daughter to live the life of any other four-year- old. >> she's been swimming now, in dance and pre-k. >> reporter: small doses of viagra are also given to premature babies to help them overcome a potentially lethal lung problem called pulmonary hypertension which is the leading cause of dint pree
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cause of dint death in pree premies. researchers found that sex makes people happier than money. men get satisfaction out of the physical while women get satisfaction out of the emotional aspects. >> mars and venus. we saw that video out of denver and those winds. >> now, that system out there is not coming direct into our area. it is going to go north. but it is going to push some rain into our area, and it is going to have some winds associated with it as well. what you call in denver, i'm not going to call for 75 to 100-mile-per-hour winds here, but winds are definitely part of the forecast. empire state building lit up in red and green in honor of opening night of the christmas spectacular. heavier rain is possible for the p m commute tomorrow. gusty winds at any point during the day tomorrow. rainfall totals, the new information lowers it a bit.
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the high end would be an inch and a half. satellite and radar showing clouds moving in but not the rain. you start to hint at some rain right now in central pennsylvania but that rain is not slated for our area. you want to look from west virginia down to north carolina. that's the batch that moves into our area. so again it's most likely during the evening commute. rain and wind will be combined during different parts of the day but the winds are consistent all day long. i'm not saying they're blowing all day. i'm saying the possibility for a gust is out there at 9:00 in the morning, at noon, at 5:00 at night so be prepared for a blustery day today. we had a high of 58, five above average. tomorrow all this rain and the chances of the winds blowing and no sun and yet you're 64 degrees. so it's a mild one. it's not a cold, raw rain, but mild temperatures combined with wet weather and winds.
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we still have some remaining wind. then the cool air sets up, cold air quite frankly. then mid and upper 40s through the beginning of next week. >> all right. >> new at 11:00, two nypd detectives stop a stack attack while they were off-dipt los angeles. this happened near the hollywood walk of fame. police say a russian tourist visiting with his family got into an argument with a person they described as a transient. the attacker pulled out a knife and stabbed the man multiple times. the off-duty detective standing nearby jumped into action. witnesses say the officers drew their weapons while they took the man down. >> they told him to lay down on the ground, drop the knife, and that's it. they got him, one stood on his hands, and it took the police maybe like five more minutes to get here. >> the victim is expected to survive. detectives are in los angeles looking for a suspect wanted back here.
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the nets were trying to do something all season. back to bacanovic trees. and look who's back at practice today. ryan fitzpatrick's thumb surgically repaired. the beard is still thick but
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in houston? time for sports with otis livingston. we're going to start on the hardwood. >> only one team in action tonight. last week the hornets lost to the knicks at the garden. two straight nights of this. jeremy lin in a different kind of lin-sanity. the nets shot 51% in the first half. plays like this, i can see why. jefferson is moving on up. knicks by four at the break. baby steps but the momentum started to shift down the stretch. that man and that haircut again, jeremy lin. the chicken hawk. eight-point lead in the fourth. thaddeus young led brooklyn but missed an easy gimme with
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nets drop to 2-10 this season. the jets are taking advantage of this mini bye week by healing up. a number of injuries, chief among them quarterback ryan fitzpatrick who didn't practice today. last friday the day after the buffalo game he had surgery to repair ligaments on his non throwing hand. the plan, hopes of playing sunday in houston. >> they'll definitely do a lot more tomorrow. i think we had a positive day today in terms of beg out there and throwing around a little bit, and just all the treatment stuff as well. i feel a lot better today than i did yesterday, and hopefully i will make the same step tomorrow. the cubs didn't make it to the world series but they are reaping the benefits of a great season. they're running things when it comes to the major awards. chris bryant yesterday. joe maddon got manager of the year. today jake arrieta earns the
11:28 pm
cy young award. 22-6 for the season and was on fire going 14-1 with a .75 e.r.a. over that period. he edged out zack greinke. jacob degrom finished 7th. in the american league, the houston astros' dallas keuchel beats out david price. smiles on people's faces and food in there' bell lease. members of the knicks organization are providing over 300 thanksgiving meals for the women's shelter in harlem. there's thanksgiving dinner from the world famous sylvia's. >> i want to give that baby a hug. >> chubby cheeks. >> what a great organization. >> the knicks are really big with them. they continue to give back. >> good stuff.
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to staple expensive things. see the gold staple, it just looks right. probably worth more now. (vo) you'd make a way better rich person. lotto. making more new yorkers rich than any other game. you're so vain you probably think this song is about you >> decades after its release,
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who she's sing about in her hit "you're so vain." the singer says the second verse is about actor warren beatty. simon says beatty believes the whole song is about him, but it's actually about three men, and right now she has no plans to reveal the others. >> the second verse, walk into the party like walking off of a yacht. how much rain? the computer models are pumping out numbers like half an inch to a inch. winds, it's a possibility of 25 miles per hour or more at any point during your day tomorrow. high 6 4, so it's going to be mild. get ready, the cold air will be back by the end of the weekend. >> thank you lonnie. >> thank you for joining us.
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